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I know that MQ and Spheris are the two largest companies. Who are the next ones in the top 10? nm - Posted By: curious


Anyone hear anything about....... - Posted By: mama4

Verbatim Medical Transcription out of NY?  Thanks for your help!

I was turned down - Posted By: bidentime

by TRX because I am not a member of the AKC. Disappointed.


Anybody else get a flyer from ProScript? n/m - Posted By: Patience


Any current Spheris employees here? - Posted By: Please SM for some questions!

1.  Does Spheris have speech-recognition or editing work? 

2.  Can you do just SR or is it a mix of MT and SR? 

3.  Do they pay flat rates for SR (what range, please) or a percentage of your MT?


Spheris - Posted By: mtgrl

Can anyone with experience doing radiology for Spheris give me any info?

Mediscribes -- Any info? - Posted By: anonymous

I've just recently took a job with Mediscribes. Has anyone ever worked for them? Are they a good company to work for? Need info quick as I'm to begin working pretty soon! Thanks.

Two companies have offered me jobs. sm - Posted By: IC status

Does anyone know about Intellitype or Fast Chart?

Fast Chart seems more professional.  They said Instant Text doesn't work with their system.  Has anyone tried to use it and succeeded?

Intellitype seems more laid back.  Did I read correctly that I submit an invoice for payment? 

Any knowledable feedback is appreciated. 

Boycotting the AAMT BOS - Posted By: Sick Of It All MT

I am so sick of the stupid and nonsensical rules and changes this book has made to the medical transcription field. If a doctor I am typing for dictates Crohn's disease that is exactly what I transcribe. The same for Grave's disease or any other disease that this stupid book indicates should not have the apostrophe after the name unless it is said without the word disease. It looks stupid and it sounds stupid and what difference does it all make anyway? That is how I find most of that book to be, stupid!! Numbers replace numbers typed out unless they are a pronoun. What about prescriptions? I never put down a medication order with 2 numbers next to each other. For example: Lisinopril 20 mg daily, #40, three refills. I refuse to make three refills a numerical 3. Without the coma, or someone just glancing, it could look like #403 refills. I will not use those dumb rules and changes unless a doctor actually indicates I should, and guess what? Not one doctor in the last 5 years (or whenever that book came into existence) has even mentioned it. Between their ideas (wherever they came from and yeah I know, I have been told that the American Medical Association is in on this, too, which makes me wonder what took them so long, since they have been around forever), their so-called CMT testing, which is only another money maker for them, and their outsourcing our work to places no one is even able to pronounce, I think all MTs should boycott whatever ideas, rules, guidelines and anything else they have to do with as much as possible. If nothing else, it will make the reports look better, be a lot more accurate and easier to read and we can perhaps salvage just a bit of our sanity in this ever more challenging profession.

Need advice regarding contract IC status - Posted By: Sandy

In August 2006, I started with a national company as an IC.  I never received the paper work and was working as an IC without a contract. After about a month of working, I notified the company that I had not received a contract. At this point, I was offered employee status to start September 5th.  I took employee status and was named an employee to begin work on September 5th.  After 2 weeks of working full time, I had everything in my personal life hit me all at once and asked if at all possible if I could return to IC. I was told that I could, but then received a contract dated for August stating that that was my original contract date.   I feel a litle confused considering I never received a contract and never signed one in August.  Now, I ask to be IC again and now receive a contract to sign and date it as August 2006 because that was my original start date  Would any of you sign for August when you never received a contract back then and then became an employee and switched back to IC.  I think my IC status should begin with the new pay period.  Should I sign this? 



Axolotl insurance. They have great rates but what is the coverage - Posted By: Might Be Interested

like?  Can anyone tell me what insurance company they use and what your experience has been?  TIA

On a good note.... - Posted By: Meezer

I view the purpose of this board as an informative tool for MTs, to be used with discretion of course, as each entry is from personal experience and many factors can be involved.

I have posted regarding a negative experience.

On a positive note, I would like to say that I have been working for Webmedx since 9/2008, and so far, so good. 

I am pleased with my account; do not run out of work; have 1 primary account; backup account is offered if needed; OT is offered on a regular basis.  My hours are supposed to be flexible w/i a 10-hour block and I must admit, I abuse that and get no complaints, as long as I put in my hours and do my lines.  The platform is user-friendly.  Communication is good.  Everyone speaks English.  Pay scale is above average for a new hire, above what others have offered in the past.  Benefits seem adequate.  So far, I have no complaints.  All in all, I would recommend them as a good company to work for. 

Good luck to all looking for work.  I know it is a pain to go through the testing required, then set-up time, then training, etc., only to find out you've been hired by a company that does not meet your needs.  

Here's a new one for me? (SM) - Posted By: anon

Pay = depending on experience, starting at .001575 per character????  Wow, that is really something different, huh?    You'd have to be a mathematician among other things I guess????  Whoah, stop the train, I'm gettin' off here... lol  Just Kidding! 

SOAP Transcription and Transcend Services? Need to decide. - Posted By: Jai

Got job offers from both.  Pay and benefits look to be about the same.  Anyone work(ed) for either or have worked for both?  Good, bad, or any other comments regarding either company? 

How is the family health plan with each?  Cost? Coverage? 


Was someone looking for a Fri,Sat,Sun, Mon sitatuation with acute care? sm - Posted By: Tired of working my days off

I thought a couple of people were looking for just that. EMAIL ME if you are. I know of a place that is looking and they pay 10 cpl for that schedule.

Question for fellow MDIers - Posted By: fatcat

Are any of you getting work today? I have been babysitting my screen for seven hours now and have had five short jobs all day.  Does anyone know what is going on?

ortho at DocuMed and pay - Posted By: ortho mt

Can anyone tell me anything about about the ortho positions at DocuMed and how their pay is?  Do they pay on time?  Direct deposit?  Help if needed?

Which national is the best for... - Posted By: Searching...

flexibility, clinic work and fair pay.  I have about 17 years of experience, looking for STEADY part-time work for now. If it works out with a company, I would consider full time.  Who is the favorite national here?  TIA

Anybody have any experience with Mediscript, Texas? nm - Posted By: Wondering


Since today is all about KS (sm) - Posted By: mt

Ha!  Could you tell us if we have our check direct deposited.  How do you see it?  Do you get stub in mail or intranet, etc.?  Thanks!

Any info about Techscript? - Posted By: IC

company out of Bakersfield California . . . anybody know if they are a good company to work for? Any info would be appreciated - thanks

Keystrokes: Why should I come work for you? - Posted By: verygoodradmt

I'm interested in working for you guys, but from what I've heard you don't furnish a computer, do not pay for long distance, do not pay for health insurance. Do you KS employees not mind all that? Is the money you make worth not having the above-mentioned items? Thanks for any input as I am very intrigued by this company but wondering about what is NOT provided.

read the posts further down re DRC - Posted By: crestfallen

This makes me sad.  They always stayed under the radar, had stable crew, never a bad post. Hope it is a temporary rough patch. I always thought if the recruiter you talked with had been there for years (versus 3 or 4 days like most) it was a sign of a good company.


HDS Medical Information Management - Posted By: Kathy

I'm looking for some feedback on HDS Medical Information Management and/or Orion Medical Transcription, Inc.  TIA. 

D&L Transcription - Posted By: Mik

Can anyone tell me anything about D&L Transcription??  Just wondering and curious.... THANKS!

ever work for a company you can't stand, BUT - Posted By: maddening

you also can't bear to leave them because they are the best $$$ you've ever made.  I HATE IT!!  I'm a total wh*** for the cash with them but they treat me like a red-headed, third-world country, adopted by aliens, step kid. 


I just needed to vent.


Keystones MT - Question! - Posted By: MTkat

Just got my C-phone, how long does it take from here to start?  ANy ideas?

Did Medware send out their W2s yet? No msg - Posted By: Just me


MDI-FL - Posted By: justmetypinme

Any current info would be appreciated.  Are they decent to work for?  TIA!

What is the avg cpl of 3rd shift differential?... - Posted By: 2nd & 3rd shift Rad chic

...seems like when I did third shift before for an MTSO the cpl differential was 0.005 or something like that.  Any info is most appreciated.

Any MDI-IT employees out there? sm - Posted By: MQMT

How long have you worked at MD-IT?  Do you run out of work? 

Keystrokes qx cherry picking? - Posted By: anon

Does anyone out there know if the leads assign out work?   As soon as my  line count starts to pick up I start getting really short dictations or impossible dictators that eat up my line count.  Was not like that when I first started out with them.  Im really getting fed up with this. 

SoftScript - Posted By: Miss Willy

Anybody have anything to say about SoftScript?  Good, bad and the ugly?  Thanks. 

D&L UPDATE - Posted By: quiet MT

Word is they are going to crop up as another name - beware when applying - take all information you have on this company and beware if new company pops up with same people. They are still doing business as D&L, and have some accounts and actually some MTs who have not left - but they will be another name as soon as the paperwork goes through - be careful - try to call them - chronically busy - web page under construction - snakes in the grass very very sneaky.

They are still dealing with the mess and it will just roll over to the new name when it comes.

If you ask me, what they are doing is dodging taxes again and scamming others, eventually it all comes out in the open.

Their everyone telling lies on us attitude won't work for long.

Has anyone started on KS Hem/Onc account yet? - Posted By: How is your line count?

Good dictators? Platform, how do you like it? Anything else you can tell me. Have to make a decision over the weekend.

Rekha transcription - Posted By: mqlongtime

I was just wondering if anyone has heard about Rekha Transcription Company?  I believe that my two main accounts are leaving Medquist to use this company.  Does anyone know anything about them?  Their website shows a huge list of U.S. Hospitals in 22 states.  Thanks.

MD-IT - Posted By: CornyMT

Please reply with any information you have on MD-IT, good and bad. I would really appreciate info from someone who has used this platform. Thanks!

Anybody NOT Running Out Of Work? - Posted By: Hungry MT

Just wondered if anyone was getting consistent workloads in their queues.  This is not good for my diet. LOL

MDI-MD ... - Posted By: SM

Anyone with experience with MDI-MD? 

I would particularly like to know if they have incentive or production bonuses? 

Do they offer IC positions or only employee?

Any other info would be great.  Thanks.

Companies allowing window... - Posted By: dj

Thanks all for the responses

C-phone question - Posted By: Miss Willy

I have an Executive Communications System I used for a job a few years back.  Is that a C-phone?  The manufacturer says it is, but I am just wondering if it would work with Meditech and is indeed a C-phone.  I saw on ebay what was described as a C-phone, and it is the same thing I have but I want to ask a more knowledgeable person because the manufacturer might just want to sell it to me, and it costs over $500.00.  If you know C-phones and Meditech, will an Infinity foot pedal work?  Thanks.   

Archivus ???? - Posted By: Diana

Has anyone worked for Archivus using the Transcribe+ platform.  If so, what did you think of it?

Osi transcription - Posted By: Pitawah

Does anyone have any information on OSi transcription?  Are they decent to work for?  How about ESL%?  Thanks in advance.

Is there any acute care Keystrokes MT, who has - Posted By: looking for work

been employed there for more than 6 months willing to correspond with me?  I have lots of questions.  I've read multiple posts here, mostly good, but enough bad to make me nervous.   I need to make a change and just want some more feedback. 

Need IC advice/help--TIA - Posted By: confused2MT

I have just been offered a part-time position doing MT work for a local surgeon.  The only thing is he may hire me as IC instead of employee and I am not sure how much to charge.  I have never worked as an IC before.  I know to charge more because I have to pay my own taxes, but have no idea how much.  Can anyone offer any advice? 



Webmedx announcement on Community Page - Posted By: Web MT

Has anyone been able to listen to the announcement on the Community Page?  I can't get it to open. Good news or bad? 

WordZxpressed - Posted By: gotclinic

Would also appreciate any input/feedback on working for this company.  Thanks much!  How long in business, good rates, steady work, etc. 

Axolotl questions - Posted By: worriedmt

I am considering accepting a position with them and want to see who is happy there and who isn't and why.  I have a few questions.  I just want to make sure that I make the right decision because I want to stay put for good somewhere.

Do they make you work your full 8 if you get your minimum line requirements for the day?  I am a high producer and will be doing 1600 lines a day minimum and do not want to work more than 6-7 hours.  Most places are happy as long as you do good production.

Pay decent?

QA respectable?  How strict is QA and do they do reviews to check your QA score?  I have never worked that way.  I don't want that kind of pressure on me.  I just do my work and get a few reports sent back that had blanks for me to review and learned that way and eventually would have maybe 3-5 blanks a day once used to an account. 

Thank you.......

new job seeker - Posted By: stargazer

Does anyone know which companies are using eScription voice recognition software?

Sharon Barchecky - Posted By: QMT

Ad on job board with this name.  Anyone heard of her?  Wonder what company she is with.  Anyone know anything positive or negative?  Thanks much...