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total cost

Posted By: ILMT on 2006-01-25
In Reply to: question for you........sm - OncMT

Total cost of $60 for two phone lines, which includes taxes, etc. It also includes call waiting and voice mail. But my C-phone line has nothing on it, no call waiting, etc. by my choice. First month on my residential phone is free because they are just starting up in my area.

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This is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard - VERY BAD SITUATION!!
I have 4 total - not 5.
Total BS.

What company do you work for?  Give me a name! 

Total gym, etc. - sm

I am being very careful. The videos online are very instructional and I am going slow and easy at first. I also have a Tony Little "gazelle" and do 1/2 hour at a time and at a good pace now that I have used it for more than 1 year. Hope to do Pilates once a day and the "gazelle" later in the day, but will pace myself.

Thank you for your concern. I did also consider the Total Gym, but went to our local Play It Again Sports store and found this Pilates for $59 so thought I would start here. If I really, really use it and like it I will possibly invest in a better one, but for now this is where I am.

p.s. Most any exercise equipment is available "used" so you might shop around before investing too much money, see how it works for you, and then think about perhaps spending your money on something either better or new.

Total Burn Out
Well, I've tried everything to change my attitude & outlook & always feel I've succeeded until I log on every morning & encounter the worst of the worst ESL or American Doc on a cell phone dictating 50 feet away from the mouthpiece with every extraneous background noise imaginable! I can handle a few of those in a row, but that seems to be the majority of what I now get, with dictation times varying from 3-4 hrs or more apart to minutes - depending on who the doctor is.

I'm seriously questioning why I'm doing this to myself on a daily basis as I, too, have only seen my income decline, my hours increase, & am mentally wiped out at the end of the day. I'm doing good to fix something for dinner, let alone anything else that needs to be done! I just seem to sit here in a daze and/or stupor every evening - telling myself tomorrow will be better!

And, Whining Wendy, you're not alone. I thought the days of crying out of total frustration & despair ended in the 60s when I was a "Newbie". Wrong!! During the last 2-3 yrs, this has & is being encountered by me almost on a daily basis - & I'm an "Oldie". In years past, once you mastered deciphering an accent, doc, etc., your days of frustration were over. Now, working for a National, I have found that every day is filled with different, new doc's, new accents, etc. Problem arises when after you finally master an "impossible" dictator, you find that in 6 months or more, since you were so "good" - you get all of his horrible, undecipherable dictation again - none of which is consistent nor repetitive of prior dictations. Back to frustration level 1.

I hate to say it, but my love for this profession has totally been annhilated. Really wish I could offer words of encouragement or suggestions but, at the moment, I have none. I'm just really saddened to see how many of us feel this way & what has happened to a once highly regarded, elite, "profession."

Never in my life have I ever pictured myself working at "Bob Evans" (Geez - could just picture it all now - dumping trays of food, etc.); however, went to dinner there the other evening & they had an Ad posted in their window for help wanted. Jokingly, told hubby I thought I'd apply for the job. Sad thing is, his reply was that I'd probably make more money & be less stressed!

I don't know where we're all headed & wish I had answers & a magic wand - but I regretfully don't. I do know I'm seriously looking into what other options are available to me.

Sorry all - just venting after a very, very bad week, on top of my normal very bad weeks, only now with a Bonus offered until the end of the pay period. Just another stark realization that with the dictators in my pool, that is an impossible, unattainable bonus to achieve unless I want to work 24/7 trying to decipher such. My price to pay for being an experienced, good, at-home, Oldie?
total agreement with you - sm
I myself am in favor of trying to find out which hospitals outsource the work to India and then writing letters to the local newspapers as "letter to the editor" kind of thing to let the residents of the area know that their medical records are being sent out to India. But that's just my opinion.
That would be a total ripoff - s/m
Works out to 5,500 characters per $5 - or $0.0009 cpl.

Just say NO.
I have a total of 9 accounts.
We had maybe four kids total.
When we used to live in the "suburbia" neighborhood by the schools, we went through hundreds of pieces of candy.
I use Total Assistant Pro
and it works great for me. You can download the trial version and then purchase after 30 days if you like. It does all the work for you. I love it.
Does anyone know what the estimated total # of MTs in the US is? nm
Yes, that's it. Total concentration...
PLEASE let that be it.
I'm in total agreement with you.....sm

Do not kill them....unless poisonous or unless they strike!  They can be caught and released or given to someone or some group who specializes in handling snakes.

Killing is the coward's way out...killing something that you are 10 to 100+ times bigger than......unless of course it's about to strike or is poisonous!

I think 6 seasons total.
I too did not watch from the start - but began to watch the reruns on HBO on Demand from the beginning - and have now seen them all, around 3 times each!!! If anyone hasn't seen it - do yourself a favor and watch on Demand or rent the DVDs beginning with Season 1 and enjoy - you're in for a great ride! The most cleverly written women show ever - hysterical AND poignant! It will make you laugh out loud and sometimes cry. I am in love with all four of those women - Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and especially Charlotte - and I'm straight! LOL!
About $125 in PA - total electric, about
Pretty happy here, bill runs about the same in winter and includes heat :)
Agree - Total RIP OFF!!
Curious me wants to know -- which trans co.?
re billing - am I being a total *ash*?

I have plenty of clients, no shortage of work. Recently I started picking up some extra legal transcription from a company who is swamped & always begging for help. It's not something I've had much opportunity to do and it's fun to do something different. But they're totally out of the technological loop. I bill all my clients by an Excel spreadsheet attached to an email, and I have a master spreadsheet set up that keeps track of all my invoices for me. They are the only ones who can't open it. I know they can because someone who used to work there could, but now they have a new person and no one there can open it. Of course they can probably right click and "open with" some kind of viewer, but why is it my problem to teach them that? (here's where the "am I being a total a$$ question comes in!)  I'm tired of their clueless clerk emailing me five times every time I send her an invoice asking me to resend it and having to respond "If you can't open it, it's not going to help to resend it."  Sure I can mail it, but why should I when I have plenty of other clients?  Do you think I'd be an a$$ for unceremoniously dumping them? would you do it in a quieter way and leave the door open for further work? 

They are so technologically out of the loop, it's not even funny. I asked them for an electronic copy of one of their style guides for easy searching, and they said they don't do that and they "don't keep" things.  They just have one hard copy they are xeroxing over and over.  I knew it was somewhere, it had obviously been typed it on a computer. It's a .pdf file on the web! Someone had downloaded it directly from the court's web site. They are supposed to provide me with the names of judges and attorneys on the tapes but they don't and I have to struggle to hear names and spell them phonetically or designate unidentified voices somehow so I can tell them apart and then go back and globally replace them when I hear the name or I'm sure of the spelling. This adds countless time to transcribing their cases AND THEY HAVE THAT INFORMATION. I've asked them for lists or links for judge's/attorney names so I can at least search when they don't give them to me.  No dice. I have since found good links on the web, of course.

I'm worried about getting in deeper with them, I'm not overly familiar with legal work and I'm just going to keep coming up against their not being able to provide me with the tools I need. Every time I have to find something for myself it's costing me money, obviously, being paid on production.  They annoy me and I seem to have a very low threshold for that.  But it's valuable experience and they are desperate, the owner won't be happy.  But she's as clueless as her staff.

As a total aside to this thread here...

about dentists in Maine...I haven't been to a dentist since I was a kid, strictly out of fear factor.  I tried to find one yesterday because I think it's time I see someone whether I like it or not.  Of the 4 I could find, only 1 is accepting new patient's and where I don't have insurance and would be be a self-pay, they don't cut any breaks....just the initial visit and cleaning is going to run $310 buckaroos!  I asked if that price included a happy ending and the voice on the other end just went dead.  (No sense of humor apparently.)

No wonder why people are losing their teef up heyah!  

I am in total agreement with
I also have many, many years of experience and find it hard to believe that the pay is only 7 cpl when in fact you must have a lot of experience and learn new platforms, accounts, etc.  Production suffers initially, and then all of a sudden these MTSOs want to switch you to another account, which makes it almost impossible to make a decent living at 7 cpl. 
Total fluke
I happened to hear of this endocrinologist who was looking for someone and willing to train. I got the job, was completely hooked and never looked back. This was 16 years ago. I have no formal training but read and researched everything I could get my hands on. I eventually picked up a few more clients over the ensuing years but then 8 years ago decided to try for an acute care position with a national. I passed the test and loved it.
Total frustration
I'm doing the worst report I have ever run across, it's brain surgery and I've never done one before and I don't know the anatomy, it's cold in Ohio, I killed my back last week on OT and I can't walk and I feel totally unloved and I can't get a break on my line count and I'm miserable.  Please don't correct my grammar or spelling, I'm not up to it right now.
I use Total Assistant and like it. nm
I think Tom Cruise is a total whacko- sm
I actually thought it years ago but then he was kind of reclusive and didn't speak out so much.  Now that he's opened his mouth again and by his actions, he is showing his stupidity.  If you saw him on the Today show with Matt Lauer and the things he said, he was unbelievably pompous and arrogant about things he obviously knows nothing about.  Why do these "stars" think we want to hear what their opinions are?  Who cares?  All they are are paid ACTORS.  Tom Cruise only has a high school education and he acts like he is the most brilliant person in the world.  Look at Nicole Kidman - she got out while she could.  I pity Katie Holmes.
The biggest pro for me is the TOTAL flexibility...

As long as I get the work done, I can do it when I want to without being chained to my computer. 

Plus, I don't know why you think ICs net 50% less than if they work on an employee basis.  I've worked as both an IC and employee and, although I don't have benefits, I make much more as an IC.

I have total control of my account, and as for set up - sm
they ask you when you want it set up for and they delivered the day I wanted it--I can set up my folders, say who has access to what, delete folders, etc. I do not plan on storing any files there on a long-term basis, I erase after I have transcribed the work. I keep a copy on my computer though just in case for a while. I do not send the work back that way as my client prefers email but if I get any other clients in the future I will send the finished work back that way if they want it that way.
I am in total agreement with what you have written
This job was quite enjoyable in my younger years and while it sounds like pay was low back in the 1980s, the cost of living was low as well.

Another 4-5 years of serious studying and I could have possibly obtained a degree in an area which had better job security, had a future I could count on and didn't require 50-60 hours of week of work to bring home 50G.

Plus, at 48, my hips, hands, hearing, have taken a beating that I am not really being compensated for, most jobs after 20 yrs, land a person into a supervisory position of some sort that allow the worker to teach what they know, and yes, to relax somehat and let the young and spunky ones keep up the grueling schedules.

So, in retrospect, I would have gotten student loans, applied for grants, did what I had to in order to acquire a higher education (I wanted to be a doctor).

That is total bullcrap that Chris got

What a total shock!!!!  I can't believe he is going home.  Chris rocked the house.  I actually predicted him to win!!!!  How sad.  I guess my vote now turns towards Taylor. 

TAYLOR all the way now for the WIN. He's the TOTAL package.
Spunk, energy, personality, showmanship, and voice. He's got it all going for him.

Kat should never have gotten this far. She's not singing well and had a bad week. There are songs that she can sing, she's just not well-rounded to do any kind of music.

Lots of people will buy Elliott's CD. He's got a great voice.

I wish they'd publish the vote counts. I can't believe that Chris got the boot! Just shows you how sick this can all get. We'll all be angry if Kat goes on to win. Probably more of the sick "vote for the worst" revenge.
I believe the total bill was close to $400.00 sm
but keep in mind that this was about 8 years ago. Also, your pooch may have needed much more care than mine did--and also it could be more depending on what area of the country you are as well. I'm in a small rural community with only 3-4 vets in the area.
1. Me. 2. Me. 3. Me. 4. Me. 5. Me. Total # in household: 5. pathetic, huh? sm
Also, we have a total of 11 acres - 3 of which have to be cut. Our riding lawn mower broke in the spring, so guess who is out there pushing it? Yours truly.

If I don't do it, it doesn't get done....And I need things to be done for my own sanity. Can't stand a messy house.
It is based on lph, not total lines sm
produced.  It is based on lines per hour over the total pay period.  200 lph, one bonus, 300 lph, another bonus.  Per line bonus based on all line produced.
....and a total doofus! -nucular-

My house is a total BIOHAZARD... - SM
a dust-mite's Shangri-La. (Even my cats are sneezing...) Half-finished chores & other projects all over the house. Ditto for cat-hair, as I have 2 Persians. Dishes - aaagghhh.... I'm tempted to skip washing them, just throw them away and get new ones, but can't afford new ones. Wish I could afford a house-cleaner, but would have to do a week's worth of housecleaning beforehand, so as not to scare her away!
8 years total, longest was 4 yrs for the Q...

I love Total Assistant Pro. sm
I have to work with text boxes on office letterhead and I found Total Assistant counts the text inside the text boxes while others didn't.
I'm not sure if there is a way to find out total entries for your ESP.

If someone knows how, let me know!  I know I have at least 300 if not more and I'm like you, I add to every single day.  I use ESP only and the normals function in EXText for anything too big to fit in ESP.

I'm not sure why someone would use both autocorrect and ESP.  I think it would just get confusing and heaven knows I doesn't take much to confuse me!  I do good to remember all the ESP entries I have.  I have a system I've been using back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I used PRD+.  I remember when I first started using an expander, the PRD, I was completely lost as far as where to begin.  It just took years of trial and error before I found a system that worked for me.

In case any one is interested, here's how organize my expansions:

For headings that are bolded, I put an "x" in front of the abbreviation.  Example:  xhpi=HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS:

For doctor specific normal blurbs, exams, etc. I put "$" in front of the abbreviation.  Example:  $smithpe= HEENT:  Pupils equal round reactive to light.  NECK:  Supple.  CHEST:  Clear.  etc.  Putting the "$" at the begining of your expansion, puts all your normals at the top of your list if your list is sorted by abbreviation.

Then for generic expansion, I just do it normal.  wnl=within normal limits, etc.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. 

the grand total is 3 so far from the emails I am receiving....thanks everyone - nm
I am not a total dweeb about this- they do clear the table, -sm
put stuff away (yes under duress) but my husband is probably the worst offender in the family....his mom is a clean freak so he never learned to pick up after himself and feels he should not have to. His clothes would still be in boxes if I had not unpacked them after staring at te boxes for a YEAR in our bedroom...I couldn't take it anymore. He won't part with any clothes either so I will get my revenge by donating about 90% of his shirts since he never wears them anyway. Still working hard to train him, trying to get it through his head that he has to clean up after himself so the kids will follow his example. He does put the dishes in the sink for the most part but they have to get into the dishwasher somehow don't they? Hence elves. What I tend to do is pick up shoes, clothes, general straightening up, etc. I do ask them to pick up if they are around and they actually fight over who gets to mop the floor (they both want to)...they are 7 and 5, so the 7-y/o cleans the bathroom sinks, the 5-y/o picks up the toys mostly. Some days though I do it all, just depends. I use the 3-strikes and you are out rule, if I ask them to do something and they fight me on it or don't do it with repeated requests, they lose said item or priviledge for a month. So far they haven't lost anything but they have come close. Haven't worked out all the kinks but we are getting there.
Yes, I was told that they take your total line count
for the month and divide it in half and that is how you get paid. However, I have never been able to figure out a correct paycheck from that. 
MT work after total knee replacement
I'm having a left total knee replacement next week and was just wondering if any one out there has had this done and if so, in what time frame did you return to transcription.  thanks.
Total incompetence and I'd be screaming big time.
Just recently had a mammogram come back abnormal and had to have another one.  Waiting on that radiology report was stressful and if I had to wait longer than a week I'd be asking where it was and you can bet the source of the problem would have been found.  There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for this sloppiness.  What does the woman do all day?  
I'm in TOTAL agreement with you, I just hope they don't retaliate.
Kelly? I am at a total loss as to what the fascination is
Do most of you work with some noise on or do you like total quiet?
I go between working with just silence to working with a light radio in the background. Love the radio but wonder as far as being productive is that a good or bad thing. I know music can stimulate your brain and all that to be productive, but in MT I wonder about it since it's such a concentration-requiring job.
i can't blame you in your situation, but if you look at the total picture sm
it is only contributing to the problem. the problem with finding "lousy" americans to do the job is just the reason you mentioned. half the price. american companies in the labor field have had to cut expenses so much to compete with illegals that they can't afford to hire anybody worth working as someone with good work ethics can't feed their families on that small income these days. so it is a trickle effect. same boat as the MT world...the illegals are coming in and doing the american's job at half the expense thus knocking the good quality americans out of the work force and without jobs. wonder how they can afford to work so cheap?? probably because american's have to pay taxes and they don't!!
That's true - I could just total the character count sm
and just divide by 65 once. D'oh!
I've told about 100 people total. THEY DON'T
Funny how some women cop such a total 'TUDE when

It just shows their total disregard for the people that pay their salary. Without us there would be
no company. As I said it is disgusting. I wonder if they sleep well at night. I wouldnt if I knew I was causing someone else hardship.That would bother me a lot. 
Oops, can't count though, total of 5 for the bottom sentence! nm
Sounds like total opposite of the company I am working for...
My pay is quite good, rarely talk to my manager, been very flexible with me. Goodness, sure you are talking about the same Medware?