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MTStars.com initially began its journey through cyberspace on December 8, 2001, offering Medical Transcriptionists a place to network. MTStars has experienced amazing growth over the past 9 years to over 20,000 members and 3 million visits per month!

MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

MTStars offers a wealth of information for medical transcription industry in the form of many discussion forums (an archive of 1.5 million messages), Medical Transcription Jobs, Resume Bank and much more.

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Amphion - Posted By: Still looking

Narrowing job prospects down...... kinda.  :o)  Anyone have any information on Amphion?   Thanks! 

India - inviting AAMT over - makes me sick - Posted By: wish to remain anon

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May 10, 2006


Bangalore Meet - A NASSCOM - AAMT initiative


Dear Friends,

There has arisen a few misconceptions about the above meet, I'll try to

clear them:

1. NASSCOM India ITES-BPO Strategy Summit 2006, will hold a workshop on

Medical Transcription Outsourcing - Opportunities and Challenges -

in association with AAMT.


This is scheduled and is going to take place. MTIndia.org is not taking

registrations for this event. To register for the NASSCOM meet, please click

on the link above. The early bird discount is until May 15th.

2. What is being proposed, is to have another meet at Bangalore specifically

directed towards practitioner MTs and invite Peter Preziosi, Executive

Director, AAMT to participate in that event. They main agenda would be

directed at discussing the future of medical transcription as a career

prospect. Please note that this is not an alternative event being planned to

the NASSCOM meet, but one with a different perspective altogether. This is

the one we are running a survey for. Organizing this meet will entirely

depend on the response and enthusiasm from practitioner MTs in participating

in such a career prospect meet with the Executive Director of AAMT. The

response to the survey until now has been essentially from outstation MTs.

Unfortunately, it will turn out to be a logistic nightmare to hold an event

of this stature at Bangalore, if participants are essentially from


So friends, I am keeping the survey open until this weekend. The date June

8th, between 6-8 pm (could be postponed by an hour).

Registration fees will be Rs. 200.

Please send an email to survey@mtindia.org , if you are interested in

participating. Please enclose the following details about yourself:


Company Name:


Suggestions: (Keep it brief, please)

And Bangalore MTs, you do need to wake up and participate in the survey.

Without a good response, this event just doesn't happen.


Dr Amit Chatterjee, SM

Strategist / Founder ~ mailto:amit@mtindia.org

MT India ~ www.mtindia.org

The Community of MT Professionals

It takes years to become an overnight success! Inch by inch, it's

a cinch.




ELICO - TLs/Proofers/Editors/QA/QC wanted


ELICO Ltd, a leading Hyderabad based company is looking for

TLs/Proofers/Editors/QA/QC to meet its growing demand.

The candidate should have minimum 4-5 years of experience in Transcription

and out of which 2 years as an Editor/PR/QA. In addition to an outstanding

working environment, opportunities to learn and grow ELICO offers an

attractive Career growth.

Candidates earning less than Rs.15000/- need not apply. Connect with us

today to explore our dynamic company and its plans for an exciting future!!

Email your resume to: hrites@elicoltd.com

web site: elicobpo.com




1) Firm's focus is growth, Manor Care CEO tells shareholders, to exit


Meanwhile, the company issued a federal layoff notice this week that it will

idle 102 workers in its Heartland Information Services medical-transcription

unit. Seven employees are in Toledo. A company spokesman said the cuts will

occur in early July.

The firm had announced it would be getting out of that five-year-old

business and took a $7 million accounting charge in the first quarter. I

worked my heart out for this company, said Mary Kirkpatrick, of Rockford,

Mich., who got a layoff notice. How many more jobs are [we] going to lose

to India or China?

However, Mr. Ormond said the firm's transcription business started in India,

and the company tried to bring it to the United States but it wasn't



2) Spheris Hires Chief Financial Officer

Spheris, announced the hiring of Brian P. Callahan as its chief financial

officer. After an extensive search, we are extremely pleased to announce

the hiring of Brian Callahan as Spheris' chief financial officer, said

Steven E. Simpson, Spheris president and CEO. I am confident Brian's

experience and expertise in financial management, particularly as it relates

to operational support and capital markets, will add tremendous value to our


Callahan brings with him more than 20 years of financial management

experience. Prior to joining Spheris, he served as executive vice president

and chief financial officer of Murray, Inc., headquartered in Brentwood,

Tenn. He has also held CFO and executive-level finance positions with Miller

Industries/RoadOne, Procter & Gamble and Georgia Pacific.

Spheris is headquartered in Franklin, Tenn., with major operations in St.

Petersburg, Fla.; Sterling, Va.; Milpitas, Calif.; Bangalore, India; and

Coimbatore, India.


3) Targeting Health Records: Arrendale Associates Utilizes Web To Improve

Medical Transcription Service

The management team at Arrendale Associates Inc., a software firm located in

suburban Charlotte, believes it has developed a means to enhance the medical

transcription business over the Internet - and through international


AAI has developed a proprietary word processor and tools for medical

transcription along with custom work flow solutions that meet a particular

need in the industry, allow for outsourcing while remaining HIPAA

compliant, management told WRAL Local Tech Wire in a recent Q&A, and

delivering products and services over the Internet for ease of deployment,

support and use by physicians, nurses, clinicians and medical



4) Leading Community Health Systems Hospitals Select Dictaphone PowerScribe

from Nuance

At Easton Hospital, radiologists, radiation therapy doctors and

cardiologists deliver a significantly more timely report by eliminating a

number of steps in the process including transcription. PowerScribe converts

physician dictation automatically into text and presents it onscreen for

review, correction, and electronic signature. The solution, which leverages

Nuance's award-winning Dragon(TM) NaturallySpeaking(R) technology, goes

beyond transcription efficiencies and actually reduces radiologists'

dictation time by offering the ability to create templates and report

Normals for frequent and recurring studies.

Staff radiologist Dr. Stuart Jones has been using speech recognition

technology off and on over the past 15 years, making him one of the true

pioneers of this innovative technology. Selecting PowerScribe was really a

no-brainer -- it's so far superior to other options. said Dr. Jones.

People worry about the accuracy of speech recognition technology, but

interestingly enough the technology makes the same type of mistakes that

regular transcriptionists make, only far fewer. The technology has become

very intelligent.


5) Help wanted for Philippines outsourcing

Has outsourcing to the Philippines already hit a human-resource barrier?

There are growing indications that something may be amiss in the country's

fastest-growing industry.

Never before has Philippine labor had such negotiating power. Call center

recruits are now being offered signing bonuses before they start work.

Employees are given bonuses for finding new recruits - more often than not

poached from other call centers.

Still, call center managers complain about the lack of workers who are able

to speak American English. For the Philippines, which suffers perennially

from crushingly high unemployment rates, currently at 8% according to a

recent official survey, unmet labor demand is a new and unfamiliar problem.

The future of the industry is clearly at stake. ITES or cyberservices are

certainly the future of the Philippines, said Henry Schumacher, executive

director of the European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines. But that

will not work unless you have English as a communicating base, and we have

seen over the last maybe 10 years that the English speaking capability [of

Filipinos] has declined. English was always one of the [Philippines']

competitive advantages.

Danilo Cruz, under secretary of the government's Department of Labor and

Employment, added, We used to be the third-largest English-speaking nation,

but call centers and medical transcription firms have failed to hire 100,000

[workers] they expected to employ in 2005.

Carol Dominguez, president and chief executive officer of the John Clements

Consultants, a human resources and executive search consulting company,

described the emerging skilled labor shortage as a national emergency.

It may come as a surprise that spoken English is actually in decline in the

Philippines, given that the country is a former American colony known for

its enthusiastic embrace of US fast food and pop culture. Manila-based

experts said that many factors had contributed to the recent national

decline in English language proficiency.



P. S. Would you like to share this newsletter with your friends

or post it on your site? Please do! But also be sure to read


All original content of this newsletter is Copyright 1998-2006

Mediweb Infotech Pvt. Ltd. All cited articles are copyright of

their authors and/or respective publications. Please feel free to

share this newsletter with your friends or post it on your site

as long as it is left intact with all links unchanged and this


Thank you for your interest in MT India!

The MTIndia Team


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DeVenture..how is this company? - Posted By: wondering

I had started to apply for this company but never did the testing.  I got a call from a recruiter who left me a message stating they were hiring and invited me to complete the testing.  How is this company?  I have not really heard much about them so anyone who has any info about this company please let me know.  I would really appreciate it.  Thank you very much.

Transcend pay - Posted By: Kathy McClain

Does Transcend have production bonuses? 

Keystrokes Docuscribe Account - Posted By: Mary

Did anyone out there get hired a few weeks ago by KS for a new account that is on the Docuscribe platform (the same one that MQ uses)?  If so, how do you like that platform and how is the account?  I am very curious about this because it stated in the ad that they will be putting a lot of new accounts on that platform in the coming year.  Please share your experience thus far.  Thanks a bunch.

MAG Mutual--Earlier posts state 8 cpl but does anyone have any information to share?? - Posted By: Seeking more information

Such as quality of work i.e. many ESLs, work load as I am tired of running out of work with my present company. I am seeking more stability than work today.. gone tomorrow scenario, every other day. You can also email me if you do not wish to post on the board.

chartscript - Posted By: oldMT

Does anybody know any companies who use Chartscript? Also, do I have to check with who I am working for as to whether I can use Instant Text with it? I worry it may affect things on their end and don't want to damage anything. TIA.

DTS America - Posted By: Gloria Brown

Does anyone have any info on DTS America?

SPi unfair! - Posted By: Tired in PA

The new comp plan looks wonderful but when you start typing you notice it takes almost double to get your line counts.  Sure, they lowered their line counts, but they don't pay for headers, footers, spaces, returns, tabs, and the patient info area!  We get audits and have never been provided with the policy on them. 

So much is changing in that company!  Something is wrong!  Everytime you turn around there are new MQ managers and less United States MTs and Editors.  What is going on?  I've went though 5 managers in the past 6 months!  The director of ops is running though the company trying to model it after MQ.  Well look where MQ is now!  Why don't people see that the higher-ups are NOT getting the job done correctly and everything is falling apart!  A change has to happen or this company is going down faster than Leroy Brown.  They need to start changing their upper OP managment team ~starting with the director and all of her MQ followers!

Does anyone know about Advanced Transcription Technologies out of NY? - Posted By: M.

I was thinking about applying with them, but I can't find any information on them good or bad.  Thanks a lot!



Feeling exploited - Posted By: beaten down mt

I am feeling so stupid for being a part of this industry. I am envisioning the owners of my company sitting back with their cigars and brandy, and chuckling about what a good scam they have going.

We have all of these faceless entities working their asses off for us, we keep paying them less and less, and they still keep going, like little hamsters going round and round as fast as they can in their little wheels!  All for us!!  Go faster little hamster, go faster, I want to buy a new boat. Do we have the best gig going or what?

I have finally come to realize that this industry is one of those work-from-home scams that everyone warns us about! 

Digital Transcription Systems... - Posted By: Martha

located in Oklahoma.  Could find nothing on archives.  Is that a good or bad thing?  Anyway, if you have any info on this company, please share.  Thanks.

J and J Management - Posted By: curious

Can anyone give me some information about J and J Management?

TMI - TransMedical, Inc - Anyone worked there? - Posted By: PMB

They have a job posting on the Job Seeker's board and I can't find anything good or bad about them.  Has anybody worked for them and have anything positive or negative to say about their experience with them?


Medware - Posted By: piddle

Any opinions on Medware?

Time To Save Our Jobs - see message - Posted By: OkayEveryone

Please go to this website and follow the instructions for letter writing campaign.  . 


transcription matchmaker - Posted By: candy cane

has anyone tried the transcription matchmaker on this website?  I hope posting on this board was okay.

Wondering about the training process at MDI-MD...SM - Posted By: MT

What is it like and for how long? Do you get an hourly rate while learning? Any info would be good. Is it extremely complicated to get used to the system?

Voice Systems - Posted By: mcMcFingers

There is an ad on mt.com for an orthopedic Transcriptionist by C. Adams of Voice Systems in FLORIDA.  I did a search in MT Stars and there were some very bad things about Voice Systems in GEORGIA.  This seems to be the same company.  I am glad I searched here before I applied!  I doubt if they have changed much.  

Data-Med, any info appreciated - Posted By: Krf

I tried a search for them and came up with zippo.  I found it strange however, that from the job seeker's board - and they have 2 ads up there, 1 for neuro/pain management and 1 for insurance interviews.  On one of those ads (forget which) it says for more details  1 will take you to a data-med nonmedical position listed in the career center - the other 1 will take you to a MT job posted under clinics (I think) for Focusmatics.  I wonder if they just made a mistake or if they are Focusmatics. 

Statscript - Posted By: L

Has anyone ever heard of this company?  Are they good?  Are they hiring?  I did an archive search with no success.  Thanks.

Does TransHealth require you to work one day sm - Posted By: mlstoo

of every weekend (such as Tues-Sat or Sun-Thurs) or do they have M-F with rotating weekends?  TIA 

Would someone please share - Posted By: Mattie

info regarding p.r.n. Transcription and Phoenix Medcom, please.  They both have ads on job board and would like to apply, but first would like to know a bit about these companies.  I have done a search, but haven't come up with anything that is very recent.  Thanks for your help.

Anyone out there work for TSSC- Transcription Solutions - Posted By: need to know

of South Carolina.  I tested and would like to have some info before going further.  Thanks!

Med Trans., Inc. out of Phoenix - Posted By: Wanna know

Anyone have any information on this company? Thanks!

Anyone happy at Focus?....sm - Posted By: anonmt

I've seen all the negative posts about them for a long time now, and I'm asking if there's anyone here who is happy with them and why. I believe I'll be starting with them soon and I also believe that it's just like any other company, some will love it and some will hate it. Any additional current input will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Are there any good companies to work for left??? Suggestions? - Posted By: Burnt out on Bad Companies

Looking for a place to call home. I am so tired of all the disorganized, cheap, and discouraging companies out there. I just cannot find a good fit. I work hard.. very hard.. and I would just like a company to be fair back, decent pay, benefits, organized.. etc.. Help...

MDI in Maryland - Posted By: Newbie

Hi.  Does anyone work for this company and have any positives/negatives?  Thanks in advance!

Back to NSA. Have not seen this for almost 2 weeks. (sm) - Posted By: sm

They must have either added more people or shuffled them around.  You would think I would be losing weight or at least developing some mean, lean curves from all the flexing we have had to do in the past few months.

Opti-Scribe info? sm - Posted By: still lookin

good, bad, unknown?


Was trying to reply about webmedx... - Posted By: banshee

For every poster who complains of no work, a poster will follow up bragging of all the overtime they have (?).  Does anyone else find this totally bizarre? 

I guess if you are considering a company like that you might want to take that into consideration -

psych stuff - Posted By: Charlene Macias

Does anyone know of any company hiring that does a lot of psych work?  I have been specializing in psych the past two years and like it but need to make a change.  Any ideas where to look?  Thanks much for any help.

Info on Spheris? - Posted By: TNMT

Any info on Spheris?  All I know is that they do not hire independent contractors.  Is the pay decent and what type of platform do they use?  Thanks!

Was the poster below pulling our legs about aprons for MT week? (sm) - Posted By: One of the webbers

I went to the mail box today hoping to have received it, was a bit disappointed and then it dawned on me that someone was making a funny in reference to the Xmas cookbook.  Duh to me.

Is it fair to use ESLs on testing - Posted By: Fingers

And I do not mean those with accents, or even those with broken English.  I mean those who are not even speaking the English language!  I doubt anyone could understand them in their own language, especially if they do not even complete a sentence.  I do not think this practice is a fair assessment of one's abilities.  I failed this test completely and then scored perfectly with 3 other companies.  Some of these companies need to wise up.  You are letting good people slip through your fingers with this practice.

Too unbelievable for words - Posted By: MT Grip Reaper

Let me see, to be able to make 25.00 per hour you would have to type about 3100 lines per hour using 8 cpl.  How is that humanly possible?????????????????

Keystroke MT: E-mail me please if - - Posted By: Jill

you work on an OPs account only.  Looking to find happy Keystrokes people on Ops accounts.  Never met an unhappy KS person :) but would like to speak to someone who does the above type account.  Thanks!!!

Overseas MTs and US companies - Posted By: Overseas MT

I was over joyed this past Friday when I landed an interview with a company in my area that called me out of the blue for an interview.  I do not even remember sending my resume to them, but I must have over a year ago.  Well, I was up for the interview and ready for whatever they wanted me to test on.  I was very anxious to quit the big national I worked for soon.  Well, I pressed my skirt out and as I drove, I a started singing all the way there.  Today was going to be my lucky day.  Well, boy was I wrong.  I met the lady that called me and it went down hill from there.  She told me that they only had 2 US MTs and the other 500 MTs they employed were over in India. UUUUUHHHH.  My heart sank.  She was calling because they needed to immediately set up a new account that was going live in 2 weeks, and they were caught with their pants down. The overseas MTs would not be able to catch on as quickly, so they needed at least to hire 2 more US MTS to get the ball rolling.  I knew right then and there I was the Guinney pig to help set this new account up for the MTs overseas.  My heart sank,and I could not even remember anything else she had said.  She gave me a writtent test and I told her I did not know the terms. I said that because I was trying to get the HELL out of there fast.  She said do not worry.  I want you anyway.  Then she gave me an OP note to transcribe. I sat there for about 2 minutes and told her I was sorry, but I could not get it.  I grabbed my coat and hussled out of there.  As I was leaving an Indian man was walking by, and she said he was the owner.  Is this the way our business is going?  He clearly was the owner and employed all the MTs from overseas.  Can we go over to their country and do the same? I don't think so.  I am sorry for venting,but I was so darned mad.  He learned the business, used the United States, and employed all from his country.  She also said that eventually, all work go over their, but some clients need to see the work first before sending it over there.  Translation, the US MTs do the initial work and it looks good.  Then, when the client thinks everything is good, they ship it over to the overseas MTs.  Did I handle this situation wrong?  I feel like a heel for not giving my best, but that is what I was feeling at the time.

Any current info on AccuPro? - Posted By: sm

enough work, pay on time, anything you would like to share about this company would be greatly appreciated. TIA

Cornerstone Transcription Service (sm) - Posted By: Nipntuck

Does anyone work for this company or have any knowledge about them at all? Thanks!

I am doing transcription for free for anybody interested! - Posted By: SM

I will be graduating shortly and I understand how hard it is to get a job in this field without experience. I know that 2 years is preferred but I also figure that some is better than none. So I have been doing free transcription work for free in return for a letter stating I did work for you and if I did a good job or not. I will only be doing this for a little while so take advantage of this offer! This would be a great opportunity for any ICs that have an abundance of work right now but do not want to hire anybdoy, or if you just want to lower your workload for a short amount of time. Let me help you...so it can help me! This is a serious offer, serious inquiries only!

SurgicalNotes out of Texas? - Posted By: FlaMT

Just wondering if anyone has any information on them, works for them, knows someone that works for them, etc?

Just got a job offer from them but really don't want to walk into yet another company that isn't worth the headache. The $$$ is very tempting but want some facts first.


What companies have a decent platform to work on, . - Posted By: me too

have employee status, lots of work, and minimal confusion and disorganization?   Can do the big 4 for acute care.

Is $15.00 per hour with excellent benefits good pay for a pathology transcriptionist - Posted By: MT

There is an ad in my local newspaper for this position, and I am considering applying.  It doesn't mention anything about incentive, so I doubt that there is any, but the way the transcription industry is going, I think this may be my best shot for the next 15 years.  As I turned 50 yesterday and looking to retire at 65.  They have pension plan and 401K with match, long and short term disability.

Anybody get hired by World Wide Dictation and how is going so far? nm - Posted By: mqmtMQMT


TTD........sm - Posted By: mt

They sure do have a lot of postings for this company.  Guess the 3 cpl is not too appealing to experienced MTs doing SR.

Anybody work for PMSI? Would love to hear your experience. - Posted By: Thanks. nm


Work for New England MT as QA? - Posted By: MissyQA

Does anyone work for New England Medical Transcription as a QA?  Is the work steady?  Do they run out in QA often?  Is pay on time?  Is platform hard to learn? Are they flexible?  Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Any recent opinions on DocuMed, NJ - Posted By: oldMTer

I looked in the archives but nothing more recent than a year ago.  Is it IC or emplyee, ad did not say and email received from them did not say.  Pay on time?  Sound quality?  Pressure from admin to do more, more, more? 

Thanks in advance -- want to do the voice file from them, but would like to know opinions first.