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CIA and FBI are working

Posted By: on the birth certificate. on 2008-11-13
In Reply to: does this make sense? Surely, - linda

My aunt talked to an FBI agent just a few days before Nov. 4th and they are still working on it.  Supposedly O constantly shows he has a passport as proof of his birth certificate because in order to get a passport you have to show proof of a birth certificate.  

Well in order to be president, you have to show proof of birth certificate, not a passport.  Guess what?  O does not show it.  Hospitals have no record of birth certificate.  All O has to do is SHOW THE STUPID THING and get this all resolved.  So why does he not just show it?   Why is he stalling.  Why is O wasting time judges, courts, and lawyers time.  JUST SHOW THE STUPID THING.

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Actually I believe in working hard and working
Are you really that bitter?  I'll say a prayer for you.
No, it is not working very well for them.
see link.
Why are THEY working to fix it?
I asked DH today, why are they working to fix it? Aren't they the ones who got us into this mess in the first place? What's next let he criminal decide what punishment they will be getting.

Also, seems to me they are not real interested in finding a solution but are too interested in blaming the other side (just my opinion).

Every one of them should be held responsible and they should pay every single cent back they've received from the payouts whether they are democrat or republican.

Also, isn't one or two million enough for them? Heck, I could live very comfortable on $500K. But they are so greedy they have to millions and millions! DH said they are ignoring the fact this is not their money.
We can all see how well that is working
Flame away. It's the truth.
it's not working!
what should it be? I get an old spice commercial, a twix commercial and some person in a library. that's it.
I think God is still working on that, which is why O
Sorry, I was working...

To begin with I'd like to see the video of Obama saying that he is a Muslim--WITH at least one minute of the interview prior to and after the "quote".  Also, I'd like the person who said that he didn't know how many states were in the United States to back that up with a referrence.  There are SO many others, but those are the two that come to mind. 

it's not working for you, is it? nm
I'm working on that one............sm
I've already had to eat crow once tonight.....lol

Look up at the top.
Most QA here are already working

I'm not sure I fully understand.  I know that there is no law against who you hire and how you hire. I know of facilities that have on-site MTs and have no plans to outsource at all. 

Private practices if they desire hire on-site MTs because they can usually do coding/billing, answer phones, and make coffee (LOL).  It happens.

I've run into 2 different people that have said when you get tired of working from home, come see us...  We'll hire ya'....  LOL - makes me feel good about this profession. 

I think it depends on how greedy that particular physician/facility is and how much they care about the quality of dictation and how much time they want to spend correcting it. 

Working for ministries..

Working for a non-profit ministry is vastly different than working for a for-profit company.  I say this, because I work in a ministry.  Many ministries have Codes of Conduct.  However, it's legally required that you be informed verbally and in writing of these codes of conduct, and then you sign a waiver stating that yes, you can follow those, or no you don't.  You have a choice up front.  It's a contract, and you can choose to sign and abide or not to sign and walk away.

I have no idea of the standards for the Salvation Army, but I doubt they are as stringent as what you are saying.  The rumor mill is an ugly thing.  I think we all played pass it down as children, and we know how drastically a statement can be altered when passed down just a minimum of two to three times.

If this guy says the surge is working...
November 29, 2007
Read More: Iraq

Murtha: 'Surge is working'

Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.) acknowledged that the surge of U.S. troops in Iraq is “working” after returning from a brief trip to Iraq last week, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The comments, coming from a harsh critic of President Bush’s Iraq war policy, suggest there may be a shift in Democratic rhetoric on Iraq in light of recent reductions in violence in Iraq over the last several months.

Murtha made the comments today at his district office in Johnstown, Pa.

He added that the Iraqi government needed to better “take care of themselves” and achieve greater progress with political reconciliation, according to the Post-Gazette.

The statement is a marked shift from this July, when Murtha told CNN that he “dismissed” an op-ed by Brookings Institution analysts Ken Pollack and Michael O’Hanlon that the surge was beginning to make progress, declaring their comments were “an illusion.”

Well, at least he has the guts to step up and tell the truth after seeing it with his own eyes.  Good for him!

you been working on that answer

for the last 2 hours?  My compliments - it was worth the wait.


Working harder
Dee I so agree with your post.  I already have a hard time making ends meet and I work for 3 services, dh works a FT job and a PT time job.  I will not work more so that the lazy class can do nothing to help themselves.  There are a lot of people I know that started out liking Obama (me included) but now will not vote for him because of his socialist politics.  If that is happening in one small area I'm sure it is happening all over this country.  When is someone going to care about the middle class, who carry the brunt of the tax burden of this country???? I don't like McCain either but he is the lesser of 2 evils. 
working in Washington?

The thing that everyone is forgetting is that not everyone is in Washington right now working - there are some people there trying to work out the details and everyone else will just vote when it is handed to them. 

In fact, they said that things were going better before McCain and Obama got there, that once McCain got there things started going downhill because there are a group of Republicans who do not want to support the package that their Republican President is wanting passed. 

Now, I don't know if I would support it or not if I was there, but I don't think that it is a requirement that every Senator be in that room while they are working on the details. 

I am not a Democrat, I am not a Republican - don't know yet for sure which way I am going - but I do not fault Obama for not automatically running to Washington just because McCain did.  In fact, from all the information I have gather this morning, McCain did not contribute anything to the conversation yesterday anyway. 

Exactly right. Remember that when you are working...
100% for the STATE.
Working your butt off
Is never having a day off because during the week you MT part time and take classes AND teach youth group and then you have a second account on the weekend.

I'd love to have kids but I'm not going to right now BECAUSE I CAN'T AFFORD IT and I don't expect anyone else to pay for them! It's called being RESPONSIBLE.

Think before you speak.
Believe me, you may be working your butts off..

but in the end it will pay off. You will live your American Dream and you will thrive. Most today want it all now, gimme gimme, gotta have it now, material things come first. DH and I are debt free but the house; do we want a new BMW or Escalade, you bet, can we afford it, you bet, do we have them, he!! no, our cars are a few years old and paid for and drive just like a new one. Do we have the latest, greatest electronics, no to that too, we don't have anyone we need to impress that much. However, we do have piece of mind that we have money in the bank, can take vacations, can pay whatever price gas is, pay cash for anything new we want and can go the mailbox or answer the phone and know there isn't a debt collector on the other end.

We have been in your shoes, working our tails off and it has paid off greatly for us. Sure, we struggled but now it's worth it. We did it without whining to the gov't for help, expecting some man speaking eloquent words at a podium to come to our rescue.

Were you working for the OP? What do you know for a fact?
Unless you were working for the OP, you don't know what she paid her employees or anything else about her business. She was using that as an example...I work full time but my employer isn't that generous with me as far as fullfilling my shift obligations. If I am late, I get docked. Simple as that. No job I ever had gave incentives like the OP did.

So until you have walked in her shoes, you really have no right to say something like that. IMO.
I see the Kool Aid is working. nm

I'm not working but If I did work s/m
I would take a pay cut right after I saw the suits take a pay cut in proportion to the size of the cuts which their employees were asked to take.  No, that wouldn't happen, they would take the money and give themselves a bonus for running the company into the ground.  I would also be willing to take a pay cut if the cost of goods and services went down but that isn't happening either.  So.........I say NO to pay cuts for anyone.  Either lower costs where people can live on minimum wage or make wages sufficient to pay for essentials.
yes, it's one of the bonuses of working for the Q -nm
A lot of those people are working -
Food stamps are not just for people who are not working. If you have a husband and wife making minimum wage, exactly how much money do you think they are making? Not enough to feed themselves and live, let alone feed a family if they have one.

Not everyone is cut out to go to college, not everyone has the funds or resources to go to college, and we all need these people working in these lower paying jobs to keep our world revolving, and they are always going to require some help to get through life.

I don't see that it is just a bunch of deadbeats that are getting food stamps. Now, I agree, there are people who could do better than they do, but there are also people who are generally just in need of help and not taking help because they want to, but out of necessity to live.
Starting at the top and working their way down........sm
the Bill of Rights? If the government can do this, you can well believe they can strip other religious freedoms and move right on down the line to the right to bear arms and whatever else they would like to strip away. Thomas Jefferson said it best (loosely quoted) - "A government that is big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to can take everything you have."
It looks to me like they have all been working parties too -
One of the lines even said that it was a "hamburger and hotdog" affair for the congressman; and it also plainly stated that Obama had left the party before the conga line started - but who cares anyway?

Do you think just because he is President he is not human and does not like to interact and have fun? Do you not think that every President before him has entertained and enjoyed themselves at their "HOME"?
Working link. sm

Not the WORKING Americans!
Working for the people? .............sm
I'd say so in this instance. We don't know what Obama's total healthcare package is going to cost either, but it will come out of my pocket and yours. Personally, and I know I will get toasted for this, I would rather use my hard-earned dollars to insure me and my family and let everyone else worry about doing the same. Why should I pay for insurance for people who haven't bothered getting insurance on their own?
Apparently abstinence and no sex-ed are not working.
More failed policies?
CNN working to get COMPLETE info.
Perhaps there is more to the story than sam is trying to insinuate...like some of the replies have been suggesting. Take a peek at O's record on Katrina.
1. Here is O's record on rebuilding after Hurriane Katrina
2. Sept. 2, 2005: Obama holds press conference urging Illinoisans to contribute to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.
3. Sept. 5, 2005: Obama goes to Houston to visit evacuees with Presidents Clinton and Bush.
4. Sept. 7, 2005: Obama introduces bill to create a national emergency family locator system
5. Sept. 8, 2005: Obama introduces bill to create a National Emergency Volunteers Corps. Sept. 8, 2005: Obama co-sponsors the Katrina Emergency Relief Act of 2005 introduced by Senator Harry Reid
6. Sept. 8, 2005: Obama co-sponsors the Hurricane Katrina Bankruptcy Relief and Community Protection Act of 2005 introduced by Senator Russ Feingold
7. Sept. 12, 2005: Obama introduces legislation requiring states to create an emergency evacuation plan for society’s most vulnerable
8. Sept. 15, 2005: Obama issues public response to President Bush’s speech about Gulf Coast rebuilding.
9. Sept. 21, 2005: Obama co-sponsors bill to establish a Katrina commission to investigate response to the disaster introduced by Hillary Clinton
10. Sept. 21, 2005: Obama appears on NPR to discuss the role of poverty in Hurricane Katrina.
11. Sept. 22, 2005: Obama and Coburn’s Hurricane Katrina financial oversight bill unanimously passes Senate committee.
12. Sept. 22, 2005: Obama’s amendment requiring evacuation plans unanimously passes Senate committee.
13. Sept. 28, 2005: Obama and Coburn issue statement about the need for a Chief Financial Officer to oversee the financial mismanagement and suspicious contracts occurring in the reconstruction process
14. Sept. 29, 2005: Obama and Coburn investigate possible FEMA refusal of free cruise ship offer
15. Oct. 6, 2005: Obama and Coburn issue statement on FEMA Decision to re-bid Katrina contracts
16. Oct. 6, 2005: Obama co-sponsors Gulf Coast Infrastructure Redevelopment and Recovery Act of 2005.
17. Oct. 21, 2005: Obama releases statement decrying the extension of FEMA director, Michael “Brownie” Brown’s contract. Obama calls Brown’s contract extension, “unconscionable.”
18. Nov. 17, 2005: Obama and Coburn introduce legislation asking FEMA to immediately re-bid all Katrina reconstruction contracts.
19. Feb. 1, 2006: Obama gives Senate floor speech on his legislation to help children affected by Hurricane Katrina
20. Feb. 2, 2006: Obama introduces legislation to help low-income children affected by Hurricane Katrina
21. Feb. 23, 2006: Obama issues statement responding to a White House report on Hurricane Katrina. Obama noted that the top two recommendations that the report had for the federal government were initiatives he had been working on since immediately after the storm hit. Obama called the administration’s response “delinquent.”
22. May 2, 2006: Obama gives speech about no-bid contracts in Hurricane Katrina reconstruction
23. May 4, 2006: Obama’s legislation to end no-bid contracts for Hurricane Katrina reconstruction passed the Senate.
24. June 15, 2006: Obama and Coburn announce legislation to require amendment to create competitive bidding for Hurricane Katrina reconstruction for federal contracts over $500,000. Although it passed previously, the language was stripped in conference.
25. June 15, 2006: Obama releases podcast about his pending Katrina reconstruction legislation in the Senate.
26. June 16, 2006: Obama and Coburn get no-bid Hurricane Katrina reconstruction amendment into Department of Defense authorization bill.
27. July 14, 2006: Obama and Coburn’s legislation to end abuse of no-bid contracts passes senate as amendment to Department of Defense authorization bill.
28. August 11, 2006: Obama visits Xavier University in New Orleans to give Commencement address
29. August 14, 2006: Obama and Coburn ask FEMA to address ballooning no-bid contracts for Gulf Coast reconstruction
30. Sept. 29, 2006: Obama and Coburn legislation to prevent abuse of no-bid contracts in the wake of disaster passes Senate to be sent to President’s desk to become law.
31. Feb. 2007-Present: As Obama begins his Presidential campaign he references Katrina as a part of his stump speech as he travels around the country in his familiar line, “That we are not a country which preaches compassion and justice to others while we allow bodies to float down the streets of a major American city. That is not who we are.”
32. June 20, 2007: Obama co-sponsors Gulf Coast Housing Recovery Act of 2007 introduced by Senator Chris Dodd.
33. July 27, 2007: Obama and colleagues get a measure in the Homeland Security bill that will investigate FEMA trailers that may contain the toxic chemical, formaldehyde.
34. Aug. 26, 2007: Obama outlines a detailed Hurricane Katrina recovery plan.
35. December 18, 2007: Obama calls on President Bush to protect affordable housing in New Orleans
36. February 16, 2008: Obama releases statement on toxic Gulf Coast trailers

i don't mind working and helping out others
but would prefer to choose who I help... not the government telling me
At one point in my life, I was working
but still had to count on foodstamps to feed my two kids.  Was a burden to society?  Had to learn to use coupons, and then one day the checkout girl forgot to take off the 25 cent coupon of my food bill.  I was told, "It's only a quarter" to which I replied, "I hope you never have to learn what a quarter means."  Found out years later that unfortunately she too learned what a quarter was after she married, had a couple of kids, and was on foodstamps.  But I thank those Americans who paid their taxes in order that my children did not starve, even as I was working full-time.  
We already have this plan in my state and it is working very well...sm
Keep our own doctor, private insurance companies, etc. Republican governor too.
Sad he uses the working class as an excuse
This man has abused/used the working class/middle-class name to climb the backs of those hardworking people who actually are so sick and tired that they are willing to fall for anything.

Only he has climbed their backs up the ladder to socialism. Looking at his early years, the only people he wanted to help and still ONLY want to help are the minority. And by duping some middle-class families into voting for him, he will take their hard earned money and increase the welfare payroll.

It is so disgusting. Flame all you want!!!!
So how's that trickle down thing working
how big and fat those corporate giants have gotten and just how much your, your kids and their kids are going to be shelling out to fix what they broke?
How's that trickle down thing been working
If you are doing so well, how's that stock market been treating you lately? 401K all intact? When they froze your credit, added another $150 billion in pork and sweeteners to the bail out, McCain decided we should buy up all the bad mortgages at their original inflated values (creating a windfall for the lenders), AIG execs went to the spa on their way to the quail/pheasant hunt over in England and W announced the bank stock sale, were you as outraged as you seem to be over Obama's notion that we might want to take a look at poverty?
the links aren't working
With regard to working through grief sm
I am not favoring either candidate and will still be praying on it this evening. All I can say is when my dear Dad died, I worked right through to the funeral, went to the wake, prepared the ceremony and program, all in his honor. I  did this all in his memory and to make him proud of me. I am sure others judged me for it - in fact, I know they did - but in my heart, I was doing all I could to make him proud, buried him in my black dress at 10 AM and was working in my black dress by Noon. People did not see my tears, they did not see that I did not sleep a wink or how hard I prayed that he was in a better place. No matter who you are, we all handle grief differently. I never thought I could be that strong, I will never be sorry I did all I could to give him a beautiful funeral and not break down except in the privacy of my own bedroom. To each his or her own. As I said, I still am not decided - they're both good men who have different agendas. May the best man win, but please don't judge how some grieve, that's too personal, no one knows what pain he is in right now and what his grandmother would have wanted for him tonight, I feel she would want him to fight to the end in her honor. Just my personal opinion. Who am I to judge? It's personal.
yes, I am professional - just not working on this board - nm
Her crystal ball must not be working
Your grasping at straws that aren't there.

So you think that having never met this woman she was suppose to know this would happen.

Can I have your crystal ball. I don't have kids yet but that would come in handy so I can tell them who to stay away from because their parents or distant relatives will be involved in illegal activities.
Yep, let the hard-working taxpayer pay for those
War is what is. Working toward stopping it is futile.

Peace is an illusion.  Everybody is always planning their next move.

The best any leader can do is make sure we land on the right side. 


$13 will pay for gas for 1 car for 1 week for me (working at home). nm
Which part is your friend working in?
I've checked out the State Department's travel advisory and it is most geared towards the border towns, along Arizona, California etc. We are supposed to go to Cancun for Spring Break so this is kind of making me leary, although we'll be in a resort, you still have to be careful.
I've been working all day - and frankly...
I have had my head and mind in the computer all day working so have not heard what was said.

I did hear the biggest gaffe in a long time directly by the O. He said "our dollar is strong". What???? Has he been drinking his own kool-aid. DH just had come out for lunch and he was telling me the dollar was dropping quite rapidly. So made lunch, we sat down and on the news heard the enlightened one claim the dollar is strong today. Eegads!!!

So out of touch, but know he won't be missing another party at the wh tonight.

Frankly - I am sick, sick, sick of it all. Sick of hearing our politicians get up and bold face lie right to the camera. They're not even trying to hide it anymore. I'm sick of them working for themselves, and not doing anything to show they have an interest in getting our economy back on track or that they even care about the people anymore. I'm tired of hearing politicians have got all this money "scrolled away" at various banks throughout the world (and we're are not talking about a modest amount). I'm tired of hearing money is missing from here or there and they just decide they refuse to disclose where the money went. I'm tired of hearing them falsly pretend they are disgusted with the AIG and other bail outs then we find out their wives or other relatives work for the same companies and they are doing under-the-table deals while they have their castles on the shores of Ireland and other countries. I'm sick of hearing that they live in million dollar mansions that they are not paying anything to live and (free). I'm sick of hearing about the crooks we have in Washington and tired of hearing all these TV/Radio shows talk and complain about it but do nothing about it. I'm tired of having to pay so much in taxes that I can hardly live anymore yet if you are in politics/WA you don't have to pay taxes. And I'm tired of hearing people excuse them and say that's okay, just as long as one party or the other is not in office. In which case they don't care.

By all means, I'm not directing this at any one person in specific so please nobody take any offense. I'm just so sick of everything going on in the news and what is happening with the country I'm just blowing off steam here. By now I thought I would have some at least some job growth. Even if it was just one company in all of America that is hiring. Is that too much to ask. Just one company in all of America to show some growth, and maybe then it would spur on others.

I'm just sick of it all and thinking of taking a seriously long break from listening to the news anymore. If I'm not watching the country go down the tubes on the TV, then I listen to Hannity whine about it but offer no solutions, and at the same time I turn to Olberman and the MSNBC crowd and they praise what is going on. So rather than "blow a gasket" (in my head) I think I will tune out all news and come here and see who said what and then go check it out. Otherwise, I feel like one of the characters in Orwell's 1984 movie.
I thought it was working in France? nm
Congratulations! Your nonsupport of the war effort is working! sm
You must be so proud. What the left has realized finally come to fruition.  Why exactly do you think the Taliban and all the other islamic terrorists feel emboldened?  Got a clue? 
It does not sound like someone who is working therir butt off to me. nm
Gee...Obama's plan is working better than even he could have imagined..........sm
he has a free thinking A hoodwinked into his way of thinking.

That's okay if you think it is garbage. It really is of no concern to me. However, it would seem to me that an Obamabot has finally grown a spine and come clean, knowing what Obama's victory would do to our country.

You say "negative campaigning." I say exposing Obama for who and what he really is.
You don't actually believe that stuff do you? We have been working at home too long.....nm
Busy working. Didn't pay attention

when that was going on. It was only after I started reading the posts on this board that I really started to nose around. If I would have known, I would've been protesting loudly. So, it's my fault in that respect.

I still don't have a lot of time to spend on this board, but someday I will. Some days I can't get on here at all. Other days, only 1/2 hour.