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NEMT - Posted By: Dede


Does anyone have any info on NEMT aka New England Medical Transcription?  I'm a newbie and am considering them.  The pay is low but I really want to get some experience on my resume.  Besides the pay, are they good to work for?

Thanks in advance for you help,


Can I get some info re: GIMT ? - Posted By: see message

What platform do they use and what is their pay range?  Is it an internet-based system or dial into hospital or sending FTP, etc.  Do they require employee status and if so are there any benefits for part time?  Do they require you to keep logs or do timesheets and what is their line committment for each status?  Are they flexible with work hours?  Is pay DD and on time?  Anything else appreciated. Thanks!

Anyone know anything about On-Time Transcription? - Posted By: just wondering

They contacted me today from an old resume on a job board.  They gave no information as to line rate, platform, equipment, etc.   I did a Google search and their website is not very professional and provides no information at all.   I've done an MT Stars search and after going through several pages don't find anything, though I'm sure I've seen at least a post of someone asking about them in the last few months.

I'm not really looking for a position, though I'm always open if a better situation came along.   I received their e-mail too late to contact them back today to ask them these questions myself. 

Paydays sm - Posted By: MT

Can anyone tell me how the following companies pay (i.e. twice a month, every other Friday, etc.)? I really do not like being paid twice a month and looking for a company that pays every other Friday.  I did a search and couldn't find anything.  Thanks in advance.




Phoenix Medcom - I think they pay every other Friday.

Is it often that this happens with a company...sm - Posted By: hopeful

Tested, had an interview with a respected company (not one of the huge nationals, but one with a very good rep on here; nothing bad about them that I've seen, which is rare) and it went well (was actually a very tough, thorough interview on their part and I liked that they seem to take it seriously).  We talked about which account I might like and be well-suited for and she was going to ponder which account she should start me on.  We talked for over a half hour. She was sending me two pieces of paperwork to be filled out to get things going.  This was Thurs. afternoon.  Friday morning I sent a thank-you e-mail and said I would be sure to complete/send the paperwork back as soon as I received her e-mail.  Haven't received anything yet from her though. In the past, any time we've talked, she has responded same day.  Is it possible I'm not getting this job now and I just won't receive anything? Obviously I will follow up again one of these days but not sure if companies operate this way sometimes. 

Regarding Brenda Streidel on job board - Posted By: Annon

Has anyone made any contact with this person or have worked with her in the past?  I have received some information from her and just wondering if this was legit or not.  Is it a scam or something shaddy?  I am new to this business so just wanted to make sure I am not getting into something I should not.  TIA

AS&M Transcription - Posted By: Sarah

Is anyone employed by this company or know of someone who is?  Is it the real deal? 

To my fellow QTers: What if the outsourcing talk is true? Just what does this mean .. SM - Posted By: SadQT

to us, really?  I'm serious.  Will they take our jobs, or will they work alongside us?  I'm not trying to be funny or anything. I really don't understand what it will mean to us.  I did figure out the name of the outsourcing company from the post the other day, and I looked up the website.  I know the account work will be sent to India.  I just don't know if QT will take it away from us and we won't have any, or will they finally get other accounts and keep us and the Indan MTs too?  Has anybody written the Ny_____ company and asked if they are working with QT to confirm it - would they tell us?  Would QT tell us?  They said they wouldn't do this but now they apparently have.  I just can't get this off my mind.  :(

Escription VR - Posted By: Loves to Type

Does anyone know of any companies that use Escription for VR? Looking to make a change. Thanks!

Northeast Transcription - Posted By: Marigail Taylor

Anybody have any current information about Northeast Transcription Inc. in Portland, Maine?  Am wondering about what kind of company they are and whether they are good to work for, have benefits, etc.  Any info is appreciated.  TIA!


Reference Books - Posted By: Shelli Benson

I am starting with Trans Tech the first part of September.  I used to do transcription in a hospital, but have been out of it for a few years.  I have never worked at home before.  What kind of reference materials do most of you have at your desk?  Do you have mostly books, or online references?

Anybody know of a company that - Posted By: NCMT

hires part-time for ER work and uses dictaphone software?  I need something to supplement my income while husband is going to school.  I can do anything, but really want to just be able to work something like ERs or clinics for my part-time position. 

Opinions pleeeze!! - Posted By: mt2

I work for this small company as an employee @ 9 cpl with only benefit health insurance.  I have a set schedule. They don't go by the Book of Style.  They say every year they come up with changes so they can make money off the books (which is probably true to a point).  However, I brought it to their attention, that cc is on the Joint Commission unacceptable abbreviation list.  They said they will continue to type things the way the always have, also for instance times two instead of x2, and so on and so on. I am assuming there is 1 QA person.  But what really angered me today, I just typed a 12.00 minute H&P and instead of sending it directly to QA (her), she wanted me to instant message her the audio number of the blank, let her listen and she instant message me back what she head, which took up a lot of my time.  Now since she is getting paid hourly for QA, which should I have to taken away from my production to help her with the report.  I work with ExText.  If there is a duplicate report, she not only wants the job number, but also the name of the MT who did the original report, which takes research, therefore taking away from my production.  On top of that, during the hurricane in Texas, one of the hospitals was affected (not the hospital I was on), but my account ran out of work for almost 2 weeks, and no one bothered to tell me and to this day have not, that other MTs were put on my account, which pulled work away from me.  I have been promised a secondary acount, but still no 2nd account.  Is this worth looking for another job, or should I just bite the bullet and stay, as times are hard every where.

ProType is AWESOME!!!!!NM - Posted By: nn

The work is BEAUTIFUL!!!! and pay is pretty darn good.

Fast Chart -GOOD,BAD,UGLY? - Posted By: DMW

Can anyone give me some feedback?  I read good things on MT daily.

Any info on J&M? - Posted By: Wondering

I have never heard of them.  TIA.

Discussion about Escription 6 versus 8 - Posted By: Janet

below and someone said the version 8 was terrible. I was wondering what they thought the difference was.

Recent post on AOL - Posted By: MT55

There was a recent post on AOL about earning extra money with a second job during the recession  One of the jobs listed was medical transcription and the article stated if you can type and have excellent English skills you can do this job at home and earn extra money  --  My supervisor informed me of the link originally, then I saw it later that day  -- no wonder this profession has gone downhill :(

Anyone with info on EvolveMed? Thanks! NM - Posted By: looking


multispecialty account - Posted By: Stefanie

I've been an MT for about 2 years. I started off transcribing for an orthopedic account just doing clinic work at a smaller MT company. I have now been working for Medquist for 2 months and have been put on a multispecialty account that has 12 or more specialties and 3 main accounts, but they keep giving me new accounts. I was under the impression that multispecialty might be 3 specialties for instance. I now know I was wrong about that. You live and you learn, lol. I'm not happy at Medquist, so I plan on going back to a smaller company again. I know to be a well-rounded MT I should know more than one specialty, and I don't have a problem with that, but going from ortho to every specialty under the sun all at once is a bit crazy. Learning ortho and maybe 2 other new ones at the same time sounds more reasonable. I'm just wondering if multispecialty might mean one thing at one company and something entirely different at another company. There is a big difference in my opinion from having to know 3 to 4 and having to know 12 to 15 specialties. Three to four is still multispecialty, but it doesn't seem impossible to a 2-year MT. Just wondering if some companies are open to hearing what your strengths and weaknesses are and putting you on an account according to that.


There is this one company I am thinking of testing for (a smaller company), and I noticed that they have several different sections for their test. They have general medical for MTs with less than 2 years or multispecialty acute care for more than 2 years. A part of me wants to test for the general medical even though I have a little more than 2 years of experience because I'm afraid of getting the type of multispecialty account with this new company that I got at Medquist, but then another part of me knows the general medical would be too easy for me and going with the general medical will put me making less per line. Don't get me wrong, I am a good MT, well good relative to my 2 years of experience. I've transcribed for ESL doctors before. I'm not trying to get out of working hard here, but I just don't want to set myself up for failure either. The company I was originally with for 2 years told me I was welcome back any time, and so far I'm doing good on QA at Medquist, but I'm very slow compared to where I was at the last company I worked at. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Is everyone that is job hunting finding jobs available with all the MTs moving around right now. I - Posted By: PAMT

am thinking of looking but not sure of the job market right now.

Medical Voice Technology Services, Inc. - Posted By: Radiology?

Can anyone give me info regarding this company that is based in the southeast?  Possibly your experience with them if you have one? 

Thank you very much!

Dictaphone check this out - Posted By: aurora


Webmedx - Posted By: sotiredzzz

Does Webmedx provide computers and other necessary equipment? Any info, good, bad or indifferent, about this company would be greatly appreciated.

Is is ever appropriate for an MT to request a raise? - Posted By: SC

Would anyone who has requested a raise be willing to share their experience with me?  How long were you with the company before you asked for a raise?  Were you an IC or an employee?  What was your company's response in general?  If you were granted a raise, what was considered before it was given to you?  Time in?  Quality of work?  Production?  Attitude/flexibility?  Coming up on my 1 year anniversary an IC and would like to ask for 0.05 cent/line raise, but don't know if I should even consider doing so.  Would not want the company to lower their opinion of me/punish me for asking.  Your kind, and most importantly, nonsarcastic responses are greatly appreciated.  This is a sincere post.



JLG questions please... - Posted By: freebird

I've done a search and the reviews seem to be mixed, anywhere from the worst to the best...but I would just like to get some very current info as am thinking about applying with them? I understand there are several platforms. I've never worked on Vianata sp? Is it MT-friendly and can you check your counts and are they accurate? How is the sound quality? I had seen a comment on pay being sometimes late, no direct deposit yet? I also saw comments on rude QA, staff, management. How is it now for you guys?  Thanks!! Any help greatly appreciated....

Vonage - Posted By: Tired MT

Is anyone else having a problem with their foot pedal.  This just started about an hour ago.

Can anyone give me information on Transcend Services Voice Recognition editors? sm - Posted By: Offered job there...

I was offered a job with them.  Curious as to how good their benefits are, how easy the program is, and if the dictations are REALLY awful or just as any others.  Any input on anything to do with the company and/or information on Voice Recognition editors would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance!

Anyone hear from WordZXpressed ortho ad? nm - Posted By: Still looking.


Does anyone ever hire entry level MT? - Posted By: Laurie

Hi all, I was wondering if there is any company out there hiring for entry level MTs.  I have the Medical background and the typing skills.  I'm a fast learner and looking to work at home as an MT.  Anyone have any suggestions?



Is it true Dictaphone is now owned by Nuance (an Indian company)? (sm) - Posted By: Am I just behind the times?

that explains why the downhill slide.

ALLIANCE - ANYBODY?? - Posted By: mt3

Please e-mail me - I cannot find anything for this company.




Have any of you MDI employees lost your job or chose.. sm - Posted By: searching MT

to leave since they switched some accounts to VR?  I was thinking of applying but unsure now after reading about the VR switch on some accounts.  I wondered how many employees are affected by it and whether or not to consider applying as I am only interested in straight transcription and not VR. 

MQ - Posted By: MT

Does anyone know how long it normally takes after you test with MQ for someone to let you know if you passed the test or not?  Thanks!

Microsoft Vista Speech Wreckognition video - Posted By: mtme

Here's a link in case anyone wants a good laugh.


Does PC-Shorthand discussed here used by KS (sm) - Posted By: mt

is that word processing only - or does it include medical words too?  If it does not, what do you use for medical words?  (I don't work for KS but am thinking of using this software since everyone seems to like it.)  Thanks!

Who works for TTS currently? - Posted By: InMt

I have been offered a VR editing job with TTS and would like to here from people who currently work for them.  Yes, I did see the postings further down on the board about TTS and that is why I want to hear from current TTS VR editors. 

What I want to know is how many lines do you get a day and many of those lines are actually VR lines and not typing lines?    Also, how many lines do TTS require their MTs to have a day?  Do you use a 9-pin foot pedal with the sticker on the bottom that reads IN-DB9?  Do you have dial up internet connections?   Lastly, do you feel that you are making more money with VR editing and saving your hands/wrists/arms too? 



Updated FAQ - Posted By: Frustrated MDI MT

How vague can answers get? Case-by-case, depending on customer service,incorporated into your pay, and on and on it goes. After reading this thing, I was not much more informed than before I started. Still no insurance rates, still no answer about remaining statutory employees, still no direct answers about VR or offshoring. This all sure has a very familiar feel to it. Dejavu all over again, just like a bad dream you just can't shake!

TRS out of NC - Posted By: wondering

Any information on them? I can't find anything when searching the archives.

question for veteran MDI people. - Posted By: sm

Have you ever been given a new primary account that you did not want?

Have you ever been denied another backup account?

Anyone QA for DeVenture? Know what they're like, line rate, etc. no msg - Posted By: On the lookout


Where is the MT with the great job - Posted By: wendy

Who was going to wait a while and then post where she works to make sure it was true.  I am watching for your post.  Did I miss it? 

MQ is not to be discussed on this board. (SM) - Posted By: Moderator

There is a board for MQ posts and ALL MQ discussions belong there.

If you want to talk about DQS, which many companies use, refrain from bringing MQ into your post -- it invites MQ discussion and MQ discussion is restricted to the MQ board.


Transcend? Keystrokes? Good or bad? - Posted By: MQ Barely

Does anyone know anything about this company?  Keystrokes? 

Medivoxx is offshoring - Posted By: FrustratedMT

This once wonderful company has been taken over by aliens, and I only wish it was the outer-space kind.  On behalf of those currently being bent over and the clients that are being lied to, do what you do best my friends.  Spread this news like wildfire.

Has anyone had any experience with DocuMed? - Posted By: Should I bother?

They posted on MTJobs Board a week ago and just sent me their voice test - just wondering if it's worth my time.  Any info greatly appreciated.


MT2 - Posted By: Aubri Transcription

Hello fellow MTs!

Just wondering, has anyone heard back from Aubri Transcription regarding the Psych work? 


Anyone had any current experience with Milner or Breitner? I am most concerned sm - Posted By: Possibly looking MT

about the usual things, pay on time (and a decent wage), user-friendly platform, etc.

Is the test through mttest.com a timed test? Thanks. nm - Posted By: testing again