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About MedRemote platform. sm - Posted By: MTann

Anyone know who what company uses this and if they are hiring? I love that platform and I just cannot find a company that uses it, except for one, but had to turn it down because I do not do radiology.

I left my email if you want to reply to me privately and if you know of any company using this. Thanks.

Full Circle Transcription in Acworth, GA. Does anyone know who owns this company? SM - Posted By: MT in GA

Please email me if you do.  I may like to contact them and would just like to know ahead of time whom I'll be emailing. 

Have to post that I received a very nice holiday bonus from QT which - Posted By: I appreciate very much!/QTnm

Riddle me this... - Posted By: Me

Please read carefully...

For all those who are adamant not to work for a company who offshores I have a simple question: Do you shop at Walmart? Go to Disney World?

Because if you answer yes to either question, whether you realize it or not you ARE supporting offshoring.

Now before you flame me - realize that I am on your side, per se, I don't like to see jobs from the US go elsewhere when we need them here.

That said, there ARE legitimate reasons why a company might have no choice but to offshore at least some of their work. They are under legal contracts to provide service 24/7 and IF they find, for example, that they can't staff third shift domestically, they may look at offshoring in order to meet their legal requirements. More importantly, THAT means keeping their clients - who provide YOUR jobs.

Do you mind buying products from Walmart, which are often manufactured by the same cheap slave labor that supplies Disney Land shops with so much of their merchandise?

Seriously, these are just two examples. The sad fact is the U.S. is NOT an island - the global economy has been here a long time and is here to stay.

The way to fight back about lost jobs and wages is through Congress. But I will bet dollars to donuts the majority of the responses to this post will be more clueless responses.

I am not saying Congress is just waiting for your call to change course, but if there is ONE thing that gets their collective attention it is A UNITED EFFORT. If you think you can't make a difference as an individual, you have forgotten the many brave individuals who stepped out ALONE to make a difference for something they were passionate about. They didn't stay alone for long.

So whether you give this or any company that offshores a chance, go elsewhere for a job because of principles, or make an effort to actually make a difference, the CHOICE is yours. We can't point fingers in EVERY direction without taking some of the heat ourselves.

Question for any former Webmedx people -- sm - Posted By: LTMT

How long did it take for you to receive your deposit back after you returned the computer?   Do they process it rather quickly? 



Does anyone just get so tired of supervisors harping - Posted By: irritated

all the time about TAT and what the transcriptionists are doing wrong...  E-mails all the time regarding what is wrong..  How the client hates this and hates that.. How everyone that is working on the account is having some problem when you have not received an e-mail previously regarding an issue..  No constructive comments, just threatening e-mails with an undertone if you don't do this write, we are going to lose the account and fire everyone..   You get kind of used to those but....

NOT ONE DARN E-MAIL PRAISING ANYONE FOR GOOD WORK..  Is that so hard to ask if you are doing a good job.  Dear Lord I wish I were rich or my hubby was finally finished with school. 

I recently saw a post about changing the two spaces after period to one at end of report. (sm) - Posted By: Nother MQer

I have been trying to search for where I saw this formula, but can't.  Any help appreciated on how to make this conversion a little easier.

I worked for 3 hours today before I remembered I was supposed to be using just one space after periods and colons instead of two.  Hard to do. 



Webmedx benefits - Posted By: curious

Anyone start with Webmedx in the last month or so and know how long it takes for benefits to kick in?  Old timers told me 30 days but recruiter said 90 and very little PTO in the first year.  Is this a new thing?

Transcription Matchmaker? (sm) - Posted By: I need a miracle!

I read about this company in Advance. Anyone have experience with them? The article said they help you find the best company for your level of experience and interests; the MT companies pay the fees, not the MT.

Turnaround Time Transcription, Inc., any info??? - Posted By: Whorn


Getting line counts up - Posted By: Joy

I recently was hired for a national company, after having worked in-house for about 5 years in a physical therapy clinic.  I'm still in the training status.  Every day when I check my line count, I cannot believe it!  It's in the 200-250 area.  I know I'm slow, having to look up almost all drugs, many procedures, etc., and I'm adding to the expander program every day, but I don't see how I can get a lot faster.  We don't get credit for header information and oftentimes this takes several minutes to look up, add to, correct.

Any suggestions/comments are welcome!


Oracle or Lee Perfect?????? - Posted By: Daphne

Could someone please give their input on these companies, pros and cons. 


Still at Stentel? - Posted By: anon

Is kelly rogalski still at stentel in massachusets?  ty

Heartland in the US was just a ruse to get them in the door...sm - Posted By: Spectator

I have watched the company for a long time.  They took over the Kansas City Accounts and also Hawaii accounts I used to work saying they were an American Company because they are stationed here and offered us QA jobs to train the Indians (I think not).  It was just a matter of time before they trained enough of them and had enough clients they would move it all over there.  What is sick about this is that most Americans do not know their social security numbers and personal information are going in the middle of the terrorist lands!

CyMed - Posted By: Kathy

I have a position as an MT for this company and to start tomorrow.  What has been some of you folks experience?  I already know about the not paying for spaces.  Thanks in advance.

ScribeRight - Posted By: MTMOMOF2

Can anyone tell me anything about this company?  Do you like it there?  What platform do they use?  Do they pay on time? 

Approximately how big is Transcend now? I am guessing (sm) - Posted By: sm

MQ, Spheris and now Transcend, but as I said this is only a guess.  Anyone else?

To: "Where can I find this info?" - Posted By: AHA here is your answer


here is your answer

: Where can I find this info? NM - current OSi'er

her replacement has been working for WEEKS training to do her job and nobody has said a word. Check your QA.

????Fast Chart or Applied Medical Services - Posted By: Wa

Can anyone tell me about this company?  Anything?


Thanks a bunch!!

There was an MT that posted here that worked - Posted By: sm

for Futurenet and warned others about this company.  I just want to say this - she was absolutely RIGHT!  One supervisor tells you one thing, QA tells you another, and their software won't allow you to do anything that the instructions tell you.  I have never worked for a company that had so many issues with picking the correct patient visit and problems with the software.  It takes 4 minutes to download a 1 minute file and when you save it takes even longer!  What a joke. 

Looking elsewhere - any suggestions?


Keystrokes question - Posted By: tylermt

Can anybody tell me what platform Keystrokes uses for their radiology accounts?  and what cpl range they pay?  Thanks for the info!

Info on Transform MT Company? (sm) - Posted By: Dixiekaye

Does anyone have any information on Transform MT company?  Are there ANY good companies to work for where you can make a decent living? I am readng more horror studies than not.  Would appreciate any information.

Somebody has the wrong idea about being an IC. “You should hit the - Posted By: An IC

 ground running.”  Sorry, these smug remarks have to come from those who are employee status and don’t even know what it is like to be an IC today.  We face the same problems of no work after signing a contract, most of us are not “businesses” other than we take off our business expenses when we pay our huge tax bills (if we are lucky enough to make enough money these days), and we don’t work on recognized platforms like ExText, Chartmatrix, or any number of others the big MTSOs have today.  No, we work on “platforms” someone has created in a small MTSO that in no way are production oriented, created by someone’s husband, cousin, or whoever.  We have to deal with psychopathic owners who want to screw you, not pay you, and “account specs” is a foreign term to them.  If you cannot hit the ground running as an employee, why do you think an IC must?


ICs are ICs because of the flexibility it affords them.  They are MTs just like the rest of you.  If you need your hands held as an employee when newly hired, what makes you think an IC doesn’t need direction at the beginning?  Has nothing to do with incompetence or not being computer savvy but has everything to do with getting the proper information, just like an employee, in order to do the job. 


I was really sorry to see the posts to Jennifer below in response to her concerns.  Clueless in Seattle is too kind an idiom for most of you.  It is laughable the remark that you “market yourself as a business.”  You market nothing, you sign on as an independent contractor after replying to job postings that are IC status, a status that is appealing to companies who do not want employees because they want to pay no benefits, collect no taxes, and do not have to conform to Labor Department laws for the most part. Someone is confusing being an IC with being an owner of a company.  ICs today work for others, they are not company owners because they do not want the headaches of owning a company.


It’s a big risk being an IC today, not what it was like when I started in this business over 20 years ago when someone’s word meant something.  ICs deserve as much respect as an MT who is employee status, a respect in the thread below that is sorely lacking and has many misconceptions displayed in the responses.   Until you have walked in their shoes, please don’t try to be an expert and offer such platitudes as, “you should hit the ground running.”  I could only hope that some of you would offer an apology for your comments.



Can the person with MedTrans say if it's the Arizona or Texas company? Thx. nm - Posted By: wandering


Hospital MTs - Posted By: Old MT

It came to my attention last week that where I work the accounts also have hospital employees who do the transcription as well.  When I lost my job at my hospital in 1995, that hospital sent its work out to a transcription service and never hired any more transcriptionists.  Was anyone aware some of these hospitals have their own MTs?  So, it seems we are all suckers as far as holidays go (as well as regular days) because I'm sure the hospital MTs have the day off while us home MTs are doing the work, which usually runs out.  This whole transcription business really sucks.  It seems like we are just filling a gap for these hospitals when they have a big work load.  I'm really sick of transcription, but it is all I know.   

Medware QA boo-boo letter - Posted By: Medware

So, did you all get the QA email that was intended for QA staff dealing with the India work?  and then the email stating, oh, disregard that email . . . Well, there is the proof that MW offshores and is looking to do more and more at our ultimate expense. 

Information on platform, please - Posted By: GaPeach

Does anyone have information on a system called Sequence that interfaces with Meditech. Like, dislike, good bad?? Thanks.

No work - Posted By: Just an MT

Don't you feel it is morally wrong for a company to overhire and then have you sit there waiting for work, which may come out in dribs and drabs or may not come at all.  At the end of your required hours you have NADA and you are expected to flex to make up the lines at all hours.  If you don't do so, you can't make the lines needed to get benefits and PTO.  Any comments on this?  Is this behavior legal?

CLKTRANSCRIPTION - Posted By: Did you check out the website for CLKTRANSCRIPTION

I went to the website and there were tons of errors on there... Makes me wonder about this company.

paid less for p.r.n. work - Posted By: feeling devalued

I'm feeling confused about why the MT business seems to pay less per line for p.r.n. work than part-time or full-time work.  Out in the world where people do not stay at home, a premium is usually paid to temp services or to employees who agree to be available on a p.r.n. basis.  Is it just my experience with certain companies?  I would like to hear any thoughts on why this is true in this industry or if your experience has been different.  I am beginning to feel dirty for asking for p.r.n. work.

IC question - Posted By: j

How does one go about becoming IC? What would I have to do? Pros/cons? I've thought about going IC. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

WMX and occasional low work. (sm) - Posted By: nn

At one point we got a message from management about it, encouraging us to hold on as they worked through the issues.  Often get updates from STM about work flow, i.e. YEAH we have work/ Work is low, let's hope for better day tomorrow, etc.  It is just nice to know they are aware and care about the situation and how it impacts us. 

I have had to flex my schedule a few times, but that is no biggie really.  At least I have a company that only uses US MTs, pays us on time and a decent wage and seems to truly care about us. 

Worked for MQ for a long time and will take early retirement before I ever work for another company that blatantly outsources. 

WMX may not be perfect, but it is the best I have found. 

AAMT Convention in Hawaii - Posted By: OSi question

Did anyone at the convention go by the OSi booth that was staffed by the 2 older ladies and an older guy?  Were they the owners?  They didn't seem too excited about their company or have much information to offer.  Is this the reason the company is in trouble, the owners are clueless??? 

Wondering what happened to my post about - Posted By: MDI-MD? Below there are people

talking about QUITTING MDI and I thought mine was a positive post about the ebb of flow of work in this business and in support of the owner.  Was there something wrong with my post?  I really do not understand.

Where should tech support come from? - Posted By: -sm

Do you think IT support should come from the company you work for, or the account you are working on?

I had a problem over the weekend, could not sign in at all.  I contact tech support at the company, which is always what the lead says to do, and they emailed with with, XXX support desk, that was it!  No explaining why I needed to call them or anything, just those three words.

I have tried calling the account support directly before, its a total joke.  I just gave up and didn't even bother trying.

Personally, I believe the support should come from the company that you work for rather than the account you are working on since there may be more than one and I don't want to chase support people all over the planet.  It has been my experience also that when you contact the account you are treated like a complete idiot and a nuisance and for .0x cpl I really am not inclined to be treated that way!!!

Just wondering what everyones thoughts were on this.

Survey - how does your company do with maternity leave? - Posted By: TTC

I am contemplating trying to get pregnant within the year, and I am wondering how all the MTSOs take to maternity leave.  I am afraid if I get pregnant, my company might find a way to get rid of me before having to cover my maternity leave.  Any advise or ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Reporting messages. (SM) - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

Please do not report messages to be removed simply because you disagree with them.  This is a public forum.  Anyone can post here.  If you disagree with a post, simply look past it.  When you post here, everyone is entitled to reply to your entry.

Now, if a post violates posting policy, that is completely different and we want to edit or delete those. 

However, you should focus on obtaining the information/discussions you want from the forum and ignore those who disagree with you.

If you want or need to discuss a situation you are encountering, please e-mail me and we will see what we can do to resolve the situation.

IMPORTANT:  If you make a post and want to retract it, please do not use the moderating form to report the message -- instead, e-mail me.  I must be able to verify that you posted the original message before removing it if it is not violating posting guidelines.

If anyone has any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

Thank you,


INfo on Greenlight Transcription in Portland, Oregon - Posted By: wondering

What platform do they use and is it friendly?  I had heard they only paid 6 cpl.. is that true, or hopefully more?? 

Old posts from 2007 give glowing reviews, but in 2 years things can happen, and no line rates were posted back then.

Thanks for any info. 

New QA guidelines for Transolutions? - Posted By: woodbird

Does anyone work for Transolutions who has had their pay affected by the new tougher QA guidelines and on-hold percentage??  Wondering if anybody else is having a really hard time with this.

MTs wronged by Toth - Posted By: MT Advocate

If you are going to fight for what is owed you, make sure you save any and all e-mail correspondence, that is if you ever hear from the Toths again.  Any proof you have, whether it be e-mails, documents, even phone messages, save everything. 

If you're not going to fight for your own rights, please warn any MTs that you know who have been put through the wringer by these people. 

I'll keep posting to make sure enough MTs are aware of the consequences of working, for these people.  The reality is, you are working for nothing. 

Further, don't count on them to give you a good job reference.  They absolutely will not pay you, so you'll complain and ask where your paycheck is, but you'll never be able to tell that to an actual person, as you'll have no choice but to leave it on their voice mail, or in an e-mail, both of which they will ignore and then erase.  One thing is for sure, if you are not being paid, they are not paying taxes. 


DIT - Posted By: Donna

Anybody ever here of DIT transcription? They are a fairly small company, around 100 transcriptionists. Any info?

Precyse Solutions - Posted By: Zoe

Anybody work for them?  Just heard they now have a big radiology account on which I had a couple of years' experience before my fomer MTSO lost the account.  Would love to be back on that account.  Would anyone advise calling them directly versus doing on-line application?  TIA

transcription south inc in FL - Posted By: Lori

Does anyone have any info on this comp? Is pay on time?? Any info appreciated.

Medware - Posted By: Wondering

Does anyone have any info on the job posted today by Medware for MTs with ExText experience? Considering applying and am wondering if anyone who works for them part time can tell me if there is any flexibility with them, line rate range, pay for headers, spaces, etc., and can anyone "in the know" tell me what account this is starting up? Also some general info on the company - how many MTs they have, do they offer any benefits at all for part time? Thanks in advance!

Are there any MTSOs where insurance kicks in - Posted By: after 30 or 60 days, and not 90? nm



They do not pay! Have been looking for my pay for 2 pay periods.  They promised to overnight it, but still have not received it.   They also hire, don't have enough work and then fire.   I have filed a claim with my local Labor Commission because if you work, you should be paid on your pay date.


Postings of this nature are the poster's personal opinion should not be considered as substantiated by MTStars.  Any discussions regarding this situation should be handled via email, using the Reply by Email option. 

MTStars Team

Focus Infomatics - Posted By: T

Has anyone ever heard of this company - Focus Infomatics?   Any info would be great.  Thanks. 

Hired by Keystrokes - Posted By: noworkmt

Has anybody been hired by Keystrokes lately and still waiting to start work?  I was hired two weeks ago and should've started last week.  I keep getting the run around and not a definite answer.  I'm starting to worry.  Anybody else in this same situation?

DSG - Posted By: Stephanie

Does anyone know if DSG (Dictation Services Group) is the same as Medquist? They use DocQScribe and the benefits all sound the same. Just wondering. I'd hate to apply to the same company.

After testing for First Choice, can anyone tell me how long it takes to hear back? nm - Posted By: anon