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word97 versus 2003

Posted By: tjurs on 2006-10-07
In Reply to:

All of my accounts and clients are in Word97.  I was from the old school of wp5.1 so took me a long time to transition forms over to word97.  I was wondering if anyone working originally in 97 could tell me what the differences could be and how hard transitioning forms, etc could be. 

I seem to be getting a lot of error boxes all of a sudden with word97 and was just thinking may be time to move up....

thank you for any help in this matter


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word97 dictionary to 2003...help please

I want to "upgrade" from word97 to word2003.  Is there a way to take my dictionary of words I have established over the years over to 2003?

and is there a way to go in and correct words put in wrong...

thank you for any help


word97 to 2003 document help


  I have to use a form where I have the patient name and dob on the same line.  BUT when I type in the patient name, it moves the DOB over every time.  I then have to back it up to have it formatted right.  Could someone please tell me how I can get this to NOT keep moving?  I remember having this problem on a form I converted from word5.1  to 97 several years ago and someone here helped me with something that fixed that.  Please if anyone knows how to fix this would be such a time saver as some days I am doing this for 80 patient files.....urghhhhhh.


thank you.


Word 2002 versus 2003
I use 2003, is there a huge difference?  Is 2002 more user friendly or is that just the one you are required to have?
Office 2003 versus 2007


I am still working in Office 2003 but have been considering Office 2007.  Is anyone using this?  Do you like it?  Do you know if programs like Shorthand, Abacus, and other transcription programs work with it?  Is it possible to have Office 2003 and Office 2007 on the same computer without interfering with the one another??

word97 HELP...please

I have a form that I need to use for a client and can not get it to set right.  They sent me the form which has their logo down the entire left side.  They want me to start the dictation at approximately 1.75 or 2" from the left and 0.5 from the top.  I opened the document, set the margins and did the "saved as" so I could use it as a template, but when I started typing, it did not wrap around or stop at the margin, but went all the way over to the left side through their log.  I tried moving the tabs things at the top and setting it at the 2" and when I looke at the print preview it looked good, but when I typed, again, it did not do a wrap around, but went all the way to the left margin....HELP...very new to using word97 like this as never really used forms, always had templates given to me...

thank you for any ANY help...



word97 and stedmans or cust dic

not sure if this is right place, but HELPPPPP......

when I am working in word97 or any word I guess, under tools do I have the Stedman dictionary checked or the custom dictionary checked.  How do I know which should be done?  


feeling frustrated

65 character line versus gross lines versus pay by word

I am checking into other options for transcription.  Can anyone tell me how to compare all of these types of lines & also payment per word?  I know companies use different scales, so I wondered how they compare.  I have been paid on a 65 character line with spaces, but I may be making a change in the future - don't want to get burned.

Thank you in advance!

Changing Excel 2003 Addresses Into Word 2003 Addresses

Hello !

I have a large amount of addresses listed on an Excel 2003 spreadsheet.  I need these addresses for Word 2003 letters.  I end up copying the address from Excel and pasting it into Word, but as you can imagine, the pasted address is in a straight line and I end up having to type the address so it displays correctly for a letter.  Does anyone know if there is a simple way to change the Excel address format to a Word letter address format?  Thank you for your help.

Question versus gross lines versus 65-character lines....

I have always charged or been paid by 65 or 60 character lines or per letter or space typed, but have never been paid or charged per gross line.

What is the advantage of this?  If I were to charge 11 cents per 65-character line including spaces, what does this figure out to for an average line rate and how do you do this calculation? 

I'm wondering if it is financially beneficial for me to bill by gross line or to keep it the way I have it.  I do know some accounts will only pay per 65-character line, as this was the deal my first own account I recently acquired.  They were adamant on a 65-character line, but didn't specify with or without spaces and I personally would never not charge for spaces.

Thanks for explaining this.  I appreciate it and hope everyone has a speedy day.

I had it done in 2003
It's been almost three years and I couldn't be happier! I had really bad vision and astigmatism, and now I have 20/20 vision! My eyes were dry before the procedure, so I had trouble with contacts, and my eyes are still dry. I try not to use drops very often, as I think that my eyes get used to them and dry out more if I don't use them a lot after that. I do have some trouble seeing at night, as there are halos around the lights, but it's not bad enough that I can't drive or anything. I just love being able to see when I first wake up and in the shower!!
I'm using 2003.
I've been using IT without problems. Sometimes I can go for months with a problem and then, BAM, it's right back again. I'm just totally out of solutions right now it's not even funny. Thanks for your post--I hate it, too, when no one responds.
Thanks for the tip. I have 2003. nm

Actually Word 97 through 2003 (sm)
are essentially the same. A document created in 2003 can be opened in 97 with no problems. You aren't missing anything and you saved a bundle!
Sept 2003
Been using 2003 since it came out and this has never happened to me.
This sounds like the problem people have with Norton AntiVirus Office Plug-in. You need to disable that in NAV Options.
Office 2003--sm
I like it better than 2000. The only thing I have noticed with it though, although it was true of ALL versions of Word, was that when using it as primary for word processing and using auto correct for expansions, it seems like the capitalization after a period tends to erode after a while and sometimes it won't do it, particularly with the most used letters, like T, R, S, etc. but like I said, ALL the Word programs I have used have done this over time.

Does anyone on the board here know how to subtype in Word?

Word 97 to 2003

I am finding that my Word 97is bogging down and two accounts that I work use 2003 and I believe there might be interference between the two programs.  I would like to know if anyone has transitioned their documents to 2003 and if there have been any complications.


So, does it work with 2003?
Word 2003
Buy the student version.  My daughter did and it was so much cheaper and works just as well. 
Word 2003 help

 HELP! I've used Word 2003 for years. I bought a new computer with XP, NOT Vista, loaded the program back on and it seems to work fine EXCEPT I always worked in normal view, just like it better. However, now in normal view will NOT display the entire status bar words as before; i.e., Ln does NOT show up. For example, if I wanted to skip to Line 6.75 or whatever, I have no clue where it is. Print view, I know, displays all of this. In normal view, it  never shows page breaks either which it did before. My problem is, I really like to work in normal view and have done so for years with the above items showing up on the status bar. The status bar is there at the bottom but won't display Ln at all. I have two reference books and cannot for the life of me figure thisout. Any ideas? Perhaps reinstalling it again???

MS Word 2003
I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post on, but does anybody know where they sell MS Word 2003 alone (not the Office package)?  Thanks!  
MS Word 2003
Thanks everybody!
Word 2003 help please.

Hi all! 

I accidently bumped something -- I have no clue what!  But now I have two tools bars on my Word 2003 screen and I cannot seem to get rid of the duplicate.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

Word 2003
Not sure of how to help with that - but was told by the IT people where I work not to update to the newest version or it would interfere with the connection with Escription -
Word 2003
I tried that -- it didn't remove the double tool bar and I didn't update anything either so it didn't get messed up from any updates -- just me typing too fast and hitting something that I shouldn't have.  Ugh!
i have word 2003 so how would i do this nm
word 2003 help
When I am typing, all of a sudden my cursor goes away. It is really annoying! Every time I get on a roll with something I have to stop and click the mouse to get started again. Do I have some kind of virus or what the heck is going on?
MS Word 2003 - Where can I buy it? nm
MS Word 2003 sm

I need the regular (not student/teacher) version of MS Word 2003 for eScription.  Does anyone know where these can be purchased?  Microsoft is now pushing their word 2007 so I haven't had any luck on their site.  Without purchasing the entire MS Office 2003, any ideas???



In Word 2003... sm

Go to the top where the drop down menus are.  Go to "Tools" "Autocorrect Options" "Autoformat As You Type" and check or uncheck the boxes as you prefer.  There is one for a fractions and for 1st.

I don't have 2000 so I can't tell you how it is different off the top of my head.

Word 2003
I need word 2003 - I went to ebay and purchased one. No problem and was brand new.
Word 2003
If you only want Word 2003, it is difficult to find one even on E-Bay.  I also have been looking for it.  I don't want the entire 2003 Suite, just Word 2003.  If you find one, please let me know where.  Thanks.
ms word 2003
Is MS word 2003 compatiable with Vista?????
2003, Thanks so much to Ladeedah - sm
was hoping for a one-cue pop-in - but this works just great!

XP came out 2001, the other 2003. sm

It is almost 2009.  If you will only upgrade your operating system and software when you are forced to, then you will end up in situations like this.

Keeping current is the name of the game in this field, you should know that.  You will never be caught with an empty wallet and no work if you make your computer and software upgrades every couple of years.

Alt J isn't doing anything for me. Do you use Word 2003?


Yes, Alt+J works for me in 2003. Try
Alt+T to go to the tools menu, then a for AutoCorrect.
word 2003
I just recently purchased works 2008 with word 2003 through an online store on ebay for $59. This was just in the last week. I don't remember the name of the store, but it was out of Arizona. Just go into ebay and do a search for word 2003 and you will find it. Good luck with your test. You definitely want to make sure you have good references and if you are going to be working from home, you may want to make sure you update. I just had to, am working from home now after 13 years of working on site. Stedmans sure got a nice chunk of money from me lol. You can actually get download versions of the books right onto your computer so you won't have to wait for the mailman. If you need to get a pedal try www.tvps.com (Executive Communication Systems), this is where I have found the best deals on the pedals I needed. The best of luck to you.
word 2003
What I got was Works Plus 2008 and it does come with word 2003. I have it installed on my computer and it runs.
Word 2003
Does anyone know where I can find Word 2003 for cheap if at all possible?  I need it to begin a new job but of course, I hardly ever have any money.  I tried ebay but some want over 100.00 and i can't do that right now.
MS OFFICE PRO 2003 FOR $69.95

word 2003
That was me. I did indeed get Word 2003 with a copy of Works 2008 plus from Glendale, AZ on ebay for $59.95. The seller is dimensiongifts-2008. I am using it every day with no problems.
Good luck.
I do not use 2003--have 2007, but have--sm
looked under the help option to see if there is anything there that would help you?

Also when you shut down for the day, do you get a msg asking if you want to save changes made to your normal? If so, do you click yes?
Does anyone know where I can get Word 2003?
I have 2000 currently but need 2003 for a new job. I am not finding it available anywhere...am I missing something?
Word 2003
I bought mine in 2007 online from Viosoftware. Had to Google and check several places to find it in stock; not all that easy to find. Good luck!
or another w ay MSWord 2003-
Click VIEW (top on tool bar) Click FULL SCREEN
Word 2003
Word 2003 help

Highlight the heading, go under format, and click change case.  It may take a few clicks to get it to be all caps.

Word 2003

I am wondering if anyone can advise me on Word 2003. I did have 2007 but had to switch back to 2003, and apparently I forgot a lot.

I cannot remember, nor can I find, how to change a heading to all caps. I have found under format how to change on all documents, but I just want to know how to change when needed.



Microsoft Office 2003
I believe you can get a 30-day demo from the Microsoft website. I did that and then decided I loved it and was able to get a lower priced version from Costco for about $129. It is pretty nice because it comes with Excel, etc. Here is the link:

Hope this helps!