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Any companies pay weekly? - Posted By: Looking

I would prefer weekly pay.

The Dobbs Lists: Exporting America - link inside - Posted By: nm


Medquist Vs. Spheris - Posted By: kyradmt

OK, for all you out in cyberspace who have worked at one or both companies (or just know a lot about them) here is my question: Which is the better company to work for, MedQuist or Spheris?

Curious in KY...

work - Posted By: Rach

Is Medquest a good company to work for?


Latest info on Terra Nova? TIA...nm - Posted By: I need the 411, please


Keystrokes - Posted By: MemphisMT

1.  What is the URL for this company?
2.  What is the current line rate for 10+ years of acute care experience, if known?
3.  Do they accept part time or just full time?
4.  How is the work accessed? (i.e. C-phone, Lanier, *wav file)

Can you reply via email, as I may have more questions.

anything about JLG - Posted By: bspen

If anyone has any info, please let me know.

Scan Medical or Scan transcription - Posted By: frustrated

Anyone with info on them, any info I can get before I start working for them as far as work, pay on time, etc.?


AEGIS/People Support - Posted By: wandering

Any recent info re: AEGIS/People Support out of Burbank?  How is their platform, lots of ESL's, pay on time, etc???  Info. I found was over a year old.  Thanks in advance.... wandering...

Focus Employee Question - Posted By: Shelly

I am waiting for my first check from Focus Infomatics. I signed up for direct deposit but it wasn't deposited. Do you remember if your first check was a regular check? I asked my managers but they have yet to respond. Thanks!

Sign on bonuses - do most companies pay these out pretty well or (sm) - Posted By: sm

do you find you have to call and keep bugging them to get it paid out? 

I only transcribe about 800-900 lines/day. - Posted By: do you think any "good" company would want m

As you can see, I'm not fast but my quality is fine. 

Any thoughts?

Can you guys believe this!!! - Posted By: Notstupid

I am sick and tired of taking these so-called top notch transcription tests with the most difficult grammar questions, BOS-style like questions, abbreviations, what is a plural,etc, and only having an hour to complete the test.  I just recently jumped through hoops for a compnay I shall not name.   The VP told me I had exactly one hour to complete the all most impossible task.   Well, I passed her fricking test.  Then, she told me to gear up I had exactly until the end of the day to complete her 4 wave files.  I completed them.  After all this, she had the nerve to offer me a full-time IC position at 7 cpl.  The wave files I heard require more than 7 cpl and why on god's green earth would I take an IC job doing acute care for 7cpl, I would be losing money.  Then, she had the nerve to set a schedule for me Monday-Friday starting from 9 am to 5 pm.  No thank you.  I will keep right on looking.  I do not need this stress.  I am going in-house.  I simply outdone. 

Thanks for letting me vent.

Acusis? Imput please. - Posted By: jaimierj

I'd like to hear about Acusis.  What is their standard pay rate?  Are you micromanaged?  Enough work?  Overall?



Any info about Back Suite Corp? nm - Posted By: GA MT


Precyse info. Only found 2004.. - Posted By: sm

2005 on Search.  Any latest info on pay, platform, benefits, etc.?  Sounds like they offer a lot.  Good/bad appreciated as always.  THANKS!  

Four Seasons Transcription and Robin Hall...a tale of deception and duplicity. sm - Posted By: BrokeMT

I went to work for this company in November. I was assigned two large hospital accounts in Canada. After a few months, she lost one of them. She had to let go all of the MTs and editors she had hired to work on that account but asked me to stay because she said I was her best Editor and highest producer. I did. Everything rocked along for a few months without a hitch. Then my paycheck starting arriving late, at first a week, maybe 10 days late. But I was cool with that and didn't complain. Then one paycheck was weeks late. I contacted Robin and she told me that my bank was rejecting my direct deposit because my account had been closed. So I argued with the bank back and forth for weeks. They maintained that no deposits had been attempted. By then I was 2-3 paychecks behind. She continued to insist my bank was rejecting the direct deposits. I asked her for proof from her payroll company (rejection notices) but of course they never materialized. By August 1st, she still owed me 4 paychecks and I told her I could no longer donate my time and services to her cause. Throughout this time, she steadfastly stuck to her story that the hospital had not paid her, ergo she could not pay me. I've been in contact with a few of her current employees and know she's paying them (though late). As far as I'm concerned, this woman is nothing but a common thief. She stole my time, my experience, my talent, and my trust. I'm posting this because I'd like to save some other trusting soul from this same fate. I have no idea how this woman can lay her head on a pillow every night and actually go to sleep. A pox on her!!!

Does anyone know of Medtrans Unlimited out of Austin, TX, offers direct deposit? - Posted By: ssez


?? on Transolutions - time off w/o pay - Posted By: MaryL

I am checking into Transolutions, but want to know if they will give you time off without pay, for, let's say, a vacation that is already paid for?   Do they have IC status? Is platform easy enough to make over 150+ lph?  ANY and ALL information would be helpful.  THANKS

Opti-Script? - Posted By: Angie

Has anyone ever heard of or worked with Opti-Script before? I received an email from a recruiter responding to my MTStars Resume that I had posted. The email reads: We provide a complete computer system at no cost to you.  We work with the Dictaphone ExText system.  Our pay is based on experience with differentials paid for 2nd and 3rd shift and weekends.  We also offer a CMT differential.

I appreciate your advice..


USAMedTran Good or Bad....feeling lost - Posted By: LostMT

I need some information on this company.  I need to know if it is worth my time to apply with them.  I passed their test a few months ago and was offered a position with them.  I had already accepted a position with Amphion and so I turned it down.  I am now wondering if I made a mistake.  Amphion is turning out to be not what I thought it would be.  The workload has gone from overflowing to next to nothing.  Now I am getting emails about my production not being met.  Well when my primary account runs out of work in 4 hours and my secondary usually has next to nothing how am I suppose to make production?  Also I think the pay is really low.  I am frustrated and don't know where to go from here.

A duh question about - Posted By: unlimited long distance

I have a chance to interview for a great company but they require unlimited long distance. We are out in the boonies and have only a small independent telephone company which doesn't offer it. I have been googling this and it looks like I could get an adapter and pay a monthly fee. Could someone recommend a good company for this - I have heard mixed reviews about Vonage - or tell me the pros and cons about it.


DIT Transcription - Posted By: Angie

Has anyone ever heard of/worked for DIT Transcription out of Fort Mill, SC?

I am think about becoming an IC MT with them.




Peachtree Transcription, LLD - anybody know of this company? - Posted By: ceci

They are in Atlanta.  Say they pay by the Minute.  Not sure what that means.

Any help would be appreciated. 

Is PT offered at Health Information Partners? Thanks. nm - Posted By: PTMT


job - Posted By: Reb

anyone work for DTS America

Know anything about LS Services a sibsidiary - Posted By: of iMedX ? - nm


Any info on SBR out of Florida? - Posted By: looking


Any good companies that use Chart Script? sm - Posted By: curious

Are there any good companies out there that use Chart Script?   I am most familiar with CS but I have also worked on ExText and found it user-friendly as well.  Thanks. 

Who works for Precyse Solutions? Need your opinions - Posted By: manny

of this company. Pluses and minuses, including steady work, health benefits, etc. TIA


How long did you wait for training at Transcend? - Posted By: Wondering

Just wondering what the typical time frame is from install to training?

Anyone know of a company that is hiring per diem or very flexible IC - Posted By: LK

I am looking for very flexible work.  I've got 13 years experience in acute care and I need work that is very flexible, about 20 hours a week.  Does anyone know of an individual or company that has any work like this?    Thanks!

fast chart - Posted By: curious

Can anyone tell me how long it takes, on the average, to start making 9cpl with Fast Chart? I just received their pay scale chart and it seems like one has to do an anwful lot of typing just to get up to 9 cpl. Is their platform user-friendly? Thanks for any info you can give me.

Any info on Medware...thinking of applying..nm - Posted By: IrishMom


Does anyone have UPDATED info on AccuStat Carolinas? TIA - Posted By: jessie

Archives only go back as September 2005, I believe.  Thanks

Frustrated IC - Posted By: Frustrated IC

I just have a question for the other ICs out there.  Isn't one of the advantages of being an IC that you do not have to be tied to shift work.  I ask this because I have been looking for a part-time job to supplement my current one that has gotten slow because they lost one of the doctors in the practice and all of the ones that I see posted for IC work mention the shifts that are available.  For a variety of reasons, I cannot be on the computer at the same time every day or even the same hours week after week, but I have never failed to get my 24-TAT accomplished.  I am just frustrated and was wondering if someone changed the rules in the middle of the game and forgot to send us all a memo... 

pmt-inc in WA or LTS??? - Posted By: deciding

I'm trying to find out which one people like better.  I'm interested in both but can't find any newer info on these companies.  Any info would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!

eTrans Question - Posted By: JLF

How is the sound quality for eTrans?  I took the test last night and sound was very scratchy, static, muffled.  Is the normal dictation like this or is it just the test?  Also, anyone know what their line rate is?

Webmedx - information - Posted By: MT

Does ShortHand Expander work with Webmedx software?  Can you use the internet while using their software?  Thanks for any responses. 

Being asked to work all your days off? - Posted By: Wonderer

First let me state for those who will say get out of the business if you don't like it, I am NOT complaining. I am posing a question to my fellow MTs to see if they are asked the same thing, and how they react. Here's the scenario, no to very little work during the week and then you are asked to work the weekend. This is not your only account and you already work 6 days a week as it is. Do you work your only day off? Of course there are no incentives or OT offered. I don't want to seem like an uncooperative employee but dang, I need at least ONE day off!!

Peachtree transcription - Posted By: Babe

Anyone know anything about Peachtree Transcription out of Georgia?


Any Cardioscribes MTs know - Posted By: who to contact for questions? (sm)

I had sent all my paperwork to the recruiter and I've been trying to email her but am getting no replies.  I started a little before the pay period ended and I'm trying to find out when pay day actually is.   Is there a HR dept?  I only have IM addresses of people I ask to send my MT jobs.  Also, how do you contact QA people?  Is there an acct list with contacts on it?

Any companies with - Posted By: wondering!

straight editing?  I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel and have been told to slow it down and try to just edit however the company I work for expects me to travel to their office to be trained on voice rec when everyone else was trained over the phone!  I don't get paid for mileage, gas and for not typing!  Are they out of their minds?

TAIB - Posted By: Laura

Does anyone know anything about this account? Thinking about applying with them. All responses will be greatly appreciated.

Open message to team leaders/supervisors: sm - Posted By: SO OVER THIS

When there is ZERO WORK available for us, and it is less than a month before Christmas and our paychecks are hundreds of dollars lower than they used to be, please don't email your team to tell us there's no work and then close it with HAPPY HUMP DAY!

YOU may be paid on salary and don't notice the slump, but it's KILLING us! Happy Hump Day is completely inappropriate!

Getting frustrated w/Transcend - Posted By: TW

I've been working there for about six months now and due to lack of consistent work I haven't been able to meet my quota of 12,000 lines. Now granted there are times that it's my fault, albeit uncontrolled circumstances like tech problems and such but there's just no excuse for going days without adequate work. I'm going on five days with no work! It's true. I was promised a $1000 sign on bonus and was told that unless I can meet my line count this pay period (ending tomorrow) I won't get it, well guess what, I've got a total of about 1900 lines for this week alone, which gives you can idea of how much my pay is going to suck immensely, PLUS I had to work all night long doing some of that, or I wouldn't even have that. Now they're offering me an option to work on another account but using their BeyondTxt platform and I don't know anything about it except for what I've read here on these boards and none of it sounds good. I've hung in as long as I can afford to but I guess I'll have to find another company. Why put me on an account in the first place when they clearly didn't need a full-time MT? Now I've spent six months learning these doctors and will have to start all over with new ones most likely.

Why can't it just be frickin easy !

Words R Us - Posted By: Sarah

Does anybody have info on Words R Us out of Illinois?  Do they pay on time; how is their QA; voice quality of their files? 

anybody work for DIGITRANINC? I need advice! - Posted By: robin

I just started working for this company and cannot got the FTP info up and running correctly.  The instructions I have gotten from the owner are extremely ambiguous and her emails are very short.  I spent 20 minutes transcribing, but over 20 hours trying to get the correct file setup!  Some of the instruction information seems to be a little outdated as well. If there is anyone out there with friendly and patient help, I'll be indebted to you!


TCI, Ohio...Please stay away from this company - Posted By: fellowmt

The pay is horrible. The owner degrades you on a daily basis and they promise you tons of work and then CUT you when times get slow. Please from one fellow MT to another...don't waste your time! You deserve much better!