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Are there any other companies - see msg - Posted By: besides Chronicle Transcripts

that do mainly clinic transcription?  I've tried really hard to keep going here thinking it would get better but it's not.  The platform is just not good, QA is inconsistent, too many mixed up account rules.  I said I'd give myself 90 days to adjust and it's not happening.  QA sends corrections back. They can't be right because I've meds added and changed and the doses are incorrect so I know not correct.  They train you one way and then QA corrects your reports another.  The dictators are awful.  At the end of eight hours I feel like I've worked 20 hours.

Are there any other companies out there that do strictly clinic work?  I had a goal of staying with this one threw the summer but it's become unbareable and I need to get out before summer is over.

can DQS be set up to count gross lines? nm - Posted By: wondering


Anyone work for Sten-Tel? - Posted By: cowgirl

Would appreciate any info. 

Does Sten-Tel offshore? NM - Posted By: rebs


Does anyone know anything about D&L Typing? - Posted By: curious


Anyone know anything good or bad about Digital Transcription Services out of Oklahoma City? sm - Posted By: Looking

Pay range; line requirement; platform; enough work; ESLs?   Thank you very much! 

I did a search on these two companies - Posted By: Jacy

and did not find anything.  How about RX Transcription and Archivus?  Do they offshore?  I was thinking Archivus did, but not sure.  How about RX?  TIA

Does anyone know of companies who will higher newbies? - Posted By: Sandy

Most of my students will be graduating soon with associate's degrees with major in medical transcription.  Are there any companies hiring new graduates?

Serviss Transcription.......sm - Posted By: nn

Does anyone here or has anyone ever worked for Serviss and if so, can you give me the good, bad, anything? 

Does MDI Maryland hire part time IC's? - Posted By: Cookie

If so, does anyone know what their line requirements are for part-time?

Give me a Break!! - Posted By: NICE??!!

Ya know, I must be cranky today, but...some posts below really got my dander up! MTs are asking for referrals about companies, and someone actually posts that the company is GREAT - I believe GREAT is the adjective. Then inside message says something to the effect of:  I'm a new hire, too, and I hear the work will be picking up soon. PICKING UP SOON!!  This is after several MTs claim no work, which is what we all-too-often hear with these companies. Hiring and WORK SHOULD BE PICKING UP SOON!! And the poster closes by saying how NICE everyone is. That he/she doesn't mind lack of work cause they are NICE. Grrrrrrrrrrrr...

I wish we could have some coding system where MTs gave job referrals based on LIFE SITUATIONS. Like how many of us really need the income?? Versus those who obviously don't really need the $$ and don't mind being hired for a job with NO WORK. But the people are nice...Can you imagine? I used to hire people in-house for hospitals - all depts. I can just imagine me HIRING people for work that wasn't really there... Give me a BREAK. Nice...

Need your advise - Posted By: Unknown

Is it easy to make good Line count working on OP notes? I have been offered a position to work on OP notes. I have some experience with OP notes. So, just wanted to know if I can make a decent Line count with it? Appreciate any help.

assistmed - Posted By: eh

anyone working for them? can you tell me the good, the bad and the ugly?

Have to post about this company now... - Posted By: HalfMT

Hi all, I've been through the grind over the last few years like so many MTs trying to piece together IC work, getting a good job here and there only to be forced into VR with as much as 60% pay cuts, etc. etc., so I just wanted to say for a change, THANK YOU to the one company that has kept me afloat through all this misery. It's a small company that I've worked for over a year now part time (wish I could be full time, but there just aren't the accounts available). This company is AccuSTAT out of Wisconsin. The pay is above average, the working conditions are great, things are run neatly and sensibly, and it is a pure pleasure to work there, like it used to be at the great smaller MTSOs before 2000. I know, it sounds like I'm some kind of company official plugging this way, but I'm just a lowly MT who kind of stumbled into the job when I needed it the most. As many bad experiences as I've had over the past few years (and posted about here, too), I am just so grateful to them and thought I should say so.

If you have the chance to work for them, I have to put in my 2 dollars and say go for it. With all the pressures on smaller MTSOs today, though, how long can they keep operating in a way that's profitable for the MT as well as for them? It doesn't seem like a good climate these days for any honest company. It does seem like work is starting to trickle back to the States and I hope that continues in a big way (I've taken another job outside of MT to fill in the gaps, hence my name). I hope all the small (and large, if there are any) MTSOs who are such an asset to the industry can hold on until then.

We just never hear about these good companies enough because they seldom have to advertise for MTs, but I think they deserve a mention and some credit for what they do. I know I'll be there as long as they have any work for me. I do hope that some of the hospitals who are tired of poor quality of work and questionable billing practices will take a second look at companies like AccuSTAT that are have always been committed to high standards, and do such a good job of keeping MT morale so high -- always the best way to ensure excellent transcription, IMHO, though so often not even considered these days. OK, off my soapbox, I know I sound nerdy but sometimes you just have to say it out loud.

Any TransHealth, Precyse, All Type or Probity QA folks here? - Posted By: SM

I desperately need a new QA position (need to leave MQ).

QA people only:
Are you earning a decent wage?
Are the benefits good?
Is the company pretty stable?


Mediscripts in Kansas - Posted By: IdreamOfGenie

Is anyone here familar with this small MTSO in Johnson County, KS, outside KCMO?

DDS Inc., Lawrenceville, GA.....sm - Posted By: looking

Looking for any information regarding this company.....thanks!

Any info on Paladin Retrieval? - Posted By: question

Thanks in advance!

Question - Posted By: Diana


I am wondering if any companies pay per minutes of dictation? - Posted By: Bea

When I worked in-house (Radiology) we were actually paid an hourly wage, however, instead of having to produce x amount of lines per shift, or x number of reports per shift, we were required to do x amount of minutes per shift.  Just wondering if anyone does this anymore? 

I'm also looking to make a move back to my first love of radiology.  Anyone have any GOOD companies to work for that have radiology accounts?  I just found this site yesterday and have seen many companies listed but a couple GOOD names would be so much more helpful. 

Thank you in advance for any help/suggestions. 

What is your QA percentage? sm - Posted By: Wondering

I started with a company last month whose account is extremely picky..  QA is even more picky with their constant nit picky corrections..  I have never had any trouble with my QA.  Always 95% or more.  But this new job has me at around 85 to 89% and it just makes me angry because one person corrects a dictation one way and then another one does the opposite, removing commas that are supposed to be there, adding in them when they aren't and its all counting against me.  Anyone else experience this????????

XPress transcription?? - Posted By: mimi

Anyone have any recent info...good, bad, ugly?


Transtech - curious - Posted By: quitefrankly

I don't want to work there, but I noticed a bunch of ad posting by them for recruitement.  Aren't they the ones without work?  How can they be hiring more people?  That just bizarre.

question for Keystroker - Posted By: kstpr

Any KSr know when health insurance benefits start for a new employee?  Will they contact me or do I need to contact them?


Again, this would be a good question for a KS board I know.

Terranova - Posted By: Just Curious

Just wondering if anyone else out there has had the same experience with Terranova.  Tested, told I passed and offered a job at one rate and sent info on job benefits.  Then received second message saying you are hired as IC (I didn't want IC), so declined job.  Next message from them says misunderstanding, hired as employee at a different (lower rate).  To top it all off, the English in the message sounds stilted, as if being written by a foreign-speaking person.  Possibly because they are Canadian based??  Just curious if anyone else has had similar experience.  Feel free to email me if you'd rather. 

Documed - Posted By: Avenger

Any feedback on Documed out of NJ?

Cannot get my check. What do you suggest? - Posted By: TRX employee

I need that money, bad.

So, what do we know about Hands-On Transcription? SM - Posted By: No Name

Haven't read anything about them and am curious.  Pay on time, good communication, consistent work, etc.?  If anybody has any information on this company, that would be great.  Thank you.

Anyone have any info on Silent Type??.. I think they are in (sm) - Posted By: marymary

New York. I did a search but only came up with one post from May saying they provide computers to their employees. I just want to know if they are flexible with scheduling, what kind of platform they have, good accounts, etc..any info that can be provided would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

Softscript Supervisor position - Posted By: sm

I see that SoftScript has posted the Pathology supe position again. Nobody in their right mind would take a job with that company.

Transcend info needed - Posted By: MTAL

I have been offered a job with Transcend.  Can anyone give me some additional information regarding making line counts, also any information on how user-friendly the platform is, is there plenty of work?   Thanks in advance!!

Anyone tried the ESL opening at Transhealth? sm - Posted By: mlstoo

Curious as to how difficult it is.

Keeping it fresh - Posted By: elliottgoodfellow

Okay, now don't everyone jump on me here.  I've read the posts and I know the hardships we all face every day, BUT how do some of you keep it going after all of these years.  I mean sometimes I think that if I have to type one more report I'm going to go nuts.  Some of you have been in this longer than me at 15+ years. I have to do this another 15 years!  I live in a remote area so I can't just go get a job anywhere.  Some of you have done this 30 years.  What keeps you going?

Anybody know anything about MedTrans Unlimited out of Texas? - Posted By: se


Phoenix MedCom - what types of accounts do they have? - Posted By: happytyper

I know they do a lot of teaching hospitals. Do you do a variety of work types or is it mainly OP notes? Can you make decent money even without being paid for spaces?

Amphion question, ............ - Posted By: rainbow

So, how Long does it take to get the phone call after you have accepted a position? ..................and how much longer after that for the computer to come here!  Been waiting for almost a whoel week already, about ready to give up! Need work........ Any new MTs who work for Amphion care to answer this one, thanks.

Getting frozen out of account - Posted By: Going Broke in USA

I have been looking for a second part time MT job (still looking), but now feel I am suddenly being squeezed out of my full time account by virtually getting no work.  My account normally has plenty of work (just low pay, hence the desire for the second part time job).  Has this happened to anyone else?  Does anyone know of any MTSO hiring now?

new career - Posted By: unhappy

I have been transcribing over 10 years and love it, but with the industry robbing us blind and using us I have been making less and less each year.  I am in my mid 40s and hate to be thinking of going back to school, but I think I have to.  I have always done office work but it is lower paying and I hate being stuck in a cubicle all day.  I like the medical field but do not think I am cut out for nursing.  Does anyone have any ideas that are decent paying in the medical field that do not takes years to earn a degree at?  I looked at ultrasound tech, but I have to investigate this further, not sure if there are any schools in my area.

Trying to be optomistic.

Any info on Cymed - Posted By: looking

I haven't been able to find any recent info on them? Any good, bad or indifferent opionons would be appreciated?!

Today's jobs -- Editing - Required to - Posted By: Are they nuts?

assure 99% quality at 0.035 cpl?  Where do they dream up these jobs?

Which companies pay for QA by the hour? nm - Posted By: SeekingQA


Encompass - Posted By: SF

Hi all,  Does anyone have any experience and/or knowledge of working with Encompass out of Wisconsin or Sten-Tel out East. . . good, bad or inbetween?  I'm very comfortable with the Escription platform which both use along with straight dictation and am interviewing with both.


Is anyone familiar with NetMed? - Posted By: Kat

I am trying to find out if anyone knows anything about NetMed.  Are they US based?  Good or bad experience, etc.  Thanks

Heartland - Posted By: anon

Does anyone have any recent information? TIA

can anyone tell me about the radiology accounts... - Posted By: help please

under DeVenture and T-C Transcription, and who would be the better of the 2?  I don't need benes---main concern is having enough work (at least majority of the time).  Also the platform and pay.  TY

Another coordinator bite the dust at OSi? - Posted By: anyone heard anything? (nm)


Orion? Anyone work for them? nm - Posted By: msme


TransTech scheduling question. I know you work 1 weekend day (sm) - Posted By: nn

and give them a schedule you will be working.  Do they micromanage, i.e. if you have to run to school to pick up a sick kid can you make up the time at the end of the shift without calling for permission?  Do they go through and check your time on line and lines done to make sure you are being productive while signed onto system as MQ does? 

Have heard they are really great and I understand schedules, but some companies allow more freedom of movement than others. 

Any info helpful.  TIA.

Does anyone know companies that use Sten-Tel platform? nm - Posted By: WImom


Does anyone use V-Script software with Transform or anywhere else? Is it good? Is it proprietary? nm - Posted By: Wondering out loud