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MediTask....NOT in Houston - Posted By: Anyone work there

There are two MediTasks.  The one I am wondering about is in Austin....I think.  Is it a nice place to work.  Pay??  Hours/shifts?  Anything would be wonderful!

med-scribe - Posted By: x

does anyone know how much med-scribe pays?  Thank you!

Proveros posts removed from below...sm - Posted By: Javabean, Moderator

Posts below regarding Proveros have been removed due to report coming in:

REASON: is Defamatory
COMMENTS: If you could please review this thread and remove it it would be greatly appreciated. It is untrue and paints Proveros in a light that has already proven to be extremely damaging to our reputation, business and recruiting efforts. Therefore I again formally that you remove this thread as soon as possible. Should you wish clairification or further information to substantiate our assertions please let me know.

Please be assured we are not taking sides here, however, if it is potentially damaging we cannot allow untrue defamatory comments be posted.  If you have verifiable proof, you may contact admin and request to post this information, but for the time being I am removing the posts. 

Thanks for understanding. 

Acusis? Imput please. - Posted By: jaimierj

I'd like to hear about Acusis.  What is their standard pay rate?  Are you micromanaged?  Enough work?  Overall?



Has anyone had experience with both eScription and ASR @Wedmedx? I hear a lot of sm - Posted By: Just me

good things about eScription, but I don't have amnything to compare it to (except ASR at Webmedx). Anyone?

DSG, What's going on? - Posted By: Worried

Does anyone really know what is going on at DSG, particularly the DSG2 side? It is a weekday and we are practically out of work. Are all of the accounts on DSG2 really overflow from Medquist? Has more work been pulled back because of being out of TAT? Are we getting any new accounts anytime soon? Is it time to start looking elsewhere? Worried.

MDI-MD What kind of foot pedal & computer system requirements do they have? - Posted By: sm

Thanks for the info!  Happy Friday :*)

pay - Posted By: sm

Does anybody work for a company that pays weekly instead of bi-monthly?  I really want to try to get 2 part-time weekly paying jobs instead of my 1 full-time.   I'm looking for either IC or employee status.  Thanks 

How long did you wait for training at Transcend? - Posted By: Wondering

Just wondering what the typical time frame is from install to training?

Opinon please - Posted By: anne

I am in the process of organizing a small company, taking over about 50 MTs from a hospital and some clinic work. I am not too experienced at MTing, just business management. My question is, how many account managers is needed and what is they function? How many editors is needed?

TransTech good or bad? - Posted By: wondering


TransMedical, Inc. - Posted By: AlabamaMT

I read the posts from the beginning of February where a few people accepted an offer with TransMedical, Inc., and I was just wondering how things are going? 

If anyone that is working for TMI can provide any information (good, bad, etc.),  I would appreciate hearing from you.  I am thinking about applying with them and would love to hear your thoughts!


eMTS - Posted By: DG

Anyone start with eMTS ?  They were hiring not too long ago.  Wondering how they are.  Thanks.

Zylomed in Naples, FL? Is there more than one - Posted By: MTSO named that? sm

Does anyone work for the one in Naples? If so, can you tell me how it is there? Do you get pay raises ever and what is the software like to work on, etc.? Received an offer and mulling over the details. Steady work? Also, said there's a 4-hour TAT for the MTs and wondering how that is? Seems short.

Thanks for any info you can provide!

Transcriptionist in a chiropractor's office - Posted By: MTseje

Does anyone know what a transcriptionist's salary range would be in a chiropractor's office?

Who would want to work for a company like this? - Posted By: quitting


We have absolutely no one working radiology at the moment.  Because of the problems we encounter every single Saturday and Sunday and at the beginning of every new pay period, I have had to change a policy.  From now on, no one can have Saturday and Sunday off.  We now hire Sun through Thursday or Tuesday through Saturday.  I will be contacting anyone who has both days off and we will have to arrange for different days off. 

Further, anyone working part-time will be required to work a full time day on Saturday.  We need 8 hours of your time on Saturday.  You can work a split on Saturday, but you need to work full time hours on Saturday.

We are constantly threatened with emails like I just posted. Now who would want to continue to work for tyrants like this.  Just big ole bullies.


Anyone who has questions please feel free to contact me.

Zylomed - Info from current employees appreciated - Posted By: rose

Is their platform  Inscribe by Emdat?   Autopopulated demographics?   What is average pay?  Can you make a good line count?  Good dictators?


any info on Amphion please - Posted By: typergram

thinking about going with them at this time but need some positive insight if I can get it.

Does ShortHand or SmarType work with the company DiskWriter's system? - Posted By: Rose


Keystrokes still hiring, last ad I see is 05/24. - Posted By: looking for rad

Does anyone think FutureNet will EVER offer benefits? sm - Posted By: wondering???

Does anyone think Futurenet will ever offer any benefits?  PTO, free direct deposit without meeting certain line requirements, health coverage for all?  Or do you think they are going to continue what they are offering now?  Has there been ANY WORD of maybe having these in the near future? Just wondering.  Curious of whether or not to possibly take the position.  Would LOVE it if they were planning on offering ANY, if not all, of these...

Just want to say.... - Posted By: New at TransTech

I took the advice on MT Stars and applied at Transtech and was hired immediately.  I am so glad I did and it is true that they do treat me with respect.  I was also off full QA within two days and my feedback was constructive and so, so, so nice.  I thank my *stars* for this board and the good advice.  TransTech truly lives up to its reputation as a great company. 

anyone work for QmedET? - Posted By: mt

Need lots of info. Platform, pay, IC or employee, hours, staff.  Everything please.

Thanks in advance.

Transcend ER account...any information... - Posted By: passing through


I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the ER account out of California that Transcend is hiring for.  I was thinking of applying, but was wondering what I might be getting into.  Thanks. 

MedScribe and Keystrokes -- How long does it - Posted By: take once you answer their questions?

Thank you.


Spheris - any spheris employees out there care to s/m - Posted By: running scared

comment on the new Cornerstone platform, good, bad? Will we all be going to SR on this? Thanks.

Archivus scheduling - Posted By: wileo

Can anybody tell me if the scheduling at Archivus for clinic work is flexible?  Can you tell me anything about the platform?  Thank you!     

I'm just beginning to job hunt and I'm askeered. - Posted By: Gotta couple of paranoid questions. SM

There are like a gazillion MT's looking for work now, right?  Why are some MTSO's still offering large hiring bonuses? I'd think they have more candidates than they can handle.

Do you reckon since the MTSO's do have so many applicants right now, that they might overhire just for fun to keep their TAT's down, and there will be a serious lack of work wherever I apply?


How is JLG to work for part time ? - Posted By: quietmoods

I may be going with them and would like any input, good or bad, on how the company is to work for.  I'll only be part time but it's important that I have enough work so I can pay the wonderful creditors that I owe my life to.  TIA 

What is going on with OSi??? - Posted By: Used to be tons of work and now it has Vanished!

Anyone else scared??

Deventure anybody? Looking for sm - Posted By: might try it

some information. Line rate and lpd? M-F or do you work 1 day on the weekends? How is their major medical-affordable for a family? How long does it take to kick in? Just trying to get a few answers first before I fill out the app.

WMX call very confusing - Posted By: WebMT

She just went round and round about how much more money we as MTs are making since we are so much more productive with the ISR, yet the example she gave had the MT making $100 less!  I just don't get it. So disillusioned. Their coldness and statistics make me ill.

ASR - Posted By: Miss Willy

What does ASR mean?  People mention it a lot.  Thanks.

Lee Perfect - Posted By: dry

I was just wondering if anyone works for Lee Perfect and could give me some information, good or bad TIA

MTSOs, on a scale of 1 to 10, how qualified are - Posted By: your applicants for acute care work? sm

I'm just wondering if you are able to hire most of the people who are applying, or if there are a lot of underqualified MTs out there. 

MDI-FL - Posted By: janetyping

can anyone tell me about MDI-FL?

Any NEW information about Interpro? All I find in the archives arent very recent - Posted By: new information anyone? n/m


negativity - Posted By: mt2mt

Well this will probably raise some hackles....but here goes.


I have never seen so much negativity towards other colleges, as I have seen on this message board.  That is a shame.  Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it just seems like there are alot of you that want to post nothing but negative posts/replys. 


NOW watch how many critics there are about THIS post!!

Transcend editors - Posted By: Medical Trans

Will anyone who works for Transcend continue to transcribe and not edit? Or is it all going to editing?

Pay stub question - Posted By: TransTech MT

Do any of you know what Bonus 2 is.

Also, shift pay. Do you know how much 2nd shift differential is.

For those using (gasp) dial-up or satellite connections... - Posted By: NYMT

I was wondering what your experience has been and what companies you work for.  I know, both connections are less than desirable, but I really want to live out in the middle of nowhere! LOL.  I currently use a cable high-speed connection and have used a DOS system in the past but would just like to hear about others experiences and what companies you work for.  I am also considering having an office in town to work from, so if anyone has gone this route I would like to hear your experiences also.  Please feel free to email me.  Thanks!

Happy New Year. May we all have happy home lives (sm) - Posted By: sm

and do whatever it takes to make our work lives work for us too. 

Diskriter - Posted By: Asking sm

Is that ad they keep running for the largest hospital system in Florida for the Florida Hospital in Orlando?  Anyone know?  TIA

Northeast Transcription - Posted By: Wondering

Has anyone that applied for the radiology positions heard anything from the company yet?  TIA

InterPro Medical...Hope this doesn't appear to be selling soul to devil.... but - Posted By: cmt

I am seriously considering working for InterPro (a company owned by India that outsources).  Never thought I would, but I see they have BCBS insurance which starts in 30 days of employment, and other good benefits.   I am a diabetic with hypertension and paying almost $400.00 a month for Cobra health insurance, which will expire soon, thus will be left uninsured.  I've tried getting individual insurance, but no one will ensure because of my health problems.   Can anyone give me some specs on InterPro, i.e. current employees, etc.., or any other companies where insurance goes in effect 30 days of employment.

Need info on MDI Florida. Are they IC only? Are benefits okay? - Posted By: Any flexibility in schedule? nm


Transcription Relief Services - Posted By: KRFan

Regarding Transcription Relief Services: on April 24, 2007, Bonnie Monico posted the following:

Yes, we have training classes. No, we do not off-shore our work. (Underline added.)

I believe this is incorrect. TRS does train and hire MTs in Trinidad and Guyana, and are launching another training program in Barbados and will hire some of those graduates, too. To me, this seems like off-shoring.

qa - Posted By: ej

which companies pay QA hourly?

Does anyone know anything about Proveros? - Posted By: Country MT

Good, bad, ugly? I think they are in NH. TIA!

Wonder how many MT companies are in India now? - Posted By: Another company named Trans Tech

see link for one with the name of Trans Tech