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this has to be my favorite post ever...keep 'em coming! ROFL...(no message)

Posted By: MTbuster on 2005-10-12
In Reply to: You know you're an MT when.... - finish this sentence


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ROFL Your post reminds me...SM
Not too long ago, I had my last nerve plucked out by my two boys, teenagers, when they were griping for me asking for a little bit of help around the house. Not much, mind you. Just a little. Their nastiness just got the best of me. Good thing too, though!

I turned off the AC vents in their rooms, made a list of 20 jobs around the house I wanted done, sent them to their rooms with the lists and started cooking...cooking their favorite dinner. I told them they had to stay in their rooms, doors shut, and would have no AC nor any food until they decided they could shut up and get those 20 jobs done. No food, no comforts of lying on the couch, watching TV, in cool air -- all of which I provide -- until they got the work done and without one nasty word about it.

Took about an hour and their warm bedrooms and stomachs growling at the smell of dinner had them out of their rooms and got it done!
I just re-read my post ROFL !
I am laughing so hard I'm crying. I'm a stickler for misspellings and I typed the word "tole" instead of "told"!!! Am I suthern or wut?? Egad!
Your post coming in as mine and saying about the same
wading in and I was saying you do not want to just jump in, not if your salary depends on it, too much anxiety because takes a while to learn. I was training when I learned the ops and like you, my favs.
LOL! You calls 'em as you sees 'em, girl!
Love 'em or leave 'em
I don't have a real solution, but I have been known to log off of that account whenever I see this happen.  I then try to find work on one of the other accounts to which I am assigned, but there is often no other work available.  I conclude that the only choice is love 'em or leave 'em.  A private client might be nice, but that brings other headaches.
If U can't beat 'em join 'em
This is NOT the only industry that outsources and you are fooling yourselves if you think that it will stop.
ROFL - do folks eat it vertically??? *ROFL..nm
How to I post a message
Sorry I am not replying to your message.  Just need help.  How do I post a question on this board ?
See message in above post.
I liked this post...thanks (no message inside)
I think it's because most of the ones who post to the message boards
Hello - the post is her email message

meant SM, there is a message in post above.
there is a message in original post.
OMT said, "No" on the inside of post message.

Oops, please read above post, there IS a message.
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Due to the influx of bot spammers posting on the MTStars website, we have now added a module to the discussion forums that requires a 1-4 character authentication code before a message can be posted.


Because this code must be humanly entered, bots cannot post spam as they cannot get past the code entry requirement. 


We apologize for any inconvenience, but we believe this will help to make the MTStars site less apt to a large of amount of spam.


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Use the Post a New Message box next to the Search box, top of board. nm
Please read message in above Poor Pooch's post.
You can post a message for posters to email you, but you cannot name companies.
Due to potential liability we must limit what can be posted.
The FUNNY thing is that in the amount of time it takes for them to post a message
Posts are up for grabs. Private message is not. You would only post publicly to what, stir SM
something up? If you had an honest question, the proper thing to do would have been to ask the question privately. Otherwise, you look like you are trying to rile people up when you already know how everybody feels.
What's your favorite food. Favorite in that you could only have one last meal what would it be?

Indulge me while I stare at computer screen waiting for Q work that isn't there.

I love spaghetti but only served with a great salad with olive oil and some garlic bread. Can't have pasta alone.  And needless to say a glass of red wine.  No dessert, just extra spaghetti.


Venting-why do people keep putting nm and THEN writing a message?? nm means no message - sm
Please put sm if you have a message and NM if there is no message other than your subject line.  It makes it easier when reading these messages.  thanks so much and have a nice day everyone. 
Isn't that what causes 'em to sag?
don't let 'em get to you, KB
As we teach our children, ignore it.
you tell 'em

Can you hear me clapping at this end and yelling BRAVO!!!  Right on!!!

Has anyone ever died from doing hanging indents?  I may be the first.  LET ME DO WHAT I NEED TO DO MICROSOFT!!!!!  (yes, I'm yelling). 

Cut 'em off???
stump 'em
I'll never forget my first day of college when the instructor wrote on the chalkboard -- panhysterosalpingooophorectomy and said "You will know what this means by the end of the day!"  This is an easy one for us now, but back then it was like "Yeah, right."  This is one of my husband's favorite words to throw at people at parties, etc. -- and he even knows the correct meaning of the term!!  I hate when people say stuff like "Where can I find a job like yours, typing at home, I could do that no problem."  They think that if they can type, they can do our jobs.  I'd like to see 'em try.....heeheehee
found 'em (sm)
did a search for clairsol, found Cheviot technology, and here they are in New Delhi. Search in these two pages for clairsol, and/or Cheviot, you will find www.clairsol.com, with an Indian name for owner.




Cheviot Technology (Software Div of Cheviot Intl Ltd)

Specialisation: Client Server, Telecom/ Networking, Internet, E - Commerce, Migration and Conversion

Website / Email: www.clairsol.com

City: New Delhi

And.....Found Clairvoyant Solutions, in Mumbai, which looks like the same company to me...


Sure looks to me like they are in India, in some shape or form....I hope this helps you....good luck, and let us know how it goes.
Tell 'em sister....

Do you see how fast the haters come here to say "big deal."  Any one of us can have our own accounts (I have 2 of my own).  I make the same as you round about $50.00 an hour.  What a relief because I also IC for an online company making 8 cpl (round about $20.00 an hour).  We can't sit around and complain; that accomplishes nothing.

BTW, I think 5 cpl for VR is good...  In case anyone cares what I think!  I just think it would be hard for me to learn the hot keys to make it go faster, but then again maybe I'd be quicker at it (20+ years in the biz). 

Just let them drink their Hatorade and be haters all their lives!!!! 

VR funnies - 3 of 'em

Cardiolite stress test which was negative for reversible skin.

HIDA scan negative for cystic duct or common bile duct obstruction with normal feeding of the gallbladder.

Ultrasound of the abdomen demonstrated a fatty liver but no evidence of a dietitian.

It's worth it...Git 'em!
I had one customer who tried to stiff me for some work I performed. I had all the paperwork in order, all the ducks lined up, etc. It was a amount somewhere near $1400.

I didn't go the SCC route at all. I filed a lien against the woman's home for the amount owed, the filing costs, and >>monthly late charges<< that had accrued up to the point of the filing of the lien. Then I waited for about 17 months or so.

When she found out that she couldn't sell her property until the lien was settled, SHE got in contact with me. She "offered" me her personal check (nyet) to settle the debt, but with her track record, I refused and would only take cash at that point in time.

She hemmed and hawed and tried to con me again, but I didn't budge, and the lien stayed put. She finally ponied up the cash, because she had to sell the house, and it couldn't be sold until the lien was satisfied.

I did lose in that deal, however. I forgot about the lien removal filing fee, so I was out $35, but I recovered the majority of the money owed.

You may just want to check out your state's lien laws.

You tell 'em girl!

stay off the porch!  Life is what you make it!  Only you can make it happen, not the President, not the Pope, and certainly not working for a national.  Some say they make boatloads off of a national, but they are hard workers that love to stay chained to the desk with no kids, (as I've seen posted) and no LIFE!  Get a grip people!  If this gal is thriving, let her thrive.  Why call her out for that?  Why?  She should be able to voice her opinion, and no I am not the poster above, I am a different poster before anyone even starts with that! 

Good golly for you Miss Molly - you hit paydirt!      Some of us love this profession enough to make it work, and yes ma'am I've gotten my fair share and then some!  I am living the good life!   

and if you toss them a beer every now and then, they'll fall asleep a whole lot faster!

ROFL here, too. nm :)
"I Shot The Seriffff"...went up in pitch on the end like someone was squeezing where he wished they wouldn't. HAHAHAHAHA Hadn't laughed like that in awhile.
ROFL!!!!! nm
On the other hand, we all probably need a lot less penile bladder in our diets.

Thanks for making my morning!

ROFL! I'm with ya there!
My sis is a flight attendant and loves to spontaneously fly into town for a day THEN call me to see if I can a)pick her up from the airport or b)hang out with her for the day.

And she always does this during the week.

My hubby always tells me, "treat it like a real job"...as if it was a FAKE job. LOL...
I forgot about that aspect of it! We were told in Cincinnati that we should wear anything we want as long as didn't offend the sensitivities of our coworkers. LOL!
Give 'em the Beatles!
ALL little kids love 'em (seriously!). Give John, Paul, George & Ringo a try!