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Trend? Lets go back to the 60s, Rock Hudson...

Posted By: sm on 2005-07-10
In Reply to: It's not deep at all. It's a trend and I am glad to see it go away with Jude Law's - Sorry

Epitome of masculinity by your standards and he turned out to be as gay as a song  bird!   Talk about girly...so you never know, Toby Keith maybe hiding a few secrets too!   

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    My hubby thinks he's another Rock Hudson - NM
    Hudson High, Hudson Ohio
    Lufkin Texas or to be more specific Hudson. sm
    Hudson has Lufkin addresses but 2 different school districts. The schools in Hudson are awesome! Lufkin schools - hmm not so much! It is a growing area with around 40+ thousand people. Great great area for raising children.
    Must be a trend
    We are having roast with potatoes and carrots too. Cooked in the crock pot all day. Wouldn't know what to do without it!! It's just so hard sitting here all day having to smell it. My tummy has been growling...can't wait to eat!!
    I also use Trend. I just bought a new computer with Vista and it came with the computer. So far it's working great.
    Seems to be the trend in this business
    Sliding downhill bit by bit. I hope you find a solution too :(
    Anyone else notice the trend.
    I'm just amazed when I look at the Job Seeker's board and every job has at least 400 or even up to 1000 views.  Are that may people really looking for jobs. I think most of us are just not happy where we are and are always looking for greener pastures, but what I am finding..there aren't any..This professional has gone way down. Between the line rate and less-than-average benefits, why do we want to waste our times with the frustration. At this point, I think I can make more at Star Bucks and I hear they offer great benefits including medical insurance. I'd rather make a latte than put up with this stress...At least, those customers are appreciative of their coffee!!!
    You can go to Trend housecall and run

    free and it works.  You don't have to buy anything.  Last year when I had a horrible tough virus I was able to get around the virus disabling on my system using the online scanner.  It will clean and correct what it can.  Those viruses it can't, it will give you to the tool (for any worm or trojan viruses).  After you do that and you're clean, get your virus protection on there ASAP.  Here's the link ...



    reversing OUTSOURCE trend ?
    that I will not make the money that the hospital pays me. But is it true - that outsourcing is being reversed? I'd love to hear that ... so many more options for decent employment would come our way.

    THanks !
    Trend Net from http://www.newegg.com!
    I too believe it is a trend, basically to cut costs. As far as MQ, SM
    I don't work for them, but honestly, from reading posts, seems like they were just bought out by a mad scientist who thinks up ways to drive people crazy. Sort of a game of how far can we drive people before they crack.
    Thanks, I have Trend Micro. I'll try that.
    Just supposedly it might not work with some programs. Has anyone had trouble with Trend Micro having problems with certain software or programs?
    It's not deep at all. It's a trend and I am glad to see it go away with Jude Law's
    movies miserably failing at the box office.  There's nothing deep about that.  Just the facts maam.
    is the new trend to not put spaces after a number and the measurment--sm
    6cm?  I got QA back stating that the space I entered 6 cm was incorrect.
    Trend Micro is the only security software I use.
    just hope he doesn't start a new trend--ewww!
    I can't stand it if I accidentally forget to put mine on. I can usually tell pretty quickly if I do. Just not comfortable to me (or anyone else around probably).
    I have Trend Micro PC-cillin and have never gotten a warning for this site nm
    lets do it
    well now there's a trend. doesn' t everyone in auburn, alabama live in a trailer?
    what college do the trailer park students attend?
    How are hiring companies getting away with trend towards IC versus employee status SM
    after the lawsuit that determined that IC was indeed an employee because she was told when to work, what days of the week.  The company got into trouble with employment laws because of this a few years back, yet I see most of the job postings on this and other sites are mostly IC.
    PLEASE, lets drop this....

    I got the help I needed for today.  Let's just drop it.

    not sure where my link went but lets try again
    a key fob lets you into some place

    I live in a huge complex and each building has their own electronic box (boxes) on every door that the owners/residents use a key-fob for to enter...the gym, any external door, business center, conference room, etc.

    Is that what you're speaking of?  Something that is usually plastic and hangs on a keychain to allow entrance somewhere......

    How to get job that lets you earn only up to
    Be honest.
    Adware is extremely limited. Try Trend Micro House Call.

    they want to decrease our ME pay by 20%. we need to all be asked to go back to MTs and earn what we are worth

    Lets ask Frank about spaces
    Well, maybe all us MQ workers should send a friendly letter to Frank (isnt he still the CEO?)  and ask if we get paid for spaces.  I have been told in the past I do, however, I have noted a decrease in lines when switching to DQS and dont know where those lines went.  I have to work one to two hours more a day to make the same line count I made on Cottage, in the **good old days**..OMG, not paying for spaces?  Well, then maybe we should not space between words or sentences, cause it takes our thumb to hit the key board and know when to space, Im working here..It working to put in spaces..I should be paid!!..Or, okay, dont pay me for spaces, then pay me more for my lines and my intelligence and my knowledge of medical..
    There you go, lets have a thread about old cars!!!
    GO PANTHERS !!! Made it once, lets do it again. nm
    What version are you using? Mine lets me do that. sm
    I checked to see if there was a setting you need to adjust, but could not find one. I use an older version 8.70b, and it lets me do that, but I know the older versions than what I have did not allow that.
    Try a noise machine - we have one that lets you....sm
    choose between the sounds of a waterfall, crickets chirping, and other sounds that I got my daughter for $10 at Target. Good luck!
    what job lets you decide how much money
    Lets cut all cables to India! sm
    You know, some other countries don't permit their citizens to access US websites because of salacious content.

    I say, we should not be allowed access via the internet to ANY third world backwater where they are sending American jobs!!!!

    We should also block content to said polluted backwaters if it involves employment in this country.

    Keep America great, preserve our borders real and virtual. Keep American jobs for Americans and LEGAL immigrants.

    umm yeah and please learn to speak English.
    lets us know whether or not we need to open the post. NM
    Trend Micro House Call. It is free, and mine moves must speedier now.
    Good for you, Linda! SM First, editing's a desirable trend. Higher skill, easier SM
    I feel it may be like a train about to rush around the bend at me.

    For the discussion, editing is a higher skill and it's easier on the hands--absolutely no carpal tunnel problems since I started editing. And the WAGES ARE ABOUT THE SAME--you go through approximately twice as much dictation (some people more, some less depending on talent) in the same time it would take to transcribe it and get paid half as much for that amount of dictation, ending up without a drop in wages from editing. This is fair and market-driven.

    Fewer editors would be needed, but some would be needed for the stinkers, even scary-good as VR gets with most dictators.

    The big threat is from the electronic medical record, where physicians and their assistants check boxes on a handheld device they carry around with them and there is NO text report to come to us at all. England has had this for some years; go look and see how MTs are doing on the Emerald Isle.

    No Chicken Little here, guys, AND not burying my head in the sand either. I don't have a view into the future, but the one thing that's clear is the future will require developing new skills, professional or trade level, of one kind or another. I just hope and pray it doesn't require going back to suits and office politics. School's okay, even at my age, but am guilty of putting it off to see if I'm going to be allowed to continue pretty much as is until I'm too old to work...huh--maybe there's some sand obscuring the picture after all. Best wishes.
    What company lets you work off the clock?

    I prefer to work off the clock for my extra lines.

    Okay, lets just throw aside the fact he lives
    So whatever state she lives in, lets stick together on this
    lets be realistic and talk about companies
    and what rock
    They are the worst for stealing lines, line counter is always down, pay is whenever they feel like it, and the management is rude and hateful, not to mention demanding.
    Rock On
    Rock concerts are so invigorating..best one I ever went to was Springsteen in the 1980's..Santana's concerts are great, too..When I leave a rock concert, I feel invincible, connected with all the other *rockers*.  Elton John, what a musical genius..My favorite songs from Elton are Crockadile Rock, Candle In the Wind and Levon..I rate him up there with John Lennon, my forever favorite..Have fun and remember..**Party Hardy**..like it was your last day on earth.
    Little Rock MT
    Wow. That's great. It is so nice to meet other Ark MTs.
    you rock! :)
    I've been wanting to know this for the longest too.  Thanks for the info!
    Rock On!
    Midwest MT and MTinNC, you rock.

    LOL @ "School of Hard Knocks." I hear you!
    WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock!!! nm
    You rock!
    Thank you so much for that link.  That is going to provide a wealth of info.   I appreciate it very much.
    Way to go! You rock with your bad self!! nm

    Lets vote ladies-show your support
    Go Julie!!
    Lets set the record straight, email was concocted
    enough already