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All Type - Posted By: QA Editor

Does anyone have experience, good or bad, with All Type?  I am an Editor looking into employment with them. 

To All Account Managers or Customer Service Personnel - Posted By: mt

Why is it when we Transcriptionist send you an e-mail asking asking for a backup account when the work has run out....You don't send a reply.... but as soon as the work builds up and you're out of turn-around-time, we are swamped with e-mails.  It would seem common courtesy to send a reply, whether it is a negative response or not.   I have experienced this with more than one company.

Just need to vent this morning, as I am out of work.  Nothing else to do.

MDI has a position I applied for. What can you tell me? - Posted By: Gimme da dirt

Does MDI carry heavy ESL?  Are they management heavy?  Are some MTs ecstatically happy while others consider putting their heads in the over (unfair distribution of work)?

Hate to take a job I will end up quitting in three months.  This is PT so I want to enjoy it along with my somewhat difficult FT job.

Mucho gracias!!!

Medware bought by iMedX - Posted By: Old MT

Has anyone else worked for iMedX after they bought their employer's company? Software is called TurboFlow. Any good? Overall how do you like working for them, good and bad.

Is there always no work or running out - Posted By: Cindy

Just curious, I have been an MT for about 18 years - and then stopped for a couple of years.  I am now working for a service.  I read posts about running out of work.  My question to all of you is:

Is this pretty standard with any service you work for?  I know it is hard for them to control when the docs dictate, etc.  Just wondering.  Are there any companies that have somewhat of a steady workflow, or are there more MTs than work available now a days?

MedQuist/Webmedx - Posted By: looker

Who do you think is a better company to work for Medquist or Webmedx?  Which one do you think is more picky?

Serviss ??sm - Posted By: csss

Is this woman still in business and if so, is she PAYING her MTs on TIME now?  A couple of friends had pay issues with her as she would not tell the truth about when she would mail their checks and this is one of the services who would wait on the doctor to pay HER, then she would pay the MTs, and NEVER the full amount for the work done.  My friend had to wait 3 months one time for her FIRST paycheck. shoot, even told she would NOT even pay even when the docs did pay HER.

This will probably get deleted as I have NO idea why in the past any posts about Serviss would get deleted.

CorTmedical?? - Posted By: me

Anyone know anything about them?

There are so many MQ offices.... sm - Posted By: Confused MT

(Note:  I posted this way down below but I figured it would get more attention here on top)

As far as I can tell from all the posts, each office operates as if it were a separate company.  So when you state that you are happy at MQ, isn't it true that you are one of the lucky ones who happens to be at a good MQ office?  It's so confusing when an MQ MT says they are happy and encourages others to apply. Wouldn't I be applying to "MQ" and thus end up where they place me?  Or does each office hire on their own?  And if some offices are better than others, why don't MTs who are so unhappy transfer to a good office?  I don't get it.


Any opinion/information on Unitedtran? Looking at an offer. thx - Posted By: Curious


Anyone know what med ins carrier Keystrokes has? Thinking of applying FT. nm - Posted By: haggard-MT


Has anyone tested with VoiceTranscription and sm - Posted By: MT??

never heard back from them?  She does not respond to emails.  The test was a very, very easy dictation.  TIA

MxSecure MTs...see message please - Posted By: new-Mx'er

If you work for MxSecure, would you mind posting here or emailing me?  I have been offered and accepted a position there (very excited).  I was just wondering how you're doing as far as your work load, how you like the platform, percentage of ESLs you personally get, etc.  Anything positive is very welcome.  I look forward to working with all of you! 

Etransportal - Posted By: Curious

Does anyone have any info on this company.  Can't find anything in the archives about it.  Any help would be appreciated.

Wage-hour takes nonpay of overtime very seriously - Posted By: Bones

3 people have just last week reported a large national company for requesting people to work without recording hours in order to avoid overtime. They have moved on to better things but had all documentation they needed.  They were told this is a serious offense.  Note if your company asks you to work without recording hours or that overtime is not approved it is against the law and you can take legal action. This is true for any company.


MD-IT Intelligent Transcription - Posted By: Shanna Slade

Hi!  I have been a MT for 9 months now.  I really am not making very much money.  I am not averaging over minimum wage.  My company has no benefits either.  But I am grateful to have a job anyway.  I am taking the test for MD-IT Intelligent Transcription because they have benefits and seem like a nice company.  I am wanting some benefits and I would like to make a little more money but I know having only 9 months exp I can't be too picky.  I currently make .065 cents per line but a couple of months ago Carolina Medical Transcription sold out to Alphamed and when they happened I lost my good account I had doing clinic notes.  I think the acute care I am doing now is good experience but it is hard to make any money cause I am forever looking everything up because there is all kinds of reports.  Does anyone know a good company that would hire someone with 9 months exp that has benefits?  I know the speed will build up as I get used to acute care but I could use some benefits.

What is wrong with these transcription companies - Posted By: anon

I cannot believe the lack of communication with the company I worked for for 13 years and the new one that I just quit, after not even completing training.  They show you something for less than an hour and then you are on your own, stuck in your own mess.   Then you go to quit and never hear from the manager who was supposed to call you between 24-48 hours after starting.   I had sent an e-mail asking if the person could call me and no reponse.   I decide to call and leave a voice mail and no response.  I think I am just going to give up transcription.  I had done this for many, many years and really am thoroughly disgusted. 

MedRite XL versus Bayscribe - Posted By: mt

Has anybody used both platforms? I have two job offers and I have the impression that I will make more lines using Bayscribe. Also do either of these support Shorthand? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Silent Type - Posted By: xxx

Does anyone have any info on Silent Type?

How do these MT schools get away with saying you can make $40,000 per year. That is a fake - Posted By: DeeAnn

advertisement and should be banned!

Does any company besides MQ use DocQScribe? - Posted By: BB

I LOVE that platform and would love to work on it again, but I don't want to back back to MedQuist.  Just wondering if that platform belongs to them only or if other companies use it.

No job-wanted ads, please. SM - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

Please use are free resume bank or see the ads on Job Seekers board.

Ask about specific companies or specific issues (i.e., the poster below asking which companies have an HMO plan).

If you need help, e-mail me.



Why is it that when anyone has anything good to say about a company, there are always the posts sm - Posted By: KS Lead MT

turn the whole thread ugly.  Then the posts are all removed, and the company looks bad because the good was removed with the bad.  Yes, Keystrokes pays to have an ad on this forum but it is just an advertisement like the ones we have on other medical sites, in magazines, at trade shows and in other publications. 

I am going to set the record straight for those who are intersted.  If you are not, ignore the post. 

Keystrokes has grown from 5 to over 200 transcriptionists, from $50,000 in revenue to over $5 million dollars in revenue in 8 years, with the majority of the increase in the past 3 years.  This is public knowledge, available on the website, Inc Magazine site, Aspatore books, etc. so there is no reason to delete this. 

We have 100% account retention.  We recently declined meeting the price of an offshore company when a few of our radiology accounts went to voice recognition in the same health system.  We chose not to do voice recognition with them by not meeting an outragiously low price.  We do not outsource and stand firm on that regardless of what other do.

Keystrokes has been changing over the past three years, not disputed, but the changes benefit the MTs more than anyone.  Our rates are higher than many (not all) companies, our schedules have some flexibility, our managers are all MTs. 

We have caught a lot of grief on this board for various reasons, and a lot of it seems to be from the same few people.  Or from those who talk nonsense.  I truly hope that people reading these negative posts see sour grapes when they read them and understand.  Yes, there are some bitter people out there but they are ones that either did not make it through the initial period, have poor quality, have zero reliability, have made gross patient care errors or have breached HIPAA regulations.  Yes, there has been a turnover, but we have a great team in place and those who work at Keystrokes like/love working there.

We have heard that only a very small percentage of transcriptionists actually visit the MT websites for anything other than the job openings.  A big reason is the pettiness and ugliness that the posts seem to bring out.  Another is time.  A lot of MTs work on computers all day long and want to spend off work time off their computer. 

If you have questions about Keystrokes, go to the company for answers. 

I defend the company that I work for but have made a promise to myself to stop visiting here and two other sites because they really just take up time that should be spent on other things.  I hate that the bashers will still be bashers and that no one can defend a company (any company) without being attacked.  So the bashers are the only ones that post.  I wish you all the best and rest assured, Keystrokes will continue to grow as a national presence, and will continue to attract customers and MTs and will continue to make both very happy.

eTrans, Precyse, Medquist; which is better? - Posted By: neese


anyone else have trouble getting paid with Accustat in SC? - Posted By: help

not sure what to think

Crescendo- could anybody tell me about using Crescendo? - Posted By: mtmt

Is it easy to learn?  Any quirks?  Is it MT friendly?

Everyone working for Heartland - Posted By: mt

I dont work for them myself, but I feel really bad about what is happening. I think all you Transcriptionist from there should start emailing Dateline. 

Lee Perfect - Posted By: dry

I was just wondering if anyone works for Lee Perfect and could give me some information, good or bad TIA

Northeast Transcription Company - Posted By: Judy

Has anyone worked for Northeast Transcription.  Is it a good company to work for?

MQ Houston office closing? I was thinking about applying but I just heard that they are closing - Posted By: Texas Two Step

the Houston office soon.  What's going on with them?

IC versus Employee - Posted By: kpg

As an IC, you can deduct at 100% all of your expenses.  An an employee, you can only deduct the amount that exceeds 2% of your gross income (if you are married and filing jointly, it is yours and your sponse's combined gross income).  In other words, if your joint combined gross income is $100,000, you can only deduct your expensed over $2000.  That is a huge amount to have to not include.  Check with any tax accountant or IRS regarding this.

Keystrokes web site - Posted By: poorMT

Okay, I know this is crazy, but I can't find the Keystrokes web site. www.keystrokestranscription.com does not get me anywhere, just a link to their blog. I would like to apply with them but can't seem to find them. Can anyone help me? Thanks!!

Oh, also, can anyone tell me how to get those little people at the bottom of this box into your message?

Webmedx or Medquist - Posted By: confused

Which is the better option?  Pros and cons for both companies would be extremely appreciated.

condoned cherrypicking - Posted By: beeslax

I thought ignoring cherry pickers was bad until my hospital actually incorporated it. I started there and was amazed at the poor quality and blanks left in easy dictations.  I was earning good - not great - money.  They changed it so that favored workers have access to the higher paying work types before everyone else.   Now some workers are making good money because management has greased the skids for them. I have dropped in salary and there is no way to return to former pay.  I guess lethargy and lack of ambition sometimes pay off. Work on befriending the scheduler rather than working on your skills. Humbug. 

Anyone work for Axolotl? Curious as to cpl & benefits - Posted By: sm

I've been an MT for 15 years with local clinics & am looking nationally now.  Any info would be great....cpl range, insurance costs, PTO, etc.  Thanks!

How long before you hear from TransTech? - Posted By: ndmt68

If Transtech is interested in your resume, how long does it typically take to hear from them? 

Is $15 and hour for an account - Posted By: Need opinions

manager low?

Does anyone have any info on... - Posted By: looking again

Digital Transcription, Inc.  I am looking into a part-time job and need to know how this company is to work for.  Thanks.

Lee Perfect - Posted By: Info

Can anyone tell me anything about Lee Perfect Transcription?  Thanks

When going from IC to employee I realize that you must keep an assigned schedule but - Posted By: Making a change in status

does that mean if you are scheduled, for example, 8 a.m. to noon, you cannot move away from your computer for any time at all? I am used to being able to get up and down when I have to and I am wondering if being roped in to certain hours will prevent me from doing this. Can anyone tell me how it works for them with having a certain period of time you are expected to work? TIA!

voice recognition companies - Posted By: jillybean

I come to this site  frequently to read up on the advice that you all offer on companies.  Can anyone give me names of companies out  there that offer voice recognition......reputable companies that pay on time, treat their employees good, decent pay, etc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!     

Transolutions - what is avg line count? - Posted By: Just Curious

I'm starting with Transolutions and am wondering what the average line count is that you can accomplish. I know that 55 char wo spaces is less than 65 w/spaces since a 65-char line, but I am curious what a good typist can actually get done and what I should expect.

Does anyone work for Focus doing VR? - Posted By: me

Anyone who works for Focus doing VR, can you tell me how is your production going?  How many lines an hour are you able to produce?  Thanks

Am I getting blind??? - Posted By: aa

Wow, Cardioscribes closed their position already?  What happened to their last post?

brown & meyers anyone? - Posted By: AnnaP

has anyone worked for them or know of them?

Is it common to send a copy of ID and S.S. Card for IC position? - Posted By: NM


Deventure Info??? - Posted By: lookingmt

I'm looking for a change.  I was wondering if anyone has any pros/cons on DeVenture?  Their ad looks great, but I'd like to hear opinions.  Thank you..

Is it okay to reply to an ad two weeks after it was posted? Thanks. nm - Posted By: ready for a change

IPR... Any info. They are out of Maryland. TIA. - Posted By: MT

Is it true that RIU pays 5 cpl for MTs? How do they keep them? sm - Posted By: Beth E.

I have heard that they act real nice but are back stabbers too. 

I had a friend who was an MT with them and she stayed because they intimideated her into staying, told her that she would fail elsewhere.  Do they treat all their employees as slaves?

Sad.  P, my friend, said that they profess to be a good fine Christian company and then cheat, lie, and stab you behind your back?