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website with list of offshoring sm - Posted By: MT30+

companies.  I found this website that lists companies who offshore.  I am sure this is not a complete list but it is a place to start.  Please BOYCOTT these companies.



Any info on Savant Transcription? - Posted By: sze


D&L Typing Service - Posted By: Curious MT

It seems like every time (prior to the most recent fun going on there) when someone spoke of the BAD THINGS there, there ws that one MT that knew it all and said how great it was, and even called out one poster saying she knew why and when she was let go. I recall someone tried to call them out as a manager, seems like it must be true. No one has anything nice to say now. Did she not get paid too, is that why she is so quiet now?

I think if you get a check and it bounces you need to press charges. I guarantee you if D&L is paid by a bad check they would raise the roof. Unfortunately, the roof is pretty much falling in on them now. Not so many more stories can be told by them - they are running out of excuses.

I hope the Transcriptionist keep up the good fight and get what is theirs, and of course - I hope any company that would do this to others gets what they deserve as well.

I turned down a job with Amphion a few months ago - Posted By: because someone said they outsource but sm

I see they advertise jobs here, and many people have positive things to say about them.  Now I wonder if I should have taken that job.  Can anyone tell me for sure whether they outsource or not?  I'd like to go back and give them a try if they don't since I was offered the job at the time, but I don't know if they would offer me a job again.  Thanks. 

Employee status companies? - Posted By: JanM

I was wondering if anyone out there would know of any companies that have employee status.

My husband and I are so close to being able to get approved for a home loan but the bank can't count my earnings until I have worked 3 years IC status with tax returns to prove it and I am only at 2 years but we are forced to move out within the next 2 months as our landlord is selling the house we are renting.

But if I can get employee status where my taxes are taken out for me (if MT companies even do that for work-at-home people), I only have to work 30 days and then we can qualify for a decent loan.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks for reading my story.

Info MTA out of Orlando? - Posted By: MBMT

L.D from Medical Transcription Associates has an ad. I believe this is a fairly new company? Anything about them?

QA point of view - Posted By: I am QA

Giving feedback slows me down a lot.  I try to give feedback to help but people take it as criticism.  I get paid by the line, not by the feedback.  It would be fine by me to give no feedback.  Right now I have an MT who can't do basic 6th grade punctuations and writes me long emails in response to every bit of feedback.  The work is so easy and she can't seem to get it.  I get the MTs making the same mistakes over and over again.  You shouldn't take QA personally.  It's an awfully hard job.

Can your report a recruiter? - Posted By: Sadmt

I was offered 7.5 cpl from a recruiter.  If you look a little further down the page you can figure out which company this is.  I told the recruiter I had 3 years of experience and was an Andrews school graduate and could not accept 7.5 cpl.  The recruiter emailed me back the following response:


Wow with only 3 years experience you are making .09 cpl?  That is great.  If you want to produce your last two pay stubs and if you can achieve our line requirement and accuracy we can match your .09 cpl.    You would still have to start out at the rate I quoted you and achieve these requirements within 90 days.

I faxed my last 3 check stubs to the recruiter to prove and call her bluff and she now tells me she cannot offer me the job at 9 cpl.  She now has my check stubs and I want to report her.

Thanks for any help,


ExecuScribe vs TransTech - Posted By: Sandy

I am currently working for ExecuScribe, but have been offered a job with TransTech.  I'm not sure what to do.  One main factor is the Execuscribe has no pain leave whereas Transtech does.  Anyone have any ideas? 

Can someone explain the "paid per hour" shifts sm - Posted By: hmmm

at Transcend?  Would like a little insight before applying.  TIA

Hourly Positions paying $12-$15/hr are: Full-time 3rd shift Acute Care MTs and Full-time 3rd shift Medical Text Editors for a voice recognition platform (100% text editing)

IC and benefits - Posted By: SGSer

I saw a post on this board a while back from somewhat who works for Superior Global Solutions as an IC AND is able to get benefits.  I really would like to talk to that person, but I cannot find the post.  Is there anyone else out there who works for SGS as an IC?  I work as an employee and get benefits but would like to know if I read that right about being an IC and getting benefits.  Thanks so much. 

Any suggestions??? - Posted By: mtx9

I'm looking for just a part-time IC position, but am not sure who to apply with.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. 

Is anyone working on DQS for 2 different companies and how does this work out for you. nm - Posted By: Maria


Talk about wanting the best of both worlds! - Posted By: mtmtmtmtmt

The job ad for the IC paying 7 cpl, and you MUST work these certain days and hours, NO EXCEPTIONS!  Huh?  She needs to change her ad to employee status!  I don't get it!

Any information about Acusis - Posted By: Daisy, Daisy


Need advice on changing jobs too! - Posted By: mtmtm

I've been working for this company since November and have not gotten up to speed yet to meet 1200 lpd.  Normally, when I start a new job it only takes a week if that to be meeting production.  The software ExText, I was already familiar with.  However, I was placed on an Hem/Onc Childrens Hospital account, the terminology of which I am not experienced.  The benefits for this company are good, i.e. health, PTO, and such, but it pays only 8.5 cpl.  In discussing my dilema with them, they have offered to place me on a regular acute care hospital account, M-F day shift.  However, I have been offered an IC position for 10 cpl with another company.  What would you guys do.  I do need the health ins from the employee position.

TTS, Inc - New Hampshire - any recent opinions appreciated, not much in archives. Thanks nm - Posted By: Dru


Anyone gotten their W2 from Precyse yet? (I know - Posted By: they have until the 31st). Ex-Precyser. nm


TransMed Medical - Posted By: sm

Has anyone heard of this company?  Any good/bad info appreciated!!!  Thanks!

Work PT for a company and noticed something odd. When I work the day shift I get (sm) - Posted By: Curious

actually fairly good dictators, a couple of toughies, but no more than one would expect.  When I do the late afternoon/early evening shift it is like night and day.  I get some really crummy dictators and tons of problem/miscoded reports.  

They have said that there is no cherry picking able to be done with this program so I just have to wonder if the crappy dictators can't get to the dictate stations until after 4 p.m. or what?

Nuff said, back to work.  Thanks for letting me air it out.

Confusion..TT/exText???sm - Posted By: me2

Now it seems there are a lot of good postings regarding TT..but what is this about the deduction for headers/footers? Is that a TT thing. I have applied to TT (not heard back yet) but I have never seen a co. deduct for head/footers....this seems quite unreasonable...it should either be included in the count or not...now I'm scared. Please clear this up if you can.

Transolutions latest? - Posted By: Inquirer

Are there happy campers at Transolutions? 

TT only acute care work? - Posted By: sm

I am looking for clinic work only and from posts am unable to tell if they have only hospital transcription.  I am burning out on testing with companies only to find out they have no clinic work.  Any information would be appreciated.  Many thanks! 

Has anyone heard of Accustat Carolinas? - Posted By: MTG

I did a search and couldn't find anything.  I think they're a new company.  I went to their website and couldn't find a complete snail mail address--that made me nervous.

Thanks for any help.

Is WEBMEDX's health insurance affordable? - Posted By: no name

Can anyone tell me more about their benefits, including the health insurance?  Thanks so much.

need to make some $$$-sm - Posted By: keystrokes...Plenty of work???

Thinking about accepting a position, but the last job I took I had to quit within 3 weeks because they overhired for accounts, and I had no work, so I had to slink back to my former company.  Now I am scared to leave my current company (MQ), but don't really want to stay either. 

Pay by dictated minute. - Posted By: Just wondering.

What is a reasonable pay for dictated minute?  What is reasonable to expect to be transcribed minutes of dictation in 8-hour shift?  Anyone know?

Be careful when responding to posts for ICs....sm - Posted By: Beware

on the Job Seeker's board.  The one for St. Clair us offering $0.07 a line for experienced transcriptionists which equates to a little more than $0.05 a line when you consider self-employment taxes etc. that you have to pay which adds up to about 20% of your pay.  This company, as most do, say they have the best transcriptionists.  This is impossible to believe at that very low rate.

Those of you w/ Keystrokes, what LD do you have? I think my unlimited LD actually might have a limit - Posted By: - checking on it now. nm


?MT companies - Posted By: dar

Has anyone ever checked their line counts via other programs or do you just accept what the companies tell you.  I have found a huge discrepancy against my word count and what the company claims is my line count and it is significantly lower of course.  What programs are good? 

Transtech speech - Posted By: TTer2

I asked this the other day, but never got any response, so I will try again.  I would ask on the other board for TT people, but nobody ever seems to go there.  For those of you who started speech a few weeks ago, is you line count getting any higher?  I am getting so frustrated.  I am just now barely doing what I was doing straight typing (meaning the same line count for about half the pay).  I don't see how I will ever get fast enough to equal what I was making straight typing.  It may be time to look for another job, but I think they are all doing VR anyway.  It is just so unfair to the MTs, basically just a huge paycut.

Do any of you have experience with... - Posted By: MT in MT

A company called Smartmed?  After my pay being cut nearly in half with this new "wonderful" ASR , I need to look elsewhere.  I see a gazillion different companies out there and would like to make sure I don't go from bad to worse! 



Bringing up my question on ProScript below - Posted By: sm

Didn't get any answers, so don't know if that's good or bad, maybe they're just a pretty small company and don't have many people working?  Anyone know anything about them recently?  Trying to update my notes for companies that may be interesting to check on.  Thanks!

Do not waste your time testing until u know the pay rates. - Posted By: sm

I have been applying and testing for companies and am just appalled at the incredibly low rates that are being offered. Please don't waste your time like I did until you know the pay range.

When you ask for the pay range, some of them will simply ignore the request for info. Pathetic.

Just to get an indication of production on VR, (sm) - Posted By: PLEASE be honest.

Please state your average production on VR, your average production on straight typing, and the platforms used for both.  Companies too, if you wish to share.  You don't have to give your line compensation rate (unless you want to).  I'd rather compare the production on different platforms.

I haven't started VR and there are so many different variables.  I'm really curious if I stand a chance or not since I can type about 200 lines per hour straight typing. 

Anyone work for or have info on.... - Posted By: Carla

Digital Transcription Services, Precise Transcription, SuperScript Transcription.

Good companies to work for?  Do they pay on time?  Have enough work?  Just looking for info. 



Breitner/ Editscript - Posted By: sm

Anyone currently work for Breitner on Editscript? If so, can you comment on the pay and earnings potential? Any CURRENT info is greatly appreciated.

Will Shorthand 9.02 work with Editscript?sm - Posted By: expander question

I read where ShortHand 8 will, but not sure about 9.2.  Instant Text sure doesn't. 

Transform Transcription - Posted By: curious

Want to know if anyone has had experience with this company and what they are like to work for. Thanks for any info you can provide.

SPI/CyMed W2s - Posted By: Jo

Has anyone who works for SPI/CyMed received their W2s yet? Just curious because I am still waiting for mine.

Archivus questions - Posted By: MTMAMA

I was wondering how often Archivus pays and if they have Direct Deposit.  I have been contacted by Archivus and am being considered for a position but was looking for a quick answer to these questions.


TransTech and Keystrokes insurance - Posted By: sm

Can anyone tell me who carries the major medical with these companies?  Thinking of applying with both companies but want to know who they have their major medical with before I apply.  TIA

what companies use? - Posted By: wamt

what companies use word perfect?

What companies offer FLEXIBLE schedules for - Posted By: Meghan

full time employees?  I am willing to work the hours required for full time status, but I am in college too and I have to have the flexibility - my schedule changes every semester.  Can anybody point me to ANY good companies who let you work whenever you want as long as you get your hours in?  And I am not interested in IC - only working as an employee.  Thanks!

Escribe/Compuscribe - Posted By: robyn

looking for ANY info on this company...thanks!

Insurance claims - Posted By: Wondering in NJ

Did anybody else receive their check from Medscribe NJ for the insurance claim typing yet?

Searched archives and cannot find info on MedScript Services, Inc. and Inscribe software...sm - Posted By: Curious MT

They are also on the web as MedScript Services, Inc. I think that they're based in Naples, Florida. I also believe that they use a platform called INSCRIBE. Any comments on the software or company?

Futurestep a Korn/ Ferry Company - Posted By: karen

I recently received an email from a person who is a recruitor for a company called Futurestep a Korn/Ferry Company.  Has anyone ever heard of them?  Appreciate any info.

Meditech anyone? - Posted By: misswebster

I am looking for a company that uses Meditech.  I very much prefer this particular platform.  Would appreciate any info you might be able to offer.  Thanks.

MQ Test - Posted By: Sweet Pea

How long does it take MedQuist to get back to applicants once they have completed the test??  It has been a week for me now and have heard nothing.  Is that good or bad????  TIA