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MTStars.com initially began its journey through cyberspace on December 8, 2001, offering Medical Transcriptionists a place to network. MTStars has experienced amazing growth over the past 9 years to over 20,000 members and 3 million visits per month!

MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

MTStars offers a wealth of information for medical transcription industry in the form of many discussion forums (an archive of 1.5 million messages), Medical Transcription Jobs, Resume Bank and much more.

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RN versus MT, which would involve the most money to be made. I am not sure if I want to go into RN - Posted By: Angela Rae

nursing or remain an MT.  I wonder which one pays best?

anyone with any recent input on Davis Medical? nm - Posted By: mt

ad on job board for vascular mt....sm - Posted By: nn

I see that ad almost weekly....he is having major problems keeping MTs...maybe being NICER would help??? Geez, some of these MTSOs do NOT GET IT....and unfortunately never will.

Blacklist??? - Posted By: zzz

Is there such a thing as an MT blacklist passed around by companies? I have had many months of crappy accounts and at times no account at all. I want to be ethical and not leave on bad terms, but can't afford to waste another two weeks of my life with little to no income. If I leave without giving a full two weeks' notice can I be blacklisted (if there is such a thing)? Any advice appreciated.

Dear TransTech - Posted By: TT employees

Yes we love TT and that is why we have the private board.  We don't have a company board and wanted to communicate with each other without everything being on a public board.  Please understand.  By the way, you have a lot of huge fans and our board has been wonderful and complimentary about TT so far.  We do not mention confidential information about accounts or other things just in case someone slipped in early on when enrollment was open.  We even welcome management to join.  Thank you.

diskwriter - Posted By: Deb

Any info good or bad. I see their ad a lot and assume that's probably not a good sign.

Anyone have any info on Sunrise Transcription? sm - Posted By: inquiring

Employee or IC?  Do they have enough work?  Are they decent people? 

Recommendations for late night PT - Posted By: SM

Need recommendations for good companies for late night PT, 16-20 hours per week.  IC or employee status not important.  TIA

Signs of a failing company? - Posted By: ndmt68

I am starting to get very nervous about the company I work for. 

The company has always been a little light on the management side, but last week my supervisor left an abrupt e-mail that she was going to be out Wednesday through Friday.  On Friday, I realized my paycheck had gone missing again (always blamed on the post office).  When I called my supervisor's boss about it (as supervisor was gone), she sounded very tired and stressed.  Today, we got an e-mail from this same person saying she was resigning. 

There has been no other e-mail from anyone at the company regarding any replacement or anything at all about the subject, so now 80 transcriptionists are down to 1 contact person.  This company has always refused to share the names of other transcriptionists there, so I have no idea if I am the only one who has not been paid or the only one just a little nervous about being without a job tomorrow.

Should I be looking for another job while I think I still have one?

Integrity - Posted By: Jodi

I am a former mentor of Allstate. *** (Owner) owes me almost $1000 (this is for 2-1/2 months work) When I gave my notice, my accounts were locked immediately and I was unable to get my line counts to send invoices. In fact, I couldn't even edit my interns documents. When decided not to give a 2 week notice since I was told I would be put on probation if I stayed and I could not afford to work for free any longer, I was told that I forfeited all of my earnings because I signed an IC contract.  Since April, I have made a total of 78.00 working there.


If you are an experienced MT, stay far away and go to a hospital which is where I previously worked. I regret my decision to leave the hospital (due to health issues) because I was always treated fairly and paid well and on time bi-weekly, with benefits.


If you are a recent MT graduate thinking about paying 99.00 to sign up for the intern program, that is a big mistake, there are other intern programs where you can find a job without you paying them (and sometimes even get a salary to boot, even though it is lower than a seasoned MT). My point is, there are many good opportunities out there and this is DEFINITELY not one of them.


I am posting this because I am a genuinely honest (and yes Christian) person and I should have known better, especially when I was not even tested. I don't want others to be cheated by this so called Christian organization.  If you ever get paid, it will take 2 or 3 months for one month pay and if you decide you can't afford to work there and quit, you forfeit all of your earnings and do not get paid period.



Did search, but found nothing. Any info on NJPR??? - Posted By: Just wondering

Thanks in advance!

What companies use Dictaphone ExText? (sm) - Posted By: Kinda looking

Am actually just looking for PT, don't care if it is employee or IC.


any part-timers for JLG - Posted By: crazygirl

Just wondering if there are any part-timers for JLG- wondering if you went from full-time to part-time? What are the requirements?

Anyone work for MTS of TX? - Posted By: anon

I saw their job posting a while back.  Was thinking of applying.

AEGIS/People Support - Posted By: wandering

Any recent info re: AEGIS/People Support out of Burbank?  How is their platform, lots of ESL's, pay on time, etc???  Info. I found was over a year old.  Thanks in advance.... wandering...

Medical Records Corp of Maryland - Posted By: lb

Anyone know anything about this company? Any info would be appreciated!

Any Spheris employees get paper checks? - Posted By: Former MQ

Just had my direct deposit changed to a paper check.  Since payday is tomorrow, am wondering how long it will take to get my check--I am only two states away from HQ.  Thanks!

WordZXpressed - Posted By: Grace

I have read a bit of info on this company on the message boards, but does anyone have any recent info on this company?  Do they pay for spaces?  Do they hire part time? Much appreciated!

Applied for many on Job Seeker's - Posted By: ruth

I applied for several positions on the Job Seeker's board.  I have a megaton of experience, yet I haven't heard back from anyone.  I have a good resume.  Anyone have this experience?

IC questions - Posted By: TJ

I was thinking about becoming an IC.  Could anyone tell me how the taxes work on that such as can you pay in quarterly? Do you set up an actual business? any other info you can give would be greatly appreciated.

UST transcription - Posted By: Christine

Can anyone give me any info good or bad about US Transcription Company.  Checked the archives and nothing since 2007.  No news is good news? 

Four Seasons Transcription - Posted By: Needing_Money

Is there anyone else working for this company as an Editor or MT that has been promised to get money recently and still waiting?  I read the posts below about someone not working there anymore that hasn't gotten paid but what about current employees? 

Info Michiana Transcribers, Inc. now MD-IT - Posted By: siren

I need information on this company ASAP, as they have taken over my company's in-house transcription department.  I have an option of signing on with them and transcribing the docs/therapists that I do now.   I have to make a decision pretty quick here.  I have met with the owners, etc.  What are they like to work for?  It seems as if they keep trickling info to us, such as not telling us up front that we would be asked to work rotating weekends, holidays without pay, etc.  I am used to in-house (14 years), where this is not required.  I want everything up front before I sign on with them, because if I sign on and then am not happy with them, I miss out on unemployment/COBRA, etc.  I do not want to  make a mistake here.  Anyone out there, please reply either on the board or you can e-mail me.  THANK YOU!!!!

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the computer requirements for NEMT are? Thanks! :) - Posted By: Flo


TransTech's pay dates please - Posted By: or bimonthly?


TSI - Decatur, IL - Posted By: mudcat

I'm looking for anybody who has worked for TSI out of Decatur, Illinois and didn't receive pay or who has a Board of Labor dispute. Please contact me.

Wordspeed - Posted By: Maryanne W.

Anyone heard of Wordspeed looking for OP transcriptionists in Atlanta area. Good? Bad? Thanks

Can you get a job at a national - Posted By: question

with going to a community college for your MT education?  Thanks!!

Job loss from account loss - Posted By: tolaorbison

I would be interested to know how many of you have been affected by a company who has lost accounts and how you handled this.  This happened to me a few years ago - and I was the only MT from the CO. that did not go to the competition that received the accounts (this was radiology - and one CO. lost all of a particular hospital's radiology to another larger Co.) - I didn't think it was ethical - even though I know that in my state the no-compete contracts do not hold up in court.  Plus, I really was tired of radiology and wanted to get back into acute care or something more challenging.  It seems that accounts go from one co. to another - I just wanted to hear some stories about what others have done in this situation and how you feel about it.

I am applying for Transtech - Posted By: & have a question

What is the report limit until you are released from QA at Transtech?  I need to think about how to finagle it with my present job.  Is it 5 or 10?  Thank you.

work slow down - Posted By: mtgirl

Is anyone having problems with work slowdown with Imagestat?

Precyse - Posted By: cheetah

Any information on Precyse solutions?  Good, bad, other. TIA.

TransTech New Hires - how long for a response? - Posted By: ndmt68

I sent my resume to the jobs e-mail as I couldn't get the link on the website to work.  I didn't hear back so took the advice to call the office.  I was told that the recruiter probably would not respond to anyone who hadn't tested.  I took the test yesterday, resubmitted my resume, and left my number with the recruiter. 

How long did it take you to get a response from TransTech?  At this point I have spent a lot of time applying and don't know how to tell busy from not interested.


Is it just me................sm - Posted By: soon to be exwebber

or does it seem that the webinar tomorrow is being set up so that we can't ask questions easily.  It is done VOIP which I don't have a headset with a microphone and the phone numbers are long distance. 

DB - re: ESL ? - Posted By: see message

The PS, on my first day, said the only available ones were 2 ESL and 1 neuro; when hired they said I would start with easy docs, seeing as how they have no training period.  I told them I was not going to do ESL my first day...., the PS said all other doctors were assigned to MTs, gave me the neuro to work on.  I told them to forget it and went back to my previous job.  So much for decency and honesty in a company who is suppose to have a good reputation.  Good luck to you. 

is this legal? - Posted By: uuummmm

when i pull up patient demographics i can see that person's (along with everyone who has been to that hospital) social security number....so if i were a criminal i have the name, the date of birth, the ssn, alot of information about them in the report and a feild day with indentity theft.....surely this cannot be legal???? any thoughts?

OPTI-SCRIPT - Posted By: kath2210

Anyone work currently for Opti-Script?  Would like to apply but have a few questions.  How is their program?  Can you work over your shift?  What do they pay per line?  Thanks !!

Companies with clinic work - Posted By: wondering

Are there any companies with clinic work where the work is available all the time (and not necessarily assigned in batches at certain times of the day)?  Thank you! 

Is anyone happy where they are? - Posted By: tired

I was elated to have Spheris call me back to work. I was stuck at a company that was just beyond stressful. I actually landed up in the hospital one weekend and if you know me, that is quite a feat to stress me to that point. That being said, I started reading negative comments somewhere about Spheris. I worked there a short while in the past and it seemed ok.. I am starting hourly and it will be that way for a couple of months. I don't need a ton of money to get by every month luckily..Any thoughts is there anywhere better I could be going? I have two months of hourly rate to play with...

Chase Transcriptions - Posted By: looking for part-time employee position.

Did anyone apply or get hired by Chase Transcriptions?  I am curious to know the pros and cons from current employees.  If I apply and am hired for part-time, do they allow you to choose your schedule or is it assigned? 

Thanks so much!!!! 


I've been offered a job with both Precyse Solutions and Transtech.  Just wondering if I could get some recent feedback on which company would be the best to work for from people who have actually worked for these two companies.  I have read the past posts - just would appreciate any recent info anyone would care to contribute.  THX!

Anyone know anything about Landmark Transcriptions that works there presently. nm - Posted By: Snowbird


Good Luck Keeping Your Job at Heartland!! - Posted By: SickOfHIS

I think I have had enough! Yes, I admit, I currently work for Heartland and truly thought they wanted a domestic team. I didn't think much of the managment changes and truly thought we (domestic MT team) would be okay even if HIS was sold, well think AGAIN!

We are being fed a load of crap from the new President (Dennis Paulik)!! The below was sent to me annoynomously. I think that all US-based MTs for HIS should up and leave! Why wait, obviously, he has "other" intentions that don't include us - the USA TEAM!!!!!!

Heartland Information Services, Toledo, Ohio, which employs 1,400 to 1,500 foreign transcriptionists in three cities of India, may help explain why. Dennis Paulik, Heartland's vice president of sales and marketing, says that HIPAA standards are applied to all transactions, including anything outsourced. The company leases private, transoceanic lines, so all transactions are encrypted from the time the information leaves the hospital, to the moment it is dispatched from Heartland's U.S. offices to a transcription center in India, until processing is complete and the medical transcript goes back to the hospital.

Paulik says he hears time and again that there aren't enough U.S. transcriptionists, and that those who do still work here are an aging population--the average trained American transcriptionist's age, he says, is about 59 years. It's one reason his company was formed, he says.

"You're going to have a growing need, and fewer transcriptionists," Paulik says. "It reinforces that point that people have just got to go overseas."

any companies out there - Posted By: emtt

using Chartnet besides SPi, I mean?  I like that platform, need to know who else uses it.  Thank you! 

jobs - Posted By: looking

Does anyone know anything about Synernet or PJs transcription companies?

Any current info on SecureMTSource out of KY? Thanks! nm - Posted By: looking

Now you can make voice known & VOTE - Posted By: darlene

This was posted by an employer on the job board here

Please take the time to sign the petition for Supporting H.R. 427 Notify American's Before Outsourcing Personal Information Act

http://www.rallycon gress.com/ support-for- h-r-427-nabopia/ 1585/

cymed - Posted By: wondering

I see they have an ad posted and I would fit the job.  Are they a good company or not so great.  I have seen in the archives where they don't pay for spaces and cherrypicking goes on, but these were one-year-old posts.  I really need some current info.


Fast Chart, TAe software? Inquiring MT needs to know...... - Posted By: mtpilot

I am thinking about signing on with them, but need to know exactly what TAe software is?  More specifically, I am hoping that it does not ruin my Windows XP and my MS Word 2002 already in my computer.  My understanding is that it is a stand-alone software, maybe proprietary?  It is made by Arrendale Associates is all I really know.  Is is user-friendly?

Thanks for any information on this. 

Friendly note to HR people: - Posted By: sm

I have 20 years of experience. It used to be relatively pain-free to switch jobs in this industry before everyone had Human Resources personnel... The job I just accepted did not call me for endless ridiculous interviews, all of the questions which were answered on my resume and application already. The test didn't take 6 hours. I didn't have to fill out the exact same info over and over again. When I asked a simple question via email, I received a quick simple response via email rather than having an HR person calling on the phone yet again to tie me up for another hour. I was job-shopping and comparing, so I don't have time to sit on the phone with every single one of them when all I need to know is do you hire employee status or IC, for example. You should also know that many of us have been working at home so long and are used to communicating via email & IM that we aren't really phone people anymore anyway. In short, one of the main reasons I went with this company is because the hiring process was pain-free, much like it used to be in the 'old days', so keep that in mind when you're wondering why you can't snag any new hires. Just something to think about....