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Companies - Posted By: JBarker

Hi Everyone- I am looking into going to Career Step online schooling for MT.  My husband and I are expecting our first baby in Sept.  So I want to work from home but with flexable hours. (For those sleepless nights.)  Any one have any suggestions for me as to what companies out there would allow me to do so?  I have heard of Spheirs and Medquist but also heard they want specific hours you will work.  Any advice would be appriciated.


Does ANYONE besides MDI pay decent and have that FLEXIBLE scheduling? HELP, please! nm - Posted By: STILL looking


Shame, Shame, Spheris - Posted By: nocode

I just noticed on Spheris's new CS platform on one of my backup accounts (one that happens to also be offshored to India), that not only is a patient's SSN available, birth date, but also the home address and personal phone number.  I've never understood why a SSN has always been available, since it is never used to identify a patient, but now all the other personal info is available on this particular account; however, is not available on my primary account (which interestingly is not offshored).  I am absolutely appalled that Spheris has made available all this private information, and none of it is required to identify a patient in order to transcribe a report, as the patient is only identified by name and/or account numbers.  It scares me that a patient's complete identity is available to any disreputable person with access and willing to profit from this info. 

Is there anyone out there that can say they just LOVE BeyondTXT? nm - Posted By: curious

Thanks for any opinions out there!

Just a little leery as to why - Posted By: PrisonerMT

 a certain recruiter continously call me with the same question, have I gave notice to my present job yet?  He called me 4 times last week telling me that my account will start soon and if I gave my two-week notice yet?  Everytime he calls me he emphasize this question.  Have anyone else experienced this?  Can anyone give me any insight as to why he continously hound me with this question?  Could it be that the account I am scheduled for is so horrible that they think I will not have any other options once I have left my prior job?  If this be the case, then he is sadly mistaken because my middle name is quit if you do not fit!!!  So any insight would be helpful.

Any info on MD-IT out of Colorado? Searched but find nothing. Thanks.nm - Posted By: MC


Headphones - Posted By: Tired

I keep going through headphones (cheap ones), and am looking to buy a good pair for a change, preferably noise cancelling. Do the noise cancelling headphones really reduce the background noise (kids, husband, dog)? Does anybody have any ideas?

Update on emails - Posted By: ExMDIer

Thanks to all of you who emailed me.  I posted this below but thought I should start a new thread in case someone who has emailed me has not yet received a reply.

My intent tonight is to dig through the archives here to find the thread that lists companies that do NOT offshore and post the linkage to that thread.  As I recall, there were MANY companies contained in that thread.  It may take me awhile, but I'm determined to find it so anyone interested can pursue those companies in case they're hiring.

Also, thank you all so much for the emails!  I am writing back as quickly as possible but I need to start working (no, not for MDI-MD), so I have to be away from my email for awhile.  I will indeed answer each and everyone of you as quickly as possible.  I've already responded to several of you, so if you check your emails, my reply might be there.

This outpouring of support we're giving/providing to one another is absolutely heartwarming.  Remember, ladies (and perhaps gentleman), we WILL triumph over this.  We need to stand together and say NO.  I realize some of us are not in a position to simply walk away without lining up something else up first, and I'm trying to do all possible to get that list of companies that do not offshore up as quickly as possible for everyone interested.

Hang in there, my fellow MTs.  We WILL find greener pastures.

Kansas City - Posted By: anderson

Anyone from Kansas City?

VR versus typing - Posted By: Michele

Do you make more money with straight typing or VR?  Just a poll.  I do both and seem to make more straight typing.  You would think VR would be quicker.

Info on Medical Transcription Services, Inc. in Green Bay, WI? - Posted By: Need to move on

They have an ad on the Jobs Board and I can't access their website.  I can't get anything on Google, and I hate to jump from the fat to the fire.

Question for QAs who edit - Posted By: speech versus typing

I was offered a job to do QA for a company with a speech platform. This is not a speech editing but rather a true QA editing position.  I would like to know from other QA's the pros and cons of doing QA on speech documents versus QA on typed documents.  TIA.

JLG Medical - Posted By: Tired MT

Does anybody work for this company?  I've been with them for about 6 months and would love to meet other MTs working with them to possibly add to my Windows messenger so I don't feel so alone LOL.

expert medical transcription? - Posted By: wondering

anyone heard of them?

Mdi-md - Posted By: NC

Does anyone know the correct website for MDI-MD.  Someone posted it as mditrans.net but its not working for me.  Any help on this would be appreciated

Info about Phoenix Medcom - Posted By: db

Does anyone have info on Phoenix Medcom?

DSG's QA manager ad - any info on this company - Posted By: C (NM)


Emcompass - Posted By: Wondering MT

Does anybody have information about Encompass out of Wisconsin? I'm particularly interested in the pay.

I'm very nervous as I have a phone interview with (sm) - Posted By: quietmoods

Transcend Services for part time work tomorrow.  Anyone out here had an interview with them?  How is it?  What do they ask you?  I haven't interviewed in 7 years and am a tad bit nervous.  The last one I had I was not exactly altogether (won't say why), but they hired me anyway.  Any insight on this company would be extremely helpful.  TIA  

Transcend Services - Posted By: B

Any new information on Transcend? TIA

Webmedx and Precyse and Medquist. Regarding their insurance (sm) - Posted By: Curious

Do you have to maintain X number of lines per hour to qualify or just X number of lines per payperiod?  Is the family coverage affordable and decent insurance? 

Any co. that use Wavescribe? - Posted By: Camille

Does anyone know of any companies with clinic work that use Wavescribe?

Anybody have any recent information on Teletype of California? - Posted By: TJ

I see a lot of old stuff back to 2005 not very good, anything current about them?

Amphion question - Posted By: hello

Do the want you not to work for any other MT companies if you work for them?

work - Posted By: Rach

Is Medquest a good company to work for?


Just received offer from Transform for Rad.....Help sm - Posted By: anonnymouse

I have a few offers on the table, since my current account, which I truly love, is leaving and I need to look for work.......I have 20 years experience in all phases, acute, psych, clinic, rad, you name it, but radiology is my preference, and I have heard their reputation is great.  Can anyone PLEASE give me a reference, like what working there is really like!! Millions of thanks, all!

do Etransplus and probity offer true flexible scheduling - Posted By: changingMTSO

or do you have to follow a set schedule?  Thank you in advance for all your input.

Can anyone tell me Amphion's line rate for full time? - Posted By: Looking

I looked through the archives but could only find 6000 for part time.



Smart Med - Posted By: dolly

Anybody know anything about Smart Med Transcription Company? 

Bayscribe - Help! sm - Posted By: MTK

I just locked up my keyboard.  It works, except for with Bayscribe.  I'm half way through a long report.  Anybody with any ideas? 



Has anyone who worked for CorTmedical in 2006 gotten their 1099 yet? - Posted By: NYMT

I know that a lot of us were burned last year by this company.  I am wondering if they are going to at least send the 1099 for what they should have paid us.  I am wondering if they do not send it, how am I going to claim what they did not pay me as a loss?  Thanks to all, hope everyone has found something better since that disaster.   

What other company - Posted By: Siren

besides Medware pays you during your training period?  TIA.

NewTT - Posted By: MTMTMTMT

How long did it take for TT to contact you after applying? I applied Thursday and just wondered how long it would be. Thanks!


Does anyone have any information/experience with this company? 

jax transcription? - Posted By: Chris

Anyone know about the company called jax transcription?  There ads sounds great but was not sure what to think?  Please email with anything good or bad.  Thanks

Looking for a PT MT position, for company that provides equipment, and allows satellite.... - Posted By: 2much2ask?

Are there any such companies out there?

zylomed - Posted By: susan

Anyone work for them?  Are you happy there?  Please give me some info

Please explain???? - Posted By: anon

I'm looking at an ad for a Transcriptionist and it says full-time position in subspeciality group medical/surgical practice. Could you help me out and tell me what kind of practice this might be. Thanks so much!!

Spaces! - Posted By: HappySSer

SoftScript just announced that they are paying for spaced again as of today!

AccustatEMR's direct deposit BOUNCED.... - Posted By: Curious Georgette

I heard that all the direct deposits BOUNCED, even for their office staff...anyone out there got the scoop?  Have they lost the accounts they were on?  What's gonna happen to their MTs? 

Focus Infomatics...the scoop - Posted By: truffle

I have been very curious what this company pays.  I know someone who applied this past week and with 15+ years of experience they were offered 6 cpl, 3 for editing.  Thought I would share, just in case you were wondering.

Need a new company using escription. - Posted By: Broke!

I'm tired of running out of work with my current employer.  Anyone working for someone using the Escription platform that is hiring and has an abundance of work?

Help on Microsoft word, please - Posted By: moving on

some how the second toolbar in Microsoft word disappeared, I probably hit something but as you can see I have no way to adjust the type. I think this is probably 125% but have no way to adjust it as the toolbar with the size is not there.  Hate to appear dumb, but........Can anyone help?   Please.  

Any news on Trans Tech appreciated by employees sm - Posted By: Morgan

I see they have a job posting but am so leary of these outsourcing companies. What can you tell me about them. From the archives they seem to have a good reputation, but some of the postings are a year old.

MD-IT ?? - Posted By: aoktyper

If this is a repost, I apologize -- but I checked and don't see it -- new to this board!Any info on MD-IT would be greatly appreciated!  Do they supply computer?  Do they have plentiful work?  What kind of bennies/PTO/holidy do they offer?  How is communication, flexibility, etc.????? Thanks in advance!

Anyone talking with MDI-MD? (SM) - Posted By: artsykathy

I was called by the recruiter Saturday before last.  She said someone would be calling me later to discuss the money aspect of it and I still have not heard from anyone.  I emailed the original recruiter and she said the other lady had a death in the family.  I waited until yesterday and emailed again and she said they have been really busy with a new account.  Just wondering if anyone else is going through this.  I have several interviews this week and would really like to put them in the running as what was intiallly told to me sounds very promising but I can only wait so long.....

Transcription Services LLC/Brent Sexton owner - Posted By: ME

Anyone ever work for this company?  Any comments?

Is there anyone who is actually happy with the - Posted By: company they work for?

Please let me know who you work for and what you like about it.  I'm looking for a good company part-time.

InHealth - Posted By: Lee

Does anybody know about this company or have any experience with them?  Am contemplating. 

Seeking info on SmartDoc, Inc. Good bad and/or ugly. - Posted By: anon

 Pay, platform, people skills, QA, etc.  Thanks!