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MDI-MD - Posted By: Considering

I am curious as to how MDI-MD pays?  Direct deposit, how often?  Do you have to wait a month to get your first paycheck?  How many days after invoice submission do you get paid?  Thank you for your answers. 

MedScribe Information Systems, Inc - Information please? - Posted By: Help Please

Anyone with information on this company? 

Med-Tech in Louisiana - Posted By: anon

Has anyone worked for Med-Tech in Louisiana?  Any info would be appreciated. 

How do I get my foot pedal to work? - Posted By: Sunshine in Florida

Several potential employers have sent wave files.  I downloaded them, opened them with media player but my foot pedal does not recognize the file. VERY hard to transcribe by starting and stoping the recording manually....no time for that.

Any helpful insight would be appreciated.  I've contaced the companies for help, but really not helping. 

Any info on MRC transcription? - Posted By: Sammy

 I have looked in archives, but can find nothing - anyone work for them now or in the past?  Have a job offer from them, but I reallly know nothing about them - whether they offshore work or if they are a good company to work for.. any information please....!!!  TIA

TransMed - Posted By: denise

Does anyone have any info on TransMed?  thanks 

MDI-MD and MDI-FL??? - Posted By: WashMT

What's the difference and are they under the same company umbrella?  I've looked at their websites and they are obviously in different locations.  Does anyone have anything to say about either?  I searched for both, but most of the info was old, old, old.


1000 LINES PER DAY - Posted By: kruz

How long does it take to do 1000 lines per day for a mix of dictators for acute care. Thanks

Is the ChartScript platform at Transcend truly - Posted By: curious

ChartScript or is it ChartScript.net?

Anyone know anything about DTS America? I never see any posts sm - Posted By: still searching

about them, but maybe that is a good thing, meaning it is a good company with nothing to complain about.  Any kind of info would be appreciated, such as platform, decent pay (and on time), benefits, etc.

If Ichart deducts 8% from ExText line counts, you are actually not getting paid for spaces - Posted By: OK

It is the equivalent of a 70.2 character line with spaces, 65  characters without spaces. 

Webmedx MTs - Do you make your hours? sm - Posted By: MT

I'm rather new and finding it hard to get my 35 hours in due to running out of work. I'm on multiple accounts, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

So are you able to get your hours? If so how?

If not, are there threats over losing insurance?



Four Seasons Transcription and Robin Hall...a tale of deception and duplicity. sm - Posted By: BrokeMT

I went to work for this company in November. I was assigned two large hospital accounts in Canada. After a few months, she lost one of them. She had to let go all of the MTs and editors she had hired to work on that account but asked me to stay because she said I was her best Editor and highest producer. I did. Everything rocked along for a few months without a hitch. Then my paycheck starting arriving late, at first a week, maybe 10 days late. But I was cool with that and didn't complain. Then one paycheck was weeks late. I contacted Robin and she told me that my bank was rejecting my direct deposit because my account had been closed. So I argued with the bank back and forth for weeks. They maintained that no deposits had been attempted. By then I was 2-3 paychecks behind. She continued to insist my bank was rejecting the direct deposits. I asked her for proof from her payroll company (rejection notices) but of course they never materialized. By August 1st, she still owed me 4 paychecks and I told her I could no longer donate my time and services to her cause. Throughout this time, she steadfastly stuck to her story that the hospital had not paid her, ergo she could not pay me. I've been in contact with a few of her current employees and know she's paying them (though late). As far as I'm concerned, this woman is nothing but a common thief. She stole my time, my experience, my talent, and my trust. I'm posting this because I'd like to save some other trusting soul from this same fate. I have no idea how this woman can lay her head on a pillow every night and actually go to sleep. A pox on her!!!

Tax ID number - Posted By: flybabymt

I am just trying to estimate my taxes and my tax program won't do anything without a tax ID number....I tried the Medquist board twice with no response.  could some former or current  MQ'er take pity and email me the tax ID number?? smedmiston@bellsouth.net.

Anyone know anything on MedBazaar? Can't find anything about them - Posted By: TIA


MDI low work - Posted By: Frustrated

If MDI supposedly hired all the new employees for new accounts and is moving them over to these accounts, why is my account still so low? Anybody know what is going on here? 

Any experience with Spheris? - Posted By: Looking for a change


I am looking for some information about Spheris. Anyone with information on workload/pay/overall would be appreciated! Good or bad, I'd like to hear it!

I just had their recruiter contact me and I am looking to make a change from my current company.


Questions if you're an MQ SE... - Posted By: C.C.

Am I correct in assuming that I can take off any holiday I like and they can't do a darn thing about it? I read somewhere else that it's not always easy to get the day off if others have asked for it off. Is this true only for employees or also for SEs? I'm an SE and have no desire to work the big holidays.

How much notice should I give for a day off being an SE? Thanks!

Interpro? Anything worth letting a new person know about? - Posted By: thanks. n/m


Slow at OSi too. Grrrrr. I will be poor at the start of nm - Posted By: DJ

PRN Medical Services - Posted By: KAL

Does anyone out there know anything about PRN Medical Services?  Any info would be much appreciated, good, bad, etc.  Thank you!

Previous post - Posted By: JMD

Attention to administrator..  Please remove my full name from the post I just put up.  It should only have the initials JMD rather than a full name

MDI vs. MDI-MD - Posted By: Jack

Which is the better company?  Apparently there are two MDI  transcription companies.  I've seen references to MDI-MD and am wondering if that's the MDI in Maryland?  I am interested in working for the MDI located in Florida but want to know if they're a good company.  Anyone have any info they can share?  Thanks so much!!

Does anyone have experience with Advanced Transcription Technology? - Posted By: LM

I'd like to hear about other's experience there before applying.

Amphion use ExText or does it depend on the account? - Posted By: txmt


I did a search on here for Silent Type, Inc. and couldn't find anything (sm).. - Posted By: Flo

Anyone know anything about them?

What version of Meditech does KS use? I've - Posted By: curious

read that the old Meditech version is horrible, but that Meditech Magic is much better.  I think there is also a Pro version too. 


How much is family ins at Trantech, is there a shift diff? - Posted By: MTAL


Bayscribe versus DocuScribe. Which is better? - Posted By: mt

I've used both but wondering which people generally prefer.  Me?  I'd have to say DocuScribe is more user-friendly to me.  Ideas?

CTS (Central Transcription Service) - Posted By: elkomt

Again I was told that our checks that should have been sent on the 15th will not be mailed until this Friday, 24th.  That is 9 days late, plus the 3-4 days it takes for it to arrive, so almost 2 weeks late.  In the 3 months I've worked for them I only had one check on-time.  This is totally unprofessionable. 

Archives - Posted By: Miss Willy

How do I find out about a company from the archives?

Transolutions - Posted By: want lots of work

Does Transolutions keep their employees busy or do they tend to overhire and leave you waiting for work to come in?  I like to stay busy. Thanks for any info.

Scan Medical or Scan transcription - Posted By: frustrated

Anyone with info on them, any info I can get before I start working for them as far as work, pay on time, etc.?


link to DOL - Labor Laws - Posted By: June

It is against the law to be fired for turning your company in. If you have a complaint file it. Also, it is the responsibility of the company to keep a log of all hours worked for each employee. The way we are treated needs to come to an end! I cannot take it anymore and am getting out of the MT world after 10 years of working from home. I signed up for some classes at my local college and am actively job hunting. For everything that we have to know to be good at this job we are way underpaid. Ten years ago, I was making more as a newbie than I am now. I may have to start out at the bottom with a new profession, but at least I know I will work my way up...instead of working my way down as an MT. I hope a lot of people read the posts I have put on here and take action. It is scary to go out there after 10 years of being at home, and after all the abuse we have endured our confidence is down, but we are all smart, hard working women and we deserve better.


Anyone have any information about Transcription At Its Best? - Posted By: Looking 4 Job

No one seems to have any info on other boards I've tried???

D&L Typing Service ?? - Posted By: jm

Does anybody know about this company?  It may be one of the unknowns that is a good place to work.  I did a search but found nothing on the boards.  Any information would be appreciated!  Thank you 

Anyone work for Amphion? Would like to know if you are - Posted By: Anon

happy there.  How does the cpl compare with other companies?  Workload? PTO? etc.

Seeking a good company - Posted By: Laurie


Does anyone know of a good company who pays on time and are hiring?  I've been with the same company for almost four years and they jsut took me off of my account that I have had that was excellent with no warning which means a drop in pay.  I'd appreciate any help I could get. 

TransTech VR editing - Posted By: Whaatt

Does any TT transcriber know what the line requirement is when doing speech editing??  Also, has any TT noticed that while VR editing there are a lot of clearly spoken words that are omitted and we have to type in....

i don't understand how VBC is fair - Posted By: jen

i just have to post this for opinions before I really think I'm going nuts. A report that is transcribed that is 5 pages long (yes, I know, a beauty) MS Word says it's 217 lines.

At 9.5 cents a line (what I used to make and we really went by MS Word count) I would have been paid $20.61.

At new job with VBC at 8 cents it's 138 lines and I will be paid $11.04. 

After QA at a bit higher rate $12.42.

Now, that is a far cry from roughly 30%.

I ask this, as my kids would say, Really?

Webmedx hiring process - Posted By: How long after preliminary interview to hear back?

I filled out the preliminary interview sheet and have not heard back yet.  How long does it take and do they notify you even if you don't meet their needs? 

Thanks for any info.

Was my Keystrokes question removed? Was something wrong? NM - Posted By: hopeful


If you think you are being shorted line count - Posted By: this will tell the tale

I have read some posts lately that indicate some MTs are questioning their productivity dropping no matter how much they type. I went through this same suspicion a few years ago and here is what will work. If you have Word in your computer (in my case it is Word 2000), open it up and put it at the bottom of your screen. When you finish a report, copy it and then bring up your Word page and paste it. Under Tools you will find Word Count. When you open this it will give you the option of character count with or without spaces. Choose with spaces. Take the total and divide by 65. Compare this to what your platform says you have for that report. I found consistently short line counts when checking my reports this way and left for a much better job with a very ethical, professional company. Do not risk being taken advantage of. With the competition for work these days, some companies are trying their best to keep the profits as high as they can. Hopefully, this is a rare instance, but if you want peace of mind, check your line count and know for sure.

I have been with MQ Amherst now for 3 weeks and have continually run out of work. I know this has - Posted By: MQNY

been hashed out on here many times but my question is does anyone expect this problem to ever get resolved or should we simply expect to keep running out of work at Amherst forever. I know when they call me about the new pay plan and tell me it is incentive based I plan to tell them they better make sure we have work or their plan is a joke. What can I expect with this office and what can be done to correct it. I dont plan to have to work 8 accounts to get my lines in and have them QA me on accounts I have never done besides. If this problem is long standing and unlikely to be resolved it is time to either get out of that office or get out of MQ so I would like some good ideas and comments on this. We know it exists but what is the next step.

any info on Tri-State in Penn (nm) - Posted By: janett


TASK - Posted By: Thinking of applying

Does anyone know anything about this company?

Thanks in advance.

Any information on Merit Tech - Posted By: sm

in AZ?


I also would like to know about Axolotl, please.....sm - Posted By: curious

I had an interview and would like to know more about this company, before I make a decision. I see there really are no recent posts regarding this company.  Any recent information would be ever so helpful with my decision.  Is the platform slow, how are the incentives, benefits, communication between employees and management, etc.?  Thank you.

Oracle - Posted By: Sallye

Anyone have any info on this company?

Looking for info on the TRX platform, what expanders I can use, etc. sm - Posted By: Considering an offer

I appreciate anything you can tell me.  So much depends on the platform and I am wanting information about the actual working for TRX.  Thanks.