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Company...sm - Posted By: Donna

If you work for a company that does not outsource work offshore, I would encourage you to post it here for those MTs who make the decision to support companies that hire only American MTs and consider working for them rather than helping make the companies that outsource richer.  Let's see how well they do without us faithful, hardworking, awesome American MTs!!

Also, to add one last word of thought.  If you accept a position with a company with a national that outsources just because the pay is a little better, you may be selling yourself short for an extra cent or two just like they do by outsourcing to make an extra buck.  Just something to think about. 

Software - Posted By: Rhonda

Anyone know what software All Type uses?

Any info on QED...sm - Posted By: Passing through

Getting ready to go through testing process and cannot seem to find any information on them.  Thanks

Paydays sm - Posted By: MT

Can anyone tell me how the following companies pay (i.e. twice a month, every other Friday, etc.)? I really do not like being paid twice a month and looking for a company that pays every other Friday.  I did a search and couldn't find anything.  Thanks in advance.




Phoenix Medcom - I think they pay every other Friday.

AccuPro - Posted By: Marilyn

Does anyone currently work for AccuPro?  I see they have a new ad here on MT Stars for a combination position of MT/VR for Hematology/Oncology. I would really like to hear from anyone who might specifically work on this account.  They state it is predominantly VR work with some transcription, so I would like to know if you like working for this company and if you can make a decent salary doing this combination. You hear so many bad things here about VR work and I have never done it before, so if anyone who currently works for AccuPro could tell me how you like the company, etc. before I apply, I would greatly appreciate any info.  I searched the archieves, but did not find anything recently posted.  Thanks so much!

Transhealth - Posted By: marymt

Any info appreciated, I searched the archives, but couldn't find anything after 2005


MT CRAP!  I have over 30 years experience.  Started for a company that I have been working with for 3 1/2 weeks to get the software setup.  They couldn't get things working so they tried another account.  Said it was on the hospital end and not my fault.  Got that account set up and got in the system.  Did one report, got knocked off system and now can't get in.  Called person, she said I have to wait till somebody else gets in to call me back  (I don't know when that is) and they may or may not be able to get this set up.

I have a feeling I am getting screwed big time.  This place is backed up three weeks. I am wondering if they just want you to get them caught up and then nothing you have no job.  O yeah, you get a total of about 10 minutes of training.

I QUIT!  They want experienced MTs, they get em and then they treat you like this.  I will scrub floors!

why are they hiring again? - Posted By: former medware

Just quit because there was no work and now they are hiring?  What a stoopid move.

Is Edix former management at Transcend? - Posted By: Just wondering.


not paid the second half - Posted By: notpaidMT

Ok, about a month ago, I posted about a service who would not answer emails, phone calls, about paying me what was owed.  She paid me less than half of what she owed, and now I have waited patiently to get the balance and once again she will not answer emails or phone calls.  She is blatantly ignoring me. I emailed her and asked her WHEN she plans to pay me.  She has in her contract that she pays twice a month when the docs pay her. Well, this is going into the 3rd month now.  I have gotten that ONE check which was less than half what she owes.  I no longer work for her, as she locked me out of her system when I kept emailing her.  (GO FIGURE!), who would want to work and not get paid anyway!

I have tried to work with her and give her the benefit of the doubt, but at this point, I think that I am going to have to take other measures. 

Focus Infomatics - Posted By: Pam

Does anyone work for Focus Infomatics.  I started today and am having trouble with the software.  I cannot get the patient information to pull up.  Does this job get easier. 

Does Dictaphone obtain the accounts for the companies who use Dictaphone EXText? - Posted By: Dictaphone EXText accounts

I was just wondering if this is the same as it used to be.  Dictaphone installs the equipment in facilities and then gets a MTSO to take the account.  Therefore, the MT company never solicits for accounts, but Dictaphone notifes them when they have installed equipment in a hospital.

FutureNet - Posted By: TiredMT

Does anyone out there know what transcription program FutureNet uses and how difficult it is to learn?  Just finished my shift at MQ and am exhausted from DQS...Thanks!

New England Transcription - Posted By: workerbee

Has anyone every worked for New England Transcription as an IC?

IC versus Employee - Posted By: kpg

As an IC, you can deduct at 100% all of your expenses.  An an employee, you can only deduct the amount that exceeds 2% of your gross income (if you are married and filing jointly, it is yours and your sponse's combined gross income).  In other words, if your joint combined gross income is $100,000, you can only deduct your expensed over $2000.  That is a huge amount to have to not include.  Check with any tax accountant or IRS regarding this.

Enterprise Access Problem? - Posted By: skeptiwebber

Anyone else using AT&T having trouble logging in to Enterprise to work?  

Considering this company. Pros and cons appreciated. - Posted By: DeVenture likes or dislikes

Steady work flow?  Good benefits?  What platform do they use?  MT friendly platform?  Thanks for your experiences.

Any info on MD-IT in Boulder, Colorado? nm - Posted By: buysmt


Just a thought about VR... (sm) - Posted By: luv2type

I have seen where MTs want to go out and get their own accounts, well what about offering VR for a client with the editing, etc.  There are sites that offer the equipment, for example transcriptiongear.  Of course you would charge enough to cover your editing fees (your pay) and probably even get them to purchase the equipment.  I wonder if an independent could really do this just like the nationals do and write off their expenses, etc.  Sort of like the old saying if you can't beat em', join em' .  I was just pondering this last night for a few minutes.  Then I get up and read my horoscope on my internet home page and it reads:

A business or philanthropic opportunity arises when you share a special interest with a diverse crowd. They admire your commitment to the cause, and you appreciate how enthusiastic they are about your ideas.

Is that not just too coincidental?  I am not making this up.  Thanks for listening.

Are there any good companies that hire part time? - Posted By: MTinTX

I have two years of acute care experience, and I need a part-time job to supplement my current income.  If everything works out, I will need to go to full time in March.  At this time, I can only work Friday and Saturday nights.

I have been applying to several companies, but they keep giving me the run around.  One company even told me I did very well on their test and that I was put in a pool of transcriptionists to be contacted.  The recruiter called me once, and I missed her call.  I called her back and left a message, but I have not heard anything else from her. 

Any advice would be appreciated. TIA!  

Synthescribe editors, please! - Posted By: tyask

Are any of you up to 80 reports per 8 hour shift?  If so, how are you doing that?  I am new as an Editor for them, and just wondering how you manage to get the 80 reports.  Any pointers would be great!  Thanks..........

Not Sure What To Do...Any Suggestions? - Posted By: Victoria

I applied to MQ and took the test prior to reading all the bad reports about them on this site.  They now want me to do a phone interview and I'm not sure I want to.  I have also tested at another company, which I have found out after testing does VR.  I have no clue how to do VR and I'm not sure I want to given the rates and such.  Granted, they also do straight transcription and pay good rates for that.  I have not been asked for an interview yet, but I took the test in the last 12 hours or so.

I am a recent graduate from an AHDI-approved program and have been with my current transcription company since the beginning of the year.  I am currently employed part-time and like the company I am with, except the work load has slowed way down and am lucky to work at all some nights.  The company I was with prior to my current company was an American company but my contact people were in India and I hated working there.  To make it worse, it was verbatim transcription so every word was typed and they nit-picked with every um and ah.  I could not leave quick enough! 

Basically, while I need to make a bigger paycheck, I also cannot sacrifice my sanity just to do so.   I have been sent my resume to lots of companies and gotten a few we are not longer hiring and you need more experience replies.  Should I stick it out until something comes along that I am comfortable with or should I go to another company with not-so-great reviews and risk being unhappy and not making it worth my while to be there?    Any suggestions?

Did Medware go out of business? - Posted By: Curious

Or get sold? I can't access their website. I used to work there in 2005, so I thought I'd try reapplying if they were still around. They weren't too bad, but I left for a job paying a lot more. Thought I'd reapply since the other job went to VR.

Wynn Transcription - Posted By: gintex

Does anyone have any current info about this company?  Thanks!!

If you look up the foreign name and the web address - Posted By: on the Job Seeker's board

it's associated with /transindiatranscribers.  If you're concerned about offshoring, might want to give this one a miss.




Due to your foresight into enhancing the productivity of your valued medical transcriptionists by allowing them to double their lines per hour and cutting their pay in half, you have managed to succesfully eliminate the need for half of your workforce.

Since your job is so streamlined now, and you don't have as much to do, we are cutting your pay in half. Thank you for being a team player. As you can imagine, this will allow us the profitability to keep our company strong and growing. RAH, RAH.

As a special bonus, we are offering a 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Thursday through Sunday IC special shift for our management team. Thank you for being a team player. This will completely eliminate your benefits but give you the flexibilty to work Thursday through Sunday, usually when those pesky MTs want to be off.

Since this will further reduce your workload, we will be cutting your wage by half again. This super-streamlined workload will give you time to study and expand your horizons. Thank you for being a team player. We recommend ESL 101, Cough, Yawn, and Grunt 204, Advanced Physician Spelling 305, Whatthehellishesaying 410, and the graduate level Food Stamps and You 599. 

As we realize pressures from our global marketplace might trending your wages down slightly - people in India are every bit the managers YOU are - we would recommend you supplement your income by doing medical transcription. Thank you for being a team player. This opportunity allows you to make 3 cents per line, and Newbies are busting out at over $4.50 an hour in this lucrative field.

We realize that many of you may not know how to produce a medical document; however, we have this fantastic platform that virtually eliminates any thought process needed. It records everything the doctor says, even if it is wrong, and even if it is his personal and inappropriate discussion with someone else. Thank you for being a team player. It is very easy to learn, and we have a multitude of experienced transcriptionists who would be happy to tutor you for $250 to $300 per hour. Think of it as an investment in your future.



 and allowing you to seek employment in the transcription department. Since we know most of you know nothing about transcription, we have available hundreds of experienced medical language specialists who will gladly tutor you  

Thinking of going with Keystrokes but need to know if this is a good move - Posted By: Former MQer

Can anyone tell me anything about Keystrokes? Good to work for, personal, friendly, organized, plenty of work, etc. I really do not want to jump into another bad situation after just getting out of one for the last 8 years. Any info is greatly appreciated.

MDI, anybody know how big this MTSO - Posted By: itk

is and how many MTs they have?  Does any body know if it is IC or employee status?

Any info is greatly appreciated.  

DSG QA pay??? - Posted By: ??

Can someone please email me with additional information on the pay range for QA at DSG?


Not going to sing more praises sm - Posted By: JustinOther TT MT

I know that I have been effusive about TransTech, as have others. I think many of you are lucky that you have never been abused by your MTSO, but a lot of us HAVE!

I have friends who are MTs too. The describe name calling. They talk about being told to work every weekend and all week with no days off, because they are told they will be fired. (You can't fire a slave, a slave has to be sold.) Many of us support ourselves and/or a family out of necessity and this is not a second income. We put up with this stuff because it is easier than being hungry and homeless.

I know about not being paid and currently I have $5000 I am still owed over the past 5 years. I have had rubber checks. I have had late checks. I have screwed out of my lines because they thought I was doing too well so they refigured how they count my lines and I made less. I have been offered 9 cents and then paid 8.25 and not told why, can't get any answers from anyone why they aren't doing what was in my CONTRACT and won't fix it. I have been bullied over the phone by an IC supervisor who called me, she said to rip you a new one. (I had left an hour early the day before because there was no work.) I have been promised enough work and I don't know what they think is plenty, but it doesn't match up with my production. You name it, I think I have been there, seen it, done it, bought the T-shirt and seen the cheesy movie!

You'll please pardon some of us who have been through the above and worse. It is refreshing to me to have a place where there truly is enough work that I don't run short. It is scary to have people be so nice to me because I wonder what they are after, and believe it can't be good. Being treated like a human being at work is different for ME. I think many of us who have gone to TT recently are surprised, scared of being treated properly, and feel very grateful...so we voice it and bore the rest of you to tears. There are other companies who are like this too, and those of you who work for KS go right ahead. I got yelled at there too for coming here to ask a question about the platform that no one would take the time to answer for me.

To each their own. This is mine, I like it and if there comes a time I don't, I'll be back to ask you all where I should apply.

MDI-MD? Whats the scoop? I know I have seen info on them - Posted By: Need to know

but for some reason search is not bringing anything up. Would prefer to hear from both current and former employees.

Does anybody know of any companies that DO NOT use ASR? - Posted By: Wannie

It is more trouble than it's worth.  I am so sick of ASR I could scream.  So please, if you know of any companies that don't use ASR, e-mail me.  Thanks in advance!

Spheris - Posted By: Just Checking

Any info on Spheris recently. Anybody work for them? Do they still outsource?

Keystrokes (the company) - Posted By: Linda

Keystrokes -- Can anyone tell me how they like this company? All the pros and cons? Thanks. Do they pay by the 65-spaces-AND-characters line?

Thank you for any info.


TTS information - Posted By: checking

Does anyone know anything about TTS, Transcription, Technology and Support?  What is the management like?  Are they good to work for? Anything at all with be much appreciated.  Thanks!

D&L Strikes again - Posted By: Sad

Add another to the girls that have quit D&L.  It is really bad people.  I don't usually post on any sites, but I just have to get the word out DON'T GO TO WORK FOR D&L.  They are in serious trouble and cannot make payroll.  I wish that some of you who do not work for them could get the word out to the local hospitals and clinics, so the doctors are aware of how bad they are.  We are all stuck with a "no contact" policy so we can't let them know.  Not sure how many girls are owed, but it is mounting by the day.  I have six weeks of work owed me and I typed full time.  I hope all of you that are owed get paid. Not sure how this post stuff works but here goes!!!

Nicholas Transcription FTP question.. - Posted By: RetroMom

I'm just wondering which File Transfer Protocol they use.  I don't mean to sound like I'm prying, but the last couple I've used I had a problem slowing down the dictation, meaning you could absolutely not slow the voice down, or even adjust it.  It was the way it was.  Now, how in the world can you start a new account without being able to slow down occassionally? 

Anybody else had this problem?  Are they all like this?  I'm on C-phone right now.  Not perfect, but I like it okay.


I'm been reading through all the companies out there hiring, including the company I work for now, which is unbeliveable..  I'm looking for part-time work to supplement my work with the company I work for now.   The work is starting to slow down for us so I wanted to find something part-time.  Can anyone suggest a good company to work for?   Thanks !

I am currently an IC and wanting to - Posted By: apply at Keystrokes but am wondering -sm

if I will be able to maintain the amount of money I make now as an IC. I currently type around 190-200 or so reports a day. Is this doable at Keystrokes? TIA

Information - Posted By: QT

Main account went to WBMX

Is Carlotta still the recruiter for MDI-MD? - Posted By: NM


Run away from e-tranZ (GA)..sm - Posted By: ex-etranzer

I posted this on the Main Board, but want to get as much exposure as possible.

I see e-tranZ has a job posting on this site.  Please do not consider sending your resume to them!  Their checks are consistently late, and when they do come, they bounce.  Trying to get a replacement check is like pulling teeth.  I know this from experience.  I left several months ago and I'm still trying to get the money I am owed.  The owner of this company won't answer emails, and if on the rare occasion she does, they are demeaning and rude in nature.  She makes you feel like it was your fault that HER checks bounced.

There are too many good companies out there that are hiring.  Stay away from this one, please!

Morning! Can any of you computer-savvy MTs tell me how to - Posted By: check line count....sm

From another program in Word based on 65-character.  I know I saw it on here somewhere.  TIA!

Testing for TransTech, how is the test? - Posted By: sm

I loathe testing for MT jobs... I realize that it is sometimes necessary, but I always dread doing it.

So, how was the testing for TT? How long did it take?

Med-Tech or MWP services - Posted By: texan

out of Michigan, may specialize in x-rays.  Anyone know anything about either of these companies?  I have GOT to find something to supplement soon!  Thanks!

EMTS in Coral Gables, FL. Anyone with experience with them? nm - Posted By: Still looking around...


Has Soft Script improved at all lately. nm - Posted By: PAMT


Question 0.625 cpl gross line with no mention of - Posted By: sm

spaces - means very good possibility this is 6 cpl on however many characters their font allows on a line on the page, right?  No mention of spaces... I understand it also means that just one character on a line could count also but good grief!!

QAers - Posted By: myopinion

Need a census of what the going rate is for quality assurance.  Are you paid by the line or salary or a combination of both? 

How do you communicate feedback without offending MTs since most are very sensitive to this? 

Changing world - Posted By: Ex-Sup

It appears that management and supervisor positions are going down the drain.  Reason being, a lot of them are working for two companies at one time, thus  drawing two paychecks.  The company officials who know nothing about transcription management have no idea that it doesn't take a full day to manage transcriptionists.  Same being with QA and Editor positions, they are going to line rate now for the same reason.  Seems like a few unworthy people have just ruined it for everyone.  The trend now is going toward no titles of authority and just everyone having responsibilties that will cover a full day including typing in that job description.  I wouldn't say thats really a bad change, I would say the companies are wising up, it is a business after all. 

In defence of some though, there are though companies that assign 50 hospital accounts to one supervisor which is just terrible because they are on 24-7.  Bottom line, it is no longer the prestigious job it used to be.