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Keystrokes....sm - Posted By: nname

Does anyone know if they give out Christmas gifts, etc.?  I did get a card, but was that it?  I would think they could afford to give their MTs something a little more being as it is such a succesful MT business.....it must be, looking at the size of the home the owner lives in.

This annoys me - Posted By: boomerMT

I just a resume to a company that posted an ad dated today, on MTJOBS.com.   I received an autoresponse - thanks for your resume, all positions are presently filled.

Why did they post an ad? BTW,  it was eMTS. 


Escription questions - Posted By: walk the dog

If you don't mind answering a few questions.

Do you get paid for heaters and footers in both transcription and editing?  Are you pretty much content with the company?  Are they flexible? 

Thank you for your help. 

Would like input! - Posted By: mt

I am currently working 2 IC positions.   One- Medium size well known National,  I have been doing for 7 months, easy platform, Op notes only, with a certain line requirement each day, at 10 cpl per 65 characters including spaces, headers and footers.  Real easy to get line count.  Have to submit a schedule with amount of lines I will be doing.   Second position, I started Jan 1, due to running out of work with the 1st IC position.  It also pays 10 cpl per 65 characters including spaces- no headers or footers, Ops then ERs in that order.  Easy platform, and so far plenty of work, as when there are no Ops then there are plenty of ERs- small MTSO, not national.  No line requirement, no specific time-frame to type, weekends is only optional if I want to.   Both have direct deposit,  the first one is Statutory where they pay 1/2 Social Security.   My dilema, I am going to give one up but having trouble deciding which one.  I like the small MTSO, as there is good communication, feedback, etc.  The Medium National is mediocre in regards to communication.   I know.... this should be a  no brainer.... right?   Although with the first company pays for footers and headers, there have been times when there was no work, and no communication from anyone.  Second IC position takes a bit longer to achieve my count with the Ops- I am assuming because of not being paid for footers and headers, on the other hand when I do the ERs, my line count is fantastic.   What would you do?  

Can anybody recommend where to get individual insurance affordably sm - Posted By: Jackie

for self-employed MTs that doesn't exclude pre-existing conditions?  My husband just lost his job and we haven't received the COBRA papers yet and it has been over a month.  I have health problems and really cannot afford to be without insurance so I thought I would ask if anybody here knows of good reasonable insurance for the self-employed but more importantly one that actually will cover something!  Thanks so much!

RIDICULOUS!! - Posted By: Diane Bennett

OMG $10 per hour for QA with 5 years experience.  IC, acute care.  Are you kidding me???

Curious. Scrolling down yesterday and noted comment about unfair labor practice - Posted By: sm

suit possibly brought by an MT against a certain company.  I know this company only hires ICs - not employees.  Is this possible?  TIA.

Another try for info on AccuPro - Posted By: Wendy

I posted a few days ago asking for current information regarding this company and no one answered my post, thought I would try 1 more time. Would like pros and cons.  I took their test today and got an e-mail that I passed, and they will call me tomorrow to discuss further.  I did search and found some posts but most are 1-2 years old.  Please reply if you have any knowledge of this company and what it is like to work for them.

If you would rather e-mail me, that's okay too!

Thank you for your time. 

Rider & Associates-- need info please - Posted By: sm

Can you tell me what platform they use and how they are to work for in general?


Thanks so much!

Anyone worked at Keystrokes, Good, Bad??? - Posted By: Diane

Just wanted some information about Keystrokes to see if anyone works there and likes it.  Thanks.

Deventure anybody? Looking for sm - Posted By: might try it

some information. Line rate and lpd? M-F or do you work 1 day on the weekends? How is their major medical-affordable for a family? How long does it take to kick in? Just trying to get a few answers first before I fill out the app.

Clare Hayes - Posted By: MQQA

Any information on Clare Hayes Transcription out there?  How's the work, how to get in touch with her, etc.  Thanks

CorTmedical....What is the DEAL? - Posted By: ???

Do they even have MTs working for them anymore?  They do not pay their employees and they do not care.  They need to just shut down their business!  Anybody out there know what I can do about it?  I am going report them to the Better Business Bureau.

I have an applicant who has sent me I do not know how many emails - Posted By: From a Recruiter

and inside the email has not put a resume, just a blurb about themself (which is impressive), no phone number, and when I try to reply, the email bounces back saying that it is not a valid email.  It matches the name of the applicant, but IF you are a job applicant who has not received a response to your email, please be sure you are including the correct information.  I can tell you that the email carrier is sbgclobal.net 

I will not name any names or initials, but if you have applied at any companies and received no response, this could be the reason why.


Keystrokes and VR - Posted By: wannaknow

Does anyone know if Keystrokes has any accounts that are done by VR?  I am interested in this.

Is there any way to tell which companies - Posted By: help

offer jobs as an IC (independent contractor) without having to contact each and every one individually?   I need some ideas on IC companies.

Toth Transcription?? - Posted By: nm

Anyone heard of this company??

Need Advice Please - Posted By: Part-time MT

I am thinking about testing with Cymed.  I know they merged with another company recently.  Can anyone tell me do you type in Word or in some other sort of platform?  I absolutely hate and cannot tolerate emdat.  I wish to stay away from that program at all costs.  Do you run out of work?  How do you feel about the company?  I am not at all happy where I am now.  It is time for me to move on. 

anyone else have slowing down of work after the holidays? - Posted By: Becky

Seems slow after holidays.

I'm going to be using MedTran and Transnet - Posted By: eScriptionist cross training

Any info on either system would be appreciated.  TIA!

Anyone know of Edge Transcription? - Posted By: Terry

Hi. Has anyone here worked or is working for Edge Transcription?

Any negatives to report on Mediscript out of FL? - Posted By: Just Looking


Seeking info on SmartDoc, Inc. Good bad and/or ugly. - Posted By: anon

 Pay, platform, people skills, QA, etc.  Thanks!

Any info on Clare Hayes Transcription Svc? - Posted By: TIA


Universal sick day - Posted By: Cam

Been reading the posts about having an MT strike.  I agree with the comments about companies getting worse instead of better as far as paying IC and other transcriptionists.  We should just have a universal sick day (just one day) and see what chaos this causes.  May be it does not even have to be the whole day, just a couple of hours.

Testing with companies - Posted By: lookingforhelp

I hope this is the right forum to post these questions for testing with companies.  I have been testing for the national companies and not getting any feedback or offers.  I've been at it for three weeks and am wondering what I could be doing wrong.  I'm not a newbie; been at it for five years.  I have experience in clinic and acute care, many specialties and basic 4.  I feel I should have passed their tests, but someone (another MT) told me the test reports should be typed verbatim, even if they look weird or wrong.  Does anyone agree with this?  Should they always be typed verbatim and flagged accurately?  I have been trying to make them look neat and attractive to the eye.  That may be where I am going wrong.  My last company had a very weak QA program, so I wasn't scolded about this.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  I am ready to get back to work!!!

Transcriptionstart??? - Posted By: anon


It looks like all of our posts were removed but their ad has remained???  What's up?  I thought no off-shore was allowed???

ESL vs USA - Posted By: PAMT

I know that just the sound of an account containing more ESLs than English-speaking docs is enough to put dread in the best MT's minds, but lately I have discovered that I much prefer an accent to arrogance. I would much rather transcribe for an ESL doctor who at least tries to speak clearly than an English-speaking doctor who knowingly slurs, skips and flies through his dictation. I have English-speaking docs who get more blanks sent back to them than text and yet, will they even consider changing their method of doing dictation? No siree!! So any more, when I am told that there are quite a few ESLs on a certain account, I no long flinch. I know some ESls are a nightmare, but not too many of them have that I don't care how I sound attitude, and I have seem many of them turn around quickly when they receive dictation that is full of holes.

Just wondering if anyone else out there experiences this from time to time. Thanks!

Execuscribe - Posted By: Linda

Has anyone had experience with Execuscribe. They are going to offer me a job.  I now work fulltime at an office and wonder whether I am making a mistake to go with them.

Transcenders-Per line how much do you make? - Posted By: Broke MT

Current Transcenders, how much do you make per line and how much experience do you have?

Is 9.5 cpl any good?

VR Editing - Posted By: AAA

Is 5 cents a line for a 65 character line good for doing VR editing as an independent contractor? I've never done VR editing and have no idea how much I could make or how difficult it is compared to transcription. Is VR editing difficult to learn? Any info appreciated.

TRANSTECH - Posted By: curious

Does anyone have any information good or bad on TransTech Medical Solutions? 


Feedback on Preferred Transcriptions or TTS? sm - Posted By: of indifference

TTS is Transcription, Techonlogy and Support.  Nothing in archives on either.

Hiring MTs with entry level exp - Posted By: limeytypist

I have just graduated from a MT program and am looking for work.  I am willing to work the hours no one else wants.  Can anyone suggest companies that hire MTs with entry level experience.  My husband is working in Iraq and I would like to supplement his income so he can come home.

Daily Work and TAT sm - Posted By: sm

I just started a new IC position last Monday.  I had one day with some work last week (due to holiday) and yesterday there was nothing and today a 2 minute job.  The company says they do not know when or who will dump the jobs.  The TAT is 24 hours and work could be dumped any time of day.  I report for work at about 7 a.m.  Do you just sit around all day waiting for work?  Should there be a cut-off time when it's too late to start?  We do have lives too.  What would you do?  No other job expects you to wait around without being paid.  I must be thick or something.  Thanks for the input.

Axolotl or TransTech? - Posted By: readyforchange

Any comments on these 2 companies would be appreciated... pros and cons of each. I known everyone has their own opinions,  and I would like to hear yours.

either I own shares, or it is NOT my company - Posted By: anymore.


How many times did I try to explain to family, to church, to friends -- Sorry, I NEED to help my job -- no.  No more will I break neck and deny important people or events for my job, unless I OWN part of that company.  That would have been a viable thing for Ms. D, had she opened that possibility up to us, to buy into it. .  What's done is done, but I am on my way out of this mess, God willing.

Can Wordperfect quick correct can be imported to - Posted By: Word 2007?

I'm stuck, big time. I have tons of entries on my quick correct on Wordperfect 12, but I have to switch to Word 2007. Is there a way to import them from Wordperfect to Word 2007?

I would be forever grateful if someone can help me figure this out ;)

Thanks so much!

MedScribe-Florida - Posted By: MT

How long does it take to hear back from MedScribe?  I took their test over the weekend and recruiter stated he would call me but has not.

Can you make money editing versus transcribing at 3.75? - Posted By: MTMOM

I really would like to hear the pros and cons of editing versus transcribing the reports.  I have been offered a position with Sten-Tel at 3.75 cpl.  I was told my production would increase and I would make more money.  I really want to make good money, but really do not have anything to compare editing too.  I have never done it before, thus I do not have a good grasp of how it would or would not increase my production.  If anyone can give me a breakdown of the pros and cons at STen-Tel working at 3.75 cpl, or any information on how much you really can make editing, I would have a better understanding.



IC versus employee - Posted By: Beth

This is a muliple-part question--hoping someone here can help with some or all of them! 

1.  Does anyone have experience working for Shriners' Children's Hospital inhouse in Norcross, GA?  Many ESLs, how are working conditions, etc?

2.  I've been recently sent home from my small office practice (didn't volunteer!) and changed from transcription/med records clerk employee to IC; lost benefits. I think a little further on I'll have to get another inhouse job--remains to be seen if I can afford to live on this reduced income.  Does anyone have solutions regarding health insurance for self-employed, single people?  In my state an individual BCBS premium for someone my age is $300.00/month w/$250.00 deductible. (Yikes!)

3.  How to tweak my (hopefully) next interview to reflect that in my last job I was told basically I wasn't a good "fit" for the office, even though they were happy with my work quality and quantity?  In their opinion I didn't pitch in and answer phones quickly enough, schedule patients and take on copying duties cheerfully enough--in short, lacked a positive attitude, even though I DID do these extra duties politely. I'm nearly 60 years old--and don't do perky very well.  Should I just explain this last job didn't suit my skills and personality? 

Thanks for reading thus far--will appreciate your suggestions or input!



Any and all info on Hands-On, por favor...(sm) - Posted By: Curious Georgia

They are advertising right now and was curious if anyone has any experience working for them.

liability insurance - Posted By: lb

okay, one more time.  does anybody else have a viewpoint on liability insurance??  is this something that nobody does or is it a big insult to require it of an employee?  i am in great need of this job and haven't the first idea of where to go and what to ask about this insurance.  somebody, please help me.

Has anyone had a position where you were just not productive - Posted By: mt

no matter what.  I'm working at this job since November and I have not made it to 1200 lines per day yet.  I have never in my 33 years of transcribing had this problem before.  My production was normally anywhere from 1500 to 1800 lines per day.  I am really beginning to think it is the company that I work for or is it menopause.  The line requirement is 1200 per day, but they have not breath a word to me yet about my lack of production.  I am thinking of calling it quits here, but just got on with the insurance, which I need, but yesterday did find out I had a 12-month waiting period for preexisting illness, on top of that 2500.00 copay for outpatient surgery.  Have post menopausal bleeding and doctor scheduled me for D&C with NovaSure but they called back and said Blue Cross would not cover.  Now doctor wants me to come in for an office endometrial biopsy because she says having to wait until December could be detrimental if cancer is found.  Oh well, let me stop my rambling.  I'm thinking, okay even if you find cancer, I can't have the surgery until Blue Cross is willing to pay which would be around December 2010.  So why do a biopsy now.

Anyone who works at eMTS willing to give some info? - Posted By: NH

I am interested in this place since their web site says they were affiliated with MRC.  I worked for MRC for years and loved it, then it became the Q and I finally left there recently after over 15 years.  Am looking for a company that would be a good fit for me, wondering if this might be a possibility?  If you would rather email that would be fine too.  I am interested in how many hours/lines is required for FT, if they hire PT at all, what do they mean by flexible schedule is it REALLY flexible?  And what kind of production incentives do they offer?  Also, what platform do they use and how is that as far as user friendly, etc.?  I have worked on DQS and EXTEXT recently, any comparison?  Any info would be appreciated, positives/negatives/etc.  Thanks!

Would someone share with me about how much Transcend's - Posted By: insurance costs? SM

I could go with either family or employee/spouse. Also is it still BC/BS? Thanks a bunch!

TRS Please Let me know your thoughts.. - Posted By: Michelle

Okay, I am a newbie and I have taken a leap of faith to go with TRS, I have been on and off this board and see that there are some wonderful AND experienced MTs on here.  Any info you can give me on what you know about this company would be great!  I am a military spouse and we have recently gone from a two income house to a one, we just spent 5 years in Germany and we bring back a 2 yr old, a 1 year old and one on the way :)  Because of this I decided to go down the MT road for a second income to be able to stay at home.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!!  I am really just wanting to know I am going in the right direction.  I know there are plenty of 'better' companies out there, but I need to get my feet wet before they will touch me.

All comments are welcome!!!  Thank you for your time!!



which companies that don't require a set schedule? nm - Posted By: just line count


Any info on Transcription Connection (Ohio)? - Posted By: Thanks (NM)


Fired from position for NO reason. - Posted By: sm

I was fired as an IC today because the owner of the company has hormonal issues.  Really, I'm not kidding.  I have been an MT for 14 years and with this company for 4 years.  I have always met or exceeded my line count and ALWAYS met TAT.  I have listened to her complain about other employees and their personal lives, etc.  (Which I think is unprofessional of her).  The owner was in a crabby mood today and we had a disagreement about her professionalism and she fired me.  An hour later she Emailed me to do some work, like nothing happened.  She can talk to the butt!

Wonder if it's legal to fire people because you're in a bad mood.  This is going to look good when I file for unemployment........and YES....you IC's you CAN get unemployment.  This is going to be interesting.