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you had to verify you email address, so

Posted By: About unsubscribing on 2008-03-10
In Reply to: I'm confused....I don't recall ever subscribing to - ??

I would like them to "unverify" my email address so it is out of their database.

Also, my resume was posted 2 years ago and I needed the password emailed to me so I can delete the resume, but they are not helping to reset the password so I cannot edit/delete it.

Hope you understand a little better now. You may also want to read their TOS about allowing data mining of your email address on this website.

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Please leave an email or email me at my address....click the email button. Thanks...nm
Again, because you entered your email address, you CAN receive email from anyone, but THEY

e-mail address because it is not revealed when they send mail because we have spam protection in place.  The only way they would know what your email address is, is if you reply to the email they send you.  If you don't want to receive any email from anyone, simply do not enter your email address in the Email field.


Not through the MTStars email server. Your email address is NOT
visible to anyone.  The only way your employer would know it is you is 1) if you respond when someone emails you, or 2) they recognize the way you write. 
email me your address
I would be happy to give you mine.  I don't use it.
using a different email address
til they catch up with me (smile). I wanted to make people aware of what has happened because I do not think it is fair that is all. lots of people getting upset for no reason really.
Spheris did not get your email address here.
If you subscribe to Advance for HIM, they sell their mailing lists and info.  I've heard the AAMT does, too.  As the moderator and other posters said, nobody can get your email address from this site.  They can email you if you post it here, but they can't see the address.  They can even change the subject line from "Your post on MTStars" to something else.  As a former computer programmer, I know there is not a way to harvest your email address here.  MTStars done good in protecting our privacy.
Does anyone know Frank's email address?
Does anyone know Frank's email address at corporate?  I feel the need to communicate on a personal level.  Maybe if we ALL communicated with him on a personal level he would be sorry for what he has done and give us all trips to Hawaii and a raise.  Ya think??
That's why you left your email address
was so people could contact you for benefits for $11.95 a month.  You're here to serve your own interests, not those of anyone else on the site.
Leave email address. Might be able to
Email address link
Please use 'reply by email' below.
If you put email address in, won't it be posted??
email address for anyone interested in contacting me. sm
I really have a passion for teaching. I love MT, but I love teaching more. I was an MT instructor for approximately 3 years at our local community college, so I do have the experience.
Your email address is invisible to anyone who emails you
through the MTStars website.  If you, however, reply, then the receiver would be able to see your email address.
Just testing to see if my email address was validated.

The poster has to put in their email address when they make their
post so the reply by email link shows up at the bottom of their post. That's the only way you can email them.
If it does automatically appear then you will need to enter your email address.
I have one available. Respond to email address if interested.
Thank you
Email and IP Address Confidentiality -- ALL READ

It is important that each reader and poster understand the safety of their information on MTStars:

 Email Addresses

Email addresses should never be typed into a post in any way.  The email address you validate to have posting privileges is never given or sold to any individual, group, company or association. 

You may receive emails to that address from others using the Reply By Email option on one of your posts.  If you receive an email through the MTStars board, it will provide the URL to the post it is referencing.  Your email address is still not exposed at this point.  The person sending an email does not see your email address but has simply filled in an online form to send you the email.  If you choose to reply to the email sent to you, then you have actively chosen to expose your email address to the person emailing you. 

MTStars does not recommend that you respond to any unsolicited email unless you are certain of the validity of the sender.  Anyone can send you an email through the Reply By Email option on any post you make.  It will go to the email address you used to validate that post.

IP Addresses

Your IP address is private and confidential.  It is never given or sold to any individual, group, company or association. 

Depending on the email agent you use, if you respond to an email sent to you (or if you send an email to someone outside of the MTStars board at any time), your IP address may be traceable through your email. 

Can companies or individuals find out your identity? 

Yes.  Not through exposure of your information (email or IP address) but through recognizing situations you describe or other information provided by you when you post.  It is deductive reasoning.  If YOU provide enough information, you may be effectively “signing” your post.  This is true on any board, whether open publicly or not.  Even private boards cannot guarantee who their membership really is. 

Do companies and associations read MTStars?

Yes.  Anyone can read MTStars.  Information posted is searchable on the Internet.  Even a private board can be read by anyone who registers as a member. 

Making claims that MTStars provides, gives, exposes or sells your email address or IP address is a libelous claim and will not be tolerated. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Administrator or Moderator directly.

post your email address and I will send links to you (nm).

Well, if you left your email address as a reply option,
maybe someone on "the other board" would email you privately with details! Otherwise, I never heard of it either!
You did not receive spam via this website. Your email address is not available

and is protected from bots that glean email addresses from websites.  As far as that email is concerned, it has been cycling around for years and anyone could receive it.

Administrator, I keep sending an email address to be able to post a resume and I never get a respons
Maybe you can ask just to verify (sm)
One company I know had a reputation of having a test on line that a lot of people were not passing. The recruiter (maybe?) finally jumped on the boards asking people to email to verify their test scores because there may have been a glitch or something. I'd tell them I just want to double check. Can't hurt to ask. Maybe someone overlooked something?
how do we verify that?
can someone tell me how we verify that information?
Mycoplasma "consensi." I cannot verify this. Is it right? sm

I posted on word board, but no responses. 

thx so much

i'm trying to verify my line count..how can I transfer over
Call your insurance co and tell them what you suspect..its up to them to verify.
yep..get their CMT number and call AAMT to verify.
They can also verify salary and eligibility for rehire. nm

Criminal background checks just verify that you are who you are for the most part. I do them for

a company and believe me, it is only checking that your SSN is yours.  It is not a credit check or anything else.  If you don't like it, don't work for a company that does it.  I did it and I don't care.  I have nothing to hide.  You have to give the companies your SSN anyhow if you work for them, so to me there is no big deal. You might miss out on a good company by not doing them though. 

Quick call to AHDI can verify her status
That would be extremely embarrassing and it might be grounds for dismissal if she is caught lying to her employer or on an application. 
If I cannot verify drug, I give 'em dr. spelling and bold
I would do a print screen on every report to verify that the line count is correct. nm

If you are having any problems validating your email addy, please email support@mtstars.com
KVMs $20-60. One internet connection. You'd have no email or a 2nd email acct for your 2nd puter.
I don't understand. I didn't get email from MT Stars, I got email from offshore people
is what I'm talking about. I'm not a liar and take offense to your insinuation.
They can send an email that goes to all MTs in one shot. I think she just means a courtesy email
would be nice. MQ is not getting any easier. My account has been picked over thoroughly when it went on DQS by ASR and I get all the remains because they only have a core group doing ASR which I think is wrong because you get all the bad dictators and it would be nice to be acknowledged that at least you know the person you can discuss problems with as they crop up. This is a big one and we have no manager anymore and no one to discuss this with at all in my office so you just sit here very day doing this work and no way to vent to someone that could offer some suggestions on this and other issues that come up to help relieve some of the stress of working this way.
Just send an email to the email link inside the post.
I intended to email it- already email the mods to remove
tried to email, invalid poster or email it said nm
San Antonio; email me; I can give you email for MT sm

who is in San Antonio and may be able to help you.

I'm in Corpus.

Help that is with the address bar
see above....
IP address?
Satellite will be through Wild Blue (dish) Ok, what do you mean by static IP. Is this something i ask them for?
Can you email me? Email inside
Please email me as I need to find a good employer--trying to get rid of those golden handcuffs!  Thanks.  lsmithes@hotmail.com
and I also got an email in my home email--sm
address for a similar type of *job opportunity* today, although it was not this person's name. I can't believe the presumptiveness of some of these people! Don't they realize that they are taking jobs away from us and probably doing something illegal, to boot? I sent the email to the authorities this morning after reading it. T'd me off!
What is the site address?
again, I did only address certain MQrs (sm)

and again, the ones who continuously whine and complain regarding MQ-this and MQ-that, it's nerve racking! My point, and this is the last time I will state it, is it is embarassing FOR ME, mind you, speaking for no one else here, to be associated with these whiny babies! Simple enough for ya? I am not backtracking at all, I simply retracted one word that seems to have gotten SOME OF YA riled up! So there, and I am NOT AND WILL NEVER BE a Clinton fan.  That ticks me off more than anything anyone could say to me!

Anyone out there who works for MQ agree with me? Please come to my defense!

I have address resources available, but

the dictating physician will often forget to say the doctor's first name, and there will be 20 Dr. So-and-sos listed.  Or they spell the easy names like Smith, but not the difficult ones that they mangle the pronunciation on.  Then they carbon copy six different physicians.  I've got the hospital directory, online hospital website, online physician address lookup, Google, and other resources, but it's still very time consuming.

I'm thinking I like Meditech better.  LOL  At least everything was in there.  F7, F10, arrow down, save, you're done.

E-mail address

I will be glad to send you a copy of the E-mail that they sent me.  But everyother time anyone has E-mailed me from this board it always states either in the subject line or somewhere that it is in response to a post on the board.  This definitely was not and there is nowhere else that Spheris could have gotten my address and see above there was someone else that got it also.  So they are getting it someway.


Internet address
Hello.  I was wondering if anyone knew how to delete internet addresses that are seen when you hit the drop down box.  I have a bunch of them that aren't valid anymore, and I want to get rid of them.  Sorry, I don't know the technical wording, but hopefully you know what I mean.  Thanks.
Can you post the web address please?