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to diane in NY or other ICs

Posted By: sm on 2007-08-06
In Reply to:

Really? if you are an IC for a company/service, they still considered as 'your' client? as far as stating what line rate we need, etc?

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Thank you, Diane!
You understand what I am trying to say. It is a bigger issue than independent contractor versus employee to which I am referring. We transcriptionists did not choose to have our rates lowered over the last 15-20 years!
yep , jack and diane...nm
Tom was on Diane Sawyer and
she asked about Katie not being able to say anything while delivering.  He said it is not true.  The mother can say anything she wants, but others in the room are suppose to remain quiet out of repsect for the mother.  After that idiots "claim to know it all about female hormones, etc."  I hope Katie's hormones are raging so violently that she throws shorty out on his rear end! 
Diane - thanks for the information - sm
It works!!! I have the foot pedal plugged into one USB port, my ergo keyboard in the other, and the wireless mouse plugged into the keyboard.

The technician that I spoke with made it very plain and clear that an external keyboard would not work with the Start-Stop pedal. HA!!! Just goes to show ya that you can't always go by what the technies say. If you want to know something technical, the best place to start is with a transcriptionist! Thanks again.
Diane, thanks for the link!
This info is better than I had hoped for. I'm off to play with settings ...
Diane, I just do not know how I would have made it
had I been literally to where I could hear. I remember years ago during Cuba crisis when President Kennedy had show down with Russia- my mother called me at work saying to go to closest bomb shelter in case they started hitting the US, lived through the horrible 60s when so many someone being killed, Kennedy, King, Robert Kennendy - horrible times, so much so when I heard on news about NYC I hit the panic button, telling my husband (almost screaming) we are being attacked. He is not as old as I am and of course wondered what in the world is going on here. I was working at home on 9/11 but finally just quit as I was so choked up and horrible time especially seeing all those men crying, people begging if anyone had seen their loved ones. I hope to never see anything close to that again. Oh, Katrina got me also. I get saturated with news sometimes.
Diane, I'm in NY too --- 2 miles from WTC, but
keep in mind that living in NYC was one thing -- these are people that work at home for their hospitals and didn't know whatsoever! That I find just unbelievable!

Just curious - do you transcribe for a hospital or a service. Don't find too many transcriptionists that can afford to live in Manhattan on a transcriptionist's salary :)
We must be one of the lucky few!

Thank you both--I'm somewhat encouraged! nm diane
Just had to let you know, tonight is Steak Diane and a
couple of veges. Yummy!