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oh and to the poster who said husband...nm

Posted By: I stopped paying quarterly, now pay yearly...sm on 2006-09-16
In Reply to: Here goes - pj

In my case, I don't have one of those any longer - I got rid of him 16 years ago.  *LOL* - so nope, no dependence here on a *husband*


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DH is dear husband or any number of colorful adjectives preceding husband. (no message)
I totally understand but if your husband is like my husband... sm

When it comes to something like that, that I usually take care of but for whatever reason I can't, I will tell my husband exactly what to do, but when he comes back - to use your case as a "for instance" - I will ask him, "Did the doctor look at his foot?" 

Him: "No."

Me: "Did you ask the doctor to look at his foot?"

Him: "No."

Me:  "I told you to have the doctor look at his foot!"

Him: (shrug)

etc., etc., etc.

Your husband may not be like that - I sure hope he isn't. And yes, they should have checked his vitals and checked his foot without being asked. But sometimes you have to be assertive with people. And while my husband attained the rank of major in the Air Force and had no trouble ordering people around, there are times when he should be assertive but isn't. And he is not intimidated by doctors - he started his AF career as an x-ray tech (that's how we met). I dunno....(Rad MT wanders off, mumbling....)

Good one. An anonymous poster blows another anonymous poster's head off. Great win for MQ?

I guess that is a small pleasure for those of you who have lowered your expectations for the company you work for. 


Bet you're married to a fat bald guy too. 

THANK YOU to the above poster - sm
God, I thought I was the only one that could understand the simple fact that we have access to SSN numbers, insurance numbers (which a lot of times are SSN) and we are given computers and equipment that we could turn around and resell.

Apparently only one Transcriptionist in the whole US has been in trouble for identity theft. The rest of us must be honest folks. And yes, I am being sarcastic.
Thanks. I was about to tell the poster the same!

Poster must be new to this board.  For us "old timers" we remember the Terry S posts from awhile ago and how that took up most of the board.

This board is NOT just for MT, but a place for MTs to visit and ask, talk, vent, discuss, buy, sell, ask for help, look for new jobs, send a funny joke, etc.

It's a great board.

If you don't like it, then go elsewhere.  There are plenty of MT chat boards out there, but this, by far is the best.

Only MY OPINION, so I don't need losers telling me I'm stupid.  Thank you very much!

I do believe that poster. They may not
but they were in my area as well. I don't live in Illinois, though.

That's not good money. :(
LOL!! to you and other poster (sm)
The young 'uns are 18, 21, and 25 hahaha!!!

Can I still send them over?

It's just I normally don't work until after 10 p.m. or so, so they are not used to "indoor behavior" until then.

The 25yo is building a computer so he was updating me on every little thing.

The 21yo is his girlfriend (the one talking in the hall).

And the 18yo in my college daughter who just got her first B in English (all A's until now) and she had to give me all the details...

You know they do grow up, but they're still young 'uns I guess.

I just needed to eek out a few more lines before I turned into a pumpkin, so I was slightly stressed. Getting piece of crap dictators didn't help.

But thank you both!! You made my night :)
what you think that poster said
and what that poster said is different.  The poster DID say the MTSO should pay the MT the extra cpl the MTSO was getting from the client.
above poster said it all (sm)

I think you will like it there.  It's about as close to an "old time" transcription company as you'll get.

poster, eh? NOT..................

I am not a big fan of DQS - however, what this poster says
is true. It is manipulated by the account manager, the client, or whoever.

I worked on DQS for another company and it did count spaces and my line counts were correct. It does not count anything you put into the header or searches such as patient account number, etc. That is time spent not paid for, in my opinion. Don't like the spell check or Expander either.

I transcribe 300-400 lines per hour in Word-based programs and WP5.1. With DQS, I too could not get above 200 lines per hour. Very frustrating to say the least. I thought it was me getting slow or old or something, but went back to my old platform, and poof - 300-400 lines per hour again.

I don't know what it is, but something is not right with that program.

I can honestly say, I hate that program! But to each their own. Good luck whatever you decide.

she? You are so sure the poster was a she?
I did like the other poster, but did have to take off one day too! SM

I just couldn't let my original job go until I was 100% sure I would like the new one.  Actually, I ended up keeping both part time instead of one full time.  I like this better because I don't have all my eggs in one basket so to speak.  If I ever need extra work, all I have to do is ask and I NEVER run out of work.

Good luck!

i do exactly what you do and what the poster

GMTA = great minds think alike!!!  *lol* - I do both things only I bang it not in the air, rather on a desk top or some hard surface.

Gotta be real careful with keyboards and salt and coca cola....those 2 items will ruin a keyboard.

Oh, I also have and love the old IBM bigger keyboards....the ones whose letters never rub off....

Like the other poster said, you could
always come back. An opportunity like this doesn't come around too often though.

I would jump at it. With anything in life there is some risk. Without risk though, you will never go anywhere. Sometimes you have to take chances.

Good luck and keep us posted! :O)
I'm not the above poster, but
to figure out that offshoring = decreased pay if the offshore MTs work for less money.    
The above poster is right
Although, I would argue against the 512 that the company says you need. I have 384 MB of RAM on this PC and it works fine. Sometimes they need to extend my time out value when I log into a new account that takes forever to download the first time. Vista will not work.
Know what you mean. But, poster said below to go
to help to find out how to do this. I tried that and was totally confused. I accidentally got one loaded that I desperately needed, but don't know how I did it.
poster is right, we have like 85 or more...sm

there have to be at least 85 dialects in Miami now and ON THE BEACH too....not as many in Fort Lauderdale Beach as in Miami-Dade County and beach areas in Dade....where I live, it is like the United Nations...I'm always saying that and I love it - I have to have diversity and a lot of it.....Today, I'd never get along in small-town America (unless it would be Santa Fe, NM - another place with multi-languaged people, mainly native American, then Spanish from Spain, then Spanish from Mexico, and a smaller amount of anglos and some other diverse groups)

just my 3 cents...no wars please....

You should get together with the poster below.
You both sound like you could use the mutual admiration.
It is not in name box as name of poster, just to
Like poster below, I would use top because
the arm only has 1 top. ????
I second the above poster nm
may be the poster was asking you if you are a U.S. MT because
when we read your original post you said the following.

"Veryu rude, just becasue you feel like it zsnd disagree with my post????

If you like it or not:"

Spelling errors, etc and sounds a bit confused. You are talking about grammer in your post and it is kind of lost there.

The poster did not say anything about
I am just trying to understand if she is working for another company, where she physically has to be at their company every day, or just what it is she is doing. I can do the work I do from my home anywhere, any state, and my tax information will stay the same, BUT if I go to my neighboring state and do work for another company as an employee, they will require all pertinent tax info be filled out....they have to. Then, I would have no choice as to what I would rather do about taxes. Employer will turn in my information to IRS regardless. If she is just taking her laptop and going to another state but still working for the same company via her laptop, who cares! The company just wants the work done.
Wow, I can't believe poster below...these are
the 2 top schools. If you read previous posts on this board, Career Step is actually NOT a good choice. I'm thinking she must be a Career Step teacher.
you are so right and if the poster sm
who was talking about "stealing" your accounts would go out and get her own accounts, have great quality and a better ATTITUDE, she would be making the same money!
LOL husband
But you have your husband all the time, think out of the box (smile)..who else would you want?  Sure hubby or boyfriend is the best but.....
Not me...husband. nm
At least I have a husband...

The word on the street is that your husband left with the better-looking, better-smelling, thinner girl next door.  POOR MOLESTED YUCK!!

Yes, my husband and I had our
we chose our wedding date (go ahead and laugh if you want) so that we would have an auspicious start to our marriage...has worked so far, as we've been married for 23 years. People tease us 'cause we act like a couple of giddy teenagers around each other and (try not to throw up) it's really true.

Historically, centuries ago, physicians also were trained in astrology and wouldn't perform surgeries until the stars were aligned properly for the patient. No void of course moons and certainly no retrograde mercury.

Remember all the confusion with the 2001 presidential election? Election day was held with mercury retrograde.

And, yes, I believe what you've said. And, yes, listen to your intuition; it's never wrong. As Einstein said, "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

my husband does that, too
and he drives his truck. He's been thinking of getting him a motorcycle but with him using that at 4:30 a.m. in country roads that have no lights, do you think it is safe for him?
My husband is the same way SM

He mumbles and grumbles, rolls his eyes, etc.  He says I spend all my time on the stinkin' computer.  He wants me to stop working whenever he calls, whenever he is hungry, whenever he wants to go somewhere, etc.  I feel so stressed out too.  It is a regular argument in our home as well.  I routinely work to 2 to 3 a.m.  I get up at 6:45 to get the kids dressed and fed (big struggle as I am dead tired and they are generally uncooperative-not morning people-so I'm yelling, he's snoring (can you say "resentment??").  Finally, about 7:30 I wake him up and tell him to take the kids to school.  He thinks he's so great because he spends 10 minutes dropping them off...ugh.  Then he has the gall to throw it in my face that I go back to bed for 2 hours.  Geesh...he comes home from work each night and crashes on the couch until it is time to go to bed.

Well, he certainly doesn't mind spending my paychecks and complains that they are not as big as they used to be (when I worked in house).  Sigh...Men!  Can't live with them, can't....nah, just can't live with 'em! ;)  Waaaaahhhh!!  I need a wife!

LOL....well, at least you know you're not alone!  Hugs to you,


Husband's a CPA......
says you can work as an IC or SE, for different companies. You just get different forms from your companies to file with the IRS. As SE, they will pay some of your taxes, you then pay the rest quarterly, and you can still deduct your expenses. If IC, you pay ALL your own taxes quarterly and can still deduct expenses related to your business.
Well, first of all, I don't believe that it is babysitting if it is your own kids, it's called parenting and more husbands should try it. I think I would look into counseling. No way would I be married to a man who "let me" or "didn't let me" do anything. Good thing I have a great DH.

Good luck!
about husband won't let me.....sm

Wow - I feel like we are back in the Dark Ages....with the neanderthals...."husband won't let me go back to school" and "husband will not babysit the child" - or words to those effect.

Father's are not babysitters if the children are theirs!  That's a crock.  A babysitter is someone the parent(s) hires.

And as for "husband won't let me" - I'd have gotten rid of him DECADES ago.  *lol* but not really laughing.  Any man who will not let  (allow) his wife to better herself in any way, shape, or form is a terribly INSECURE man.  Get out before it's too late for you to save your own life and become your own HERO (heroine)!!! 

feel very bad for the poster(s)........pitiful actually (the controlling husband)

Take my husband, Please !

 Why does he put his clothes on the bathroom or bedroom floor two inches away from the basket?    Why does he take his plate to the sink with food on it when he knows he hasn't installed a garbage disposal?  While I'm on that subject, why does he take PAPER plates to the sink?   This is not helpful.  

Yes, please tell us how your husband

Some people are sooooooooo incredibly stupid. Some people are also plain ol' bigots and will attempt to lump everyone in the same category based on their race.  How in the heck does your husband know the race of his classmates if he takes classes over the internet.  Did his classmates tell him what their race was?

I am a black person and am extremely offended by your statement.  Did you think that only white people visited this site?

this is my first husband.
My son was born out of a very short immature teenage relationship, which I ended 2 weeks after I told him I was pregnant. He proved his immaturity very quickly in his actions and I decided one baby would be enough to handle, I didn't need two. That choice, I feel, was very responsible and smart. I DO NOT regret keeping my son as he is a wonderful, smart, loving child who has a lot to give to this world.

I am done defending myself to those who choose to bring me down rather than offer some of the pros/cons of staying married or going single again.
What husband???
No husband. nm
My husband had this done
He regrets it sometimes. He still has problems on and off with reflux but had it much worse before the procedure. He lost a lot of weight after the procedure, probably 20 pounds or so because you are limited on the portion and what food you can eat. You are on a liquid diet the first 2-3 days then soft diet for about a week then gradually can start eating solid food again. He also has a lot of problems with gas, he constantly take gas pills but everyone I am sure is different.
my husband was there and...
He had me send Coolaid, nonperishable foods, candy, snacks, toiletries, and stuff like that.  When my husband was over there, it was the beginning of the war over there and they didn't have all of that stuff.  It may be different now though.  You may want to go look at the forums at www.military.com.  I am not sure, but you may find something there.
I said to my husband
at the beginning of the show "I hope Uncle June doesn't have a firearm in that house". He was talking about Pussy and some other guy that was also whacked. Tony made the mistake of saying one of their names when he was calling to him for supper. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I said, "he shouldn't have said THAT", no sooner were the words out of my mouth and BANG! I hate when I'm right about things like that. He's going to survive, just waiting to see how it plays out. I LOVE THE SOPRANOS! I LOVE JAMES GANDOLFINI! Good night!
My husband was like you regarding me and
sleep. At night, it was difficult for me to fall asleep but in the morning, I was out and it took dynamite to get me up if I hadn't gotten my 8 hours of sleep. I didn't continue to sleep because I didn't want to start the day with him, I did it because I was so drowsy.
When I did get up, I could feel his resentment, made me feel like I was lazy. It was very very bad to start the day off with bad vibes. This happened on vacations as well. He was an early riser but would take naps in the afternoon. I preferred to stay in bed until 9.

Let your kids witness you and your husband in a healthy happy relationship and they will go on to create one just like yours. That is all kids want really. Your actions toward are being watched very closely by these kids.

And yes, your husband sounds like a good man. After my marriage ended (I left), my husband was more than willing to give me the little that I asked for but the negativity snuffed out the positive in the relationship.

My husband used it
He said the withdrawals really weren't that bad. It comes with an aroma inhaler and that helped him a lot! He's been a nonsmoker now for 3 years! Good luck! It's one of the best things you can do for yourself!
Ugh, I am so sorry for your husband.
I've learned that when they speak their native language as much or more as English, the accent never goes away. It's a crying shame.
My husband used it...sm
He used it when he was a teenager at about 16 for 3-4 months and then again as an adult at age 26 for three months.

He had no side effects at all except maybe dry skin. For him it was a life saver because he is a salesman and appearance means a lot.

You just have to make an informed decision. I would do it if my child had acne. I'm a 33-year-old adult and have the occassional pimple because of my birth control and hate it. I try to cover it up with makeup, but boys don't have that option. I, myself, wouldn't hesitate to use it if I had severe acne.

Anyway, my husband says he was told that there may be times again in the future when he has to use it. It is not for long-term use all at one time, but he used it for a few months twice in 10 years.

Hope this helps.
My husband

did the shopping when I was pregnant. One time he came home and had spent $400 at Kroger. WOW!!!!  AND.........didn't buy any meat. I couldn't believe it. With the # of bags he brought in I would have thought $150 to $200.  UGH. And no meat. I still can't get over that. LOL.

Needless to say I am back to doing the shopping. I would hate to imagine our financial situation if he handled the money. LOL.

My husband is the same way sm
Sometimes when I need a change I cook tortellini alfredo and crumble bacon over the top of it. He loves it. We usually add some garlic toast or a salad.
This is what husband and I have done...

for each big decision on job change, moving to a different state, or a situation similar to what you are facing now, one where we find it hard to decide but think we would be happy with either one.  Scarey spot to be in, I know!

Make a list of two columns, one column for each choice (Admin Asst and MT).

 Then list each pro/con for both options (each choice has to have the same pros and cons).  Gas money, time spent with kids, social contact, type of work, etc., etc. - list whatever options are important to you. 

Then assign a percentage or number to each option (my husband is an engineer so we have had to use this elaborate percentage work sheet thing he makes up!!!  I just give him my number on a scale of 1 to 5 how I would rate each option and he does his mathematical calculations). 

Then sit down with whoever you want to have input and start assigning numbers to each option in order of importance.  If you use 1 as low importance and 5 as high importance  - then, say, "Gas Money" option - working at home would be a 5 and the office would be a 1 (no gas money for home, lots of gas money for office).  In other words, if gas money were the only consideration, home would win with a number 5 and office would lose with a number 1.  Then go down your list assigning numbers.

When you are done, add up your numbers and see which option has the most points and that should tell you which you would prefer.

This may sound convoluted and I guess it is (unless you are an engineer or a math major) but, like I said, we have used this each time we have had a big decision to make, have gone ahead with the "most desirable" in terms of percentage outcome, and have been very content with our choice.

I might add that we have lived in 5 different states in 10 years - so we have really put this to the test!!!

The hardest part for me, I think, was getting to the point where I felt each option was equal in desirability.  But you seem to be at that point already, having two choices and facing the anxiety of picking one over the other.  So you are probably ready for THE BIG TEST. 

Good luck to you no matter which you pick and whether or not you use my method!!