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MTStars.com initially began its journey through cyberspace on December 8, 2001, offering Medical Transcriptionists a place to network. MTStars has experienced amazing growth over the past 9 years to over 20,000 members and 3 million visits per month!

MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

MTStars offers a wealth of information for medical transcription industry in the form of many discussion forums (an archive of 1.5 million messages), Medical Transcription Jobs, Resume Bank and much more.

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Hope? - Posted By: Meryl

Ok, thanks to all of you who gave me information regarding decent online MT companies.  however, of all the recommendations, none of them appear to hire new grads.

be honest with me, am i pretty much doomed to working for a bad company for 2-5 years until I gain enough experience to be hired by a decent company?

..this does not seem promising :(

These are the times I wish I was paid a flat fee - Posted By: Really stressed


Just wanted to vent.  Work has been slow on my primary account and I have been juggling around about 4 different back up accounts.  Sadly, for the last 2 days, I have been on a particular account in which it sounds like this woman is dictating through a pillow.  I mean she almost sounds like one of the Peanuts teachers.  There are so many blanks in my documents, because I just CANNOT hear her!! Even the QA said since I am new to account that one of my documents had some blanks, but even she couldn't understand what she was saying.  Needless to say, it is taking me almost 45 minutes to do a 2-1/2 minute to 3-minute dictation.  I am so irritated and angry.  This is really cutting down on my production.  Not to mention my que is filled up with this SAME dictator.  Sorry I had to vent, but these are the times I wish I worked for a flat hourly rate.

WordZXpress - Posted By: jocyjaid2

Does anyone have any info about WordZXpress? So far I like what I hear...I have passed the test and am waiting for the 2nd phone interview. Any info would be appreciated!!



companies with reasonable insurance - Posted By: I like TransTech...

... but not enough to have my premiums double from one payday to the next.  Surely there are companies still with reasonable insurance.  I get it that everything is going up everywhere but please if you have information on companies wtih still reasonable rates I need to know. 

No work - Posted By: Just an MT

Don't you feel it is morally wrong for a company to overhire and then have you sit there waiting for work, which may come out in dribs and drabs or may not come at all.  At the end of your required hours you have NADA and you are expected to flex to make up the lines at all hours.  If you don't do so, you can't make the lines needed to get benefits and PTO.  Any comments on this?  Is this behavior legal?

KEYSTROKES- (sm) - Posted By: mt

Anyone else not able to put their line count on the intranet?  (Does this happen sometimes?)  Thanks!

What is the normal number of backup accounts - Posted By: an MT should have???

I have just been placed on my 5th backup account in the last month and a half.  I just know I am going to mess something up, trying to keep all of these straight.  When do you say enough is enough?  Is it even acceptable to say enough is enough?

Amphion - Posted By: Still looking

Narrowing job prospects down...... kinda.  :o)  Anyone have any information on Amphion?   Thanks! 

Can someone please tell me how expensive Transtech insurance is.....sm - Posted By: LMT

for self only?  low deductibles.

Nationals with 10- to 12-hour window to work 8 hrs? - Posted By: MT student

I did a search in the archives, but the info I found was a little outdated. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Medivoxx - Posted By: cmdtrans

The application requires the applicant to fill in "compensation desired (be specific)".  I was receiving 6.5 cents per line.  The lines were not character driven but rather carriage return determined.  I know I would make a lot less at this rate with a character driven line so I would want to ask higher than that, and  I do know there is usually a different rate for editing.  Can you tell me what the going rates are for each type of transcription, and what I should realistically put here.  Any guidelines would be appreciated.

Info required - Posted By: Lauren

Has anyone worked for Integrity, Venice, Timothy Olyphant? How are the accounts and how is the pay? Any info will be appreaciated. Thanks.

Transcription Relief Services??? - Posted By: Jan Hamrick

Has any ever worked for Transcription Relief Services?  I am thinking about changing jobs and from their ad they sound like a fairly good company to work for.  Just wondering if anyone knows anything about them?

Just sent a resume in to Keystrokes - Posted By: working for peanuts

and Chronicle.  Can anyone tell me how long it takes to hear back from either of them.  Any information on either company, good and bad, would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Diskriter or Medquist? Who pays better? sm... - Posted By: Need help deciding

what benefits does Diskriter offer.  MQ offers some pretty good benefits.  Anybody with any info on which company is better to go with, please post.  TIA

WordZxpressed - Posted By: gotclinic

Would also appreciate any input/feedback on working for this company.  Thanks much!  How long in business, good rates, steady work, etc. 

Anyone heard back from TransHealth? I've applied - Posted By: twice but never hear from them. sm

I have 25 years of acute care experience and great references.  Maybe it's my breath? LOL.

anyone know diskriter platform? - Posted By: Italia


interview - Posted By: marr

I have a job interview coming up this week with MDI.  I don't know much about this company.  Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

Any good companies out there? - Posted By: nm


Newbies - Posted By: Wanda Cox

I'm currently teaching a MT class at a local community college and was wondering what companies hire newbies.  Thanks.

I do not understand. I work for three....sm - Posted By: Passing through

different companies, all on Dictaphone Word Client and all of them count lines differently.  One company I fight to even get 150 lines an hour, if I can even get that, the other one I am doing up to 300 lines an hour, and the third company I usually make around 200 lines an hour easy.  I do the same type of work for all three, the dictators are about the same, but what is the deal?  All the companies use the same software, but they are completely different in how they are counting lines.  Any one else find this?  It just does not make sense to me. 

Americal Medical Transcription (ATSI) - Posted By: Mel

Anyone have knowledge of this company and how they are to work for?  Pros and cons please.  Thanks

Job postings - Posted By: passing through

The companies that are constantly posting jobs post them not necessarily because of growth, it's because they can't keep employees for whatever reason. 

Spheris, OSI, Transtech, TTS, Softscript, Transcend, Medware, etc. offer ridiculous bonuses and other niceties to attempt to get new employees. 

The best companies are word of mouth ONLY. 

It is common knowledge that some companies have NO WORK and other crappy working conditions, i.e. low pay, no pay or late pay, poor management, but they still post jobs. 

Educate yourselves and realize the real reason behind these job postings day in and day out.

medgarde turnaround - I am - Posted By: mt

confused about turnaround time because I am reading up to 5 pm due 8 am.  What does that mean?  I will be getting work in up til 5 pm so at 5 pm if I am still getting work in I have to have that back at 8 the next day?  At 3 pm no later I am done for the day so please explain.  Thanks

Diskriter - Posted By: New Keystroker

Am considering a job with Diskriter.  Anyone provide any input as to ability to make a decent line count, how the ChartScript platform is and if their equipment (PC) is reliable.  Any other pros or cons? 

All American Medical Transcription - Posted By: sm

Seeking current comments on this company...

-Is pay on time?
-Do they pay via direct deposit?
-Are there many ESLs?


information on Breitner Transcription please - Posted By: out of here

Any information of any kind would be great.  anything new with them? 

Anyone got any info on - Posted By: Kenlyn Contractors? (nm)


IC Position - Posted By: Job Seeker

Hi, can anyone give me the name of a "good" company that is currently hiring IC or statutory status MTs?  Any information you could provide would be most helpful.  Thanks for your time!

Are there any companies who pay by the minute for acute care? nm - Posted By: butterfingers


MDI and MDI MD - Posted By: Curious

Does anyone know if there ae 2 MDIs? I have been reading posts about MDI and MDI of Maryland. Are these the same company or 2 different companies?


Does the Shorthand program work well? I don'the know - Posted By: marymary

anything about it but I just started a new job with Meditech and there is no associated program for AutoCorrect or macros. They suggested we d/l the ShortHand program which I did d/l the free 30 day trial. I haven't used it yet but I really miss macros and shortcuts...Will it be worth the $99.99 purchase price when my 30 days expires?  Thanks.

SS At It Again - Posted By: just shoot me now

For all of you considering the SS ad.  Please don't.  Take it from someone who has never posted to these forums but that has worked at this company for too many years.  Its finally the last straw.  In Aug we were promised a quality incentive of either 1/2 cent extra for all lines typed in a pay period of 1 cent extra for all lines typed in a pay period if your quality score met a certain point.  Mine did and always has in the past.  It took them until October to even give us all a quality score because all the QA people kept quitting.  Finally, the score comes out, I qualify but no extra pay in my check.  3 emails to both VPs and head of QA were never answered over the past 2 months.  I still have the email promising it but no one is responding.   Now they are offering a DVD player to anyone who refers an MT who will work for them for more than a week.  I say good luck.  I'm looking for a new job finally.

Any info on Advantec MTI in FL? - Posted By: CrazyMT

Needing to vent alittle - Posted By: Couldn't believe it

I inquired about a job with Medivoxx, before I realized they used VR and expected you to transcribe and edit.  The information I received back stated that after two weeks uncompensated pay, the following 30 days would be 3 cpl, and then 5, and eventually 7.  Before I went any further, I asked approximately how many lines/day VR editing runs, as I would think it would be higher than transcribing since you are not actually typing it all out, but editing.  I wanted to know all this before I considered quiting the job I have now, which is not a transcription job, I am only doing that part time and am looking for full time. My response to this question was to not quit my current job.  This seems alittle odd to me, so I wanted to vent and share this info with everyone else.  Thanks

Webmedx training period. Is it 8 hours a day or... - Posted By: Cassie

whatever period of time your trainer designates for those first few days.  I'm starting Webmedx on Monday.  I guess I could wait to find out, but would be nice to know what others' experiences have been.  Thanks!!


Regretfully, we have had an incident where an unscrupulous offshore individual has placed an advertisement for employment, pretending to be an actual US-based company. Apparently, some have applied and even begun to work by this ad with an abrupt cancellation.

The owner of the actual company (US-based) has contacted us and is understandably upset.

We have removed the advertisement and placed a ban on this individual. Please, if you have responded to or are corresponding with anyone related to the ad, we advise you to stop.

The ad was posted on 10/03/08 by Timothy Olyphant and the subject was Seeking Contractors. This what the ad stated:

We are currently seeking contractors for Transcription Project. Audio is downloaded via FTP. Preferably, these contractors would work the morning shift clearing jobs as they come through the server. We are looking for contractors committed to do 5000 lines/day, Tuesday through Saturday. This contractor positions are available immediately. Interested contractors can send in the resumes/contractor profile to integritymedicaltranscription@yahoo.com. Please quote your rate per line.

Please note that this ad is a scam and the email address is not the actual address of the real US-based company.

We encourage you to contact the Administrator (admin@mtstars.com) or one of our Moderators (cher@mtstars.com, javabean@mtstars.com) with any complaints or suspicions you have about advertisements on MTStars' Job Seeker's Board.


MTStars Team

Low work is all around - Posted By: but.....

I have worked for 5 companies over the past year - all of which had low work from time to time - and I have to say that TransTech bends over backwards to accommodate my workload and personal needs; therefore, I do the same for them.  They are the only company that has treated me with respect as an equal human being.  Every single person in administration, QA and tech support has been wonderful.  They don't harass me with e-mails and IM's either.  They leave me alone to do my job.  If I do begin to run out of work I will get an IC job somewhere else to help out but I haven't needed to do that so far.  I did not want to move to speech but I'm glad I did and now I can do just about anything, which we need to know how to do these days.

new career for some of you younger folks - Posted By: steady eddie

I have been helping my son investigate career options and discovered that dental hygienists make 62K a year after completing a mere two-year program. 

I guess one must ask oneself if they are squeamish about cleaning out other people's mouths, but I think I could get over it pronto (if I was younger) knowing how this profession has gone down the spit sink.

Can someone explain to me why there are - Posted By: companies on this site that say they are dedicated

to keeping MT jobs in the U.S.  I did a search/find and came across a company who swears they are dedicated to keeping jobs in the US - no offshore need apply.  ????



Hils Transcription - Posted By: memt

Can anyone tell me something about Hils Transcription in Alabama?

QA - Posted By: susan

Just a question....is a QA person the same as an editor? 


SPI account managers meeting - Posted By: OLDTIMERMT

Well, Well....The account managers are at a conference in Nashville once again...I have heard rumors that some of them are going to fight for the MTs to get paid for headers/footers once again!!!  GOOD LUCK TO THEM!!  The last time they had a big account managers meeting like this (sometime last year) both my account manager and senior account manager left the next week!!!!  Wonder how many they are going to lose this time???   I heard there is plenty of work now, but the problem is there isn't anyone left to type it, so they are trying to work to death the ones that are left...what a mess!!!

New KS employees...VPN/HBO - Posted By: so lost

Has anyone figured out how to get on the internet while on VPN/HBO Star yet?  I hate this ugh

Rapid Outsource Imaging - Posted By: ANON

Be aware of this company.  I did testing for them, which were very simple.  They claimed that made mistakes that I DID NOT make. I have my copies to prove it.  Be very aware of this company.  They are not worth testing for. 

8 cpl for standard and 3 cpl for VR - that's a crock! - Posted By: mtme

There is little to no standard typing for which you can make 8 cpl. It is 90/10 in favor of VR. If you buy into the slick sales job the VR snake oil vendors put forth and can actually double your output per hour, you are making 6 cpl. What a joke!

Okay, I have seen everything now ... - Posted By: Victoria

  1. King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital
    Contact: Anas Al-Fawaz
    Al-Oruba St, PO Box 7191, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, International 11462
    Telephone: 0096614821234 ext.4711, Fax:

  2. Title of position: Supervisor
    Experience: 5 years as a transcriptionist.
    Location of position: International position
    At home or company: Work at company
    Full or Part time: Full-time position
    Employee Type: Employee
    Type of Transcription: Hospital transcription
    Specialty: Ophthalmology
    Job Description: Responsible for guiding and assisting the Transcriptionist to ensure accurate and timely transcription of dictated medical information. Liaises with medical staff and interdepartmental staff regarding transcription of medical reports. REQUIREMENTS: High School graduate (essential) Formal Medical Transcription training (desirable) Certification as a Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) by the American Association of Medical Transcriptionist (AAMT) (desirable) Minimum of five (5) years experience as a medical transcriptionist in an acute care facility providing ophthalmological services to physicians with foreign accents. Minimum of one (1) year experience in training transcriptionists. Specialized knowledge in general medical terminology including ophthalmology and pharmacology. Knowledge of digital dictation system at user level Minimum typing speed of 65 words per minute.
    Hardware/Software: Microsoft Word and Excel
    Method of sending/receiving dictation: In-House Dictaphone Dictation System
    Compensation Information:
    Date Posted: 2009-09-11 10:18:31.0


Companies offering IC - Posted By: rysgram

Does anyone know of any companies where you can still be an IC, and they take your taxes out?  I loved being an IC, and would like to go back that way again. 

Landmark Transcription - Posted By: Miss Willy

Does anyone work for these people?  Any info on this company?  Thanks.