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THIS SERVICE OWNER DOES NOT PAY - Posted By: Philis Kortland

A friend of mine has been working for this service owner, located in Arizona, and has received only one paycheck and that was late.  She is now working without being paid, caught up in the I need the job and I need paid.

How do service owners get away with this?  I wonder if contacting the contracted hospital would get her attention since multiple emails from multiple MTs are ignored, voice mails unanswered.

People wonder what happened to transcription?  People like Philis Kortland happened to transcription. 

What recourse does an MT truly have other than to quit?  NONE.

New info on Focus Infomatics - Posted By: Just me

Does anyone have any updated information on Focus Infomatics.  Just offered a position with them, need to know what they are like.  Thanks!!

Webmedx radiology MTs - Posted By: sm

Could you let me know if you have enough work and a ballpark figure on what I can expect to make per line/report with them?  Also, do you have to work strictly certain hours or do they go by lines?   Is it possible to make $600 weekly?  I hear a lot of good things about them and I am thinking of applying.  TIA

Spheris? Word has it one more account was totally outsourced. Sigh - Posted By: ME

Focus Infomatics - Posted By: Pam

Does anyone work for Focus Infomatics.  I started today and am having trouble with the software.  I cannot get the patient information to pull up.  Does this job get easier. 

Fast Chart - Posted By: Steph


Does anybody have any info on Fast Chart? Thanks!

The 2 ads on JS by Jennifer S of Horizon Employment - Posted By: Anonymous

I've tried to find a website for this company, which it probably should have being that they are nationwide.  Nada.

They don't even have their own domain name for email, which is kind of odd for a business.

Something isn't right.  In fact, when I try to find a phone number, any info at all, nada. 

Please be careful with those 2 ads.  JMHO

Question about editing for Transcend? - Posted By: ME

How easy is the editing for transcend?  Have you edited for other companies?  How does it compare.  Thanks!

Was let go from Zylomed because of posting to MTStars board - Posted By: nancydfan

Just a little followup to my post of 10-14-06 post to this board.  The Zylomed MT manager failed to address the real issue I raised concerning taking away regular work without notice or explaination, but decided to let me go today because of my post about their company to this board.  So, because of my comments I have been let go.  Maybe it's best to not name company names (excuse me, my tongue is in my cheek) on a board that's specifically designed to uncover these problems.  So, MTs beware, I guess.  However, I received many supportive emails from others visiting this board--one of those kind MTs referred me to another service that I'm starting with tomorrow (while I beat the pavement locally.)  Much happier MT today!  Feel like I can breathe again.  This board has awesome support.  All worked out well.

Amphion - Posted By: curious rad mt

Anyone happy at Amphion doing radiology ONLY as of September 2009 and can give me any information on platform, pay, benefits, overall happiness with the company?


Carolina Medical - Posted By: Any info?

Anyone have any info on Carolina Medical?  Good/bad? 

Instant Text and Chartscript - Posted By: sleepless

Just got switched to a Chartscript account.  I am wondering if anyone has been able to use their Instant Text in Chartscript.


Or, should I simply bite the bullet, and abandon it in lieu of the Expander program that comes with the system.

Comments re: MDI-MD anyone? - Posted By: Carey

Are a Transcriptionist who has worked for MDI-MD?  Would you mind giving your 2 cents on your experience?  I'd appreciate any information.  NOTE:  No recruiters need reply to this!  Thanks so much.

Ohio Companies - Posted By: Cheryl

Has any one heard of Physicians First Transcription company, or Priority Transcription Company?




Acusis/DRC Teleconference - Posted By: out of a job?

Did anyone attend?  I could not due to illness in family.  Please e-mail me if you wish privately to let me know the bottom line.  Verycurious if the loss of their big account was mentioned.  Thanks.

Current TT MTs - Posted By: MT4Eight

Just curious for your opinions, are you planning on sticking it out with TT or are you actively looking for a new place to work?  I have a job offer with another company and I'm stressing about what to do.  TT was supposed to be one of the best places to work for an MT, and I was excited when I got hired there. I hate to jump ship if things are going to get better.  Just wanted to hear what everyone else had to say. 

What's going on with Medware? - Posted By: SimplyTired

Does anyone know why the sudden huge drop in work? I know it's usually slower this time of year but not this slow. Did they hire too many people?

TransTech - Posted By: Thinking of changing

Thinking of changing to TransTech.  Does anyone know if their line rate is compatible and/or if they pay spaces, headers, and footers?


MxSecure pay per cpl, just contractors?? - Posted By: Need a new job

Does anyone know what MxSecure pays per CPL?  I cannot seem to find this info anywhere, either on their site or elsewhere.  Also, do they just employ independent contractors or do they offer employee status as well?  I'm specifically asking about transcription.  Thanks for any info anyone can provide. 

I HAVE to get out of SPI.  They are driving me insane!!!! 

Do MTSOs run away from experienced MTs? - Posted By: experiencedMT

I have a great MT day job.  I was looking to get a few extra hours a week on another just to fill in my time and to begin IC so someday I can go full time IC and set my own hours. I have a lot of years under my belt.  I just tested with 3 IC firms for part time anytime you want work.  One of them responded and said my test was perfect and they sent me the document compared with their style only corrections.  They said they'd get back to me.  The other 2 companies never did and I know I did well on their tests.

Come to find out, I was speaking to an MTSO owner this week who said really did not plan to hire me because MTs with my experience are hard to control, and it is easier to work with people right out of school, yet she liked my experience and was tempted to work with me.  Really, how is that supposed to make me feel? I have paid my dues, worked for years, done every shift, worked in every situation, including on site hospitals and now that I have a lot of experience people are not calling me? I get lots of calls for full time work, but I already have a job I love.  And they are not afraid of me being demanding.  Because I am not.  We are not all alike.  Just because one person may be a prima donna does not want to follow company regulations, that does not mean that I wouldn't.  If I found out that I were being controlled yes I would leave, but wouldn't anyone?  Then, I realized they also wanted to pay me less per line, a beginning rate.  I did not act insulted. I just did not take the job.

So, to get called back on a p/t position if you have experience, you 1) should not scare them so dumb down your resume. 2) Act very flexible like you will do anything and then proceed to do so 3) do all the above at a lower rate.

Okay, so I got the message. I quit testing for p/t and IC.  I will just work harder and longer hours for the company f/t which does trust me, is not afraid of me, and treats me well.  I am just writing this to say, isn't this some kind of prejudice? What we are supposed to quit in midcareer? Is anyone else out there getting these answers? I learned my lesson. I am not looking anymore, wasting my time doing well on tests, or dumbing down my resume to be paid less. I will probably just sell junk on e bay.


WEBMEDX - Posted By: MT

Can anyone give me some insight on this company?  Do they provide steady work,  do you make your lines and hours either PT or FT, benefits and are MTs appreciated? Thanks!!!

No Spaces - Posted By: Frustrated

For the MTs who do not get paid for spaces, do you ever feel like all you ever get is long reports?  Really feel like I am spinning my wheels lately.  Getting paid for headers doesn't really offset much when every report is long.

Webmedx - worried - Posted By: anon

Is anybody else at Webmedx worried about being out of work so much?  I'm really struggling to get even 35 hours in a week without having to constantly jump on during second shift hours, which is very difficult for me with all I have going on in my home in the evenings.  I'm on the Enterprise platform with multiple accounts. 

If you've been there for over a year, is this a normal fluctuating trend for the company?  I really don't want to have to get a supplemental part-time job.

Orion - Posted By: shelly

has anyone ever heard of or work for orion transcription in Alabama?  If so, can you share any light on this company?  Thank you!

Reduction in rate for ASR work. (sm) - Posted By: nn

I know Medquist does 20% reduction for ASR and I have heard some do 50%.  I can't imagine doing this for 50% less on my line rate.  There must be something more to this.  Info? 

Meditech with KS (sm) - Posted By: mt

Does anyone know if there is a place you can download instructions for Meditech use?  (I couldn't find anything on internet, but would be interested in having copy to refer to.)  Thanks!

fastphalanges RAD position - Posted By: Radt

Has anyone heard from the job posting for a radiology transcriptionists posted by fastphalanges?  I applied and never heard anything.  Just wondering.

Anyone here work for Sten-Tel? nm - Posted By: mtgurl


MXSecure. Anyone heard of them? - Posted By: susancarol

Looks like I'm still looking. 

Anyone worked on both eScription and ExSpeech? - Posted By: ndmt

I would like to know if one platform is better than the other.  I appreciate your input.

Inscribe - Posted By: Daphne

Has anyone heard of a company called Inscribe located in Florida.  They have a job ad on another board.  I did a search here and came up with nothing. 

Anyone currently with CBay? Didn't even know they were still around. Have an ad in - Posted By: Advance. nm


Precyse Solutions - Posted By: Kathy

What's the consensus?  Thanks in advance.

DIT Service-please read - Posted By: jbrown

Has anyone in NC/SC heard or have knowledge of DIT Transcription Service out of Rock Hill SC.  It is my understanding that they are outsourcing to India.  Thanks in advance.

Company Board Software Upgrade. - Posted By: MTStars Support.

All the previous messages are available within archives. Click the URL below.

Spheris Platform and Editors - Posted By: Discouraged

I have become increasinglly discouraged with Spheris.  First, since the new platform was installed, it seems to be getting harder and harder to even meet required line count, where before I went way over my requirements. My pay is nearly down to 1/3 what it used to be before this new platform.

I know, too, a LOT of work has been outsourced to India.  If I could live off $2.00 a day, then I would.

Editors, do not even start me on those.  I have come to realize that most of the editors are indeed in India (take a close look at feed back and spelling of words).  I have one smart@ that constantly berates me and I have about had it. I have been an MT, I am sure, for more years than the Editor has been known medical terminology, yet this editor is allowed to talk down to me?  I would like nothing better than to tell this certain editor to kiss me where the sun don't shine.

I suppose here in a couple of years my job will be obsolete in this company because the $2.00 a day MT's will take over completely, leaving me and many other Spheris employees out of work.


I tried to send Karen Kirby my resume a few times but I keep getting my emails returned. Does anyone know of an alternative email addy for Karen? Karen: If you read this, please contact me if you're still looking MTs. Thx!

What company is the CMT-me, does anyone know? - Posted By: Just curious


Very Confused - Posted By: BRC

I have just signed on with MDI-MD. I am new to this and was never a statutory employee (told that is what I would be) or an IC and I have three questions:

1. I know a lot of people say that MDI-MD is very flexible, but I'm a bit confused. If we must work on a weekend day, how is this flexible if we want to go away for a weekend with our family, or have a weekend event or want to take a vacation? This probably sounds like a stupid question, but I feel that I am stuck now having to work on the weekends and won't be able to do much.

2. Also, if you want to work a lot on weekdays and work less on the weekend I understand you can't do that - the amount you work has to be about the same everyday (including the weekend day), and you have to commit two months ahead to how much you will do each day (including weekends) so they can manage their workflow. Again, where is the flexibility?

3. I have seen postings where people say they can work anytime they want from home. But if you want to get up and work in the middle of the night, and you've already filled your commitment, sounds like you can't do something like that, yet, there is no specific stop and start time since there are no set schedules, only a 24-hour TAT. This makes me even more confused.

Although I didn't feel this way initially, I am starting to feel like I don't know the rules for what I'm getting into and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.

Info on AccuScribe LLC out of South Carolina, they - Posted By: Carly d

have offered me a job at 9 cpl part time.  I would appreciate the good or the bad!  TIA!

AccuPro - Posted By: Wendy

Current AccuPro transcriptionists, how do you like working for this company, pros and cons, please.  They have an ad on the job board for oncology and before I test with them, I would like to know what you think.


Has anyone ever heard of Terra Nova Transcription or work there. - Posted By: PAMT


CyberScribeUSA - Posted By: sister_mt

Does anyone know anything about this company? I tested with them a few days ago, but still haven't heard back from them. Are they usually slow with getting back with ya or pretty quick? I don't know what to think! Thanks!!

Anybody of you out of work other than me? nm - Posted By: Transtech'ers out of work? ??


Advance - Posted By: Radtrans

Any info on this company? 

Spheris good/bad or otherwise?? - Posted By: Liz

Any information on this company??? Currently 20 years experience as MT.. looking to change companies, unhappy with present !!

MDI-Maryland - does anyone know if they are hiring? sm - Posted By: justme

Sent 2 e-mails to the recruiter but haven't heard back. Don't know if they are inundated with requests or just not interested.

Alacri-Tech Solutions - Posted By: Advice

Any info on Alacri-Tech Solutions such as software, flexibility, management and payment? Thanks in advance!

What about First Choice Medical? sm - Posted By: jan

Nothing in the archives, is that good or is that bad? Thanks.

Transcend and testing - Posted By: JoAnn

WOOHOO!!!  I heard back from the recruiter an hour after I took the test and I'll be setting up a phone interview.  How refreshing to hear from a company right away regarding testing and possible employment.  I've taken tests with companies where you never hear from them, even if you think you did well.  Transcend...you rock!!!