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2 good 2 b true? c msg - Posted By: aa

Posting on MTJobs has V.P. Transcription pay for a radiology accountn at 16/cpl for NO experience.  Am I not reading this right?

Is 7cpl text/3.5 cpl VR for someone with 13 years exp. a good amt. sm - Posted By: MTlooking

or is it low?  I've recently had to start looking for a new job and am trying to figure out what a good cpl rate is for someone with my experience:  13 years of mostly acute care work.  It seems kind of low to me but maybe not.  I've been an IC for the last five years or so, but kind of wanted to get away from it for a while as I can never seem to be discplined enough for my taxes.  The 7 cpl text and 3.5 cpl VR is employee status, the only benefit right now would be PTO with insurance in a few months possibly.  I worked at my last company forever and only made 8.5 cpl as an IC, so all of this is kind of new to me.


ICs don't have to punch a clock, do they? - Posted By: nm


who pays per report?? - Posted By: RADMT

Can anyone tell me what companies pay per report for radiology and which ones have Meditech?  Thanks.

Keystrokes - do they hire part time?SM - Posted By: Anonymous

If they do, how many lines and do they have acute care or clinic and do you have to work weekends?  Thank you.

Nobody has answered my JLG inquiry... - Posted By: FLMT

Please somebody tell me.  Good to their MTs, flexible, how is pay, what platform, how is QA? 


Need Advice - Posted By: mtj

Can good money be made doing only clinic notes or are acute care accounts better? I would also like to know your opinions about DeVenture and Transhealth. I know that TransHealth just got bought by WebmedX, so what are your thoughts on WebmedX? I would like to know what anyone thinks about these companies and if you had your choice out of these which would you choose? Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated. Thank you.

Seriously...sm - Posted By: PA MT

Okay, maybe I'm one of the few happy ICs out there who just loves being an MT, loves the work I do, and loves the companies that I contract with, but can you honestly blame MTSOs for selling and trading, etc.?

Business is business and we're all out here to make a buck.  So are the owners of the MTSOs.  That's what business is all about.  I understand that some of the employees of the MTSOs feel they are being treated unfairly by pay cuts, offshoring, bad platforms, etc., but you need to stop taking the acts of MTSOs so personal. 

The MTSOs do not sell their businesses to upset their employees or to engage in personal attacks on those who work hard for them.  They sell their businesses to make money...the same reason the MT works (to make money).

You know, if I grow my transcription business to become a large company and somebody wants to buy me out for an astronomical amount, then by all means please sign the check.  The MTSO that takes over is still keeping MTs on board - not firing anyone - and will still be in the transcription business.  It's not like these companies are selling and then telling the MTs that they're out of a job.

Yes, we love what we do or we wouldn't be doing it.  But would you be doing it for the love of it if you weren't getting paid?  I think not.  So don't knock the MTSO for doing exactly what any of us would do if we had a growing business.

By the way, I welcome the flow of negativity that will come backlashing at me from this post.

Anyone know about Axolotl QA? - Posted By: CMT


Curious to get opinions on these offers (sm) - Posted By: Catlady

Have an offer for 8 cpl statutory but a mix of clinics...have an offer for 9 cpl but acute care IC.  Finally have an offer for the clinic work type I'm looking for but only 8 cpl IC.  Isn't that low for an IC?  Actually, since I don't want acute care and prefer clinics the 8 cpl stat looks better but it is with a company with a bad reputation but the other company that pays 8 cpl IC has no reputation so it is entirely unknown.  I know nobody can tell me what to do but geez I'm using to making much more than this and have an account that pays well above it actually but I want to divide my time between 2 jobs and have an easier side account to supplement my high-pay harder one.  Does 8 cpl IC sound reasonable or is this below par?  Maybe it is worth it to take less to get the work type I want?  TIA

Transolutions, Inc - Posted By: NDMT

Anyone know anything about Transolutions, Inc. out of Illinois.  Good to work for??  competitive pay??  periodic raises??  flexible with scheduling??  What software do they use??  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Medscribe, Inc - Internet brings - Posted By: Miss Willy

up several places for Medscribe, Inc.  Which one is the looking for MTs to transcribe op reports on the MTStars careers right now?  Anyone work for them and have an opinion?  Saw below about Medscribe in New Jersey.  Same one?  I got an opinion about the place I work now, and the place is not match for me.   

If emails saying, "You guys make Transtech rock" pays your bills, let me know, because - Posted By: Transtech NO WORK

I have figured out a way to pay my bills with such **old, wornout** words.

Management is rocking alright, because their paychecks are not affected at all with the NO WORK/LOW WORK situation that has been going on now for MONTHS and MONTHS.  That seems so unfair that their high paychecks keep coming in to mgmt -- when without the MT's, the mgmt would have no paychecks!!!!!


cpl - I have never typed for - Posted By: kb

I have never typed for anyone that required a line rate. Mine were always minutes.

Davis Medical Transcription - Posted By: Searching MT

Anyone have any current info on Davis Transcription?  I searched the archives and only found info from 2004 and it was not good.  I'm thinking of applying.  Thanks.

Here is a question for everyone out there, please given opinon .... - Posted By: Dee

What, in your own opinion, is the best software to work on out there?  I currently work on Meditech and HATE it.  It is so slow at times, lots and lots of hesitating, sometimes sitting for 2-3 minutes before I can type.  The only other program that I have worked on was Bayscribe and it was very simple, the problem was that the company that I was IC for did not load the patient information/doctor information into it correctly so there was a lot of frustration on that end.

Just curious and look forward to reading lots of opinions. 

Hired by Cymed and told they did not pay for spaces, but paid for headers and footers. Just did a - Posted By: Been had.

check on the line count, and not only do they not pay for headers and footers, they also pay for 2 lines less than I typed.

DIT EditScript - Posted By: Jackie


I'm pondering trying this editing thing out rather than straight typing.  Anyone out there work for DIT doing this?  Is it difficult?  I've transcribed for many, many years and am thinking of learning something different.  Good idea?

I see MD-IT is hiring again for cardiology. I would not recommend to anyone - Posted By: anon

applying to this company. Their recruiter is very rude and she lies, lies, lies. I found their interview extremely misleading and underhanded.

Does Gibson Medical Transcription in FL still exist? SM - Posted By: Maggie Mae

I have tried looking for it, but I can find nothing. 

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Twelve-hour window companies (sm) - Posted By: starting to look (again)

I know this has probably been asked before, but I'd like to know of some companies alow 8 hours of work within a 10- to 12-hour window?  I don't mind punching in and out, I just can't sit for 8 hours nonstop and produce like I need to.  I know other factors are important, but I think that's where I'm going to start this time.   BTW, no need to offer up MQ.  I work for them PT, just need a good FT right now.  Thanks!

Any info on OSI.... - Posted By: Thinking of a change

Good or bad, platform, etc.  Thanks

starting over - help - Posted By: kate barlowe

never thought i would come back to full-time MT - spent the last 10 years raising my daughter and working part-time in various places that we have lived. My husband is in construction, and we just aren't making it any more. The only thing i know how to do is transcribe, so I am looking to come back.

I quit in 1998 - i worked for ddi for 7 years - after Rick Cammeron sold the company to MQ, it got awful, so i stopped. I really don't want to work for MQ again (they were really nasty to us). I did everything for ddi - lots of ops and consults, and cardiology (for Good Sam in LA - great account)

What are my options? who are the best companies to work for? what about speech recognition - can you make any money at it? I have heard some people say they can't make anything becasue they are getting 20% taken off their line rates -others say that they are making money at 50% off.

I don't know anything about the recognition stuff - can someone help me? I am interested because i might not have to type as much - i am willing and able to work hard, but when i quit, my hands were bothering me a lot - i have been transcribing part-time for doctors with no trouble - but only for a few hours a day - don't know that i could handle 8+ hours a day.

I have so many questions. At ddi, we were all independent contractors - i liked that, but then we didn't need insurance. seems like a lot of companies offer employment with insurance. what do they pay? i have heard from a lot of people that the pay is less than 10 years ago. how could that be? don't these companies know that everything costs more?

anyway, any advice would be SO helpful. I have to do this, we are running out of money, and i don't want to get s.....ed by some awful company that promises everything and you end up with all ESL and no work.

thanks everybody.

anyone at Transform gotten their tax info yet?? - Posted By: kcb

just wandering

TransTech or Superior Global - Posted By: Which is better

I was offered a job with Transtech and another with Superior Global.  TT pay is better but the account is at least 50% ESL.  Will that many ESL and the fact that this account has not been on Escription VR for long hurt my production?  Not sure what to do.  Which company is easier to work with and for?  Thanks

Heartland Information Services-to be continued... - Posted By: mary k

I requested this morning at Heartland to send out my article that I wrote in response to this layoff to employees at the company, but I was told no.  I was going under the premise of the right of free speech.  Hmm, wonder why they don't want me to send it out??!!

They have been reading this board, so keep up the continued support, we could sure use it!!

Thank you,

Mary Kirkpatrick

Any TT MTs on eScription/EditScript. sm - Posted By: ndmt

I am wondering if this platform has the problems with locking up your computer that ExText does. I have to reboot once a night, and I am looking for a better platform.

Anyone out of work - MDI-FLORIDA - Posted By: Pollyanna

I can't get any work and management won't even answer emails!  Anyone else in this boat?

anybody work for DIGITRANINC? I need advice! - Posted By: robin

I just started working for this company and cannot got the FTP info up and running correctly.  The instructions I have gotten from the owner are extremely ambiguous and her emails are very short.  I spent 20 minutes transcribing, but over 20 hours trying to get the correct file setup!  Some of the instruction information seems to be a little outdated as well. If there is anyone out there with friendly and patient help, I'll be indebted to you!


my personal protest - Posted By: sympathetic MQer

In honor of my fellow MTs who are soon to be exHeartlanders I, personally, am not going to buy a thing on Friday, July 7, 2006--- nothing, not a gallon of gas, not groceries, not an ice cream cone-- not anything. I'm sure that no one will notice but  I hope you will join me anyway. 

 I think this is outrageous.  It seems to me that if Heartland conglomerate laid off 1 top executive one $71 million salary would make a nice little lump in their profit margin instead of laying off 151 MTs!! How outrageous is that!  Today, in the minds of politicians America is corporate America, working Americans are just a souless, faceless mass.  What's it going to take to change their minds... a revolution?

Any info on AuBri? I searched - Posted By: MT4Eight

the archives and google, but didn't come up with much.  Was thinking of applying for their part-time job, but need some more info first. 

Any current info on Aces Up Transcription? Thanks! :) nm - Posted By: looking

pay - Posted By: gf

Anybody get paycheck from TT?

Any recent opinions on Focus? - Posted By: Bella

They've been trying to recruit me for several times.  I've gotten emails, and today got a phone call.  Payrate sounds good, benefits sound really good and not expensive, requirements sound reasonable.  So, are they as good as it sounds or not?  How are communications within?  I've heard they offshore, but frankly I'm not turned off by that because I think 95% or more of the companies do now and figure that it is just part of the industry now. 

They pay the same as the company I'm working for right now, but the benefits are cheaper and start sooner.  I'm just wondering if it is too good to be true.

Smart Scripts - Posted By: Curiousmt

Anyone know anything about this company?  I received testing to do for them and it just seems a little off.

Questions if you're an MQ SE... - Posted By: C.C.

Am I correct in assuming that I can take off any holiday I like and they can't do a darn thing about it? I read somewhere else that it's not always easy to get the day off if others have asked for it off. Is this true only for employees or also for SEs? I'm an SE and have no desire to work the big holidays.

How much notice should I give for a day off being an SE? Thanks!

Transhealth - Posted By: Radtrans

From my experience, TransHealth is a waste of time.  They have absolutely no regard for their applicants.  Let's just say if you are lucky or I should say unlucky, you will hear from them.  First you take a miserable transcription test, then you take a written test, and if you pass both of those, you will be scheduled for a mini-test over the phone.  The test is a definition test.  They ask you words, you need to know the meaning.  They catch you totally off guard.  If you don't do well on the mini-test, it doesn't matter if you passed the two other tests, which means they are more concerned with definitions than your transcription ability.

Their process is very time consuming and in my opinion, not worth the effort especially from a company that is afraid to post their compensation.  So I say thumbs down to Transhealth.  It's a waste of time. 

Acute care experience is limited... - Posted By: me

BUT I want to apply for a position in acute care.  I have experience in everything except for operative reports and I am wondering if I should lie and tell the company I have this experience just to secure the position.  I know I can do it because I am resourceful, but is it worth it?  Should I be upfront about my experience or just wing it?  Is acute care really that much harder than clinic?  I pretty much aced the acute care exam, but wondering if my lack of experience will hurt me in the end.  Hm...

Thanks for any advice you may have!

The Right Type - Posted By: Stefanie

Has anyone heard of this company? I'm having trouble finding any information on it. Thanks.

Comparing companies - Posted By: arobbins

Currently interviewing for employment with both WebMedx and Medquist and was wondering which company I should choose to transcribe for.  I am going in as a part-time employee.  I would appreciate any and all feedback and help on this very important decision I am to make in the next few days.  Thank you

Transform Inc. - Posted By: Mattie

Anyone with current knowledge of Transform, Inc. located in Wisconsin?  If so, please either post or e-mail me regarding the pros and cons for this company.  I did do a search but there were several companies by this same name only located in other states.

Thank you.

Anyone with exp working for InSight? sm - Posted By: AZMT

They are a radiology management company hiring for at-home Radiology MTs; however, you must live in Arizona.  Anyone heard of them?

For all the other people looking, are you finding a decent amount of other places to go to right - Posted By: PAMT


Re Diskriter, anyone work for the PA teaching hospital they have? SM - Posted By: MT

If so, can you post your opinion here?  Or you may email me if you'd like.  Thanks.

If you are an employee of a company that provides - Posted By: equipment and works with dialup besides Precyse,

please mention the company so I can apply.  Thanks! 

Cymed's Platform - Posted By: Paula

Everyone seems to love Cymed's platform.  What type of platform do they have and how user friendly is it?  I'm thinking of applying with them.   Also, since I know they don't pay for spaces, do they pay a higher line rate to compensate for that?

Ready to quit Spheris - Posted By: mom2huskies

I have had it with Spheris. So, I am now looking for another company. With the lack of benefits and reduction in pay I can no longer work there. I will be looking for something better. At this point, I do not know how much more of this I can take.

Would you prefer.... - Posted By: PJ

I am wondering how many of you enjoy having daily e-mails that shares things about the company and your co-workers, such as maybe how long they have been employed and maybe something like spotlighting each MT each different month just to find out a little bit about your coworkers?  The reason I ask this is because I used to work for a company about a year ago who had this type of thing and I really enjoyed it.  It would even have something in it like bloopers from dictations and such.  The company I have now you have nothing like that at all.  We have our company e-mail, but the extent is just information about changes in account specs or the daily workload.  I have seen names on the IM and just wondered about my fellow team mates.  It was just a thought.  Would like nice, honest answers... Please no meanies

MedScribe in Florida - Posted By: guest

Anybody else with MedScribe notice the sudden drop in DVI work on primary accounts? Very unusual except around holidays.

Transtech - Posted By: worriedmt

I am not going to mention the name of the hospital but it is one of the new accounts getting going in increments.

Can anyone give me info on this account, high ESLs, tons of docs that you never get can used to.

I heard this is a teaching hospital?  Doesn't that mean a bunch of interns dictating all the time and them being constantly recycled? 

Is this account the whole entire gammit of satellite hospitals listed on their website or just the main one?  I want to be assigned to one or two of the smaller satellites if so because how else are you supposed to get used to the docs at such a huge system otherwise?  Any info would be much appreciated.  Please feel free to email me if you would like.  Thank you.....