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This is For Nervous MT2, please read - Posted By: Megan

I feel so badly for you, after reading your horrible experiences with testing. I know as I have been there recently, too. Even with 25 years' experience, I was turned down twice. However, if you want to work as an IC, there is a company who seems to be very fair about things. They are Freedom Type. I tested for them and unfortunately, the sound quality for the dictation was not the best. Instead of dismissing me for the errors, they offered me a second chance, making sure that this time I got a report that was perfectly dictated, but full of good terms (to test your knowledge as a MT and not your interpreting ability, which will get better as you learn any new account). I passed it with flying colors and was offered a job immediately. However, I had to turn it down because I need employee status and did not realize that this was an IC position.
If you are interested, just go in and type in Freedom Type in your search and it should bring up the home page. Then you can take the online vocabulary test and submit it. If they like the looks of that, someone will contact you and set you up for the dictation test. It is a voice file but I just downloaded Express Scribe and it worked fine. They even helped me with that part of it. Like I said, they seem really nice and its a shame I could not go with them. Perhaps you can consider this. Hope this helps. Hang in there and the best of luck!

DIT Transcription - Posted By: Angie

Has anyone ever heard of/worked for DIT Transcription out of Fort Mill, SC?

I am think about becoming an IC MT with them.




Dictation Service Group questions - Posted By: Just askin

I have been offered a position but don't want to go from one fryin pan to another.  Does anyone know if they are decent people to deal with?  Do they have a good flow of work and a decent platform? 

FMLA for the birth of a child - Posted By: kennamt

I work for Spheris and am questioning their FMLA policy. They are telling me that while I'm eligible for UP TO 12 weeks of FMLA, they are only approving 6 weeks after the birth of my child. According to what I read and understand about FMLA, for the birth of a child you are entitled to the full 12 weeks but HR is telling me that it's up to them to decide what I am able to take off and right now they feel I only need 6 weeks unless they have a doctor's note to extend it (which my doctor will not provide as there is no medical reason at this time). Everyone else I know gets the full 12 weeks and has never had a problem with their employers so I'm wondering who is right.

assigned work - Posted By: frustrated

Any MTs out there been asked to do overtime on a specific account and told this was mandatory and then when the time came to do that account were given something else entirely?  How frustrating is that especially on a Friday afternoon when you would rather not be working anyway!  It is also bad enough that the account they do give you has the worst audio in the world and keeps breaking up. AHHH!!!  Sorry, had to vent.  I have pretty much had it!

Diskriter - Posted By: minime

Any one out there work for diskriter, how are they to work for?

alex-med, inc - Posted By: denise

Hi, I was wondering how many MTs sent a resume to Alex-Med, Inc. and who had gotten a response?  Thanks 

Anyone has recent experience with Med-Scribe out of FL that could share, good, bad, or indifferent?? - Posted By: Seeking information

Thanks. I want to make an informed decision if I proceed with them. As everyone, you get tired of wasting your time on companies that are not worth it so I'm doing a little research on this one. Can anyone help??

They're kidding, right??? - Posted By: Had ENOUGH

They want us to return our paperwork to Manpower in person? The nearest office is almost an hour away. Thankfully I've found another job that isn't a sweatshop tand can start Monday for more money with much nicer management. I'm also glad I found this forum so I know I'm not alone in my angst about MQ lol.

Ex-MQers now with TT - Posted By: tigger

Has anyone been able to transfer your expansions from  DocQScribe to ExText???

Anyone else feel like DRC is going down hill? - Posted By: anon

Why is there barely any work for all accounts?  The holiday has long since been over.  I think that maybe things are starting to go down hill.  Too funny that this happens as we come around the bend to the end of the first 90 days.  I have a very hard time believing that a holiday we had last week is still affecting us already 1-1/2 weeks later.   I know on the account I work on, an e-mail was sent out saying there several overly motivated MTs and telling the other MTs who have a problem finding work to try to get in most of their lines during the first week to avoid problems getting lines.  Who says things like this to employees???  Obviously people are having a hard time, thus that e-mail being sent out as a reply.  I cannot believe that they even put another post out on MTJobs hiring.  How can they hire when their current MTs do not have work?  I also wonder if these overly motivated MTs are MTs in India?  There are a lot of companies who say they do not outsource to India to their customer's faces and then turn around behind their back and do just that.

Keystrokes - Posted By: MT

Does anyone work for Keystrokes?  How is the company?  Does the ER account have a lot of ESL doctors?  I accepted a position with them and wanted to hear how they are.  Thanks!

Oracle? - Posted By: Would anyone happen to know what type of

platform they use?  I am also wondering if anyone works for them part-time just doing clinic or is it a mix of acute care and clinic?  Thanks so much in advance.

Does anyone work for MRC? If - Posted By: mrc maybe?

so are you happy? Any other answers would be much appreciated. You know the drill. Thanks!

all OSI info is old in archives. Anything recent good/bad? - Posted By: A

mostly -- are the lines an absolute bear to get; i.e., will I have to work 12 hours a day to get 1000 lines?  Or do they seem fairly fair won?



Loyalty to Companies Who Have No Work and Expect a Schedule from YOU - Posted By: MT

There have been many discussions about MT's sitting around waiting for work to file into their queues.. many being told to get more than a few accounts and work on their backups (which, we all know, is someone's primary account)  when their primary is out of work.. so we go 'round in circles. 

Then we have discussions about companies putting us in work pools as opposed to assigning us work daily...

I have been sitting here thinking, if I were a painter, wanted to paint fences, and I showed up with my brush and paint bright and early in the morning, and was told to come back tomorrow, the fence has already been painted, but there will be another fence ready to paint tomorrow, please come back, we want you to paint our fences.. I say, OK, I understand, and so I come back tomorrow and when I get there I see that half of the fence has been painted already, someone came before me and painted it, even though I was promised the work of painting the fence.  They say, try again tomorrow.  How many days would you show up to paint a fence? Every day? Don't you (eventually) feel like an idiot standing there with your brush and paint with nothing to do??

Does the company owe you any loyalty at all??  If they don't want your services, why don't they just say so instead of keeping you coming back ready to paint every day?  Then when it DOES get busy, they call and say WHERE IS EVERYBODY??? DONT YOU CARE ABOUT PAINTING THE FENCE?  Like we havent been standing there with our brushes all week waiting to paint.

What I don't understand is the lack of shame from the people who behave this way.   Once in a while things happen..NOT AS A MATTER OF BUSINESS. 

I really don't understand the logic of the people who have no problem with this.  You do understand that by doing this, you are simply helping these companies to continue in this fashion, not feeling that they owe you ANYTHING.

Overhiring is really the finaly insult.  If you don't see that.. you are closing your eyes.

I did a search first. Does anyone know about - Posted By: TranscriptsUSA? TIA!

Thank you!

Transform MT - Posted By: adoglover

 Anybody know anything about this company?  Got a job offer from them and would like to hear good and bad.

Title: TRANSCEND QA Position - Posted By: anon

Can anyone tell me what the QA staff (team) is like at Transcend?
Iím thinking about applying for a position but want to know what the quotas
for QA are, and approximately how much of the total volume is ESL? The
good, bad and the ugly are all welcome!


any new info - Posted By: ortho mt

Any new info out there on DocuMed.  I saw they have an ortho position open.  Info on how the work is, staff, pay works, etc.  TIA

Zylomed? - Posted By: Sunny

Does anyone currently work for Zylomed out of Florida?  I'd love any info you could offer.  Type of platform, cpl, benefits, etc.  Thanks.

bringing MTSO question below - Posted By: Hhilda

Sugestion - when MTs complain their account is too hard. Instead of giving them something easier and pushing hard work on more experience Mts, assign the complainer exclusively to hard account until they are competent. Only way to be fair to distribute. Everyplace I work the complainers get the easy accounts.


Need info on WinScribe platform software - Posted By: amj

Does anyone use the WinScribe platform software for any company and if so, is it any good, etc.? amj

I was a KS IC for 4 yrs as were 100's of others - Posted By: mt2

Employee status didn't start until 2 years after I left.  ICs worked set scheduled hours 40 hrs week, used company equipment, followed detailed instructions to carry out the job.  The IRS is involved again.

The moderator has disabled replies on the first post below.  Interesting.

Does anyone know the pay range for MxSecure? Thx. nm - Posted By: Wondering


Softscript platform - Posted By: nan kessler

Can anyone tell me what platform they use (I know it is word-based) and how productive it is?  Would appreciate any input--like how many screens do you have to deal with for ADT info--and can you use Instant Text with it?

Anyone out of work - MDI-FLORIDA - Posted By: Pollyanna

I can't get any work and management won't even answer emails!  Anyone else in this boat?

Any comments about MDI-MD? - Posted By: sm

How is BayScribe? Do they offer clinic and radiology or just acute care? TIA

ATSI - NEED INFO....please? - Posted By: Perty please?

Just would like to know how they are to work for concerning pay/perks and flexibility.  You can e-mail me if you would rather.  TIA

Deventure: Are you required to do weekends - Posted By: sm

and holidays? Thinking of applying but want to get as much info as possible before I do.

Who is hiring part-time for ER, ortho, clinic dictation? sm - Posted By: 14+ year MT

I have over 14 years experience. I love doing orthopedics, ER notes, and clinic dictation.  Does anyone know of a company who is currently hiring for PT work right now?  I am looking for a company that you don't have to spend weeks and weeks filling out paperwork, calling back and forth, waiting, waiting and waiting to begin work.  I am very dependable, hard-working.  Looking for someone that can respect that in this day and time.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

need info on editing position - Posted By: nn

Does anyone know of any companies hiring for QA/editing position that pays hourly? Thanks very much.


Looking at applying at Precyse.  Anyone work for them presently or in the past?  Any thoughts on them?   Thanks !!

Companies with Escription? - Posted By: meddie

Can any of you suggest companies that use the eScription platform?  I work for a company currently who uses editscript and i love it.  Another company i work for uses beyondtxt which i hate.  i am thinking of looking for another company who uses escription to replace the beyondtxt company.  any suggestions?

Anyone with information on Nicholas Transcription in NH? Thank you! (NM) - Posted By: looking


Diskritter... - Posted By: Stacy Lawrence

What about Diskritter...anyone know?  I see it looks like they might have what I am looking for as far as computer included, PTO, STD, but what about pay and benefits?  Anyone...this is so difficult...just want to make the right decision...

benefits - Posted By: wannabe

any company out there with decent benefits with decent deductibles and rates? 

Meditech - Posted By: help please?

Will anyone having typed on Meditech system please tell me what it's like?  Is it user friendly?  Thank you very much.

Transtech just may be sending some of our work to that other MTSO again, and maybe - Posted By: Outsourcing our work to another service

that small MTSO that they sometimes use to help them out offshores and that is why we MT's at Transtech suddenly have an abundance of work this week -- asking for extra help this week -- quite a new thing with TT.  With the India cables being cut, putting those India MT's out of work, it makes me wonder if that service that TT sometimes uses to do our work maybe offshores.

Just thinking.  Keep those India cables DOWN/CUT !!!!!  We U.S. MT's need the work kept here in the U.S.

On The Mark - Posted By: kitty

Does anyone have any experience with this company I have heard many things. Some people say pay is not regular, but you always get paid. Others tell me  they have had to wait 3 months or more to get their pay.
I would appreciate any feedback.

Did MDI and Transend merge? - Posted By: mt'er. sm

Is that the MDI in Florida or Maryland?  Wondering.

a rose by any other name would smell as sweet - Posted By: steady eddie

And an MT is now a *clerk,* according to the posting on the job board.  I'd like to apply for Head Cluck when it becomes available.  Then you've got your Lead Cluck, and your Editor Cluck, QA Cluck, Cluck Manager, VP of Cluckdom, Supercluck, CEC and CFC (Chief Executive Cluck, and Chief Financial Cluck) and we all work for Clucks-R-Us. 

SmartDoc Medical Transcription? - Posted By: KLC

Has anybody heard of SmartDoc Medical Transcription?  Good company?  Fair, decent pay, radiology work?

HELP!! Started VR yesterday after 30 years of straight typing - Posted By: mt

How in the world do you guys make any money.  I am thinking of calling company up and telling them no thanks.  I trained for 2 hours then was let go to work another two.  Did 350 lines at 4.5 cpl.  What are the keys to making money with VR. I am using Dictaphone Express Editor.

I've heard mixed things about MediTech platform...can anyone weight in on (sm) - Posted By: Too Old MQer

its pros and cons? I'm going to be learning it in my new job soon. I couldn't find much in the archives that is very recent. Thanks.

OSI Part-time schedule - Posted By: JLO

Can anyone tell me if OSi part-timers are on a set schedule or if there is flexibility allowed? Thank you.

Person who is no longer with Tidewater/Imedx - Posted By: mtmt

What happened to this person who was a higher-up with Tidewater before it was purchased by Imedx? She is all of a sudden gone. Anyone know the story?

HELP - Posted By: need info.

Has anyone heard of a company called MT(medtrans) Solutions out of Virginia. Any and all info. would be greatly appreciated!

Ex-Webbers - Question - Posted By: NON-NATIONAL

I will be turning in my resignation soon to WebMedx and I have a question for anyone who has been there.  When you turn in your resignation and get set up to send your equipment back, is it a simple process?  They do not hold your final paycheck or anything like that, do they?  Will they allow you to work out a two week notice? 


They are a good company as far as nationals go, but thank goodness there is still a hospital here that recognizes the importance of having the same people doing their work consistently.  I have been blessed.

Training pay??? - Posted By: anon

Any  suggestions on companies who pay an hourly rate for decent period of training?  Any info would be appreciated.