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Zylomed in Naples, FL? Is there more than one - Posted By: MTSO named that? sm

Does anyone work for the one in Naples? If so, can you tell me how it is there? Do you get pay raises ever and what is the software like to work on, etc.? Received an offer and mulling over the details. Steady work? Also, said there's a 4-hour TAT for the MTs and wondering how that is? Seems short.

Thanks for any info you can provide!

any info on NetMed? - Posted By: gintex

Can't find much about it.  Thanks!

Wynn Transcription......any info on them? - Posted By: recent please! nm


Anyone know anything about Get Back Jack Productions? nm - Posted By: Curious MT


Not sure what to do. - Posted By: depressed

I need to get a job ASAP.  Mine went sayonara through no fault of my own.  It seems like there aren't any MT jobs out there that would suit my needs, or I wouldn't suit the company's needs.  There were a couple of nonMT jobs in the newspaper yesterday that look interesting, but I'm not sure if I could get the fulltime one because I've been doing MT for so long that my nonMT skills are outdated.  The parttime secretary job is through an employment agency and probably doesn't pay enough for gas to get there and the hiring fees involved.  The school cafeteria worker doesn't pay much and requires one year of institutational cooking experience.  Sometimes my house feels like an institution.  LOL  I could sit here and call every single doctor's office and clinic in town to see if they need transcription done.  Or I could go back to selling garage sale fodder on Ebay.  heavy sigh....

Chase Transcription - sm - Posted By: lucy

Does anyone have any information on Chase transcription? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Lucy

Anyone else sending out resumes and hearing nothing? - Posted By: Texas MT

I have 16 years in the business and 4-5 years editing experience, but am just not hearing back from companies advertising on the boards.  Maybe they are receiving 100s of resumes...or is it just me?  Anyone know of a company looking for an editor, please email me.  Thanks!

Proscript - Posted By: Pauline

Hi fellow Mts:   I know there are pros and cons for every company out there.   I need some an answer about anyone currently working for Proscript out of Sarasota. Florida.  I am thinking of something PT, maybe FT.  Are they basically a good company to work for.  What platform do they use, do they pay for spaces and what is the basic line rate.  What is the percent of ESL.  I have some exp. with that but it is not my favorite, some are good and some I have had were so bad they had templates for these doctors and drove me crazy.  For MTs working for them now have you had any trouble getting your pay.  Thanks for information.

Ditsy recruiter from SoftScript - Posted By: TLD

I have almost 20 years experience as a MT with all work types, including 15 years transcribing at a major teaching medical center.  I recently sent my resume to SoftScript inquiring about a position.  Imagine my surprise when Ms. Recruiter informed me my experience didn't meet the minimal requirements!  That my resume listed my experience as acute care/inpatient reports, cardiorespiratory, radiology, and pathology, and they were looking for MTs to do discharge summaries, OR's, H&P's, and consults.  I very nicely composed an email to her explaining what is widely known as inpatient/acute care reports in MT industry.  I told her that DS, OR, H&P, and consults were commonly known as acute care/inpatient reports, and if I were wrong, and if there was another type of acute care/inpatient reports, to please let me know.    Needless to say, won't waste anymore of my time even talking to a company with a recruiter that knows nothing about the business. 

Anyone else running out of work this summer?SM - Posted By: Howie

I have been with this company for quite some time, and this is the first time I have run out of work.  It has been slow since June, but pretty much the whole month of July has been hunting for work and getting lucky if there's any there.  We've been told it's just an unusually slow summer.  Anyone else with this problem? 

PRN or less than part-time work. - Posted By: pd

Does anyone know of any companies that hire people to work less than 20 hours per week or do not require a set schedule?

Interviews... - Posted By: CS

On average, I was wondering how long takes to hear back from companies? I just started job-searching as I wanted to get away from MQ, and they apparently want to get rid of me as I just received a written warning. This leaves me a little worried though. I have applied for 5 jobs in the past few days (MedScribe, Phoenix MedCom, Chronicle, Summit and Tarheel), and I'm worried that I might not find a new job in time. I have 11 years of experience, and I have been working for Medquist since 2004. Any info on your job-searching experience would be appreciated :) TIA :)

ACMR transcription service... - Posted By: Frustrated

Does anyone know anything about these people?  I have been with them for a short while now and I'm not very happy with it.  They use DocShuttle, which I'm new to.  They are not very informative at all.  I have had questions and you get responses like You have the help section to look at and if you are computer literate, it shouldn't be a problem stuff like that.  They give you reports, but don't explain how it may be set up, little quirks, etc.  They say they like their transcriptionists to be well-rounded in all aspects, even outside of the transcription part.  These are some of the rudest people I have found.  Thank God this is not my only account, because I think I'm getting ready to drop them.  Anyone else had experience with this company?

Does anyone really make a good living doing VR??? sm - Posted By: passing through

I currently work for one of the larger MT companies that is mostly VR, platform isn't bad, but just not able to get my line count up.  I was curious if it just me or if there were MTs out there who were doing good on VR and glad they have made the switch.  Thanks. 

Anyone with BIG Enterprises? Had a job on MTDaily. nm - Posted By: wanderer


Company reading boards - Posted By: justme

Boy do the companies read these boards and when they find out that you are asking any questions about them or should you post anything negative about them -- they zing you a good one.  Nothing like freedom of speech or expressing one's opinion.  



Spheris-Has - Posted By: Angela

anyone here worked for them? Are they a good company to work for? Platform good or bad? Any idea on the pay? Any info will be appreciated.

Any information on HDS in AR? Thanks! - Posted By: Need info


OSi Weight Loss Support Group.. - Posted By: are you a member???

I didn't know I was, but apparently I AM!! 

Does MD-IT have VR? If so, what platform? - Posted By: nm


Help appreciated - Posted By: confused??

Hope somebody would reply to my post for current info on Transcend soon.

MDI-MD sm - Posted By: passing through

Does MDI pay every 2 weeks or twice a month?


Digital Records Corporation - Posted By: mt50

Does anyone out there work for Digital Records Corporation, MTs, that is?  Need to know if you have to have a C-phone as the only way of working for them?  Will be taking their oral part of test on Monday, but she would not tell me any specifics about them before that !  Whatever else you could tell me about them would be greatly appreciated.  All I know, right now, is that they do pay for the spaces, that is a plus for me, because now I don't get paid for that !  Thanks.


MedScript Tyler - Posted By: Anonymous and disappointed

Has anyone had a positive or negative experience with MedScript and their illustrious leader in Tyler, TX? I need some support, or another reason to move on!

Recent post on AOL - Posted By: MT55

There was a recent post on AOL about earning extra money with a second job during the recession  One of the jobs listed was medical transcription and the article stated if you can type and have excellent English skills you can do this job at home and earn extra money  --  My supervisor informed me of the link originally, then I saw it later that day  -- no wonder this profession has gone downhill :(

Sten-Tel -- any new opinions - Posted By: OLD_BUT_STILL_GOOD

I looked in the archieves but did not find anything recent on this company.  Any pros or cons would be great.  Thank you in advance.

Companies that hire dial-up'rs?? - Posted By: dial-up'r

Does anyone know of any GOOD companies that hire those of us who can only get dial-up internet?  I am seeing alot of High speed internet a must companies out there. Thanks!!

IC or employee - sick of being taken advantage of? - Posted By: Susan

AFter reading some posts regarding being taken advantage of and being treated like an IC by companies when its convenient for them and being an employee when its convenient for them, I must wholeheartedly agree. Therefore I decided to do some research and came up with rules as given by the US department of Labor regarding the definition of an IC.  You will be surprised by what you read below.  This is just an excerpt of a longer report.  Perhaps next time a client tries to boss you around, you might want to show them this:


US Department of Labor Handbook

Part 1: Independent Contractor or Employee

Probably the main reason you became an independent contractor (aka consultant, freelance and IC) or want to, is to be your own boss. Unfortunately, some U.S. companies don't fully understand the difference between independent contractors and employees. Even among companies that do understand the difference, there are those that attempt to exploit the relationship, because it's clearly to their advantage to do so.  The cheaters (and naive) misclassify workers as independent contractors, but still attempt to control them as employees. In doing so, they reap the benefits of both worlds, while depriving independent contractors of the very reason they became independent contractors in the first place: to be their own bosses.


  • Companies are not your employers per se, but your clients. As such, they are not entitled to direct you in your work.
  • Of course, your clients have a right to say what they expect for the rates they're paying you, but only as it relates to the outcome of the project.
  • It's your right to decide when, where and how to get the project done.


****In other words, by U.S. law, an employer cannot classify you as an independent contractor, then dictate when, where and how you work, as though you are an employee. It's all about degree of control and independence. ***





Keystrokes questions... - Posted By: SR


Considering applying at Keystrokes: Do they provide the computer and foot pedal? How are they to work for in general? How flexibe are they with hours? Do you have to work a Tues. -Sat. or a Sun.-Thurs. schedule? Are you required to work any weekend hours?  How is their pay compared with other companies? Do they pay for spaces? What software do they use and is it user friendly?  Do they have benefits and if so do they have reasonable insurance? How often are they paid? Do they have a 401K or some type of retirement plan? What is their testing procedure?

I am looking to leave a well known national and am really afaird to make the jump, but saw their ad and good things on this board about them, so wanted to find out a little more before I applied. I just don't want to go from a frying pain into the fire, yuo know what I mean? Anyone out there who works for them at this time, please share your feelings and frustrations with me.


Is anyone working on DQS for 2 different companies and how does this work out for you. nm - Posted By: Maria


Webmedx - Posted By: 13ghosts

Any information on this company pros and consciousness appreciated


Is OSI's the cost family coverage fairly reasonable or sky-high? nm - Posted By: MT


PTS - Posted By: anon

Anyone know anything about a company called PTS? TIA!

Anyone have info on All-Med?nm - Posted By: FastRadMT


Newish at Webmedx and very discouraged - Posted By: please share

I am struggling to get those 35 hours in. It just feels almost impossible to get 7-8 hours of only typing in every day. If I ease up a bit and don't clock out for everything that's not strictly transcribing, then my lph goes to pot. I don't feel like I can win!

Are all of you actually getting those 35 hours?

The other thing that's killing me is I'm on multiple accounts. I do everything. I can't seem to get above 130-150 lph here. And being on several accounts I have still run out of work every week that I've worked.

I'm very discouraged with Webmedx. Can you tell me how to get those 35 hours in? I'm literally working ALL day. I don't leave the house. My day is spent clocking in and out. I start work in the morning and have to spread it over the day because it's so tedious with all of these accounts, lousy dictators, and work that runs out.

Please, any advice from current Webmedx employees, on how to get those hours in, and anything else would be HUGELY appreciated.

Alex-Med - Posted By: Gracie

Just wondering if anyone has applied/heard back if they have applied.  Also, the post states to send resume in an e-mail, but I did not see one listed.  If anyone could pass that information along I would appreciate it.  Thank you.

Any tips on how to survive working at Transcend? - Posted By: need help

I just got sold to them and my friend has given me a lot of words of warning.  Anybody have any suggestions on survival? 

info - Posted By: Linda F

anybody with info re:  synernet

Upstate Transcription ad....... - Posted By: 5-7 cpl ............geeezzz!!!


Does MDI-FL have other platforms - Posted By: grannyMT

besides Meditech.  If so, what are they and are they user friendly?

Re Diskriter, anyone work for the PA teaching hospital they have? SM - Posted By: MT

If so, can you post your opinion here?  Or you may email me if you'd like.  Thanks.

I've been offered a clinic position making 0.72 cpl - Posted By: yea right

as an IC, have to train for 1-2 days in which you type reports but you don't get paid for them.   No it isn't TransScam.   

Transcend/Beyond Txt - any comments - nm - Posted By: Florida girl


DeVenture - Posted By: Phyllis Whitley

Anybody work for DeVenture?  Need info.

Anyone heard of Ameriscript?sm - Posted By: lizzie

Any information about them? Do they hire only ICs? Employees? or both?

Softscript - Posted By: Lisa

May have position with Softscript.  Is this company good to work for?

What do you think of CBay. Medquist has been bought by CBay.nm - Posted By: maverick


Has anyone else noticed posts being deleted? - Posted By: Victoria

I first came to the company board, read the first post, went to the job seekers board, came back to the company board and the first post that I had read was gone ... POOF.  It was just a question about a company, not anything ugly at all.  Anyone else noticing this recently? 

Where's Joe? I want somebody to shout YOU LIE - Posted By: MT

during the webinar when they say how much extra people make on the new platform.

Have any of you heard back from PMSI? I'm also having a bit of a - Posted By: problem with communication with them. nm