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the people who really make BIG BUCKS are business owners

Posted By: my take on it on 2006-06-18
In Reply to: You are so wrong! (see m) - Unbelievable

especially when they go into...say- window washing or something right away, instead of into debt. In general, I'm for college - plan to push my kids to get their master's right away as that seems entry level nowadays - but where I made really good money was owning my own service. Make(made) more as an MTSO than I ever will as a nurse-practitioner.

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I've noticed a lot of business owners
have their own way of doing things - sometimes too extreme for me.  They either have done so long their way - they don't realize things have changed since they started - or they go by the BOS down to the letter - each and every single letter - and possibly your accounts have not followed that closely in the past - or they are just picky as all get out and have a huge ego and want to make you feel inferior.  There is also the possibility you may be doing some things 'wrong' - but if you have been in the business for 20 years - cannot be that serious - and obviously you know what you are doing!!  I have run into absolutely crazy things in the last year with different MTSOs.... you dont' even want to know!!
Any small MT business owners in CA out there? I need advice!!

I'm looking start up my own small bus., just a couple accounts, but I need to know if there are any HIPAA contracts or anything else that I should be providing for the doctor and myself to sign.  Any advice would be truly appreciated!!

Thnx, Rachel

I don't make the big bucks but....sm

That's partly because I am fortunate enough to be able to choose to work less, since my husband makes a good salary and has good benefits.

However, in addition to the disciplinary strategies mentioned below, I would say work smarter, not harder. Use as many shortcuts and templates as you possibly can. If you are working in a full version of Word, use AutoText as well as AutoCorrect. You can enter a lot more in AutoText (I don't know the exact character limits). Set up dates, days of the week, months, etc., so that you only have to type a few characters and it will automatically enter it for you.

Another trick using AutoCorrect or any kind of word Expander is put in any words you normally capitalize so you don't have to hit the shift key. You would be surprised how much that will speed you up. I do mostly radiology, so I have all the vertebral levels - C1, C2, T12, L5, etc. - in AutoCorrect, as well as MRI, CT, etc.

Hope this helps...

oil execs make the bucks but ....
I work in the oil & gas industry as my day job, and believe me, I've never seen a big enough check to make it worth it.
Yeah! With the big bucks I make now that AAMT has championed our cause!
What a joke!!  I saw an ad for an MT for $10 an hour.  Worse than when I started 35 years ago.  Thanks for nothing AAMT!  Have fun at your convention...don't let all of us disillusioned MTs who thought you were actually going to help promote our profession and give us some credibility and professionalism spoil your good time.  After all, that's about all you do these days is plan one convention to the next.  This organization is a joke and all MTs know it.  The only reason most belong is to be credentialed...until they realize they don't have to send you anymore hard earned money.  Bitter?  Yes I am...you have sold us out!  Shame on you.
How about interior wallpapering and painting? People charge big bucks for that. nm
No - not worth 12 bucks an hour when you can make triple that by the line, sm
but that all depends on what company and VR platform you are talking about.
These companies often pay big bucks to support congressmen. Not likely congress will want to make
so many people was wishy-washy nowadays...love to see people make
a stand for what they believe in...

it is kind of wierd those statements have to be made in the first place but guess we are an ever-transitioning country and are still young. so many different beliefs yet not much tolerance.

I found your post respectful, and right on as to how you feel. it does not seem that difficult to sift through to read and respond to messages someone might not care for...
There are plenty of QA people that have no business being QA.

Definitely military time has no colon! 

Here is what our company does that works great!  We bcc:  the entire QA staff and supervisors any feedback we give the MTs.  That way if we see something that is incorrect, we can say something about it to the QA person.  We all have a very good rapport so no offense is taken hopefully.  We usually provide a reference to anything we see that might be incorrectly given to the MT.  This allows QA to know what is being told to the MTs.  This also means less differences in feedback is given to the MTs and that means a lot to the MTs.  The biggest complaint I know is the fact that QA staff give different feedback and it is essential that QA stay on the same page. 

If more companies adopted this policy, I believe we would have happier MTs! 




And? Your point? It is a business. If they don't make
money, they won't have investors, and no investors means no backup,....no business. No work.

You show me a BUSINESS that is open just to have employees and give them their every want, and I'll show you an entity that failed as a business, and could not even survive as a charitable organization because of the lack of structure and standard.

If their business tactics and their employment package does not suit you, leave.
It's HIPAA, not HIPPA. People in the business really should know that. nm
Cool site to share with other business people

Just happened on to this site and thought I'd pass it on:


Most Comprehensive Online Source of People and Companies

ZoomInfo is a unique summarization search engine that finds, understands and extracts the latest online information about people and companies and instantly delivers it in concise and useful summaries.

IRS and medical records are other people's business. It's the way of the world, 2006
There is nothing you can hide. Insurance companies have your info and share it with other insurance companies. Medical records are passed from doctor's office to doctor's office, secretary to secretary, MT to MT.
Always comes down to the bucks, they can sugarcoat but is the bucks!
i don't know why people make fun of mq and ceo(s) of mq. they are trying so hard

it takes TIME to award these prizes and to figure out pay increases.  They have priorities you know.  They are fighting lawsuits, figuring out bonuses for management and trying to save their own jobs or at least accumulate some cash in an offshore bank before going to jail or getting fired for running a scam operation bilking the shareholders, clients and MTs. 

Just be patient.  In a year or so Frank will come through (or at least his replacement) as to who won the Hawaii trip.


I'm with you ... people can make their own choices. nm
No need to laugh. Many people make that and much more. I do. nm
Some of us are IT people who make more money
doing MT. I've found that I know more about computers than the so-called IT people working for MT services. However, I would never recommend PC Doctor. AVG Free is the best free antivirus software out there. And you're not an id-iot. It's also tough to know which programs will cause a software conflict until you actually try them. Hope things go better for you.
I am not worried about what other people make... sm
What bothers me is that people post about how there wages are so low, their income is low, and it discourages the new people in the field before they get a chance to see for themselves what they can or cannot do.  I just really do not see how people can not type more than 75-100 lines an hour if they are really working their job.  I consistently type 350-400 lines an hour for 6 hours a day.  That averages me to $35-40 an hour - which is way over minimum wage.
I have seen editors/QA people act put-upon because we make mistakes.
That's their JOB to correct mistakes.  And while we are working on production and a QA/Editor has time to listen to something over and over, they act like we should have gotten this and why was it sent to QA blah, blah.  Editors forget the sole purpose of their job is to fix the report and move on.  Some of them have to lord it over you with comments that are totally unnecessary.  Just give me the answer and I certainly don't need a speech or reprimand with the answer.  You do your job and I'll do mine.  I don't lecture you, don't lecture me.
Just make a "mean people" forum nm
KD, are you on crack - very few people make $50,000/year - sm
I make about $58,000, but I work my butt off doing it, have 18 years experience. You sound like a Sally Struthers ad when you make a comment like that! Next thing you know, you will be telling this woman that she can breastfeed her child while she is transcribing and have another one sitting on her lap!!

I do love this job, but I tell people to expect to make at least $25,000-$30,000/year.
Geez, you people make it sound like
"my family" has a bunch of incestuous perverts running around.  Give it a break!  My kids never even started it, the other kids at school did.  ALL boys think it's funny to overexaggerate when they get hit in the privates.  It's not like they're walking around playing doctor or anything.  It's the rolling around on the ground, Oh! my privates! that they think is funny.  As if your sons, brothers, or whoever is going to tell you about it anyway.  You're overthinking it and turning it into something it's not.  I did say I do not tolerate it or find it funny.  I am a darn good parent and I don't trash talk my kids' teachers either.  I've never pulled them out of classes or switched schools.  So please, spare ME the lectures and get out of your little glass houses.
You people make me laugh.Half say they sm
betrayed their families by making pretend they weren't gay, but they were MADE to have families becuase you condem them for being together. So let me see if I get this straight-don't pretend you are straight and don't be gay. What is that called? Oh yeah, SICK. If people left each other alone to be what they were born to be we wouldn't have families betrayed to begin with. Get it????? Think hard.
some people need to make themselves sound important
Obviously this person who considers MT a "profession" is in denial and has low, if any, expectations for herself.
You can't make people up this late in the game!
Power can make people crazy.
She sounds like a manager who caused me to leave my last job. She also was terrible at details too, but what a mess she turned out to be, starting all the rumors. Ridiculous.
Defensive people make the most errors
I bet... if you are good you would be quiet, if you are a bad MT you will blast poor QA lady all day.
what do the middle people make per line?
I may be negotiating a contract directly with a radiology business, but I"ve only done independent contractor work up until now.  I'd like to enter into negotiations seeming like I know my way around the block:  what do companies (who hire transcriptionists) tend to make per line?  How would I find that out?
Who ARE these people who make this stuff up every year charge $ for it??
I could make one up every year myself.  Why do they think they are an authority.  I have never understood this, and will never buy another one.  I bought one in my life for $75.  What a waste of money to read someone's "made up rules for this year."
But really. To make this work, don't you have to intrude upon people's lives and SM

make a horrible pest of yourself? Honestly? My riding instructor, who is one of the dearest friends I've ever had, gets into these schemes. His latest was Tahitian Noni juice.

He had some remarkable results with it on a horse that was just a juvenile delinquent - she reared in crossties, acted up at shows when she wasn't in the arena, she was just a PMSing witch.

So I was impressed. I went to a meeting with him. Come to find out, they don't actually want you to buy the Noni juice - they want you to recruit other people to recruit other people. Biggest mess of flim-flam I've ever seen.


But just because people are not willing to financially help doesn't make them any less helpful th
Questions like the one quoted SHOULD make people angry.
There's a difference between needing help with something difficult, and asking a question that NOBODY who is working as an MT should have to ask. If you can't figure that word out or find the answer yourself, you shouldn't be working as an MT. Period.
I really admire people that can make that kind of money
but knowing the hours she must work, and the days she must put in (probably all week plus the weekend), that's just not for me. Money isn't everything and I'd rather make my $40,000 and have my weekends free and work my 8 hours, five days a week and be done. Again, this is just me. Now if I could make that money working normal hours, I'd be happy. (I can dream can't I?)
People are jealous, I think, so they make snide and disparaging comments.
SOMETIMES, tho, you get these same people coming back asking you how to get trained, how to find jobs like this. It's a weird situation.
It's amazing we let people operate on us who cannot put two words together to make a sentence.
don't worry about frantic people who try to make a point by calling names.
They are immediate losers when it comes down to winning any sort of valid logical argument and you can see this person is a LOSER because they did not mention any companies to support their argument and instead lashed out at you. HOW SMART IS THAT?
Yes, write some letters to the Dell people....if you make some noise you will get your refund.
and mail/fax whatever-- get their attention....don't be outright nasty but you can get pissy a little. It will work and you will get your money back.
The people proofing are human. Humans make mistakes daily.
and it's mostly owners now but....sm

I have lived under 3 different families with children, all children being in the MASTER bedroom above mine.  I have had to wait for TWO sets of kids to grow up.  It's the noise from the kids from the first 2 families.  Ok, this current family, has toddlers - little toddlers of which the older one (5) is a little terror....

I transcribe in both bedrooms, the master for private MDs (as the 2nd BR used to be my daughter's but she's married now and out of here), and the 2nd BR for a national.  With this 3rd family, besides the children, this bruja (Spanish for witch) decides every now and then to BLAST her music at 3 PM so loud that my walls shake (it's the bass that bothers me the most).  I have complained at the concierge desk, has been documented for one year, and then a few weeks ago I decided to introduce myself, big smile on face, while her music was blasting, and tell her that I live under her.

HUGE MISTAKE!!!  This bruja says *oh, YOU'RE the one (who had been complaining)* and pointed her finger at me, and I said *NO, YOU'RE the one, the one who is totally inconsiderate of those above you, below you, to each side of you, and across from you* to which she said *take it up with the concierge* who met with her and said *you can take action* -

an hour later, the police came to my door, BECAUSE I RANG HER DOORBELL - can you imagine - well imagine the courts today, how they worry about the rights of the criminals and what about the victims.  While I wasn't a *victim* - the years' worth of documentation with the concierge AND security, should've been enough.  Nope, they told me not to ring her doorbell anymore and if her nose level gets that bad to avoid the concierge and CALL THEM.  I hate bothering the police for things like this.....but I WILL.

S. Florida is where I live in case you might be wondering where they could possibly be THAT inconsiderate.......yep, S. Florida......

Welcome new owners, but please let us know
or if our posts or information are shared with anyone.
Irresponsible pet owners
This is similar to thread on the spotted board about irresponsible owners.  The posters there had sympathy for people who were careless with their pets.
This IS the owners board to do with as....nm

owners trying to compete
The companies are trying to keep their profits high, be competitive with India and the doctors want to pay next to nothing. It's a tough business right now. I would look to other options or really push for more money. I wouldn't work for less than 9 cents. On the other hand, there are MTs out there who think they are very good, but they are honestly terrible. I think if you push for a quality company and sell yourself and you truly are worth the money, you will get it.
I don't get it....the owners, the advertisers....
Owners set the tone
Owners can indeed be nice, but they also need to set the tone, or the corporate culture, for *nice*.  Polite and respectful has to be the clearly stated expectation for behavior by everyone.  *It goes without saying* does, indeed, need to be said and reiterated every so often.  The idea that everyone in the firm is a client of every other employee needs to be stressed.  Some of these things are fairly easy for the owners to check.  Ever call your own business as a potential new hire and see how you're treated?  Ever call Technical with a problem and describe yourself as a worker instead of a boss?  It can be a real eye opener, and it's something owners need to know.
That sure is odd! I wonder if they meant the OWNERS of
Unfortunately it is legal..so yes it is business and they will continue with bad business practices
OSi owners can do transcription...lmao

For the board owners, just a note to say