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you must be new it these parts. search the archives. besides that we can't afford to QA QA.

Posted By: MQMT on 2005-08-08
In Reply to:

We're on production. You?

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    do an archives search

    They totally suck!  Very unprofessional group of people.  Surpised they are still hanging in.

    search archives.
    Search the archives for yourself.
    Thanks will search the archives
    How do I search the archives? sm
    For instance, I try to find info on TTS in New Hampshire and I put it in the search box at the top of the page and click "mtstars" for searching rather than search the web. I get only stuff from 2006 when I know there is more recent info. It happens to me with everything. What am I doing wrong?
    Search the archives - lot of information nm
    OP--Just did a search in the archives. Vista
    Search archives. I was told personally
    that they still owe some MTs back pay for months and months.
    Search the archives box at the top of forum pages.
    Search the archives and check the Company board
    TransTech lets you use dial-up -there are others - search archives
    That's a good question for the Company board or search the archives.
    Yes! Rec'd it in 2 parts ...
    Half after 3 months, the other half after 6 more months (when I had been there 9 months). I didn't even have to remind anyone!!!
    15 to 18 cpl in some parts of the Northeast
    There is so much anger in all parts of the (sm)
    transcription community, that I'm seriously surprised that it hasn't resulted in something really terrible.
    Screen in 2 parts, need only 1
    let me state over as maybe someone knows how to get out.
    4 regularly, parts of 5 more sm
    I do only OPs, so I have some free standing surgical centers and a hospital, I do all of those OP notes. It is only about 75 to 100 reports a day with all of that. It sounds like a lot, but I have tons of normals, I am not working all that hard :-).

    I have a couple of specialties in OP notes that almost no one else can do, certainly not either of the companies I work for, so I pick up those specialties for an additional 4 facilities with any regularity, but it will be 5 once in a while.

    This is not something I exactly asked for, it is just how it has worked out. Having that many different accounts is not for everyone, neither is the fact that I have about 200 different voices regularly, and another 200 once in a while. This is MY comfort zone and I don't recommend it.

    Thought it was $350 to take the 2 parts? nm
    Did you look for them in Quick Parts? sm
    AutoText doesn't work the same way in 2007. They are now part of the Quick Parts building blocks and you no longer get the tip box when you type your names. You can still get them to expand with F3 if you can remember the names. Otherwise, you have to get to them the long way through the Insert menu. Did you look to see if they transferred to Quick Parts? If not, you can rename your old normal.dot and take out any macros, then copy that dot file to the building blocks folder. Do this with Word closed. They should be there when you reopen Word.
    They are in Quick Parts! Wow!
    Now, I have to just learn how to use them!! lol
    Thank you. I didnt know if there were a lot of parts to assemble.
    Selling body parts in the US sm
    There was a brief mention of a recent arrest (I believe it was in New York) of a phony business set-up involving funeral homes, etc., selling bone grafts, etc. from dead bodies (one was supposedly Allistair Cook's body of the PBS fame) and replacing these parts with PVC piping in some cases. These people made "millions" and the patients/families had to be notified. One man was practically crying because he had been told he has to be tested every 6 mos. for HIV, hepatitis, etc., since he had a recent surgery on his neck. They said it may not present itself for years in some cases. They showed some gentlemen being led away in handcuffs but the story was cut short. Anyone else know about this travesty and why so little else has been said about it or is there any web site, etc., that explains it in more detail? Would like to know morel I am very concerned for the recipients as well as the unbeknownst-to-them "donor" families.
    You misunderstood my whole post (probably the way I did it - in 2 parts)

    Here is what I mean.  I learned in 1965 with no training.  Then several years later, someone told me I was spelling Fahrenheit wrong.  Now fast forward to 2006.  I've been doing this for 30-40 years, very few medical spelling errors, and NOW is when my company nitpicks.

    Just like trying to buy original factory parts for a -(sm)
    Ford truck that is more than 5 or 6 years old! The dealership's reasoning: 'Most people replace their trucks every 2 or 3 years.' Why tout them as being 'Ford tough' and as lasting for decades, if you can't buy parts for them after 5 years? Geezz.......

    I agree 100% with your conspiracy/survivalist/money-making tactic for AAMT. No BOS was ever needed 'til they came along and said it was.........
    There are no safe parts of the country
    Yours would be no different than mine. I watch news on TV and cannot believe when I hear someone say, I just cannot believe it happened in this neighborhood. Ridiculous! When I had children at home, no I paid for everything. I also worked my behind off - away from home by the way- because years ago, OMG, they actually had you to come into an office! I had no one to help me out. I did not start working from home until about 2005 so very doubable and I worked 2 jobs for years to make a living.
    It is cheaper for members. Only one test but 2 parts.
    those whole roasted chickens or fried chicken parts
    you buy in grocery store are chickens that the sale dates is very close to expiring, so they cook them and avoid throwing them away. I like my meat a little fresher than on the border of rotting time.
    It's Maalox and Benadryl, equal parts, swish and swallow. nm
    All parts of the body can be palpated, it is part of the physical examination
    Cook in equal parts BBQ and grape jelly. Crock pot if time. Yum! nm
    No dial tone? No foot control? What's wrong? Are all parts plugged in? Is your phone
    Wish I could afford...
    ...to do that! I am SO SO SICK OF MQ!!! They are driving me crazy! I am on my 3rd MT Supervisor in three months and still have not heard one word from the latest one. They just don't care about us at all. I understand that's the nature of the biz, but my God, would it kill you just to drop an email and introduce yourself???
    Wish I could afford...
    my TC? sorry, what's that?
    If you can afford it, go for it. sm

    Just remember, if you work as an IC you may have a "nonconforming" loan which may give you a little higher interest rate.  If you can document your income with pay stubs and W2s as well as income tax forms, you may be "conforming" and be able to get the lowest interest rate possible.  

    If your credit scores are high enough, you can always do 100% finance with an 80/20 loan which will eliminate PMI monthly payment.  Your credit scores need to be 685 or higher for 100% finance.

    Shop around for the best interest rate, but DO NOT let everyone pull your credit.  Have one loan officer pull your credit report and ask him what your scores are.  When you shop to the next loan officer, tell them do not pull your credit report, but here are my scores.  Just give them your scores and ask what is the best interest rate they can give you.  The more people who pull your credit report, the lower the score goes.  It drops 2 or 3 points each time it is pulled by mortgage loan officers.

    Also, you can buy down to a lower rate.  So, if they quote you 5.75%, you can buy that down probably to 5.3% for 0.375% of the total mortgage you are borrowing (which in reality is 0.375 of 1 point).

    I hope this advice helps - good luck. I say go for it!  No better feeling than to own your own home.

    I bought a new house last year and we just refinanced and closed on Friday.   That is why all of this information is so fresh in my mind.  Also, my sister is a mortgage loan officer, so she helped me a lot and explained how things work.

    Always ask what your closing costs will be - different mortgage brokers charge differently.  One may be $4000 and another may be $8000.  That is a huge difference.   Some want more profit, others are reasonable.

    Best of luck to you.

    Here is the best if you can afford it.
    Stretching Human Touch Robotic Leather Massage Recliner with Calf & Foot Massage
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    Human Touch Technology (HTT®) Robotic Massage integrates quad rollers into a patented robot mechanism that moves three dimensionally.
    Realistically mimics the in-and-out, up-and-down movements of the arms, hands, wrists, fingers and thumbs of a skilled — and tireless — massage professional.
    New features include full-body stretching, penetrating neck massage, custom comfort adjustment, back massage programs, focused foot massage programs, dual-speed massaging, combo dual massage and power recline enhancement.
    Genuine leather and leather-match upholstery is offered in two colors: Select black or mocha.
    Click here to view 220V International Voltage Converter (HW554).
    Shipping is $149.95 for scheduled Royal Service Delivery. We will call for an appointment to bring the chair into your home (within the 48 states), unpack it, set it up exactly where you wish and then remove the packing materials.

    Which can you afford more?

    The emergency room bill....or the loss of your DH?

    I'm not trying to be harsh, but money concerns should not keep you from getting medical help when it is needed and warranted.

    It really sounds like some kind of allergic reaction.  But it may also be something harmless.  I agree with the other poster about calling your MD.  You cannot fool around with stuff like this.

    Me too! I can't afford NOT to be an MT!

    Can't afford not to
    I don't know how you've figured all this out. I have spent HOURS researching all this becuase when I started with learning MT, I barely knew how to turn a computer on, so I was completely in the dark. The only thing I've been able to conclude for sure is that you will pretty much get different information every time you go to a different site. I have tried soooo many different things and to be honest, I really haven't found any one thing to be much better than another, even the things I've started paying for.
    I will definitly make a block of time very soon (tomorrow?) and try your group of programs and ideas and hopefully it will help.
    Sure do appreciate all your time and thought into your post(s), btw.
    Whether you can afford or not SM
    you are going to have to see an accountant and/or a lawyer.  We cannot teach you how to be an IC or how to set up a company.  That is a job for a professional and I would never give advice on either (or take advice) on a message board.
    unfortunately I can't afford $99 fee
    in the archives for SS
    and we will see how jazzed you are. Line stealing, lying, demanding, worst company out there. Been there, done that!!!!!
    where do I go to get to archives?
    I thought if you did the search above using the MTStars option, that was the archives??? LOL

    Sorry I'm no help.....
    If the newbies are making $7 and not admitting it..shame on them.  We all had to start from somewhere.  Moreover, you people with your smart-butt replies to honest questions make me sick.  What's wrong with a polite reply, say, something like, We just discussed that recently.  Why not access the archives....etc....but NO, ya gotta have a wise-crack answer.  Shows your mental age real well.
    Don's use the Archives, just use the
    "search" box just above the postings, not the one at the time that you have to check web or mtstars.
    I need a workout! Can't afford a PT
    Could not walk for a week afterwards!  BOY, what a workout! My thighs hurt so bad I couldn't even walk down stairs, and I considered myself in shape before I took the class!  HA!  Hang in there, it will get better, and the results will be amazing!
    Like ER-MT, I cannot afford to not work
    I have four sources for work now:

    1. Local account I provide services for another MT who has the account.
    2. A small local office that is my own account (2-3 tapes a month that are not usually full)
    3. A midsized national MTSO in another state.
    4. A small MTSO in another state.

    The trick is not having everyone bombard you all at once.
    there are ways to afford it

    I had the offices to pay for some of it, such as their own recorders.  But if it works for you on tape - you have advantages too like the personal contact on pick up/delivery that breeds loyalty.  Being on tape makes them harder accounts for people to take from you too. 

    If they can't afford books
    It would take the same amount of time (actually less) to run a phrase through Google or one of the NUMEROUS online medical dictionaries than it would to post it on the Word Board. I, too, can tell on the Word Board which ones are a lack of knowledge in general, and it's kind of frightening those people are typing our reports.

    I've seen helpful posters provide links to specialty websites, internet medical dictionaries, pharmaceutical site, etc., to try to help out but judging by some of the repetitive posters, I can't help but wonder if they ever even use the links the MTs have been kind enough to take the trouble to provide for them.

    We all have times when we need help (or just a brief brain freeze where we cannot recall a word which I do once in awhile), but many of these posts (i.e., 'what is symphisis pubes?') make you wonder how much exposure to medical terminology a lot of these posters have even had.

    Scary, actually.
    How do you think they afford their mansions and
    expensive vacations? Greed.
    I checked the archives and there isn't much on TRS.