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SoftScript question regarding MT platform - Posted By: mtt

Is their platform easy to learn, can you achieve your lines rather quickly or is it  a clunky system with a lot of bells and whistles and such before getting to actual transcription.  What is their pay range if you don't mind me asking?


TIA for your input.

Career board dried up? - Posted By: CC

Have companies stopped posting on the Careers board?  I assume work hasn't dried up in the two months I haven't been on here?

American Transcription Solutions?? - Posted By: KC


Proscribe - Posted By: Suzy

Any feedback about this company would be appreciated


Thank you

Get Back Jack Productions Does - Posted By: mt

anyone work there? If so what platform or platforms? Happy, nice people, keep you busy on one primary, you know the usual questions. I am so sick of looking, being hired, and it turning out awful.

Why do my posts on the main board keep getting deleted? - Posted By: Liked their platform, have to leave because of sch

All I asked was if there is a company out there with a platform like Precyse - where you can look up the old reports by doctor, or by patient.  What is so wrong with that? 

Be careful when responding to posts for ICs....sm - Posted By: Beware

on the Job Seeker's board.  The one for St. Clair us offering $0.07 a line for experienced transcriptionists which equates to a little more than $0.05 a line when you consider self-employment taxes etc. that you have to pay which adds up to about 20% of your pay.  This company, as most do, say they have the best transcriptionists.  This is impossible to believe at that very low rate.

I took a test for Focus Infomatics yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sm - Posted By: OMG!!!!!!

I ACED it. It was a breeze! I have many years of MT experience.

Can you believe the GALL of this co. to send me out a blanket email saying I failed the test and then referred me to Career Step for more training? I used to be an MT instructor!!!!!!

I am SO livid. Why? Not because I failed. Forget them, I'm obviously too good to work for them. BUT the fact that I took 2 hours out of my PRECIOUS time yesterday to take the damn test in the first place.


NOT a good way to start my morning!

Any new info on Breitner and how they are CURRENTLY? - Posted By: nm


just asking - Posted By: lily

did anyone ever feel that they hated to leave their present job as they loved their main account but for other reasons knew it would be a good choice?  have a good day

C-phone - Posted By: Guest

I recently applied to Keystrokes. They have open positions but require a C-phone which I don't have. I went to E-bay and see many different kinds. Which kind do I need? TIA.

Hi all. Anyone had any experience with QED? SM - Posted By: sunshine

They have an add, and I have not heard of this service. Looks like they are out of Arkansas. TIA

Questionable company - Posted By: Colleen Schlee

Can anyone tell me anything about Probity, good or bad?

For the people below who worked at Meridian - Posted By: sm

How long did you stay before you left?  I've been here a few months and beginning to wonder if I should cut my losses now or just give it a little more time to try to build up my production.  Still haven't met quota for benefits after 3 months.

Anyone out there work or worked for CBay Systems and Services? - Posted By: AlabamaMT

I see this company is out of Maryland.  I wondered if anyone has had experience or know anything about the company.


another TL sacrifice at OSI - Posted By: same old same old

cos if you do your job real well then you become a threat to the superiors who know less than you do and you must be replaced with a newbie who either doesn't know how the game is really played at OSi or she was a plant from the get go.

sad... things will never change

intellitype - Posted By: denise

Does anyone work for Intellitype?  Please give me the ins and outs of what you think of the company.  Thanks  

Anybody apply and start the Keystrokes acute care yet? - Posted By: curiousMT

The job posting for the DQS and acute care looks really interesting.  The post says possibly start the day after resume is received! Lots of perks, and sign ons, etc.  Wondering if Keystrokes got a MQ account.  I am not a MQ MT, but wondered if anybody is already working or plans to get into this job.  It is really, really tempting, but nobody has posted here about it, so I thought I would inquire. If anyone has any kind of experience on this, perhaps it could get me to try. Thanks! 

SPI can't afford postage meter - Posted By: whazzup

What kind of so-called international company still licks stamps to mail paycheck stubs and doesn't use a postage meter?  I can't believe my eyes for the past few months!

Testing with New England Medical Transcription - Posted By: Just Passing Through

Has anyone else had problems getting test files from them with IE7 and Word 2003?

Does anyone know if MRC out of Maryland and eMTS are the same? NM - Posted By: Mt2long

Thanks, I think one of them is the old MRC out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Any difference in VR/ASR between companies - Posted By: Rainwomanan

Anyone worked on VR/ASR for more than one company?  Was there a difference?  MModal has a long list of partners, all the big companies, so the source is the same.  Just wondering if the individual companies vary, according to platform and who the company tech is.  Which company is best?

Any hold outs on the PC check at A?nm - Posted By: anonymoose


Anyone have info on MDI-MD? - Posted By: Looking

Any info at all would be appreciated, platform, etc. TIA!

Breitner - Posted By: Worried

Can anyone give me any up-to-date information on Breitner?  The only thing I can find in the archives dates back 1 year or better.  I would really appreciate any current information on them -- worried about paycheck.  Was told pay day was 4th and 20th, and now am being told differently.  Please help.  Thanks

UST transcription - Posted By: Christine

Can anyone give me any info good or bad about US Transcription Company.  Checked the archives and nothing since 2007.  No news is good news? 

Anyone else who left MQ/ line count question. (sm) - Posted By: Just Me

Working on Dictaphone ExText now and only averaging 100-135 lines per hour whereas on MQ DQS was able to do easy 150.  (Before the cesspool, of course).  Feel I need to be more patient.   Had worked MQ so long forget how long it takes to build up speed and ease with another program.

Anyone else have input?

Anyone offer just cardiology! The more I do it, the - Posted By: more I enjoy it!

Looking for employee status.  Thanks!

CorTMedical - Posted By: AvaMQ

Has anyone ever heard of CorTMedical transcription in Ohio? I just found their website and have never heard of them nor can I find anything about them in the archives. If anyone knows anything about them I'd appreciate some info.

I would give the website address but don't know for sure if we are allowed to post that on here.  I only read and post on here sporadically. Thanks.

CLKTranscription - Posted By: Holly MT

I am currently working for CLKTranscription and have been for a couple of months. I have been extremely happy with this company. I was hired on right out of school, which was a huge relief to me. CLKTranscription was willing to train me, deal with my many mistakes, work around my schedule, and I am always paid on time. I feel extremely lucky to have found such a wonderful company!

What is it like to transition to VR at TT - Posted By: MT2

Does your pay decrease much at first, even with the training pay... what can be expected regarding short-term impact, and then long-term impact.  Need to know from people who have already gone through this process, or are going through it now.  Have to make some major financial decisions and need some reality check.  If it is all good and no worry on finances, great... if pay decreases immediately, need to make some adjustments ASAP.  Serious answers only please, this is a sensitive topic and a very important question to me and my family. Thanks in advance.

Serviss Transcription DOES NOT PAY!!!! SM - Posted By: Michelle

Please stay away from this one.  She does not pay and avoid you, all phone calls, emails, everything.  She owes a few MTs thousands of dollars.

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MTStars Team

Synernet.net - Posted By: Did y'all see this?

I looked at their website and this is what they require.  I can do this most days but this is a bit much to expect from the start.  I can understand that for editing but for straight MT'ing 1600 lines?  A lot of MTs can't do this.  Wonder what they pay?

Production requirements (typed) are set at a minimum of 1,600 lines per eight hour day while edited line rates are at a minimum of 2,200 lines per day.


line requirement for MDI-MD? - nm - Posted By: PT


MBS Transcription??? - Posted By: Lynn M. Jacoby

Has anyone ever heard of MBS Transcription?  I received an e-mail at one of my alternate e-mail addresses instead of my main one and I definitely did not solicit them.


Lynn J.

What's going on with Medware? - Posted By: SimplyTired

Does anyone know why the sudden huge drop in work? I know it's usually slower this time of year but not this slow. Did they hire too many people?

Where did all the ex-MQers get their dream jobs? (sm) - Posted By: Kay V

I left the Q after many years to go to a highly praised company on this board and I'm in the same boat I was at MQ...no work.  Things were okay for about a year but now the honeymoon is over.  I've been in the biz over 20 years and thought I would work for MQ until I retired.  Now I find myself in the position of having to look yet again for another company and believe them when they promise me steady work on my accounts.  I'm beginning to believe such a place doesn't exist anymore.

Someone please explain this to me.. - Posted By: What?

Cardioscribes is supposedly so busy that they do not have time to respond to prospects, but yet they just posted another ad on the Job Seekers forum. LA dee da dee da

?? - Posted By: pjdol

Anyone know anything about Proscript?

is there ANYONE who works for medivoxx??? - Posted By: sm

I posted a message on the main board about the QA at my company and I just feel like I am going to get canned.  Like I explained in that post, the QA is very controversial.  Some do it this way, some do it that way, and I never get a clear answer on anything.  I also pull up completed reports as samples and will follow it that way, and it still gets marked wrong.  The QA supervisor isn't really any help.  I just feel like they are looking to get rid of people now because their workload is really slowing down.  But ANYWAYS, even though I have 7 months of experience now, I am thinking maybe I should just get a job at a company that is known for hiring newbies such as Medivoxx or Focus Infomatics.  The company I am at now is just making me feel like I am not doing a good job.  So any info on these companies or any others would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Webmedx radiology anyone? How... - Posted By: T1

is the platform?  How is the pay?  What about work load?  Any info appreciated.  TIA

ATSI - NEED INFO....please? - Posted By: Perty please?

Just would like to know how they are to work for concerning pay/perks and flexibility.  You can e-mail me if you would rather.  TIA

Anyone else having a slow week? Thought it would pick up after Memorial. nm - Posted By: twiddling my thumbs


psych stuff - Posted By: Charlene Macias

Does anyone know of any company hiring that does a lot of psych work?  I have been specializing in psych the past two years and like it but need to make a change.  Any ideas where to look?  Thanks much for any help.

Transtech ad/oncology - Posted By: Kathy

Is the workload at TT better now since I see they have an ad up for oncology...would like to hear if there is enough work on this account(s) to apply.  Thanks

This is what I believe about MTSOs - Posted By: CMT

Most all of them are probably offshoring work secretly or not.  They overall don't respect their MTs.  They offer baloney rates.  They lie through their teeth.  They offer steak and deliver animal chow.  They punish all MTs supposedly because of the faults of a few MTs.  They keep tabs with countless instant messages and phone calls to keep their ignorant little children in check.  They are constantly running ads because they can't keep good MTs. 

How can any industry survive with this treatment?  I think almost every one of them is offshoring whether they admit it or not.  What other explanation could there be?  It can't be simply because the MTs put up with it.  There HAS to be something else behind it.  MTs as an industry don't put up with any more crap than any other type of employees.  BUT the MT industry has a way of offshoring work with nobody the wiser, unlike other industries and I think that is what is behind the whole sham. 

R&B Sten-Tel - Posted By: InfoPlease

Anyone have any experience with this company?

Landmark Transcription of PA - Posted By: wcc

Does Landmark Transcription of PA have a TAT? 

What are top 5 companies size-wise? MQ still largest? nm - Posted By: sm


Question, what does 65 character B/W line mean? I'm not sure what the B/W is??(nm) - Posted By: quietmoods