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Anyone else at Transcend out of work again today.? - Posted By: no work today

Lots to do on Saturday and Sundays, come Monday morning everything dries up for the rest of the week.  Overhire maybe or maybe the swarm of mosquitoes that blow in from the east every night? 

Recruiters changing jobs too. (sm) - Posted By: SM

One from MQ went to Precyse.  Now one from JLG I see is at All Type.  These are just 2 names I have noticed.  Guess I have been spending too much time checking out other jobs. 

Looking to possibly hire on with JLG. Is anyone happy there?? nm - Posted By: Patti


Any current information on OSi? - Posted By: thanks!


LeePerfect Transcription - Posted By: ANON

This company is a great company to work for.  Always pays ON TIME!!!  Plenty of work and they will pay you what you are worth!!  Fantastic QA team!!!

Does anyone have info on any of these companies? - Posted By: Denise

Cbay?  Nicholas Trans.? Mx Secure? MedLinks? Chronicle? Diskriter? Oracle?  Anyone have any info you could give me regarding any of these?  I am getting overwhelmed with all the different companies and would appreciate any input on these, good or bad.  Thanks!

Meridian - Question about Schedule - Posted By: Stephanie

Can anyone who works for Meridian tell me about their scheduling?  How long are your shifts? 




6 and 7 - Posted By: favorite

What's up with these companies offering 6 and 7/line.  Who can live off that!? 

Transcend - Posted By: justype

Let's try this again. I was just offered a job with Transcend which is 30% VR, 70% transcription. Can anyone tell me of their experience with them and voice recognition accounts. I have never worked with VR and am a bit nervous as to what to expect. Thanks

DSG - Posted By: Stephanie

Does anyone know if DSG (Dictation Services Group) is the same as Medquist? They use DocQScribe and the benefits all sound the same. Just wondering. I'd hate to apply to the same company.

AccuPro ??? - Posted By: Mel

How come no one ever answers any questions about this company?  I have seen their job ad(s) several times but no one ever answers.  I checked archives and found nothing current...only posts from 2006, 2007 and 2008.  Someone must know something about them!

Knowledge is power! - Posted By: Tina

I just wanted to thank you all for sharing.  Every opinion and every point of view are valuable.  The truth really will set us free --eventually.

question about testing and dangerous abbreviations - Posted By: not sure

I have tested for a new job and typed the two reports verbatim, leaving in dangerous abbreviations. Some companies allow some abbreviations and others don't.  Not knowing what their particular choices are, I just typed them verbatim.  I figure if I get the job, they will give me a list of abbreviations not to use.

Was that the correct thing to do, or should I have let them know by editing the report that I am aware of what is consider dangerous in some instances? 

Your thoughts are welcome and may be helpful to others yet to test. 

Thank you.

ADMINISTRATOR - Posted By: I have a request

Is there any way that you can make a requirement that MTSO's who post on the job board list the name of their company.

I have responded to some of the anonymous posts by sending my resume and never ever hear a word back. It makes me uneasy because my address and phone number is on my resume.

After giving this some thought, why would a legitimate company post anonymously. On all other sites, companies who post jobs must list the company name.

Please consider making this a requirement.


Hourly Paying Jobs - Posted By: Crystal

Can someone tell me if they know any companies that pay hourly to work from home? If someone knows any names of companies that pay hourly, please let me know.

Thank you for your help in advance

Sincerely Crystal

Info on MedScript Medical Transcription Service (WI)? sm - Posted By: Looking

I'm looking for QA information on this company--what is it like, do you know anyone who works for them, etc.? Bascially any information would be helpful. 


Test- did the email make it to you 3 - Posted By: NM


Can someone tell me anything about Spheris? Good/Bad? (nm) - Posted By: Flo


Can a company do this? - Posted By: Donna

I signed on with a company as an IC.  I had been there for 2 months (since quit).  On my last check taxes were deducted and I was changed to employee status.  I contacted payroll person reminding her I was an IC not an employee.  They tell me they were notified as of such and such a date I was an employee, and CFO says my status will remain that of employee.  They owe me another check and guess they are pulling taxes out of that too.  I only filled out 1099 paperwork.  Is this legal?

Hands-On Transcription in PA - Posted By: wondering

Anyone have information on Hands-On Transcription in Yardley, PA?  Thanks!

Cut & Paste why? - Posted By: Quig

I have been curious about this for a while.  Why do companies need us to cut and paste our resumes into an email rather than attaching them.  9 out of 10 companies on MTjobs request this and go so far as to say they will DELETE emails with attachments.  Anyone know or have a guess?

Here is a question for everyone out there, please given opinon .... - Posted By: Dee

What, in your own opinion, is the best software to work on out there?  I currently work on Meditech and HATE it.  It is so slow at times, lots and lots of hesitating, sometimes sitting for 2-3 minutes before I can type.  The only other program that I have worked on was Bayscribe and it was very simple, the problem was that the company that I was IC for did not load the patient information/doctor information into it correctly so there was a lot of frustration on that end.

Just curious and look forward to reading lots of opinions. 

SPI/Cymed - Posted By: Wondering

Are there any recent hires who know what is being currently offered as far as benefits at SPI? Their ad says great benefits which really does not tell you anything. Thanks in advance.

Does KS have part time? nm - Posted By: curious


Words Unlimited..... - Posted By: Wondering....

I am looking into a few different places to place resumes and I came across Words Unlimited.  There is no info in this board that I can find out about them.  Does anyone on here work for them or has worked for them.  Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Someone help me - Posted By: Shelley Barr

I am in search of a company that will train or mentor me.

What can anyone tell me about Medscript out of Florida? - Posted By: No Name

They seem to be very nice and sound like a great company... Just curious if anyone had any inside information?

FutureNet ??? - Posted By: Mary

How are things at FN now?  Do they still run out of work a lot?  I see they have an ad on the other MT board and was thinking of applying.  The ad states they are getting a new account in July.  Do they hire people now or do you have to wait until the account starts before going to work for them?  Would appreciate up-to-date info before doing so. Thank you.

unlimited long distance - Posted By: tobie

first foray into this field.  How to find cheap, reliable, unlimited long distance plan? Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.


What companies still pay weekend differentials? nm - Posted By: Just checking


Any companies pay weekly? nm - Posted By: frost


Has anyone applied for the chiropractic position with Larry and Eileen? - Posted By: -sm

It says listen to the instructions carefully, but I'm having a hard time finding those instructions?  Anyone else having this problem?

Any info on e-MTS?? NM - Posted By: Interested


Take OSI discussion to email. Posts will be removed until certain posters - Posted By: can behave themselves. Administrator nm


Quick reply feature - Posted By: x


Excuse me, but why is the 'quick reply' feature on several comments taken away? 

Thanks for anwering. 

What companies have straight transcription - Posted By: only. I cannot think of one.

What companies are offering only straight transcription jobs?  A list of these would truly  appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Note to WMX Management - Posted By: Multi-MT

If you truly want to save money, how about cutting out some of the management layers? Do we really need all of the management currently employed? MTs are vital to the organization, another suit is not.

Before you lose your base, you ought to be looking at other options for saving money. Losing all your good MTs QAs will do nothing but lose you even more clients.

Unhappy workers do not put out quality products. Something to chew on while you're collecting your nice, big fat paychecks.

Any info on ATSI/MT-World please, sm - Posted By: ohsooooohappy

Was just offered a job with ATSI doing radiology.  They pay they offered is more than any company that I have been applying with has offered, even a lot more than the company I am currently working for.  I have been soooo stressed out with my current company lately that I need a better opportunity and I pray this is the deliverance that I have been asking for.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  TIA!!!

CyMed - Posted By: Kathy

Any MTs out there that work for CyMed, and how do you like it?  Thanks in advance.



Few questions, please. sm - Posted By: looking

What hours does Transtech consider 2nd shift, as well as what time zone are they located in?  Are they STRICT about this?

Do the provide a computer? 

What is their FT line count minimum? 

Pay biweekly direct deposit? 

Thank you very much!

Questions if you're an MQ SE... - Posted By: C.C.

Am I correct in assuming that I can take off any holiday I like and they can't do a darn thing about it? I read somewhere else that it's not always easy to get the day off if others have asked for it off. Is this true only for employees or also for SEs? I'm an SE and have no desire to work the big holidays.

How much notice should I give for a day off being an SE? Thanks!

Better Business Bureau in PA - Posted By: 6babies

I am looking for information on how to send a complaint to The Better Business Bureau in PA.  Or maybe there is another route to take.  Toth Transcription owes me money since July and will not even respond.  They need to have something done to them!

How do you tactfully quit - Posted By: jenny

Has anyone ever quit a job shortly after being hired?  I started less than a week ago and it is not at all what I was promised.  I have friends who work there and love it but nothing I was told by recruiter or management is happening and the QA department has a punctuation queen who is driving me nuts (I know they should be there according to the BOS) but give me a break, the only QA mistakes I get corrections for are punctuation.  Need to know how to quit without coming across like a total jerk, I feel bad enough that I am thinking about leaving.

pay rate - Posted By: curious

What is your opinions on 2.5 cpl for editing on Editscript?  I think it is a little low.  I have a year exp. as a Transcriptionist but none using Editscript.  This is what I was offered.  I took the job but haven't started yet.  I have a job already but it is only part time and I need an additional part time for more money and this is the only company who would hire me with only a year exp.  I have tried for months.  Company said they would give raise in 6 months if work is satisfactory.  I just think that is kind of a unfair wage but what to do, I need the job. 

ANYONE?? - Posted By: Nada

Anyone out there that works for DIT and has gotten a paycheck about a month after the pay period?

Does TranTech have speech recognition and is rate reduced?(sm) - Posted By: nn

Also how would you rate their SR program as compared to Medquist SR? 

Have any of you heard back from PMSI? I'm also having a bit of a - Posted By: problem with communication with them. nm


Med Typing - Posted By: Karen

Anybody know anything about Med Typing Service out of New York?  Thanks for any info!

Does anybody who posts on here ever have - Posted By: oldermt

a company they would just like to stay with for the long-term? This is a question which has been bugging me lately about these company and main board forums.

I personally worked for a hospital for many years, which downsized. Went through 2 years working for a service which fooled with my line count and benefits, and when I left there last year, I had a hard very year with services in one way or another not keeping promises.  Now I have finally found a position where I can say I plan to just stay put.  No it is not perfect. Yes, the work runs low.  But there has to come a time to put that resume to rest.

Is there anybody else out there who is deciding to do the same? I am not looking for pollyanna answers. Just another line of questioning on this board got me to thinking.

We are always complaining about how bad the pay is, how things are outsourced, how things are not the way they used to be in this business. I agree with all those things.  But I say I still have a job where as many are jobless in our country today.  I say I still have the ability to pay my bills. No we don't eat out anymore.  But with this job I don't pay for daycare, I can participate in school field trips, and I can take a nap now and then without any penalty to my career. I also don't worry about gas prices.

Post negative comments here if you wish.  Put in good ones. I just want to see if I am the only one on this board in the last 6 months at least who has finally decided to count blessings and keep my job and quit looking!

Testing for MD-IT. - Posted By: SO

Hi!!   Kind of discouraged right now.  I just took testing for MD-IT, which was very easy and I know I Ace'd it.  In fact I don't think I made one mistake in all the test files, but this morning they said that my testing did not qualify me for a position with their company.  I don't understand why they take applicants and go to all the trouble of testing if they really do not have any positions open.  Anybody else have this kind of experience with companies or test for companies and then never hear anything for weeks.  

I think this is very inconsiderate and unprofessional too.  We are people with feelings and to be treated this badly is just not right.