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To MDI-MD employees running out of work (sm) - Posted By: Rethinking my decision

Are you working on C-phone accounts or the internet platform?   I am just now in training, and I am wondering if I should re-think my decision. If there is new management in place and this is a direct result of such, I am now hesitant to continue. 

What do you do if it is your scheduled weekend day to work. If you have set aside a certain time to work on a Saturday or Sunday and there is no work, do they expect you to continually check throughout the day in order to do your ''commitment?  There is no way I can do this as I have other commitments also and can't spend 12 hours trying to do 5 hours of work. I can only set aside a certain timeframe to transcribe on the weekend and if there is no work in those hours, I won't be able to get the lines done. Any insight you can shed would be so much appreciated. 

Anyone heard of Wilson Transcription Service - Posted By: mt

Is it safe to work for a company that does not require a contract to sign; you just let them know when you're ready to work. 

Read all the recent posts about TT and KS but.. - Posted By: NYMT

if some of those who work at these companies could email me I would appreciate it.  Looking at possibly making a change soon and just wanting to ask some specific questions and chat about your experiences with them.  Thanks!

Any info on Hycare Medical Transcription? - Posted By: Nik

Hi all! Does anyone have any info, good or bad, on Hycare Medical Transcription? TY!

Couple specific Encompass questions sm - Posted By: potential Encompasser?

Do they have a consistent workload?

Heavy ESL?

Their benefits package seems amazing, their requirements seem very well detailed and they seem very structured in general.  I like the black-and-whiteness of it. They seem to have their biz together.  Anyone that can verify?

Any loopholes on their behalf from anyone's experience, such as docking for errors, exreme nit-picking (although my accuracy is excellent thus far).  I'm hoping they're not a company that portrays themselves as reputable, family-oriented, professional, etc. and then harass and turn into monsters once you're on board.  Thanks!

Med-Scribe, Florida - Posted By: Stargazer

Does anyone have any information regarding Med-Scribe out of Florida.  Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

VBC is code for not paying for spaces - Posted By: mtme

Don't be deceived. VBC (virtual black character) is simply a new way of saying - no pay for hitting the spacebar between words.

Haven't seen anything mentioned, but have any long-term MDI-MD SE's received anything for X-Ma - Posted By: Old-MT

Just curious, as there was no mention that I could find on the boards.  As a SE and just recently being hired by MDI-MD, I didn't expect anything; however, I received a beautiful Thanksgiving, X-Mas and New Years e-mail card from my liaison.  Can't begin to tell you how much that was appreciated. Just remembering we're out here doing the work for them, and she in turn taking her time to chose a card to send us, has shown me more appreciation than I received in my past 12 yrs working for another National !   

Anyone know of Edge Transcription? - Posted By: Terry

Hi. Has anyone here worked or is working for Edge Transcription?

SPI/CyMed - Posted By: SPI/CyMed Employee

I was wondering if there is anyone else here who works for SPI/CyMed who got the email that their payroll service was having problems with direct deposit, therefore, had to send checks overnight via FedEx. I know that there are 2 different payroll schedules at SPI, where some employees get paid on opposite weeks (i.e. some got paid on January 5th and I get paid on January 12th), and I know that the people who were paid on January 5 got the same email because I got it then as well. I was wondering if any those people actually did get their checks on time from FedEx as they said we would. I am just paranoid because they have been having this problem for over a week now and could not fix it in time for those of us who get paid tomorrow, the 12th. It just seems kind of weird to me.

Anyone know anything about TRX? nm - Posted By: TIA


What company is "Manager" on the job board? - Posted By: Curious

There is a company wanting Escription people, very low pay, but wondering what company is posting this.  Anyone know?  TIA! 

IC/Overtime Court Case in Texas - Posted By: willtype4cash

There is an 'opt-in' federal labor law case in the Texas courts naming a midwestern MT company as the defendant for nonpayment of OT and IC/employee status violation.  If you Google full company names, the case will come up in the results. 

Opt-in means that if someone wants to join the law suit they need to contact the defendant's lawyer or the courts.  This information is public and easy to find.  I paid only $0.64 online to get the legal papers filed with all of the contact information.

**** This thread is being locked.  All replies need to go to email. ****


WEBMEDX, padding lines? I dont think so! - Posted By: Donna E

They will work you the first week, claiming it is training, and by the time they terminate you for their FALSEHOOD that you didn't meet 98% Excellence Criteria (GOD KNOWS WHO INVENTED THEIR EXCELLENCE, it is the Sloppiest transcription rules i have ever seen), then you will lose your entire pay for computer mail back fees and rental of equipment!!

I truly believe they made up their excellence standard so called guidelines themselves, to CUT DOWN ON LINE COUNT.  Seriously, if they can force you to use the number "2" versus the proper way as in "two" or roman numeral "II", they will beat you up about using "2" and say it is their WEBMEDX EXCELLENCE STANDARD GUIDELINES.  What a joke!


Not happy at all with Amphion lately.....not only are they moving all accounts to VR, they are gonna make MTs start supplying their own computer, their own virus protection, and a very expensive foot pedal to work with the new VR. At 4 cents per line, no way the pay will be the same. Some MTs may do better with editing but not people that already have a decent line count. Seems like the transcription business is so completley going DOWNHILL. I'm tired of the uncertainty and the pay going down instead of up while I'm working more hours. I am so ready to get out of this field but until I can go back to college, nothing I can do and make the same money although with the rate things are going down that might change faster than I think.  Am I the only one who is fed up and unhappy at Amphion?  Seems like their MTs used to be priority but not anymore....

Are there any companies that allow you a 12-24 hour window to complete work? - Posted By: sm


I do not want to work for a company - Posted By: who offshores. Please tell me

the comapnies who do offshore so I will not waste my time testing.


DataScript - NEED INFO - Posted By: Zville MT

I need your help!  Anyone that has any information about DataScript in Michigan!  I've been working for them for a little over a month now.  Work has been sporadic, but it usually is in most places around the holidays and such, so I didn't think anything.  My concern is that I was told that checks would be mailed out on the 30th of the month (that would have been August 30th) and I have yet to receive my check.  I've emailed them about it and have not gotten a response.  Also, the website where I used to download my work from doesn't work now - I get a message that this page cannot be found.  It all sounds very fishy to me, but I can't find any information on them, good or bad.  If you feel uncomfortable leaving informatoin on this forum, please email me - any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!!!

OK everybody, put your peasant blouses or Neru - Posted By: jackets on, stick flowers in your hair and go outs

at 2:20 EST Saturday morning for the Age of Aquarius.  The moon will be in the 7th house and Jupiter will align with Mars -  for 18 minutes.  So if maybe everybody goes outside and sings and dances around, maybe your prayers will be answered and you find Transcription Nirvana.  The good news is you have until December 21, 2012, to find it. 

OTI Oracle--Anyone give heads up on their benefits - Posted By: Eva

and other info about them.  Thanks. 

Thomas Trans Any reviews/comments on this company? - Posted By: Might Apply

Thanks in advance

Transmed - Posted By: curious

Does anyone know anything about this company in NJ? Thanks.

Diskriter-Hospital Employee Status - Posted By: Texas MT

I've recently accepted a hospital employee status position with Diskriter.  Is there anyone else out there that works one of these positions that would be willing to network with me?

I HAVE FOUND HEAVEN - Posted By: Rhonda Job

I know we all hear a lot of negative feedback on many companies for many different reasons, whether it be benefits not being paid, money not being paid, jobs not staying in the U.S.  I tried four different companies before I found MDI and made it my home.  I have never worked with such a great group of caring, supportive people.  I have been transcribing for more than thirty years, on and off, and have found everything I could want in a company, especially working from home.  They always have support and someone always answers the phone when you call, you stick to your schedule and you don't have extra people on there taking your work away, you get paid on time, and get time off when you need it with a little advanced notice.  The thing that totally blew me away was receiving a package from them the other day with a big thank you card for hard work, and a box full of goodies.  I don't remember getting that from employers when I worked on site.  If you are looking for a company that keeps their word and has happy longterm employees, MDI is the place to be. 

Verbatim nonsense! - Posted By: Lee

Thuh patient ah, um, ah presented ah came in ah today with a complaint of ah um left-sided headache, a headaches of a daily basis, um.........(shuffle through some papers or something).....um -  Comment:   So when they say verbatim don't we have to use common sense?  He had a hysterectomy, and that 5-year-old quit smoking last year.  Duh.......Verbatim accounts simply wear me out!!  Do they want it verbatim because they think they are saving money or what?  Ending sentences in prepositions, mixed tenses, no conjunctions or prepositions, etc.  A punctuation nightmare!!  Also their insisting on using acronyms, which have multiple meanings.  Am I alone out here?  I am so tempted to type something just once exactly, I mean exactly, as dictated.

Is Peggy Whalen still recruiter for AllType? - Posted By: sent my resume to Andrea Renner nm

Anyone else at TT out of work? - Posted By: sm

I have 4 accounts and they are all dry.

PCDI Canada - Posted By: exasperated

Has anyone used or know anything about this company and the MT course they offer?  Am try to find out how legit they are for a friend.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks! =)

Webmedx VR - Posted By: just another TT MT

Is it true Webmedx pays 70% of your line rate for VR?  I work at TT and am looking to leave because of the LOW pay for VR. 


Transcription Relief Services - Posted By: huh?

Can anyone tell me about them? I tried to find info on them by doing a search and nothing came up. Good? Bad? Pros? Cons? Thanks!

SoftScript? - Posted By: frustrated


anyone have any experience with this company?

Don't know if this has been discussed, but...smCindiRI - Posted By: CindiRI

Has anyone used Transcription Matchmaker, which is heavily advertised, especially on MTDaily, and is reportedly a matchmaker headhunter/recruitment which promises to match up an MT with a company that matches their skill level, their specific interests, their work needs, etc., with just the right company.  There are just so many companies out there, so many conflicting reports from folk who have worked for these companies and supposedly know the inside details, and as a heavily seasoned  MT who has had her share of OOOPs and blunders, I thought this might be good resource???? Thanks so much in advance! 

Does anyone have any personal information about Silent Type, Inc out of New Jersey, or - Posted By: jd

Van Belkum out of Michigan?  I posted on w/e, when not many on the board.  Will try again.   Thank you.  

Does anyone know anything about United Transcription? - Posted By: GI MT

The ad looks like it's a good company to work for, but looks can be deceiving.  Anyone have personal experience with them currently or in the past?  TIA

Reference check question? - Posted By: MTtomcat

I accepted a position about 2 weeks ago at a company that apparently hire people before checking their references.  My references that I listed are calling me stating that they are just receiving reference calls today.  Is this the standard practice of getting hired.  I was hired two weeks ago.  How come they did not check my reference then!   I just think this is backwards, but I have good references anyway.

This makes me worried about this company because so many MTs on this board have negative things to say about this company.  I hope this is not the beginning of bad things to come with this company.

TransTech - Posted By: Olive Oyl

I just read on one of the boards here where someone states that Transtech pays for spaces but not any words that autopopulate.  Does this mean if you bring in normals, you are not paid for this?  I thought they told me that autopopulated information was paid for  and also spaces paid for.  Am I wrong about this?  Or does autopopulate mean the header stuff and the information on the patient, etc.  Anyone know for sure????

Thanks for your help.

P.R.N. transcription company military etc - Posted By: Barbie Doll

Can someone tell me what is up with their platform? I've never seen anything like this. They are lovely people but I'm puzzled as to the formatting and things that seem much harder than normal.

.DCT files for Keystrokes position - Posted By: NJ MT

I am trying to test for a position at Keystrokes and I cannot open up a .DCT file on my wave player.  Can any MT who works for Keystrokes help me with these types of files? Thanks!

Med-Tech in Georgia anyone? - Posted By: CardioMT

I found a few posts from a couple of months ago, but only new hires.  I would love to know how it is going for you guys?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

TransHealth - General question please - Posted By: easydoesit

Can you tell me how work is picked up?  Do you load a certain amount at once, or is it a pickup one job at a time situation?  Also, how is the platform to use?  Do you have to work weekends, or is that optional?  Thinking of applying there.  TIA.

Future (something) out of Florida? - Posted By: info

I am looking for the name of the company that operates out of Florida.  I believe they do ER work and they have the word Future included in their company logo.  Thanks so much! 

Just to let someone know, but I cannot - Posted By: sm

send my resume to American Transcription and cannot get to their website. 

Who would you use as a - Posted By: Just sayin

professional reference if you have been at the same employer for 12 years, and your previous employer is out of business and you don't keep contact with any previous co-workers from there?  I don't personally know any MTs at my current company as the company likes it that way and blocks out any E-mail addresses of other co-workers. I have many friends and family who are professionals, but I don't think that's what they're looking for. 

eTranPlus - Posted By: CathyC

Anyone know what platform eTranPlus uses? Would like any input current employees have to offer, good or bad. So far have seen some good comments about them. Hope they are true? Appreciate any advice.

39 days 'til Spring!!!


Does MDI-FL have other platforms - Posted By: grannyMT

besides Meditech.  If so, what are they and are they user friendly?

any such thing... - Posted By: lindamt

What company/companies can start a FT employee w/9 years experience out at 10 cpl?  Are there any?

Searched archives, but found nothing recent on Q-Med... anything out there? - Posted By: NEMT

I've also asked before and got no replies so I'm trying one more time.  Anyone know anything good or bad about this company?  THANKS!

Does anyone know anything about SA Wynn? - Posted By: looking for better pay


Discussion/arguments. (SM) - Posted By: Moderator

If you want to discuss or argue your post being edited or removed, take it to e-mail.

Accuscribe - Posted By: c-hav

Anyone work for Accuscribe? I got an offer from them and I'm wondering how they are to work with.