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MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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Is Diskriter really employee owned? - Posted By: Ex-Cali MT

My perceptions were that they are one of the most coercive and oppressive companies I have ever interviewed with -- things like.....  drug testing as a ROUTINE part of the application, very adamant about working your assigned shift and contacting you if you're not typing, not allowing you to have anything on your machine (including your own word expander).  Is the employee owned thing a gimmick or business angle?  I would think an employee owned company would be more pro-employee. 

Any info on Just Your Type out of - Posted By: mt

IL? You can email me if you would like. Thanks!

Any Cardioscribes MTs know - Posted By: who to contact for questions? (sm)

I had sent all my paperwork to the recruiter and I've been trying to email her but am getting no replies.  I started a little before the pay period ended and I'm trying to find out when pay day actually is.   Is there a HR dept?  I only have IM addresses of people I ask to send my MT jobs.  Also, how do you contact QA people?  Is there an acct list with contacts on it?

What happened to QT? - Posted By: nm

TrueScribe - Posted By: USMT

I have searched the archives but do not see anything about True Scribe.  Does anybody have any information on this company?

MDI-MD - Posted By: sammie

If anyone can give me any information at all on MDI-MD, good or bad, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You

Companies with hourly pay for QAs? - Posted By: mamayaya

I am a QA looking for a new job with hourly pay... can anyone tell me which companies pay QA by the hour?



Med-Tech or MWP services - Posted By: texan

out of Michigan, may specialize in x-rays.  Anyone know anything about either of these companies?  I have GOT to find something to supplement soon!  Thanks!

Screwup ex-coworker - Posted By: RadMT

I have an ex-coworker who got fired for too many errors.  I was in charge of this person and spent countless times correcting them and pointing them out to her.  Despite my just about 24/7 monitoring, she was finally let go for these errors, and then a while later has the nerve to email me asking if I knew anyone else who was hiring.  This is out of line and I am unsure of how to handle it. 

any comments/complaints on SurgicalNotes ? - Posted By: ozarki

I used the search button, but didn't come up with anything on them.

This is ridiculous...sm - Posted By: Amazed!

I received an email today regarding an employment application I had submitted some time ago.  I currently work as an IC and am very happy with my job, so the application must have been submitted at least 6 months ago.  First of all, the email does not state the name of the company that I supposedly applied to.  It is three sentences long and states that they are looking for ICs to work from home.  They will pay 6.5 cpl without spaces!  Attached is a list of their computer requirements.  The email states that if I meet the requirements to contact them and they will direct me to their testing site.

I have about 20 years of experience as an MT.  What is going on with this field that a company thinks that 6.5 cpl is a respectable rate for a seasoned MT?  Not to mention not putting the name of the company in the email...so I don't even know who I'm dealing with.  And, not paying for spaces?!?!?  I will not work for a company that does not pay for spaces.  A space is a keystroke.  It should be counted.  Spaces don't get into a document by magic!!

I have a good mind to respond to this email and tell them exactly what I think of their offer, but then again, it probably wouldn't do a bit of good.

Test- did the email make it to you 3 - Posted By: NM


Chase transcription/USA transcription - Posted By: cheryllynn

Does anyone work as an indepedent contractor for either of these companies?  If so, could you tell me a little bit about them.

Thank you

Does anyone work for Transolutions? sm - Posted By: ETMT

I would just like any information about them regarding pay, benefits, etc.  TIA!!


On The Mark - Posted By: kitty

Does anyone have any experience with this company I have heard many things. Some people say pay is not regular, but you always get paid. Others tell me  they have had to wait 3 months or more to get their pay.
I would appreciate any feedback.

Any infor on Landmark Transcription? - Posted By: Jane

Any info???

DRC Fired Emails? - Posted By: out of a job?

Okay, so has anyone heard anything at all about their jobs at DRC (if you want to share)?  Yesterday was the day, I think.  Will it ever be the company it was before?

Webmedx ??- Time Clock/PTO - Posted By: LookingMT

I thought I read somewhere that at Webmedx you have to punch in and out for such things as looking up a medical term or using the restroom; is this the case?  Also, I know they get 6 holidays, but is there any vacation time or sick time during the first year or 2?  Any info appreciated as it sounds like a great place.  THANKS!

OSI - State College, PA - Posted By: Yaffle Daffle!

Does anyone have any information about this company?  Do they have VR?  What is supervisor like?  What type of platform they use, etc.? Haven't heard much about them on this board but very curious to see if anyone has any info to offer. 



ROI (Rapid Outsource Imaging) - Posted By: newtothisscene

I was wondering if anybody has any info on this company?  Has anyone worked for them in the not too distant past or is there anyone currently working for them willing to share their opinion?  Thanks.

Post about mt world - Posted By: dorothy

There was a post last evening about MT World being a scam, a couple people asked for an explanation and now the post is gone - why was it deleted?  If this place is not legitimate we should know because American Transcription Solutions is advertising and they are part of MT World.

Neurosurg 14 cpl job - Posted By: tinks

I called the number from the job on the board for the neurosurg position for 14 cpl. The phone number belongs to a very nice gentleman who informed me the ad was a scam. Just a warning -- maybe it will cut down on some of his calls.


Butler Transcription is Pennsylvania... - Posted By: No Name

Anybody work for them or have worked for them in the past.  Are they still in business??  Just curious.  They have a son who went around vandalizing my neighborhood last night.  Wrote some nasty words on my neighbor's cars that will cost 4000 dollars to get removed.  I was wondering how his parent's company ever panned out?  And if they are still around.  Just curious.

Any recent info on MedTrans Unlimited? newest archived info is 9 months old... m - Posted By: Curious

Has anything changed in 9 months? Particular worries are the invoice/pay time; one post mentioned 2 to 3 week wait and another post stated 1 week. Info from the company states pay is sent out 10 days after the last day of the billing period, but we all know what is said and what is done isn't always the same. Another concern is the platform; some mentioned it was slow and cumbersome. They have 2 platforms from what I can gather.. Are they both slow? It seemed like certain specialties were done on certain platforms, or at least that is what I got out of the archives. I really hate to jump from the frying pan to the fire so any info would be VERY much appreciated.. the good, bad, and the ugly! TIA!!

Advanced Transcription, Inc - Posted By: MT

Anyone heard of Advanced....how are they to work for?  Do they require weekends?  What is line rate?

Precyse Solutions - Posted By: Long-time MT

Just thought I'd share, Precyse Solutions has great platform, great benefits & pay is okay but bonuses limited. Also, they require you have your foot on the pedal for 8 hours/40 hours per work week in order to keep your benefits. Yep, that's right. You're now allowed time to look up terminology, physicians, or even go to the bathroom unless you are willing to work 9 or 10 hours a day to make up any lost time or work all the time on the weekend so your footpedal has been pressed for 40 hours. Something they don't tell you on your interview.

Anyone working for Accurate Transcription out of TX? - Posted By: sze

Thanks for any info

Feedback on Nuance transcription package - Posted By: Nuance-Dictaphone

Just started the Enterprise Express software upgraded version in December.  There seems to be a lot of manual input to create documents even with the link to our ADT feed.  Any hopes of getting good production on this system.  We will be going to a voice recognition system in addition to the transcription package after the initial bugs are worked out.  After a month, I am just hoping things will start to fall in place, but looking for feedback if possible. 

AS&M Transcription - Posted By: Sarah

Is anyone employed by this company or know of someone who is?  Is it the real deal? 

Webmedx - Posted By: anon

Thinking of applying to the Web as I have a friend who works there, but I am hesitant because she said after the so called raise was put into effect, her pay has actually gone down. She thinks it is possibly because they stopped paying for spaces or headers or something, she is not sure, she cannot even make 1500 lines in 7 hours without a huge struggle, she is seasoned 30+ years, do any of you know if they pay for spaces?

Keystrokes - Posted By: MT

Can anyone provide info on Keystrokes like if they are flexible with scheduling, platforms, and accounts - how easy is it to get lines? From what I've read so far, they seem to be a pretty decent company. Feel free to email me with any info.  TIA.

60 minutes equals 600 lines? - Posted By: Justme

I just saw an ad on the job board that said 60 minutes of dictation equals 600 lines in their estimation. In my experience 60 minutes of dictation is between 800 and 1000 lines. Anybody else care to comment on this?

I am pretty sure this subject has been addressed before, but don't think it got many responses, s - Posted By: mt

I'm asking again.  If you work for an employer/company that do not require you to work 30-40 hours per week, but require you to meet the minimum line requirement within a certain time-frame or window, would you please give the name.

instead of calling this MTStars, why not call it MQstars - sm - Posted By: ??

yes, I am being sarcastic, but it seems like the non-MedQuist people have to weed, dig, hack and puke through all the MQ posts just to get to read anything on this board! 

There, I feel better now that I have vented.   

For the first time in over a year I am - Posted By: sm about long distance

having problems with Vonage. Can anyone tell me what other companies actually allow unlimited LD for work? Embarq (Sprint) informed me a while back that I was not allowed to use my unlimited LD for data processing. TIA

Companies besides MQ utilizing ASR and DQS? - Posted By: Penn

Hello, had a brief question - was wondering what companies out there are using both DocQScribe and ASR? (am already aware of MQ, but was wondering of others, especially any that are 100% Vista-compatible.) 

Thanks much, doing a little homework.


Acusis Transcription - Posted By: Cathy Frank

I would like to know any and all information on Acusis Transcription.  If you prefer not to post on MT Stars please send to my email address.  Thanks very much

Precyse - do they allow split shifts and what are the shifts? (sm) - Posted By: SM

I see they are hiring for 2nd and 3rd shifts.  I know a friend of mine works for a company where as long as over half your shift is in that time frame it is acceptable. 

It says they are hiring for new accounts, might be a good time to make a change. 

Inscribe in KY? - Posted By: sm

Anyone care to share their experience with this company?  I would be working on the EXText platform.  I know I have to set a schedule and this is fine with me as I work the same hours every day anyway, but how are they to work for? 


Anyone know anything about Global Information Systems? Any information would be appreciated. nm - Posted By: LTMT

Sten-Tel - Posted By: blazingMT

Hey all, just saw on the job board that Sten-Tel is hiring!!  They're a great company!  So check them out, you might want to send a resume and take their test!!  They're just wonderful!!  I work for them and they're great!  Good accounts and a good bunch of people working there and also a great platform!!!  Check it out!!

Any companies with matching 401K? - Posted By: pj

Are there any MT companies who have a 401k with match?

What does it take to become a recruiter?sm - Posted By: amie

Boy some of these recruiters!!! Just what does it require to be a recruiter.Just got an email from one and my goodness at the grammar!!! Hard to believe.

ATSI - Posted By: ANON

Is ATSI a good company to work for?

Question regarding outsourcing to India (sm) - Posted By: cat lady

Does anyone know of any hospitals who have, either on their own or through services, had their work done by Indians and were not happy with it and refused to have it sent over there anymore?  I have seen some of the work come back for editing, and I can't imagine the hospitals would put up with it for long.  But I guess I'm just curious what is more important to them, quality or the almighty dollar. 

Line rates - Posted By: Question - sm

Why do all these companies keep dropping their line rates?  The cost of living sure isn't falling. 

Does anyone know anything about sandidge office services...s/m - Posted By: Just wondering

Are they are good company to work with?

dsg lines - Posted By: wondering

Can anyone share how many lines per hour you do approximately at DSG.  I work there and just seems like it takes me forever to get lines in....

OSI Outsourcing Solutions - Posted By: mt

I am being asked to test but I am tired of testing and finding out how awful the companies are.  Anyone work there or did?  Platform/s?

keystrokes, web based? sm - Posted By: jams

How is the platform, is it user friendly? Does anyone work there and use satellite to connect? Thanks!