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Does Transcend offer health insurance? - Posted By: Thank you.


PTN Medical Transcription - Posted By: CMTx15

out of Philly?  I kind of got the uh-oh feeling from talking to them.  Anyone have any input?? Thanks in advance.

Had an interesting e-mail come through yesterday (sm) - Posted By: Introvert

from a company calling themselves Transcription Services, LLC from Laurinburg, NC.  Made an appt to talk with them today, but they didn't call between noon and 3 pm.  Does anyone have experience with them?  I tried a search and got way too many unrelated hits.  Left e-mail address for discretion.  Thanks if you can help. 

Wonder how many MT companies are in India now? - Posted By: Another company named Trans Tech

see link for one with the name of Trans Tech


Is there any 1 year or so newbies out there? - Posted By: tm

The reason I ask is because I am just graduating and am looking for people who have recent feedback on companies to work for. Who is good with newbies, as far as QA help, answering questions, being patient while you are learning everything, etc? Some of these platforms can be confusing?!  And then the account specifics, please tell me it gets easier!!?? Also, do you know which ones give you specific accounts to work on, at least until you get a little experience under your belt? Thanks for any info!

Reporting messages. (SM) - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

Please do not report messages to be removed simply because you disagree with them.  This is a public forum.  Anyone can post here.  If you disagree with a post, simply look past it.  When you post here, everyone is entitled to reply to your entry.

Now, if a post violates posting policy, that is completely different and we want to edit or delete those. 

However, you should focus on obtaining the information/discussions you want from the forum and ignore those who disagree with you.

If you want or need to discuss a situation you are encountering, please e-mail me and we will see what we can do to resolve the situation.

IMPORTANT:  If you make a post and want to retract it, please do not use the moderating form to report the message -- instead, e-mail me.  I must be able to verify that you posted the original message before removing it if it is not violating posting guidelines.

If anyone has any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

Thank you,


I am an independent and I cannot get client to pay - Posted By: TJ

Anybody have any options for me how to go about getting paid?

I want to get opinions about this testing process I'm in the midst of... - Posted By: SM

it feels like I'm doing work for the company for free.  Two weeks ago, I submitted an online application and downloaded a test file for this company.  I completed the test file and sent it via email along with my resume as instructed on the website.  I then received an email asking me if I was still interested in the position to which I replied yes.  I then received another email stating they were sending some attachments, a punctuation and grammar test and basic medical terminology test.  I was told to complete those tests and email them back.  I was also asked at that time to fill out a 5 page job application for the company which I did and forwarded all back the same day.

I then received an email two days later telling me I was now ready to begin the second phase of the hiring process and that they would forward me a confidentiality agreement to sign before I could continue testing.  I then received an email instructing me to download FTP software from the website and install it and then wait for the next phase.  I did as instructed the same day and emailed as instructed.

Finally, using the FTP software they sent me several folders with the last phase of the test.  The last phase turned out to be 16 voice files which seemed to be full clinic days of 8 pt. a piece for two different doctors along with pt. appt lists, etc. I felt as though I was actually doing work for free for this company.  If I had to estimate, I would say they are probably going to get about 700 to 1000 lines of free transcription from me if I were to go ahead and finish this test.

I have NEVER in my 16 years of being an MT and working for national companies encountered a test like this.  The most that I have transcribed for testing purposes were four reports totalling no more than 500 lines if that.  Quite frankly, I'm ready to say forget it!  At this point, they have said very little about the job, the pay or company.  There has been no phone interview. 

So what do ya'll think?



Sten-Tel...any QAs here work there? If so, how is it? I'd be happy to hear from ya:D nm - Posted By: SeekingQA


MTS OF TEXS - Posted By: need info


Does Spheris require a phone line? sm - Posted By: lookin 01

I'm thinking about going there, but why bother applying and testing if I have to use a C-phone.   I do internet work only.   Any other Spheris info good or bad anyone could share is appreciated.   Thanks.

Med-Scribe FL - Anyone with current info? - Posted By: Looking

Hi, Could anyone provide any updated information regarding Med-Scribe FL? I am interested in the radiology position they currently have.

Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Svcs? - Posted By: ALWAYS LOOKING, again

Which is the one that everyone is always saying is so good to work for?  Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Services out of Iowa?  Thanks for any clarity you can provide!!!!

Thinking about going back in-house - Posted By: darwin

We are moving to a new town, and two of the hospitals there have job postings for transcriptionists. I'm trying to decide what to do. I know it would be easier to sit down and do the work without the distractions of home, but I would also lose the flexibility.

Has anyone else out there ever gone back to the hospital medical records department? and what was that like for you?

silent type - Posted By: typingmom

Does anyone here work for Silent Type - I need info on the company.  Just offered a job with them and I would like to talk to a fellow transcriber.  I know I have to go to NJ to train.  Any help would be appreciated.

Medware - Posted By: Evelyn R.

Does anyone know what Medware is paying these days? They seem to have a lot of ads for help in transcription and for the Dictaphone platform.

Medgarde -- anyone take test? (sm) - Posted By: Yuki

If the sound quality on the test is anything like their work, I can't see how anyone can do the work productively.  Tried 3 different wav players and spent waaaaaay too much time on three dictations of less than 2 minutes.  Left a blank on one and have been kicking self since I figured it out.  Guess I won't be hearing from them.

Zylomed - Posted By: sewingfool

Zylomed sent me their foot pedal and I have been on the phone for training - always with a problem that arises.  I have literally sat in front of my computer screen for 3 hours this afternoon waiting to hear from an IT person so that I can get on with my training.  Has anyone else had this experience?  Anyone know anything about this company.  I passed their test - which is why I got a call in the first place.  I was told that they had no idea when someone would contact me - maybe again on Monday - yikes!!!!!  Should I run now or later?

Dictaphone EX Text users. I have a question I need help with on Technical Board.. Thanks - Posted By: Curious


sm-Radiology wannabe - Posted By: Lee

Years ago, I did radiology in-house.  I took some time off from transcription and when I returned, I worked from home.  The companies I've chosen to work for do not do radiology work.  I know that the field has expanded a great deal from what it used to be but I'd like to break back into it--I miss it so much.  Is it possible to do that?  I'm a hard worker, rarely complain and love the attention to detail my profession requires.  What do you think?  Can I make a come back in radiology?  If so, any suggestions where I should start?  Thanks in advance for your help and my thoughts and prayers to Heartlanders:)

Why is it that OSI's line count requirements - Posted By: are 5000 weekly? sm

Doesn't seem to be right.  That's only 1000 lines per day. Most places are 1100 and up. 

Wanted to bring this to the top--UE - Posted By: Mtmt

I was reading a post on another page where somebody mentioned being eligible to apply for benefits if your hours are cut, etc.  Does anybody know if it's possible to be eligible for UE if your hours aren't formally cut by your company but your work is low where you can't get your scheduled 40 hours in on a consistent basis?

should this transcender take a job with amphion?? - Posted By: slightly less pay. dont wanna switch AGAIN

what to do????

Softscript...Pros, Cons??SM - Posted By: curiousMT

Any information would be appreciated.

Keystrokes. Is this the Keystrokes - Posted By: bmt

in Yorkville Illinois or Bolingbrook Ilinois? I think there is also another Keystrokes in New York.  I know there have been a lot of posts about Keystrokes and was wondering which one everyone is talking about.

Just bringing up from below - Posted By: annuder old MT

Many years ago, when I worked in house for a local clinic, we had a Transcriptionist who had just graduated from a medical transcription course (I believe it was through the local community college since this was back in the early 1990s), and everytime this gal came across something she didn't know, she would ask the other transcriptionist or I how to spell it.  I truly think sometimes one of the BIGGEST problems is the fact that nowadays, people are not taught the proper way to spell or even how to research for that matter; for example not realizing that a spelling with an f sound could be spelled with a ph or Pf et cetra.

One classic example was a few years ago, and I was doing QA for a company and this company hired a friend of mine an older lady, who had decided to go into medical transcription and had completed a course.  Well, the company hired her on my recommendation and she called me one day, very upset and saying that she had received another email from a QA person, whom she felt was picking on her.  I asked her what the error was about and she stated that it was over the word chem as in chem-7 (which as an aside, I have NEVER abbreviated; always spelled it out as chemistry-7)  -- well anyway, my friend had typed it as Kem-7, so while I was on the phone with her I made her do a search, and what she came upon with the first hit was some rock band in a foreign country!!!!  This, is what I and older, more experienced transcriptionists get angry about is the fact that many people if they use the internet to do a search will use the first thing that comes to mind, rather than tryng to spell it several different ways to see if it fits in the PROPER context.  Sorry for this being too long.

Spheris-Has - Posted By: Angela

anyone here worked for them? Are they a good company to work for? Platform good or bad? Any idea on the pay? Any info will be appreciated.

W2 -- Anyone know who I can get in touch with to obtain my W2 from SPi? Here it is almost ...sm - Posted By: Help plz

the end of February and I have yet to receive one. I have all I need to file taxes except this one and the on from Focus. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

Precyse Solutions - Posted By: Reliable

Precyse Solutions is a multi-international company that offshores its work to Bombay, rather Mumbai. It has offices set up in Mumbai. Just say NO to any company that outsources to another country, because in the long run it will be the demise of our careers in transcription. We can clearly see the results now with the CPLs we are being paid. Why would these offshoring companies continue to pay us a living wage, when they can practically get it for free in another country. We need to send them a message. Our President needs to send them a message by hitting these companies in the pockets and making them pay for the damage they have caused to this career and our country.

Power to the American Transcription Community - Long live American Transcription in the US of A!

WE'RE IN THE MONEY!!! - Posted By: TF

I saw on another post where a Filipino Company is offering a whopping 4-7 cpl for IC work.  Don't they know we are paying our own way here, taxes and everything?  I tested with a company yesterday that had over 100 applications for a job posting.   Easy test but "get in line folks"!

Anyone ever heard of Stat Trans in San Jose, Ca?? sm - Posted By: Ad on another site

They have a few MT positions advertised on another site. Wondering if anyone has experience with them, good or bad, pay rate/dir. dep./on time, etc. I'd like to apply but can't find any info on them specifically, just other companies with stat in their name. Seems to be a popular one! Thx

Has anyone going from MQ to KS (see message) - Posted By: mt

Anyone with MQ Docuscribe platform able to copy expansions/normals into PC Shorthand?  (I know nothing about computers and wouldn't even know where to start, or if you have to just start over from the beginning and input all new).


Thank you very much!

Anyone working for Breitner ? - Posted By: shannon long

Any idea what is going on with the Workers Comp Insurance issue all of a sudden?  In my state, it is not required to carry WC ins on yourself if you are an IC and have no employees, which I don't, so Im totally confused.  any help or insight?

Transcend, MQ and other companies using voice recognition thoughts .....sm - Posted By: Information lady

It amazes me that I'm seeing so much negativity on the board here regarding the new speech recognition programs out there  and the companies using them - and yet I see posts that in the companies using these systems most of the accounts have not been switched to these formats for editing. It appears to me that many of you are fearing the changes and fussing without actually working with the systems to see what it can (and can't) do for you and your productivity.

I've been in this industry since the 70s and remember when carbon paper was replaced with copiers.  Yup, some MTs (back then called "typists") thought they'd be replaced by a copier because they would no longer be typing say a Social Security  Disability Physical 3 times to give all of the copies necessary .... and yet they weren't replaced.

Next computers came out.  "The sky is falling and we'll be replaced by machines" was feared by many.... yet the field is still growing in jobs available.

Some of you old timers may remember programs like Foxx and other word processing programs out there way before WordPerfect was even dreamed of... and when you began typing with those programs you feared your job would be replaced.  Nope, still working all of these years later.

Then came along WordPerfect, followed by Word and now other programs that are better and help you be more productive - without taking away your job.

Face the facts, folks.   Technology is changing and with the government mandate that all medical records be on an electronic format within a few years hospitals have to try to find ways to cut costs to be able to afford this.... and speech recognition is the way to get this achieved.   Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance reimbursements continue to decrease to hospitals so they have to cut costs where-ever they can.   In the 1990s when I worked for a cardiovascular surgery group they would be reimbursed approximately $7000 for a triple bypass, and now they're lucky to get $1800... and yet the cost of running a surgical practice has gone up.   

There are now even robots to assist surgeons instead of nurses but yet a surgical RN is still in the operating room, because there are times the robot isn't going to be able to do what is needed for the surgeon.  Are surgical nurses screaming that the sky is falling and they'll be replaced?  I'm sure that some are - but others are realizing that they still have plenty of job opportunities still in the operating room because the computer will be helping them, not replacing them. 

The goal of speech recognition programs is to help you do your job quicker and more effectively, not replace you.  Think about that dictator from heck who talks 100 words per nannosecond while eating - the one you think nasty thoughts about the second you see his/her name pop up onto the screen.  I've seen some of these same speech recognition systems produce a darned good draft - and I was able to edit this report much faster than I could have even typed the motor mouth one time, much less go back through 3 times to fill in my own blanks, because the system helped me out on deciphering the jibbery-goo. 

The bottom line is this:  You shouldn't knock such systems until you try them.   I've got MT friends who thought they would hate editing and actually love it once they got used to it. 

With these systems infiltrating the market you can try to run and hide from them, but eventually they'll find you (just like the copiers, computers and various software programs have).   Another positive is that by companies using these programs that ARE helping keep your job here in the US.   The foreign-based MTs have a much harder time editing reports because they're not familiar enough with the language to easily spot the errors the system makes that the veteran MT would spot quickly.

We'd all love to go back to the days of getting paid 15 cpl for a gross line of work but if you ask around, in the industry the average company now collects 12-14 cpl, 65 character line, for transcription and much less than that for edited reports.  Therefore the high salaries are gone and it's all due to competition.  Back when the going rates charged to hospitals was 22-25 cpl for a gross line the higher line rates were abound, but that has all changed not only in this industry but others.  For example, look at the airlines - used to be that if you flew from New York to San Francisco Angeles it would cost you around $700 and now you can book it for around $260.  That's what competition has done to that industry.  I'm sure that none of you will call Delta and insist that you pay $700 for that flight just to help save the jobs of their employees who are looking at the strong possibility of that airline bankrupting on them. 

Therefore I encourage everyone to try new things before you knock them - you just might even like the new things on the market even better, and you'll find your hands and wrists suffer less wear and tear. 



Anyone working for Transform, how's their health ins? - Posted By: SM

What is the employee's cost for single and/or family coverage? TIA

Anyone know about TSSC?? - Posted By: kuma

Does anyone have any experience with TSSC???

Daily Work and TAT sm - Posted By: sm

I just started a new IC position last Monday.  I had one day with some work last week (due to holiday) and yesterday there was nothing and today a 2 minute job.  The company says they do not know when or who will dump the jobs.  The TAT is 24 hours and work could be dumped any time of day.  I report for work at about 7 a.m.  Do you just sit around all day waiting for work?  Should there be a cut-off time when it's too late to start?  We do have lives too.  What would you do?  No other job expects you to wait around without being paid.  I must be thick or something.  Thanks for the input.

Anyone know of companies that - Posted By: lb

still pay MTs by the page instead of cpl?

Doesn't Diskriter require criminal background check? - Posted By: nm


RI Unlimited - Posted By: Looking

Any info on this company, the good, bad or ugly? Tried to do a search but didn't find anything. Thanks

KS Vacation question (sm) - Posted By: mt

How does KS calculate your vacation time?  If you had 1 quarter in the year that did not meet the 12,000 lines, does that mean you get no vacation at all for that year?  In other words, If every month has 12,000 lines per pay period, except 1 or 2, no vacation at all for that year? 

Diskriter - Posted By: Richelle

Looking for any CURRENT info. on diskriter.  The majority of the posts on here are from 2005.  Thank you in advance!

? for Transcenders - Posted By: Curious

Do you work VR or strictly transcription? If you work in VR, do you find it easy to make the same amount you once did when you were transcribing? Do you like working in VR? Thanks for answering!

Hey Guys. I need a replacement MT for a solo doctor that I work for. SM - Posted By: No Name

You work at home through your own computer.  You actually sign into his computer to work.  He will set you up with this.  It is a very easy program that he uses.  Then you send everything to your computer to print out and mail out.  He reimburses for stamps.  He pays by the hour.  15 an hour to start and then 16 an hour.  I was up to 16 dollars an hour the first week.

He is very repetitive.  If you have any questions or are stumped on anything, just email him and he emails you right back.

Always on time with the checks.

He is very busy though.  He just opened a new practice.  The workload is 10-15 hours a week but will be increasing as his practice picks up.  He is a spine doctor.  He really needs someone who is good at learning new programs and can basically jump in there with not a whole lot of training. 

If you are interested, please check out the ad on the job seeker's board, listed under Private Doctor.

Thanks guys.

TRANSCEND - Posted By: jpf

I have had a job offer from Transcend.. Anyone have any info on this company, good or bad.  Seems like an okay company.  Thanks in advance.. Feel free to email me.

Companies with ER? - Posted By: Penn.

Hello, wondering if anyone knows of any companies that offer ER as a primary worktype (or specialize in this)?  Would prefer a Vista-compatible platform and have done ASR.  

Thanks,  P.

Breitner - Posted By: QuestioningMT

Anyone out there working for Breitner?

Anybody else at Webmedx going nuts from technical hassles? - Posted By: I just wanta type!

I know better than to post this on their internal message board, as anything that is not 100% happy gets deleted.

This is the 2nd week in a row of technical issues on the client's end vs issues on our end, with the MTs caught in the middle, having to twiddle their thumbs during their scheduled shift, then give up their scheduled days off and work like mad playing catchup.  I guess I just want to vent and commiserate.  Anybody else in my boat?

MDI work - Posted By: Pollyanna

Anyone out there out of work lately on MDI?  What's up with this?

Which companies still use C-phones? - Posted By: Neick