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Allstate Transcription/AIM - Posted By: Sher

Anyone ever heard of Allstate Transcription? I applied there and was emailed that I would need to go through a mentor program with AIM in which I needed to pay $99.00.......hubby says he doesn't like the idea of paying for mentoring....anyone know if this is scam? I am desperate to find MT job and things not looking good so far....70+ applications and not one bite.....



I have a very important question to ask you. If you have an account you really like and it leaves - Posted By: HELP

the company you are with what is the best way to find out where it went and to go with it. Has anyone had this experience. Did you contact the hospital. What can you do if you have been on an account for years and really want to stay with it. Is that best or to just stay where you are and get another account.

Should you get paid for headers and footers. - Posted By: AMT

I was called in to test for a company who do not pay for headers or foots and starting pay is 7 cpl.  They do not pay for bolding, underlining, nothing.  Is this still a good deal?  Should I waste my time testing?



Does Spheris off-shore? Do they have a New Jersey - Posted By: connection? nm


Please note post on - Posted By: ATTN ICs!!!

company board about IRS guidelines and the independent contractor posted today, 7/30.  Looks like some nationals are violating more than 1 guideline when it comes to independent contractors.

Info Please - Posted By: MT

I was wondering about if anyone had any information on Lartech Healthprime.  I did a search but all the information I found was old.  Any new would be appreciated.


Focus Infomatics - Posted By: MT

Can anyone give me current information on Focus?  I have found some things but not anything current.  So far nothing good and was wondering if anything has changed.  I have noticed they have a lot of job postings!

First poll on what constitutes fair MT wages - Posted By: MT4MTs

The numbers are in from the weekend USMLSU poll regarding fair compensation for full-time US MT employees:

BY THE LINE:  All work types

  • $0.11 per line base starting pay for MTs with 10+ years experience and scores of 95% or higher on pre-employment testing.
  • $0.095 per line base starting pay for MTs with 5-8 years experience, and scores of 95% or higher on pre-employment transcription testing.
  • $0.085 per line base starting pay for MTs with 3-5 years experience and scores of 95% or higher on pre-employment testing.

BY THE REPORT - Radiology and Pathology

  • $1.10 per report for plain film radiology, CT, MRI, ultrasound
  • $1.25 per report for interventional radiology
  • $1.25 per pathology report


Hourly pay would benefit those of us who spend countless mandatory scheduled 8-hour shifts babysitting overstaffed, underproducing accounts with little to no transcription work to be done.  As it stands now, in order to sit in front of our PCs for 8 hours doing little to no work (because there is none), in order to be paid for this mandatory idle time we must work weekends or night shifts to make up pay and quota for benefits, or request to use precious PTO time in order to be paid to sit idely for 8 hours to fulfill an unreasonable request promised to the client by the company:

  • $18.00 per hour base MT pay to monitor an account with little to no work - 10+ yrs experience and 95% or greater on MT pre-hiring test.
  • $15.00 per hour base MT pay to monitor an account with little to no work -  5-9 years of experience and 95% or greater on MT pre-hireing test
  • $12.00 per hour base MT pay to monitor an account with little to no work -  3-5 years of experience and 95% or greater on MT pre-hiring test

Please email your comments/suggestions/opinions.

DeVenture and eScription?? - Posted By: sm

Does anyone have any info on this company and its platform? They seem to be hiring an awful lot and just wanted to make sure before I applied. Thanks

Editscript, can you run this on your computer with 2 different companies? nm - Posted By: ka


Okay are all the Rad accounts slow? - Posted By: RadMT


What is the Nuance/Dictaphone/Ex-Text - Posted By: connection? sm

Does Nuance own Dictaphone?   Is Ex-Text solely a Dictaphone platform?   Is Nuance also an MTSO--do they hire MT's directly? 

I'm not trying to bash the company or anything, but I am curious as to what sm - Posted By: Curious TTer

others do when faced with no work.  Do you ask management for more accounts?  Do you just ride it out and hope that indeed new accounts sign on and you can make a living before the wolf gets too close to the door?  Do you go and look for another job (or 2) to supplement your income and then work like crazy when things pick up?  In a perfect world, I suppose I would have a nice little nest egg built up and could just enjoy the lull times, but unfortunately that is not the case, and I was just curious as to how others handle it.  I do not have a husband to fall back on as a secondary source of income/support, so it can get kind of scary at times.  My instinct tells me to just work another job or two.  I may not have a life, but at least I will not be on the street. 

Thanks for your input.

Independent contractor status - Posted By: is this a good way to go?

Am nervous about this status as I have never been an IC before, but am willing to try it, just don't want to be highly disappointed.

imedx - Posted By: MTer

Can anyone tell me anything good or bad about imedx?  TIA.

Medscript in Texas - Posted By: Karen

anybody know anything about medscript in texas?  Based in houston, has offices in dallas and tyler.

Any info on S&W Transcription out of Nevada.....nm - Posted By: AllieCat


Should I be concerned....sm - Posted By: passing through

I was hired by a company a couple of weeks ago.  They have installed their software on my computer, but now the problem has come in.  I have sent several emails to training, but no word.  I have sent emails to the lady who hired me, the HR person and training, no word.  Been a week.  Should I be concerned that this might be a sign about this company or give them the benefit of the doubt and wait and see if I hear something next week?  Thanks.

what would you do? - Posted By: agree

I got hired for a new account with Keystrokes, which started this past Monday.  Paperwork all sent in last week.  I got a last minute call on Tuesday to start training, but could not because ID wasn't ready and trainer was busy.  Haven't heard anything today.  Supposedly, there is another RAD account, which is supposed to start 9/1.  Should I call the recruiter (who was really helpful and nice) and ask her if I can get on the other account, apply with another company, or just wait?  I NEED $$$

Allstate - Posted By: Karen Jenkins

Does anybody know anything about this company?  I've seen several ads and saw a post elsewhere where the MTSO had several errors in her post.  I am curious as to the quality of work and whether or not they pay on time.  The MTSO, besides her errors, sounded like a very nice person and I would like part-time with someone less than a tyrant.  Thanks in advance. 

Golden Isles Medical Transcription - Posted By: crystal salvo

Anyone heard of Golden Isles Medical Transcription?  Thanks in advance for any information.

Any info on Orion Transcription? They have a ad on the Job Seeker's board (sm) - Posted By: quietmoods

I have to get a weekend job and on the Job Seeker's board Orion has an ad for weekend transcriptionists?  Anyone have any info on them...good and/or bad? 

Meditech anyone? - Posted By: misswebster

I am looking for a company that uses Meditech.  I very much prefer this particular platform.  Would appreciate any info you might be able to offer.  Thanks.

Where is the MT with the great job - Posted By: wendy

Who was going to wait a while and then post where she works to make sure it was true.  I am watching for your post.  Did I miss it? 

Internet - Posted By: no cable, no DSL

I have recently moved into an area that does not have DSL or cable available.  The only thing that would be available would be through satellite and that would cost $400 to start and then $40 a month.  The $40 a month sounds great, although the initial fee of $400 for equipment does not make me happy.  My biggest concern is that there are some companies that would not allow the satellite internet.  Does anyone know any companies that allow you to use dial-up service or satellite for radiology transcription? 

Thanks for your help. 

Hey Nurse Diesel!! I just wanted to thank - Posted By: you so much for your honesty!

I love your posts and do recognize you when I browse these forums.  I keep a constant eye on the Company Forum, keeping track of good company reviews versus bad, etc.  I just wanted to thank you for coming back on and giving an honest update of your situation.  I used to love my old MTSO, and gave glowing reviews, which were true of  my personal situation, but when things went sour on me, I also tried to share that experience as well. It really helps potential MTs in getting a truthful outlook of a company, rather than just the emotional trashing posts or emotional praising posts.  Not saying you ever did that, just trying to point out to others the flavor of some posts. It also lets others know that they are not alone in their ups and downs with a particular company.  Things are just so unpredictable, even within 1 MTSO. One MT is having their heyday, while another MT on the same account is hemorrhaging $$ due to no work. Its just so bizarre these days.  I had thought of Webmedx for a while, fell for the old employer of the year stuff. But I was not accepted as the recruiter doesn't like me from a past experience at another company, and while I understood on 1 hand, it honestly wasn't fair, and I thought I was missing out on perfection. Their loss, though, not mine. I had my choice of employers, and went with my other first choice.  I am so glad that I was rejected at Webmedx, as no work situations would have killed me, not acceptable at all in my boat!   So, sometimes rejection comes with a silver lining!  And the company I went with, while it had been touted for years as the BEST MTSO in the world, well.... it sure is lacking. Looking back over the years at the posts, there were 1 or 2 poor MTs who would try to share a negative experience with this company, and they would be crucified, with  the usual blame that they must be lowsy MTs. Well, truth be told, the ones with bad experiences were telling the absolute truth, probably even minimizing their plight, and this company is no more a wonderful company to work for than the next MTSO.  I am so depressed about our industry, but I do take comfort that I am not alone in my struggles - I am a top notch professional MT, but this nonsense of no work, etc., just cannot be avoided it seems, by any of us.  It has been a humbling experience, as I honestly used to read posts about MTs with no work,and somehow I felt that in some way it had to be the MT. Maybe they only worked the 5th Tuesday of each month, maybe they only typed Consults, etc.  So I have learned that skill seems to have nothing to do with anything anymore. The job itself and then the work versus no work, versus work type seems to be just a plain old crap shoot, plain and simple. I may as well spend my days down the street in Vegas, gambling at the casinos! At least I could count on free drinks!   Well, again, thanks for sharing your experiences, calmly and honestly, both the good and the bad.  It makes at least this MT feel like I am not alone in these trying times. 

How is Transcend to work for? - Posted By: Josie

I worked for MQ for 6 years and it sucked. Management was terrible. Raises were unheard of and you worked your butt off. They appreciate no one!

Internal Medicine work - Posted By: Cindikay

Are there any MTSO companies hiring IC for internal medicine??

Employers, creditors, lenders, landlords, etc do run - Posted By: credit checks legally. Change law if you are mad.


Info on CTech out of MI? Thanks! - Posted By: Anyone?


cymed does not pay for spaces - Posted By: trying hard

I have trouble getting any decent line count.  Any experience on spaces versus not being paid for spaces.  I am thinking about going with another company.  I am wondering if I would make more.  Having trouble making more than 125 to 150 LPH.  It is very discouraging.

precyse solutions or transcend? - Posted By: AnnaPhylaxis

anyone work for these firms?

Line counting messes - Posted By: happymt

I have a positive post but I am not revealing the company - yet... Don't want to jump out there and say what a great company this is like I had done in the past only to find out I was so dead wrong. I am working on the Dictaphone Extext platform. The session statistics ARE enabled within the program. I was told right up front that headers and footers were not counted ---so this is not a good excuse for any company to disable this feature. I find my line counts so far to be fair and accurate and what I would expect. I am glad to finally find a company that is on the up and up and does not give me the run around or the just trust me answer when it comes to verifying line counts. I have been pleasantly surprised. Just hope it continues and I will be happy to post their name here, just don't want to do it too prematurely.

Is 78 cpl too low for IC with experience? - Posted By: NM

just wondering?

TransTech health insurance - Posted By: Looking

Does anyone have info on family plan health insurance at TT.  I have heard they have a few to choose from.  I don't want to spend my time going through the whole testing process if all the options are outrageously expensive.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!

DEMOGRAPHICS - Posted By: GrapeNut

Do any of you remember the days when the sup or clerk would edit the Lanier dictation as the dictation came in, listen, edit and then you received it?  

A question for all of you...... - Posted By: Mommyof2

Hey Everyone:

I was just wondering how many of you MTs out there work with little ones at home and if so, do you feel that you manage?  Just curious and a new topic to discuss.

Have a great day!

RE: Gourdpainter and TT lawsuit,...sm - Posted By: Carol B

Do you think you could go to work at ANY company and continually bash them, either online or to other employees and NOT get fired or sued.  There is such a thing as libel and defamation, and that has nothing to do with Freedom of Speech.  I have gone through the archives and am shocked at the things people say on here about the companies they STILL WORK FOR.  I cannot imagine going to work for a company and to continuously badmouth them and to be able to keep my job!!!  Someone else said on here in another post I read about not having to use your real name or be accountable for what you write on here and that is only to true, which is why I use my name!!!  I have nothing to hide.  If what you say is true, then you should be able to show your identity!  You cannot knowingly lie or defame a company  ANYWHERE, especially where it could potentially poison the pool of current or potential employees.  If you are SOOO unhappy with the way things are where you work QUIT!!!!  I have been through the ups and downs on work flow with Transtech too, but my intelligence tells me this happens everywhere!  There was no change in payroll company since I have been here, almost a year, or if there was I had NO PROBLEMS and did not even notice.  I had no rush to get my paperwork in or mistakes in my paycheck and whomever implied those things about TransTech's questionable payroll practices, deserves to be sued.  You cannot say those kind of things about a company, especially  when to my knowledge they are UNTRUE.  That is defamation of character and NOT Freedom of Speech.  They are owned by a parent company and THAT company does our payroll NOT TRansTEch themselves.  Everyone really needs to do their homework on this sort of thing.  This is EXACTLY what people get sued over and as well they should!!!  There is a difference in stating you were unhappy, or if you did not get paid on time or not at all, but to continue to work somewhere, and then get on here and CONTINUOUSLY bash them, is just plain WRONG!!  There are plenty more companies out there... find another one to work for if you are that unhappy!!. Again, I am NOT management and I have had problems that I needed to work out with them, but that is exactly what I did WORKED IT OUT WITH THEM!  This is a company just as if you were working in an office, and there is protocol when working in a business environment that many of you just do not get!  For those of you that do, this is obviously not meant for you!!!   For those this does not pertain to, I know you will not be offended by this.  If you are offended by this, this is obviously meant for you.  Have a great day!

Ready to quit Spheris - Posted By: mom2huskies

I have had it with Spheris. So, I am now looking for another company. With the lack of benefits and reduction in pay I can no longer work there. I will be looking for something better. At this point, I do not know how much more of this I can take.

Question 4 Acusis/DRC MTs: Where's EAB? sm - Posted By: catshoes

I'm stunned and disappointed with this morning's email. :-((

What's up with middle management?

And who's next?

Data Entry Specialist job listing? - Posted By: Curious about this

Does anyone know anything about the data entry specialist job listing on the job board?  Is this one of those scam or is it a real job?  I applied for it, but have not heard anything yet.  Has anyone here heard anything about it? 


I know this question is asked a million times but who is good to work for - Posted By: c my message

anymore?  I have 13 years experience and I work at a hospital part time but I know I can make more on production plus I need the flexibility because I have osteo in my back and other health problems that require me to kind of break it up if you know what I mean.  I'd only like to work 4 to 6 hours a day, make a decent line rate, and have flexibility of having a span of time within which to get my lines done.  I don't need benefits but do not like IC status; I prefer statutory.  Any ideas?

Anyone have info on working for Archivus? Thanks! - Posted By: nm


Softscript (sm) - Posted By: Still looking

Does anyone here know if SoftScript will work with satellite or ISDN, and if there is anyone there I can contact to ask. Tried their website but it seems like they want MTs to apply online before contacting them any other way. There's no point in wasting time and effort if my Internet is imcompatible with their system, IMHO, and as so many companies are not compatible with my Internet connection, I'm hesitant to apply. Some information about them would be very much appreciated.

How does ExText compare with DocQscribe?sm - Posted By: me2

I have used DocQScribe for the last six years...how will I like ExText? I liked DQS and haven't seen anything yet to beat it as for ease of use.

Any info about p.r.n. Transcription? Nothing in the archives. Thanks. :) nm - Posted By: looking

To the "laidoff" employees - Posted By: A Californian

Disclaimer:  I'm NOT an attorney; therefore, cannot give any legal advice.  Please Google for the statute and CFR provided below, and protect yourselves.

Looks like quite a few MTs in this industry have been laid off by their respective employers without a notice, in some cases over the e-mail, and effective immediately.  It is my understanding that the MTs are entitled to a 60-day notice of the layoff under the Federal WARN Act, and if the employer did not comply with Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) (29 USC 2101 et seq. ; 20 CFR Part 639), then the MTs can recover the damages as allowed under the Federal laws and regulations. 

Once again, I'm NOT an attorney; therefore, cannot give any legal advice.  Please google for the statute and CFR provided below, and protect yourselves.

Good luck!



All Type - Posted By: Backwoods typist

I am wondering, what is All Type's reputation as a company.  I went on and looked at thier Better Business Bureau rating and it was not very good.  I was wondering about anybody else's experience with them? 

Fair? Just curious, why does all the work in a pool go to - Posted By: susan

the same people and some don't get anything except what they can scrap up? Just curious about this

Does anyone know how long Focus - Posted By: sd

Infomatics takes to get back to you once you complete their online application and testing?