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those cherrypickers.......

Posted By: early bird on 2007-03-15
In Reply to:

are at it again.  I can tell when they are doing it because the platform software slows down, and then I get one dictator from one account, and then one from another account.  I guess SOME of the cherrypickers just do not like the harder jobs.  Oh well, the larger jobs I like.     Faster quota that way!  Hail to the cherrypickers, keep up the GOOD? work.

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cherrypickers will not be out of work. Who says cherrypickers sm
can't do the difficult dictation? When the dictation goes to VR they will most likely take their time, don't each during dictating etc and the dictation will be better. Most cherrypickers including myself cherrypick because of unclear dictation not because the work is hard. I for one am not going to waste my time with an unclear dictation. Can't dictate right I'm not transcribing. Bottom line.
How do you know cherrypickers are the ones or SM
if your company is simply assigning specific jobs to you? Companies may tell you your jobs are "random", but todayhave a lot of power over how jobs are sent out to MT's. I have discussed this with friends who work for different large companies and we all agree, our jobs are not sent randomly.
There is always going to be cherrypickers especially when sm
getting paid by report. I'm with you.
Might I say that I used to be bothered by cherrypickers, but getting paid by report, they weed themselves out. Boss can tell when they turn off/on lanier to skip ESL, long reports, etc. I have become an expert at the long reports, ESL, what have you and it does not take me any longer to do a 1 minute report than it does a 4.2 minute report. Also, I never whine, b-----, moan and complain about it and I have received an unsolicited raise. I love them, they love me, I make my self available......(Get it--anybody every worked in corporate America).....
To all you cherrypickers.
You make me ill.  Every day the same thing.  Why can't you just do your share of the worst dictators and give the rest of us a break.  Is there any COMPANY out there that does not permit this as I am ready to jump ship here.  Tired of it.  Thanks for listening to me vent.  And another thing, why can't physicians count?  1.3, 4, 5, 2, 7, 9, 8, 10.  Bad, bad day.

You definitely ARE being punished for being good.  What other profession punishes their best people by giving them the xxxxx work?  That's what is so upside-down wrong about this field (and why I am getting out, fast).  MQGuy, you need to stand tall and insist on some element of fairness.  Otherwise, the faster they shovel it to you, the deeper you're gonna be buried in it. 

Wish I could tell you to hang in there, but it might be better to just hang it up! 

Does this cycle ever end?  End of pay period and nothing but garbage to type.  Day in and day out the same thing.  Is there a company out there that prohibits this type of work ethic?
feel sorry for the cherrypickers
I've been at this 10+ years and have gritted my teeth through these ESLs and mushmouths, and now I can whip right through them.  In about five years, thats ALL there will be thanks to VR and India rerouting.  There will always be a job for those of us who have stuck through and gained knowledge from these awful dictators..thats where you learn, by researching!
I am so SICK of cherrypicking. I just got a HUGE job in my queue by the worst author on my account, which, conveniently, had been skipped by everybody else working today, leaving me, apparently the only person with a conscience, to slog through this crap. I just don't understand the mindset of the cherrypicker. I would be wracked with guilt if I took all the good work and left the bad for everyone else. If anyone reading this is a cherrypicker, you are a thief. You are a selfish, pathetic, disgusting thief, and I hope someday you get what's coming to you.
Direct hit on cherrypickers
Just wondering - how do you cherrypick on DQS?
Direct hit on cherrypickers!

Here's some good news - my branch just eliminated cherrypicking by disabling the Dictaphone button that sends reports back into the pool, thereby rending cherrypickers impotent! Yea!!!

Now they have to do the same frickin' lousy docs as meeee!

Cherrypickers are the worst. I feel
for you. Everyday I get nothing but garbage leftover work also for at least the first 6 hours of my shift. I complain constantly but nothing is ever done. Starting to make me want to look elsewhere and anyone who admits they cherrypick is lower than low. Thanks to you my lines suffer and that is not FAIR!!!!!!!
to the comments about cherrypickers making $$

i have to absolutely totally disagree.  I cherrypick reports that are less than 30 seconds in duration.  I by no means MAKE ANY LINES WHATSOEVER!!! In fact, it is to clear the board and lower the number of reports in the system.  If I were to be paid by the line, then by all means, those reports can sit in the system and wait for days for all I care.  To give you an example, I did 102 endoscopy/colonoscopy reports in six hours ... my line count was 520 lines ... do the math ... I was not going to be taking home squat if I were paid by the line.  HOwever, there were 102 less reports in our hospital system. 


I just had to say that.  thank you, and now I await your bashing.

Update on "Direct Hit to Cherrypickers"
Well, U know there HAD to be a flipside - now that all the cherrypickers on my account must type whatever comes down the pike our TAT has gone down the tubes! It seems they are struggling with those darn difficult docs, doncha know. On top of that, our office is now assigning most of these hard docs to us "old-timers" as the cherrypickers just can't seem to get the hang of them. So now I get nothing but the dregs! Oh well, they're not difficult to me as I've been doing 'em for years, but jeez - I feel like I'm being "punished" for being too darn good!
They put the complainers/cherrypickers on the easy work, the

The question you are asking is a very friendly way of calling on all CHERRYPICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sm
doing work that other people either can't or won't do. You should learn just like the rest of us, how to do it all. Take it or leave it. Do them all or do none, so the rest of us won't get cheated out of "easy" reports too!

I know that at my co. you are asked what you can and cannot do. That's a joke! They move me around because I can do it all! Of course I get stuck doing crap because all the easy stuff is taken. Now, come on, is that fair? I don't think so!

so there! You heard a mouthful about one of my biggest pet peeves!
Guess what? There would be no cherrypickers if there were no CRAPPY DICTATORS! nm
FINAL update on "Direct hit to cherrypickers."
Cherrypickers complained about the difficult doctors, TAT went haywire as they struggled thru 'em, so MQ "unlocked" the "send back to pool" key. So victory for the C-pickers. I knew it couldn't last!
I prefer weekends. I find most cherrypickers also avoid
weekends, so I at least get a decent selection of work to do.
I have to agree that cherrypickers will be out of work when VR takes over, since the harder reports
Even when I worked inhouse and had the opportunity to cherrypick, I didn't. Even now, I am finding out that ESLs are probably easier than than some of the American doctors in the long run, because they get down to business and dictate their report. Most times, they say the same thing over and over. Learn the doc, know his quirks and bang, you are done.