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Any Info - Posted By: Phoenix Medcom

Any info on this company appreciated.



What about MTs sharing one job? - Posted By: nm

Can that work?  I guess it would be subcontracting in a way.  Just wondering.


How 'bout Ascend? - Posted By: SusanQA

What about Ascend?  I'm looking for a QA position.  How is the pay and how are the benefits?  I work for MQ now -- help me!!

MxSecure - Posted By: MTinTX

I was wondering if there is anybody out there that works for this company. I have a phone interview this afternoon about a clinic position that is mostly ESLs. I was just wondering how their pay is, etc.


Health Information Partners - Posted By: lp

Does anyone have any feedback on Health Information Partners (HIP)--good or bad?


Has anybody worked for SmartMed (f/k/a TSI) - Posted By: TXMT

Has anybody worked for this company based in Houston, Texas?  They want to pay me $5.00 per 1,000 words.  Am I getting ripped off?  I have never been paid by the word, but only by the line.  I have not heard many good things about this company.  Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

AEGIS/People Support - Posted By: wandering

Any recent info re: AEGIS/People Support out of Burbank?  How is their platform, lots of ESL's, pay on time, etc???  Info. I found was over a year old.  Thanks in advance.... wandering...

CardioScrbes Platform Question - Posted By: MTer

Does anyone have experience on Wordscript, the CardioScribes platform?  If so, could you share your feedback on the platform and if it's pretty easy to make the required lines on it?

Thanks so much!!!

Just received offer for IC position - Posted By: nm

15 yrs Exp....offer.....0.07 cpl 65 character line!!  This is for IC with no benes and they want me to test first as well.  Can you imagine!!  What has happened to this industry!!  13 yrs ago I worked for a company with full benes and was paid 0.10 cpl.  This is nuts.  Then of course everyone wants you to have your own equipment, work extra hours when need be but when they are low on work....Oh well....then maintain 99% QA rating.  It's so disheartening for all the knowledge we obtain.  Sorry,,,had to vent.

Anybody familiar with SFT - Posted By: sm

There is a job posting on the job board by this company. Anybody know anything about this company?

Recommendations on company with flexible scheduling - Posted By: Melissa

I am looking for a company who is flexible in their scheduling.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated plus any other good/bad info.

Transolutions? Any info appreciated sm - Posted By: Opportunity to test

did a search and cannot find any recent info.  Do they pay for spaces?  One older post indicated they did not.  Also interested in Star team info.  Thanks!

Queston about I-chart and counting (sm) - Posted By: curious

The company I work for recently enabled the Control-I function which I have read a lot about on here.  Can someone please tell me what the advantage of this is?  We don't count headers or footers, and the Cont.I function does, so what is the point?  I would just as soon use the I-Chart and wait for it to update.  I haven't been cheated yet! I don't get what all the uproar was about.

Taking the steps to leave Spheris - 10 years! - Posted By: Finally


RadNet - Posted By: Margaret Anderson

The company I work for has just switched over the RadNet for radiology TX.  I can't get a straight answer out of the software company (Cerner), so am hoping someone out there can give me an answer.  #1 - there is no shortcut program!  I can't get Cerner to tell me which, if any, shortcut programs might work with it; the several I have tried only seem to work with word processing programs.  #2 - they tell me that for some reason it's okay to cut and paste from Notepad (where I can use a shortcut program), but not from Word, that it may not count my characters appropriately.  Anybody know about any of this?  Ideally, I'd like to be able to use shortcuts AND count my lines from within the application, or at least from within one application that I can cut and paste from!  I'm really discouraged by this software ... it is slowing me down tremendously.

How does MD-IT work...do you work for the region in which you live? - Posted By: SEE MSG

If I live in the MidWest Region do I work for the Midwest Office in Mpls/St. Paul? Seems like the benefits are great. Anyone currently work for MD-IT and could tell me a bit about the company! Appreciate it!

How about Advanced Radiology, ever heard of them? - Posted By: grannyMT

Any information, good or bad, about them?

So are we all in agrement that ChartScript is productive and a good program? nm - Posted By: Have hospital interview tomorrow


Any information on The Back Suite Corporation? TIA! - Posted By: nm

Still at Stentel? - Posted By: anon

Is kelly rogalski still at stentel in massachusets?  ty

Did anybody get a letter from SPI - Posted By: hillbillymt

I am a former SPI employee and got a letter from the company who did our paychecks today saying an SPI employee had left a laptop on a plane that had our personal info such as SSI#, bank info, etc. and the laptop had not been recovered.  They are supposed to have a 1-year free deal with Equifax for a credit watch.  This is really scary to me. Was wondering if anyone else got this letter.

Companies for IC/SEs that have just a weekly or - Posted By: per-pay-period line ''requirement'' ra

Thanks for any info!

American Transcription Solutions?(ATSI) - Posted By: Looking for a change

Any info on them would be appreciated.  Thanks!

ratio - Posted By: parole

80% cons, 20% pros.


Why entry level only? - Posted By: Trixie

I see where World Wide Dictation is looking for entry level transcriptionists to do non-medical work.....insurance claims, paying up to 9.5 cpl.  Why only entry level?  If it's such simple work, why not let anyone in who is willing to do it for the amount offered?

SE versus IC. I know there is s simple - Posted By: mathematical way to figure this

but I'm a math retard.  If an SE made 10 cpl and an IC also made 10 cpl, and everything else were equal, then the SE is actually making more because half of the 15% social security tax is paid by the employer.  So the SE makes 7.5% more than the IC, correct?

Now here's where I'm a math retard.  If you take that 7.5% into account, what is the SE's *real* line rate?  Sure, it's still cpl but when you figure the employer is paying 7.5% of the taxes then does that make the line rate actually more like 10.75 cpl?  Or am I off on my math?

TransTech - corrected post - Posted By: sotiredzzz

I was offered a position with Transtech today. The recruiter gave me a lot of info, but I completely drew a blank regarding any questions I had. I work for MQ now, and am looking to leave because I believe it is only going to get worse, and I can't take any more cuts in pay. So here goes:


1. Do they do ASR, and if so, what is their percentage of line rate (i.e., Medquist currently pays 70%).

2. Do they pay any shift differential?

3. Do they allow split shifts or 10 hour shifts for 4 days if 1 is a weekend day?

4. As far as line rate, they offered me 1.25 cents less a line than I am currently making, but their incentive program, from what I understood, seems pretty decent.

5. Are they easy to work with, QA, supervisors, etc.

Any and all information anyone can provide would be appreciated. This is a big decision I need to make by Monday, and am a little nervous, but think I would like to take the leap!


Soft Script? - Posted By: CS

Does anyone have any info about this company? Thinking of applying with them PT while still working for MQ PT. Any info about them, how easy their platform is, etc. would be greatly appreciated! :) Have a nice Sunday! :)

line counting program - Posted By: just a question

Does anybody know of a free line counting program I could download?  Also, is anybody familiar with wtd. lines vs. lines in a line counting program?  I assume wtd. means weighted, and what does it mean?  Thanks.



So administrator..is OSi done for here now?? - Posted By: (nm)


Transolutions - Posted By: Keeping options open

Does anyone have any information on Transolutions?  I remember a while back hearing that the platform was a little outdated.  Has that changed at all?  Any other opinions?


Any info on Medscript in Texas? - Posted By: mt77

Has anyone heard from AAmT yet? - Posted By: Anon


Warning about the phone call from MQ...sm - Posted By: Anon

After reading the boards about the new MQ plan I went to Qnet to see what I could find.  I haven't received the packet yet nor had I received a phone call (or so I thought).  I found a section that stated I received a phone call on Sept 15th and that I had received paperwork.  I wondered what the heck was going on.  Checked my caller ID and sure enough on Sept 15th there was an 800 number (after typing it in Google I found out it was Medquist).  After talking with my husband at dinner about the new plan and the phone call he finally (after 2 weeks) tells me that they called and HE told them that I got a paper in the mail.  They never called ME back or asked that I call them with questions.  So you might want to ask your husband or kids if they talked to someone. 



Orion - Posted By: Dawn

I was wondering if anyone has worked for Orion and has any experience with them?  TIA

Pay per hour - Posted By: NCMT

If you are an experienced MT (10 years) with Meditech, Dictaphone Extext experience, Word, and experienced in various programs to access voice files, what would be the hourly wage offered to you to work in-house in the state you currently live?  Thanks.

Anybody quit Spheris? - Posted By: mom2huskies

Has anybody quit Spheris do to the platform? It is very hard to make any lines. It is just getting too hard to make a living there.

Spectramedi - Posted By: Maryes

Anyone employed with SpectraMedi? Can you give me some info about them?

Anyone work at Diskriter, who can tell me how it's like, pay, work load, supes, etc. Thanks - Posted By: Mr. Cotton


WebMedEx testing - Posted By: JoAnn

I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions regarding their testing.  I took their test a few years ago and passed the multiple choice but not the transcription.  There was so much static and distortion on the voice files I couldn't hear well and even though I left proper blanks, I didn't pass.  Does anyone have any ideas as to why they don't provide better voice files and how I can overcome this?  Thanks to all for any suggestions.

Why no recent posts about Omniscribe? Everyone happy there? - Posted By: j


Need info on Proscript - sm - Posted By: Jill

Pay stinks but everything else sounds nice.  Anyone work there?  Thoughts?

Four Seasons Transcription: How To File A Complaint - Posted By: Needing_Money

If you would like to file a complaint with the BBB regarding payment not received from Robin Hall and Four Seasons Transcription, you can do it online at http://vabbb.org/newindex.html.  This is the Virginia branch of the BBB.  Any information such as a phone number of Four Seasons, you can find on her website at www.fourseasonstranscription.com.  I have already filed a complaint.  This is the first step I'm taking to get my payments for the last 6 weeks.  WARNING:  DO not work for Robin Hall.  Any complaints you hear here are true!  She uses fuzzy words to tell you when your payment is coming.  She DOES NOT pay or DOES NOT pay regularly or on time. 

American Transcription Solutions?? - Posted By: KC


Diskriter questions....please help - Posted By: Changing to a new company for a long time...

I was with a company for two years and now I am searching for one as dependable as they were.  Does anyone have any information on Diskriter?  They have contacted me in the past but I was too afraid to take a leap of faith at that time from my old company.  Their benefits seem outstanding!  Do they pay well for experienced MTs and is their insurance affordable?  I need a job ASAP and I just want to find the right one.  I have 14+ years of experience.  Thanks for any help or any suggestions of places that pay on-time and is respectable. 

Anyone who works for a FL company, pls see FL state board. Thanks. NM - Posted By: Anon


Is work at MDI SR or straight typing? - Posted By: I'm just being nosy. Sorry.


Out of work already - 1.5 hours into shift. (sm) - Posted By: Miffed

Bet there will be no holiday pay for a lot of us since we have to have 32 hours in addition to the holiday to qualify for holiday pay. (WMX).  We will be all sitting and scrapping for the work.  Hope those new accounts come on soon and just swamp us with work. 

Holiday weeks are usually feast and famine but I just had to gripe.  Excuse me now.  Have a good holiday all.

Terranova - Posted By: Just Curious

Just wondering if anyone else out there has had the same experience with Terranova.  Tested, told I passed and offered a job at one rate and sent info on job benefits.  Then received second message saying you are hired as IC (I didn't want IC), so declined job.  Next message from them says misunderstanding, hired as employee at a different (lower rate).  To top it all off, the English in the message sounds stilted, as if being written by a foreign-speaking person.  Possibly because they are Canadian based??  Just curious if anyone else has had similar experience.  Feel free to email me if you'd rather. 

test - Posted By: test