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Can anyone tell me anything about On-Time Transcription? - Posted By: NEMT

I've searched the archives and cannot find a thing.  I know they use Emdat/Inscribe.  Anyone know about pay rates, management, etc.?


Any information on USA Medical Transcription, Inc. - Posted By: Paula

I would just like to know how they pay and if they are good to work for. Thanks.

Need to Know.... - Posted By: A Better Type Medical Transcription


Does anyone have any info on this MTSO based out of Moxee Washington?


Amphion - Posted By: Amphion newbie

Can anybody tell me how long it took you to get up to production speed at Amphion.  I have been here three months and still nowhere close to where I was at at MQ.  I can't go back to MQ, too much going on there.  I need to get another job or get parttime somewhere unless somebody can tell me that I can get up to where I need to be.  I have alot of experience but this platform and demographic stuff is killing me.  TIA

QA - Posted By: transgirl

I was just wondering what has been your experiences with QA staff in larger MTOs?

Anyone worked for FastChart and no longer need your 9-pin footpedal. - Posted By: mt

What will you sell it for?

I am blown away and impressed at the responses from the MDI MTs. sm - Posted By: tj

I don't think Transcend was expecting all this anger.  The company I was working for also was bought by Transcend and with the last two company purchases we basically believed the lies and comforting words and just went along.  I have seen several managers leave after telling me it would get better.  I am sure they are wondering what all this is since they did not get this kind of flack before you all.  WAY TO GO!!  I am so sorry you have to go through this though.

I am apparently being stiffed by a woman in Virginia for vacation coverage work I did. sm - Posted By: LTMT

I am not sure where I go from from here.  She told me that she would pay me for invoices from 06/26 and 07/11 on 07/22 (yesterday).  When I emailed her and asked her to verify that she had indeed paid me, she read the email (you can check on AOL) and did not respond.  It is only $338, but in my world right now, that is a lot of money to lose.  I blame myself because I broke one of my rules by working for someone who did not have direct deposit, and also by waiting for over a month to get my first check.  She did pay that one, but I am thinking now it was only because she still needed me to continue working to finish out her vacation coverage. 

I suppose I can file a small claims suit, although I thought someone told me that you have to go to that state to file.  She's in Virginia and I am in Colorado.  I have a friend in that area, so perhaps he could do the preliminary leg work for me for that.  I was also going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  I thought of contacting her clients to let them know that although she is paid for her services, she does not pay others, but I am not sure if that is legal or not. 

I am a bit frustrated -- mad at myself for trusting her -- and scared too because I was counting on the money.  Any ideas? 


Does Spheris off-shore? Do they have a New Jersey - Posted By: connection? nm


Escription - Push push push then.....nothing - Posted By: mtme

I am becoming increasingly frustrated at how these companies that do Escription or any other VR program for that matter, take on new accounts that are backlogged and they push and push you to get on there and get it caught up. Then when everyone is humming along, all of a sudden, no work. How can anybody make a living with this kind of abuse?

TransTech - Posted By: need to know

 Anyone have any info on TransTech.  I have an interview today.




Show of hands: Who at MQ is excited its finally OCTOBER? - Posted By: MQGuy

Packet time and for many, Big Decision time...

Integrity, any info on them? nm - Posted By: NewBMT


To other MTs looking to do something about the IC/employee problem - Posted By: please see message

Do you think this is the correct link with form to fill out for reporting companies that are scheduling their ICs as if they are employees?

I think it is....

Opinions needed to be sure I'm using the right avenue in reporting these companies, thanks.

Link is below:

MedScribe insurance info? - Posted By: tylermt

Can anybody tell me if the insurance at Medscribe is any good?  Any idea of their per line pay rate for radiology?  Debating on submitting resume.  TIA!

TNI, LLC or LTS,Inc. - Posted By: anon

Anyone have any info on TNI, LLC or LTS, Inc.  Sent resume on both.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Would someone who works at Transcend please email me......sm - Posted By: new Transcender

I just got hired on there and would like to ask questions to an employee instead of the recruiter, just random things I would like to know.  Thank you SO SO Much:)

Do I have any rights? - Posted By: annnon

I'm getting concerned because the company I work for hasn't paid us on time the last two pay checks.  They say it's because the company is growing, but that doesn't make any sense to me.  Whey wouldn't they do payroll earlier then?  I'm especially concerned because this time, we didn't even get an email stating our checks would be late this pay period.   So now I'm wondering how late it's going to be.

TTD-part time - Posted By: curious

I've been doing some part time work for TTD for a couple weeks now, and so far I haven't really had any problems; however..

I would like to know if anyone works/has worked there, and how they liked/disliked it in the long run, and more importantly, are the checks accurate and on time.

Thanks so much!

There's a job posting for "Ultra low cost medical transcription service provider". - Posted By: MT

I'm going to jump on that one.  Maybe they'll let me work for free. 

Cornerstone in WY - Posted By: LieseOrlita

Does anybody know anything about Cornerstone in WY?


Know of any good companies hiring PT Radiology? (nm) - Posted By: Radiology anyone?


Anyone have any info on MT Professional listed on Seekers board? nm - Posted By: Looking


Anyone had experience with Diskriter hospital sm - Posted By: AR

employee status positions?   Sounds really tempting. 


jax transcription? - Posted By: Chris

Anyone know about the company called jax transcription?  There ads sounds great but was not sure what to think?  Please email with anything good or bad.  Thanks

Line counting messes - Posted By: happymt

I have a positive post but I am not revealing the company - yet... Don't want to jump out there and say what a great company this is like I had done in the past only to find out I was so dead wrong. I am working on the Dictaphone Extext platform. The session statistics ARE enabled within the program. I was told right up front that headers and footers were not counted ---so this is not a good excuse for any company to disable this feature. I find my line counts so far to be fair and accurate and what I would expect. I am glad to finally find a company that is on the up and up and does not give me the run around or the just trust me answer when it comes to verifying line counts. I have been pleasantly surprised. Just hope it continues and I will be happy to post their name here, just don't want to do it too prematurely.

Diskriter VR - Posted By: question

Can anyone comment on Diskriter's Mmodal VR platform?  I am familiar with the company, but not the VR side.  Anyone know what the VR rate of pay is?   Thanx


Anyone have any info on - Posted By: Terra Nova Transcription?

A search of the archives produced very little information, but I have seen them advertising several times.

MedQuist DocQScribe cheats? - Posted By: typist

I heard DocQScribe is a bad platform to work on and you get cheated on your lines. Has anyone heard? I am about to start with this platform.

UST transcription - Posted By: Christine

Can anyone give me any info good or bad about US Transcription Company.  Checked the archives and nothing since 2007.  No news is good news? 

Data-Med transcription sm - Posted By: MT 35 years

Hasanyone ever worked for Data-Med transcription?

Eagles Landing Transcription Service - Posted By: Anyone heard of this one?

OSi - what's the skinny? - Posted By: Offered Rad Job


FutureNet presentation on lines - Posted By: .

. link

Urgent info needed - Posted By: Unknown

Need your help in deciding between the two. Med-Tech Resources or Transcend, which is better and why? Tried to search the archives, but no recent info available. Any latest info is appreciated. Need to make a decision. Thanks is advance.

What about First Choice Medical? sm - Posted By: jan

Nothing in the archives, is that good or is that bad? Thanks.

If your company hasn't paid you come payday and - Posted By: how bout this

promises it will either be overnighted to your or in your account by the end of the day and it isn't, and the next day the money isn't there and they wait until the end of the day to tell you they don't know when you'll get paid doesn't that sound very fishy?  I think the CEO should have issued a statement and outlined exactly what the issue is.  If it isn't a matter of money (like they don't have it) then why not say what the problem is. 

Someone mentioned this situation yesterday or the day before and got reamed, but I think this is now a MAJOR issue.  Fortunately for me I got a big tax return and I haven't paid all the bills yet so I'm not hurting, but I can imagine there are more than a few who NEED their checks NOW.  

WebMedX - Posted By: Colleen

Anyone out there have an opinion about WebMedX.  I'm thinking about sending them my resume.

Any current info on Diskriter? - Posted By: Inquiring mind

I'm looking on info regarding platform, pay, cost of benefits, and if I can use my mobile broadband laptop card to access their system. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Alphamed Solutions..... - Posted By: curious girl

Be forewarned, if you work for Alphamed Solutions and your computer breaks or has issues with software, etc. more than once in a month's time, you are canned.

I worked for them 2 years on the same account as lead MT. My Word went haywire twice in one month putting me out of commission for a few days each time. The second time it happened, I was canned and told we will keep for overflow work. Ok whatever.

How's that for fair? Oh and the owner talked to me about 15 minutes before the manager called me to tell me I was canned from the account. He was nice and said oh that is just fine. I was updating him on my computer issue. Then 15 minutes later BOOM! What is bad is he did gotomeeting.com and took over my computer so he knew first hand what it was doing and that it really was not working. Still he let the manager can me. I am so ticked off. Do not work for this company! Now I have to go from 8 cpl (which wasn't all that) to 7.5 cpl and 3 cpl for editing just to have a job or otherwise sit here and have no job at all.

Anyone know anything about JLG? - Posted By: Curious

Hope JLG at least let their people know they were losing the account. 

Announcing WebMedX- New transcription company coming Nov 2006

As many of you are aware we have had a rough start with vendor supplied transcription.

The current company, JLG has not been able to successfully implement the transcription

services need by Stevens Healthcare. Because of the ongoing problems a new company,

WebMedX has been selected to handle the transcription services. WebMedX is a large

company with a tried and true reputation in acute care transcription.

What are some of the service enhancements that you will see:

Transcription Voice Server will be on site. This will allow for immediate phone line

connection and avoidance of phone line failures. Both of these problems currently exist.

Auto Faxing of carbon copies will now be available- we will be contating physicians office

to ask if you would like this service. If you decide to receive autofaxing we will send a

verification fax test to your office prior to implementation. This service will allow

immediate access to patient reports, as the reports will be faxed upon completion.

Strong support of information technology to support future growth and product


Electronic edit capability

Some of the activity that we are currently working on to get prepared for this transition

includes updating normals/macros. If you have used a normal or macro in the past we will

be contacting your office to ask for verification of current use and any updates or

enhancements you may have. If you are interested in using a normal please contact

Sharon Kolch in the HIM dept at 425.640.4201 for assistance with set-up.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions on what we can do to improve

transcription services please let us know. You can contact Sharon Kolch at 640-4201

Tobacco Free

This is a reminder that orders may not be written for patients to smoke. We have created a

release of liability form for patients to sign if they insist on smoking. If they insist on

smoking without signing the waiver, they can be discharged AMA if the physician chooses

to do so.

We have also created an algorithm and Nicotine Replacement Protocol to help staff with

decision making around patients who want nicotine replacement or choose to smoke. If

you have questions please contact Bob Knowles at 425.640.4396.





November 2006

Page 4

StatSheet is published monthly by Stevens Hospital.

For information regarding deadlines, subscriptions or

past issues call Donna Kyle at 425.640.4006

or email: dkyle@stevenshealthcare.org

2006 Steven Healthcare


Corina Nistor, M.D.

Family Practice

1025 153rd St SE #200

Mill Creek WA 98012

Office: 425.745.4750

Doctor Nistor is associated with Mill Creek Family Practice

Casey K. Kim, M.D.

Family Practice

18623 Highway 99 #230

Lynnwood WA 98037

Office: 425.672.8282

Doctor Kim is in solo practice

Justin C. Lee, M.D.


1536 North 115th St #200

Seattle WA 98133

Office: 206.363.1004

Doctor Lee is associated with Summit Cardiology

Neil W. Siecke, M.D. Cardiology

7320 216th St SW #210

Edmonds WA 98026

Office: 425.744.1777

Doctor Siecke is associated with Stevens Cardiology Group



Jeffrey M. Hellman, PA-C; supervisor RADIA physician on site

728 134th St SW #120

Everett WA 98204

Office: 425.297.6200

Mr. Hellman is associated with RADIA Medical Imaging



Dale Cooper, PA-C

Linda Persohn, M.D.

Denice Schwind, PA-C

Medical Staff-


Announcing WebMedX- New transcription company coming Nov 2006

As many of you are aware we have had a rough start with vendor supplied transcription.

The current company, JLG has not been able to successfully implement the transcription

services need by Stevens Healthcare. Because of the ongoing problems a new company,

WebMedXhas been selected to handle the transcription services. WebMedX is a large

company with a tried and true reputation in acute care transcription.



Precyse solutions? - Posted By: mT2

Any feedback? The package looks great, and a sign on bonus.  Is this one we should jump on? Thanks in advance.

Need info on Proscript - sm - Posted By: Jill

Pay stinks but everything else sounds nice.  Anyone work there?  Thoughts?

IC, 12 or 24 TAT, work from pool when I am available? - Posted By: Gabbysgranny

Is this actually offered anywhere? Some days I have plenty of spare time, some days I have none. I would like something to fill the gaps. Any suggestions?

Any info on PRN Transcription out of Ohio? nm - Posted By: Thanks!


If you look up the foreign name and the web address - Posted By: on the Job Seeker's board

it's associated with /transindiatranscribers.  If you're concerned about offshoring, might want to give this one a miss.



Transform located in Missouri ??? - Posted By: Daphne

Anyone familiar with this company?  Need to know pros and cons, etc., including what their cpl rate would be for someone with 10-1/2 years experience.  Thank you.

Why do my posts keep getting deleted? - Posted By: Cindi

If you are going to delete them, could you at least let me know?  I truly don't understand why you are deleting them.  I asked a simple question about what companies pay on a weekly basis.  Is there something wrong with that?  I assume thye were not moved because I can't find it anywhere and I posted it twice.  How about an explanation or something?

Accustat, WI - Posted By: Crystal

Just wanted general info on Accustat, WI. 

Thank you, Medware, for the MT week gift! Nice to be appreciated! :) nm - Posted By: MW MT