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what if your dial-up is super slow

Posted By: Alani on 2006-03-09
In Reply to: If you go satellite keep dial-up backup - sm - Been there

I sign on at 24.o kbps if i'm lucky. how much will this affect my service. i'm just a student now, but we don't have cable or DSL where i live either.

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The first 8 years I did this it was SUPER BUSY, only the last 2 has it been slow. nm
satellite is better than slow dial-up for me
Good thing my employer does not really care (main concern is the cost, which is my problem anyway). I have been using direcway for more than a month now, but has not discontinued my dial-up internet for back-up purposes while I am trying to gauge its performance. I used to waste so much time downloading files instead of typing (especially when the dictator just accidentally made a blank file that runs 1 hour!). The downloading speed of sat is just awesome. My husband checks from time to time a graphical representation of (download?) speeds over time, and he conclude that the maximum speed we have had so far is 700x(?-not sure if I got the figure right) what we used to have with dial-up (which he enjoys since he is a computer-hobbyist; my computer-related work is his perfect excuse for getting the sat service!).

While there are times when it suddenly seems to go offline or slows down, these take only minutes if not fixed by my hubby's suggestion (which he observed with the technician who installed the dish) to unplug the modem for 30 secs and plug again, so that our network hub will reassign a new ISP to my PC. These "hassles" are nothing compared to having a slow dial-up in this rural area where I live!

Maybe sat is not so reliable for MTSOs, but for an MT like me who works for only several hours a day only, I'd say I have way more pros (including personal; not MT-related) than cons compared to dial-up.
ISP is DOWN!!! Dial up modem is too slow to operate

Well, this is really something.  For the first time since being at home, Comcast is down. 

Dial up modem is too slow to register my keystrokes and I get kicked off the hospital's system (which is 3,000 miles away).  

I do believe, after experiencing this, that technology is going to be the determining factor in outsourcing.  I used dial up modem for a clinic when with MQ but it was only a few hundred miles away from me and worked just fine.  Could it be that the farther away you are from your account, the less optimal dial up modem operation is?

Can you imagine what would happen if all accts were linked to a foreign country and the server went down? 

This event led to a 911 emergency as I was only MT on my acct scheduled to work today.  I am actually shaking as I know  how important it is to get the radiology work done in two hours.

Just had to share this with you guys. 

I was told I would dial directly into the system/Will I need to get dial up internet service?

Slow day for me. Typed two reports in two hours. Anyone else having unusually slow day?
I admire that at only 19 you were so level-headed and such a hard worker. Sounds like you enjoy the challenge of being an MT.
Super Hint
Unless you need a microphone attached, I would suggest Dictaphone earphones.  They hae excellent sound quality.  Also...if you have extra noise from your speakers, plug right into your PC and a lot of that noise will disappear.  That works with any headphones.
Super Hint
Unless you need a microphone attached, I would suggest Dictaphone earphones.  They hae excellent sound quality.  Also...if you have extra noise from your speakers, plug right into your PC and a lot of that noise will disappear.  That works with any headphones.
Super Walmart
I really am not impressed with Wal-Mart.  We now have a super walmart and due to have another one open on the other side of town.  Who needs two walmarts?  It is always very crowded.  Very few registers open.  Groceries are higher in a lot of cases than my supermarket.  I only buy a few things that I see are cheaper.  Overall I do better at my local grocery store and I like the produce better.  You can never just "run in" anymore.  Smaller is better! I just hope they don't put my favorite store out of business.  I think alot of people feel this way though.  Not too many people I know do their weekly grocery shopping there. 
and you are super woman
if you can work only 3 days a week and make that kind of lines/money, then by all means...do tell????? how do you do it?????? I am sure 100's of transcriptionists are waiting to hear this one! Let's see, you must be super woman, the fastest typist on the earth.
One of my personalities is Super MT.
There was a time before the super tech
which enabled NY companies to hire someone from down south or anywhere else the cost of living is so much cheaper, and then to it so many steps further, i.e. India, the Philippines, our just plain VR, and our (my)potential dropped from $25+/hour with benes, to a little more than 1/2 that. Sad but true.
Has anyone had 8mm or Super 8 film transferred to DVD?

Seems to me it would be a great X-mas gift.  I found one of my brother (now 55+) when he advanced from cub scouts to boy scouts.

I tried to check out a couple of websites, but it's all Greek to me.

I'm fighting a super Wal-Mart

I'm in the process of fighting the planning/building of a super Wal-Mart down the street from where I live, which is out in a rural neighborhood, about 4 miles from town.  I liken this incredible increase in Wal-Marts across the US as very similar to what is happening in the MT world.  Wal-Mart gets something like 80-85% of their merchandise from other countries--it's just like outsourcing!  Think of all the jobs that have been lost to this in our country.

I understand what some of you are saying about not having the money to pay a few dollars more on whatever it is that you want to buy, but it's no different from transcription!  Those who are outsourcing the transcription to foreign countries are very similar to what Wal-Mart does with its suppliers.

Where does this leave our country?  It's certainly scary for the future of our children in the United States.

Super Bowel Weekend? LOL


Super low volume today!
  I've typed 4 reports in 4 hours.   No work!!!   Happy Holidays!
is there a super-light touch
keyboard that is also split and (hope upon hope) with a rise in the middle like the MS ones?
the work must be super easy (sm)
I've been doing this for a long time and that sounds high to me.
Super Bowl is on but I have to work.....
I hear everyone out front watching and having a good time.  Well, they probably think I'm upset because I have to be back here working, but secretly I'm GLAD I have to work.  I'd rather watch reruns of Mayberry RFD than football.  I'd even rather have to work! 

We just got done having our Super Bowl Party
My friend and I usually don't watch, I don't like football, but we always have a fun party. This game was actually exciting. And me being from NY, I was glad the Giants won.
Don't feel sorry for your super, she knew exactly what she was doing to you.
You just gave her the opportunity to screw you by asking for work. Shame on her.
I'm sorry. Of course you're super upset. SM
But you're certainly not alone. Your experience is normal these days, shared by millions.

Wages have been stagnating and even decreasing for the working and lower middle classes in this country and many others for some years now, not just MTs. The low cost of goods coming in from overseas and our rising home equity, on paper anyway, has kept us from feeling and recognizing this.

Now providers are being forced to reduce costs as much as possible and channel more of their resources to patient care. And this economic collapse is increasing them horrendously. Many hospitals, for instance, are finding teir income is collapsing with it, the income they pay us with.

More and more people are losing jobs, and with them the insurance that pays your doctors. They're undoubtedly worried about the future themselves.

Technology advances, which I believe will ultimately be to our benefit, mean we can produce at least twice as many lines as we did just a handful of years ago and I-don't-know-how-many more than in the old Selectric and Liquid Paper many of us remember well. THIS IS HAVING A VERY POWERFUL EFFECT ON WHAT INSTITUTIONS SHOULD AND WILL PAY PER LINE. An acquaintance of mine for a period of years was making over $150K per year as a court reporter because her production increased enormously while her pay per line stayed the same. Needless to say, she was grossly overpaid. Governments may have the money to do that, hospitals can't.

In any case, not only are most workers at our level on salaries not getting raises (or such flimsy ones that they're just pretences), many are losing or have lost their jobs outright due to new technology. Many others have retrained to new ways of doing their old jobs. And will end up retraining again, and maybe yet again before they retire.

As people working on a production basis, MTs have a tremendous incentive to increase the number of lines we produce per hour by upgrading our skills to take advantage of new technology, our success in this determining whether we are forced to move on to other work with many of the same problems, at least stay at par, or even manage to give ourselves something of a raise.

Like people across the planet in an era of galloping change, we have no choice but to change with it or fall by the way.

Good luck, EB. I hope your choices work out for you. And that your clients won't realize in future just how fast you can produce their reports with the resources available to you.
I don't post here super often but I could use some thoughts (m)
and support.  Don't flame me for sounding weak or needy.  I had a client call me out of the blue today (actually his secretary called me) and told me that I was no longer transcribing his letters.  But were clear I'd still be transcribing for his partner.  I asked why, she said she didn't know what his "gripe" was but that he made her be the bad guy.  It feels personal to me, not because he did it on a personal level, but I guess it hurts like a personal attack because my work is very serious to me and I'd hate to think that he thought I wasn't do my job well enough.  I know I was.  I often felt undermined or a little accused by the staff at times.  I was supposed to pick up x number of times per week and about a month ago they called and said "now, how often ARE you picking up?" which sounded like they were not believing I was coming when I should.  I pick up after hours, have my own key.  Other times I'll get lists of reports they need.  Some I've given them weeks or months earlier.  Some I don't have at all, BUT not because I lost them, because they weren't dictated.  I keep a physical list of all reports on each tape I do and if it's not on the tape, it's not on the list.  I mentioned this to the sec. once before in my defense when she's said "he dictated such and such" when he actually only thought he did or accidentally taped over it something, kwim?  Things are so tight for us right now as they are for so many of us.  I guess I just need to vent and ask if this has happened to others?  Where you felt undermined and let go unfairly?  Or if you've just had doctors come and go every so often for really no good reason?  I feel bad.  These doctors' wives are my friends (were before I worked for him) and I think that makes it feel more personal.  I've been very good about and tried really hard not to mention personal in the office or the office when I see them socially so the two are separate.  I just feel like he was unhappy with me and I often wondered if he was just by the questions the girl asked me and made me feel like she thought I wasn't doing my job right.  But I really thought if HE had a problem, HE would talk to me so I was okay.  Guess not,  huh?  Thanks if you even read this far.  If you have a prayer or two to spare for me that it all works out, that I find work fast to replace this income and that my family doesn't feel any effects from it.  Also that the relationship and my feelings are healed, that I can overcome it.  I'd just appreciated any shared experiences.  Thanks.  (P.S.  Not in the best frame of mind right now, so I apologize for any typos or errors.  This is my disclaimer that I'm not going to proofread this, lol).
I use super antispyware -- it's free

when my computer starts to drag, i just run that program.  it usually clears it up pretty quick.  i should probably do it on a daily basis, but i usually end up doing it once every couple of weeks. 

the other poster might be right, though.  you may need more memory.  have you always had this problem or just lately?  did you install any new programs just before this started.  if not, i would think it's just adware slowing you down and the super antispyware should help.

Yep, cardiology here, too! Used to hate those super long sm
op notes but found I got great lines with them! Now, I can't wait to do them.
by hour definitely $15-- I am not super fast so this would benefit
Mine is a Super Wal-Mart too! They are usually up front near the
Request them, they are just about the best of any store! They roast them in the back where the deli meats and cheeses are.
Super! Great news! Happy MT Day to you, too!
I love them, but can only drink them super cold.
I put them in the freezer before I drink them. It makes a huge difference in the taste.

I used to drink coke too. I think I kind of replaced it with these though, lol.
I don't post here super ofte, but I could use some thoughts

I have worked for many, many docs as an IC. You always do the dirty work, reprints, redelivery, etc. I did all those willingly and then was told on Friday by Peds manager they had someone to work in the office. After about two months, they called and wanted me back. I went back with about 20 tapes she had not done and just did not show up one day.

Little man syndrome, one doctor whom I worked for, called it.

Be encouraged, you will probably get him back. Sounds like you do very good work. I have had so many just like this I have lost count and now work for a company with NO money - ha. The docs around here dictate to the company I work for and the hospital pays for it!

Another day in the life of a transcriptionist.

There are probably errors in this too so go ahead and nit pick.
It depends...if I am super focused I don't read through them...
but if I feel like I am not concentrating and just typing I will type a few paragraphs and then re-read them...but not fully re-listen to the dictation.
We have the ability to see each others # of reports and # of lines. We are to report to super
visor when one person has done 150 exams a day but only has a minimum of lines typed. In radiology, it tends to average out. They are watching it for morale's sake as well as they figure if the MT who jumps jobs is probably cheating elsewhere in the job or her/his life. Too many ethical ones these days to settle for a cherrypickers.
Publix stores are starting to look like Super Wal-Marts! Have you seen that?

Homemade super nachos with a huge garden salad.
Ugh, I just spent hours in the hot sun picking peas, lettuce, beans, onions, and zucchini.  Now we have to eat it all. 
super told me to meet lines of 12000 or be dropped to SE
i thought there was only 2 types of employees; statutory or full time
Well, work is super busy..so not much time..no harm no foul..sm
Working 14 hours a day puts a cramp into watching the news lately, so have not seen much, nor had much time to really think about it. Did the donation through both of our work, caught a bit of news...but I cannot help anymore by sitting in front of a television, so a bit slow on the news intake here.
OMG! Admin really outdid it with this counting software. Thank you SOOO much! It's really super.

No, not at all. Brand new Super Center, nice area. But have never seen the stickers.
Can anyone suggest a super light touch keyboard? That you can't hear the typing?
I am looking for one that you can't hear the typing.  TIA
How do you dial in...lanier, Cphone???? I'm wondering will this work with a Lanier voicewrite EX
Dial Up
They do make surge protectors that will protect your phone line. You can find them at Best Buy or any other local computer store. Don't but the cheap version either, I made that mistake once. Look to spend about 20 dollars or so on a nicer unit. This will protect the phone line, but I still would not trust it in a thunderstorm.
Dial up
Looking for an at home position but have dial up internet. I just moved to an area where no high speed internet is available (which is killing me) and did not know before we signed our lease there was no high speed internet. Does anyone know of companies that employ MTs with dial up internet access. Any information is greatly appreciated.

You may want to look into satellite. Dial-up is a dinosaur. Most hospitals are VPNs and web sites. You would be lucky to get anything dial-up. It is not MQs fault that you cannot get anything but dial-up. Look into other avenues and get with the program of the future.
Dial up for DQS
How does DQS work with dial up?  The manual does not state you have to use DSL, just an internet connection.
DQS on dial up
I had dial up the first couple weeks on DQS.  The worst part was the first download of the day -- sometimes it took an hour or more!!  I just switched to high speed and love it.  However, if you can't have high speed, the dial up works okay, it is just the first time you download for you day/shift.  I wold recommend dialing into the system an hour before you want to start to actually transcribe.  Really, the first download is the worst; once you get going and start uploading it isn't too awlfu bad.  Good luck!!
DQS with dial up?
I don't believe you can use DQS with dial-up - you need a fast internet connection. I believe this is what I was told as I had to get a cable internet connection.
dial up-56 K
Not sure which board to post this on. I would like a list of MT companies that accept dial-up.  Anybody know of any.  Can email me or list on the board.

Are you using dial-up?  When I was using dial-up Bellsouth was going to put a whopper of a bill on my phone because of all the usage (unlimited long distance they say.... yeah, right!).  I went with AT&T and they never once said there was a limit on my long distance usage.  I was using MEGA time on my second line for my dial-up usage (working 7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day!).

Precyse solutions does - I have the same situation as do many others I work with. You would probably need to sign up for a high speed though, which is only a few more dollars per month. FYI - they are hiring!
I am an ME/MT for MQ and am still on dial up. sm
I have a feeling that if you are a new employee they will require high speed. I have looked into getting a part time job with another company so as not to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak, but most companies are now requiring high speed/cable. Dial-up has never been a problem for me, uploading, downloadint, whatever, no problem. An afterthought, how would they even know what kind of internet service you have as long as you can produce?