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Now THERE'S the pot calling the kettle black..lm

Posted By: Just wait on 2009-06-14
In Reply to: Have you ever had an original thought in your head? - Marmann

if I ever saw one - you 3 have the gall to call the rest of us who do not agree with you "bitter, hateful and not worthy of a reply," yet you continue to badger, demean, prod and goad the rest of us who, yes REALLY, do not agree with you, can't understand your so-called "logic" with all that is happening in this country right now and who is responsible for it happening (yep, get a grip - it's now Obama's fault this mess is occurring - it may have started on Bush's watch, but Obama has certainly and assuredly starting forcing this country toward socialism and deepened our debt threefold on top of many other unforgivable things from a president who supposedly loves this country). As long as this is a free country and as long as the moderator continues to allow this type of rhetoric, you 3 don't have the right to spew such nastiness to the rest of us. JMO........

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I'd say that's the pot calling the kettle black, gt. sm
It's not up to you to judge who is Christian and who is not.  Anyone who wishes for someone to burn in hell along with his family has no business especially judging anyone's Christianity.  Good Lord.
Well if that ain't the pot calling the kettle black.
Please no racist comments.....pots and kettles are black....this isn't a race issue. 
Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black?

You accuse us of attacking, when I believe you were the one that called another poster ugly, jealous because of her opinion of SP?  Many of us here are sick to death of you people and your hypocritical double standards.  Practice what you preach!

Once again gt, you are the proverbal pot calling the kettle black.
Still protesting too much.....and pot calling kettle black.
Sarcasm, condescenion, put-downs...check your last sentence. And I was serious, I hope you DO have a good day...you probably need one, because you bear a lot of hostility toward an anonymous poster on a public board. Remember Teddy...you shot first.
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
NO MESSAGE. You wouldn't understand it anyway. Wutta buzzoo.
Pot..kettle..black, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Please post where I have made a *generalization about everything*?  LOL, that in itself is a wild broad generalization by you..er..which one are you today??  Cant keep track, changing your handle every few posts..Continue on with your lies, misrepresentations and extremely board generalizations..I need a good laugh this afternoon.
Name calling? Point out 1 instance of "nasty name calling" in response to your posts
Your childlike accusations are patently false - but you are indeed welcome to your own opinion. I just don't have to agree.
oh pot! oh kettle! nm
you have the weird thought process. you call yourself a Christian and then think it's God's plan this man was murdered? I think God is loving, and I think he loved this man, too. You know, he does love everyone, even the abortionist. get it- everyone.
pot...meet kettle....

I like Kettle Corn!
Well, you are just a kettle of contractions,

aren't you?  You went to a Christian school through high school, Christians are closed minded, yet your own children are in a school where they can pray and you say yea?  I suppose it all depends on which god they are praying to, huh?

Sorta like Ma Kettle on the Beverly
gonna shoot me some vittles...  Me, I like the grocery store; it's more lady-like! 
Don't make us LAUGH too hard there, kettle.
Gt happens to be on the CORRECT board and her views aren't the least hateful to anyone else who is on the CORRECT board expressing the appropriate views. Who are you to sit there complaining that your divisive and disruptive behavior isn't treated with the proper respect here? It's all so much petulant kindergarten whining. If you don't like it, LEAVE. If you stay we have to assume you do like it, and in that case, what are you wasting time complaining about?
I've been called worse than a pot or a kettle. LOL
Racist comment?  Please point it out to me.
Pot meets kettle. You mean like Tom Delay's 2000-2001
We are still dealing with the aftermath. But hey, he was just trying to help out the shrub and the rest of the GOP good ole boys.
Lol. Media Matters liberal misinformation vs conservative misinformation.. pot ... kettle...nm
Even a black man..(sm)

*there is a great many people ready to believe in anything, even a black man from a corrupt Chicago political machine with a nice smile and pretty words. *

Yes, it is a historic event for a black man to become president, as is readily recognized and rightfully so.  However, the OP used *even a black man* in what can only be described as a derogatory manner.  -- ready to believe in anything -- even a black man -- followed by more derogatory comments.  To read a statement like this that was obviously meant to be demeaning and pick out one aspect and try to paint that as an innocent description is ridiculous.  Do you really think she meant to add a compliment in the midst of that statement?  I think not.  In fact, even the phrase *with a nice smile and pretty words* was meant as a sarcastic representation.  I'm not making a mountain out of a mole hill here.  This was obviously a racist statement.  If Obama were white do you think the post would have included the statement *even a white man?*  Of course it wouldn't.  Why do you think that is?  I think the OP managed to show her true colors on this one, whether or not she even realized it. 

LOL! Yes, black and white =
only. Too bad it's not a black and white, good or bad world. The you're either with us or against us philosophy has not served us well in the world community and here at home your patriotism is questioned simply because you ask questions. But it's our mission to spread democracy. God help us.
this looks like you are comparing a black
person to a "retarded" person, which makes YOU look bad. -and have some respect for the office, please. Talking like a 5-year-old does not help your own cause.
One black man jealous of another who
He is both black AND white.
Not that it matters and your not the only one but people keep referring to Barack as a "black" man without acklowdeging that he is also half white (50/50). His mother was as white as they come. I don't feel we are electing a black man (or a white man). I feel we are electing a capable man.
yep - black humor
Actually, I thought it was hilarious when he said it.......but I'm a pretty easy going, laid back person. I saw the comedy in it.
Or as Louis Black would say...
"They deserve to be as miserable as the rest of us!"
Love Mr. Black!
No one is afraid of him because he is black....
it is a valid concern that he is a racist.

However, his far left socialism is more concerning to me than his racism.
Vote just because he/she is black - sm

Is just as wrong as not voting for because he/she is black

I am afraid that too many folks casting their votes will be doing it for these reasons, and that is scary

what does black and white have to do with it?
Nothing to do with black or white there....has to do
I wish McCain was a black man.

I personally feel the McCain hasn't been able to attack Obama like he should because they are too afraid of the race card being played.....and let's face it.....the race card is being played as it is. 

He does not need to LOOK for black vote.
Already addressed this Selma junk yesterday. Know how many black feel patronized? Don't make me have to go dig up my post from yesterday that already put this garbage to rest. It will embarrass you.
do you think if she were black it would have matter?
So sad.
Black and White
People and organizations often try to condense life into a black and white little box. It's way too gray for that.

One thing I discovered as I got older ... just because people or organizations come on strong doesn't mean they know what they are talking about or have good ideas.

I was always shy and figured the people who were forceful were such because the knew their $#it. Sooo not true. :)
I admit that I am not black.

I guess you could say I have not walked in a black person's shoes.  However, don't for one second think that I have never felt racism.  I've seen the glares and dirty looks aimed in my direction by black people.  I've given smiles to strangers who instead of smiling back would glare hatefully at me.  I've said, "I have a nice day," to people who have either given me a dirty look or turned their back to me. 

I was at a hospital visiting my dying father when I left with my son to get something to eat.  My son is very young and has a developmental delay.  A black mother and her daughter walked onto the elevator with us.  My son, not knowing any better, looked at the little girl and commented that she was brown.  Without even thinking I said, "Yes she is.  Isn't she beautiful!"  The mother gave me the dirtiest look.

Well, I hear that something like 95% of black
He chose to be more black
He said so himself in his book.
Black? You mean muslim.
Anybody see the Black Panther
arguing with the Fox reporter in Philadelphia.  Yeah, I would feel comfortable going there to vote.  What is wrong with these people.  Why can't people just go vote honestly with none of the scams and crap going on, and see who the MAJORITY of citizens want for our next President?  This whole thing is absurb!  Glad I live in a small town, no lines, no bull*****
Those of us that aren't black could
never understand in a million years what this election to means to many black people.  Just 40 years ago, they could not even vote.  Obama never referred to himself as being akin to MLK -- that tag was put on him by others as a standard for the few black people in our society that have been held up as examples of what any human being can accomplish if given the opportunity.  I ask you, if you or your ancestors (blacks, Jews, etc.) had been held in slavery for hundreds or thousand of years, being treated as non-humans, would you not consider it a victory to finally be recognized as an equal?  Get over your self-righteous indignation and accept it for what it is -- a progressive step forward long overdue.
I think it's official.....gay is the new black (sm)
It amazes me that we can take such a huge step as we did in the general election and yet at the same time take away someone else's rights.  I hope this goes to the supreme court.
Oh boy, now that we have a black president
Now, if say, Chris Rock had made that comment, you're going to tell me you would still find that bad? That guys says plenty of racist things and I can guarantee you many on this board would be laughing at any racist comment he makes. They just won't admit it.
Black Friday
That was so terrible!!  I cannot believe that people are so greedy and thoughtless as to create such bedlam...there was no need for something like this to happen.  I hope they find the person responsible and throw them under the jail.  I think BF should be outlawed.  I once went shopping a day after Thanksgiving many years ago and have not since - people pulling items out of others' hands, people cursing at one another...I felt so bad for the people running out the checkout counter.  One checkout girl was so frazzled she began to cry because one of the people in line told her she was 'too slow', and went on to threaten this poor lady..it's a sad commentary on our society, and even sadder that there is a family in mourning because people don't know how to behave in public
Even Black Friday..........sm
wasn't the success the retailers had hoped for. There were several articles over the weekend sayin that, while there fairly good turnouts, it wasn't the big kick-off they expected.
To Ashamed Black MT:

I wholeheartedly agree with JTBB.  I think people see different things when they see Obama.

What I see is someone who is also half WHITE.  I see someone who wouldn't even have been allowed to EXIST in this country not very long before he was born because interracial marriage was against the law.  I see how far our country has come, despite all the bigots and racists, some of which obviously linger (but hopefully will go by the way of the dinosaur).

Most of all, I see someone who represents the BEST in most of us, instead of the LEAST in the few of us.  By acknowledging my EXISTENCE (and I'm white) as someone in America who isn't a millionaire, by acknowledging the EXISTENCE of a healthcare problem and by acknowleding the EXISTENCE of all the other problems that plague people who were once part of the almost extinct middle class, he is acknowledging the existence of most of us, which is much more than has been done by the Republicans during either the last eight years or even during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

I have great faith in him, especially when I see him with his children, that he truly wants what is best for everyone in this country.  I have no idea why so many people are so threatened by him.  I truly see hope for a better future, even though I've been "programmed" to live on edge and wonder what the "President" is doing next to stick it to the little guy.  Hopefully, I'll get over that "reflex," and hopefully he won't give me a reason to question or criticize him.

Who's doing the name calling here? LOL
Try reading a little closer!

I said it was an ignorant post. There is a lesson in semantics here:Surly you can tell the difference between "ignorant poster" and ignorant post?

My post was not "name calling" - I simply pointed out the poster's opinions were not based in known fact.

As to name calling, I would point out your use of the term 'na´ve' - what part of my post criticising Obama A DEMOCRAT - didn't you read? Why would you assume I give the Clintons a pass?

both parties are corrupt to the gills and Americans in general are ignorant of what they are actually do to us ALL and to the world.

Read a little closer before you rant :)
Why do they keep calling?

Over the last 3 or 4 days I have gotten 6 or 7 calls (they call twice a day and always when I am sitting down to eat).  They are the democrats calling telling me all the wonderful things about Obama and I have to show my support and vote for him).  I keep telling them I am a registered democrat so they know who I am voting for and after they've gone on about him they then say "well you should vote your concious", but they always say it quite softly and one person I asked him to repeat what he said because I couldn't hear it.  The last one I told them if I'm voting my conscious why are you propping up Obama?

I don't understand if I'm a registered democrat why are the democrats calling me, shouldn't the republicans be calling me?  I have not received one call from anyone on the republicans side (and I haven't left my house since last Saturday when I went grocery shopping so know I haven't missed any calls).

This is just so frustrating.  I'd turn off my phone but I have friends and family that call me too.  Boy I cannot wait for the election to be over.

There was no name calling at all there nm
Name calling. How like you.
Again with the name calling?
What are you, 9?
Name calling

What are you a child with your name calling?  How can anyone take anything you say seriously when you act like a 5-year-old calling names?


name calling
I have bedbugs crawling all over me as I lie on the bed in this cheap motel.

Things zoom past me that I just don't get.

I am such a wrong poor widdle victim of meanies and misogynists, and I play the race card too. And I drank so much Kool-Aid that I cannot face unpleasant truths.

I refuse to grow up. And I can't put a sentence together.....

But you have a face only a mother could love...