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TransformMT....anyone have any...sm - Posted By: mtann

current info on this company?  Found stuff in the archives, but that was a few years back and wondering if anyone has any current information on this company.  Considering a job with them.  TIA!

Central Transcription Services - anyone have info on them? nm - Posted By: TIA

No job wanted ads/posts, please. NM - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)


Focus??? - Posted By: MTinTX

Ok, so I am the one that posted below about not being able to find a job.  I just found out that I passed the test for Focus.  I am a little concerned, because I have read a lot of negative posts about them. 

I would like to hear from people that work there now and what their experience is as far as work load, flexibility of schedule, etc.


P.S. I appreciate all of the help from my post below. 

Weekly Pay? - Posted By: ME

Can anybody out there tell me if there is anyone who pays weekly?  Thanks so much!!

CHRONICLE TRANSCRIPTS IN CA - - Posted By: Opinons anyone?


starting over - help - Posted By: kate barlowe

never thought i would come back to full-time MT - spent the last 10 years raising my daughter and working part-time in various places that we have lived. My husband is in construction, and we just aren't making it any more. The only thing i know how to do is transcribe, so I am looking to come back.

I quit in 1998 - i worked for ddi for 7 years - after Rick Cammeron sold the company to MQ, it got awful, so i stopped. I really don't want to work for MQ again (they were really nasty to us). I did everything for ddi - lots of ops and consults, and cardiology (for Good Sam in LA - great account)

What are my options? who are the best companies to work for? what about speech recognition - can you make any money at it? I have heard some people say they can't make anything becasue they are getting 20% taken off their line rates -others say that they are making money at 50% off.

I don't know anything about the recognition stuff - can someone help me? I am interested because i might not have to type as much - i am willing and able to work hard, but when i quit, my hands were bothering me a lot - i have been transcribing part-time for doctors with no trouble - but only for a few hours a day - don't know that i could handle 8+ hours a day.

I have so many questions. At ddi, we were all independent contractors - i liked that, but then we didn't need insurance. seems like a lot of companies offer employment with insurance. what do they pay? i have heard from a lot of people that the pay is less than 10 years ago. how could that be? don't these companies know that everything costs more?

anyway, any advice would be SO helpful. I have to do this, we are running out of money, and i don't want to get s.....ed by some awful company that promises everything and you end up with all ESL and no work.

thanks everybody.

anyone work for RX Transcription? Emai me nm - Posted By: LAMT


Edix versus Spheris - Posted By: Miss Willy

I worked for Edix a number of years ago, but I never worked for Spheris after Spheris bought out Edix.  Is there anyone who worked for Edix and did not leave when Edix was sold who could tell me what changes were made and if they are worth working for.  I saw some posts below about not being able to make the line count for the day.  Is this a sign that things are not good with Spheris?

Advice needed - Posted By: mtme

I had an account where the person in the client's office changed my reports to make me look bad. E.g. They changed 12 minute tourniquet time to 12 hours. She took it to the boss and the boss faxed it to me. After I objected and told the boss that that wasn't the way I sent it in and I proved that my time stamp didn't match the altered time stamp on the computerized record,  we devised a backup folder where all of my reports would be placed with my time stamp and if the report was altered we would know. So the boss realized that there was a person doing maliciious mischief in her office but she didn't fire that person. So since then, there has been an ongoing assault on my work and whenever anything is perceived as late or wrong, I get a nasty e-mail from the offending office worker. So after all of the negative going on, the boss gave me a month's notice that my services would not be required anymore and that another person was going to phase in and I was supposed to pick up the slack during that month. Well, I did not like that and did not continue with the account. Here's my question, should I see legal counsel for the alterting of my reports and possible HIPAA violations? TIA

What am I doing wrong? - Posted By: 16-year veteran RAD MT

I have over 17 years of hospital and clinical radiology MT experience. I love radiology!   Fast, reliable, can work flexible schedule, transcribed all modalities of radiology, some cardiology experience.....apply to most USA-based companies hiring USA-only employees,  take the test, great resume, strong credentials and only get terrible offers or the jobs I really would like, I never hear from. There have to be some companies out there who take you seriously and will at least get back to you with your test results.   It's depressing, but I will keep seeking that great company and account! Anyone else have the same problems?

Wondering. Normal to have your quality review - Posted By: anonMT

delivered and discussed with you by the company's recruiter?

Webmedx - Posted By: Karen Morris

I have recently completed M-EC's Premier course and am anxiously awaiting my final exam grade. I have a question about Webmedx for anyone who knows.  Do they offer a good pay rate for newbies?  I wouldn't require medical insurance benefits from them, and I wonder if they would compensate in payrate? I am getting ready to do a 5- day Webmedx trial that M-Tec has just sent me, so that I can familiarize with their platform.

As of 10/15/08, MTEC and Webmedx will be working side-by-side, and  I feel I will be graduating at a most opportune time to consider Webmedx as my first employer.  I'd love to hear any feedback at all about Webmedx.

Thanks so much.


Katydid, where I work - Posted By: GaPeach

I do VR and some straight transcription for a company out of New Hampshire, TTS. I do not know if they run an ad on this MTstars but I have found them such a nice group to work with. I have nothing but good things to say about the company. Good luck with a job hunt.

Dependable Transcription out of Florida - Posted By: dl

Does anyone have any information with Dependable Transcriptin out of Boca Raton, Florida.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

I have talked to 3 companies that I really like and seem to have a lot of good posts here. sm - Posted By: JobSeeker

Once I sorted through the nasty and bitter posters and then the cheerleaders, for lack of a better word, a few companies seem to be truly good companies to work for.  All I am looking for are a few specifics that will tilt the balance for me.  I do want to say that all 3 know that I am talking to the other 2 and I was surprised at the reactions.  ALL 3 of them only had nice things to say about the other 2.  They did not bash those companies or try to sell me on theirs, just gave me facts. I was impressed by that.  There were 4 that I originally had narrowed it down to, but one of them went on and on about how the others were horrible and I would be better going to them.

Here's what I need to know about MDI Maryland, Keystrokes and TT.  I just want the facts, not the bitterness.  I would really like answers from MTs who have been at one or more of them for more than 6 months.  I think that 6 months is a good evaluation period.

Do they pay on time?
Is the pay correct?  If not, do they fix it right away?
Do they run out of work on a regular basis, not just during slow periods?
Can you reach a manager when you need one?
Does IS return your calls?
Do they give feedback if you ask for it?
Do they send work offshore that you know of (worked for a company that said no but really did)?
Do you get a good feeling from them/gut instinct?
Would you refer your friends or family to them if qualified?

Thank you in advance.  I am trying to decide by Monday and these are things that current and past employees can answer.  Please do not give me vague answers like don't go there or they're great.  I really am having a hard time choosing.

Enterprise Slowness - Posted By: Cathi Miller

Any other Webbers out there spending half or more of their time waiting on screen changes, etc.  I'm about to throw this thing out the window.  My line counts are  suffering!!  AND it is only Enterprise.  Everything else is plenty fast!

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center - Posted By: COMT

Does anyone know anything about what it is like to work for Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.  Can you work remote?  How is the pay?

company in New Hampshire - Posted By: walk the dog

does anyone recall a post of a company in New Hampshire that uses escription?  Thanks in advance!

What's this about a Medware reorganization? Is it - Posted By: safe to apply to them? nm


Info wanted on American Transcription Typing Svc out of GA? - Posted By: mt workin

Anyone working there now that can share any info?  Thanks. 

Synernet test? I get Synernet Transcription is not hiring at this time. Anyone else? - Posted By: wondering?

Anyone know of a Montana, I think I read it here-- see inside - Posted By: LSmithes

A Montana company that is good to MTs, does not go in for voice recognition and etc?

I thought I read it here about a month ago and I looked up and found the above information on the web site. But I cannot locate it now. Any help would be good. It sounded like a good company that was interested in the MT and providing what an MT needed, and not investing in tech or voice recognition as a goal. Thank you. You can e-mail me, if you like.

Show me the money!! - Posted By: Foothills

I am new to medical transcription, and was wondering how long it will take until I can support myself in this profession.  The company I am working for pays $0.08 for transcribing, and $0.04 for editing.  99% of the work I do is editing computer generated reports.  So I am earning an embarrassing $10.00 per day.  This company works with India, so don't know if that plays a part in it or not.  Thanks   Here it is Monday morning, and they don't have any work for me today.

Medivoxx - Posted By: Melissa VanCoevering

I know there was a posting recently about this company, but I cannot seem to find it now.  The position they have is for a MT/editing position using VR.  I am not too familiar with this, so if any one has info on it I would appreciate it.  One of my concerns is how many lines per day doing editing VR work produces? Another question I have is if anyone else out there does VR work, is it worth it?  Thank you all.

Insurance claims - Posted By: Wondering in NJ

Did anybody else receive their check from Medscribe NJ for the insurance claim typing yet?

SPI/Cymed - Posted By: Wondering

Are there any recent hires who know what is being currently offered as far as benefits at SPI? Their ad says great benefits which really does not tell you anything. Thanks in advance.

About Superior Global - Posted By: SO

I was hired and worked there for maybe one month.  They really pressured me to get started and once I got hooked up with everything, as I had to buy a different foot pedal, which was not easy to come by -- well then I was ready to start and they had no work to send me.  This kept on happening for one week and then I quit.  I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden they had no work and would not send me anything.  I would never go with this company and highly advise anyone not to waste their time applying.  They are very disorganized and promise you work, but then turn their back on you.   Thumbs down.  

JUST FOR KICKS - Who here would support - Posted By: scribbles

and/or participate in UNIONizing?

Serious replies appreciated - on board and/or privately via email.

MT responsibility versus Supervisor's responsibility - Posted By: NM

I was hired in to work on an account and have met my 12,000 lines per pay period well before my 3 month deadline,however, I am being hounded daily by my supervisor.  My supervisor is a male and is very intimidating.  He is constantly emailing me saying I am not doing enough and I am lagging behind and If I could just do a little bit more each day because he do not want to mess up with this account. 

My question is if I am doing 12,000 per pay and the account is still lagging behind, is it not the responsibility of the supervisor to hire someone else on this account and am I responsible in some way for not producing more? 



AssistMed - Posted By: Terri

Has anyone worked for a company that merged with AssistMed?  How was experience, good, bad, etc?

Any new information on Transolutions. Searched and found nothing new (sm). - Posted By: Looking

There were negative posts in the past about the DOS system but I understand they have a new internet based platform. 

Anyone willing to reply here or by E-mail who is working there now?  Pay, amount of work, do they match 401? 


MDI or LANDMARK RELATED? - Posted By: Marilyn

Does anyone have any idea if MDI and Landmark are affiliated in any way with each other?  It sounds like they both use the same platform (Bayscribe) and have very similar hiring and working practices, so I'm wondering if they are owned by the same people?  Also, is anyone currently working for both of these companies at the same time and if so, how is that woring for you?

Did my Christmas gift get lost in the mail? - Posted By: Big S

Or, did other employees not receive anything either? 

DocuMed Medical Trans., LLC - Posted By: cm

Any info on this company.  Maybe looking for a change, but know the grass isn't always greener on the other side.  They say all trans., no ASR.  ?pay, benefits, etc.

Shame on MT schools - Posted By: Sherry Lee

Shame on these MT schools saying they can guarantee graduates $60,000 per year!! Of course some say up to, which is very subjective, though very misleading.  They ought to let people trying to get into this business know that unless they are fortunate enough to find the right fit, they are in for a bumpy ride.

CBay - Posted By: dneg

Does anyone know what CBay rates are and do they use domestic people at all

MTS of Texas - Posted By: Kathy

I don't see very much about MTs of Texas.  If anyone out there is currently working for them or you are familiar with them, I would appreciate it if you share.  Thanks in advance.

Canadian employers - Posted By: ONTmt

Also, hi again. Would anyone know of any Canadian companies hiring MTs, or US based who hired Canadians?

Thanks again

Any information on Augusta Medical Transcripton .... SM - Posted By: Looking again

in Georgia?  I have been offered a job by them, but I have been unable to find out very much about them, which I would like to do before I accept.  Thanks. 

Is it often that this happens with a company...sm - Posted By: hopeful

Tested, had an interview with a respected company (not one of the huge nationals, but one with a very good rep on here; nothing bad about them that I've seen, which is rare) and it went well (was actually a very tough, thorough interview on their part and I liked that they seem to take it seriously).  We talked about which account I might like and be well-suited for and she was going to ponder which account she should start me on.  We talked for over a half hour. She was sending me two pieces of paperwork to be filled out to get things going.  This was Thurs. afternoon.  Friday morning I sent a thank-you e-mail and said I would be sure to complete/send the paperwork back as soon as I received her e-mail.  Haven't received anything yet from her though. In the past, any time we've talked, she has responded same day.  Is it possible I'm not getting this job now and I just won't receive anything? Obviously I will follow up again one of these days but not sure if companies operate this way sometimes. 

What is the best company for ER work? SM - Posted By: No Name

Employee status with PTO....  thanks :-)

Anyone have information on Lee Perfect Transcribing? nm - Posted By: Information please!


Does anyone know the name of the MT service in Austin, TX? Begins with an R. - Posted By: mm


Anyone know anything about SOAP transcription? sm - Posted By: possibly looking

I cannot seem to find anything, good, bad, or otherwise.  Mostly I'm in interested in the usual things -- platformed use, pay on time, difficult dictators, etc.



any information on Transolutions? nm - Posted By: Amanda


Does anyone know anything about SA Wynn? - Posted By: looking for better pay


Fired from Spheris or Resign. HELP - Posted By: No warning

I was told to resign or be fired.  I do not know which to do.  If I resign, I have no job.  If I am fired, then I cannot use Spheris as a reference as my last employer.  Also, if I am fired, I do not think I can collect unemployment.  Can someone let me know if I resign, can I still get my unemployment.  If I am fired, can I get my unemployment. 



MDI-MD requirements - Posted By: gma

PT requires 3500 week/700 day. Do you have to do 700 a day, or do you just have to do 3500 per week? In other words, can you do 500 x 5 days and 1000 x 1 day? or some other combination adding up to 3500?

Insight Medical Solutions or Transcription At Its Best?????? - Posted By: Curious

Good or bad on either of these 2 compaines would be appreciated.