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depends which part you come from, you show northern Italian. Sicialians do things different.

Posted By: nm The Italian One on 2006-09-17
In Reply to: Capisce is correct so maybe - None


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Depends on where you are. In northern IL..that is starting pay. But I'd not believe the poster
said they made that 20 years ago.  Wages were not that high back then.
It was an awesome show. Very very good and serious for the most part.
I would have loved to have been some of that crowd on the street taking their picture walking together down there!
depends on what part of the job

you dont qualify for but feel you can perform.  Whatever it is, I would not say anything negative about myself but instead point out a generality and how you have accomplished that.

For example, I once applied for a job that listed a certain platform that I had never used but the employer used.  So, I listed the platforms that I am familiar with and said that I feel confident that I could soon become proficient on any platform. 

Of course, I had to mean it and really felt I could do the job.  I would not lie about ANY qualification because you will soon be found out.

BTW, I was offered the job but turned it down. 

Depends on which part of the

maybe it depends on the part of
the state, but in galveston county, we were really starting to get a lot of Indian and Pakistani, so on. The really worst of the lot was homegrown from up north. go figure. He never used any verbs "patient 54 whitemaledosen'tsmokedrinkcut lefthandearlier todaytetanustoxoidER". Talk about a pain and heard his writing was worse. One breath to dictate the whole op note or H&P!
Depends on a lot of things and everyone is different
but I am getting about 215 to 225 lines an hour but I just got started and it may pick up. If I get to 250, then I'll be very happily satisfied with my production.
Depends on a lot of things . . .
While the length of 65-character line is not dependent on font size and margins, the length of a gross line is, and could wind up having 80-90 characters or more per line in some cases. This would be balanced out somewhat by the shorter lines paid at full price, but no guarantees.

Also to consider would be the dictator(s) . . . while on the surface it would seem that if one company/account pays 9 cpl gross and another 7.5 cpl for a 65-char line (for instance), that the gross count would be the obvious best choice, but it is not necessarily so depending on dictators, specialty familiarity, look-ups, etc.

There are a lot of variables in this business.
Depends on many things!
I know many MTs making 60,000 or more, a few in the 70s, not CMTs. So, you could likely make 6000 more a year just by shopping around and finding a better paying job too :)
I think it depends on a few things.
If it would help you earn more, or if you might want to change jobs, it would definitely help you get hired elsewhere. I think it also makes people better MTs in general, but can't substitute for experience.
depends on what part of the south sm
you retire to. Where I live it is mainly "retiree, tourist" and I think its expensive. I am originally from the Detroit area, been here 24 years. Based on teh wages that folks make here, the housing market is absolutely RIDICULOUS! I can't afford to sell my house and by another even after living here all taht time!
ummm...I still say it depends on a lot of things..and yes, how much do you and can you do. sm
I am a parent of three. But I have the opportunity to have a break by getting a babysitter when my husband and I would like to have an evening out. My in laws are never able to do that. They pay a private nurse 900.00 a week for in home care while they are at work. They can not afford to have her come so they can take a night off or attend a family function. My kids, as well as my sister in laws kids adore their grandpa and grandma, but never get to spend time with them because they are nursing and taking care of her mother. Everyone needs a break once in awhile and they dont get one. Taking care of an ill or aging parent takes a lot of energy, time, money, et cetera. I know that is what they did for you..but isnt that a little different? They chose to have children and take care of them. You did not chose to take care of an aging sick parent and spend the next 10 years or more staring out the window while life is passing you by. No I am not selfish. I am just looking at both points of view. Nursing homes are a great value...if you can find one that has qualified loving staff--just as if you were to use a daycar for your children. My mother has worked at a nursing home for 35 years now. She loves her job and often goes in on her time off to be with some of the residents. There is nothing wrong with nursing homes so that families may have a life.
That depends on alot of things...sm
like where you live. Is it hot and dusty? Do you drive alot of miles? etc. I like to have mine changed every time I have my oil changed. That way I do not have to worry about it. Just my opinion.
In short, yes . . . but it really depends on a few things
like the going rate in your area. Where I live, it averages about 12 cpl, but that is on a gross line rather than a character counted line. As another poster mentioned, it will also depend on what services/equipment you are providing other than typing. If they want their rate to be based on a 65-character line and they want pick-ups and printing/delivery services, then I would suggest even 14 or 15 cpl.
Depends on how part time the part time jobs are.
You can do it. You just have to work out a schedule you can live with.
I guess it all depends on what part of the country you live.
I could not live on $2000 a month.  Our house payment is more than that, not including electric, cable, car, etc.  One day we will retire down south!!
depends on lots of things elsie. are you doing the best you can and still can't give them a goo
what is holding you back? how old are your children? who would you be giving up your children to? i would love to help you if i had more facts.
Italian, like most nights.
Spaghetti with red sauce. Salad. I'm tired.
Where are all these Italian dictators? sm
All I get are ESLs.  I'm jeolous.  Seriously. 
Starbucks Italian Roast for me, although
I am trying to wean myself off that and onto Pierce Brothers Free Trade Coffee. The Red Eye is a hearty blend, so I may be able to do it--if I take it slowly. I'm hooked...
Filipino and actually heavy Italian. Uggghhh.
Need a really good crockpot spaghetti or something Italian
Hello all you great cooks, I am looking for a crockpot spaghetti recipe or it can be something else Italian for a big group that you have made and know is really good!
If you can show proof you did this work for them, they then have to show they paid it in order
Bowtie pasta - Zesty Italian dressing,
small bits of sharp cheese, raw broccoli cut up, and tomotoes cut up in tiny squares! So easy and delicious.

Sometimes, I throw a little bit of pepperoni in there for spice.
What are you doing with a large group of Italians??? I'm Italian and may want an invite:-)) (nm)
Northern Idaho!

It reminded me of TV show "Northern Exposure".  Rugged people, rugged landscape, natural beauty!  Absolutely fantastic!

Northern NJ Rate
Hi - Can anyone offer insight as to what a fair per page rate would be for a neuro office in northern NJ?  I would rather charge per line, but some of their other transcriptionists charge them per page, and I want to be competitive.  Thanks!
Northern NJ rates


I freelance for 2 different doctor's, one in Manhattan and the other in Brooklyn, NY, although not Jersey I charge 2.25 and 2.50 per page. I am not sure if this is the going rate as I have not raised my rates in 3 years. I guess I am just happy to have them pay on time...

Hahahah! Are they good Italian folk? I LOVE me some garlic!!
I put garlic in practically everything, short of desserts!
Northern Arizona is cold, too
NAU - Northern Arizona University
Northern Indiana here, very humid. nm
Northern California Clinic


If this information is correct, I  for one am happy if my employer makes money.  Let's take a poll...has anyone out there ever benefitted from working for a company that lost money/had to go belly up? 

9 p.m. in northern Wisconsin and it's 82 and HUMID, oh dear..nm
No, I'm in Philadelphia now, but I loved the northern' NYC 'burbs!
southern, northern, eastern, western--sm
what difference does it make where anybody is from...how about being a *bleeding heart* for ALL life...not just human and not just animals. God gave everything that breathes life, and we should respect that. human or animal. JMO
Northern Exposure. St. Elsewhere, Joan of Arcadia. nm
Northern Exposure - all time favorite (sm)
I watch Seinfeld reruns all the time.  I also like All in the Family reruns. 
Educated, experienced, well-rounded northern
Northern Counties Secretarial Services - MN

Anybody ever work for Northern Counties Secretarial Services in Minnesota in the 90s?  Used to be what seemed like a great company, but in the end, they did a few really good MTs dirty. 

The easy part is making the decision to leave, the hard part is
actually doing it.  Been in your shoes and it took me a year and a half to leave after I had made the decision to do so.  It was the best thing I have ever done for myself and my girls.  I had family and friends and a counselor telling me what needed to be done and I knew what needed to be done but until I had the courage on my own to do it I stayed.  One day, we had an argument and he spit in my face and that was the last straw for me.  Even though it is something that I will NEVER forget, that day is also a day I will never forget because it is the day that I took my kids and left.  I am a single mom of 2 and have been single and supporting us for 5 years now.  I have been healing ever since and still am to this day.  You can do this.  I know that if I hadn't have left and I would have stayed one of us would be dead by now or both. 
On 2nd thought, if you're NOT a good Italian style cook, make something you ARE good at. Leave th
Bad things? what bad things? people's being petty and small?
love, love, love the show. hate american idol. this show is for real.
the only reason i entertained watching it was because of mark burnett and as usual he has such genious casting and editing. btw, don't know who anything about "metal" music but these performers make me like it. love marty and jd as performers. HATE JESSICA. susie is so nice and so emotional. it seems they all support each other and enjoy each others skills. regarding ty and bob marley, ty was excellent but he also lucked out on the song! bob marley was genious too and his music is very easy to listen to. i don't like 3/4 of what the others are given to sing but their performances make me love the music. dave navarro shines on this show, very gracious for the most part and letting the contestants down easy when they have to leave. he was great last night with brandon (?). sweet, sweet show. i am so impressed with everyone involved.
What's up with the CMT part A and part B exams?
I thought it was all one test.  How can a half a test last 6-1/2 hours?  If anyone knows, please share your info!  Thanks! 
Does anyone know if you are a part time employee for 1 company and part time IC for another can you
still claim deductions for IC on your income tax even though you are one of each.
You can't make things worse and could make things better.
The skinny woman may be ill.  The guy might not know the dog is a nuisance.  Who knows?  Maybe it is not as forbidding as it seems and maybe they just need to be asked in a nice way. 
I think this goes to show you that SM

when a person goes to another place with the proper attitude (respecting the culture already there, appreciating it and being open to new experiences) you can have a wonderful time.

I think sometimes we in the U.S. have such a need to fashion everything into OUR way of doing things it ruins our ability to appreciate different countries/cultures.

I love the show. I think the people learning to dance are very brave. I love George H. too! Looks like a lot of hard work and that it is definitely outside their comfort zone. Good for them!
This just goes to show you that when the
first letters are right and the last couple are right, the mistake is easily missed. No spelling police here, right!?!
It won't show up. it says
1. How much money did you make?
2. Send it to us.