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MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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A paycheck - Posted By: Monica Lewsky

I thought I wanted a career in medical transcription... now it turns out I just wanted a paycheck. 

Anyone with any info on STP Medical Data Services? TIA. nm - Posted By: searching


Dr. joining an internet company - Posted By: LM

Anyone out there that can figure this out?  I work for a local physician who has decided to go with the Interest because supposedly it's cheaper.  They state they will charge 7 cpl 65 character.  How can a company charge that little and still pay the MT.  Will the MT make 2 or 3 cpl and who would do that??  Any comments?

anyone ever work for oracle? - Posted By: DM

comments welcome

Now that the dust has settled about Proveros.....sm - Posted By: ImaReck

can someone give some details about the company, especially platform used, ESL ratio, lines required per pay period, and pay period intervals (bimonthly, weekly, etc.)? Thanks for all info!

Need some advice... - Posted By: when put on a new account

Hi everyone,

I just need some advice here. When put on a new account is it common to make stupid mistakes while getting used to how a doctor dictates? Does QA to some degree expect that these little mistakes are going to be made when starting out on a new account?

I was recently added to a new account and I am not making many mistakes, but the VERY FEW I have made make me want to kick myself--HARD. They aren't big mistakes..just something that when I see corrected I say WHAT WAS I THINKING ...(though, it did make sense to me when proofing at the time)...  basically the hear one word and it turns out to be another scenario, regular English words, not medical...the ones that make you feel  


Don't get me wrong, my QA is wonderful and doesn't try to make me feel belittled because of that or anything. She is excellent. I just really beat myself up over things like this.   I certainly don't want to look sloppy!!

Is this the norm for everyone just starting out on a new account?

Thanks for listening and for any words of wisdom.


thought I would just bring this to the top! - Posted By: 50mt

I don't know who posted this, but I wholeheartedly AGREE!  Tell you one thing, if MY employer ever thinks of short-changing me for my work, they will be in trouble with my bank.

(I think the time has come for these companies to be named. I know there are more than one but seems to me that we owe it to each other to name the companies who do not pay on time or who get the pay wrong each and every pay day. We work for a living and we do it to get paid. Even if we just put the first initial of the company, that is fair warning for others who are looking to make a change to be aware that certain companies are dangerous as far as their paying practices.

Recently I was talking to an
MT who worked for one of these companies and said to me that she hated to quit because the pay was so good. That is just wrong. What pay is so good if you have to pay bank fees and overdraft charges because the money is not there. Something is wrong with that statement and wrong with that picture.

If there are any owners who are reading this that make the practice of paying late or wrong then read away. If you are doing this you don't know how to manage the company anyhow and it is my guess your days are numbered as a business but if you think we are going to sit down and take this treatment any longer without reporting to the proper authorities then you are sadly mistaken. You can throw posts in the faces of the posters all you want but when someone does not get paid for their work ON TIME, they have every right to demand that they be paid). 

Fast Transcription - Posted By: wileo

Does anybody have any info. on Fast Transcription in Illinois?  Good or bad?  Thanks!

Deventure questions - Posted By: Patricia

How is Deventure to work for?  Pros and cons, please.  Also, I think I read somewhere that you have to have Word 2003 for their SHINE platform, is that correct?  Thanks for your help.

Typed in the USA - Posted By: McFingersc

To be honest, I was not 100% serious when I posted about starting up Typed in the USA.  But the response from people is so unbelievable that I am starting to.  I'm trying to write back to everyone who wrote to me. 

Do you think the trend might be starting to reverse from the cheap foreign services?  The doctors are realizing that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Duh!  And many transcription companies (not all because there are terrific companies too) are losing good employees who want to be paid fairly and treated well. 

Look at all the sign on bonuses being offered in the Want Ads and the same companies posting over and over.  There must be something wrong if you are willing to pay so much for new hires.  I have never run a company so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but I would try giving that sign on bonus to the good employees you already have to make sure they stay and produce.  Then maybe you have to hire less trainers, managers and overworked QA people because your employees stay longer and are motivated. You therefore have less overhead.  Hiring more people at lower salary to save money might be a kind of trick that companies play for their stockholders or whatever.  They can say look how little we spend on payroll while they are actually losing money in the long haul when quality goes down and they lose clients. But eventually the piper has to be paid.

Anybody see the movie Wall Street with MIchael Douglas?  That movie is SOOOOOOO right about what is going on today.  CEOs, instead of investing in their communities, became vultures.  They would destroy a company to make money for a few backers and then the workers and community would be left to die.

Sorry to get a soapbox here!  I'm transcribing orthopedics and my mind is wandering!



OSI - Posted By: hlr_mt

Hello all.  I was wondering if anyone had information or advice about working with this company.  Good or bad.  Thanks.  Have a good day!

D&L - Posted By: clk

Anyboy ever have a problem with this company?

Question about Keystrokes scribe platform - Posted By: delores

Is it transcription friendly and productive i.e. ease of getting lines, etc.


Any info on SmartMed? - Posted By: MSMT


Trans Tech is hiring for Radiology - Posted By: anyone know for sure if they actually have work -s

What system they use and is it production friendly? TIA

appreciate any help - Posted By: feedback

The company who I am forced to be full time or 40 hours per week will be starting January 1.  I need or want a back up or second account because I love to work and 40 hours is not gonna do it for me.  I need some feedback on the companies.  I have been with the same for 20+ years now and have no idea what to expect.  I know none are perfect, but I do want to have work, and get paid on time! Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


Preferred Transcriptions in MI? - Posted By: Curious

Anyone work for this company?  I looked in the archives but couldn't find anything. Thanks!

Keystrokes - when they say full-time- sm - Posted By: Susan

Can someone tell me what their full-time entails?  They say they are flexible with hours but you must hit 1200 lines?  Does that mean you must work 8 hours or are you done when you hit the 1200 lines?  Do you have to let them know what hours you will be working?

Looking for info on National Transcription Service. I went - Posted By: info please

back in the archives 3 months and only find 1 post.  Looking for info on platform and pay range, do they have lots of ESL, the usual stuff. 

MD-IT hiring - looks like a really cool company to work for... any advice/information? - Posted By: MT6pack

I sure would love to know more about the company - a search of this forum turned up zilch.  I was with Medquist for 8 years, and the company I went to did not deliver on the acute care account I was hired for..... 

Keystrokes Question! Flexible Hours? - Posted By: Or Strict Shift?

I am making a long-overdue career move, and KS is one of my top 3 choices. Just wondering, though - flexible hours? Or strict shift? I am really wanting my freedom back, and this is my #1 consideration right now. Thought I'd ask really quickly on here rather than waste my time and the company's time by applying first, etc. Thanks for any info!

Who does have work these days? - Posted By: Help

I am having elective surgery in August and desperately need a part time job to help with my deductible.  Please tell me who is hiring for part time?

Phoenix Medcom - Posted By: Sally

Does anyone know what their cpl rate is?  Is there enough work?  Good or bad to work for?  Thanks

Not to open a can of worms, but is Meditrans of Norcross, GA an Indian company? nm - Posted By: annymoe


Just a thought about VR... (sm) - Posted By: luv2type

I have seen where MTs want to go out and get their own accounts, well what about offering VR for a client with the editing, etc.  There are sites that offer the equipment, for example transcriptiongear.  Of course you would charge enough to cover your editing fees (your pay) and probably even get them to purchase the equipment.  I wonder if an independent could really do this just like the nationals do and write off their expenses, etc.  Sort of like the old saying if you can't beat em', join em' .  I was just pondering this last night for a few minutes.  Then I get up and read my horoscope on my internet home page and it reads:

A business or philanthropic opportunity arises when you share a special interest with a diverse crowd. They admire your commitment to the cause, and you appreciate how enthusiastic they are about your ideas.

Is that not just too coincidental?  I am not making this up.  Thanks for listening.

Have been offered EXTREMELY good position with All Type Inc.....sm - Posted By: lilsoxxer

I unfortunately need to look for a new company, due to the fact that my MTSO has lost accounts and mine is one of them....I really love working with her.  Anyway, looking elsewhere, All Type seems really wonderful, super-nice recruiter, IC status, flex schedule, very good cpl rate, choice of work-types, etc.  Is this too good to be true, does anyone have experience here....cannot find much in search.  TIA!!!

Any current info on Diskriter? - Posted By: Inquiring mind

I'm looking on info regarding platform, pay, cost of benefits, and if I can use my mobile broadband laptop card to access their system. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Transcribing litigation part-time, looking for prn medical transcription with work available at 6:30 a.m. Eastern time.

Any decent companies hiring? - Posted By: PoorMT

Does anyone know of a good MT company that is hiring?  Here is what I am looking for...

Flexible schedule

Taxes taken out

Differential if shift work is required

Software that allows decent line counts



echo transcription in georgia - Posted By: nannette kessler

Anyone had any experience with this company?  Would like some feedback, as recently applied for a part-time employee status job there

OSI or Diskriter? - Posted By: NotHappy MT

I am at my wits end trying to find a company that fit. I have offers from OSi and Diskriter. I already took the physical, background check, etc for Diskriter. I really want to make an informed decision. A friend of mine worked for OSI, and she constantly complained of no work and computer problems due to their software.  I do not have much information on Diskriter, except information regarding FBI check.  Thanks for all and any opinions.



NetScript - Posted By: Sarah

Has anyone run into this company; they are located in Arkansas?  They say you are an IC and then they treat you like a statutory employee, naming your hours, giving you your equipment, signing a noncompete clause, constant phone calls back and forth, etc.  They are bad news!  Stay as far away as you can.

Fast Chart - Posted By: flyaway

I asked about any info on Fast Chart.  I do not know why my message was deleted.

how can I get in touch with MDI Maryland. thx - Posted By: thank you


I wish I was a fat, lazy, cherry-pickin' - Posted By: sick and tired

MT who could work when I wanted, do the exact opposite as my company says to do and still keep my job! I am so sick of working with MTs like this. I work my hind of to get my report count for the day, usually having to jump between 4 accounts to get the minimum! Then I work with this girl who gets away with murder and the company does nothing about it! Why are the worst MTs the ones who get all the glory and get to keep their jobs to boot? I'm sick of it. This field is such a joke!

does Transolutions allow word expanders and if so,sm.. - Posted By: oppseeker

which one..SmartType?

FOR HIGHER WAGES WRITE YOUR LEGISLATORS! - Posted By: To get wages headed in the right direction...

We have to take our cause to the national level. Below is the link for all the legislators' email addresses, and don't forget to send one to the Commander in Chief! Look what he has done already for us little people (the homeless lady in Florida he helped find a home)! Even send one to the First Lady, it'd be a great cause for her to get behind, since the real backbone of this industry is us women.


Tell them we need their help in ensuring that we keep our jobs HERE, in the USA. Also, you'd think HIPAA would totally frown on sending our work out. Point out all the information that gets bounced around in other countries by outsourcing overseas...I wouldn't want MY info going over there, would you?...would they?

The way this will help all OF us MTs, and this is the ONLY way to help, as it will put the work back in the hands of us capable US MTs, here in the US. When that happens, we will demand the wages we deserve and NOT wages from the 80's and 90's! At that point, once the demand goes up for our services because they HAVE to use us, we have to get tough, band together and demand what we're worth.

If we spent as much time (myself included) griping to the people that can actually make this happen as we do posting on here, we'd REALLY get the ball rolling. How 'bout it? Instead of replying to MY post, email the Powers that Be!!!! javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');

MDI has a position I applied for. What can you tell me? - Posted By: Gimme da dirt

Does MDI carry heavy ESL?  Are they management heavy?  Are some MTs ecstatically happy while others consider putting their heads in the over (unfair distribution of work)?

Hate to take a job I will end up quitting in three months.  This is PT so I want to enjoy it along with my somewhat difficult FT job.

Mucho gracias!!!

FutureNet/MQ connection? - Posted By: NN

I know this has been brought up many times, but on the MQ web site there is a question to Frank that states which programs you call which office for and guess what -- FutureNet was mentioned as one of their platforms. 

I always felt they were connected, I knew Carole fromYOG used to have something to do with Futurenet and then she sold to MQ so......




Seascript - Any info at all? TIA - Posted By: Maz

Trying to find any information on this company, but I have never heard of it before.  Does anyone out there have any info on this company?  I would appreciate any help you could offer.  Tx. 

Q.E.D. Transcription, Inc. - Posted By: Stargazer

Has anybody had any experience with Q.E.D.?  If so, would you mind sharing your opinions?  Thanks!

Voice System, LLC - Cindy Adams - Posted By: MTseje

Anyone familiar with this company and person?  I can not find a web site.  I was trying to do a little research on my own but coming up empty.  Thanks.

Does anyone have XP installed on their Vista computer? - Posted By: me

I'm reading that it can be done from CD, which I have.  If so, any trouble? TIA!!

Anyone know of any companies that will accept satellite AND Vista Home? - Posted By: just looking for PT MT work

Just looking for something part-time to supplement my full-time MT position.  Work running low consistently.

Anyone else at TT out of work? - Posted By: sm

I have 4 accounts and they are all dry.

How is JLG - Posted By: FLMT

Anyone working for JLG, please give thoughts.  How is pay, what platform, flexible?

start-up costs for equipment - Posted By: Nat

What are the start-up costs (ballpark) for newly hired home transcribers?

Need advice - Posted By: Rho

Can anyone tell me anything about Phoenix MedCom?  I have a choice between them and a local physician's office with an hourly pay of $14/hour.  Please tell good and bad, consistent work flow, easy platform, if its hard to get time off when needed. Also have always been an employee, so any tax info about ICs would be greatly appreciated as well.  Please email ASAP.  Thanks. 

How do you quit gracefully? - Posted By: Quitter with grace

 I would like to quit my current position. I do not want to leave a bad impression, but I have to move on to a job that might be a better fit for me.  Being a newbie, I know feel that nationals are not for me.  I prefer to work for a small MTSO.  How do I give notice without sounding bitter, bad, or just dumb. I just really don't like it. I just don't want anything bad to go into my file.



Question about Transtech - Posted By: Wondering

The last time I almost applied with them I saw there were a lot of complaints here about them running out of work because of a hiring spree.  Is that still the case?  TIA