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MTStars.com initially began its journey through cyberspace on December 8, 2001, offering Medical Transcriptionists a place to network. MTStars has experienced amazing growth over the past 9 years to over 20,000 members and 3 million visits per month!

MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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ZyloMed - Posted By: mt42long

Any info on ZyloMed? TIA

One last thing - Posted By: Webmx MT

I just finished my shift for the week. I calculated what I make now versus what I will be making when the pay cut takes effect, and I was floored. I will be making $250 less per month! That is so huge! I am truly having a hard time getting my brain around it.

And before I get flamed by everyone who feels the need to belittle me and call me a victim, let me say I am not a victim. I am trying very hard not to be a victim

But what I am is scared. SCARED. My finances are already stretched so thin that I truly do not know what I am going to do. I am not just sitting back and whining. My head is spinning with trying to figure out what to do next.

I know there are many more like me out there, and I feel for you. Don't kick us while we are down. We need some time to regroup, some time to get our thoughts together, and some time to get this figured out. If we want to get together and cry on each others shoulders, then so be it. If you don't like it, fine, just leave us alone, don't read the posts. The last thing we need are unsolicited opinions from the hateful people on this site. 

I welcome any venting or whining or crying. It's perfectly okay with me.

escription platform - Posted By: x

Has anyone worked or does work on escription platform?  Just wanting to know if you can make a good line count on it.  I don't know whether or not to apply for a company that uses it. Any info greatly appreciated.

Any Webmedx people...sm - Posted By: Wondering

Just wondering if anyone has rec'd their W2 forms from Webmedx yet?  I no longer work there, but was employed for about a month last year, so I have no idea when to expect the W2.


Thanks in advance!

transcend good or bad? - Posted By: curious

Seriously - can anyone give me some info about Transcend?   How is management?  How is QA?  How is the work - enough or not enough to keep busy?Would like to hear from MTs working for them now or have worked for them.  

Post about mt world - Posted By: dorothy

There was a post last evening about MT World being a scam, a couple people asked for an explanation and now the post is gone - why was it deleted?  If this place is not legitimate we should know because American Transcription Solutions is advertising and they are part of MT World.

Can you guys believe this!!! - Posted By: Notstupid

I am sick and tired of taking these so-called top notch transcription tests with the most difficult grammar questions, BOS-style like questions, abbreviations, what is a plural,etc, and only having an hour to complete the test.  I just recently jumped through hoops for a compnay I shall not name.   The VP told me I had exactly one hour to complete the all most impossible task.   Well, I passed her fricking test.  Then, she told me to gear up I had exactly until the end of the day to complete her 4 wave files.  I completed them.  After all this, she had the nerve to offer me a full-time IC position at 7 cpl.  The wave files I heard require more than 7 cpl and why on god's green earth would I take an IC job doing acute care for 7cpl, I would be losing money.  Then, she had the nerve to set a schedule for me Monday-Friday starting from 9 am to 5 pm.  No thank you.  I will keep right on looking.  I do not need this stress.  I am going in-house.  I simply outdone. 

Thanks for letting me vent.

Serviss...any current info on this company? NM - Posted By: MTinWV


Can you tell me how to contact VanBelkum. nm - Posted By: curious


Legal Transcription - Posted By: Susan

I am a MT who may want to cross over to legal trans because of the BS...anybody know any good companies to try???

I've heard mixed things about MediTech platform...can anyone weight in on (sm) - Posted By: Too Old MQer

its pros and cons? I'm going to be learning it in my new job soon. I couldn't find much in the archives that is very recent. Thanks.

Companies that use SoftMed/ChartScript? sm - Posted By: frustrated

I am looking to move from an employee position at a hospital into a PT or IC position. We currently use SoftMed/ChartScript. Are there any companies that use this platform that hire for PT employees or IC?

Thanks for your help! 

Zylomed and other companies - Posted By: Running Circles

Can anyone give me current information on Zylomed?  I did some research but all that I could find was from 2004.  I am looking for any type of information on this company.  For that matter ... can any Transcriptionist out there recommend a REALLY good company?  Do these exist any longer?  I have been transcribing for 23 years for a multi-specialty clinic and our department was recently phased out.  I have also worked part-time for a hospital and 2 services.  I see these postings on here for companies and once I do my research on a company no one ever really has anything nice to say about ANY of them so I'm going crazy here. 

Has BeyondTXT improved over the years? sm - Posted By: curious

Just wondering since it will be new to me.  Thanks!

Entry-level work - Posted By: mgm

What companies like to hire recent grads other than Focus and Encompass?

TransTech Line Counts - Posted By: TTechMT

I thought it was necessary to follow up the posts regarding line counts.  This was explained in detail yesterday from the company.  It just goes to show that questions such as these should be directed to the office rather than complaints issued here.  I think it tends to create a negative view of a company undeserving of such. 

Just wanted to clarify.  They really are 1 in a million. 


bring MT jobs home - Posted By: kathleen keane

With the economy tanked probably a great time to contact your local senator/representative and ask that all of the jobs which were shipped overseas be brought back home.  We can no longer afford to subsidize foreign countries when we were are broke here at home. 

Medware new accounts - Posted By: Mting

Does anyone know if the acute care accounts Medware are adding will include radiology?

Are there any companies out there that provide equipment - Posted By: Sandy in GA

for their transcriptionists?  I am finally able to get high speed internet services in my area and am anxious to get started working at home. 

Thank you for any information. 

Nashville MT--Please SM RE M. Turner - Posted By: BG MT

Martha was killed Monday evening in a car wreck.  I thought this was something you might want to know. 

Funny you should ask... - Posted By: see message

I don't do anything other than MT from home, but I just saw something on TV last night where a lady has made her own business called The Handwork Studio teaching children how to knit.  It looked to me like she sat about 6 children around a table and was teaching them how to knit.  I thought what a wonderful idea.  So many are looking for things like this for their children for the social interaction.  The lady said she is having the time of her life.  Do you have a hobby that you could share in regards to teaching a class?  Made me wonder.... 

Future Net - Posted By: Shelly

Does anyone have any current info on Future Net?  Everything in the archives is over a year old.  Do they offshore?  Thanks in advance!

Any updated info on...Transcription South Inc in Florida? TIA - Posted By: TIA

Any ATSI info out there? - Posted By: MT-headed

Good/bad to work for? Easy platform? Pay on time?  TIA.

Anybody know anything about True Scribe? nm - Posted By: curious


Does anyone ever hire entry level MT? - Posted By: Laurie

Hi all, I was wondering if there is any company out there hiring for entry level MTs.  I have the Medical background and the typing skills.  I'm a fast learner and looking to work at home as an MT.  Anyone have any suggestions?



Getting paid by audio hour - Posted By: Amylou

I have not gotten paid by audio hour before and just wondered if anyone has an idea what good pay per audio hour is? It's straight typing for seminars/speakers. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Word around the office is that the - Posted By: Just me

national I work for just sold to SPI? If so, are they good to work for? Should we be scared? The owners are being very evasive even to mgt and rumors are rampant here in the office. With the way they communicate to us, we will get an email from them on Friday at 5 p.m. saying they sold the company and the new owners take over at 5:01 p.m. Should have known this was coming when they only signed a 6 month renewal lease on their new building. Heads up people in Florida, big announcement should be coming soon if this is true.

Does anyone know of a company hiring ICs for PT? Thanks!! - Posted By: drmindreader

I am looking for part-time work as an IC.  Does anyone know of a good company?

Anyone know of a really good online Radiology word/phrase - Posted By: MT Jayne

resource site?  TIA.

Anyone work for MTS of Kansas LLC - e-mail me nm - Posted By: Kaydee


JLG Transcription - Can anyone tell me about them? Pay,weekends, nice staff, decent platform? You - Posted By: sc

can email me because I want the God to honest truth!  Thanks :)

To WMX cheerleaders who are telling us - Posted By: ChartMatrix MT

to stop whining because we haven't tried the new platform yet. I have been using the platform for a year. I just got done doing a report that STILL required extensive editing, and lucky me, I am going to be paid even less!  After a year, I repeat, a year, this wonderful magical ISR is still making the same errors that I have to correct over and over and over and over, day after day. I certainly do not see where that is productive. For example, it puts 5 to 0 nylon for 5-0 nylon. How many times should you have to correct that for it to finally learn? I have made that correction hundreds of times, and it still doesn't get it.  It leaves out whole chunks of sentences and doesn't even get words that are perfectly clear. Some reports turn out good, some are complete garbage. My production has increased a little, but no where near what they claimed. 

So stop telling me to calm down and give it a chance. I have given it a chance. I will be very interested in what you think of it after you have used it for awhile.

At least the Enterprise people have some glimmer of hope that maybe it won't be a cut in pay for you, but for me, it was most definitely a cut in pay.

Anyone know of a good company for QA - Posted By: without these problems ...

I left a company about a year ago and went back to work as MT because some of the QAs had a clique.  Not only would they save the worst reports for me (the new person), at least one of them would call in sick or claim to have an internet outage or power outage if all of them weren't working that day.  They would not answer instant messages or emails.  That is not my imagination.  I saw it all the time.  I remember only a few times that everybody worked as scheduled but since I was the new person I couldn't say anything.  I found out later that other people had quit for the same reason. 

I broke my thumb last fall and want to go back to work in QA but surely not for that company, but I want to know if there are any good companies that don't have this problem with the QA department.  Thank you for your help. 

A Transcend ? re: IC vs. employee - Posted By: TW

Anyone here who's done both who can tell me what-is-what would be wonderful.  I have an interview coming up and was hoping someone who's been on both sides of the tracks can elaborate on the differences, the plusses and minuses with particular reference to this company.  I relish flexibility and not been hounded with Big Brother watching my every move so That aspect of IC is calling out to me, however there are so many benefits to employee status that I could use too.  I'll take whatever they give me just to get away from MQ but I was just wanting some info to think about over the weekend. 

Thanks so much !  

Yet another MDI-MD question - Posted By: Kate

I will be doing my training soon and can't figure out how to send my PC ShortHand Expanders to the tech so it can be converted to BayScribe.  This is driving me crazy...I really would hate to have to start all over adding to BayScribe's expander.  Please help, if possible.  Thank you.

Is it true that CorT is bouncing checks and LYING? - Posted By: Soon to be former

Did anyone start with VitalType doing plastic surgery files? - Posted By: How goes it if you did? NM


Now it makes sense why so many are coming out - Posted By: singing the praises of Transcend's VR

They had an announcement offering an increase in the recruitment bonus and telling them to go to MTStars and MTChat to let people know about Transcend.  LOL  Well that explains all the "endorsements" and being happy with $13.50 an hour as the poster below said.

DSG QA pay??? - Posted By: ??

Can someone please email me with additional information on the pay range for QA at DSG?


Is Precyse a good company? - Posted By: daniadair

I am supposed to talk with them soon after testing out okay.  Just curious if they are good company to work for.

Does anyone know if we can begin 401K any time? - Posted By: Spheris employee

Or is it one of those things that have to be done in January and if you miss it, you wait another year...

Thanks.  Have a call in and am waiting for their return phone call.

Chartscript - Posted By: ER MT

I just took on a new account that uses Chartscript. I have never used this platform before. It is a good, stable platform that is easy to use? I have worked mostly in ExText and have never even seen Chartscript before. I just want to be prepared. Thanks!

How do I... - Posted By: MT in MT

Well, I am happy to say I accepted an IC position and will be leaving MQ.  I was told that I can transfer my Expander keys and spell checker to my new computer but have no clue as to how to do this.  Is there any kind soul out there who can tell me how to transfer all of this information to my new computer for my new company (MDI)??  I would be forever grateful!!

p.s. please keep in mind that if you do know how to do this that I know very little about computers so you will need to kind of dumb down your explaination a bit, so I will understand what you're talking about!  Thanks...

K&R Consulting, Inc? - Posted By: Anyone work for.....

Just wondering if anyone has heard of or worked for K&R Consulting, Inc??? thoughts??

ANYONE helpful at OSi? - Posted By: anon

Hey-I'm the one who asked earlier for some opinions on the management thing that had come open there.  Thanks for your input, y'all.  I'm sorry I'm staying anonymous--as long as I'm still stuck there, I need to.

Here's my latest question:  Is there ANY higher-up there who is helpful?!   Identifying employees not allowed.  Posters can email you through the links below.

There are a couple of people there who have it in for me.  I'm a XXXX good transcriptionist--I catch all the errors the dictators make, and don't even get me started on how grammatically awful and also unprofessional my team leader is (which is why I don't speak to my team leader about my problems).  Ever since I caught her out in a lie and also mentioned a couple flaws in the system, it has become very clear that, despite the fact that I'm one of the best they've got, they'd love to have a reason to get rid of me. 

This is unfair (duh).  Is there ANYONE nice there?!

Thank you very much.

How many MT's are employed there? - Posted By: Interested in Transtech

Just out of curiosity, wonder how big they are.  Don't want to get with one of the biggies!  Is there a great turnover with MT's?

Know anything about LS Services a sibsidiary - Posted By: of iMedX ? - nm


company in New Hampshire - Posted By: walk the dog

does anyone recall a post of a company in New Hampshire that uses escription?  Thanks in advance!

looking for weekend work - Posted By: Cheryl Brooks

I would like to obtain weekend transcription. I do work a full time 40 hour weekday job and would like to pick up some weekend work. If anyone knows of any, please let me.