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Looking for info on Medware, NewEngland, AllType. sm - Posted By: Lookin#1

I'm considering these three and wondering if anyone has any recent info to share, good or bad?   I've done a search here, and other places.  Any info is appreciated. Thanks. 

Information Please - Posted By: ANON

Good morning!  I am looking for any information good or bad on DTS America.  Thank you for your help!

Unsure, need reality check - Posted By: new-at-this job-but notMTing

I don't know how I feel, I guess numb.  So, looking for feedback on how this job is going for me.  In the biz a long time:

1.  Got cleared from training quickly. 2.  Immediately got all the most difficult jobs, did not complain.  3.  Decided to stick it out day after day.  Though never ran out of work. No feedback.  No nothing.  Figured no news is good news.  4.  Still got the worst work. Noticed reports out of order during early shift. Obvious cherry picking going on by other team-members.  5.  Decided I must be wrong, my bad... later in day came on early, got good reports, did a few.  6.  Came back for shift was actually flagged to type all the worst dictators, as they are marked with red that they were assigned.  Started to get a bit paranoid.  7.  Came on today cherry picker gone, all bad work out of TAT, this MT the only one on, typed many reports.  Lots without dr. giving demos, etc. Did the best I could.  Flagged for QA the ones without demos (although taking a chance as a newbie, because QA blanks are counted against our progress).  Decided to still hang in there.Finally got feedback after several weeks from big boss stating this goes to the whole team: bad demos, bad quality, etc. We need to do better (written in stronger words).

Have strong feeling I want to quit after this bad e mail, and after all the bad reports and cherry picking going on. Still have other job.  Stomach is in a knot.  Is all this worth it? Feedback happily appreciated. 


Med-Links and DocuMed NJ info - Posted By: medtran26

Does anyone have any information on MedLinks of TN and DocuMed of NJ.  I do know there are 2 different DocuMeds.  Most posts do not differentiate between the two.  I think I read the bad DocuMed is in TN and good one is in NJ.  I can't find much at all about MedLinks of TN.  Thanks in advance for any information.  I sent my resume to MDI but haven't heard anything back......

cymed does not pay for spaces - Posted By: trying hard

I have trouble getting any decent line count.  Any experience on spaces versus not being paid for spaces.  I am thinking about going with another company.  I am wondering if I would make more.  Having trouble making more than 125 to 150 LPH.  It is very discouraging.

Axolotl or TransTech? - Posted By: readyforchange

Any comments on these 2 companies would be appreciated... pros and cons of each. I known everyone has their own opinions,  and I would like to hear yours.

DIT -- Beware of their incompetence and unprofessionalism - Posted By: Dee

Just in case anyone has applied or is thinking of applying with DIT, here is what happened today.

I sent my resume in response to the ad on the job board here at MT Stars.  I received an immediate reply from Bill Baker and an inquiry asking me if I would take a test.  I replied that I would.  I took the test (which had an error in one of the questions, by the way!:)) and received the results with glowing comments along with an invitation to interview with the owner, Hadi Dani, by phone.  I sent back my acceptance along with information on one of the answers on my test which was marked wrong.  The answer I gave was correct, but rather than just saying that, I gave a detailed explanation of why it was correct (it was a grammatical question).  (I missed two questions, total, including the one which was really correct.).  Bill Baker wrote back to me that he does not have time to argue with anyone and that Word 2003 says that their answer is correct and that Word 2003 is the software of choice for their customers.  That's just priceless!  Rather than confirming my information with a QA person, he just dismissed me entirely.  It's astonishing how unprofessional some companies can be!  You would think they would want to know the correct term!  I even offered to show him the error on the test itself so that could be corrected, too.  But I guess he would rather think he is infallible!  Anyway, this experience combined with all of the information I saw here at this board regarding DIT's tendency to bounce paychecks,  makes me know that I wouldn't waste my time with this company anyway!  I guess it's safe to assume that my phone interview is off!   

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MTStars Team


Any news on Sound Medical - Posted By: amj

Anyone heard of Sound Medical Transcription, good or bad? amj

Axolotl - Posted By: Vickie John

Any Axolotl employees out there??  Are you happy? 

I am considering accepting an offer from them.  It seems they have a lot to offer.   I am currently with Medware and very, very unhappy with them lately. 

Any advice appreciated.

Any info on Physician and Professional Services - - Posted By: newtothisscene

Beth Joyner is the owner.  Has anybody ever worked for them, or heard any good or bad comments about them?  Thanks in advance.

Webmedx is hiring - Posted By: I cannot believe it

This blows my mind.  Webmedx is posting job openings when I'm barely getting 30 hours a week, last week 25.  I ask for a third account and am told to ask again later.  How can these people sleep at night?  I don't know about you other Webmedx MTs, but we are really struggling here, and this is not helping.  Why don't they offer these accounts that need the help to those of us already there?  Why do they feel the need to hire more MTs when the ones they already have aren't getting enough?  Why aren't they keeping their commitment of full-time work to the employees already there?  This just doesn't make sense to me!!  WE CAN'T PAY OUR BILLS ON 25 HOURS A WEEK, PEOPLE!!  QUIT HIRING!! TAKE CARE OF THE GREAT EMPLOYEES YOU ALREADY HAVE!!

Who pays 9/10 cpl with/sp that allows dial up connection? nm - Posted By: kadi


Any info good or bad on Medscribe out of FL.... - Posted By: passing through

I found some older posts on them, mostly about pay rate, but wanted to know how their software was, is it easy to get lines, are you happy, etc.  Thanks. 

Fast Chart, TAe software? Inquiring MT needs to know...... - Posted By: mtpilot

I am thinking about signing on with them, but need to know exactly what TAe software is?  More specifically, I am hoping that it does not ruin my Windows XP and my MS Word 2002 already in my computer.  My understanding is that it is a stand-alone software, maybe proprietary?  It is made by Arrendale Associates is all I really know.  Is is user-friendly?

Thanks for any information on this. 

Moderator, can you please email me? - Posted By: x


changes - Posted By: what's up

I work for a company that recently changed from carriage return line count to 65 cpl counts.  Needless to say this has greatly affected my paycheck.  I get 6.5 per line and I realize this is low but since I was paid by carriage line the pay was comparable to standard.  I sent an e-mail to the president of the company voicing my concerns and suggested a higher rate to compensate for the loss.  He was very understanding in his e-mail and said he would get back to me.  This was a week ago and the jury is still out on what can be done.  The real kicker is that since I sent the e-mail, my work load has dwindled down substantially.  I can't help but wonder if it has something to do with the e-mail and the request for a higher pay rate.  Any suggestions or thoughts on this?  Any help would be appreciated.

CardioScribes platform ? sm - Posted By: MT Mom

Anyone working for Cardioscribes - can you tell me what text Expander program you are using with their Wordscript platform and if you like it.  Thanks!

Axolotl employees....Is the computer keyboard they supply ergonomic or standard? - Posted By: keep on learning

I am scheduled to start in about a month and am trying to prepare.  Thanks!

Precyse solutions? - Posted By: mT2

Any feedback? The package looks great, and a sign on bonus.  Is this one we should jump on? Thanks in advance.

Does anyone type on Texas - Posted By: for Central Trans?

Are there alot of ESLs on the Texas account?

CallStreet - Posted By: Nicole

Looking for any information that anyone may have on a company named CallStreet. My husband started doing work for them however it seems now he can not get the money they owe him. It seems to be one story after anoter. If anyone has any info or has worked for this company please let me know


Thanks inadvance


Medscribe - Posted By: Summertime

Does anyone work for Medscribe and if so, can I get some feedback - considering working with them.  Thanks.

Zylomed benefits - Posted By: KLC

To all Zylomed radiology transcriptionists:  How do you like their benefits?   Is the medical insurance good with a fairly low co-pay?  Do they have dental?  Are the managers easy to work with?  Any other information?

To fellow TT MTs - what do you make - Posted By: MT4Eight

of the fact that we're only allowed to work no more than 40 hours a week?  I always used to work more than that, ever since I started full time with TT.  Of course I never expected to be payed time and a half if it was my choice to work more than 40.  Then all of the sudden strict 40 hours and no more.  What do you all think is going on? 

My answer to the VR dilemma at TT - Posted By: Another TT MT

It is very simple:  Those of you who are not concerned about being ripped off and are not concerned about compromising patient care with the nonsense that VR spits out into patient files, YOU do the crap that is VR! 

Those of us that care about patients, do not want to even THINK of medical decisions being made based on VR documents and refuse to be RIPPED OFF, we will stick to straight typing. 

There, that's the answer for the TT Management/Cheerleaders that are posting here.  Simple.  If you want to do VR, do it.  If you don't, you should not be forced to. 

Seems like there are plenty of TT MTs, based on all that are posting here (or maybe it is just a few cheerleaders posting over and over again!), that will do the VR at TT and help keep money in Management's pockets.  Not me. 

On MDI below.... is this MDI Florida? nm - Posted By: QAer

no msg

Cleveland Clinic - MT contract - anyone know who has it? sm - Posted By: Magnolia

I posted on the Main board also - does anyone know who has their transcription contract?  I saw on the news today, where they did a face transplant.  I would love to transcribe that operative report. 


Any information is appreciated.  Thanks!

eTrans Plus - Posted By: debbie

Any feedbackon eTrans Plus???  Thanks!   

bounced checks - Posted By: tired MT

I just want to remind everyone who has allowed the MT companies that bounced checks on you all, and in turn causing you to have bounced checks - that even if they reimburse you - your credit is screwed.

D&L is scrambling to make good on checks and if they succeed many of you will forgive, may not forget, but you will continue working.

Have they paid you late fees, interest, have they made up the credit problems you now have.

Why do we allow this to happen? I am so fed up and tired of this nonsense. If any company does not pay you on time as stated in their hiring information - fine them, charge them, and certainly if they bounce checks Press Charges. Do not accept their wink and apology - they will continue to do this with you or others.

DSG - Posted By: rml

DSG experience anyone?  Have been offered a job and want to find out if they are a good company to work for.  Any info. would be great.

From below, DSG1 and DSG2, what are these? nm - Posted By: my2cents


Moving this to Company Board - Posted By: Please Read

Very interesting article about Indians running a scam that could affect the entire notion of Americans sending work there...



Need info on MD-IT - Posted By: Darla Hood

I got an offer from MD-IT. Please tell me all the good and bad. I do not want to jump around. I want to find a home and stay there!

The BEST company to work for??? - Posted By: jo

Want input on the best company to work for out there.

MDI-MD or Amphion? - Posted By: Desperately seeking Susan

This is hilarious, a company I just applied for had UNPAID - Posted By: time off listed as a benefit.

How is that a benefit? Where do these people come up with this stuff......Gee thanks guys for letting me have a day off without pay, you are such a wonderful company to work for, I feel so fortunate!!!

Should I worry - Posted By: concerned

The company I work for offered benefits.  Employees signed up and no word on the benefits.  Now an email stating the benefits are there and have been there and we will pay back for the previous month.  There was no way to use the benefits without the information so what is a person supposed to do?

Does anyone know about Advanced Transcription Technologies out of NY? - Posted By: M.

I was thinking about applying with them, but I can't find any information on them good or bad.  Thanks a lot!

Amphion - Posted By: MTTomb

Does anyone have any experience with Amphion Medical Solutions?  Their benefit package almost seems too-good-to-be-true!!  They want to schedule an interview, but wanted some opinions.  Thanks a lot!

Any companies out there paying 9.5 to 10 cpl for employee status with bennies? - Posted By: MT

Please!.   I am looking.    I have 20+ years experience in all work-types, acute care, multispeciality clinic, 98% and above on accuracy, 1600 lines per day.   I'm sort of desperate, but don't want to settle!

any input on Shapin? thanks - Posted By: thanks


Is 1.10 a report good $ for rad ??? nm - Posted By: kwerstions


liability insurance - Posted By: lb

liability insurance - can anyone tell me what i should pay a month for this?

Anyone have any information of Silent Type? nm - Posted By: Becky


VR problem solved; your opinions welcome - Posted By: steady eddie

If we do not have to make a change to a line, then we get 6 cents.  If we have to make a change to a line, then we get the full straight transcription rate. 

If they want to pay less for VR, then it has to be fair.  Fixing something in every line will not allow us to move through the document quickly to justify the claim that we will be making more money. 

If we can put a man on the moon, I am sure we can figure out how to pay this out fairly and squarely.  I feel this reflects both parties (MTSOs and MTs) giving a little without the burden solely on the MT.

Please comment.

SmartMed or Peachtree?? Help please!!! - Posted By: need to know

  Any info on these companies would be appreciated.  Which company would you choose?


Dial up - Posted By: Looking for dial up

I do not have access to high speed internet.  I am looking for part time work that can be done on dial up.  I have 15 years experience and am home based for our local hospital.  Does anyone have any suggestions on companies that still use dial up, and hire part time?  Thanks in advance.

WEBMEDX, padding lines? I dont think so! - Posted By: Donna E

They will work you the first week, claiming it is training, and by the time they terminate you for their FALSEHOOD that you didn't meet 98% Excellence Criteria (GOD KNOWS WHO INVENTED THEIR EXCELLENCE, it is the Sloppiest transcription rules i have ever seen), then you will lose your entire pay for computer mail back fees and rental of equipment!!

I truly believe they made up their excellence standard so called guidelines themselves, to CUT DOWN ON LINE COUNT.  Seriously, if they can force you to use the number "2" versus the proper way as in "two" or roman numeral "II", they will beat you up about using "2" and say it is their WEBMEDX EXCELLENCE STANDARD GUIDELINES.  What a joke!

MedQuist - Posted By: IC-MT looking for part-time employee status

I can't post on their board, and yes I've read what's up lately.

I just wanted to know if any current employees who are fairly happy could reply to answer a few questions.

Can you use your own computer?

Do they offer part-time in that you can work just certain days of the week?  This would include one weekend day. 


Work but VERY late pay every time - Posted By: Need Advice

Ok guys, I need some advice.  I have been working with this particular person on one of her accounts for over six years...never had any problems with pay, now suddenly every time it is payday it is either late coming in the mail, or now the check is here, but they ask me not to deposit because they dont have the money to cover it.  I dont know what recourse I have or what to do.  I want to hold work, tell them to stick it or something but this is the highest paying work that I do.  I do have other accounts of my own, but not ready to go it all on my own as of yet.  What would you do?  I feel like I'm stuck any way I turn.