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yeah, right sm

Posted By: ......... on 2007-01-08
In Reply to: 3,997 lines a day-6 hr - moloccu

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Yeah, yeah, that should be "your work..."

Yeah, baby, yeah.
We are here for the long haul.
Oh, yeah!

I understand where you're coming from.  The respect is just not there anymore.  Everyone in this business has heard for years about how voice recognition and EMRs are going to replace us all, which I just don't buy.  I work for a national on a difficult account with many ESLs, and it generates lots of work.  Every summer we have problems keeping up with turnaround but the management has yet to come up with a solution that actually works consistently.  I suspect it's a combination of MTs having kids home from school during the day now, vacations being taken, and people not working their schedules,  but most of all I think it's just plain burnout - we deserve to enjoy the summer too.  Last summer I worked so much to the point that I think I did substantial damage, and my body just cannot take it anymore (been at it for about 20 years, the last 10 years of it steady).  The powers that be fail to understand that we are not machines! 

Oh yeah
Or when you are trying to sleep and in your mind you are dictating to yourself..i.e., and the patient..yada, yada, yada, happens to me all the time, especially if I have had a long stressful-difficult dictation day, LOL..Of even if Im day dreaming, sometimes I find myself falling into dictation mode, repeating dictating I have transcribed, or close to it..Yeow!!
intromission changed to interim admission.  LOL
yeah right.
dream on.
Yeah - sm
Diskriter. If you have 3+ years experience and want full time work, brand new benefits and line incentive - send your resume to them.
yeah, right, sure he is.
Yeah, right
Saying it doesn't make it so. You are probably QA'd by people in India. What a crock.
Yeah, sure.


That makes complete sense (not).

Oh, yeah.
I cheated on the soup, too, by buying a box of premade at the health food store.  They've got such neat stuff there.
yeah, me too, and it's not

Yeah, well--
That's why this country is going down the toilet.  Between the corporate greed and being overrun by the illegals, how long do you think it will last?  The CEOs now don't care-- they are too busy counting their money and buying those expensive cars, yachts, and their third and fourth homes, etc.  They have what I call the "Marie Antoinette" syndrome-- "Let them eat cake".  They have theirs-- so the h*** with the rest of us! 
You are full of it. You aren't an MTSO. No place has a "crew" that is "all friendly and kind." They work at home, so how would you know what they are like? Even the rudest person can be nice for 2 minutes while talking on the phone to the boss.

Oh yeah!!
LOL - good going MQLover - like your style!
Yeah, you ask how old I am, but
the person who responded to me is the one who said it first. Of course, come down on the person who likes workings for MQ. How predictable. Go take a shower and maybe the water will make you grow a real thought.
yeah right, 60K w/MQ...

Yeah, please don't.
This is fun to listen to.
Yeah, I am.
I didn't say anything perverted. You are stuck on this molestor kick.
Yeah you.
I am not constipated and I know you aren't. I guess your laxatives worked to help you lose weight. Now, go cut your bangs in the morning.
Yeah, I'm 47...
and I STILL haven't developed those skills (that's why I'm an MT)!
Yeah...here ya go....
Link to her website....
Yeah ....
Come to Texas, we'll go dancing, bring boots, I have the truck :-))

It's called MT stars, as in medical transcription, so post regarding medical transcription - as in the profession......understand that?


You want Regis and whatsername?  Post on that board.


You want Romper Room?  They have their board, too......   Get the message honey bun?

one doc for whom i worked used to dictate (breaking this up because i have no idea how to spell it): "die-ag-no-sis-siz."

eep. and they write med-orders in latin?? lol.
Get everything in writing!!
Yeah, right.

Account instruction#1 says bold and CAPITALIZE allergies, list medications in number form regardless of what dictator says. Do NOT abbreviate in HPI, but you can abbreviate in Assessment if the doc does.  Don't use degree sign unless doctor dictates it.  List assessment in number form, even if there's only one item.

Account instruction #2 says bold headings but never bold or capitalize allergies.  Only expand abbreviations in Assessment but nowhere else in document.  Be sure to use degree sign when typing temperatures.  If there is more than one item in the assessment, use number form in listing them.

Account instruction #3 says never bold or capitalize allergies, don't abbreviate anything.  Never number medications, even if dictated by physician.  Can use the degree symbol if Drs. A, B, and C dictate such.  If Dr. D dictates patient's name in body of report and uses words that don't exist in the English language, be sure to type what he says since it's a verbatim account, and he complains all the  time that he doesn't want his report to sound so *formal* by using *the patient* instead of the name.   For all other reports, use *the patient.*  If Dr. E dictates the patient's sister, Sara, do NOT use the name Sara and just type *the patient's sister," regardless of what he really says. Dr. F might not dictated a numbered assessment list, but that's what he means.  Dr. G prefers to see the text of H&Ps on the same line as the heading, but on his consults, he thinks it looks better if there's a hard return, with the text starting on the next line.

As an Editor for multiple accounts, are you sure that YOU'RE paying attention to all the little idiosyncrasies contained in the sometimes 20-30 PAGES of account instructions for any given account? If so, I doubt you would find it so easy.

Yeah right.
If you make more doing MT than using your bachelor's you've made a wrong turn on the pathway of life, hon.

Sorry, but I don't buy it.
Oh YEah ..i KNOW what you mean!!!sm
especially about the cleaning part.... Oh boy..I sure do love my hubby and don't ever want to lose him..but, man Do i EVER get tired of cleaning up after SOMEBODY ELSE!!!
Yeah, but they sure R fun@

Yeah... it's just too bad we don't

live in Bush's world.  Must be nice there! 

Yeah, well...
I don't believe it either, and I also don't believe it when Bush says our economy is STRONG!!  People say a lot of things that aren't always true.....
I would go for the scrubbing toilets... at least you get more  respect!
Yeah, ME!
Yeah, what she said! (sm)
And where else can I be paid $36/hour and work the weird hours that suit me?
yeah but
Try paying 5.00 a gallon for milk and such. It evens out (have a cousin who lives there).
Well, uh, yeah....
Yeah, there's "something" he's getting from it.  Frankly put - no doubt threesomes coming out the ying yang and one wild woman - exactly what most men would kill their own mothers for.  Come as a surprise?  Better wise smell the coffee.  It's called human nature.
I live about 10 minutes outside of Greensboro, and Richard Petty lives about a mile and a half from me. See him at the gas station every now and then. Level Cross is a small town between Greensboro and Randleman. Technically the address here is Randleman because Level Cross doesn't even have a post office.
Oh yeah!
Yeah. Right.

Although this is a 2003 article, I'm *amazed* (NOT!) at how the timing of this for June 2006 just *magically* coincided with our problem with Iran, and it mentions *bunker busters* which I've read Bush wants to use with our next war against Iran.

But, yeah, it's all okay and harmless, blah, blah, blah.  Do what you want. 

I sure ain't going near the "City of Sin" any time soon.


Well yeah,
technically I live in Randleman, but it's only 10 minutes outside of Greensboro so it's easier to say that because when you say Randleman, people always go HUH?
Oh yeah.........
My daily mini vacations start out with Antonio Banderas serving me margaritas while I sit on the beach, watching the waves roll in... or maybe I'm being rescued from the jungle monster by "Sawyer" from LOST.

Sometimes, I slip back to the days of Robert the Bruce and let Mel Gibson whisk me off to safety (Braveheart.)

Oh my days are very active... if only in my mind. hehehehe
Yeah but
Considering some of the interns are SO bad, it's reasonable.  I edit interns and I could type the reports myself faster than I can edit them.  Had one today where this self-described "highly qualified and trained professional" put the patient had a history of "cabbage."   I agree that's low and there should be a policy in place to give raises at least every 90 days based on qualifications and such, which is what my company does.  I also think companies are offering lower salaries to start out is feasible because some of the people we get who claim to have worked for nationals for more than 4 years make me cringe....I can't imagine how their reports got all the way to the hospitals in the shape they are in.  
yeah they have been doing that a lot lately
oh yeah, like God really said...

Not speaking of snakes here but going way back, God never said go kill and eat all the animals He put on the planet....it was MAN's interpretation of what GOD was trying to say.  God had no pen or paper or pencil.  MAN decided to go kill and eat all animals and then put it all in Deuteronomy........one of the 5 books of Moses......


Yeah, can someone please go over this one again? nm
LOL! Yeah, him too!
Oh yeah
I think it was obvious he had some PS done. Not for aging, but to improve his looks. Common among celebrities.
Yeah. I saw that-sm
and I couldn't agree more. Shouldn't let her get under my skin, but she just irks me! But I liked the other poster's version of kee kee. lol.
yeah....that is me....my name is
Kathy Smith.. I will be changing my name now. Don't want to cause any confusion. I am not Keystrokes...thank you.