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There is no smoke. There is only hot air...

Posted By: Marmann on 2008-11-13
In Reply to: Where there is smoke there is fire!! - SM

...and blatant lies.  For anyone who is tempted to believe this garbage, please visit the following site.


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I'm for it. And I don't even smoke it myself.
I'm probably the only person I know in the world who doesn't smoke it sometimes. And if it helps to restore a sick person's appetite, or helps ease another's pain, why not? Legalizing it would take all the profits out of it for those who are growing it illegally.

And no, I don't think people should overdo it (like they do with alcohol, which society seems to condone, no matter how many people it kills on our highways every year.) I once rode with a friend in her car when she was just slightly high, and nope. She shouldn't have been driving. Couldn't keep her car centered in her own lane. (Next time we took MY car, and I drove, instead.)

I also notice that MJ doesn't make people MEAN, the way booze does.

My aging mother says if she has pain in her later years, she wants to smoke marijuana rather than be doped-up on morphine. If she does, then I think she should be able to do that. I actually wish she'd start smoking it now, because she doesn't eat very well anymore.
Smoke and mirrors. Thanks but no thanks on that
Where there is smoke there is fire!!
More smoke and mirrors and much ado about nothing
My first clue that this may be a red herring that merits further investigation was that I could not find information on this piece anywhere except conservative websites and blogs. I also had difficulty locating the text of Newt's so-called "Fairness Rules", which my gut told me was an oxymoron, the mention of Newt and fairness in the same breath.

The key phrase in this piece is found in paragraph 3, lines 4 and 5:

"...bar Republicans from offering alternative bills, amendments to Democrat bills or even the guarantee of open debate ACCESSIBLE BY MOTIONS TO RECOMMIT for any piece of legislation."

It is worthwhile to note that this phrase only appears once, embedded in a storm cloud of protest, fore and aft, and for good reason. There is method to this madness.

Motions to recommit occur at the final stage of bill passage. I have reviewed the text of the Contract On America, err, I mean Contract With America and the scope of its measures did not address the ENTIRE legislative process, as they are trying to suggest here.

I'm not that good at nutshell summaries. Instead, I have tried to present the ENTIRE picture below to clarify exactly what part of the process Pelosi's so-called "erasure" would affect. So much for the assertion that Pelosi is propsing to do away with the democratic process as we know it.

Legislative Prcess

A bill is introduced and referred to committee. Any member of the House can introduce a bill at any time, meaning if the pubs don't like what they get out of one bill, they can pen their own as a counter-measure. The bill is then assigned a number, printed in its introduced form and a bill summary appears on the Bill Status Today schedule.

It is then referred to all appropriate committees where it is scheduled for public debate and markup. Notices as such are posted. Transcript of the testimony taken in the hearings is made available in the committee offices as well as printed and distributed by the committee.

Markup occurs after the hearings where amendments are proposed, considered and voted on. This can happen either at subcommittee or committee levels, all of which are subject to due process of notice, available to ALL interested parties.

The committee then votes on the action to be taken. It can be "reported" either with or without amendment or tabled. Sometimes new bills are written if extensive amendments have to be added, resulting in a "clean bill" which is assigned a new number. A committee report is issued summarizing the purpose and scope of the bill and the reasons it is being recommended for approval.

It then goes to the House floor for FULL CONSIDERATION. This process is governed by a "rule," a simple resolution that MUST BE PASSED by the house that sets out the particulars of how much time will allowed for debate, whether amendments can be offered, and other matters. Debate is divided between proponents and opponents. Amendments are offered, debated and voted upon, summarized on a daily basis and posted.

Motion to recommit

Following this, the bill is ready for a vote on final passage. IT IS AT THE POINT IN TIME WHERE, in some cases, A VOTE TO "RECOMMIT" the bill to committee is requested, also known as a THIRD read. This is usually an effort by opponents to change some portion or table the measure. If the attempt to recommit fails, a vote on final passage is ordered.

How Our Bills Are Made...for further details on this process.

and you can smoke your reefer in peace

last I knew there was nothing about the president not being able to smoke...
No smoke, no fire, only mirrors. LOL!
Obama Tax Promises Up In Smoke

Obama plainly, clearly, and unequivocally promised "not one dime" of tax increase on the workers of America. 


...and the point here is NOT whether you smoke or not.  Even if you think that forcing the poor to quit smoking is a beneficial thing, the questions are:

1.  Should Obama be held to his tax promises or not?

2.  If he can raise these taxes, by what stretch of the imagination do you believe other increases will not follow?

3.  Should the government use the power of taxation to enforce policies that it happens to think are beneficial?  If you think so, how about taxing the next package of hamburger you buy a couple of bucks a pound unless it has less than 14% fat?  And your next loaf of bread a buck or two unless it has 0% transfat? Or the next dozen eggs maybe five bucks for the cholesterol?   After all, far more people in this country are obese than smoke.

If I were President, I'd hit every parent with a $10 per day tax if their kids forget to brush their teeth before going to bed (and I'd send jack-booted bed-tooth-inspectors to every house, too!).  Now that would raise some serious coin, and improve the nation's dental health.  Vote for me.

Politics is all smoke and mirrors.
It's all about what you can make people think they can see, not what's really there.
How I wish that sneaking a smoke was all Obama was hiding...lol....sm
...by the way, I did use my name....my initials actually, as I always do. I admit, I think once I got dyslexic and typed "sm" instead of "ms" ....but there you have it....

Ah well....time will show what he's really like. The one extreme case of poor judgment I'm seeing from Obama is his AG pick... I'm really worried about this Eric Holder.....heaven help us if he refuses again to examine someone's laptop, and permits evidence to go by unnoticed and causes another 9/11....that's my greatest fear at the moment....aside from several others, which shall remain nameless. I have better things to do...like sleep....at the moment....night GP
Obama couldn't do that........ he loves to smoke!!!
My dad died of lung ca. from 2nd-hand smoke. I hope
Smoke and mirrors? It's math. Like, second grade math.
I don't understand your attack.

A little addition, a little subtraction, a tiny bit of multiplication. It's not all that hard to understand.

If you have questions, ask them. Unless you just don't want to hear the answer. In that case, I can't help you.