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Information on Soap Transcription (MI) - Posted By: Momof2

Any information on SOAP out of Michigan would be appreciated.  Good/bad, platform, pay on time, etc....  TIA

Spheris Benefits - Posted By: maggietypes

Can anyone tell me what benefits are offered to full time hires for Spheris vs. part time at Spheris? New to this and trying to make the best decision. Have also been in communication with MQ and am trying to determine who offers a better package.  Any info would be helpful.  

Anyone ever heard of Adept Word Management? nm - Posted By: Mt2long


Loyalty to Companies Who Have No Work and Expect a Schedule from YOU - Posted By: MT

There have been many discussions about MT's sitting around waiting for work to file into their queues.. many being told to get more than a few accounts and work on their backups (which, we all know, is someone's primary account)  when their primary is out of work.. so we go 'round in circles. 

Then we have discussions about companies putting us in work pools as opposed to assigning us work daily...

I have been sitting here thinking, if I were a painter, wanted to paint fences, and I showed up with my brush and paint bright and early in the morning, and was told to come back tomorrow, the fence has already been painted, but there will be another fence ready to paint tomorrow, please come back, we want you to paint our fences.. I say, OK, I understand, and so I come back tomorrow and when I get there I see that half of the fence has been painted already, someone came before me and painted it, even though I was promised the work of painting the fence.  They say, try again tomorrow.  How many days would you show up to paint a fence? Every day? Don't you (eventually) feel like an idiot standing there with your brush and paint with nothing to do??

Does the company owe you any loyalty at all??  If they don't want your services, why don't they just say so instead of keeping you coming back ready to paint every day?  Then when it DOES get busy, they call and say WHERE IS EVERYBODY??? DONT YOU CARE ABOUT PAINTING THE FENCE?  Like we havent been standing there with our brushes all week waiting to paint.

What I don't understand is the lack of shame from the people who behave this way.   Once in a while things happen..NOT AS A MATTER OF BUSINESS. 

I really don't understand the logic of the people who have no problem with this.  You do understand that by doing this, you are simply helping these companies to continue in this fashion, not feeling that they owe you ANYTHING.

Overhiring is really the finaly insult.  If you don't see that.. you are closing your eyes.

WordPerfect companies - Posted By: T.J.

Are there any good companies out there that employ ICs from home that primarily use WordPerfect? If Word could prove to me it's better, I might consider switching, but I honestly don't think it's better for what we do.  Don't want to get into a debate about that, BTW,  but just curious as to what companies might be a good option.

eScription - Posted By: MEMT

I just saw an add for an EVENING IC position at 0.03 edited and 0.07 transcribed. Unless the account is heavily templated, I would consider this a slap in the face. I'm not opposed to VR, but I am opposed to not being able to pay my bills. What has happened to this profession?? javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');

R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!! - Posted By: frustrated old MT

As transcriptionists we are treated like second class citizens.  Most companies just want to MAKE Money and quite frankly don't give a hoot how they do it.  I think we need a union of some sort.  AHDI does nothing to improve our standings - they just want more and more money for doing ZIP.  Unfortunately, for all of us seasoned transcriptionists there are a lot of newbies to take our place who think what is done to them in the name of business is fair.  We need to know more than most RNS, LPNS and I dare say doctors - as they are all focused on one specialty and we make less than everyone!    Any ideas on organizing a union? 

MDI-Florida - Posted By: Pollyanna

I'm out of work constantly and fed up!

OSI good company to work for and others listed - Posted By: Rene Coffelt

Any info would be appreciated about these companies. Incentive pay/medical premiums, good accounts, Word-based platforms? 

What about Transolutions, Med-Scribe, MedWare, Northeast Transcription, E-MTS, JLG.  I know there is a lot here but I am tired of bouncing around this past year.  Want to find a place to make a decent living and stay put!!  Need good bennies, decent platform, decent account, and plenty of work.  I know, I know that is what we all want isn't it?


Any information on HDS in AR? Thanks! - Posted By: Need info


line counting programs - Posted By: Question

If the line count in a particular platform, for example ExText, is compared to MS Word count where the total word count is divided by 65, shouldn't the count be about the same? 



chronicle transcripts - Posted By: anybody work for Chronicle Transcripts???

I am scheduled for a telephone interview with Chronicle Transcripts next week.  Do they require you to have any special equipment outside of Windows XP, 512 mb, USB port footpedal, sound card to hear the audio files?  I know most companies do not require anything other as stated above, but I thought I may have read somewhere they required something in addition.


Just wanted to know if I have everything I needed, if they offer me a job.



Any recent info on TransTech? - Posted By: Job Seeker

I've been looking in the archives, but I can't seem to come up with much (specific) recent info, so I wonder if any current Transtech MTs might be willing to give me a little info.

Are they a good company to work for?  Nice people?  What type of platform they use?  Is it easy or hard to make your lines?  What is their approximate pay range (not specifically, just generally).  Do they have a decent (do-able) incentive program?  Are they strict with your schedule or are they willing to be a little flexible?  Is their benefit package really as good as it sounds?

Sorry for so many questions, but I'm trying to decide between another company and TransTech, so any information that you could give me to help me in my decision, positive or negative, would be most appreciated!  You can email me privately if you don't want to post.

Any info on Probity and Diskriter - Posted By: just me

would be appreciated. 

now for radiology - Posted By: me

now what about radiology?  Are there any companies out there that will take someone who is a newbie at radiology?

Re subject way down about FICA - Posted By: after retirement. I did some research

I was very interested in the thread below that seemed to state no FICA has to be paid on earnings after retirement.  My husband retired at the full age but FICA is taken out of every check.  I was hoping the poster was right, but from the following statement made on the social security web site, it does not appear to be the case.  Unless I misunderstood the point the poster was making, in which case I apologize. 

Q. If I work after I start receiving Social Security retirement benefits, will I still need to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on my earnings?
A. Yes. Any time you work in a job that is covered by Social Security--even if you are already receiving Social Security benefits--you and your employer must pay the Social Security and Medicare taxes on your earnings. The same is true if you are self-employed. You are still subject to the Social Security and Medicare taxes on your net profit.

Any info on Transcription technology and support, llc? - Posted By: cc


Need advice on Editing/QA qualifications - Posted By: Deborah Landgraf

I have 15 years inhouse, but we are being outsourced. Several coworkers have gone to work for different nationals, and I am weighing working as an MT vs. QA or editor. I would like advice on what would be best to do or to expect. I have learned the following about several companies, none of which is consistent:

Company 1: QA manager has a BA in Political Science. She runs the department as a manager only. The QA people who are chosen have at least 10 years of experience and appear to be very knowledgeable. Most of them are very helpful and are available around the clock. Most accounts have plenty of work, but a lot of ESL.

Company 2: QA manager has many years in the field and supervises QA people with also many years of experience. They have a separate Document Completion department that does nothing but fill in blanks, but it is managed by a nurse with a Bachelor's degree. They have virtual round-the-clock coverage, and you can call them for an answer or to listen to the job you are working on. They are very helpful and friendly. I hear that MTs frequently run out of work.

Company 3: Not impressed because of favoritism here. A highly qualified QA manager with years of experience, including teaching, was moved to a lateral position after a few days by a power seeker with only 2 years' experience as an MT. After that, most of the QA department either quit or was fired. The new QA director does actual QA herself but does not get along well with everyone. Some of the QA department is helpful and some are not. They also promote some after only a few months with the company regardless of experience, which creates hard feelings among those with more longevity and experience. Very poor coverage at night and on the weekend. Plenty of work on most accounts.

Company 4: Editing and QA is separate. They require 10 years' experience as an Editor and 15 years' experience in QA. The QA and editing managers distribute the work and work as managers only but they are very approachable. The QA people are knowledgeable but most of them feel superior to the MTs. Most of the editors are fine but get frustrated if easy blanks are left and also seem to be too glad to report it, almost like tattling beyond necessity. Plenty of work.

As you can see, these are all very different, and I wonder if I would be better off to just remain an MT. However, I don't want my work screened by someone who is "just starting out" as an MT. I cannot figure out why the standards are so different. If you work for these companies, you know who they are. I just don't know where to turn. Help!

Spheris low work load - Posted By: BLUEYES

Thought I would respond to the post about Spheris at the top as soon we would be booted off the page.  Yes Healthscribe did outsource to India all along.  As a matter of fact they were very proud of that fact.  They did not send all of the work over there and seemed to keep plenty for their US MTs, however, that is exactly why Spheris took over Healthscribe is because of the India link.  That is the main reason they bought Healthscribe, which is exactly why they are letting all the good MTs go and not paying them, etc.  They want them to quit.  Cheaper than paying unemployment when they eventually let them all go as all they ever wanted out of that deal was the link they had to India and India employees.  That is no secret and is exactly why they are all being nudged out of work.  The work is there.  Your work is there, it is just being sent elsewhere and where as it should be illegal, well it is not.  It is just morally wrong and not very American but I think those types of things such as morals and being proud to be an American get thrown out the window when these companies see $ in their pockets.  Good old fashioned American pride is not important to these people anymore and thus the results we are seeing.  It will be lost for our children and even worse for our children's children.  That is why it is so important for us to stop going to hospitals or write to our hospitals that outsource and to get everyone you know to do it as well and make a big stink.  That is why it is important for every American MT to rebel and not work for these companies, for their slave wage, etc.  They will always need some American MT for that one account who does not want their work overseas and I know Spheris has a few of them, and if they cannot get an American MT to work for them, well, ....I guess they loose that account eventually, and as they get more that want their work brought back to the U.S. and they have no MTs from the U.S. to provide that to them, they lose another account and so on.  Eventually the work will get sent to the companies who do promote strictly U.S. work, where it belongs, and the goal of being the largest company, which is what Spheris is striving to be will slowly start to shrink and then American people, we have one.  Give that some thought!!

Well, here we go...time for another survey. Anyone out there love their job and able to survive on . - Posted By: Disappointed MT

what they make. I am totally burned out on broken promises, dreams and expectations when I have taken jobs. Recruiters hype their company up but then they never live up to it. All I am asking for is a job with regular work every day when I am assigned to work and decent benefits. Is this impossible to find? Have any of you found such a thing? If so, let me hear from you.

MedRite XL versus Bayscribe - Posted By: mt

Has anybody used both platforms? I have two job offers and I have the impression that I will make more lines using Bayscribe. Also do either of these support Shorthand? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

??? Company - Posted By: wannabe

Spheris vs MQ vs Medscribe vs transtech?? Opinions please!!!

Dean Clinic - Not a good place to work. sm - Posted By: Long Gone

The department supervisor treats employees like dirt, unless you jump the minute she screams or threatens you. They are making things extremely difficult for the long-time people so they quit, and don't have to pay benefits.  Quite a few already have since the first of the year. Anyone thinking about going in there had better turn and run fast, no matter what you may be promised. It's not a good place to work.

Does MQ pay for spaces? - Posted By: Linda

Does MQ pay for spaces?


pay - Posted By: mting

Does anyone know anything about Amphion?  I read that their platform is horrible, then another says they are great, then another says low pay, but another says good pay.  Any info on what the line rate starts at and how they are with scheduling, as well as staff?  TIA!

DeVenture? Satellite okay? nm - Posted By: jodi


Anyone work for HDS? Email me. - Posted By: noname


I made a BIG mistake. SM - Posted By: No Name

I was working for this great company who only required 2000 lines a day and had a very flexible schedule.  I couldnt handle the 2000 lines a day in addition to my other position and had to quit.  Then a little later, asked if I could have another chance.  She gave me this chance and then, again, it was too hard for me to keep up with all the work.

Now I am on a different schedule with school starting again as well as other circumstances and this would just be the perfect scenerio for me.  The 2000 lines a week.

I have been searching for other companies that might have this type of position available and have failed to locate one.  Do you think it would be completely wrong of me to ask, yet again, for another chance?  Or would I be coming off too nutty. :-)

Just asking for opinions.  Go ahead and tell the truth.  If you think I am a nutcase, go ahead and let me know.  LOL.  Just want pure honesty here. 

Also if anyone else has ever been in the same position as I, I'd love to hear about it.  At least I would know I am not the only one.

Verifying line counts - Posted By: Jen1

I keep hearing people say that this platform or another seems to steal lines from them and I wonder, is there anyone out there who can actually verify their line counts.  Even if the program counts the lines, can't you find out the parameters they use to count and then use abacus or some such to find out if it is at least close?  I worked for a company years ago that put their line counting software on my computer with the install.  It was a read only file, so the MT couldn't change it, but I could see what was being paid and what wasn't and they couldn't change it without me knowing about it.  This company eventually switched to counting the lines themselves and I never did get any parameters out of them but in dealing with the owner personally for many years, she was pretty much a straight shooter so I stayed until she wasn't the running things anymore.  Once new management came in and shook everything up, I was out of there.  I don't think I trust anyone enough to count my lines for me.  When you get a paycheck that seems a little light, don't you ever wonder if maybe this payperiod they decided, Let's not pay for commas this week, and they can change it without you having any idea?  I'm getting back into the market now and would appreciate hearing other people's thoughts and experiences in this matter. 

companies to work for - Posted By: Winnefred

Has anyone worked for Spheris or OSI. Any info would be helpful.

Companies that use SoftMed/ChartScript? sm - Posted By: frustrated

I am looking to move from an employee position at a hospital into a PT or IC position. We currently use SoftMed/ChartScript. Are there any companies that use this platform that hire for PT employees or IC?

Thanks for your help! 

Anybody work for Precyse Solutions? - Posted By: TNMT

 Any feedback from their employees or ex-employees would be appreciated.  Thanks.

RFP cautions No voice recognition software allowed - Posted By: MTSO

I was looking at a Request for Proposal from a government medical facility and was struck by a clause that said in bold - No voice recognition software will be acceptable

I thought it strange that they put this in the request. They obviously don't have any faith in it and will not allow the contractor who wins the bid to utilize it. I guess that's good news for we who are worried about it.

Does Keystrokes hire part-time? nm - Posted By: LAMT


Getting line counts up - Posted By: Joy

I recently was hired for a national company, after having worked in-house for about 5 years in a physical therapy clinic.  I'm still in the training status.  Every day when I check my line count, I cannot believe it!  It's in the 200-250 area.  I know I'm slow, having to look up almost all drugs, many procedures, etc., and I'm adding to the expander program every day, but I don't see how I can get a lot faster.  We don't get credit for header information and oftentimes this takes several minutes to look up, add to, correct.

Any suggestions/comments are welcome!


Some people are posting they are leaving Transcend because of QA problems. Anyone know about this. - Posted By: MQMT


Webmedx/Transhealth - Posted By: sm

Are these 2 companies now merged? Anybody know if they pay QA hourly and if so how much? Is this a good company to work for in QA. Any helpful info is much appreciated.

IRS Question about IC - Posted By: LaWanda Brown

What are all the things I can file on my taxes if I am an IC?

Encompass- How are the accounts and work flow? Do you have a lot of work? - Posted By: Looking for a job that doesnt run out of work.

I need to keep busy. I cant sit here every day hoping for work so I'm looking elsewhere.

Regarding Brenda Streidel on job board - Posted By: Annon

Has anyone made any contact with this person or have worked with her in the past?  I have received some information from her and just wondering if this was legit or not.  Is it a scam or something shaddy?  I am new to this business so just wanted to make sure I am not getting into something I should not.  TIA

Any info/opinions on TransHealth? - Posted By: FBL

Why is it that people can come on here and bash companies but when someone tries to say that they sm - Posted By: Norma Rae

are happy, they are either management or causing flames.

There are a lot of good companies out there, but this is like anything else:  If you have a good experience, you are happy.  If you have a bad experience, or perceive something as a bad experience, you yell and scream and ram it down the throats of everyone around you? 

We are all entitled to our opinions, good and bad, but people that come to this board for real answers are never going to be able to find them as both the nay say'ers and the yay say'ers get out of hand.

I work for Keystrokes.  I have for a few years.  I am happy there and hate to see the bad posts, knowing that there are very few that feel that way.  There are over 200 of us that are happy and have been there for a little while.  It is disheartening to see that one of the biggest companies that really tries to do well by their employees has such bad press at times, and that the ones who do the bad-mouthing either:

1) Have not been there in a long time.

2)  Were not hired.

3)  Were let go.

Yes, they hire often, but they need to advertise, recruit and hire to staff new accounts or they would not be able to get and keep the account.  Yes, people leave companies and move to others.  This industry in general seems to see a lot of job movement, in house and with services.  Yes, they had a recent change in management of ONE PERSON ONLY, the one who did the hiring, but companies go through changes all the time, in and out of healthcare.  WHO CARES?  They tried to make it better by sending out an email to all resumes in that person's office.  I saw the email as someone from another company received it, knew I work for KS, and wanted to know if I am happy there.  I thought the email was good.  They had a lot of calls to make, and those calls do not last for 30 seconds.  I talked to the owner when I was hired and we talked for 45 minutes as I had a lot of questions.  Yes, they said that they would make the calls in a few days but obviously it took longer than they expected.  Again, WHO CARES?  If they were say they were going  to call you and did not, maybe they ran out of time or maybe they JUST WERE NOT THAT INTO YOU.  Just because you put in a resume, it does not mean that they are going to hire you.  Maybe a lot of applicants were excited and called them or kept emailing asking for a call, but there are only so many hours in a day.  There are a lot of maybe's and a lot of things that you have no control over, and a lot of things that they have no control over.

It could be that you are the best Transcriptionist in the world, and they lost out.

It could be that the positions were filled by the time that they got to you in the pile.  It happens.  So many people want 1st shift, Mon through Fri, no ESL, no equipment, no this, no that, specific this, specific that.  There is not an endless supply of every type of account, every shift. 

The big question here is:  Why do you care so much that felt it necessary to come to a public board and bash a company that you know nothing about?  How about we stick to bashing those with no work, that send the work to India, who do not pay their employees, who offer 3cpl, who have ugly QA, who cheat on line counts?  THOSE are the companies that DESERVE to be bashed. 


You might ask why I am taking the time to write this.  It's simple.  I feel that the hateful people bring out the worst in all of us, and that poison spreads.  Yes, I feel passionately about this, but it is only because I do not think it is fair to bash a company that you do not work for.  They should thank their Lucky Stars that they did NOT get to some of the calls for the truly spiteful people out there, because a few months down the line, they would be here screaming about something else.  Now he or she can move on to the next company that they want to try to bash.  You don't hurt the companies when you do this, as they are not here, but you do insult those of us that like working for Keystrokes or whatever company is the flavor-of-the-month to be bashed.

Transform, Transcend, Precyse, OSI, MQ...am I forgetting anybody? sm - Posted By: Arrghhh

I know good is a relative term when speaking of companies but of these who really stands apart?  Anybody or all they all the same.  I prefer part time with flexibility but if I work FT, I'd rather be an employee with a good line rate and affordable benefits (don't we all?)  Any of these fit the bill?  Specifics please.  Thanks!

TransTech, any current info? sm - Posted By: MTx13

The information in the archives is pretty dated.  If anyone has any recent information such as ease of platform, pay, incentives, etc., I would appreciate it!  TIA 

Thanks dmeil but..... - Posted By: lessMT

I do know that it is possible to live in a town and not know that a company exist.  I recently found out about a local MT company here  in my town.  I am just a bit curious...the first check has not cleared, still not taking taxes out and I was hired as a part time employer (said there was a problem with getting tax ID number from Louisiana).  I have worked for other companies as an IC but this is just scarey.  I love the work even though it is part-time, I love it.  I will just trust in prayer and what ever happens happens.  Hey, I also like the MT manager but the thought still lingers' in the back of mind that I could be burnt, it has happened to others' and it could happen to me as well.  Any feed back will do....

Another Keystrokes question - Posted By: New Keystroker

I am going to be starting full-time with Keystrokes next week on an ER account, and I cannot wait! I was just wondering how their insurance is as far as cost and how decent the coverage is for one person. I tried to call my recruiter today to ask, but she will not be in again until Monday. Also, are the pretty flexible is you ever need a day or two off if you give enough notice? Any info would be appreciated!

Along the same lines, has anyone ever left TH and gone back with good results? - Posted By: They liked me & practically begged me to stay.....


Keystrokes/Radiology - Posted By: mt2

Hello out there!  Can anyone provide any info on working for Keystrokes, Radiology Division?  Any info greatly appreciated.


Lead MT elimination - Posted By: Ex-Medware

I hope the lead MTs stuck together and told Medware where to put their offer of transcription and/or reviewing.  There are better companies out there who will pay more! And will treat you better. 

What companies allow dial-up??? Looking for a new/better opportunity- TIA - nm - Posted By: Laura E.