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MDI Maryland -- Bonuses? - Posted By: wonderin'

It was my understanding that MDI does not have production incentives or bonuses. However, when I looked at their website it says this:

. . . And we show it to you through appreciation, excellent pay, bonuses and, more importantly, respect for your work.

Does any MDI MT have any info concerning the bonuses? I would appreciate it.

anyone heard of company called "Intellitipe". - Posted By: curious

considering an offer made recently by this company but i have no information on them. 



This might be a stupid question but..are - Posted By: AVAmq

MDI-FL and MDI-MD the same company???? with one in Florida and one in Maryland. I went to the website someone put in an earlier post and the only location it gave was in Maryland.  Two different companies??  Thanks. 

TTS (Transcription, technology, support) - Posted By: sm

**** The former owner of mtstars, works for TTS. Need I say more?

Medivoxx - Posted By: New MT

I applied with them several weeks ago.  They tell me every week that they hope to get more information to be by the end of the week.  Has anyone else had a similar experience or have any information on them.


Pentacle Transcription - Posted By: whiskersmom

Does anyone have input on Pentacle Transcription Company? 

DeVenture hiring AGAIN.. - Posted By: need to be paid on time

No thanks.  I need my money on time.

A Station For Dictation - Posted By: Missy

Does anyone have any information on company called A Station For Dictation in Pensacola, FL?

I find this job posting telling to say the least? sm - Posted By: radee

RE: the job posting looking for a person in-house, among other things, to answer 150-200 emails a day to fill in blanks. I know my job and English is my first language, so I don't have to leave blanks. I will not work for 8 cents or less per line either. You get what you pay for, I guess. Guess it comes down to the almighty dollar.

Does TransHealth require you to work one day sm - Posted By: mlstoo

of every weekend (such as Tues-Sat or Sun-Thurs) or do they have M-F with rotating weekends?  TIA 

Worn out! - Posted By: MDIer

I have run out of steam! I have sent resumes and tested until I go to bed at night with an 800 mg ibuprofen headache. These companies are probably getting hundreds of applications every day and most likely will never reply. Each company I have taken a close look at off shores to some extent. The ones who do not at this time could sell their business in the future to one who does. This may just be a hard reality we may have to choke down, if we still want to work in this profession. My work today at MDI (or are we Transcend now since it is 09/01) is pretty good. I see here on the board that some are saying the same thing. As much as I will probably get bashed for saying this, I am going to wait and see what happens with Transcend. Maybe they are not going to be MDI to work for, but then again, who will be? No one that I can see so far having been out there looking now for days on end. Before I cut and run, even if I had a place to run to, I am going to stop, take a deep breath and have some faith that this may work out. It sure beats the anxiety and insomnia that I am dealing with now. And, now I know I will be tarred and feathered for this post, so let me have it while you have the chance! LOL!

Diskriter Timekeeping - Posted By: Wondering

Can anyone who works for (or has worked for) Diskriter tell me if you have to clock in/out or if you have a window of time to do your work? I know they require a minimum number of lines per shift, but are you required to work a specific number of hours as well?

Thanks for your help.

Companies hiring PT? - Posted By: LookingMT

Does anyone know of an organized and good company hiring very part time MTs or about 10 hours per week, mainly weekends?  I'd hate to test for them all if they ultimately want 20 or more hours.  TIA!

Freedom Type - platform? - sm - Posted By: Samantha

What is the platform like that Freedom Type uses?  Hard to get used to or up and running immediately?



One request, please -- all you Transtech cheerleaders go to your Yahoo board - Posted By: TT MTer

Why are you showing up here tonight.  GO where you belong!

Most of the positive posts about TT and VR are mgmt posts;  they always do this, but you other cheerleaders/favorites, go to your new Yahoo Board and leave us along who don't want to work for LESS MONEY.

By the way, I have done VR with TT and HORRIBLE.  I can't make even close to the money I can with normal transcription. 

VR is more money in the pockets of TT execs.  Not in the MT's wallets.

Spheris low work load - Posted By: BLUEYES

Thought I would respond to the post about Spheris at the top as soon we would be booted off the page.  Yes Healthscribe did outsource to India all along.  As a matter of fact they were very proud of that fact.  They did not send all of the work over there and seemed to keep plenty for their US MTs, however, that is exactly why Spheris took over Healthscribe is because of the India link.  That is the main reason they bought Healthscribe, which is exactly why they are letting all the good MTs go and not paying them, etc.  They want them to quit.  Cheaper than paying unemployment when they eventually let them all go as all they ever wanted out of that deal was the link they had to India and India employees.  That is no secret and is exactly why they are all being nudged out of work.  The work is there.  Your work is there, it is just being sent elsewhere and where as it should be illegal, well it is not.  It is just morally wrong and not very American but I think those types of things such as morals and being proud to be an American get thrown out the window when these companies see $ in their pockets.  Good old fashioned American pride is not important to these people anymore and thus the results we are seeing.  It will be lost for our children and even worse for our children's children.  That is why it is so important for us to stop going to hospitals or write to our hospitals that outsource and to get everyone you know to do it as well and make a big stink.  That is why it is important for every American MT to rebel and not work for these companies, for their slave wage, etc.  They will always need some American MT for that one account who does not want their work overseas and I know Spheris has a few of them, and if they cannot get an American MT to work for them, well, ....I guess they loose that account eventually, and as they get more that want their work brought back to the U.S. and they have no MTs from the U.S. to provide that to them, they lose another account and so on.  Eventually the work will get sent to the companies who do promote strictly U.S. work, where it belongs, and the goal of being the largest company, which is what Spheris is striving to be will slowly start to shrink and then American people, we have one.  Give that some thought!!

Does Phoenix ever run out of work? - Posted By: sm

Does Phoenix ever run out of work because the company that I work for right now, (not Phoenix) never has work in the mornings and that is when the kids are still asleep and the house is silent!  I am considering switching

Webmedx - Posted By: Teri

Any current employees at Webmedx care to share their opinon re working for them.  Do you have to work a straight 8-hour schedule or is there any flexibility.  Also, what platform(s) do they use?  Pay scale low, average ???.  Thanks

For those that work for Webmedx how did the - Posted By: new Webmedxer

computer ship?   I am supposed to start training next week and don't have the computer yet.   Just wondering if it ships via FedEx, UPS, or some other method.   I'll call Monday to double check on it. 

Does anyone know anything about Davis Transcription? nm - Posted By: Just curious


Any info. appreciated - Posted By: NCmt

Anyone working for Gulf Coast Transcription out of Florida? 

Satellite with Transtech? nm - Posted By: jame


Bayscribe? - Posted By: JustMe

Okay, I know that Landmark and MDI-MD both use Bayscribe but I have heard other MTs say that both of those companies are frequently low on work.  Does anybody out there know of any other company that uses Bayscribe?  Thanks.

What companies work with Bayscribe, Emdat and Inscribe? - Posted By: Curious

Also MedRemote?  I have worked with all of these platforms and they are very nice, just wondering who uses these.  TIA!

Testing for company and need help..sm pls..tia! - Posted By: nonna

They will be sending two wave files and I am supposed to open them in Media Player and record them.  Then I will use Panasonic to transcribe and send back via e-mail.  Can someone please tell me how to open a voice file in Media Player?  I have never done this before.  tia!

Anyone heard of United Transcription? nm - Posted By: bottom of the barrel


To All happy IC workers.. - Posted By: just wondering

Are you satisfied as an IC and not having benefits because you have another job that pays benefits or are dependents of someone how has medical benefits?

Can anyone share what the cost of DeVenture is? - Posted By: AnonMT

When I applied a year or two ago, it was really expensive for families. I think like $1000 a month or something outrageous. I'm just wondering if they have gotten anything better.

any info on CardioScribes? - Posted By: gintex

Tx for any!

transcend job - Posted By: looking for work

Was just offered a job with Transcend a 8 cpl...after reading all the negatives about this company and seeing all the positions they are looking to fill, I'm really starting to think I should look for another company??

Transcription Connection, Inc. - Posted By: Siren

Anyone work for Transcription Connection, Inc. out of Ohio? 

OSI - Posted By: Sparky

Does anyone know anything about OSi from Georgia.

MDI Poll: How many MTs have resigned since the - Posted By: merger?


Van Belkum good, bad, ugly? nm - Posted By: mqmt


Who cares about punctuation and grammar? - Posted By: mtme

With the doctors using EMR and VR without editing, these things are a thing of the past.  Medical records are a mess and nobody cares.

Any info on Fast Chart? - Posted By: Thanks!

Thinking of applying but want to make sure there's work and good platform.


just checking - testing - Posted By: 2cents

testing testing

Can your report a recruiter? - Posted By: Sadmt

I was offered 7.5 cpl from a recruiter.  If you look a little further down the page you can figure out which company this is.  I told the recruiter I had 3 years of experience and was an Andrews school graduate and could not accept 7.5 cpl.  The recruiter emailed me back the following response:


Wow with only 3 years experience you are making .09 cpl?  That is great.  If you want to produce your last two pay stubs and if you can achieve our line requirement and accuracy we can match your .09 cpl.    You would still have to start out at the rate I quoted you and achieve these requirements within 90 days.

I faxed my last 3 check stubs to the recruiter to prove and call her bluff and she now tells me she cannot offer me the job at 9 cpl.  She now has my check stubs and I want to report her.

Thanks for any help,


Medware ICs - Posted By: CrazedMT

Is anyone who works as an IC for Medware able to tell me what their minimum line requirement is for IC status? Thanks.

What to expect at interview? - Posted By: Anxiety-stricken MT

I know this is inane, but how do companies conduct interviews?  Will I be quizzed on terminology and such? Ive been doing transcription for 6+ years and am comfortable with my ability/knowledge but have terrible anxiety and freeze under pressure, or worse, turn into a babbling, stammering idiot.  (I should have taken more public speaking classes in school or Paxil maybe LOL!)  I have an interview today and would like to prepare myself if Ill be subject to a barrage of questions. Perhaps I should stop drinking coffee....

CJ Transcription in Florida - Posted By: anon

Does anyone know anything about this company? Platform info, work load, management, the usual. Anything would be helpful!  Thanks!! 

Diskriter - Posted By: Sue

Anyone know why Diskriter has the same jobs advertised over and over -- why they can't fill them or keep them filled?

D&L Services offering a great bonus program. Why not, - Posted By: according to past posts, they dont pay anyway. nm


Low work volumes, horrible sound - Posted By: Another Transcender

What is going on with Transcend?

I am about to leave also and I never thought I'd see myself type that!


D&L Typing Service--Trouble with Pay? - Posted By: twina_bii

Is anyone else besides me being given the runaround about being paid, i.e., when payroll ends, when payday is, and when checks are mailed, etc. from this company?  I was told paychecks are to be mailed on one day, only to be told they were mailed out the next day, and have not been paid and do not believe they ever mailed a check to begin with.  Please say it ain't so.

i could have sworn i saw a post about iMedX on here. - Posted By: what happened?

I just want to know who they used to be.  Did I see it elsewhere???

Any current info on Med-Scribe? They're hiring and all I can find on here is from 2004. Thx! - Posted By: Name withheld to protect myself


New OSI policies - Posted By: NO WAY JOSE

Now in order to be paid for holidays you have to have at least 98% QA score for the previous 6 months.  I understand how quality counts but if you are counted off for any moronic thing which is usually the case because there is no consistency whatsoever with OSi QA dept. you will not be paid for holidays within 6 month period. You must also meet minimum line requirements and it doesn't matter if there is no work, low work or PTO.  I cannot believe that if there is no work prior to a holiday you won't be paid for the holiday.  Just another way to rip off the MTs who are the bread to the butter of this company. Fortunately I have never had a QA problem but I have run out of work on more than one account.  This is one more reason I have decided to give OSI a big kick in the behind, BYE BYE OSI.  GOOD GRIEF!

Proscript out of Sarasota, FL - Posted By: fastyper

Is anyone out there working for Proscript having problems making money on one of their new accounts?

ZyloMed - Posted By: ldms

Has anyone worked for ZyloMed?  I can't find too much info about them from their site and I'm suppose to have an interview with them tomorrow.