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So, if a company paid by VBC (sm) - Posted By: math deficient

(visible black character) at a 55-character line, would the pretty much equal out to a 65-character line with spaces?

Answer-Med - Posted By: RadMT

Avoid this company like the plague!! Vindictive supervisor that keeps pets and tells lies/changes rules to suit herself.  Management charges for tech support even.

could not find anything in archives regarding "All Type". Anyone have info on..... - Posted By: wondering

Do they only hire employees, or IC's also:  What platform do they use:  Are they a good company to work for?

Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

psych transcriptionist info-sm - Posted By: psychmt

Does anyone know of companies hiring psych or mental health MTs?

Ever hear of TransAm? - Posted By: Sherri

I am just starting out in the MT field and am thinking of working for this company - TransAm.  Their website is transamassociates.com

Has anyone heard of them or have any feedback?

Thanks in advance

SPi/BPO (Cymed) - Posted By: Ancient MT

Big national conference this week in Nashville.   Wonder if all of us will get copies of minutes, summaries of panel discussions, etc.   Can't wait to find out.  I know no "insiders" well enough to get any hints or ideas on what it's really about.  Maybe it's just eat, drink, be merry, and try to recruit new accounts and definitely try to keep old ones.  Anybody heard anything interesting? Thanks. 

new company - Posted By: concerned

Has anyone heard of a new company called Full Circle transcription in Acworth with Donna Heusner.  Wondering if this is the same Donna that worked with Debbie Garrison at eTranz in Georgia.  (Ad is on another site)???

CareTech Solutions - Posted By: Kim

I have recently come across the company CareTech Solutions (friend of a friend works there) and I was curious as to any input anybody had on the company.  I'm especially interested in line rate, if they provide a computer, and what kind of contact/feedback they have with their MTs.

Thank you!

is it true that ADHI is credentialling - Posted By: Aubrey Lanes

overseas transcriptionists in places like India.  I read this somewhere, but I cannot find where I read it.  Thanks.

Any info on p.r.n. medical transcription? - Posted By: ?????


Twelve-hour window companies (sm) - Posted By: starting to look (again)

I know this has probably been asked before, but I'd like to know of some companies alow 8 hours of work within a 10- to 12-hour window?  I don't mind punching in and out, I just can't sit for 8 hours nonstop and produce like I need to.  I know other factors are important, but I think that's where I'm going to start this time.   BTW, no need to offer up MQ.  I work for them PT, just need a good FT right now.  Thanks!

So administrator..is OSi done for here now?? - Posted By: (nm)


Accupro--Seeking opinions - Posted By: Lillybelle

The response time has been slow so far.  I received testing materials directly from the recruiter via email 2 weeks after submitting my resume.  I returned the tests within 24 hours and waited another 2 weeks for a response.  I inquired via email and it took another week for her to respond.  I'm wondering if all this improves upon employment.  What are they like to work for?  Platform?  Communication?  Benefits?  Do they respond to employee questions in a timely manner?

TIA for answering.

Didn't Spheris buy a co called Acusis? Now I see - Posted By: ad for Acusis. Someone please explain this.


Transform in Wyoming? - Posted By: MTinTX

Does anybody have any current info about this company?  I did a search and found stuff from 2004.  I would like to know how they are to work for?


Transcend - kill us with kindness while we starve to death. - Posted By: same old routine

Suddenly getting chatty e-mails and calls from my supervisor who never had the time of day for me before.  Of course the work has disappeared before I can get off the phone or get through the ridiculous e-mail updates about the weather, the kids, the in-laws, but nothing of substance and no helpful information is ever sent.  Guess they want us to say kind things about how nice they were after we are forced to quit and get different jobs.   This is one strange company. 

Amphion - Posted By: mtmtmtmt

I'm looking for info on Amphion, good or bad. I have called and talked to a woman in human resources and got a lot of information from her. So, anyone care to add anything before I apply?

TransTech - Posted By: CMT

For those of you who asked its www.transtechmedical.com

Looking for info on Medware, NewEngland, AllType. sm - Posted By: Lookin#1

I'm considering these three and wondering if anyone has any recent info to share, good or bad?   I've done a search here, and other places.  Any info is appreciated. Thanks. 

read inside..... - Posted By: Is it just me?

I have been an MT for about 7 years now, and I  started working for a national company about 2 1/2 months ago part time.  I really enjoy the work, and I am glad to get back into acute care work since I have been doing mostly clinic work for 2 years.  I am still not meeting my line requirements yet.  Some days are better than others; it all depends on the dictators.  The company has been really flexible and said that I am doing fine and showing steady improvement. 

Has anyone else been in this same boat or is it just me?  My pay is more and more each pay period as my line count goes up, but I just get frustrated because I seem to be getting nowhere sometimes.  Hope someone has some insight on this.

Is this a good rate? - Posted By: Nola

I will be interviewing with a local transcription company tomorrow and the owner has offered the following rate: 5.50 per 1000 words with each 5 Keystrokes counting as a word. Has anyone been paid this way and, if so, was it fair?

The platform they use is Microsoft Word, but other than that I do not know any further details.


Will we be able to use our ShortHand with the new WMX VR? nm - Posted By: Webmedx also


ProTran - Posted By: MaryAnn

Any working(ed) for this company?  Would like to ask you some questions regarding how they are to work for, pros and cons.  E-mail me if you would rather do that.

Thanks.  TIA

i know this is a deja vu - Posted By: EmptyMT

but I don't have the time to search through pages and pages looking for this, and the search thing didn't bring anything up.  I have an interview in a couple hours with DRC and was wondering of good/bad experiences?  Thanks!

Dictaphone Express Edit questions. - Posted By: See message

1.  I'm having problems using the Ctrl M feature to match audio and text (to re-check my blanks at the end of a report). 

2.  When I highlight a block of text to add to ESP, I hit Ctrl-Ctrl but it doesn't automatically transfer the text; I have to copy and paste (hope that makes sense).  Any suggestions?

3.  Ctrl-Shift-B can take FOREVER to populate a cosignature block.  Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks for any help.  I don't have a lot of instructions for this platform and there aren't a lot of people on it, so I'm figuring it all out.


Medi-Tech/Keystrokes - Posted By: GAMT

I was just hired by PT by Keystrokes, and all I know at this point is that I will be using a C-Phone, Medi-Tech and transcribing ER.  I read below something about word-based Medi-Tech being different from another vesion.  Are there any Keystrokers out there who can tell me if they know whether this may be word-based Medi-Tech or not.  I hope it is word-based.  How do you guys like Medi-Tech?  It is productive??

Transhealth. Any care to share their opinions? - Posted By: Curious

I'm looking for information on Transhealth.  Anyone work for them currently or in the past willing to share their opinion?

Escription - Posted By: MT in FL

Does anyone know of any companies that use Escription, OTHER than Transcend and MDI-FL?  Thanks in advance.

8.5 cents per 70 char/line with spaces - Posted By: Need Input

Does anyone get paid like this?  Is this good?

Orion - Posted By: shelly

has anyone ever heard of or work for orion transcription in Alabama?  If so, can you share any light on this company?  Thank you!

FOCUS - Posted By: Sue K.

Anybody out there who works for Focus doing editing on voice rec, can you tell  me what the average lines per hour are that you are able to achieve. Thanks a bunch for any info. 

HDS Medical Information Management - Posted By: Kathy

I'm looking for some feedback on HDS Medical Information Management and/or Orion Medical Transcription, Inc.  TIA. 

Does anyone know anything about DSG, good or - Posted By: bad? Thanks. - nm


Asked for a raise; no answer in a month - Posted By: landroverlady

I don't know what to do and thought someone's expertise could help me.   I have been at my company over a year.   I am the primary Transcriptionist on the account and keep it afloat.   When others don't get their work done they call on me and I do their work also.  Extra work, I do it.   I asked for a raise 4 weeks ago and I am getting the run around.  I keep being sent to another person, another person, now this person knows, no now back to that person, etc.   I just want an answer!!!  I feel like I am pestering them now but I feel I deserve an answer either way.  What more can I do?    I sent 2 emails last week and have had no response now.  

Any companies offer health insurance for part time? - Posted By: MTMI

MTSO's besides OSI who DON'T pay for holidays - Posted By: part of OSI exodus

Since OSi has taken away holiday pay unless we turn into dancing bears -- all the MT's I know are planning to leave ASAP.  Don't most MTSO's with employee status offer paid holidays?

Are there any other MTSO's with employee status that DON'T pay for holidays so we will know where not to apply? 


Write One Transcription - Posted By: Lynnl

Hello all!  Writing to ask about a company called Write Now Transcription...anyone works/worked for them, etc?  Heard from them today. 

What companies use the EMDAT program? - Posted By: No Name


Heartlanders: Business Email Only?!!! LOL sm - Posted By: huh?

Gotta love it. No one said *ANYTHING* in the business email about *ANYTHING* and yet we get this business email 'email.' What a joke. As for their 'handbook' of rules, I threw that out last night along with the rest of their handbooks and materials. Garbage!

Since discussion about OSI cannot remail CIVIL on this board, you will now need to take it to email. - Posted By: Administrator nm


PMT Kentucky - Posted By: SpherisMT

Looking for any information on PMT Kentucky. I am currently working for Spheris and need to make a change for the better. How is the work volume,supervisors, ESLs, etc.


MedScribe FL Acute Care Openings - Posted By: pnwMT

Has anyone who applied at MedScribe heard back from them?  I notice on mtjobs.com they posted the same ad 11/06 and 11/18 for acute care positions with a $1000 sign-on bonus.  I applied and got an email back saying that they received my application, but have heard nothing more from them.  Just curious if anyone has made it further along in the process. Thanks.

Transtech speech - Posted By: TTer2

I asked this the other day, but never got any response, so I will try again.  I would ask on the other board for TT people, but nobody ever seems to go there.  For those of you who started speech a few weeks ago, is you line count getting any higher?  I am getting so frustrated.  I am just now barely doing what I was doing straight typing (meaning the same line count for about half the pay).  I don't see how I will ever get fast enough to equal what I was making straight typing.  It may be time to look for another job, but I think they are all doing VR anyway.  It is just so unfair to the MTs, basically just a huge paycut.

just need some feedback on this - see message - Posted By: --

I have spent quite a few hours on this board, reading all the various posts and responses.  I realize that this board is ideally for transcriptionists that want to work at home and working for national companies; however, I did see that there are hospitals that post for onsite transcriptionists. 

I would really appreciate any honest feedback from transcriptionists on this.  I currently am working at a hospital that offers both onsite and at home transcription.  We are paid by the line, and the line rate is equivalent to what the services are paying, plus our insurance and PDO is great!  We are also allowed a great deal of flexibility as far as completing our 8 hour shift, meaning we can go pick up our kids, run to appointments, etc., as long as we complete our 8 hour shift within 12 hours.  And believe it or not - WE ALL GET ALONG GREAT!!! WE HAVE NEVER HAD ANY BACK BITING OR PROBLEMS! We have three openings - and before you jump to conclusions - our openings are because two people retired and one is moving out of the area (all a great loss to our awesome team).  We have a great group of people to work with, the area we live in is great, but there are no transcriptionists in our area.  The hospital has placed ads in the newspapers, but to no avail.

So here is my question - in all honesty, how many transcriptionists would seriously think about moving to a new area for a job if relocation fees were offered. 

It may sound like I'm bragging about my town, but I'm really being honest when I say this is picturesque east coast small city, about an hour and a half from major cities and airports, ocean is about 45 minutes away, summertime vacation spot, schools are phenomenal, lots of family things to do and shopping, farmers markets, boating, mild winters, etc., but there are no transcriptionists in the area to hire.

I would really appreciate some honest feedback.  Thanks so much for reading this.


Any one working for eMTS - e-mail me please nm - Posted By: kadi


Any NEW/CURRENT information on DTS America? - Posted By: Just Curious

I have read the older posts about this company and wanted to see if there was any new information out there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA

Anyone else applied to JLG? (sm) - Posted By: Curious

Was told there were some changes and they would call and talk to me before the official offer letter was sent.  The lady I interviewed/tested with was very pleasant and I am guessing very busy.  Anyone else have input?   I know I can't be the only one who applied. 

Sten-Tel - Posted By: mjj

Does ANYONE know anything about Sten-Tel? Please?


TransTech good or bad? - Posted By: wondering


Any info on MedLinks transcription - Posted By: good or bad? nm