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where I live, bundle package for HSI/CABLE/PHONE is $99 a month. nm

Posted By: Amanda on 2008-07-30
In Reply to: I am a Comcast customer (HSI/cable TV) and wonder if I - Am needing free long distance.


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I have a Charter cable bundle for sm
digital cable, one rate long distance and internet and have never had a problem.
Doesn't your ISP have a phone bundle?
I used to have a bundle package with Comcast for my cable, phone, and internet.  Maybe you could check into that.  I've been using Vonage for over a year and have never had a problem with it.  In fact, I switched from Comcast phone service to Vonage because I was having so many problems with Comcast.  Vonage is only $34.something a month with taxes included and it's flat rate nationwide long distance.  It also includes free calling to some overseas countries, but I can't remember which ones because I never use it. 
I pay $35/month through Vonage for unlimited LD. Local phone co. charges $50/month. NM
Yes we have cable but they want $40 a month (nm)
I have cable and I get 20 hours/month
dial-up with that, so that if I lose power I can use dial-up to download.  I use a laptop too.   You can check with your DSL provider to see if they also offer some dial-up.  
$130/month ... $30 of it is cable ... 1200 sf
I hate to spend money on utilities, lol.

I have cable phone access and my C-phone works - sm
I am not sure about you problem, because it sounds just like I have mine hooked up.  The only thing I can think of is that mine has 2 line hookups in the back of the phone.  If you have this too, I would just try the other one, which you probably have already done.  Sorry that was not much help.  I wish you luck
I live in remote area - no cable or DSL

and Clearwire is also not available.  I have the satellite service. It is expensive - you have to purchase the equipment and pay for the installation ($600 and up). The service is expensive too ($65).  The speed is not quite as fast as DSL, but I download and upload jobs with no problem.  Some MTSOs won't allow satellite service, citing security issues, which is dumb.  It's like any other wireless service - you have to make sure your signal is secure, which you do through your computer (not the service itself).  Even this is ridiculous in remote areas for 2 reasons: 1) I really don't think anyone is going to bother camping out on my land or drive down my mile-long driveway with their laptop just to see if they can pick up a signal and 2) even if they did, they can only gain access to the internet itself - they can't see what you are doing online.  So this security issue thing is baloney!  Also, in 2004 when we were hit by Hurricanes Charlie, Frances and Jeanne, there was no phone or cable service for nearly a month, but I was still able to work by just using our generator for my computer until the electric came back on - those that had dialup, DSL or cable were outta luck.

have you tried cable phone?
I recently switched from DSL to cable modem and bundled it with my TV cable service and also unlimited local/LD phone service through the cable company. This is probably not available through all cable companies, but so far so good here. Before I made the switch the company I work for told me to check if the cable phone had digital-analog transfer capabilities. I don't know if this is what is going on with your C-phone or not but I am using a Lanier system which I guess is analog, so it had to be able to communicate with the digital phone. I also asked the cable company if this was true unlimited or the sort-of-unlimited LD you get through the phone companies that cap your time in fine print. No, they said, it is really unlimited. I pay about $30 a month for the unlimited local/LD as part of a bundle and so far so good.
cable phone
I think cable phone is handled in a different way than regular phone companies whose ULD isn't really unlimited. I think it's like your TV - the cable company doesn't care if your TV is on all day every day and the phone runs through those same lines. I've been using cable phone for 6 months (not Comcast) at high volumes with no problems. I have yet to see a post from anyone who had an issue with it, as far as the true unlimited minutes goes.
Lanier/cable phone
I'm guessing you're in the west as you mentioned Qwest before. I use cable phone through Cable One with my Lanier and have had absolutely no problems with my minutes being truly unlimited. I have also had no problem with sound quality. It only has gone out once this year during a storm and they had it back up pretty fast.
If vongae is cable or digtal phone sm
I would not trust it for work.  If you are working digital, then you need a decent internet connection.     Not vonage.  Roadrunner, or something equivalent.
if you already have cable/internet, you should get a deal for having the phone also.
for those running on cable with no regular phone line,
do you still unplug everything and quit working in a thunderstorm with lightening.  It's the middle of March, and we're having one heck of a storm here in western NY.  I'm thinking of braving this one and keeping working.  What would you do?
cable phone and VoIP are the only TRUE unlimited
I can't find a single phone company that has TRUE unlimited. I've used VOiP in the past through Vonage with no problems. I got rid of it only because I didn't need ULD anymore, and they when I started needing ULD again I decided to switch to cable phone and internet. I bundle my cable, internet, and phone all together at a pretty reasonable price. Cable phone works great and no problems with heavy daily use.
Will Meditech work with cable based phone?

Hi all,

I have been offered a MT job with another company that requires me to call into the hospital's Meditech system.  I have never worked on Meditech so I don't have the slightest idea how to use it.  I am used to signing onto my computer and getting right into the system, not having to dial in anywhere.  I'm sure I would get used to it but my phone may be the problem.  I have my phone bundled in with my cable/high speed internet through Time Warner and the MTSO thinks this won't work, that I need something like Fair Point as a dedicated phone line.  Does anyone out there in MT land know anything about this?  The MTSO is anxious to hire and I'm anxious to start a job where I can finally make $ again and I don't want to miss out on this all because of the wrong phone!

2 phone #s, $140/month for both ultd..nm

I need a ground line if cable goes out so does your phone and if you contact MCI they will give you
with long distance costing 07. cents a minute if you have to. Just use your long distance after 9 pm using ur cell which is free and on weekends. This MCI plan is 26. & taxes about 28. a month. This way MCI gives u the ability to call long distance during the week if you absolutely have to but for .07 cents a minute. Better to have a phone than no phone. Just a thought!
Our cable company doesn't offer phone service yet, and anyway,
I don't know if I'd want everything dependent on their service for all my needs. Even my internet is not as dependable as it should be, yet there is nothing wrong according to them. I already pay for internet and TV to the tune of $147 a month and they are raising it in Jan. again.
Also got rid of our house phone because we all had cell phones and that saves me about 75.00 a month
or so.
Try Packet 8 - Unlimited long distance phone - flat 22.05 per month.
I could switch to DSL but the phone company charges 50 extra a month for being on line for more than
So either way I will have to pay more.  I guess no one else here is affected or concerned by this but the article said that other companies would follow suit if Time Warner has success.  The article said it would affect the teleworkers who are on line for long periods, not the people who just use cable for reading their email.  
The company I work for said cable phone wouldn't work, just FYI.
Comcast does offer the bundle now as well as AT&T, which is our phone carrier here now. We have comcast digital and cable, so strongly considering the bundle for phone as well. Just hoping Comcast doesn't start acting up again!
MTs use to make a bundle until sm
corporate America got a whiff of the money to made, invested in the digital end of things and went out and snarfed all high-end hospital work.  Now, some of these companies pay CEOs and stockholders.  That money use to be MT wages.  That's why nationals have such a low pay structure.  The best MT jobs out there are still in-house in hospitals, where you can find them.
Then you made a bundle
If you paid that much you made a bundle, better find out how to get more write-offs as I don't pay that much totally and I start out with 50+K. 
saw that - thats why i posted. Cant buy big software bundle - sm
just need editing job that is either web-based r ftp.

Income is severely suffereing as I lost my good paying job and income this month is about a tenth of what I'm used to.
I had a Comcast bundle and worked on Meditech just fine
I had to use a C-phone and call in, go thru a VPN, etc., but there was never an issue with my digital phone line.

Good luck.
My telephone service is VOIP, but it s through my cable service, along with my cable internet. .
We have had VOIP for about a year now and I love it. I really can't tell a difference in traditional service, except the price. One of the best calls of my life was to Bellsouth to cancel our service!
Comcast cable has ULD that goes through their cable sm
and there are no limitations. I asked them. They said that you could use the phone 24/7 and it would make no difference. The cable modem has a telephone connection and backup battery in there, all in one unit. If you lose your power, the backup battery kicks in for 12 hours I think they said. I personally was reluctant but it is clearer than Verizon regular phone service. Clear as a bell! It is $39.95 a month. If you have any cable service, you might want to check and see if they have this. This is VOiP protocol but I just have never seen anything that was as clear as theirs.

If Comcast has this, it is my guess that the other cable internet services either have it or will have it in the future. This is fairly new with Comcast.
Is this what the package says?
I didn't get mine yet. They will be "monitoring" us?

No they only do that if you buy the package - sm
that offers that. I get the "upgrade" every other year as I posted below and I get no other "updates" throughout the year. If you buy the top package then Stedmans does do that, but I don't. I can usually get the upgrade for $40-$50 if I wait for the sale offer they usually do. That is good enough for me.
Hun, the "platform" is the package sm

you type in.  Dictaphone EXText is a platform, Chartscript is a platform, Careflow is a platform.....all of these PLATFORMS use Word as their word processor.

Word itself is NOT a platform.  The person who answered Dictaphone EXText is correct.


I buy it and use it and it is all caps on the package. nm
ATT/SBC has an unlimited package. sm
We use it on 10 lines in our office. It runs $54.99 (or something close to that) every month. It is called Total Solutions or Complete Solutions. You have to ask as they do not offer it unless you ask.
He already knows I'm part of the package! nm
Transcend sent out a package...sm
with all sorts of goodies in it.
Care package ideas

I've been doing care packages for deployed military now for a little over a year. There are great sites where you can get a TON of ideas and can even find folks to support if you don't know someone personally. My favorite is:


This organization has done a lot and you can search on their site for folks from your states or from a specific branch of the military. In addition to doing many of these myself, our company adopted a unit from our state this last year and it's been great to see so many participating.

TAYLOR all the way now for the WIN. He's the TOTAL package.
Spunk, energy, personality, showmanship, and voice. He's got it all going for him.

Kat should never have gotten this far. She's not singing well and had a bad week. There are songs that she can sing, she's just not well-rounded to do any kind of music.

Lots of people will buy Elliott's CD. He's got a great voice.

I wish they'd publish the vote counts. I can't believe that Chris got the boot! Just shows you how sick this can all get. We'll all be angry if Kat goes on to win. Probably more of the sick "vote for the worst" revenge.
MQ letter/comprehensive benefit package
 I really did not make much of it.  It would be GREAT,especially if they can offer something for the part timers, but I'm not holding my breath to hear the news.  It's been promised/talked about for forever, sure would be nice to finally hear.
The MT software I use has an accounting package for my docs - SM

My docs can search on the software  I use by entering date parameters to see how much their transcription costs are.  They can break their transcription costs down by date, by dictator, by type of report, by report, etc. 

The first of each month, I e-mail them my invoice; they merely check the accounting package of their software to see if the figures tally up. 

This really takes the mystery out of billing for my docs.

The basic Stedman's package is great and they you
I have an Open Office package that came free
It's legit.  I bought a refurbished hard drive so that I could run XP as opposed to buying a new computer, and Open Office came loaded.  I just don't think it's Microsoft.  I don't use it because I use Microsoft Office 2003, but Open Office works very similar to Word and Excel by Microsoft.
I get Sirrus/XM included through my digital TV package,
So I just play it through the home theater system. It rocks
why no, i don't live in snobville. did you think you knew me? i live in heritage hills a suburb
it takes a little longer to get to work and shopping but thank god i have some privacy and am away from the congestion.  lovely trees and lakes all around.  maybe about 20 minutes to a large shopping mall.  but no, i don't even know where snobville is.
What did you make of the comprehensive benefit package they talked about

URGENT REQUEST: An MT that we sent a box of gifts to did not receive the package.

It was delivered to their porch according to UPS but she did not get it.  It contained gifts for her children.  Because we did not put insurance on the package, UPS will do nothing to assist.  The box alone to ship had cost $45.00 and insurance would have cost another $25.00.  It is a sad story, but what it boils down to is that the kids won't have a Christmas.  All monies in the Santa's House for Christmas Angels fund have been dispersed through the Christmas Angel program.

So, I am here to ask for help.  I would like to raise $150 to $200 today if at all possible and for anyone who donates $10.00 or more to this special cause, I will give a software package that contains a word Expander and spellchecker that is worth over $100.00 for your trouble.  Donations can be made to sales@mtstars.com via Paypal.

Again, thank you for your consideration.


care package for military in iraq ideas?? sm

i have a very close friend who is in iraq and i went to send something but no idea what?  he ideas or someone know anyone in military and what they like to receive or need?  FYI, they are on a ship.  TYIA!

I should point out that the benefits package with the pathology group... SM

is significantly better than what I've got right now.  They are offering a matching 401K, profit sharing, flexible spending account, healthcare benefits and dental for me and my kids for about 150 per month versus 400 per month where I work now.

Then there is the issue of job security.  I'm a realist and I know that in this business of medical transcription, my job could be gone tomorrow due to lost accounts, low work volume, or offshoring.  Not to mention, the powers that be at my company could decide that it would be more cost effective to pay their editors per line versus hourly (which has happened to me before) and only offer 4 cpl because after all "we don't actually type all that much." 

Maybe I'm paranoid, but I've lost jobs due to all those things I listed.  It's upsetting the thought of losing another job.  So that is one of my major considerations with this job offer.  I'm sure they could offer me a measure of job security because they are a locally owned practice by the physician and all of the the transcriptionists there have been with the practice for more than five years.  This position I'm being offered was created because they have increased their work load.

I just don't know.  Geez, I hate making big decisions!

Have you tried the Custom Biz Saver package Snow Bunny? sm
It's through AT&T and it's a business plan. C-phones were supported. I used it for a Lanier when I was IC and I was on it a lot, sometimes 10 hours a day. I had unlimited long distance and never had the problems you are having. Problem is you need to sign a contract for 1 year but even with that it was only $10.00 a month more than a residential line.
M-TEC has a Basic program (12 month) and a Premier program (18 month). To WAH, you should take the P