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Nothing to confess...(sm)

Posted By: Just the big bad on 2009-06-13
In Reply to: Even in these reports - ()

I think that was the point.  I believe that the point of them using torture was to try to establish a link between Al-Q and Iraq, retroactively that is, to justify the war in Iraq.  So, I think they were looking for "false confessions." 

Waterboarding, in particular, was used by the Japanese in WWII for the purpose of getting "confessions."  They knew they were false confessions, but they also knew they could get them because of the severity of the torture.  People will say anything to make it stop.  BTW, don't forget that we prosecuted and put to death Japanese war criminals for this very act (waterboarding).

So, the US knows all this, so what do they do?  They go to the SERE program, which is the military program that teaches our people what to do if they are tortured (waterboarded), and turn this program into a model of what we should do.

As far as the memos go, they don't hold any water.  The way I see it, regardless of what was described as legal or illegal, and what reasons would justify torture, the memos themselves only expresses the opinion of the writer.  It does not change the law.

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I have to confess to backwards typist
they are usually flimsy opinions with no fact, looking for arguments so u are right, i do nont read them.... also what I posted was for dems only so why did u read it? looking for trouble i guess huh?
Well, please, next time, if you aren't a dem and I say dems only, just skip it and we will both be happier.
Thank you.
Nope. The only way to get them to confess is scare