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FREEDOM TYPE - Posted By: Mt2

Hello out there! Would anyone have any info on this company?  Any info appreciated!  They are running an ad on one of the other transcription sites.


World Wide Dictation - Posted By: wileo

Does anybody have any info. on World Wide Dictation in NY?  Good or bad?  Thanks!

Whatever happened to Phoenix Medcom? SM - Posted By: Philo

Their pay used to be as high as MDI and it was all IC.  Don't know what has been going on recently.  Just wondering. 

Benefits - Posted By: artsykathy

Are there any companies that offer benefits that aren't a joke.  I have talked to a few offering insurance but the premiums are ridiculous, I could get just as cheap on my own.....

Recent info on Wedmedx - Posted By: Trish

Does anyone have any recent comments, pros, cons, etc, about this company, I have searched the archives but all I come up with are posts dated either 2005/2006 and would like to know some current info, such as line rate, ESL percentage, steady accounts, how are they to work for?  Any info would be appreciated, either on the board or in an e-mail.  Thanks so much for any information anyone can provide.

Are there any companies out there that still use dial up? - Posted By: StillwellMTC

I only have dial up and there are no plans to add DSL in the area that I live in for at least another year possibly two.  Satellite is out of the question due to too many trees around. I live in the woods and believe me its hard to get a clear view on the satellite dish we have now. 

If anyone knows of a company that still uses dial up please let me know. 






What's more productive for you, ExText editing or straight typing? - Posted By: Frustrated

Not sure I'm gonna like this editing job

Execuscribe benefits - Posted By: Contemplating

Are the employee perks at Execuscribe decent?  I've seen posts on this board that pay is very low and I've also heard they pay up to 0.10 per line.   Any recent feedback on what is actually offered? 

Focus Infomatics - Posted By: Pat

I was thinking about applying to Focus Infomatics.  Do any of you know if they provide all the computer and equipment?

Please see message----- - Posted By: New to this board

I am a radiology transcriptionist who has worked at a hospital for the past 5 years.  Due to medical reasons I can no longer make that commute every day and I'm looking for an at home job.  Reading through all the posts here is so discouraging.  If so many of you who have worked at home for years don't know who to trust, how do I ever stand a chance?  I haven't applied to any companies yet.  I'm hoping some of you who do radiology and are happy (or at least not miserable) can give me some guidance.  Thank you.

Silent Type sm - Posted By: still looking for a home.

I would appreciate it if you could please e-mail me if you work at Silent Type.  I wonder if it would be better than where I am, although where I am isn't bad, I feel Silent Type may be better.  Thank you. 

RE: Transcend???? - Posted By: Dee

I am looking for anyone that has worked at or is working for Transcend.  I have applied and was actually offered a job with them about 2 years ago but declined so that I could take care of my kids.  Looking for open and honest answers about this company please.

transcription tests - Posted By: Pamela Quigley

What is the grading criteria for these company tests?  Must the transcription be totally error free, 95% error free or what.  I've had some good results, but some where I thought I had every word correct gave no answer at all.





Need Advice Please - Posted By: MTinTX

I need some advice on which companies to apply to.  Currently, I work in-house at a military hospital, but the military is forcing my husband to change careers.  When that happens, I have to quit my current job and come back home to work. 

I only have two years of transcription experience, and I was wondering if anybody knew of some good companies that have plenty of work with good PTO, etc?  I don't need medical benefits, so that is not a major concern.


SERVICE OWNER RATES POSTED - Posted By: InitiativeVolunteer

in post (below) that states that there is no money involved to be a part of this.  Please read in its entirety - it is a long post but very informative.

Is there a listing anywhere that shows # of employees or size of company? nm ) - Posted By: sm


happy MT week - my job has just been phased out.... - Posted By: passing through

Well, I guess all good things come to an end, just thought I would have more warning.   My shift lead job with one of the larger companies has just been phased out.  I was hourly so now I have to go back production, which is going to be an adjustment, but just wish they had given me more warning.  Told us today and job gone as of Sunday.  Oh well, I was really enjoying being able to pay my bills, lol. 

Spaces and Webmedx - Posted By: Oletimer

I know Webmedx is not currently hiring but do they pay for spaces and if so 1 or 2?  Thanks.....

Keystrokes website - Posted By: stalledinsearch

I have been trying to apply at Keystrokes on their website, but can't get the page to scroll down to hit the send button on the application.  How are other people applying with them if their website is not capable of taking applications?

MQ & MDI NEGATIVES - Posted By: wondering

I'm just curious why both MDI-FL and MQ get so many negative posts on this board versus the rest of the companies out there?  Is it because these two companies are so large so there are more employees to complain, or is it because they are really just very bad companies to work for? 

I'm considering both companies, but see all of the posts on this board and am a little nervous about making a change.

Has anyone ever heard of Terra Nova Transcription or work there. - Posted By: PAMT


Urgent Help - Posted By: Newlife

Hi everyone. Has anyone heard of InterPro Medical? Good or Bad? Anyone currently working with them? pay? platform? Any info will really help. TIA

Ubiqus...Anyone, anyone.. - Posted By: darwin

I would like to talk with anyone else who has done work for Ubiqus. I'm trying to decide what I think of them. There is really nothing out there on the message boards, or net in general, that I can find on them.



How is software usually installed from the company - sm - Posted By: need to know

Any help appreciated.  Trying to figure out how companies usually have you install their software on your computer.  Do you usually have to give them access to your computer and have them do it themselves?  Please help if possible - Thank you!!!!!!!!!

MT in Texas. I left you a message under your older post below - Posted By: darlene


Question about decreased line counts with DQS. - Posted By: See enclosed.

Has anyone actually compared reports they did in their old Medquist platform to an exact-same report (such as a canned op note) in DQS, to see if there is an actual decrease in the way lines are counted?   Or do you think your production is decreased because of having to get used to the new system, building your glossary program back up, and losing your "normals." 

Took job with Transcend - Posted By: MTinTX

Wish me luck, I am making the jump from working in house to coming back home to work.  There is so much to worry about.  I hope I made the right decision by going with Transcend.

KS summary - Posted By: barnold

I guess it boils down to the luck of the draw (not skills).  You will either double your line count and be happy, or you will lose a lot of money.  If you are a gambler, your odds are 50/50! Fair statement?



Are there any companies out there using DQS except MQ? (sm) - Posted By: Checking things out

If I were going to try to work 2 companies at the same time until I could decide I thought it would be easier if they used the same program.  This old dog is getting too old to learn too many new tricks at once. 

Any comments on CortMedical? - Posted By: helen


Very Confused - Posted By: BRC

I have just signed on with MDI-MD. I am new to this and was never a statutory employee (told that is what I would be) or an IC and I have three questions:

1. I know a lot of people say that MDI-MD is very flexible, but I'm a bit confused. If we must work on a weekend day, how is this flexible if we want to go away for a weekend with our family, or have a weekend event or want to take a vacation? This probably sounds like a stupid question, but I feel that I am stuck now having to work on the weekends and won't be able to do much.

2. Also, if you want to work a lot on weekdays and work less on the weekend I understand you can't do that - the amount you work has to be about the same everyday (including the weekend day), and you have to commit two months ahead to how much you will do each day (including weekends) so they can manage their workflow. Again, where is the flexibility?

3. I have seen postings where people say they can work anytime they want from home. But if you want to get up and work in the middle of the night, and you've already filled your commitment, sounds like you can't do something like that, yet, there is no specific stop and start time since there are no set schedules, only a 24-hour TAT. This makes me even more confused.

Although I didn't feel this way initially, I am starting to feel like I don't know the rules for what I'm getting into and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.

How often do you get paid at MDI-MD? - Posted By: Cj

Is it weekly, biweekly, monthly?

Accutran info? - Posted By: MTGal

All archives say good... wondering if there is anyone that works there or has prior that could elaborate... pay, dictators, etc.  Thanks everyone!!!

Is there really a shortage of US MTs or am I blind and deaf?? sm - Posted By: Need to vent here for a minute.

I was talking to a prospective employer today.  First off, it is a start-up company in US.  They already have a base in the Philippines. Well, that turned right off; however, we continued the conversation.  My question to this person was this.....so, if you were to get contracts for MT here in the US, are you willing to just hire US MTs?  Answer...Well there is such a shortage of good quality MTs here in the US and we would like to have the work done in the Philippines.  My next question, and if the contract specifically states all work is to stay in the USA, what then?  Well, then we would hire only US based MTs. 

Finally, I had to stop him in his tracks....I told him I emphatically disagree.  There is not a shortage of US MTs.  The problem is that you or any other Internationally based company is not willing to pay the US MTs what they are worth.  You want cheap labor, and you won't get that in the US.  Our MTs here in the USA produce such a high quality patient record and you have to be willing to compensate for that.  If you are interested in USA contracts but want to use cheap labor with no concern for quality, than I am not the person for this position.


I am so furious right now as I mull over the conversation......am I just blind or is there really a shortage here in the US of quality-driven MTs.

I am an MT myself as well as QA Specialist and I just do not agree with this mentality.  I think they use this excuse to justify their wanting to offshore.  I see through the smoke screen; however, I guess I just need to hear it from my fellow MTs. 

What are your thoughts on this issue of not enough trained and experienced MTs here in the USA?



saw they were hiring 40 MTS - Posted By: D and L

for big new account.  Anyone here work there.  How do you like it.  Pluses and minuses welcomed and appreciated.


Does TransTech have QA submission policy ? sm - Posted By: cindylouwho

as in what percentage of reports can go to QA.  I just left the Q for WMX, and now have found out they too have a this asinine rule too.  Maybe I should change yet again before I get started. 

Anyone else have problem getting response to resume submission? - Posted By: Susan Douthit

There was an ad placed on August 29.  I submitted my resume to them on September 1.  I had some questions and received a response on September 4.  I have sent 2 emails (one on Thursday and one on Friday) since then stating that I would like to talk with her about testing for their company.  I have yet to receive a response.  I have offers from a few others companies, but I really want to speak to this one first.  I have 15 years experience in a multitude of specialities.  I can't imagine that they wouldn't be interested in at least having me test for them.  Am I being too impatient or should I take a hint that they aren't interested?

I've considered emailing again, but it makes me feel like a stalker or something.  I also looked up their website and thought about calling.  However, their ad didn't list the phone number, so I'm assuming they wish not to have calls.  Today is my day off and would be the perfect time to test.

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!

Do the WebMedxers still have to clock out to use the bathroom, answer - Posted By: the phone, etc.? Just use a key combo or what? NM


Mediscribes -- Any info? - Posted By: anonymous

I've just recently took a job with Mediscribes. Has anyone ever worked for them? Are they a good company to work for? Need info quick as I'm to begin working pretty soon! Thanks.

To the woman who asked me about Keystrokes... sm - Posted By: NEMT

Your email addy didn't work.  I keep getting an error message when I try to reply.  I can't locate the original post the question was generated from.  If you'd like to try and email me again that'd be great.

Give me a Break!! - Posted By: NICE??!!

Ya know, I must be cranky today, but...some posts below really got my dander up! MTs are asking for referrals about companies, and someone actually posts that the company is GREAT - I believe GREAT is the adjective. Then inside message says something to the effect of:  I'm a new hire, too, and I hear the work will be picking up soon. PICKING UP SOON!!  This is after several MTs claim no work, which is what we all-too-often hear with these companies. Hiring and WORK SHOULD BE PICKING UP SOON!! And the poster closes by saying how NICE everyone is. That he/she doesn't mind lack of work cause they are NICE. Grrrrrrrrrrrr...

I wish we could have some coding system where MTs gave job referrals based on LIFE SITUATIONS. Like how many of us really need the income?? Versus those who obviously don't really need the $$ and don't mind being hired for a job with NO WORK. But the people are nice...Can you imagine? I used to hire people in-house for hospitals - all depts. I can just imagine me HIRING people for work that wasn't really there... Give me a BREAK. Nice...

OSi manager job - Posted By: anon

Hi.  I've been an MT with them for a while, and it IS as bad as people say it is, but an account manager position has come open and I'm thinking about selling my soul to the devil.  (Sorry--I'm poor, and as anyone knows who has typed for them, the second I start making money, they add 15-trillion more hospital accounts for me to try to learn, slowing me way down.)

Does anybody know how much an account manager position with them might PAY and whether it requires RELOCATION?  Neither of these crucial points are mentioned in their job ad.  I'd ask them directly but I think I've been a thorn in the side of some of the higher-ups, though maybe not the ones I'd need to get along with, so I don't want to make myself known just yet.  Anybody know?  Thanks.

Winscribe - Posted By: Tristen

Can anyone tell me about this platform, opinion of its friendliness or not.

Any place to get free practice voice files or does anyone offer testing that could be accessed w/o - Posted By: submitting a resume? Thx. nm


amphion - Posted By: THINKING

I am considering leaving a hospital after 5 years. I make 30,000 at 32 hours a week. Is that even possible with a national company such as Amphion. I did work for MQ years ago and couldn't make squat. Is this really the case with most of them. I would not even be considering leaving my position but VR will be taking over in June. UGH!

EMR Medical Transcriptionist? - Posted By: mtme

Ok, just as we thought our jobs were being replaced with EMR, VR, offshore, etc, I found this on Craigs list with the headline Medical Transcriptionist -

1. Transcribe medical dictation into CareTracker Electronic Medical Record Template.
2. Data entry of patient medication & allergy history into EMR.
3. Review of patient history from chart and enter into EMR.
4. Capture charges from dictation and enter into CareTracker.
5. Work with EMR implementation team with suggestions or changes.

1. Compile electronic health record from paper charts.
2. Transcribe medical dictation into electronic health record template.
3. Manual entry of patientís medication and allergies from the paper chart into the electronic health record.
4. Get physician approval of medications entered.
5. Follow up with doctor with incomplete dictation.
6. Cross training of new staff assigned.
7. Performing other duties as assigned.

This certainly doesn't sound like EMR is all it is cracked up to be if this is what it takes to get the record on the chart.

Has anybody worked for Zylomed? - Posted By: GAMT

I would appreciate any feedback if you know anything about Zylomed based out of Florida.  I have heard good and bad and cannot decide should I take a job from there.  Also, what kind of pay do they offer?  Thanks!

Any Webmedx New Hires? - Posted By: EXMQER

I am interested in the current interview/testing/hiring process. I applied on-line and passed the mini-tests they give you there and heard from an admin assistant. She sent me a VERY long questionairre to fill out and turn in to the recruiter, along with my resume. I believe the next step is a phone interview.

Can anyone tell me about the interview and next steps in the process?

Thanks so much.


Focus infomatics... Good company to work for? - Posted By: momMT

I am considering accepting a position with Focus infomatics.  Does anyone have information on this company? Their website is pretty impressive.  Any comments would very much be appreciated. Thanks.

DocQmed - Posted By: i just know

Hi. I rarely post but i just wanted to shed some light on the whole DocQmed inquiry.

I personally know the owner of this company and have so for a few years, when he was just starting out. I was already a Transcriptionist when i met him, but was already working somewhere and did not try to work for him. The person i know him as is very ethical and easy to work with and get along with. He is also trustworthy. if he says he will do something, he will do it, you can take it to the bank. He also has great business sense and desires to do the best for his company and his employees.

i would urge those that are trying to figure out this company to go to the website and read the history. yes, the company is fairly new, but i can vouch that this company is on the way to the top real quick. Don't be afraid to apply. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me personally. thanks, and hope that  helps someone.