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MDIT - Anyone work there? - Posted By: Justlooking

I've seen some job postings from them but can't find any pros or cons.

Anyone currently work for Accutran - please e-mail me! nm - Posted By: Snoopy


Are you out of work? sm - Posted By: Newer TT'er

Over the holiday weekend, there was help needed for high volumes of work. I worked Sat. and Sun. to help out.

Today, I've been out of work twice.  (although I really don't mind THAT much).Anyone else experiencing this?

I ran out of work last Monday, too. Where do the high volumes go by Monday morning? This usually does not happen, as there is always old work around.

Also, are we allowed to work extra when we are listed as off for a holiday? I didn't know if I could work or not yesterday and debated jumping on. Thanks.

US Transcription - anyone want to share info on them. sm - Posted By: kkmt

just wondering how they are to work for

Current employees please - Posted By: eTransPlus

I would appreciate just posts from people who are currently working for this company.  How is your work load?  Do they overhire?  Are you getting enough work to make the incentives on the incentive tier?  Pay on time and biweekly?  Are you spending a lot of time in demographics before transcribing reports with the platform?  Thank you!!

focus infomatics - Posted By: anyone currently working for them? opinions?

Just curious, thanks.

Any info on QED...sm - Posted By: Passing through

Getting ready to go through testing process and cannot seem to find any information on them.  Thanks

Very Confused - Posted By: BRC

I have just signed on with MDI-MD. I am new to this and was never a statutory employee (told that is what I would be) or an IC and I have three questions:

1. I know a lot of people say that MDI-MD is very flexible, but I'm a bit confused. If we must work on a weekend day, how is this flexible if we want to go away for a weekend with our family, or have a weekend event or want to take a vacation? This probably sounds like a stupid question, but I feel that I am stuck now having to work on the weekends and won't be able to do much.

2. Also, if you want to work a lot on weekdays and work less on the weekend I understand you can't do that - the amount you work has to be about the same everyday (including the weekend day), and you have to commit two months ahead to how much you will do each day (including weekends) so they can manage their workflow. Again, where is the flexibility?

3. I have seen postings where people say they can work anytime they want from home. But if you want to get up and work in the middle of the night, and you've already filled your commitment, sounds like you can't do something like that, yet, there is no specific stop and start time since there are no set schedules, only a 24-hour TAT. This makes me even more confused.

Although I didn't feel this way initially, I am starting to feel like I don't know the rules for what I'm getting into and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.

Anyone know anything about EMTS? - Posted By: je

There is a new job posted on the job board advertising a $2000 sign-on bonus.  It doesn't say what you have to do to get the bonus, but the description sounds good (I know, they all sound good in writing!!).

I am wondering if any of you out there have any info about them?  I am with MQ now, not sure what the future holds with them!!

Also, how difficult is it to get a job with another company if you are not a certified MT?  I have been doing this for 11 years now, my mother-in-law owned her own MT business for 30+ years.  She sold her business to another company, eventually MQ bought them out.  Is there anyone out there who changed companies who was not certified?

Thanks for any info.  Have a good night.

help on the word board please!!! - Posted By: Thanks!!

Wow! The new year slow down at TT sure seems to be over! - Posted By: Happy TTer

We are up to our necks in work!  Holy Schmoley!

Does Futurenet allow - Posted By: jami


business - Posted By: violet

Just wanting some opinions about what people think of companies that have been around for 5 years and how to weigh the pros and cons to leave a company if the one that has been around less would pay better?  thanx!

Focus Infomatics - Posted By: mimi

Anyone heard anything about this company?  Is this a good place to work?  What about pay, benefits, etc.  Would like any info please.  Thank you.!

CBay-any new info? - Posted By: Happy Hippo

A hospital where I work has started sending dictation to CBay.  I looked through the archives but there was not a lot of new info.  Anybody know if they outsource?

Compaines in Maryland area? - Posted By: Laujrie

Does anyone know of any transcription companies out of the Maryland area or even in house companies for that matter in that area? My family and I are seriously contemplating a move and would love to find a company in that area.  I can take my current job with me but just want to see if I can expand my horizons a little bit.  Thanks in advance.

How do you quit gracefully? - Posted By: Quitter with grace

 I would like to quit my current position. I do not want to leave a bad impression, but I have to move on to a job that might be a better fit for me.  Being a newbie, I know feel that nationals are not for me.  I prefer to work for a small MTSO.  How do I give notice without sounding bitter, bad, or just dumb. I just really don't like it. I just don't want anything bad to go into my file.



dsl/cable - Posted By: Asking

I live in the Panhandle of Florida.  If any of you live in this area and use DLS, have you noticed that getting on the internet is slower than usual?  I think this is due to internet traffic.  If any of you have had DSL before and now have cable for internet access (or cable to DSL), can you tell me which you thought was better/faster?  Thanks in advance.

No one has heard of this one - Posted By: Leary

I worked for a company called All Type Inc. located in New Jersey up until today.  I had been with them since August 2007. Six months into my employment, I was made an offer by my account manager that I couldn't refuse with that being, work the shift we so desperately need help and to type stats during that shift.  This shift happened to be Tuesday through Saturday 4 p.m. to midnight.  I accepted this offer, nice one, 10/hr plus 9 cents a line for all I typed.  I stayed being paid that amount up until 1 month ago.  I later learned from the new account manager that there were actually 15 of us who were being paid that.  I guess the company hired her to break that pay.  Fine, which she did.  She sent emails out stating the company will no longer be paying hourly wage with line count.  The people who that affected, of course, were not very happy, but at least we were given 30 days notice before the pay would actually be cut to just line count pay again.   A lot of people disappeared.  Some fired and most others quit.  Me, I chose to stay on, as I know no other company pays that amount.  I still worked my same shift, same days, same time.  Then, I suddenly get an email from management with the subject line stating Resignation wishing me good luck in my future endeavors.  Hmmm, wait a minute, I did not send in a resignation.  It ends up that someone used almost my exact email address, just simply left off one number at the end, used my first and last name, and took it upon themselves to send a 2 week resignation into the company fraudulently.  That is bad enough, but now I am of course upset someone would do that to me, and I explain to the Vice President of the company that is not my email address and someone fraudulently created it.  All Type Inc. V.P. then tells me that I would have to prove that to her or else she is holding me on it.  I know, none of this makes sense, is what everyone says....she then held me onto that fraudulent resignation today and took me out of the system.  Why didn't they take my word for it and be glad I wasn't leaving?  Hmmm, sounds to me that they are behind the fraudulent resignation, what do you think?  So, I am stuck standing in the umemployment line tomorrow.  I did contact Yahoo fraud division, not much help are they, but all-in-all, they did at least respond.  After I sent all required info they asked for from me, they responded by telling me in an email that they have taken appropriate action againt the Yahoo account in question, but cannot, per their policy give a third party any information of another user's account.  Wouldn't that statement alone prove it is not my account?  Well, I thought so, but the Vice President of All Type, Inc. did not think so and took me out of the system where I, of course, cannot work.  I'm not sure what unemployment will classify this as, certainly I did not resign, so 2 choices left fired or laid off?

Can you use the ShortCut program with DQS? I'm getting different answers from the techs. nm - Posted By: Don't want InstantText or the auto-text thingie


Anyone work for Focus Infomatics? - Posted By: AnotherOldTimerMT

Good afternoon all you hardworking finger flyers!

Does anyone have any information, good or bad, about Focus Infomatics?  With what's all going on in transcription and the flurry of mergers, etc., it's hard to know what anyone's name is anymore! 

Thanks for passing anything on you might be aware of, you know the usual, pay on time, SR, QA, upper management, etc.

Interchondular notch.......sm - Posted By: Loopy

Come on no MT/QA is that stoopid - it HAS to be intentional. I left a blank because I could not understand the sloppy, slurring, heavily accented dictator and I refuse to guess. This goes through with MY name on it?!?!?!?! What does QA gain from this?

If you work or have worked - Posted By: aw

for OSi specifically on ExText would love some feedback on the way they keep line counts and getting paid.   you can PM or EM me if you would like

Cardioscribes or FutureNet? Pros and cons NM - Posted By: decisions, decisions


Does anybody remember ATF in Ft. Lauderdale from a few yrs ago? - Posted By: Are they still in business?

How many people specialize? - Posted By: Mt70

Is it common to specialize in one area.  Do a lot of people do this?  Is it easy to find a job only typing psych, cardiology, oncology or something like that?  Is your job easier as a Transcriptionist just typing one specialty and is the pay more or less?  Thank you.


Hearsay Transcription is an individual that contacts applicants late at night (9PM) to complete transcripts tests THAT evening, when she is behind in her transcripition.

It is a SCAM, and if you tested for her, send her a bill for your services.  Or better yet, contact the spoken word folks in her transcript and let them know how she gets her transcription done by others by alleging to be testing, when she is in fact just utilizing applicants to complete her work for her late in the evening when behind.

Opti-script - Posted By: more curious

Anybody work for this company?  Thinking of applying.  Good/bad info would be appreciated.  Thanks!!

Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm - Posted By: kadi



Anyone have any info on this company in CT?  Thanks!!

CyMed or OSI - Posted By: Meliss

Any info please...wondering do either provide computer...payscale...benefits??  any info appreciated.  thank you.

TransTech health insurance - Posted By: Looking

Does anyone have info on family plan health insurance at TT.  I have heard they have a few to choose from.  I don't want to spend my time going through the whole testing process if all the options are outrageously expensive.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!

Transnet/Extext - Posted By: jen

What companies use Dictaphone software?

Paid by the minute???? - Posted By: beth

Has anyone heard of being paid by the minute?  A company said they did that for the cardiology. 

Anyone ever done that?

Anyone work for Phoenix? Question - Posted By: looking

I am considering them - I understand they do not pay for spaces. I'd love to hear from someone who works for them and whether they feel it is still worthwhile even though they don't pay for spaces.  TIA!

Indigo Creations - Posted By: bunny

Anybody worked for Indigo Creations inc in Charlotte NC?

The good and the bad if you have please.


Have you ever felt like your company was - Posted By: Frustrated

Picking on you?  I tend to feel that way these days.  Like, I feel that QA is being overly stern for some reason and the owner doesn't seem to care either way.  In a sense I feel they WANT me to quit, but why not just fire me if I am not doing a good job?

After two years on the job and very consistent high QA scores, they decide that my QA isn't up to par and put me back in 100% QA and I have been on this for 3 months now and never had anything else said to me about it. 

Survey - What type of medical insurance does your company offer? - Posted By: curious

Just curious about which company you work for and what type of medical insurance they offer.  HMO, PPO?  Cheap or expensive for you?

Webmedx versus Transtech (sm) - Posted By: any input appreciated

I tested with both and have been offered positions with both. Seeing good and bad for Webmedx, but a lot of good for Transtech. Anyone care to share info on either?


Has anyone started with Webmedx recently? - Posted By: what a headache

I interviewed and was told they wanted to hire me but there were no openings.  Supposedly I will be called when one opens up.  This was a few weeks ago.  I am so frustrated with my current employer and desperately want out!  So, has anyone recently interviewed and then started fairly quickly?  Trying to decide whether there really is a waiting list and to be a bit more patient, or to start applying elsewhere.  Thanks!

To MO MT- your reply to me yesterday; please read - Posted By: Looking


You answered my post yesterday with a little information about SFG facility.  Could you please email me privately.  I am in SW Missouri.  Thanks

Does FutureNet give annual raises or any type of raises? nm - Posted By: considering job there...


Recommendations on company with flexible scheduling - Posted By: Melissa

I am looking for a company who is flexible in their scheduling.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated plus any other good/bad info.

Again -- Please do NOT post job-wanted ads! (SM) - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

If you are looking for a position (employee or IC), you will simply have to do your own legwork like everyone else.  Look at the Job Seekers board.  There are both employee and IC positions available.  Inquire with those companies.

Post your resume on the free job resume bank.  Companies looking for workers will be sure to see it there! 

If you wish to inquire about a specific company, please do so right here, on the Company board!! 


Just how EZ is it to get off of the DI entry acct - Posted By: at Amphion and switch? nm

thx to prev post re viewing how DQS spaces being counted - Posted By: sm

i finally see now what i had heard rumored -- how we can check a previously transcribed report and see what QA filled-in the blanks.  So instead of waiting for feedback, i can just go back and check myself now, voila!!  In dQmanage, just choose your date, detail, click on job #, and instead of taking that payroll option, take the user option, and there's the finished QA'd report. Dang, wish i'd have known this before.

How do I make a claim at the BBB? nm - Posted By: Need to know.


Trying to get info on Transcription-Express(not X-press Transcription).... - Posted By: cactus

Got a call and am scheduled to be hooked on later this week.  Does someone need to stop me?  TIA 

MDI - Posted By: Carlotta M. Buckley

It was brought to my attention that there have been comments recently in this forum about a lack of work for new MDI trainees, scheduling requirements, etc., and I wanted to respond to these questions.


All new MDI MTs are hired for either a Tuesday thru Saturday or a Sunday thru Thursday schedule.  Our minimum requirement is 700 lpd, which works out to 3500 lpw.  Commitments are made based on number of lines per day to be transcribed; every MDI MT has 24-hours in which to complete their lines commitment each day they are scheduled to work.


All new hires must successfully complete a 2-week directed QA training-and-trial period.  During this time frame trainees are asked to declare a 4-hour window of when they will be doing their training reports.  This 4-hour window can be any time of day or night that is convenient for our new MTs.  The reason we ask for this 4-hour window is so that DQA training with MDI does not negatively impact your current positions.  DQA trainees are restricted to no more than 5 reports or 20 minutes worth of dictation per day, whichever comes first, and must wait to receive their email feedback before transcribing their next set of training reports the next day. 


If any MDI MTs, whether DQA trainees or established MTs, have trouble finding sufficient work to achieve their goal commitment, I ask them to email me directly and I will arrange for cross-training to a secondary account or a primary account reassignment.  We prefer to keep DQA trainees on a single account during DQA training, but if lack of work when available to do their training reports becomes a problem, we will make an account reassignment for the remainder of their training period.  Because of the short TATs, we are only able to train on certain report types, so this “lack of work” during a DQA training window is not reflective of the overall availability of work on that account. 


The transcription industry is changing rapidly, but we at MDI are dedicated to doing our best to provide an environment where every MDI MT is able to achieve the level of success that he/she desires.  All of our MTs can email their account liaison, me, or the CEO of MDI, at any time about any work or account-related issues, and we will respond to the best of our ability as soon as possible. 


Carlotta M. Buckley

MDI – Recruiter/Director of Transcription Support

Email:  Carlotta.Buckley@mditrans.com

Is MQ the only company offering a sign-on bonus? - Posted By: Just for grins