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MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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TAIB Transcription - Posted By: NE-MT

Anyone have any experience with this company?  I've gotten an offer for IC work but just wanted some additional information before making a decision.

Any responses would be helpful.

On-The-Mark Transcription - Posted By: looking for a good company

Does anyone know anything about this company?  They are in Phoenix.  Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

Keystrokes - Posted By: MemphisMT

1.  What is the URL for this company?
2.  What is the current line rate for 10+ years of acute care experience, if known?
3.  Do they accept part time or just full time?
4.  How is the work accessed? (i.e. C-phone, Lanier, *wav file)

Can you reply via email, as I may have more questions.

Spheris Clarity - Posted By: homt

Can anybody provide some input about this platform? Good, bad, easy....



Anyone working for or have ever worked for Premier Med Net? - Posted By: ***

Recently took a job with them - out of Kentucky.  The work is great - easy docs, no ESLs, enough work to meet my needs, the owners seem really nice.  Wanted to know if anyone has worked for them or currently works for them.  Are there any pay issues or workload issues?  I just started and everything seems great, communication is a little lacking, though. - just hope it is not too good to be true.

Philbrick and ZyloMed - Posted By: Maryann

Anyone with current info on these two companies would you please post regarding their pros and cons.  Archives information was outdated.  Thanks.

Sound Medical Transcription - Posted By: MT looking for work.

Anyone know anything about this company? Any info is appreciated. Do they hire ICs or employees? What benefits, if any, do they offer? Are the hours flexible?


Anyone ever heard of... - Posted By: RadKT

TRX inc?

Webmedx work pretty low. Typical for this time of year? sm - Posted By: Ex-Q

I'm fairly new, so just wondering. Having come from the evil Q, it makes me nervous. While at the Q and a couple other companies, this is not the time of year I typically ran out of work--Christmas, T-giving, 4th of July, yes, now, no. Thanks.

Hurricane having effect on MTs? Are any companies preparing for problems or solutions for Katrina? - Posted By: etpformerly

I suspect some will be off the grid for a while.  Wonder if this board will have a way to help with transcription usually done by MTs in La, Al, and other areas?

8 cpl for standard and 3 cpl for VR - that's a crock! - Posted By: mtme

There is little to no standard typing for which you can make 8 cpl. It is 90/10 in favor of VR. If you buy into the slick sales job the VR snake oil vendors put forth and can actually double your output per hour, you are making 6 cpl. What a joke!

Applying on job board - Posted By: Teri

When click on job opportunities on job board, do you click Apply underneath the Google ad? It always says I don't have the right to view that page. Just wondering if my resume is getting sent to where I want it to go. Thanks.

For anyone working for QED...sm - Posted By: Becky

Would someone currently working for QED please e-mail me?  TIA

Focus Infomatics- I was warned, have no one to blame but myself. - Posted By: MT

They are the most disorganized company I have ever tried working for. After signing you on, it takes 3 weeks to months before actually working. I was eventually emailed by team lead welcoming me to the company giving me the name of the account I was on, and that I would be pleased to know that it was a very GOOD account.  They set up training, which was 25 minutes.  Thank goodness it was a program I was familiar with.  I was emailed the account specs, and sure enough it seemed to be a relatively good account.  Then I had to wait 3 days before getting username and ID to get into system.  After getting ID,  ID did not work.  After a week, I IM'd team lead asking if she knew when I would be up and running..  She says Oh you're not working yet, I'll call my supervisor. I get an email this morning from someone from Timbuktu asking to get into my computer to download another account. This particular account, I had heard about on the forum was a terrible account.  After approximately 1 month of not being set up to work, I call it quits.  They won't hear from me again until they call asking for their footpedal.

who - Posted By: cupid

just wondering what constitutes some posts getting a flame icon besides the posting?  thanks!

Why do they bother? - Posted By: tmt

I was contacted by a company to work for them.  I told them exactly the days I could work and how much I was willing to work.  When they sent work for the weekend, I explained to them that I do not work weekends.  Well, I did not hear from them again.  Tried contacting them Monday.  Tried sign on Monday and was locked out.  Did not get a email until Tuesday afternoon stating my quality was just not good enough.  I've been at this for 15 years!

SPI -- How long . . . . - Posted By: typingforpennies

How long after testing with SPI until they let me know if I passed or failed?  Just wondering . . . do any of you know?

any input on Shapin? thanks - Posted By: thanks


MDI-MT - Posted By: ILMT

Can anyone tell me what the minimum line requirement is to work for MDI-MT? 

Any info on Moretti Transcription? - Posted By: just wondering. nm


Does ShortHand or SmarType work with the company DiskWriter's system? - Posted By: Rose


Panhandle Transcription Nebraska - Posted By: Penny

Has anybody worked for this company before in Chadron, NE?    Any feedback would be appreciated. 

question about MDI-FL - Posted By: Ab

Does anyone get hired under or work under the MDI-FL name still, or have they phased out the name and is it all just Transcend now?

Does anyone know why Documed keeps - Posted By: sm

advertising for the same position?  Several months ago I tested and passed for the ortho account but then she never followed through. I keep seeing the same ad.

Anyone have a ballpark salary for managers? - Posted By: Ready to move past the line thiefs

Two years ago I made $51K as an MT, and it is gradually going down because of line scalping. Thanks for your input.

I testing for MT companies wasn't so long and tiring - Posted By: justme

I want to change jobs, but the testing for a new job is so long and tiring. I feel like most of the employment tests i've taken are too lengthy. Also, my job runs out of work often, so I have to flex time to make up the work, and by the time I'm finished wasting my life away on the computer waiting for the jobs to trickle down, I'm too tired to take a test.

I understand the need for testing. I wish the tests could be condensed down.

Just venting.

Any info on Line By Line Transcription please???nt - Posted By: Again...


Am I the only one at TT with no work? sm - Posted By: DS

I love this company but I am struggling to get a paycheck I can live on.  For the past 3 weeks, I have been working maybe 6 hours a day, sometimes 4, sometimes 5 hours a day.  I see all these posts from people at TT who are swamped with work.  I just don't get it?!

Deventure - Posted By: tinglefinger

I see unanswered posts about Deventure and thought I would give my opinion. I am new there, but impressed. Setup was extremely smooth and recruiter, supervisor, and tech people are on the ball. Good feedback and encouragement. Great accounts and not-so-great accounts. The constant ads are because they are adding new accounts by the minute.


Path transcription. - Posted By: MT2Old

I have talking with a company about pathology transcription for a certain amount  per report.  Any pathology transcriptionists out there with input ?  Thanks. (gross/micro) No ESLs. Any opinions appreciated.

Why is Transtech still advertising for MT's - Posted By: when we're low on or out of work?

Transolutions vs Spheris? Amy $$ to be made? - Posted By: sm

Wondering about their platforms.  I know Transolutions pays more cpl, but is it truly possible to make the line counts with their platforms?  Any info on Spheris' new Clarity platform?  Current employees' feedback appreciated.  THANKS!!! 

Don't you hate waking up early on weekend to find NJA. (sm) - Posted By: nn

One thing good about it, it allows you the opportunity to flex some.  I went back to bed for another hour.  What the heck!!! Then when I got up I had 2, yep 2, reports to do.  Waiting again. 

This is the last day of payperiod and I think many of us were having to try and get our lines/hours in this weekend to finish up the payperiod. 

Hope we all make it.  Good luck to one and all.

I start a PT gig in a little over a week.  Don't think Christmas would be very plentiful for the children if I didn't. 

Precyse Solutions--Does anyone know if they still require you to use their computer? - Posted By: WanderingMT

I know they advertise that they provide it, but do you have to use theirs? I'd rather work for someone that didnt require you to use their computer. Thanks

Wound care clinics - Posted By: Siren

Looking for feedback on wound care accounts.  How does this compare to acute care?

Companies that outsource to other companies? - Posted By: Neick

Anyone know of any reliable companies that will outsource to American companies and pay a decent line rate? I am amazed at what the companies charge and then want to offer in this business anymore.

Med-Tech - Posted By: Lisa

I tested with Med-Tech a few days ago and I got an E-mail today to contact them regarding my scores. Does anyone know if this is a good company and/or if this is good news? Thanks!


Any info about MD-IT Intelligent Transcriptions/Louisville Division? - Posted By: shorty

Any information on this company is greatly appreciated. 

KS Question (sm) - Posted By: mt

Does anyone know if the lead that was on the accounts with the previous lag time issues is gone?  I never see her name on any e-mails anymore - and was just simply curious why.....appreciate the info...

Any info on Transhealth or TC-Transcription? nm - Posted By: Anna D


ATS, Inc - Posted By: bluemt2

Does anyone work for Allegiant Transcription Services, Inc?  If so, can you tell me if you like it or any information would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.

Any info on Probity and Diskriter - Posted By: just me

would be appreciated. 

Fast Chart - Posted By: Looking for Work Too

I'm sorry if this has been posted before.  I couldn't find info.  Any info on whether Fast Chart is any good?  I submitted a resume but want to know, if I hear from them, if I should take the time to test.  Transform too.  Anybody heard of them?

Focus Employee Question - Posted By: Shelly

I am waiting for my first check from Focus Infomatics. I signed up for direct deposit but it wasn't deposited. Do you remember if your first check was a regular check? I asked my managers but they have yet to respond. Thanks!

Anyone work for Axolotl? - Posted By: anon

I am interested to find out what people who work for them think.  All feedback is appreciated

How is it possible that I could land a job..sm - Posted By: MTinTX

right after finishing my MT school, but now that I have more experience and have worked in-house, I can't?  I am getting so frustrated right now.  If I don't land a job soon, we will go into foreclosure on our house.  I have applied to over 25 companies, and I am still applying and testing.

Okay, I just needed to vent for a minute.

Which MTSO use Escription - Posted By: Deidre

Can anyone tell me which MTSO are using Escription or are looking for help.  Thanks!!

Transcend - Posted By: looking for a change..

How is Transcend these days? Looking for a change.

New MLS with question - Posted By: Transcend

How is the work load for you, aside from the regular holiday drop?  How do you like the eScription platform?


Proveros....sm - Posted By: lulu

If anyone is considering working for Proveros, just know that you will have to wait 30 days before you receive a paycheck, it's in their contract.