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MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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I am wanting information on - Posted By: KJ&M Enterprises as well as Philbrick

Good companies, pay on time, etc? Thank you.

Is the DVI platform still around or has... - Posted By: Picky platformer

Dictaphone been eating them for breakfast?

Softscript platform - Posted By: nan kessler

Can anyone tell me what platform they use (I know it is word-based) and how productive it is?  Would appreciate any input--like how many screens do you have to deal with for ADT info--and can you use Instant Text with it?

Superior Global foot pedal problems - Posted By: mtmt

Has anyone had problems with getting the foot pedal to work?  I have an Infinity USB which was for one account, but then before I got started I was switched to an account that needed a 9 pin foot pedal.  I have a 9 pin but for some reason it's not working with their program and no one can figure out why.  Has anyone else this kind of problem?

TransTech - Posted By: CMT

For those of you who asked its www.transtechmedical.com

MDI-MD's pay & platform - Posted By: Wondering

1.  How do they pay in comparison to other companies?

2.  Can you access reports typed by other people or review the patient's old reports in Bayscribe?

3.  Do they furnish PC and/or charge a fee?


line count - formula??? - Posted By: NE-MT

Starting a new account that handles line count differently.  What is the formula used to figure a 65-character line count with spaces?  I realize that there is some difference than the actual characters per document if you divide it by 65-character line.  Any specific formula?  Any help is appreciated.

SmartMED - looking for honest information - Posted By: MTinCO

I would like feedback from any current SmartMED employees. Thanks!

How long does it take Keystrokes to - Posted By: respond? NM


Anyone currently with TransHealth? Did they resolve their software glitchiness? nm - Posted By: Sad MT


Any info on ZyloMed? I can't find out anything about them. - Posted By: TIA nm


who's got the last laugh now ? - Posted By: JoanneNY

Ive been an MT for 13 years. I was an IC for 10 years, and a FTE for a local hospital for the last 3 years. I came back from vacation in June to discover my lovely boss was interviewing companies to outsource the MT department. He lied to us - told us not to worry - and then a month later our union received the '60 day notice' letter and we were out on our assess. I took a job as a unit secretary - and a $5 an HOUR paycut along with it, working 3-11 and alternate weekends. Am I crazy to do this. Well yes and no.  I now have unlimited O/T, I'm keeping my awesome union benefits, building toward being vested in 2 more years, and just landed an IC MT job doing guess what: MY OLD JOB. The company that outsourced us hired me. I plan to rake in the bucks in the AM and do the b.s. job at night. 3-11 is half the work as a day job - plus you get the shift differential. Wish me luck ! Joanne

If you are an employee of a company that provides - Posted By: equipment and works with dialup besides Precyse,

please mention the company so I can apply.  Thanks! 

Inside promotions!!! nm - Posted By: Who's good about this?


SPI; what is going on? - Posted By: Looking for a home

What is going on with this company? It looks like it is falling apart?  Help me to understand...I am waiting on word back from the hiring exam!!!!!!!!  I should run I'm thinking.

Any other Spherites out of work? NM - Posted By: Scorpio

ChartScript program - Posted By: BL

Is anyone familiar with this program and the line counter?  I'm pretty sure some or a lot  of my lines are not being counted. 

webmedx - Posted By: Doris

Does anyone know about webmedx?  I tested for a QA position but they said I was 7/10 off their accuracy requirement, but then told me that someone within the company wanted the position.  Then I accepted an MT job and it has taken three weeks to set up training and when I sat here waiting, no one called???  The recruiter called to take back his offer of employment as he said I was never available??  I'm so confused.  Then he called me back to apologize to me and now they didn't call again when they said they would..........

Keystrokes--Ortho account IC status. Anyone know what the pay is?? Thinking of applying. Thanks - Posted By: Curious Georgie


Techscript - Posted By: nn

Techscript in Bakersfield CA.  Does anyone know anything about them?  Would very much appreciate a reply.  Thank you.

DSG - Posted By: rml

DSG experience anyone?  Have been offered a job and want to find out if they are a good company to work for.  Any info. would be great.

Info on Heartland - Posted By: Cher

I have read the board on Heartland and was wondering if anyone out there has a recent good view on them as a company?

Is there any difference between full and part time IC status at DSG? - Posted By: millie

Trying to narrow down my choices and make my decision.  Thanks! 

Any D&L Typing MTs out there get their - Posted By: check sent overnight?

If they send out the checks on Tuesday, shouldn't you get it Wednesday or will it be Thursday?

TransTech or Keystrokes?? - Posted By: RADt

Which company would you recommend working for doing radiology work?

Four Seasons 1099s.. - Posted By: MoronMT

Did anyoneget their 1099s from Four Seasons yet?

Are there any good companies that hire part time? - Posted By: MTinTX

I have two years of acute care experience, and I need a part-time job to supplement my current income.  If everything works out, I will need to go to full time in March.  At this time, I can only work Friday and Saturday nights.

I have been applying to several companies, but they keep giving me the run around.  One company even told me I did very well on their test and that I was put in a pool of transcriptionists to be contacted.  The recruiter called me once, and I missed her call.  I called her back and left a message, but I have not heard anything else from her. 

Any advice would be appreciated. TIA!  

MedWare?? - Posted By: MTinTX

Does anybody have any current information about MedWare?

Transcend - anyone else out of work almost - Posted By: Not good

consistently?  Guess they must have decided to do 90% offshoring to India.  I rarely have enough work to even work an entire shift and I work on 3 accounts.  Feel sorry for anyone who believed that stuff about big bonuses for 3rd shift work.  You will never get it.  

DocQscribe platform - Posted By: jo

Does anyone know of any companies that use the DocQScribe platform?

New England Medical Transcription - Posted By: Just curious


Considering employment with New England Medical Transcription and was just wondering if someone could give me information, pros and cons of this company, etc.

Thanks in advance


RBJ story on EXECUSCRIBE - Posted By: OldBroad

Anybody read the Rochester (NY) Business Journal from 7/22 story on Execuscribe??? 

Interesting story from court records on company's history of fraud convictions.  She SHOULD be "giving back to community" as she squeaked by jail time and/or community service on a technicality. 

Thanks for making it that much tougher for the rest of us !

Just my opinion. 

For any Keystrokes MTs on Docuscribe - Posted By: account

How do you feel about the Docuscribe account now that you have had a chance to work on it a while?  I read there were lots of ESLs, but how is the work load and have you gotten into a rhythm with it? Thanks.

Back in the job hunt - Posted By: JobHuntingAgainMT

I've noticed from the rather slim postings in the job seeker's board that signing bonuses seem to be a thing of the past (although I wish retention bonuses had caught on!). But do any places still pay referral bonuses? Anybody looking to split their referral bonus with somebody with 27 years of multispecialty experience in the Big-4, clinic, and radiology? I've not done any VR yet, but am willing to learn.

Does anyone know about this JG company that is advertising right now a lot. Any info would be - Posted By: MQ2

helpful. Have they lost a lot of people or did they get a lot of accounts.

KS sm - Posted By: USA MT

As expected all KS posts were deleted by Administrator.  These posts were just honest opinions and experiences by MTs regarding KS.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we still living in the United States of America?  This site takes a firm stand regarding work being sent overseas.  What about freedom of speech???

Why do my posts keep getting deleted? - Posted By: Cindi

If you are going to delete them, could you at least let me know?  I truly don't understand why you are deleting them.  I asked a simple question about what companies pay on a weekly basis.  Is there something wrong with that?  I assume thye were not moved because I can't find it anywhere and I posted it twice.  How about an explanation or something?

Does TransTech hire IC or employee. Looking for - Posted By: company that values MTs. nm


I am getting a job driving a school bus. - Posted By: MTx22

That cannot be taken out of the country. They start at $13 an hour. Give my brains a brake, I mean break.

Any info on SmartMed? sm - Posted By: Looking

Considering applying for company.  Any information on their health care coverage, if it is good coverage or not.  How are the supervisors? Is pay on time?  Any equipment to rent or anything?  Thanks.

Losing primary account. - Posted By: May be out of a job?

What happens?  I haven't been working for an MTSO long enough to know (worked in house for the last 5 years).  Could someone please tell me their experiences?  I work for a large MTSO, so I am hoping that I can get placed on another account, but really, I don't think there are enough slots to fill all our positions.  Any thoughts?  Please HELP.

what companies use? - Posted By: wamt

what companies use word perfect?

Opti-Scribe info? sm - Posted By: still lookin

good, bad, unknown?


TT question. - Posted By: dlw

I just started with TT.  My first pay is Monday. I assume it will be snail-mail, guess it will take a little while to set up direct deposit. My question is when to expect to receive my paycheck?

Anyone care to comment on Spheris? - Posted By: need a change


WordZXpressed or Rider&Associates - Posted By: Alice

Has any ever worked for WordZXpressed or Rider & Associates?

On DQS, how long does it take to see how many lines you get credit for each report? nm - Posted By: Can we use our own spell-check?


Where is the TT private board? - Posted By: My internet

has been down for 3 weeks and just saw the thread about it way down on the board.

Keystrokes rads - how many reports do you average per hour? - Posted By: radiologyperson

Anyone using the Apex software with Transolutions yet? Wondering - Posted By: how fast, friendly, or boggy it might be. Thx. NM