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Even in these reports

Posted By: () on 2009-06-13
In Reply to: That's a very good question...(sm) - Just the big bad

waterboarding and applying electric currents to body parts is defined as torture. Latter was not mentioned in the report, but it was done in Abu Ghraib, we saw the pictures.
These tortures were done on prisoners of whom 'there was sufficient suspicion of having connections to Al-Quaida.' Suspicion? Does this justify torture? Of all immates in Abu Ghraib 90% were innocent. Can you imagine being innocent and being tortured to death, as they have nothing to confess?
Soldiers Garner and England were definitely sadists.

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This is not something new or exaggerated - see these old reports ---



This was started back in the 80s and until recently there was no limit for how long you could draw the money. The $31 - well, each article brings up that amount of money and none of them say that includes benefits... they say they are paid that per hour - and playing games - yes, each article talks about the pay per hour, the wastefulness of being able to sit there day after day (the limit now is 2 years per person), but it is still wasteful! Yes, help them, but the rest of us draw unemployment at a reduced rate of pay and then only for 26 weeks or so...

why does everybody think those people are so special? You all fuss about spreading the wealth from the rich to the poor, but you sure don't give a darn about us poor folks who are busting our butt spreading what little bit we have to the rich ---

I for one am darn sick of it!!!
You must have missed the reports about
who all was in the audience and how he only invited the folks that he believes have supported him (AKA AGREED with him) over his presidency. Guess O just did't measure up to the criteria for that elite fraternity.
What reports are you reading.. your OWN
Current Rasmussen Reports
Poll shows Obama leading 260 electoral votes to McCain 167 votes. If you take the "likely states" the votes change to Obama 300, McCain 174.

Rasmussen has lots of interesting polls on its site, for what they are worth, but it is interesting to watch them change week-to-week and some of them even day-to-day.

they copied those reports from other papers -
the same report was in LA times, the Anchorage Daily News, American Power, Political Affairs, not just on those one-sided sites -

Sorry, I was just posting the obvious that SP was not qualified as a leader of the military just because she is over the Alaskan National Guard when they are not activated. It does not matter where that news comes from - it is still true.
Bush ignored the intelligence reports.
The attack most likely had been planned for a long time, but Bush and his cronies ignored all of the intelligence reports they received that indicated that a huge attack using airplanes was imminent. If he wants credit for keeping us safe since 9/11, he has to take credit for not keeping us safe on 9/11!
I hope you don't think I got those reports from the Media?
They came directly from the minutes of those debates, not the media.
Maybe you should read government reports

I posted a lot of links a while back about the economy and terrorism prior to O becoming president.

Clinton knew the terrorists were getting ready for an attack, but just didn't know how and when it would happen. He could have stopped it, had he had GOOD information from the CIA, FBI. Those two groups were part of the reason we were attacked. They didn't work together or share information. There were plenty of warnings. He also knew there were WMDs in Iraq. It's in the report, but he didn't do anything about it and, in the meantime, Saddam tested his WMDs on his own people, killing thousands.

Clinton also did not leave such a large surplus. He and the accounting office cooked the books to make it look good. There was a surplus but not near as much as Clinton stated.

Global warming...I don't believe it. This is a natural happening every so many decades. It will turn around on its own in its own time. Part of the so-called global warming is the people. There are too many people in the world. People breathe in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. Without trees, we're in trouble. Sounds dumb, but if you want to point fingers, point to the Amazon and destroying the rain forests. Prior to the Amazon forests being destroyed at the rate they are today, there was no problem.

Making peace instead of war doesn't work with terrorists. You have to "walk softly and carry a big stick." O is trying to charm them into peace and we all know that won't work. You have to be ruthless with them or else they will think the US is a pushover. If O wants to keep our country safe, he has to be a combination of FDR, JFK, Reagan, and both Bush's.

 Instead of O going on talk shows and joking around, he should have his finger on the pulse of Washington and bring his congress and senate in line. They are so out of control, it's ridiculous. He has to stay in the WH or, before he knows it, those power mongers will be in power, not him (of course, that has already happened).

If O wants to turn this country around, he needs to let the people do it on their own. Government can't solve everybody's problems. People need to solve their own problems. Money doesn't solve any problems, it just creates more. More social programs that we can't pay for doesn't solve problems. It creates a society that depends on the government for all its needs. That's not the American way. If businesses fail, so be it. If banks fail, so be it. You can't prop up those failures by throwing money at them...as you well know, most of those failures are caused by inept CEOs. Remember Dodge, Cadillac, Studebaker, Rambler, etc.? Those businesses failed. GM and Chrylster absorbed some, but not all. The rest died. Did the world come to an end because of it? No.

As for the rest, small banks are gobbled up by large banks. Should they? No. It causes a monopoly and when that happens, that's a problem. Comcast is the largest cable company in the country. How did it get that way? By gobbling up the smaller ones. If I wanted to leave Comcast, I couldn't because there is no other cable company in this area. I am FORCED to have Comcast if I want internet service. There is no free enterprise when companies become conglomerates.

Oh shucks, some will understand what I'm saying, others will still keep their rose-colored glasses on and believe government will solve all our problems. NOT.

Fox news web site reports over 700 dead. sm
It was a sunni attack on sunnis and it's more than likely retaliation for the constitution. Iraq is definitely headed toward cival war.
Protect us???? He did not listen to all the Intelligence Reports....sm
that a large-scale attack was imminent, his Daddy lit the flame by going over to Iraq the first time to secure Daddy Bush's and his friend's oil interests there, they did not care a FIG about the poor Kuwaitis! We are more hated as a nation now, because of the Bush policies, than we have EVER been in history, and instead if his getting Bin Ladin, as he vowed, he helped the Bin Ladin family living in LA to escape the country becaue of the wrath of the people. Speaking of Kool-Aid? Blind pubs must have bought the factory and have been living on the stuff the past 8 years, unbelievable!
Fed reports economy continued to deteriorate

Gee, I'd been wondering why we were paying the big bucks to these Fed officials and now I know.  So they can tell us things we could have told them (for a lot less money, too).

Perhaps we should call the Fed "MOOSE"  (the Ministry For Obvious Official Statements on the Economy)?  You can see now why we needed Palin, who knows how to field dress a moose.

...and then there was Obama the other day telling Congress not to spend too much money.  In case you didn't catch what I just said, this was Mr. Super-Deficit Obama, telling Congress they should watch the spending. 

I think that the White House has been listening to the national backlash on Daddy MoreBucks' drunken spending spree, and wants to have something they can float during Obama's next campaign to show how fiscally responsible he is. Certainly, there's no connection between what he says and what he does. 

But wait - we're already seeing Obama's next campaign, aren't we?  The man never stops campaigning.


Thanks. Was going to mention there's a special "monitor" board for reports.
Hope it works!!
Funny it's okay to post inflammatory reports about Bush (nm)
We didn't receive moronic reports like this back then. Let me explain.
This report is so broad and covers so many perfectly harmless individuals and so many perfectly legitimate political beliefs that it is not actionable. It's stupid because it's useless, and that's why it would have been laughed out of the squad room. This wasn't "intelligence"; it was amateurish gibberish - and it wouldn't have done one thing to prevent McVeigh's actions, if for no other reason that every cop in Oklahoma City would have been tied up watching the wrong people - perhaps you, for instance.

I'd say 70% of the people in America share at least one of the "issues" that this report enumerates as portending extremism. That's what makes it rubbish, and that's also what makes it alarming.