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Company emails and paperwork with lots of typos and misspellings - Posted By: sm

I recently started working with a small MTSO. In just about every email from the owner, I see typos, misspelled and misused words. Also, the same goes for all paperwork I have received. Even the QA manager does the same thing.

Would you bring such things to their attention?

MDI-FL - is the internet platform/MS word a good - Posted By: MT

platform.  I understand they have about 4 different platforms.  I would be interested in the proprietary internet platform that uses MS Word.  Is it user friendly and productive, can you see your line counts immediately, what type of short cut Expander is used, and the type of voice player to download jobs?


Integrity Transcription LLC, can anyone tell me.... - Posted By: WorryWart

about working for this company, have several concrete offers on the table, been doing searches, having problems finding information - is this a smaller company with a good MTSO?  I know they use emDat, is it hard to learn (I have almost 20 years on various others).  Any info SOOO appreciated!

AssistMed? - Posted By: Danae

Can anyone share any info about Assist Med?  Type of platform?  Clinic or acute care?  Starting pay?  Enough work available?  Any information would be appreciated!

??? X-PRESS??? - Posted By: Rad-Chick

Anyone working for this company?  I checked out their website but wanted to hear from present or past employees. Anybody? If you have info good or bad would appreciate it. TIA. 

Any information on USA Medical Transcription, Inc. - min. requirements, flexibility? Thanks! NM - Posted By: checking it out

MDI-MD What kind of foot pedal & computer system requirements do they have? - Posted By: sm

Thanks for the info!  Happy Friday :*)

Radiology MTs - need your input - Posted By: AL MT

I have been offered 2 radiology positions, one paying 8 cents a line and the other $1.14 per study.  Both companies state the types of reports to be transcribed are pretty much across the board (plain films, CTs, MRIs, occasional PETs) and both offer comparable benefits.  So, my question is it better to be paid per exam or per line?  Thanks for your help and input!

Transform or Accustat, which would you pick to go for - Posted By: Kim

I am undecided.

For all VR editors out there sm - Posted By: VREditor

Well, I am one that edits about 500-600 lines an hour on ES, except for today!  I put in about 10 hours an only achieved a total of 1800 lines.    I had the worst day editing/transcribing VR in 5 years.

So, for all those who were feeling down on themselves or inadequate for not achieving that high line count on ES - for once I know the feeling.   I had the worst of the worst dictators today that need 100% editing on every report, and we are talking 15 minute dictations here, all day long............I now feel your pain....!!!

Just thought I'd share~~ even the supposed fast money-making VR editors have terrible days in the MT industry!  You are not alone.  I think I have finally walked in someone elses shoes today!

On the bright side of things, there is always tomorrow!

Have a great night/day everyone :-)

Cornerstone Transcription Service (sm) - Posted By: Nipntuck

Does anyone work for this company or have any knowledge about them at all? Thanks!

Any updated info on Ascend? - Posted By: me

I know they have a good pay rate, but have they started paying their employees?

ANYONE helpful at OSi? - Posted By: anon

Hey-I'm the one who asked earlier for some opinions on the management thing that had come open there.  Thanks for your input, y'all.  I'm sorry I'm staying anonymous--as long as I'm still stuck there, I need to.

Here's my latest question:  Is there ANY higher-up there who is helpful?!   Identifying employees not allowed.  Posters can email you through the links below.

There are a couple of people there who have it in for me.  I'm a XXXX good transcriptionist--I catch all the errors the dictators make, and don't even get me started on how grammatically awful and also unprofessional my team leader is (which is why I don't speak to my team leader about my problems).  Ever since I caught her out in a lie and also mentioned a couple flaws in the system, it has become very clear that, despite the fact that I'm one of the best they've got, they'd love to have a reason to get rid of me. 

This is unfair (duh).  Is there ANYONE nice there?!

Thank you very much.

When I see a company getting a lot of praise and looking for a lot of - Posted By: Observing

people to hire, I get a little leary.  Past history has shown that those companies usually get sold within 6 months to a year.  The number of bodies on payroll are part of the assets for a company when they sell their slaves.  It used to be the Squid that bought them all, now it is Squid Jr - Transcend- so be careful. 

Lack of work - Posted By: Fed up with OSi

Okay, OSi -- I don't normally bash a company publicly, but you've pushed me to my limit.  I am tired of having no work, or very little, with no explanation whatsoever from the powers that be.  A little honesty would go a long way.  You do realize that your employees are depending on their jobs for an actual paycheck -- they don't just work for the heck of it, right?! 

What happened to a company owned by former MTs who understand us?!  Where are you guys now, and how would you feel if you were in our situation?  When your offshoring practices come back to bite you in the rear (and they will), just remember that you made your bed and you are the ones who will have to lie in it! 

To those working at Cymed, since they outsource, do you find sm - Posted By: LTMT

that you end up with the cra* dictation, while they send the easier stuff overseas?  I have heard that is the case with some companies, and since the recruiter is supposed to be calling me in a day or two to offer me a position, I just kind of wanted to know what I am dealing with.

Also, since they do not pay for spaces, what would be a fair rate to ask for?  I normally make 10 to 11 cpl, w/spaces, 65 ccl. 

Thanks in advance for your help/input. 

Wondering what exactly went down at Webmedx. - Posted By: confused

Just curious.  I can see the board has exploded over some pay cut.  In simple terms, what exactly happened.  Don't work there...just concerned for my fellow MTs.

Does anyone work for QED? Are they the company who does mostly ERs (sm) - Posted By: Cambria

or am I thinking of someone else?  They are located in Arkansas, I think.  Any info about QED would be appreciated such as flexibility with schedules, benefits, and if they have ER and Radiology accounts.  TIA. 

FutureNet - Posted By: anon

How are things going with the new accounts at FutureNet?  Is there really a lot of work?

Anyone find a good home at Softscript? - Posted By: GB

Any feedback appreciated.

Radiology MTs - Posted By: MTseje

What is the range of pay per hour for radiology MTs in a hospital setting?  Thanks.

anyone heard of MTP in Illinois? - Posted By: susan

anyone heard of MTP in Illinois? what platform they use, pay etc...


DTS america - Posted By: Wondering

 Did anyone receive a response in regards to the rsdiology opening?  TIA.


Question about changing from hospital employee - Posted By: to transcription company

I am wondering about how training pay works with different companies as they do not say on their web sites how much it is or for how long.  I checked with one company and they have no training pay whatsoever, strictly production from the first minute.  Thanks for any advice.  I am going from a salary but don't want to follow the account to the company.  Is it for one week or two or more, and is it usually minimum wage or higher?  TIA

need info - Posted By: poedmt

need info on Spheris  - how are they to work for, good or bad, their platform how easy or hard  it is to use, their supervisors, their pay, etc.  Anything information would be greatly appreciated.

Hils Transcription - Posted By: memt

Can anyone tell me something about Hils Transcription in Alabama?

eTransPlus hourly rate 3rd shift M-F - Posted By: sm

Anyone with a clue about this, how much is the hourly rate, how they are to work for, their platform.  TIA

AccuScribe in CA? - Posted By: Jessica Jamison

anyone know anything about Accuscribe in CA run by someone named Susan Rojo?  What is the pay like?  Pay periods (weekly, monthly??)  Work load any good?

Thanks all!


Need a company that takes out taxes and has insurance - Posted By: me and my machine

I can't be an independent contractor because my husband is self employed.  One of us needs to pay for taxes and insurance.  Anybody know of some companies that do this that I could check out?

So, if a company paid by VBC (sm) - Posted By: math deficient

(visible black character) at a 55-character line, would the pretty much equal out to a 65-character line with spaces?

Any Oracle workers here? - Posted By: ex-MQer

Am I the only one at Oracle (OTI) that constantly and consistently runs out of work? I'm not just talking about the usual holiday lull, I mean pretty much everyday? Because I do. I don't think I've had a paycheck yet that's been over 400 dollars. I'm on three accounts (count em '3') and there's still hardly ever enough work. I keep asking my QA ppl to put me on yet another account and they say there aren't anymore openings but then I get emails from them saying how the workload is heavy in this account, heavy in that account... etc.

Why why why is this so hard? Any advice? Anybody?

Any new info. on eTrans Plus. I can't find anything since 2006. sm - Posted By: TJ

Any feed, good and/or not so good is appreciated.  I'm trying to weight out the pros and cons. 


chronicles - Posted By: june

anybody just signed on with chronicles, to find we are already running out of work? I am already looking for another job and haven't even been with them a week.

Questions ???? - Posted By: Mattie

regarding Accupro.  Anyone currently working there on their big oncology account and if so, what do you think of the account?  Also, pros and cons about this company.  Thank you.

I got broadband today, goodbye MTSO vultures - Posted By: Gloating MT

I'm going back to work directly for a hospital from home!   I'm so excited.  That means health insurance, dental, 10 sick days, 10 vacation days, 6 holidays and rotating weekends where I get 2 of them off a month.  These are people that don't discount lower lines because you're on crappy work but appreciate that do the crappy work.  The bonus is people who actually care about me and know medicine, medical transcription and how hard I'm working for them.  I'm so tickled that I may even offer to work on Christmas Day (and they pay 1.5x when I do)!   

I feel like a real person again!



Does anyone currently work for MedGarde? Do you like it? Any info appreciated! - Posted By: nm


MedEDocs - Posted By: cheryllynn

Has anyone heard of this company?



Need info on taxes, etc... sm - Posted By: IC needing help

I had my first IC job in 2005 (did not make very much money though).  We do our own taxes, and I would like to know how to find out (in simple terms) what tax forms, etc. I need to include when filing taxes this year.  Any help appreciated.  Thanks!

Any one know anything about Acusis? I searched the archives, sm - Posted By: ltmt

but there seems to be no new information since 2007.  Their benefit package looks good, but I was wondering about the basic things, pay on time, what type of platform, etc.  Any information would be apperciated.

How is tech support at your company? This is really - Posted By: important to me after some bad experiences. nm


Line Rate Inquiry - Posted By: PRB

When a company says they pay $.08 - $.0875 cents per 65 black & white character line is that more or less than the standard statement of a 65 character line? Not sure what they mean but they claim their pay is one of the best around.

TSI - Posted By: DD

Does anyone know if TSI out of Houston, Texas is still around?   I have been trying to get in touch with them and have been searching for their phone # but cannot find any info on them. I tried their website but it is not available anymore.   If anyone has any info about them, I would really appreciate it.


Traveling Transcriptionists? - Posted By: cindyoh

Thought this sounded interesting to somebody.  A place called KForce evidently has job openings for transcriptionists.  Hope the link works:


All-Type information?? - Posted By: mmd

Is there anyone who could give me information about All-Type?  I am interested in the work environment, pay, platform, et cetera.  I really appreciate any insight.  Thank you.

Did anyone call about the STAT ortho work on the job board? Thanks. (nm) - Posted By: kamt


Any Ideas?? - Posted By: sm

I know it is almost impossible to start a union to protect us against pathetic wages, but if anyone can come up with any ideas on what we can do as MTs, speak up.  I'll fund, start, do anything if the result is fair treatment and fair pay.  The organizations out there are geared for the employers to pat themselves on the back, not for us!  Paying memberships for those as an MT is just pointless.  We need these employers to come to us instead of us sending out a zillion resumes only to be told they pay 1 cpl.  I've been an MT a long time, I believe in it and I like it, but I want to love it again.   According to salary.com, the median salary for an MT is $36,000, well many MTs aren't coming close to that.  We need to do something - Thanks!

Dissatisfied RI Unlimited editor. Anyone else dissatisfied here? - Posted By: L

Does anyone using these boards work inhouse? - sm - Posted By: the job-hunt continues -----

      And if so, where did you search for the job?   I've noticed that on the job boards here, it's not only all national companies, but also pretty much the same ones, too.  And of course the pay scale is the same old crumbs, as well.  Is there any one place that hospitals and clinics go to recruit for experienced MTs, or do you just have to slog through the job-lists on each separate institution's website?  There are a few where I'd post my resume tonight if I could, just so they could have it on file, but frequently you can't do that unless they're actively recruiting.  Anyway, for me 2008 is hopefully going to mean finding gainful employment again, and any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated! 



Ditt Transcription SM - Posted By: Dolly

Anybody work for Ditt transcription?  I was wondering how much they pay.  Thanks.

Can anyone give any updated info on Amphion? sm - Posted By: thinking about a change

Unexpectedly this morning, I received a recruiting email from them.  I have sort of been going over some of the companies and comtemplating making a change.  I have 5+ years in my current company, and the only real thing I am looking to change is: (1) Better pay by the line; (2) Getting my weekends and holidays back to spend with my family.  I currently work EVERY Saturday.  Don't really mind it, but would like to be able to make plans and perhaps rotating weekends would even be okay. 

I was just wondering if anyone can give me any updated insight into this company. I did a search, but the threads are several months old, and was wondering perhaps if things were any different than those posts read.

I have a lot of experience in transcription, upwards of 16 years, with probably only half of that being in acute care.  Other important things to consider in my search is benefits.  The health insurance at my current company is very expensive. 

Thanks for any input guys! I appreciate it.