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Lots of people wear Rx glasses just for using the computer, nothing else. Ask doc

Posted By: at your exam. Good luck! nm on 2007-03-05
In Reply to: computer vision syndrome - SM please


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My doc said at some point, you do need computer glasses to wear
Computer glasses.
They're great for me.  Don't have to look through the top or bottom of bifocals.  You can get an Rx for them when you get your eyes examined.
I had to get computer-only glasses.

They aren't reading glasses and they aren't regular glasses...strictly a strength for monitor use.  What a difference!  No more migraines, no more squinting, no more blowing up the font to retarded sizes.  Because they are single strength and only for work, I got fugly frames and heavier-than-normal lenses, which made them more affordable...about $90.  My bifocals cost over $250 in comparison.  Well worth the investment though not to be in pain anymore.

Now...if I could only find a chair with that kind of $90 budget that won't frig up the rest of my body!  :)

I have computer prescription glasses.
Heard about them once while doing a report so I asked about them, the strenght is for 3' vision of my normal glasses.
Definitely less wear and tear on your own computer,
but also the company can monitor which web site you visit, all emails sent and received on their computer, and just about anything else you do on it.  But my main reason for using my own computer is that I have all my info on it, i.e, my favorites for the web, lots of reference material, etc., that is a pain to have to re-enter into another computer.  Also, it is much easier to transfer autocorrect from within a computer than from one computer to another (at least that's what I've been told, but in this instance it seemed to be a real problem for this tech).
Wow, there are lots of people on
132 people on right now. I suppose maybe because so many people don't have any work to do.
I had lots of people wanting her, just most

not good homes based on what I required.  Tried the lab rescure, but everyone had all they could take and they would help me find her a home, I just had to keep her until then and I just didn't want to get too attached.   All the other various rescue groups had reached their limits too and taking her to the pound wasn't an option.  Even though I felt she would be adopted quickly because she was so sweet, there is absolutely zero screening and anyone that fills out the paperwork and pays the $$ can get a pet.  When we adopted the cats we were fostering there was a grandmother in there dragging her grandson by his upper arm and she balled her fist and threatened to punch him in the face.  This was not a home I would want my lab to go to. 

I'm not 100% comfortable with the family she went to, but I told them if it didn't work out we wanted her back.

We are going to build a dog lot and dog house in the event we have another stray. 

I'm not much help (I can't remember how) except to say lots of people know how SM
to do this. I've long since lost my cheat sheet. Sorry.
Lots of people worked up to it.
They got it going and then used it for maybe 1/2 hour one day. Then used it a bit longer the next and so on, until they were using it exclusively.

Another way is to create a glossary with the stuff in your current Expander so that you get used to using it with familiar phrases. Then you can add to it as you get better. That's what I did. DO use the marker keys though, rather than the spacebar to expand. That takes a bit of getting used to, but it is so worth it later on to be able to get full use of all of IT's features later. :-)

Lots of people are mobile.

Be sure that you're using a secured wireless network/hot spot. Your laptop should have the wireless card already installed, unless you're using an old model. Try Google search for VPN to learn more.

Most importantly--make sure it is allowed by your company!!

Sorry, I don't wear "smarty pants." I wear thongs. Hehehe

Yes, I went and it was great. Very informative. Lots of people. sm
I love being able to talk to fellow transcriptionists to share war stories. The place was beautiful and not expensive as most of our meals were provided at the conference.

I think that transcriptionists should stop complaining about everything and start taking action. One of the best ways to do it is to get involved with the 7000 other transcriptionists with the AAMT.
It means lots of people are checking it out....
in other words, a HOT topic!
Lots of people are. Supposedly there is a patch that will
fix issues.  Got to MS website for info. 
Lots of people think that degrees open many doors.
Degrees close many doors, too. People won't hire you at all because you're overqualified or they think you'll jump ship the moment you find something better. A large percentage of this country is underemployed, and that number gets greater every day. Wages have plummeted because the young 20-somethings will work for peanuts. Why should businesses pay more for older workers when they can get a fresh college grad for next to nothing?
I see lots of reason people are staying in the field,
about the low wages. If everyone is so happy with the satisfaction MT gives, the flexibility, etc., are these the same people complaining of low pay? It almost sounds like it's okay to make a lousy wage in exchange for what it gives. I still don't think Pattie's question has been addressed: Why complain?
I think lots of people not paying for the years anymore
If that were the case with 30+ years, my per line pay would be more than what I make now. No more pay for experience.
Okay, quit bragging and hire someone then. Lots of people need work. nm
Totally not MT related but lots of smart people here for advice, I hope.
My son had a girlfriend some 8 years ago, she ran off with another guy to another state and it really didn't hurt my feelings at all.  They had gone through a lot in the less than a year that they were together including my son helping her cope with a rape trauma that she had been through.  I wish truly I could remember the number of months between the rape and her leaving, but I felt it was a short time.  That really doesn't matter, but 5 years ago this girl sent an e-mail telling us our son was the possible father of her child "you do the math" but she "really thinks the other guy is the father."  My son called her and she was going to send paperwork but never did.  Now jump forward to yesterday, my son gets notified via phone that she's looking for him, that she has his daughter, and we're really not sure what to do.  The girl does not know where we or my son lives but knows the general area.  I'm afraid she'll just show up on my doorstep one day but my son doesn't live here anymore, he's a man with a life of his own.  What would you do?  Does anyone know the legality of all this?
No, out east ... lots of rude people running the show, it seems ... sigh. nm

A computer's OS (operating system) is only meant for a 1 time install on 1 pc. People like yours

who abuse this are just looking for a cheap break, jack up the price (theoretically speaking) for the rest of us, and are asking for a myriad of problems on their pcs.  To deter this behavior, about 1 year ago, many computer companies ceased to include all software when packaging the pc for shipment.  It is because of software abuse/misuse, computers that are delivered with a pre-installed OS are delivered without the OS + other necessary software, due to behaviors such as yours and many others.  However, if you call the company and verbally request all software: OS (installation CD), as well as other necessary software (tools systems, drivers, diagnostics, utilities, print driver, internet security, and WP/Word/Excel, et al), they will gladly send it to you free of charge.

BBQ, slaw, cornbread, ham, casseroles, lots of veggies, chicken pastry, lots of desserts!! BIG fami
I think I may need glasses because I am getting the most
horrific migraine headaches after I transcribe for about 3 hours. I tried shifting my desk around and bought a new monitor because the old one was really dim but nothing seems to be helping. The thing is I can read fine whether I'm on the computer or reading a book or newspaper. Any thoughts?

My previous post is in response to the angry QAr who started this, not to the person who commented back to her.  I apologize.  Glasses are???? Oh well, if you all think this is bad you should see her original post - the one that "disappeared."  I responded to her then, but someone "poofed" it off or something.  Good thing I saved a copy!  At least she did a better job this time.  Too bad she is not a good colleague. It does no good to cast doubt on the skills of your colleagues.  Could this be yet another reason our work is off-shored?  Is it because of QA people who like to show their A$$ in a public forum and make others look like a bunch of ignorant chumps?  If I QAd for transcriptionists who were that bad, I would be looking for another position where the administration had integrity and hired qualified MTs.  Vacation time for her could help?  I don't care how much college she has or whether or not her postings are going to a "client" or "medical record", she should do her best to be a good example to all the "little people" (as I assume that is how she sees us).  I think she is a fake!  The QA people I work with have excellent communication skills and do not make such glaring mistakes on memos or postings viewed by others.  If they have something to say regarding the quality of anyone's work they address it to that individual along with a plan on how to avoid it in the future. 

Sorry, No Glasses

I loved your post!  I don't, however, believe that "bad QA or QAers" are the reason for offshoring--it is simply a bottom line cost factor with the company's head honchos getting huge "bonuses" for saving the company so much money (a percentage of the cost savings).

I now know I was one of the lucky ones.  I say that, because in 1964 at age 17, I started my medical career (medical secretary then but with transcription as one of the duties) and had some of the most wonderfully patient and knowledgeable women "teaching" me.  Most of them, however, are no longer alive and sad to say I never did get a chance to tell each and every one how much what they offered me meant to me!

I wonder if this QA person you're referring to has something else going on in her life that is coloring her ability to properly focus on the job right now.  We're only human beings and by saying that I'm not suggesting that her behavior is in any way warranted, but it just might explain her reaction(s) to the situation.  If the behavior continues, however, I know I would be contacting her superior just as a heads up so she might find taking a few days off just to "regroup" or, in the alternative, perhaps a few counseling sessions might be in order.  I had a wonderful QA manager when I was at a very large MTSO who could read me like a book and believe me, even though she was only 4'11", when she spoke we ALL LISTENED.....  Even with her short stature, she never made us feel "small" and I've always thanked God for bringing me into her life even ever so briefly.

Have a good evening and keep on keepin' on!


Lots of inexpensive decorations at Big Lots. Had a party last year.
Time for glasses.

When's the last time you had an eye examination, or is it that you don't know how to read and comprehend??  Whatever your problem may be, you should really  take care of it because no where in my post did I say OR infer Canada was a third-world country (Trying to  are you?????)  

If you're going to try and flame, take it to another board.  As for this subject matter, if you can't stick to the subject, don't say anything, and that includes trying to put words in peoples mouths because you WILL be called on the carpet for it!

But speaking of third-world countries, guess what?  If something doesn't give soon with the moron we unfortunately have for president, the United States of America WILL become a third-world country.  It's certainly racing in that direction at lightening speed!

Sorry, typed the above without glasses
LOTS and LOTS of video tapes and DVDs.
oops - meant 1% do not have my glasses on
Glasses in hotel rooms. Uh Oh...
 And people worry about the local water


This is a must read!  Our health when traveling depends on what we know about hotel practices.


Sorry I took so long but couldn't find my glasses :)

I can't afford new glasses, let alone Lasix.  Also Lasix only corrects one or the other (near or far).  I suppose if I could afford it, I'd go for near (being able to see clearly in the distance).  However, I have looked into not only the cost, but the fact that they actuall cut your cornea part way off, do the surgery underneath and then reconnect your cornea.  I'm like EEUUUWWW, I don't think so!

I'm my husband's ears and sometimes he's my eyes.  I'll say, "HONEY, JIM IS ON THE PHONE!"  and he'll say "Honey, watch out for that curb." 

We have a sense of humor about these things, fortunately.  He does read lips very well and I have gotten myself into trouble on occasion when I was mad at him. :)

Where is your fav place online to buy readers (glasses)
Well, of course there are other companies doing the same. Take off the rose colored glasses and
I hate my multifocal glasses......can't imagine
Dollar store reading glasses work for me.

Just bought 4 pair at a 2.25 magnification today, as the more I do this, the worse it gets.  Started with a 1.25 a year ago.

I knew it was time when I had to wear two pair of 1.75's on top of each other so I could thread my sewing machine needle.

Ahhh, the "golden years."

I don't. Have the unlined version, they suck too. I use reading glasses that
if you live among trashy people, low income people, people w/o goals or direction,
content to just get by, you by default become a part of a group. "people" have decided to group trailer people as trash. that is because there are enough people in that group to earn the title and even if you aren't trash, you are categorized by others. did i think i was trash in lower class neighborhood surrounded by people who drank and fought all weekend? no but i knew i wasn't staying and did not try to pretend that all the fools in the neighborhood were just nice folks who ended up where they were because high horse snobs deemed their neighborhood low class. people for the most part live exactly where they belong because they don't want to educate themselves, they don't mind "trash" around them and they don't want to be bothered trying just a bit hard to extract themselves from that world. they justify everything to themselves i guess saying everyone who doesn't like their lifestyle is a snob and the comedians (Jeff Foxworthy/Chris Rock, etc) who make fun of them are just ill-informed.

As for me, I fought hard to get out and don't even want to look back. It amazes me people stay for generations.
Is it their computer? Why are they installing a firewall and autocorrect on your computer? That sm
is usually the responsibility of the transcriptionist, especially if an IC or SE.  Which company?
I wear them
but I paid a lot for the small ones that fit in the ear canal. That way i can use the head phones. Contractor loves my work so seems to be working out well.

Let me know if any other questions.
Ear wear?

So they scammed you out of money, complain about that.  Don't go turning it into a HIPAA violation.  That is the part that is dumb.  No one stole your purse, knocked you over the head, and took your money.  You didn't have to pay them.  You paid, now your mad, so you want to get them back by filing a HIPAA complaint.  At least have the guts to admit what your doing instead of whining like a baby.

start a fad - wear a wig
I think the idea of wearing wigs is very trendy and up and coming.  I hate having to fool with my hair every morning or spend 3 hours in the salon each week -- if it were up to me, and I could find good looking wigs -- I would shave my head and wear a different one every day -- just velcro that sucker on.  I think the beauty industry fears that we may just well do this and prevents making really really good wigs -- but I think the time is coming...and very soon.
Wear a tiara (nm)
Anyone that would normally wear bifocals

able to function with contacts?  I need new contacts.  My optometrist says that he can make my contacts function so that I don't need the granny glasses, but so far I feel like my eyes are zooming in and out like the lens on a camera trying to focus.  I also have glasses, but I need a stronger prescription and if I have to go back to glasses I have to get bifocals.  I really don't want the lines, but have heard from several people that they have problems without the lines.  My DH has bifocals without the line and he says it makes him dizzy sometimes.  Optometrist says he just needs a smaller frame/lens. 

I've got to do something soon as I'm getting daily headaches, but just can't decide what to do.  I am legally blind without correction and my lenses are about $300/pair without any of the extras.  Fortunately I have good frames and won't need new ones.  I really would prefer contacts as my vision seems to be so much clearer when I'm looking far off, but up close I just don't know if I can use them. 


What to wear to a wedding-sm

I just can't decide.  It's an evening wedding, outside in a park.  Apparently the bride is going to be barefoot and the groomsmen are in khaki pants.  That's about all I know.

Could I wear slacks and a casual top? Or go with my original plan to wear a dress and sandals?  Or does it matter at all?  Lol.

Don't know about that but I definitely think Yoko should wear a bag...
Do any of you wear gloves while
And if so, what kind?

My hands get very cold while I type, which makes them stiff and therefore makes it harder for me to type.

Have any of you found that wearing a thin pair of gloves maybe with just the fingertips cut out helps this at all?
plus the wear-and-tear on your car and all that - sm
mileage. Do you have a back up vehicle if it breaks down so you can get to work? Personally I just don't think a 100+ plus drive to work is worth it, no matter what the pay, but if your bottom line makes this a better offer you need to figure out if you want to make that drive 5 days a week (unless you can work something out with them and work 10 hour days, and only drive it 4 days a week).
Any WAH MTs wear scrubs?

I'm tired of wearing out my jeans (not to mention that they aren't that comfortable to sit in all day) and want to be more professional than working in sweats -- I used to work in Medical Records and wore scrubs, and I loved them.

Hubby caught me surfing ebay for scrubs and laughed at me -- he didn't see why I would wear a uniform if I didn't have to, but the way I see it -- it makes me feel more professional and is a comfortable and effortless solution that is better than bathrobes and slippers.  Am I crazy or silly for wearing a uniform to work when I work in my dining room?

Any other scrub-wearing MTs out there? 

Headset - what do you wear?
I just can't seem to find anything that I really like.  I want good sound quality (of course), not bulky, comfortable.  What do you like?
For those who wear gloves

for RSI/carpal tunnel problems, which brand do you use?  I'm curious because I have been looking at a few different brands on-line, but cannot seem to find them locally, so my husband picked up one from Wal-Mart last night, which does seem to be helping the pain somewhat, but it is difficult to type while wearing it.  Some of the ones I've seen mentioned on here before (Handeze, Smart Glove, and Softflex) appear that they may be more flexible than what I've got and so better for working.

Any info you guys could offer would be a great help and much appreciated.