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yes...RadioShack has an adaptor, but--sm

Posted By: KPS on 2006-09-15
In Reply to: Try Radioshack. They usually have a fix for - Just me

I have said this before and I will say it again...it does NOT work with all footpedals. I tried the same thing and it all depends on how the footpedal is wired, particularly the three pedal type. The adaptor does not compensate for that. All it does is allow you to plug in USB port. you may be able to play the file, but fast forward and/or reverse will probably not work. I had to buy a USB pedal, which they provided at a reduced cost for me because my 15 pin was only 3 months old. JMO. but good luck.

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Try Radioshack. They usually have a fix for

everything.  I had to convert a 9 pin to USB and they had a device for it.

you can ask at RadioShack or Best Buy -
they are always full of info and might have a gadget or two.

I have an adapter for my 9-pin foot pedal I got at Radio Shack. I also have a USB port foot pedal but the adapter and 9-pin are what I am using now with my laptop. It is worth a try. Adapters are less expensive than a new foot pedal and I think you can return to Radio Shack if it doesn't work out.
Is a Dongle a Radioshack thing or
something from one of these companies?
Walmart, Target, Radioshack, Best Buy,
Etc, etc... they're everywhere. Some places may or may not carry them in the store or you may have to ask for them in store, but they're available everywhere online. Cheapest is maybe 30 bucks and average is 40-50.
transcriptiongear.com, transcriptionwarehouse.com, RadioShack. nm
RadioShack has several sizes of these right in the store. nm
Try calling local RadioShack
See my post above. I would just call if you have a RadioShack near you or try calling the 800 number if they have one? Hope this helps! Happy holidays!!!
No, I don't there is any adaptor, at least...

I never found one, but sometimes when you are told a particular software only works with a 9-pin, that isn't necessarily correct.  I had a pedal with a USB connector but bought a 9-pin to work with TSP.  Later, I used the 9-pin with software that required a USB connected pedal.  It shouldn't have worked, but it did.  Before you buy a 9-pin, I'd try the other one first . . .

Radio shack has an adapter, but they should have told you to get the same pedal version with a USB - would have saved time. Also Execuscribe had great trans materials very inexpensive - same quality and name brands.
I had to have a 9 pin with adaptor s/m
My computer only has USB ports. Was told Escription only works with 9 pin. Bought the adaptor at Radioshack.
What adaptor do you use?
I would LOVE to be able to use my laptop sometimes.
you can get an adaptor or sm
you can get a USB Expander to allow you make one USB port into about 4.
You know, they have an adaptor for that
You didn't need to go through all of that trouble. I despise Dictaphone headphones and I bought an adapter (the same one you bought) and then used my regular headphones with another small adapter (I forget what it is called) to make both sides work.
Compaq standard keyboard from RadioShack. Quiet! nm
Try RadioShack (can check them online), transcriptiongear.com or transcriptionwarehouse.com. nm
I had beige Compaq keyboards from RadioShack that were great, too, but I can't
Where did you find the 9 to USB adaptor?
Did it have a game port switch on it? I've been looking and cannot find one with a game port switch on it.
Wireless USB adaptor
Okay, I think I understand what you and closet are saying. The wireless USB adaptor has the card built in or has the slot that allows you to plug in the wireless broadband card? Next problem, is there a nationwide wireless broadband service provider that covers every state or are they divided up into regions like Sprint, Verizon, etc.? Thank you "me" and thank you also closettechie.
C-phone adaptor
Hello, does anybody know if there is an adaptor out there that will turn my C-phone with the little phone jack end into USB? Thanks!
Is it possible to use a 9-pin or USB adaptor with Transnet
Starting IC job and need to have own foot pedal. I have an infinity pedal with a 9-pin but not sure if it will work with Transnet with or without adaptor. Does anyone know?
The USB adaptor does the same thing the card does, you don't need

the card if you have the USB adaptor.  The adaptor just plugs into an available USB port and you load the software and if there is an open WiFi signal you're in business.  Sprint and Verizon both have a wireless broadband service, but coverage is limited.   They both have an air card, but again coverage is limited.    If your friend is stopping at truck stops a lot of them have wireless and if not wireless some other type of service.  I don't know if the service is free, if it is free you don't need to get another service, you just use theirs.  They may charge a minimal fee though.  When I was traveling I tried to get dial-up in a truck stop and never could get it to work.   

You could get a data plan through your cell phone provided, but again coverage is limited.  

Foot Pedal Adaptor??

I need a USB foot pedal. I already have a serial adaptor. Is there such thing as an adaptor or do I have to buy a new one?


I bought a USB to serial adaptor at Best Buy
my job requires the 9 pin serial foot pedal and I got the adaptor for about $40 I think, and it works great.
Telephone Record Adaptor
You might want to look into getting a telephone record adaptor that plugs into your laptop sound card.  Also would require audio capture software but then the files would be recorded onto your computer and from there you could transcribe them.
The adaptor is sold on ebay and
through their website at www.tvps.com. Cost around $22 shipped from ebay.  It works good, but the prongs are a slightly loose fit in the plug; I'm not sure if that's a problem with the adaptor or the plug itself.  Nonetheless, I'm able to use my better quality headphones.  I believe the company that sells these also offers a 60 day warranty on the item when it's purchased.  :) 
or a usb adaptor for your desktop keyboard. NM
Early Santa Gift - Noise-Cancelling Headphones under $15.00 RadioShack
Merry Christmas all - I thought I would pay this forward.  I was struggling with the dictators sound quality even with volume top level for computer sound card.  It was really affecting my production.  I tried everything - even typing slower and softer so that the keystroke sound would not distort the quality of the dictation.  I was recommended to Noise Cancelling Headphones from Radio Shack. Item # is 33-104.  Made by Presidian.  I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!  Not $300 or $400.00.  Just $14.97.  I thought to myself- o.k. for that price I will try them.  Anything has got to be better than this.  They rock and I'm passing it along.  I don't work for Radioshack or anything but was thinking about swapping my MQ stock for theirs now... LOL. 
12 pin Sony foot pedal, adaptor?

I use it with a Sony micro dictator/transcriber but I'm finally jumping into the 21st century.  Anyone know if I can find a USB adaptor for such a foot pedal or will I need to invest in a new foot pedal?  If so, where should I get one?  I'd like to buy one locally, or do I need to but it online?


Any info on converting a dictaphone 2-prong headset adaptor? I need to find a noise cancelling head

If anyone knows where I can find this, please let me know.  thanks