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diskriter,transtechmedical, webmedx - Posted By: barb50

looking to switch work places.  Need some input on these companies if they are good places to work for.  many ESL?  need a lot of different accounts?  steady work? 

Hate to bore everybody but - Posted By: no work on TransTech today

This is getting old now.  For the past several months, waiting and waiting for work and I do make adjustments apart from getting off day shift.  Christmas is around the corner and I am getting worried. 

Suggestions for "on-call" job? - Posted By: Taiga

I'd like to work on-call for a company and work only as they need me when work levels are high.   I wondered if anyone had ever heard of any place that would be interested in hiring a PT person for this. 

Any info on Eskribe? - Posted By: Ell


are clinic notes productive... 2 and 3 line reports? - Posted By: wondering

Can you turn them around pretty fast or do they slow you down?

MDI-MD - Posted By: just wondering

Any thoughts on MDI-MD? 

what happened to the I Need To Leave Spheris post - Posted By: nm


MWPS ......sm - Posted By: Out of Michigan

Anyone have any experience with this company.  I see a lot of ads for them.  Any info appreciated.  TIA

Will start training next week... any input on what to expect? - Posted By: soon to be PrecyseMT


Employee vs. Subcontractor - Posted By: NetMed Transcription

Does anyone know the standard for our industry if it is subcontracting or employees?

Rapid Transcripts, INC.~ Does anyone have any recent input? - Posted By: Le

Regarding Rapid Transcripts, Inc in California....Does anyone have any recent input on this company??? I have read all of the horrible messages that were posted in 2003 and 2004, but I really would like to know if anything has changed? Does anyone on here currently work for the company and do they get paid on time? ETC... Any and All comments are Greatly Appreciated!!! Thanks and have a great day! :)

I LOVE transcring IME's. Anyone work for ..sm - Posted By: GSUMom

a company or know of any companies that do these??  If you could pass any company names on that would be great.  You can e-mail me.  mikessa@windstream.net  Thanks so much!!

How is Wedmedx to work for and pay rate?? Thanks for info - Posted By: LookingMT

Just curious..

MDI work - Posted By: Pollyanna

Anyone out there out of work lately on MDI?  What's up with this?


Do you think you could go to work at ANY company and continually bash them, either online or to other employees and NOT get fired or sued.  There is such a thing as libel and defamation, and that has nothing to do with Freedom of Speech.  I have gone through the archives and am shocked at the things people say on here about the companies they STILL WORK FOR.  I cannot imagine going to work for a company and to continuously badmouth them and to be able to keep my job!!!  Someone else said on here in another post I read about not having to use your real name or be accountable for what you write on here and that is only to true, which is why I use my name!!!  I have nothing to hide.  If what you say is true, then you should be able to show your identity!  You cannot knowingly lie or defame a company  ANYWHERE, especially where it could potentially poison the pool of current or potential employees.  If you are SOOO unhappy with the way things are where you work QUIT!!!!  I have been through the ups and downs on work flow with Transtech too, but my intelligence tells me this happens everywhere!  There was no change in payroll company since I have been here, almost a year, or if there was I had NO PROBLEMS and did not even notice.  I had no rush to get my paperwork in or mistakes in my paycheck and whomever implied those things about TransTech's questionable payroll practices, deserves to be sued.  You cannot say those kind of things about a company, especially  when to my knowledge they are UNTRUE.  That is defamation of character and NOT Freedom of Speech.  They are owned by a parent company and THAT company does our payroll NOT TRansTEch themselves.  Everyone really needs to do their homework on this sort of thing.  This is EXACTLY what people get sued over and as well they should!!!  There is a difference in stating you were unhappy, or if you did not get paid on time or not at all, but to continue to work somewhere, and then get on here and CONTINUOUSLY bash them, is just plain WRONG!!  There are plenty more companies out there... find another one to work for if you are that unhappy!!. Again, I am NOT management and I have had problems that I needed to work out with them, but that is exactly what I did WORKED IT OUT WITH THEM!  This is a company just as if you were working in an office, and there is protocol when working in a business environment that many of you just do not get!  For those of you that do, this is obviously not meant for you!!!   For those this does not pertain to, I know you will not be offended by this.  If you are offended by this, this is obviously meant for you.  Have a great day!

ANYONE helpful at OSi? - Posted By: anon

Hey-I'm the one who asked earlier for some opinions on the management thing that had come open there.  Thanks for your input, y'all.  I'm sorry I'm staying anonymous--as long as I'm still stuck there, I need to.

Here's my latest question:  Is there ANY higher-up there who is helpful?!   Identifying employees not allowed.  Posters can email you through the links below.

There are a couple of people there who have it in for me.  I'm a XXXX good transcriptionist--I catch all the errors the dictators make, and don't even get me started on how grammatically awful and also unprofessional my team leader is (which is why I don't speak to my team leader about my problems).  Ever since I caught her out in a lie and also mentioned a couple flaws in the system, it has become very clear that, despite the fact that I'm one of the best they've got, they'd love to have a reason to get rid of me. 

This is unfair (duh).  Is there ANYONE nice there?!

Thank you very much.

IRIDIUM inconsistencies - Posted By: go figure

Iridium has rules that NEARLY everybody follows.  Two main ones are you only do your preferred pool and you don't suspend work.  One person specifically continues to do work NOT in her preferred and to suspend work that is NOT in her preferred.  AND she appears to get away with it as it happens nearly daily.  Below is a post on this board by that person.  There seems to be a lack of teamwork on her part, which she so vehemently was excited was present at Iridium. 

It may be time to start job hunting.  It is so hard to have any trust in management when there is a favorite or 2 who is allowed to not play by the same set of rules as the rest of us struggling to get lines and have some money in our paychecks.  This company has sure not lived up to its promises to transcriptionists at all. 

Not that I have to explain

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Posted By: Donna on 2008-09-06

myself  to you I will respond.  I decided to join Iridium 4 weeks after I was contacted by them.  I also was told that Iridium outsourced, which was the reason for my original post.  I would never work for a company that outsourced and I wasn't going to jump ship before I had some information.  I worked on the account for 8 years at my previous employer, and like most professionals give notice of their intention to leave.  I left my previous employer with the understanding I would be transcribing the same dictators, which has NOT happened.  I have one, and that decision came from the account administration because it was the DOCTOR's choice.  Do you feel shafted by everyone that started working after you because you were there first, or do you just have something against me?  So much for the teamwork I keep hearing about, and how great everyone is.  Maybe next time you'll reveal your true identity so I can respond to you directly.


SoftScript interview turned down - Posted By: .

Interviewed today, Disappointed and turned it down. I could hear her shock, said, I will make a note of it, Base pay 8 cents a line.  Like my extensive experience and good testing skill, wellll then pay accordingly.  I kinda figured, when I sent an email asking the lowest to highest line rate offered for position and got no reply.  This is after testing and setting up interview time

Nope not for all my expertise and what is EXPECTED in terms of knowledge, accuracy and speed and the   par is generally unintelligble (sp) dictators) to deal with. 

 I'm never concerned about the terms, it is what dictators get away with without batting an eye from the top staff.  They think HEY, let the MTs       mess with it, make em get 98% accuracy, 150 lines an hour.

Dictators should dictate the same as though speaking to a fellow M.D. or patient, so they can be understood.  There are others paying more, I found 9-10, they listed their rates.

Spheris - good, bad or okay? nm - Posted By: Southern belle

Thank you.

One more speech recognition editing question...sm - Posted By: millie

Do you feel that you get double your lines of what you were actually typing when you edit speech recognition or how do you compare?  thanks

Does anyone still use MSWord and a transfer program - Posted By: I saw earlier post, but those are

either nonexistant companies or have gone to platforms.

Company - Posted By: Curious

Anyone heard of CMC Medical Transcription, Seattle Washington? 

Does Dictaphone obtain the accounts for the companies who use Dictaphone EXText? - Posted By: Dictaphone EXText accounts

I was just wondering if this is the same as it used to be.  Dictaphone installs the equipment in facilities and then gets a MTSO to take the account.  Therefore, the MT company never solicits for accounts, but Dictaphone notifes them when they have installed equipment in a hospital.

Does anyone have contact info for - Posted By: MDI in Maryland? TIA (nm)


ProTran - Posted By: MaryAnn

Any working(ed) for this company?  Would like to ask you some questions regarding how they are to work for, pros and cons.  E-mail me if you would rather do that.

Thanks.  TIA

Any info on ASAP Transcription in TN? - Posted By: (nm)


MDI-MD..I read on their website that they pay for...sm - Posted By: sounds great...

spaces and punctuation!   This sounds great!  Most places don't pay that do they?  What is the norm when places say 65-character line...does that include spaces and punctuation?

IRA and 401K - Posted By: clk

I saw some postings earlier and wanted to let you all know, just going to the labor board about money not being handled correctly may not be enough - however, I went righ to the SEC website and lodged a complaint against the plan holder for not managing my account, not giving me the information regarding the plan structure when asked, and for not informing me when my company did what they did.  So if your company is screwing around, put in a complaint about the holder of the plan, that will get someone off their butts to help you out - they certainly do not want to be blamed when the SEC asks why they allowed mismanagement.  I placed my complaint yesterday and the good ol SEC called me today.  Just thought I would pass it on for those who have the same problem.

Again, the complaint is with your plan holder, who certainly would not want what your company did to be held against them.

Opti-script - Posted By: more curious

Anybody work for this company?  Thinking of applying.  Good/bad info would be appreciated.  Thanks!!

I know that payday is on the 15th, but since the 16th is President's Day, sm - Posted By: New KSer

do you think we will be paid on Friday like we were last payday?  This is only my 2nd payday, so I was just curious.  If I have to wait until the 17th, then so be it.  I don't want to be lectured by those I have seen about people expecting to be pair early.  As I said, it happened before, and I just wondered.  Since it is getting late and I have not yet received an email with my paycheck stub, it is looking like probably not. 


Precyse vs Webmedx - Posted By: cmt

Hi All!   I started with Precyse the beginning of the month due to my last job losing account and laying off.  My first day of training, there was no work to train on, and subsequent days no work.  The past week, work has somewhat increased.  The QA department stayed backed up, and I was told if when the pay period ends and my work have not been QA'd, I would get paid for those lines the next pay day. Then the account I'm on, one of the QA people told me all the work goes overseas but the Op notes because the people in India  were so bad, the hospital decided to let the Americans do Ops.  Anyways, I am definitely not happy here, so I have an intervewiew with Webmedx.  The recruiter at Webmedx has already warned me that the accounts at Webmedx are over 70% ESL.  I would just like a comparison on Precyse and Webmedx. I would hate to jump from the frying pan into the furnace!  The training pay is only 10.00 an hour at Precyse.

anyone familiar with NorthEast Transcription? - Posted By: XanaX

took their huge, lengthy, tedious, silly test...are they worth it?

Anyone know of a company, easy clinic work, easy Word format, dependable pay? Help! - Posted By: Desperate and exasperated


Why do these companies tolerate the arrogant, - Posted By: Arrogance

nasty technicians/programmers that are supposed to be helping keep us up and operating, but instead think they are doing us a favor by fixing their problems, usually problems created by their own incompetence?  Is this just a bluster to cover up for their inadequate personalities and their lack of ability?   This used to be the tactic the quack doctors used to make their patients think they were great.   How many more MTs does a company have to lose because the equipment is always down, no communication when it it goes down or comes back up, just an attitude of I am better than you and you will just have to keep trying every 10 minutes (at no cost to the company) to see if it is fixed. 

Customer satisfaction is always listed as a company priority.  From what my husband has told me about management, employees are also customers, but the way these rude donkeys treat us, there sure is not going to be any satisfaction with a job, so people just keep looking for a better company, one that will at least communicate and make the techs have a decent attitude or fire them. 






SoftScript - Posted By: Alicia

Is SoftScript a good place to work.  I might have an interview this week and hoping I am making a wise decision. 

Thanks! :)

MD-IT ?? - Posted By: aoktyper

If this is a repost, I apologize -- but I checked and don't see it -- new to this board!Any info on MD-IT would be greatly appreciated!  Do they supply computer?  Do they have plentiful work?  What kind of bennies/PTO/holidy do they offer?  How is communication, flexibility, etc.????? Thanks in advance!

Precyse info. Only found 2004.. - Posted By: sm

2005 on Search.  Any latest info on pay, platform, benefits, etc.?  Sounds like they offer a lot.  Good/bad appreciated as always.  THANKS!  

Is ER work clinic rate? - Posted By: Lee

I was hired to do clinic wotk but over half my work is ER with ESL doctors and interns.  Shouldn't this be paid at a higher rate, or am I dreaming.

Company that uses Word? NM - Posted By: xx


I know that this has been asked before BUT (sm) - Posted By: Victoria

Can anyone give me information on TTD, Inc?  It is also known as TTD and The Transcription Doctors.  I have searched the archives with all 3 names and cannot find anything.  However, when I googled them I found 2 older posts on MTstars for them but was hoping for more current information.  TIA

Does TransTech have a private board? NM - Posted By: new to TT


National Certification for MTs - Posted By: Desparate

Can someone refer me to a website or something so I can get certified.  Finished my course with a college and they don't of course deal with the National Certification.  Anyone out there done the certification part.  Please help.  Thanks

Anyone know anything about OSI - Posted By: Just wondering

Stop the mudslinging crap about all companies. If you have a legitimate complaint and - Posted By: Administrator (sm)

can BACK IT UP, then feel free to post, however if all you want to do is consistently mudsling with no real facts, take it somewhere else.

Amphion - do they hire IC? Can't tell from website. THanks! nm - Posted By: Hopefully looking...

Anyone know if they hire IC status?

OSI - Posted By: Sparky

Does anyone know anything about OSi from Georgia.

Spheris interview, not jumping up and down - Posted By: I am defeated

Just had an interview with Spheris. I currently work for MQ, so am naturally looking at what other options are out there currently. I've read some of the posts on Spheris and I have to say a few things stike me a little funny. I guess you know a recruiter is good at her job if she is good at working her way around the questions instead of answering the questions! I asked about work flow and running out of work. She basically didn't say the work flow runs low but it's not that it NEVER happens and that there is no downtime pay for lack of work. Sort of evasive if posts stating running out of work is a problem anymore. I wanted to know the line rates, high/low anything, and she said she could not give me that information!! Ok, you want me to consider you as an employer without all the info but you want me to fess up anything? Why is this a big secret? The wage that low that they have to try to sucker you in before they will tell you it sucks? If you think you might try to start me at 6 cents/line let me know, we can save a lot of time! She wants to start me on a clinic account because I havn't done operative reports. So lets waste all your other acute care experience? I'd rather hoped to be moving forward in my experience base than moving backward. On top of that, you can't even be considered for any changes for 6 months! If you hire on part time, you can't go full time for 6 months either. Many downfalls it would seem.

I've had a couple other interviews in the past few weeks. The outlook just doesn't seem very appealing.Why is it there is no medical Transcriptionist labor union and/or why one can't be started? I would think it would help stop a lot of mistreatment and outsourcing and protect our interests as we need someone to help out in this department since we are all home, alone.

Medware QA boo-boo letter - Posted By: Medware

So, did you all get the QA email that was intended for QA staff dealing with the India work?  and then the email stating, oh, disregard that email . . . Well, there is the proof that MW offshores and is looking to do more and more at our ultimate expense. 

Medware info...?? - Posted By: looking for work

I would appreciate any information anyone is willing to offer--good, bad or otherwise--regarding Medware.  Please email.  Thank you! 

Low work census? - Posted By: Here's some advice

1.  Gripe to the people with the capacity to actually help you and not just commiserate with you, i.e. your superiors.

2.  Work on a shift that actually needs MT's instead of the overstaffed gravy day shifts.

3.  Switch to a company with plenty of work (for whatever reason that may be).

In summary, nobody can afford to be out of work, so take measures to help your own situation.