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Big Brother fans. Looks like Jennifer double crossed Kaysar. Sorry but Kaysar is dumb as a rock

Posted By: giving up HOH. on 2005-08-14
In Reply to:

Maybe he should be voted out AGAIN!  Stupid is as stupid does.   Bye-bye Kaysar. 

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Kaysar, Kaysar, KAYSAR
What do you think about Kaysar being put up?
I am so bummed.  America just sent him back into the house.  I can't believe he let Jen have HOH.  I guess that will teach him to be nice.  Anyone think there is a chance Janelle will get voted out?  Why doesn't anyone this season keep their word?
As much as I luv Kaysar,,,, sm
He asked for it, I died when he let go of that button!!  I knew it was coming.   Basically, these people are idiots, they should have still gotten rid of James, because he is a "stronger" competetive player.   Kaysar is VERY smart, but not as hard to beat in competitions as James.    Kaysar did this to himself this time, sad to say.   And why can't they keep their word... these people know they are playing for a million bucks.  Jen still has her partner.   I think she was trying to show that she was not afraid to stir the pot.    
Kaysar never should have let someone else have HOH
especially on his first week back from a 9-1 eviction...and this time its UNINAMOUS? What's that all about??? KAYSAR certainly should have known better than to trust his fate to someone else the first week back. Shame on him.
I voted for Kaysar also.
There is something wrong with all those people who are hooked on Eric in the house-like a cult or something.  I didn't think there was anything special about him-in fact I thought he was rather bossy and daddy-like, trying to tell everyone what to do.  I like Kaysar and I don't really think he was going to hit Ivette or anything, she basically acused him of some harsh things and sort of came at him like a man would so he reacted like a man and she deserved it I thought. 
I hope it is Kaysar.
I voted for Kaysar at my 6-year-old's insistence. I really like him, too, though. You are right the whole thing with Eric is a little off. As far as that thing with Ivette, I don't think he was going to hit her. And just because she is female doesn't mean it is okay for her to get in people's faces and talk the way she does.

I don't know what the allure is of this show. I am so glad they added this twist bringing somebody back.

I hope James doesn't win HOH!!!
Kaysar with 82% of the VOTE!!! Yes!!! nm
It's down to Kaysar and Janelle.
She is not backdooring Kaysar
She is still backdooring James, she just didn't hold her word in putting up two of her own pawns.
I voted for Kaysar too--way cute!!!..nm
Petition to keep Kaysar, please sign. sm


I want Kaysar and Janelle back!!! *lol*..nm

Jenn lied to Kaysar to get HOH and now she's trying to backdoor him.
Poor Kaysar...and Beau is a bad drunk!
I felt so sorry for Kaysar last night - that @!## Jennifer and her backstabbing! And BEAU - Wow. He does not hold his liquor well, does he? That entire HOUSE is nutso now - they are soooo hateful!
Kaysar, Janelle, Marcellus, Marvin, Will
I voted for Kaysar...but didn't like how he was ready to clobber (SM)
Ivette once...sorta gave me the chills. I liked Kaysar the best out of the three though. It should be interesting tonight.

Kaysar has a brain and Eric doesn't. 82%! That's a whole lot of people who think different
Eric has short guy syndrome.
well being more anti-eric or cappy, i would prefer kaysar to come back but not to win.
I really would like Howie to win as he is the most entertaining. So cute and so funny.
Any Big Brother Fans?
Missed tonights show - who got evicted?
For all Big Brother tv fans. On Wednesday

night at 8 p.m. the all star show will start. They will be announcing 20 old candidates total, a few contestants from each year. We get to vote on who we want in the house when it starts in July.

Big Brother fans. Whose going to be voted back in the house?

This is absolutely the worst reality show ever and I am mesmerized by it.

"How dumb am I" to lose a CD-ROM? Oh, about as dumb as the rest of us. nm
Jennifer won!!
Jennifer, try this (sm)
As you type your report, leave a blank every time you cannot understand what he said. At this point, don't spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. When dictation is finished, go back to beginning. Listen to each blank again. You'll figure out quite a few blanks this time. Go back and relisten one more time to each blank. You'll be amazed at how many you have filled in with this method. Copy the report into your expander. When he dictates a similar report, expand this out and listen through it changing whatever needs to be changed. After a few times, you will have a complete report in your Expander to use as a template for future dictation.
what a good idea.
I will try that...thanks...never even crossed my mind to do it that way--LOL
Maybe things have crossed over to ridiculous

yea, read that he apparently crossed...nm

thought has crossed my mind...sm
I would give you a word of advice from someone who has learned the hard way.  Make sure you arrange for time off/vacations with your clients if not too late.   I never get time off because they expect me to provide coverage, which is understandable.  I would have to proof everything as I would still be responsible, so where's the vacation!!  Should have made sure they understood I would take a week or so every year and while gone, it was their problem!
Jennifer won HOH after striking
a deal with Kaysar at a 15-hour standoff!
Jennifer? What? She is for the other team isn't she?
What was Kaysar thinking?
That thought crossed my mind prior...LOL..nm
Haven't seen anything new yet. Fingers crossed for Molly. nm
The reason he dumped Jennifer

was that he got tired of being prettier than his wife.  HAHA  - I'll take a real man anyday, like James Gandolfini, maybe.

Jennifer, recognized your name from MT Monthly
I enjoyed the publication and have referred several MTs your way for ROS through the years. Hope all is well with you.
Jennifer Aniston finally speaks out

She says she's hurt and sad over the breakup.  She loves Brad and always will because he's a "good" man.  She's very hurt about his spread in Vanity Fair with Angelina as a "married couple" with children.  She says it was obvious from the beginning of filming Mr and Mrs Smith that he was attracted to Angelina and started drifting away from her.  Now look at him, he's chasing after Angelina like a fool, while she adopts baby after baby, when he had a perfectly good woman!  The whole thing is sad!

anyone see the lame Jennifer Aniston interview
Come on, where were the tears, hysteria and complete breakdown?  I was on the edge of my seat, never watch Oprah anyways, and it was sooo disappointing.  Not one mention of Bradangelina, it was all about okay lets heal now.  Rip off.
I've got my fingers crossed; makes it hard to type!nm
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It is a fairly new computer so it probably has more than one. It vents through the side through a long slotted vent the entire length of the computer. I'm going to try the canned air from Wall-Mart to see if that helps.
Y&R fans...

or 2...

1st:  How in the world is it that Jill and Katherine are mother and daughter????

2nd:  Is Brad Ashely's baby's daddy? Or is Victor? Or does she even know for sure?

I have just recently started watching it again after about 4 years off and need a little catching up...

Are there any 24 fans out there.
This has got to be the best show on TV and I can't understand why everyone is not watching it. Jack Bauer is awesome.....
Any Y&R fans out there?
Is it me or have they gotten hookie?  It's almost like they're making this up as they go along. 
Any ER fans?
I've missed a few episodes as it just wasn't pulling me in like in the past.  I love Sally Field and remembered she was guess starring and turned it on but 1/2 hour into the show.  But now I'm lost!  What happened to Sam? And is Luka leaving?
Do you use one of those pc fans ?....
I would love to be in sun, hear the birds chirping away and still be able to work.

Thank you for responding. I appreciate it so much..
They do have fans but ....sm
I heard that it is good to also have the ones they make to go under the laptop. The laptop sits on it and plugs into your USB port and it runs that way.
and what rock
They are the worst for stealing lines, line counter is always down, pay is whenever they feel like it, and the management is rude and hateful, not to mention demanding.
Rock On
Rock concerts are so invigorating..best one I ever went to was Springsteen in the 1980's..Santana's concerts are great, too..When I leave a rock concert, I feel invincible, connected with all the other *rockers*.  Elton John, what a musical genius..My favorite songs from Elton are Crockadile Rock, Candle In the Wind and Levon..I rate him up there with John Lennon, my forever favorite..Have fun and remember..**Party Hardy**..like it was your last day on earth.
Little Rock MT
Wow. That's great. It is so nice to meet other Ark MTs.
you rock! :)
I've been wanting to know this for the longest too.  Thanks for the info!
Rock On!
Midwest MT and MTinNC, you rock.

LOL @ "School of Hard Knocks." I hear you!