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So much for my Spheris 401K - Posted By: exSpheris

Got a letter today saying my Spheris 401K is at $0 balance.  So much for leaving it alone until the economy gets better.  I'll be working til they take me out tits and toes up.  Sheesh........

anotehr question about Webmedx sm - Posted By: MT forever it seems

Do they supply equipment for part-time MTs.  Do you HAVE to do VR?

Allstate - Posted By: Jodi

I am a former mentor of Allstate.  Deb owes me almost $1000 (this is for 2-1/2 months work)  When I gave my notice, my accounts were locked immediately and I was unable to get my line counts to send invoices. In fact, I couldn't even edit my interns documents.  Then when decided not to give a 2 week notice since I was told I would be put on probation if I stayed, I was told that I forfeited all of my earnings because I signed an IC contract.  Don't be stupid.  If you are an experienced MT, stay far away and go to a hospital which is where I previously worked.  I regret my decision to leave there, (due to health issues) because I was always treated fairly and paid well and on time bi-weekly, with benefits.  If you are thinking about paying 99.00 to sign up for the intern program, big mistake, because if you have already graduated from an MT program, hospitals will hire you to work without you paying them (and the hospital sometimes even pays you a salary to boot, even though it is lower than a seasoned MT) 

I am posting this because I am a genuinely honest (and yes Christian) person and I should have known better, especially when she didn't even bother testing me.  I don't want others to be fooled by this so called "Christian" organization.  When you get paid, it will take 2 or 3 months and if you decide you can't afford to work there and quit, you don't get paid period. 


Meridian Healthcare Solutions - Posted By: hldown


I have been offered a position with the above company.  I cannot find anything on them since January of 2005.  Does anyone have any recent experience with them??





MTS OF TEXS - Posted By: need info


Indian company on job seeker's board - Posted By: quitefrankly

MT Work Needed - Happy Singh

I don't know how else to contact admins about this, so can someone look into this?



accuscribe - Posted By: lb

does anybody have an opinion about accuscribe?  they have offered me a job and i want to be careful, but how careful can you be when your bank account is screaming for money??

I got broadband today, goodbye MTSO vultures - Posted By: Gloating MT

I'm going back to work directly for a hospital from home!   I'm so excited.  That means health insurance, dental, 10 sick days, 10 vacation days, 6 holidays and rotating weekends where I get 2 of them off a month.  These are people that don't discount lower lines because you're on crappy work but appreciate that do the crappy work.  The bonus is people who actually care about me and know medicine, medical transcription and how hard I'm working for them.  I'm so tickled that I may even offer to work on Christmas Day (and they pay 1.5x when I do)!   

I feel like a real person again!



Anyone tested for Med-Tec Resources heard back from them yet? nm - Posted By: cmt


Wolfstar transcription - Posted By: confused

Anybody work for them or have any info? Older posts dont seem to have any replies. Employee or IC, what is pay for radiology, shifts, good, bad and ugly. TIA, looking...

advice? - Posted By: Rho

Can anyone tell me about Phoenix MedCom.  Have a choice of them and a local physician's office with hourly pay of only $14/hr.  Please tell good and bad.  Also I have never been an IC before, so any tax info appreciated.  Please email ASAP.  Thanks!

Fast Chart - Applied Medical Services - Posted By: anon

Does anyone have recent information on Fast Chart?  I looked in the archives but most entries were a year or 2 old.  These older entries said starting line rate for IC was 6 or 7 cents.  That is pretty low for IC!  Otherwise, people sounded pretty happy there.  Besides line rate, wondering about dictation quality, flexibility and consistent work?  Any current information?  Thanks !!

How long do you give a new job before you decide it isn't right for you? sm - Posted By: MT4me

My saga follows. Please go to the bottom of post for my question :)

I've been with my current company as a PT emp. for 2 1/2 months. Everything about them seems to be quite fair, not great, but very fair. I'm still on hourly pay of a whopping $8.50 till I get my production up. Therein lies the problem, I cannot EVER see getting my line count up with the inordinately excessive number of ESLs on my acct. It's just ridiculous. All I'm asking is to actually TRANSCRIBE for a living, instead of rewinding and relistening 1000 freakin' times a day.

I've never gotten the feeling that I'm being taken advantage of or given the crap work, I just believe I'm on a very high percentage ESL account. I don't mind doing ESLs, I really don't. I just want more understandable drs thrown into the mix.

This is my first job after graduating and I was lucky enough to be hired for acute care. I'd like to continue in acute care. I just want to be able to PRODUCE, improve and ENJOY my job. I want to be doing MT work for many years to come.

If you've made it this far, thank you. I'd just like some opinions from those of you with more experience about what you might do in my situation.

Also, how long do you give a job before you decide it's not a good fit for you? Am I giving up too quickly?

Thank you so much in advance for your input!

Is anyone able to reveal... - Posted By: TIA

How much Keystrokes pays for radiology?  Old archives state that they require about 1200 lines per day for full time. Also, what medical do they offer?  TIA

TTS or Transcription, Technology and Support - Posted By: ABC

Any info on this company. Have searched under TTS and Transcription, Technology and Support, both those terms pop up in so many posts that I can't locate something about this specific company. Would appreciate any good, bad, ugly and/or help finding past posts. Thank you.

All I can say is, "Yuck!" SM - Posted By: Chickadee

The new MQ rules sounds like Spheris.  I hated the way Spheris was always breathing down my neck for every single minute of my assigned schedule.  If you make your lines, they shouldn't do this.

I no longer work for MQ or Spheris.  I liked MQ when I worked there, but hated Spheris.  Not every company is a good fit for everyone 

I'm sorry you are all having to deal with this.  Maybe it will be okay...some people really love and thrive at Spheris, so maybe the change at MQ won't be so bad once you get used to it.

Good luck to you all, and I wish you all the best.


The perfect job - Posted By: me

1.  All dictators sound like Patrick Stewart, calm and perfect speech.

2.  The company pays a minimum of 12 cents per line, of course spaces included.

3.  All management staff were transcriptionists for at least 10 years.

4.  20-year-old Buffy is not assigned as my account manager, just because she's somebody's wife in the company  (and she's so dumb she thinks car horns need fluid). 

5.  Quick and responsive QA people who provide samples and are not menopausal, in a bad relationship, or on a power trip.

6.  The company provides me a wonderful leather chair with heat and massage.

7.  The turnaround time is 72 hours on all reports.

8.  The CEO looks like Johnny Depp and comes to my house for one-on-one training.

9.  We all head to Hawaii at least once a year for work relationship training.

10.  They actually have a wonderful retirement program that will allow me more than a shanty house with outdoor plumbing.

Am I asking too much?



Just need to vent. - Posted By: sm

I am a fairly new MT, but I do have experience. I applied for an MT position with a National company as an IC. I got an email saying that she was very impressed with my resume and that she would give me a chance. She told me a little bit about the job, and said to email her back if I was interested. I emailed her back with a few questions and told her I would like to see a contract. She emailed me back and said that she usually doesn't give out contracts unless the person is very interested in the position. I emailed her again and told her that I was very interested and would like to see a contract. Well, I never heard from her again! This happened a week ago. Why do some people get other people's hopes up?

Anyone heard back in the last week from Precyse, - Posted By: Medware or TransHealth? I feel left out :). nm


Theory about MT Pay - Posted By: Anonymous

I personally think MTSO companies ask for raises to the clients and get them - they just aren't passed down to the peons MTs - am sure this is so - i bet your eyeballs would spin if you knew how much they make off of us - the only way we can get decent pay is to unionize - you cant support yourself on MT pay - who are you kidding - it is just to pay a few odds and ends - are there any single parent MTs - i sure doubt it - I guess I feel sad because we are very skilled and this work is not easy but we are just paid peanuts for it.

Whats the latest on this company? - Posted By: Webmedx

I had heard at one time they were a great company to work for, are they still maintaining that status?

DIT Transcription - Posted By: mm

I was wondering if anyone could give me any real information on DIT Transcription.  I can't really find anything in the archives.  I'm considering applying, but don't want to jump from the frying pan directly into the fire.  I'm certainly not suggesting DIT is that, but I just wanted some information on them, if possible, before making any decisions.  Does anyone know the platforms, pay rate, employee or IC status, if they direct deposit and pay on time every two weeks?  Do paychecks bounce?  Do they have any benefits?  Where I am now, there is hardly any work, very low pay, no benefits, but they do direct deposit when they don't forget me (have had one check bounce).  Just looking for a decent company.   Thanks in advance for any information.

just checking - testing - Posted By: 2cents

testing testing

Questions for current TT-ers - Posted By: Possibly new Trans-Tech-er

1.  Is TT doing ASR?  If so, are they looking to keep increasing their volume in this regard?  (I personally hate ASR). 

2.  Do you punch a time clock?  If you have your quota for the day, must you sit for a full 8 hours? are you allowed a 12-hour window, etc.  I personally can't sit for 8 straight hours some days. 

If anyone would like to email me privately, I would appreciate it. 


Medi-Script Plus - Any info?? - Posted By: Looking

Anyone worked for them?  What was your experience?  TIA.

Golden Isles (GIMT) - Posted By: Job huntin'

Any info on this company?  Not much in archives.  Do they have they have VR?  Easy to work for?  How is pay.  TIA.

Diskriter MTs, is hospital account or DR accounts a - Posted By: better deal? Is insurance good/how much? nm


Need Advice Please - Posted By: Part-time MT

I am thinking about testing with Cymed.  I know they merged with another company recently.  Can anyone tell me do you type in Word or in some other sort of platform?  I absolutely hate and cannot tolerate emdat.  I wish to stay away from that program at all costs.  Do you run out of work?  How do you feel about the company?  I am not at all happy where I am now.  It is time for me to move on. 

Does anyone have any info on MDI out of Maryland? - Posted By: Just curious

I was just looking at their web site, and it looks pretty good, and I see that they have been around for 25+ years. Does anyone have any experience working for this company? I searched the archives before posting this, but nothing came up, which I thought was strange. I might be looking to change companies in the future, and I was just wondering how they are to work for. Any info, both good and bad, would be greatly appreciated!

Transtech ad/oncology - Posted By: Kathy

Is the workload at TT better now since I see they have an ad up for oncology...would like to hear if there is enough work on this account(s) to apply.  Thanks

question for indepednent contractors - Posted By: hi

Which state are you in and do you have to pay/charge sales tax?

Has anyone switched from MQ to SoftScript? - Posted By: nightsky

and if so, how did it go? Any info would be greatly appreciated :) TIA! :)

Does the Medical Transcription industry encourage job-hoppers? - Posted By: curiosity killed the cat

First off I want to make it clear that I am not “bashing” any MTs by asking the questions below.  Also sorry this is so long.  Please bear with me.   -- Spelling and grammar police please take a break !!! 


I have been following some posts and just got curious.  So if we all could just take a deep breath, give it some serious thought, stay on point and not get carried away with other opinions, I think we can get some good honest opinions about why the MTSOs are treating their employees like “equipment.”  


What I have noticed is that when there are MTs looking for information about certain companies they often get replies such as:  I worked for them but “left after 1 month – 2 months – 6 months,”  Then there are MTSO owners who complain that after offering an MT a position the MT either says “no thanks” the day they are suppose to start working or are never heard from again.   This gives me the impression that there are MTs out there who treat working as an MT like they treat buying a new pair of shoes --- try them out for awhile and then return them if they don’t fit.  No emotional attachment involved. 


I am fast approaching 60 years of age and have been an MT for over 35 years.  I was one of the first to take the CMT test when AAMT first organized way back when.  My first MT job was transcribing from cassette tapes, using a typewriter and sticky paper for clinic notes and sheets of paper for hospital reports.  So obviously I have seen a lot of changes in the MT business.  Personally over the past 35+ years I have had 6 employers (4 inhouse before MTSOs offered working from home and 2 national MTSOs for the past 15 years).   Personally I am TERRIFIED of having to find a new job --- interviews, equipment setup, new platform to learn, loss in earnings during training, and so forth and so forth.  That being said I have a feeling I will need to be looking for a new position within the next six months and I am curious as to what type of employment search atmosphere I will be encountering. 


My curiosity stems from my impression that many MTs are comfortable “job-hopping.”  When they state they only stayed at a company for 1-2-6 months it is presented as matter-of-fact – no-big-deal.  I can see why they feel that way.  With several hundred MTSOs out there and most constantly looking for new employees, even the worst MT in the world could start working at age 20, work for a different company every 6 months and still not work for them all by the time they retire.  In my opinion that is what is causing the MTSOs to treat their MTs so badly, offer them less and less as starting wages, and not be responsive to questions or problems.  The MTSO invests quite a bit of money into hiring a new employee.  They either have to pay someone in their HR Department or a Recruiting Agency to do the initial resume search, testing, and interviewing.  There is a ton of paperwork.   If the MTSO supplies the computer, their IT Department has to set up the computer and ship it out which means shipping charges for the computer or paperwork.  And someone has to train the new MT.  All those expenses are incurred by the MTSO before the MT even starts to produce.  I can see why some of the MTSOs are resorting to questionable “bait and switch” tactics.  They probably also send out the oldest computers to the new MTs to cover themselves in case the MT quits and doesn’t ship it back in a timely manner.  It seems to me that the majority of complainers about type of work, amount of work, or computer problems that they are experiencing are the newly hired MTs. 


Because of all the “short-term” complainers, someone looking for information about a particular company is often given incomplete or misleading opinions based on limited information.   Can anyone honestly with 100% accuracy adamantly state a company is “#1” or “the worst on earth” when they only worked there for 2 months?  I would love to see any MT who posts a positive or negative comment about a company to also admit to how long they actually worked for the company and if they are currently employed there or not.  I think that would give their opinions a lot more weight. 


Obviously, not every MTSO is the “dream job” for every MT and for any MT to state they work for the “best company” is hubris and can even be fighting words to employees of other good or even great companies.  It can also lead to disappointment when an MT applies to the “best company” only to find out it does not fit their needs.  I feel that if the MTs on this board would try to leave personal opinions aside and give relevant information about a company it would be easier for an MT to find a good fit with ONE company and not have to “job-hop,”   If more MTs would work for a company for at least a year before quitting and moving on maybe the MTSOs would actually be willing to offer newly hired MTs the same respect they offer the MTs that have been working for them for 5-10-15 or more years.  


Finally to my questions.  I am curious to see if my opinion is based in fact.  Are there a significant number of MTs who “job hop?” 


These questions are primarily directed at employees of MTSOs, large or small, but  inhouse hospital or clinic MTs are also welcome to respond.  I realize IC MTs have a whole different set of guidelines they go by and often have multiple clients at the same time.  But if you are an IC and wish to give your opinion, please feel free to do so – just state that you are an IC so there is no confusion.  


Please answer as many questions as you feel comfortable giving information about (I hope you will answer most because of the anonymity of this board):

1.  How long have you been working as an MT?

2.  How many DIFFERENT companies have you worked for (even if it was only for a few hours) in the last 10 years?  (If you left but came back later that is only 1.) 

3.  How many companies have you accepted an offer of employment from but then never actually started working for them?

4.  How many companies have you quit working for within the first pay period?

5.  How many companies have you quit from? 

6.  Have many companies have you been terminated from (I guess the word “fired” from is no longer politically correct)  i.e. you were not meeting line requirements, QA requirements, time commitment requirements (signing on late, leaving early), or being told you don’t have the necessary experience/expertise for the accounts assigned to you, etc? 

7.  How many companies have you left because they were bought out by another MTSO and you did not like how the new MTSO was treating you? 

8.  How many companies that you were working for completely went out of business (was not bought by another company) and told you that you had to find a new job yourself? 

9.  What is the shortest period of time that you have worked for one company? (Even if it was only for a few hours)   What is the longest period of time that you have worked for one company? 

10.  Have you ever continued working for your former company while training with a new company? 

11.  Have you ever worked for two different companies (2 part-time or 1 full-time and 1 part-time) during the same time period?  For how many months/years did you work for two different companies?

12.  What is your primary reason for applying to a certain company (pay, insurance, flexible schedule, equipment provided, sign-on bonus, referral from another MT, etc)?

13.  What is your primary reason for leaving a company (cannot maintain minimum required number of lines, not assigned accounts or job types as originally discussed, running out of work too frequently, difficult platform,  computer slowness/crashes, management conflicts, QA conflicts, other “bait and switch” type of issues where the MTSO said one thing but you ended up doing something entirely different, personal, family, etc)?

14.  Are you really happy at your present company or are you just working there because you are afraid if you try another company it will be worse and not better?   How long have you worked at this company?  Do you plan to continue working at this company for at least 1 year (of course barring unforeseen personal or professional events).  Would you be willing to give the name of your present company?    

15.  Do you think you will retired as a Medical Transcriptionist (or in the Medical Transcription field, such as an Editor, Supervisor, etc) or do you think you will switch careers at some point before retirement?  


Thank you for your time. 


If you would like to e-mail me with any questions or responses, I would be happy to hear from all of you. 


Thank you for satisfying my curiosity and giving me some insight as to where the Medical Transcription field is heading in the future. 










Does anyone use V-Script software with Transform or anywhere else? Is it good? Is it proprietary? nm - Posted By: Wondering out loud


anyone work as hospital employee for/through Diskriter? - Posted By: anoldmt

Was wondering how that works out, if that setup is better than working for a service. Better benefits, workload?

Ascend - Posted By: need2knomt

Has Ascend management improved?

Allegiant Transcription? - Posted By: inquiring

Anyone with any information on this company?

TTD, Inc - Posted By: Kathy Steele

Has anyone been hired recently from TTD, Inc. (The Transcription Doctors)?

Northeast Transcription Inc. - Posted By: BTC

Wondering if anyone could give more information about them. Not a lot on here about them. I just had an interview, and I think I like them, but would like real world experience from people working for them. How is the platform, the expander, are they flexible, easy to get the 1100 lines in an 8 hour day, etc.? Any help either here or to my email would be GREAT!


anyone at Transform gotten their tax info yet?? - Posted By: kcb

just wandering

Fast Chart-Applied Medical Services - Posted By: Angie

Any references on Fast Chart-Applied Medical Services out of Durham, NC?

I am thinking of testing with them and was wondering if anyone has worked with them.


Paladin Retrieval (sm) - Posted By: Exp'd MT

Someone was asking for contact info.

Keystrokes headers and footers - Posted By: JLS

Does Keystrokes pay for headers and footers?

Hiring new transcriptionists? - Posted By: mt17

I have a friend who completed a transcription course through a 4 year college and wants to find a company that will allow her to work at home. I can mentor her having 20+ years experience in the field. Does anyone know a company that will hire new grads and allow them to get some experience that way? I have told her about doctors' offices, but we're very rural here and there are not too many doctors around. Any help would be appreciated. I have been searching the job board here and MTJobs also, as has she, but we can't find anything. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

If Only...What I wish for this Christmas. - Posted By: Oh Boy

Reading posts below how so many MTs just wish or hope that they may get some sort of recognition - a bonus or a gift or anything for their hard work for the year.  I cannot say how angry I am - steaming mad - to read the derogatory posters who call these hopeful or disappointment MTs childish or greedy.  Its so heartbreaking.  American workers for decades regularly received Christmas bonuses in every single industry, period.  We all did. Our parents did and our grandparents did. If they didn't, that probably meant they were the bosses or business owners, and they happily were the ones giving out the bonuses or gifts to their beloved workers.  THIS IS SICK that other MTs can bash those who still have hope, or those who desperately need the $$, anything. A lowsy $25 gift card might feed their kids for a day.  Yet its A-OK in our country that the CEOS and our OWN BOSSES get 6 and 7-figure Christmas bonuses every year, whether they run our companies into the ditch or not.  They aren't called greedy or childish. We continue to work ourselves to the point of breaking 24/7, and darn sure do have the right to hold out the most meager of hopes that yes, MTs, there is a Santa Claus, he does care, and maybe we might get a $25 token of appreciation from our employers, who are darn tootin' making a boat load of greenbacks thanks to our labors.  Merry Christmas, and I wish if I were rich that I could find a list of all US MTs and send each and every one, newby or seasoned pro, a $25 gift card and a Christmas card.  I truly wish I could do that.  Maybe someday I will. Don't be ashamed to hope for a present - good grief we get nothing else, nothing. 

Keystrokes New Docuscribe Account - Posted By: Mary

I asked this question last week and would like to check regarding if transcriptionists who were hired for this account feel any better about it yet?  Last week there were a lot of negative posts stating too many ESL dictators that were very difficult and they were not able to produce a good line count.  Has it improved any for you?  Also, how do you like the Docuscribe platform?

Fast Track Medical Transcription Services, LLC - Posted By: ABC

Anyone hear of them? TIA!

companies - Posted By: rebecca

Does anyone know about usamedtrans or eTransPlus companies.  Have become really suspicious of some of these companies because of all the scams there are out there.  Any info I would appreciate.  Rebecca

Anyone know anything about C-Bay. Seems they are getting a lot of accounts by under biding everyone - Posted By: MQMT

because their workforce is in India. I wonder if their quality has gotten any better recently. Seems clients are willing to put up with the quality for the lesser charges. Of course there is a point where they wont be.

F/U on All Type Professional Liability Insurance - Posted By: .

Just sharing this as I have never run into this request from MTSO


This is an email from Professional Liability Insurance provided through Healthcare Providers Service Organization.   I goggled Professional Liability Insurance.


All Type wanted me to provide this (costly I am sure, insurance)


My reply back to email.

Thank you for the info -- (their text to me)  As a Medical Transcriptionist, if you were to add or omit something to what the dictator relays to you, and a claim or incident occurs because of error or omission, you can be named in a lawsuit.


My reply to them:

No way I would be party to this

 unless I had permanently stored audio (dictated) and MY original transcribed text.  Only way I could prove anything.  Once the report leaves me, it can be changed at will by what is called QA Quality Assurance staff or the dictator. Whoa!!! You think the doctor or QA will admit a change.  Don't think so. The medical transcriber will be the fall guy.