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you rock! :)

Posted By: susancarol on 2007-02-28
In Reply to: The instructions will work with XP and 2003 - mg

I've been wanting to know this for the longest too.  Thanks for the info!

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and what rock
They are the worst for stealing lines, line counter is always down, pay is whenever they feel like it, and the management is rude and hateful, not to mention demanding.
Rock On
Rock concerts are so invigorating..best one I ever went to was Springsteen in the 1980's..Santana's concerts are great, too..When I leave a rock concert, I feel invincible, connected with all the other *rockers*.  Elton John, what a musical genius..My favorite songs from Elton are Crockadile Rock, Candle In the Wind and Levon..I rate him up there with John Lennon, my forever favorite..Have fun and remember..**Party Hardy**..like it was your last day on earth.
Little Rock MT
Wow. That's great. It is so nice to meet other Ark MTs.
Rock On!
Midwest MT and MTinNC, you rock.

LOL @ "School of Hard Knocks." I hear you!
WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock!!! nm
You rock!
Thank you so much for that link.  That is going to provide a wealth of info.   I appreciate it very much.
Way to go! You rock with your bad self!! nm

You rock, Judy H
Very, very wise idea!
You ladies BOTH rock!....

Jodi and ta-shi--you both have done an amazing job!  My hat's off to you two!  PLEASE make sure you CHANGE THE LOCKS.  Once he's out of the house for, I think it's 48 hours, he can't legally come back.  So don't let him muscle his way back in!!


Yea! You rock, Jodi

All of these posts are SO encouraging.  I would never recognize you as "bawling my eyes out" - you took the plunge and I can virtually see you getting stronger every day!! I am so happy that you found your power.  I just wish you could move closer to your family.  But your MT community "family" is always here for you.

We are so proud of you!!

You rock! Thanks for raising the bar! nm

Rock on MTStars
Thanks for the prize. I think it will come in handy for all those abbreviations they throw at us.
I live in Little Rock
Stedman's rock!
There are different specialties, but the Medical Speller put out by Stedman's is definitely a must-have. 
Rock On Patti
Agree - they are paying for your skils to create the finished professional product. Been in that situation myself -- told them thank you for your time, but I don't think this will be a good fit for my service. It just wasn't worth my time to "negotiate" every time the billing went out, and knowing they were probably looking for other services for cheaper rate in between billings. We've been in this business long enough to accept/decline clients because we have earned our good reputation! Good luck!
Hey RockinMT you rock!
Sorry your CC experience was a dud -- Nothing like OJT -- remember that not too long ago, people learned to be lawyers and doctors by OJT, as well as many other fields such as carpentry (apprentice-type of situations) -- and they LEARNED!
WOOT! No really, that is an OLD dream of mine. Now I think I would just like to travel the world and explore it with my hubby. I am a culture buff. <3

I would also like to continue my self-education that I work on daily. I am trying to learn about everything because I want to know everything and understand the entire universe, LOL. :)

I would also like to be able to put everything together in order to do something that gives a LOT of people joy and hope along with personal power. What that something is, I do not know.

This thread is awesome. It really gives insight as to how different we all are. I love seeing that if we all had the freedom to do what we truly wanted to do, we would not choose the same things. It also shows that we certainly would not stop being "productive" if money were not needed or earned. :)

Rock Star INXS
Has anyone been watching Rock Star INXS?  Tuesday nights when they perform is great..Im telling you these people have talent.  Last night, Ty Taylor sang a Bob Marley song..Woman Dont Cry..I was rocking..I love Bob Marley and have most of his albums..This show is great and has better performers than American Idol, IMHO..plus there is also the added attraction of watching man babes, starting with Dave Navarro (oh..just love his muscles)..
All the Law and Order reruns ROCK
I've been disappointed with A&E lately aside from Law and Order.  The rest of that low-life crappola is neither artistic or entertaining. 
LOL ... 8 pm central, NBC ... but not in Little Rock or some town nm
in Indiana ... they are not showing it. 
under a rock....BUSH is responsible....sm

Your president Bush, whom you *sound* like you voted for...is most definitely responsible for fulfilling his family's nearly 30-year pact with the Saudi's at ALL AMERICAN WORKERS expense.  They had a deal from nearly 30 years ago and now the Bush dynasty is paying them (the Saudi's) back by selling ALL OF US OUT, including our  PORTS!!!  He has jeopardized ALL OF US due to his NEED/WANT for global acceptance of HIM.

If you cannot *see* this - time for you to get some serious help.

Thanks MTStars!!!! You guys rock!! nm
Flat screens rock!

When I worked at a hospital that had regular computer monitors, by the end of the day my eyes would be really tired and I usually had a headache, no matter how I tried to adjust the brightness/colors/fonts on the computer.

At home I have a flat screen and even after working all day, I could come home and chat literally for several hours using my flat screen and my eyes would not be tired at all.

I highly recommend them! I have a ViewSonic 17", which is plenty big enough for what I need, which includes transcribing, internet, some Photoshopping/graphics, and playing computer games like Freecell and Scrabble for relaxation.

Ergonomic Keyboards Rock!!
I absolutely cannot type using a regular keyboard anymore. I freaked out last year when mine croaked and I couldn't find the same model I use at Staples. I finally found one at Amazon and had them send it to me ASAP. IF I ever get any extra money I might order a couple more to keep on hand in case of emergency.

Ellen S.
Echoed by one in the same boat and not about to rock it! :) NM
Rock band names (sm)
For medical terminology as band names, I've always been fond of:

Stable to Rock
Uterine Cry (Goth, I think)
between a rock and a hard place
We all know EMR is the future of this industry. Between losing jobs to offshoring and EMR we are being hit with a double whammy. Throw in voice recognition (I have yet to find a program worth anything) and we are definitely on the short end of the stick.

That said, with the market as it is right now (so many people looking for jobs), I would ask myself: 1. Do I like doing the account(s) on in current position? 2. Is the pay covering my bills?

With VR only going on average .03/.04 per line and not that many companies doing straight typing anymore, you could wind up worse off leaving and signing on somewhere else.

With more and more companies signing on to VR you might wind up with crappy accounts AND worse than crappy pay.

I am afraid we have to walk this walk if and until something changes in OUR favor . . . but I am not going to hold my breath.

My vote is to stay put if you answer "yes" to #1 and #2 above, BUT cover yourself and watch the boards for what is going on with different companies. That way if you need to make a change it won't be as stressful for you.

We need to stick together. Get ready . . . sending you a hug. Pass it on . . .
"Ol' Time Rock and Roll" by

I think it's Rock-n-Roll by Gary Glitter.
Walk a dog, or just yourself, a few times a day, whenever you can. I have legs like rock even
Does anybody else watch Rock Star INXS ?nm


ACDC is acid rock? Dont think so.
Aye, we're between a rock and a hard place.
I don't know that I'm willing to pay the price anymore. If I can make more money but my capacity for happiness is being slowly crushed out of me, eventually I have to decide whether it's worth it.

The fact that practically nobody is paying a living wage in a given town is another problem entirely, and one that I could rant for days about.
My hubby thinks he's another Rock Hudson - NM
I am such a "newbie" when it comes to computers and you guys rock!
Duh to me, I did find the disc to install XP. Thanks and thanks again. I also printed off the instructions about Radio Shack and that is my next stop. You guys are fabulous!
Trend? Lets go back to the 60s, Rock Hudson...
Epitome of masculinity by your standards and he turned out to be as gay as a song  bird!   Talk about girly...so you never know, Toby Keith maybe hiding a few secrets too!   
Love Shack and That Old Time a Rock n' Roll!!
If we all e-mail, write and get proactive we can Rock America! NM

4 Hershey kisses, 4 insects, the rock group KISS?? nm
Big Brother fans. Looks like Jennifer double crossed Kaysar. Sorry but Kaysar is dumb as a rock
Maybe he should be voted out AGAIN!  Stupid is as stupid does.   Bye-bye Kaysar. 
You're not under a rock, you're just like me... an adult with more to