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thanks for the spelling lesson....sm

Posted By: I stopped paying quarterly, now pay yearly..sm on 2006-09-17
In Reply to: I understand but...um... it's "capice." - nm The Italian One

thanks for the Italian language tip.  I never said I was Italian-American, though my best friend is.  *LOL*

Have a great Sunday! 


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The one lesson from this is
to put your needs first, at all times! In the final analysis they don't give a d*** about the welfare of the MT; it's all about making money. This can be done nicely but it has to be done.

Post your messasge on the Company Board site. The MT community need to know about them.

Conference call??!!! How callous can you get?

Will definitely send her good energy and thoughts. She needs it all. Keep us posted on how she is doing.
Valuble lesson
Everyone can be replaced.
Learn a lesson quickly...
After 8 years of loyalty, I can tell you one thing for sure loyalty gets you no where.
Whoa - lesson revision
If you are asked to test again for a job, the company needs to specify if test is substance of abuse or banned drugs - the latter being those drugs not permitted for the work/company involved. If you are taking legal meds, Rx or OTC, I'd be quite upset with the company in question esp if they did not clarify in advance that any positive result was considered a no-hire situation. If you were honest up front, so should they have been and also should not have wasted your time. Sorry, stuff like this makes me crazy!
Check this site for a quick lesson in FTP
Learned my lesson with Mediacom. Sorry whole message did not appear.
I suppose a good object lesson

would have been, just once, to type exactly what he said, down to every repetition.  Wouldn't if feel good do do that just one time?  I mean, it would be 'verbatim.'

Often I will go ahead and type both versions when someone keeps mis-speaking:  'The patient was brought to the ER by his friend, his girlfriend, his fiance.    He had onset of pain on Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday, Tuesday night or Wednesday morning....'  Hard to tell with some of these dictators what they are trying to change/add/subtract. 

So far there have been no QA repercussions over this.

A good lesson is, if you hear something strange, ..sm
Verify, verify, verify. I have been guilty of not doing that many times. Not to worry. I probably could have said it in a kinder manner. Sorry!
In it to lesson annoying contact with the management species.
Good luck on teaching your kids but it's a hard lesson to swallow
if a kid is being made fun of and most kids just want to fit in. No one wants their kids hurt needlessly and I hope you consider this because you really can't change the world's perception of trailer parks. I don't know how it got to this point, but it is what it is and your kids should not suffer for it so you can make a defensive statement against all who have preconceived notions of trailer park people, further enhanced by TV shows.
I believe you mean 'almighty'.  The way some of you people mispell basic words, I'd hate to see the transcription work you do.
it is plasma PEROX. Perox is an acronym, therfore some people do all caps and some people just put perox.  if you do Google search for plasma perox you will find it.
Is doc spelling it out, i.e., A-L-M-A? sm
or saying what sounds like alma? I'm pretty sure it's posterior "element". I transcribe these all day and can't think of anything else that would apply here.
Still not sure of the spelling but know it
is prichutto (again spelling)..also a Portuguese favorite!

Okay, I was taught to spell out everything under 10, but I am hearing that is wrong.  Was I taught wrong or did it change or am I doing it right.

Thanks in advance!

I used to have a doc that kept spelling N-A-R-E when he wanted one nostril and I kept putting NARIS.  I am sure he thought I was wrong.  I wonder if he had a TESTIS or a TESTE.
doc's spelling sm
Oh yes, have had simple English words spelled, but never anything like an eponym from some dead surgeon that is 17 letters long!

Doc dictating "I will order a single dose of Zofran for her nausea".  He is even kind enough to spell it.

S-O-P-H-R-A-N !!!!!!

Spelling is and has always been my weakest link. I've been a Transcriptionist for nearly 10 years. Knowing my short coming, I over compensate. When I first started I had a dictionary and medical speller in each hand. Of course there was spell check too. Transcription can be done even with the character flaw of not being able to spell. Remember, I'm the one who transcribed for the FBI before computers, word and spell check. You just have to be certain everything is spelled correctly before you hit "send." Go for it Mom. I'm living proof it can be done, and I'm not only a Mom and grandma, but I recently applied for social security.
I have been known to use the incorrect word from time to time on this website, but I can tell you that in working, I pride myself in knowing how to spell every term that comes my way. I look it up and LEARN IT as I go along.

When I was first an MT I was no hot shot speller. I am now and I can spot spelling errors in more places than work or a website.

I am surprised that you don't take any more pride or interest in your work than to say you don't need to be a great speller! I go so far as to look up procedures I don't know, anatomy I am not familiar with and disease processes that are new to me. I can't mindlessly transcribe in the vacuum I call my office, not worrying about whether or not I can spell the words correctly and with no clue about what I am doing! I make an effort, always.

Perhaps this is why I work part time and I mean PART TIME of 25 hrs a week and I made oh so well above the average MT income stated in a post below. You get out what you put in.
sorry about the spelling.  I just do not think it's OK to make remarks about what some people hold close to their hearts.  - Many people. 
spelling help
shoulder arthroplasty
yes my spelling has gone to crap sorry
so much for proof reading.. I am sure to be bashed for that
and maybe some proper spelling
spelling errors
I have spelled so many words wrong and each time I do I fix it with autocorrect.  I just figure that I spelled it wrong once, it will happen again.  Some words I have spelled wrong so many different ways you would not believe, but each time they are corrected for me---saves lots of time. 
spelling errors
My worst one is osteopenis instead of osteopenia.  I put that right in my autocorrect.   
I thought spelling out 1-9 has always sm
been the rule? As least it has been with us and I have worked for MQ for 23 years. Also, that is the way I learned it in school!
Sorry. Spelling error..
I mean adjust.
Altsheimers ? I never seen this spelling before.
Canadian spelling?


Do you think they will pay for my spelling classes??? lol
AND spelling......gotton=gotten...LOL...

Tori Spelling
They showed Tori Spelling as one of Kat's friends/family.  Now she might be able to pull some strings! 
Tori Spelling
I was thinking that maybe they put Katharine's friends and family under her name by mistake because when she showed "famous" people they put thier names and they didn't do that with her. Of course, I didn't see who she was sitting next to so I could be wrong.
Spelling of MD names?
If you have a clue of what state they are in, I like: http://www.dr-411.com/doctorsearch.asp
Bayscribe spelling
Yep, I'm in the same boat.  I do not use their shortcut program; I use my own Shorthand.  I just could not make myself switch after I tried it out for a few days.  So I put her corrections in my ShortHand program.  I don't know how you permanently save them in Bayscribe--ask your supervisor??? 
My doc keeps spelling something wrong
I know it's wrong and I've been spelling it correctly but he keeps spelling it wrong (as if you say "You st*pid transcriptionist, quit spelling it the way you've been spelling it! I'm a doctor!") so I guess I will go ahead and spell it his way.  I hate it though.
Most important I think is spelling

Not the spelling police, but I thought your post was cute!  Seasoned????  How about proofing your typing?  Just kidding  .  I'm joking!!!


(Get a book on spelling while you are at it.)


I especially liked spelling of Chicagho.
Gap in spelling skills, too.
I have noted that misspelled words are everywhere; spelling skills are apparently no longer valued (and I'm talking people with advanced degrees with atrocious spelling and grammar).  I need to go to the dentist and get some teeth fixed from clenching my jaws so tightly whenever a doctor says things like "he itched himself".
Good spelling not necessary?
I think part of the problem with poor quality in MT is that too many people are in it that are not good with spelling, grammar and usage. I think being "hot at spelling" is an absolute requirement! Spell check catches only a portion of errors and you can't macro every word. There are so many words that are similar in spelling and totally different in meaning, such as discreet/discrete and effect/affect. Spell check won't catch any of that if used incorrectly. You need to know that stuff inside and out to be a really topnotch MT. Just my opinion.
Sorry for spelling errors been up since 2 a.m.
Hey, no more spelling police!
We have spell check!!!! If you spell something wrong, it underlines it in red! WOOOO HOOOOO

Come on! The grammar and spelling is not THAT bad!...nm
You correct others' spelling and get jumped on
"common spelling for Flufennahkmaker"
spelling numbers out is expanding for more $$$..nm
oops, spelling should have been Orthopedics. That's better.

Orthopedics is the preferred spelling. nm
Don't correct my spelling errors please.
Should be new to IC too! It's been a long day already. Sorry..