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chronicle transcripts - Posted By: anybody work for Chronicle Transcripts???

I am scheduled for a telephone interview with Chronicle Transcripts next week.  Do they require you to have any special equipment outside of Windows XP, 512 mb, USB port footpedal, sound card to hear the audio files?  I know most companies do not require anything other as stated above, but I thought I may have read somewhere they required something in addition.


Just wanted to know if I have everything I needed, if they offer me a job.



Vitaltype? Has anyone worked for them? - Posted By: Have you checked out the files?

What do you think?

MDI-Maryland - Posted By: me

Does anyone know if this company is currently hiring?  I think you are only an IC.  Any employees out there with any info?  Thank you.

Can anyone tell me anything about TTS? I am thinking about applying - Posted By: Shea

Question for TT people - Posted By: Miss Willy

Is TT at all flexible.  I understand you have to work even Christmas and Thanksgiving on a rotating basis.  Can you take any time off without pay if necessary?  Are they really as nice to work for as everyone says?  How big a company is TransTech?   

Using Mac computer - Posted By: landroverlady

Does anyone out there know if new Mac computers will work on Word accounts?  I am told by the Apple store that they have Word you can install so will it work?  I'm getting tired of viruses and am told Macs do not get them.  Any info would be greatly appreciated!

With all the new hires will TransTech - Posted By: have enough work for us all?


Info on Transform MT Company? (sm) - Posted By: Dixiekaye

Does anyone have any information on Transform MT company?  Are there ANY good companies to work for where you can make a decent living? I am readng more horror studies than not.  Would appreciate any information.

I need some help with... - Posted By: Help Please

   I need some help trying to decide between 2 companies.  I realize that this is utimately my decision to make, but would appreciate any input into why you like or dislike these 2 companies.  That could help me to choose, so if you would please give me any info good or bad concerning Alltype and Superior Global it would be greatly appreciated. 

New Road Transcription in Florida - Posted By: Carol

Looking for current info on the above company.  Checked archives and could not find anything current.  Pros and cons, please.  Thanks.

Should I continue to work if I do - Posted By: Mommyatwork

not know what my line count is on a daily basis.  I have tried emailing the tech department, emailed the secretary, emailed the account supervisor, and get no to slow response.  All I get is we are working on it and then I hear absolutely nothing.  I am only inquiring because I want to know when I reach line count on a daily basis, but every time I try to check this function, it says I am not authorized to do so.  I keep asking why I am not authorized to see what my line count is and I get silence.  I am fed up?  Should I continue working for them and allow them just give me my line count when they see fit.  Also, my line count determines what I am paid by the tier program they have.  For example, if I type 6000 lines, I make 6 cpl, but if I type 12,000 lines, I get paid 9 cpl, but I am unable to verify what I am typing.  I just secured another position and have backup just in case.


cannot find much on Sten-tel - Posted By: syl

I searched archives - haven't seen much about this company - any info would be appreciated - thanks.

Requesting info on Medical Dictation Services - Posted By: Based in Maryland..nm

Lartech? Anyone here work for them? - Posted By: NewBMT

I applied just this morning and got a call this evening.  They offered me a job without testing.  There is a paid trial period where they decide if you can do the work according to what I was told by the recruiter.  The pay is not bad, better than I am currently getting at any rate, and I was assured after the trial period it can/will go up. 

I am wondering if anyone has experience with this company.  It seemed a bit odd to me that I would get hired without testing, but I'm new to the industry so maybe it isn't that uncommon (just under a year working as an MT). 

Thanks for any opinions or advice!

JLG - Posted By: Inquiring minds.

Is this a good company to work for.  Do have a set schedule?  Is there plenty of work? TIA

KS Question (sm) - Posted By: mt

Does anyone know if the lead that was on the accounts with the previous lag time issues is gone?  I never see her name on any e-mails anymore - and was just simply curious why.....appreciate the info...

Millennium Business Solutions Info - Posted By: me

They sent me an e-mail in response to my resume posted here.  It didn't really say much but the person's name was an ethnic name.  I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything. 

In the e-mail was an attachment for pre-employment screening - when can you start, how many lines, etc.   From the wording of the attachment this is not a U.S. company.   When going to their website it doesn't mention anything about how long they have been in business, the names of management, etc.  

I didn't spend much time on the website, but what I saw didn't mention anything about a foreign connection. 

I searched the boards here and only found 2 posts where someone was asking about them and no one had responded, so I thought I would add my observations.

The e-mail didn't mention anything specific, they have clinic and hospital accounts, but didn't mention type of equipment, platform, lines required, or a pay scale. 

I did not respond to their e-mail. 

DIT Transcription - Posted By: Nora

DIT is very dishonest in paying their MTs.  If you like working for free then by all means sign right up.  They owe me for 2 months of work.  DO NOT ever work for this company.  They have to be stopped.

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MTStars Team 

Superior Global Solutions..anyone have anything good or bad to say?? - Posted By: Curious

Please respond if you can tell us anything about this company...pay rate?  pay on time?  platform?  Thanks

Yet another FutureNet question! - sm - Posted By: MTME

For FN employees, do you find Autotext in Microsoft word to be an adequate Expander to use from day to day?  I am debating whether or not I should purchase Shorthand.  I've never used Autotext, so I'm not sure how simple it is or how well it works as a Word Expander for MTs.  Thanks for any help or advice!


Anyone ever heard of Philbrick MT Company in Connecticut. nm - Posted By: CALIFMT


Anything on Med-Tech Resource? - Posted By: Thank you.


my company is switching to DEP and I - Posted By: anon

want to know if anybody uses the DEP (document enterprise platform). Can you tell me how you like it.  Currently we are using a Microsoft Word based program.  Just looking for some feedback.  Thanks in advance.

Anyone every heard of Milner - Posted By: Prancer

Transcripion?  They have an ad for a radiology MT on mtjobs.com

Lee Perfect - Posted By: debbiee1955

I was hired by Lee Perfect in August and ordered a special foot pedal (98 bucks) and have been waiting since the Tuesday after Labor Day for my training.  Every day the trainer e-mails me and says she will get in contact with me later that day, and every day I do not hear from her.  I e-mailed her yesterday, stating I was seriously considering sending my foot pedal back but she said she would definitely train me yesterday afternoon, she was working 80 hours a week, and was so busy and guess what...not a word since.  This is just for some part-time extra money - how long do I wait before I really do send the foot pedal back? 

TransTech Questions - Posted By: curious2

Can anyone tell me how TransTech is?  Good company to work for?  Do they pay well for experienced MTs?  Do they supply the equipment?  Please tell....good, bad....curious.  Thanks!

Which did you like working for--Webmedx, Transcend or Softscript? - Posted By: GB

Any opinions? 

How long has Transtech been in existence? sm - Posted By: MQ49

Is it an established company greater than 5 years or a conglomerate of several smaller companies....

I just came from their website and I'm interested. 


Transtech losing large account - Posted By: bignews

Anyone know where it's going?

zylomed - Posted By: susan

Anyone work for them?  Are you happy there?  Please give me some info

Why dont we start a list of NO PAYS and save everyone else the trouble of applying? - Posted By: NM


******* DISCLAIMER *****************
Postings of this nature are the poster's personal opinion should not be considered as substantiated by MTStars. Under no circumstances will MTStars be liable for any loss or damage caused by a userís reliance on information obtained from this message. MTStars.com cannot effectively monitor validity of material/information posted on its Message Boards and, therefore, makes no representation and warranty with respect thereto.
Any discussions regarding this situation should be handled via email. Contact/Reply OP (original poster) using the "Reply by Email" link below".

MTStars Team


Looking for company around Atlanta - Posted By: GaPeach

I am supposed to be working today but again, no work. I need a job where I can most of the time be assured there is going to be work there, not a hit and a miss type situtation. Have loads of experience, fast speed, want a good platform and because of the problems with ULD, want to get work in my area code (here we have 3 different ones- 404, 678 and 770).  Anyone out there know of any companies close around that fit this profile? Thanks

Dr. joining an internet company - Posted By: LM

Anyone out there that can figure this out?  I work for a local physician who has decided to go with the Interest because supposedly it's cheaper.  They state they will charge 7 cpl 65 character.  How can a company charge that little and still pay the MT.  Will the MT make 2 or 3 cpl and who would do that??  Any comments?

Anyone hear of a company in New Hampshire called TTS. Not much recently in - Posted By: PAMT

the archives about them.

KS people who work on accounts with lag time (sm) - Posted By: mt

I have been having the phone line go dead and sometimes I can call right back and get my report and sometimes I lose it.  I have had my cable people out here several days in a row, and they can find nothing wrong.  I was wondering if this happens to others - and maybe it is a problem with the hospital line we use - not actually the line in my home.  I appreciate any input.  (I am new on this account so do not have enough history to know.) 

Does anyone know of any GOOD, reasonably priced, health insurance?- sm - Posted By: In great need of health insurance..

I would love to find a good health insurance company that I can purchase independently.  I LOVE the company I work for but unfortunately they do not offer health benefits.  I greatly want to stay with them, but in need of some serious health insurance.  Does anyone know of a plan that I could look into that is reasonably priced?  Any ideas or suggestions would greatly be appreciated since one trip to the ER could make a huge bill....Thanks!

Keystrokes ER account - Posted By: Barb

Anyone out there who works on a newer ER account that is on ExText platform?  At first we were on just one site and after we caught that up, we were placed on another site and told they were going to change us each week between the two.  After about 3 weeks, the hospital sent KS an e-mail stating they did not have enough work for all of us and that a meeting would be held on Monday to find out what they were going to do.  It wasn't until Monday afternoon that we were told we could work again.  Is this a normal thing to happen for KS?  By the way, we were never switched over to the first site which is a great account but have been left on the second site, which is not a great account.  Do any of you know if this account is only an overflow account?  It sure seems like that to me.  Also do any of you have problems understanding some of the dictators, or is it just me?  I would love to hear from any and all who would care to share their opinion about this.  Thank you.


Does anyone know anything about CMC?  I have checked the archives but nothing in particular comes up - I have a job offer but have never heard of them.  Thanks in advance.  Crabby people need not respond.

anyone work for Sten-Tel - Posted By: mad mt

and not getting paid? Email me.

SMC Transcription, anyone know anything? s/m - Posted By: MT52

The ad is rather vague. Thanks.

does anyone know - Posted By: editor

companies that are hiring editors that pay per hour


Anyone know of a good company willing to hire for part-time work?  I'm not familiar with the majority of the companies looking to hire on here.  Thanks !

Any input regarding TRX out there?? nm - Posted By: Curious


Current SoftScript MTs - Posted By: SoftScript

I'm going to apply, but I would like to know how you're faring.  Do you get enough work (full time)?  If you get insurance, how are the family rates?  Do you have samples available to you?  Is pay on time and fair (honest)?

I appreciate your responses! 

Offered job with MDI-MD using Lanier but concerned about...SM - Posted By: me

having access to old reports for reference (not just mine - all MTs).  I tend to rely heavily on referencing old reports for difficult dictators (and I understand this account has its share of heavy ESL).  I am not familiar with the Lanier setup and phoning in to get work and was wondering if someone with experience could give me the low-down on how user-friendly Lanier is (mainly with reference to pulling up old reports).  Am used to Dictaphone - will I be disappointed and slowed down?  Thanks in advance!

Li: Please contact me regarding subcontract issue. - Posted By: I'd really like to help. Brendy


Heather at synthescribe - Posted By: Phillipine company

I do not like outsourcing at all - I certainly do not want to work for one either.

Lee Perfect and EMDAT platform - Posted By: still typing

Considering this company.  Anybody with any recent personal experience with the company and the EMDAT platform.  I started the on-line training for EMDAT.  Not sure what to make of it.   Is it hard to make lines?  Any info would be great!  Thanks.

All I can find in archives about Mediscript is sm - Posted By: Need some real info please and thank you

"Bad news!" and nothing else.  That doesn't tell me or anyone else anything useful.  I don't care if someone says "bad news!" but could they please back it up with some real info?  Preferably first-hand experiences would be nice, thank you.

Does anyone out there have any info about Mediscript?  I know they pay by the gross line, but how much?  Do they offer direct deposit?  When are the pay days?  How's the platform?  Any info appreciated.  I'd like to gather some information first before I take any tests or talk to them so I can determine if it's worth going through all that for a job that might not be a fit for me.

Anyone ever worked for Metro Transcript - Posted By: XXXXX