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MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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Focus Infomatics - Posted By: medhead

Does anyone have any information on working for Focus Infomatics? Thank you!

is eMTS out of Coral Springs for sale? - Posted By: Curious

Why no recent posts about Omniscribe? Everyone happy there? - Posted By: j


Best escription company - Posted By: Michele

Can someone tell me out of all the companies that are out there that use escription who pays the best in regards to VR and then straight typing, when you have to type.  Thanks.

Meridian Healthcare Solutions - Posted By: hldown


I have been offered a position with the above company.  I cannot find anything on them since January of 2005.  Does anyone have any recent experience with them??





DTS America - Posted By: Gloria Brown

Does anyone have any info on DTS America?

Serviss...any current info on this company? NM - Posted By: MTinWV


Transcription Relief Services - Posted By: Nissa Landry

  Hello Everyone,


I am trying to get some info on TRS (Transcription relief services) ASAP! If anyone could let me know what they think of it.  Prefably anyone who is working there now or who as worke there recently.  Thank you!!  I found stuff in archives, but it was old.  I need new info.  Thank you!




Nissa.  Have a great day everyone!!!

provide me E-mail id - Posted By: rajesh kumar

can anyone else provide me E-mail address of PACE TRANSCRIPTION & MGT. SERVICES, INC., EAST LONGMEADOW, Massachusetts

Any info about ZNF Medical Transcription? .... sm - Posted By: Happy MTer

Pay on time, DD, platform, flexible with schedules, etc?  Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

Poll question - Posted By: gourdpainter

As some of you may recall, I recently retired from MT.   I was wondering if the companies y'all work for would be more likely to hire newbies if they had an experienced mentor working with them?  I'm not trying to sell the service of mentoring but by way of explanation, I met a gal via the internet who is just finishing a course.  I think she would make an excellent MT and I would like to help her. As we all know, a graduate of many of the schools don't have a snowball's chance of getting hired.  I would appreciate your thoughts.

If these posts from just a few weeks ago are any indication of what we have in store for us, I'm - Posted By: Good grief.

hoping to get out ASAP.  http://forum.mtstars.com/main/v/1/131261.html

5 years experience? - Posted By: dee_mt

All of the companies I'm finding want someone with 5+ years experience.

Does anyone know a good nationwide company that would be happy with 2-1/2 years experience?

Anyone heard of - Posted By: siren

ACMR Transcription Service?

Need input on a co. DIT transcription - Posted By: stillsearching

Had asked on the main board and got one reply.  Put in a resume to an anonymous company and got a call from DIT.  Could not find any info - positive or negative - and would like some input before making a decision to leave my present position - editing using Escription for transcription that is paying only .2 a line more than the editing.  I'm not up to the estimated 600 lines per hour of editing yet - but am more than half-way there.  I'm getting better at it - and at least there are very few blanks because the voice recognition puts something in - whether it is correct or not and then it is much easier to figure out what is supposed to be there. 

Any good, bad or ugliness with DIT would be appreciated.

ATSI - Posted By: FLMT

Any information on this company is appreciated.  Line rate for typing and editing, platform, friendly staff, etc?  TIA

Probity? - Posted By: nm

Any info on this company?

Transcription Connection sm - Posted By: IC

They dare to ask for verification of a per line rate?  As an IC you can charge what you want to who you want - I cannot believe what some companies ask for and what some ICs are willing to provide.

Transcend/DVHP - Posted By: DVHPgirl

What does everyone think about the new joined forces of Transcend/DeVenture Health Partners? Came by surprise for me, but still not sure what to expect. Anyone?

Waiting for Future-Net - Posted By: JaeRae

About a week ago I received an email from Future-Net stating I had passed all the testing and a recruiter would be contacting me....I am still waiting a week later.  Is this normal for them?


Does Superior Global direct deposit? - Posted By: jay

Thinking of applying, but don't have car to go back and forth to bank to deposit paychecks and was wondering if this company had direct deposit and, if so, do they also direct deposit pay if the payday falls on a weekend?  I've been doing all my banking online and find that convenient.  Thank you in advance.

spectramedi - Posted By: jadee

Has anyone heard of this company?  I applied via the job board and they have set me up for a test.  Does anyone have any info?

Anyone hear of QED Transcription? - Posted By: CAMT


ER dictation - Posted By: Kat

I'd love to find a job doing ERs, anyone know of any place that has an abundance where you could do only ERs?

Milner or Amphion? - Posted By: C-C

Has anyone had any experience with these companies?

Any info would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Radiology IC position - Posted By: RadMT

I am looking for a part-time IC position with flexible hours transcribing radiology reports. Do anyone own of a company?


Companies that pay well? - Posted By: Tam/Tam

I have 15 years transcription experience, and companies I have talked to only want to pay 7.5 to 8 cents /line.  Someone with 1 to 2 years will get 6.5 to 7 cents/line.  Is something wrong here?   This just does not seem fair at all, not getting paid for your experience!!!!  Does anyone know of any fair companies out there that do compensate for experience?   Thanks.

Question - Posted By: Lucy

Does anyone know if Transcend/MDI-FL have any hematology/oncology accounts?  If so, what platforms are used for these accounts?  TIA

transcription tests - Posted By: Pamela Quigley

What is the grading criteria for these company tests?  Must the transcription be totally error free, 95% error free or what.  I've had some good results, but some where I thought I had every word correct gave no answer at all.





Medware - Posted By: TiredMT

Does anyone know how long it takes to hear about your application from Medware?  On their website, it says they will contact you within one business day, but it's been a little while and I have not heard back.  Thanks in advance!

I may be posting this question on the wrong board but - Posted By: Aching shoulders and neck

does anyone know who manufactures or carries a computer chair that has arms which pivot from the position at each side of the chair (regular position for armrests) to the front of the chair which gives you a really nice armrest. I saw one chair like this recently, but before I could even look into buying it, the college that was using it put it in for their auction and I lost track of it. It was the nicest chair I have ever sat in and the one I have now is ready for retirement. Thanks so much if anyone knows of this. :)

Which offer should I choose? - Posted By: FasTypistMT

Hi all...I currently have two job offers that I'm trying to decide between.  I was wondering if any of you could give me some ideas, suggestions, input, opinions, whatever...

I was offered clinic work with Axolotl and also offered acute care with WEBMEDX.  They are both full time employee positions, but Axolotl offers 1 cent more per line, which possibly will go up to 1.5 cents more per line after 30 days.

I've read a few posts on here about WEBMEDX and it seems mostly good things are said about them.  I haven't read much on Axolotl at all, so I'm not really sure what decision to make.  Any advice is welcomed and very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance. 

This struck me as odd - Posted By: Typing in heat wave

I have never heard a patient referred to in this way before by a dictator, like he is referring to an animal. Just thought it was funny: 

*The patient is married with 10 offspring, 4 males and 6 females.*

Maybe this heat is frying my brain, but got a good laugh anyway.

AIM Scam? sm - Posted By: Screwed

In May of this year, I paid for an internship at the AIM Program. The lady seems very nice, but she e-mailed me and said she could not get enough mentors after saying I was # this or #that (always going down but nothing else, just promises).

I paid with a credit card, but there is a clause in her contract that says that no matter if she trains or not the money is nonrefundable. Is there anything I can do?

Anybody heard of HealtheNet ? - Posted By: susan

Anybody heard of HealtheNet ??

Chronicle Transcripts in CA? - Posted By: I've read the archived posts but - sm -

looking for current experience with them?  Training, pay, platform, QA?  Is there enough work? 

DIT question...sm - Posted By: jjj

i read on this board a while back that these people had payment issues, as in rubber checks. Does anyone know if they have resolved this because I found a couple of ads for them.

MTS of Texas; Global Transcription Services - Posted By: MT4ME


Does anyone currently work or has worked for either of these companies?

MTS of Texas, Global Transcription Services


AcesUP - Posted By: boosa

Anyone had any experience with AcesUP?  NM

chat room - Posted By: just asking

Does anyone ever use the chat room? 

TransTech - Posted By: Olive Oyl

Are there any transcriptionists out there who are still working on the oncology account for TT that was started in February?  If so, I was wondering if you still run out of work on this account...or is there plenty of work to go around now?  I worked for them for a few months on this account and really liked it, but we ran out of work on it quite often so I was offered what I thought was a better job elsewhere and decided to go there.  Now I am having second thoughts about having done this...I think I made a big mistake.  I loved the account and the people that work there seemed very nice and very helpful. 

If you still work at TT, do you have any trouble getting the amount of lines required each pay period?  Thanks for any info you would like to share about this.

Seascript or INFO ON PAGE RATES. TIA - Posted By: hiya

Also, anyone heard of Seascript or have any experience with them?  TIA

They are paying per page for surgery center work.  I have searched on this site for information on page rates.  Not very current info.  If anyone could offer their experience with page rates, especially for surgery center work, as a subcontractor. 



Keystrokes - Posted By: Suze

I was hired by Keystrokes for clinic work back at the first of June, worked 1 week, and then the account was lost--no real explanation for the reason.  I've been trying unsuccessfully to find out when or if I'll be put on another account since then (over a month now).  Has anyone else had this experience? 

I went with Keystrokes because of the mostly positive comments from this board and others.  I don't want to badmouth anyone, but these actions seem to uncharacteristic of them, and the lack of communication is really taking its toll on me--why wouldn't they let me know something?!! I understand most of their accounts are radiology, and there may be problems placing me on another clinic account, but I need to know something! 

Thanks for any insight--


Does the Shorthand program work well? I don'the know - Posted By: marymary

anything about it but I just started a new job with Meditech and there is no associated program for AutoCorrect or macros. They suggested we d/l the ShortHand program which I did d/l the free 30 day trial. I haven't used it yet but I really miss macros and shortcuts...Will it be worth the $99.99 purchase price when my 30 days expires?  Thanks.

Opinions on Webmedx lack of work. - Posted By: Please

Have been there for 2 years now. The benefits, pay, etc., are enough to keep you hanging in, but their slow-downs have been consistent and becoming more and more frequent. The new accounts in the last conference call appear to have not materialized for the most part. Still a decent place to work, but a tenuous situation. My STM behaves as if this happens every year everywhere. We all know that is not true.

Need info on Paladin Retrieval transcription company. Anyone have comments. nm - Posted By: Anon


Softscript line counter - Posted By: Just want to know

Does anyone know what platform they use or if they use a platform.  How do they count lines.  Newbie and confused.  Thank you.

What is the average or going rate for MTs these days? - Posted By: Bit sad.

I've gotten a couple of offers for jobs.  The pay seems aweful low for someone with 3 years experience.  Yes, I know that is a lot less than some but I'm certainly no new graduate.  I've gotten offers for IC positions starting at 5 and 6 cpl for 65 character lines.  Today I got another for an IC position that pays 6.5 cpl for 65 character line without spaces. 

I may have to take one of these lower paying jobs until I can find better because my family needs the income.  Hopefully there is better out there... geeze.  Please, is this the 'going' rate for us now.  :(

Focusinfomatics - Posted By: QAer

I am thinking of taking a job with Focus shortly as QA, any information on this company, do they pay on time, any points on this company. May email me if you want.   Be honest I do not want to leave a good job for one that may not be  - Thanks.

Say WHAT???? No work during training?? - Posted By: 5 piddly jobs?

I am bringing this topic up from further down, as I cannot believe this, and its going to disappear by tomorrow to page 2.  I have also been recently hired by MDI-MD, and know of several other MQMTs, some of whom I think started this week, and THERE IS NO WORK during training?  We type 5 jobs and there is NO work?  I just bought a computer for NO WORK?  Please somebody tell me this is a joke or misunderstanding or something.  Its not right, but I could see it if we were working regular amounts, but 5 jobs a day and there isn't that much? I don't want to waste my time. That's awful.  What are we going to do when MDI-MD is it? The only income?  I am sick to my stomach over this.