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MTStars.com initially began its journey through cyberspace on December 8, 2001, offering Medical Transcriptionists a place to network. MTStars has experienced amazing growth over the past 9 years to over 20,000 members and 3 million visits per month!

MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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Is Escription internet based? - Posted By: justme

In other words don't the records reside on a database on the internet? Or am I mistaken?

The Transcription Doctor company - Posted By: Any info?

Does anyone know anything about this company?  Thanks

StenTel - Posted By: Anon

Not sure why people are knocking Sten-Tel.  I am QA there, and they have been nothing but great to me.  I make a fair hourly rate, and they have been more than understanding of my scheduling needs aas I have undergone radiation treatments and needed time off for surgery and such.  I have no complaints....

ESL vs USA - Posted By: PAMT

I know that just the sound of an account containing more ESLs than English-speaking docs is enough to put dread in the best MT's minds, but lately I have discovered that I much prefer an accent to arrogance. I would much rather transcribe for an ESL doctor who at least tries to speak clearly than an English-speaking doctor who knowingly slurs, skips and flies through his dictation. I have English-speaking docs who get more blanks sent back to them than text and yet, will they even consider changing their method of doing dictation? No siree!! So any more, when I am told that there are quite a few ESLs on a certain account, I no long flinch. I know some ESls are a nightmare, but not too many of them have that I don't care how I sound attitude, and I have seem many of them turn around quickly when they receive dictation that is full of holes.

Just wondering if anyone else out there experiences this from time to time. Thanks!

Anyone with information on Lartech? - Posted By: animalloverMT

I'm not finding any info on them and they have offered me a QA job.  They say they do not outsource to India, so I'm just trying to confirm this, and that they pay on time.  Thanks for any help! 

$900 = full time? - Posted By: flubbergasted

Can anyone explain how $900 equals full-time?  Does everyone have the same line rate so that it takes everyone the same amount of time and sweat to get to the $900?.  Thanks.


Superior Global Solutions - Posted By: SGSer

I have seen a lot of people complain they take the test of SGS and get no reply.  I don't know why that is.  I work for them, but I am looking for another job.  As it is almost all VR, I am lucky if I make $80.00 a day, and this is so insulting to me after all these years of transcription, so if you applied to SGS and got no followup, feel lucky.  Are there any jobs that make it worthwhile to do VR? 

Any good Editing companies? - Posted By: MTinTX

Does anybody know of any good VR editing companies taht have lots of work with employee status?


Escription questions - Posted By: walk the dog

If you don't mind answering a few questions.

Do you get paid for heaters and footers in both transcription and editing?  Are you pretty much content with the company?  Are they flexible? 

Thank you for your help. 

Alphamed Solutions..... - Posted By: curious girl

Be forewarned, if you work for Alphamed Solutions and your computer breaks or has issues with software, etc. more than once in a month's time, you are canned.

I worked for them 2 years on the same account as lead MT. My Word went haywire twice in one month putting me out of commission for a few days each time. The second time it happened, I was canned and told we will keep for overflow work. Ok whatever.

How's that for fair? Oh and the owner talked to me about 15 minutes before the manager called me to tell me I was canned from the account. He was nice and said oh that is just fine. I was updating him on my computer issue. Then 15 minutes later BOOM! What is bad is he did gotomeeting.com and took over my computer so he knew first hand what it was doing and that it really was not working. Still he let the manager can me. I am so ticked off. Do not work for this company! Now I have to go from 8 cpl (which wasn't all that) to 7.5 cpl and 3 cpl for editing just to have a job or otherwise sit here and have no job at all.

Northeast Transcription - Posted By: siren

Anyone work for, or have you ever worked for Northeast Transcription.  Just applied.  Any information would be appreciated.

SmartMed - Posted By: cranberry

Anyone ever?


Amphion - Posted By: julyorchid

Can anyone give me information on Amphion?  Thanks in advance.

Can someone tell me about the platform at Precyse. - Posted By: Expanders, spell-check, line-friendly, etc?


sten-tel - Posted By: mt

Anyone know anything about Sten-Tel?  Any info is greatly appreciated!  Need info on how QA is, office staff, platform, etc.  TIA!!!

Please do our ESLs at 7 cents per line - Posted By: steady eddie

Please take this chicken feed and, oh yeah, take out your own taxes and get your own insurance with that, honey. 

Why don't you just pull out your gun, rob me and get it over with. 

Does anyone know--Is Sean Carroll at Webmedx.. - Posted By: Curious

the same Sean Carroll who was CEO of  a company by the name of Transquick out of Atlanta about 10 years ago?  Just curious.

Did anyone hear from MnD Scriberz? Any info on this company? - Posted By: RoadrunnerMT


ADVICE ON EDITING - Posted By: becky

I am considering doing some editing. I have over eight years' MT experience.

What is an average number of lines you can edit per hour? Pros/cons/any additional info would be appreciated.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Can anyone recommend companies that offer IC status, part time? - Posted By: Job Hunting

Any good ones out there for IC's?  Part time?

Does Spheris offer IC status?

Any help appreciated!

Copy Meditech to PC Shorthand (sm) - Posted By: mt

I am new to Meditech.  Could someone please tell me how to copy, for example, and whole paragraph such as physical exam into PC Shorthand?  Thanks very much!!!

Any comments on Probity? I know they are hiring..sm - Posted By: cc

Surely some of you have been hired by them and you must be working ...any feedback would be appreciated.

Phoenix - Posted By: looking for work

How long does it take to do 600 lines without spaces and is the test indicative of the actual work? 

Traveling medical transcriptionist - Posted By: MT

What companies hire for traveling medical transciptionist?  I am interested in a position like this.  If any information, please advise.

Occuational Health reports/Workmen's comp - Posted By: wondering

Do you think 8.5 cpl is good pay for these type reports.  I am accustomed to acute care work but was offered a job doing occupational health or workmen's comp reports, which are  2 to 3 line reports.  Do you think this is productive work or would it take all day to get 1200 lines.

Bottom Line at Amphion - Posted By: Observer

I have been reading all of the comments about Amphion and having worked there and done well and also knowing people who haven't done well I think the bottom line is that if you have 10-key skills (if you have to ask what that is you don't have them) you will do well.  Slow people and those who don't have 10-key skills will not do well at Amphion.  If you are fast and productive you can make a lot of money at Amphion.  It is not for everybody and certainly not for slowpokes.  Can we just see everybody's side to this drawn out saga and give it a rest now?  Thank you. 

Info on Diagnostic Professionals, Inc. - Posted By: Lisa

Hello, does anyone have any information on this company or currently work for them?  They say they pay hourly, does anyone know the rate?  Any info appreciated.  Thanks!

Anyone work for Allstate Transcription? - Posted By: FlaMT

If so, I have a question for you guys if you don't mind getting a PM.  I need some help.

Info on TrueScribe????? - Posted By: KATnAR

Does anyone have any info on TrueScribe that is based in Arizona?   I have  been offered a position as an Editor and don't want to get burned.  Thanks in advance.

Is there anyone else struggling to get the lines needed at Transcend for medical insurance? sm - Posted By: cw

Or is it just me??  TIA




Anyone have any info on this company in New Hampshire??  Thanks!!  :)

Wimmer-no response - Posted By: happyhippo

Has anybody tested for the orthopedic position with Wimmer?  I tested over 10 days ago and haven't heard a thing even though I emailed politely asking what was going on.  I think these companies are very rude that have you take a long, involved test and then don't have the courtesy to let you know anything.    

Accuscribe - Posted By: Jeanie Felderman

All right people, listen up.  I was hired by Accuscribe.  Let me tell yu about their practices (I have already contacted the Attorney General's office in South Carolina). I tested, then they sent me a thing saying they were setting me up for training and was going to be paid $9.75 an hour (for training and for any work).  I had not even received a letter stating I was hired until two days later.  I trained and the Director of QA was supposed to and I called her two times, left messages and finally 3 days later she called me.  Her name is Monica Haddox. She explained to me that and I quote "you are paid for 40 hours and you better be on because we check", ok not a problem.  She then went on to explain that if you don't meet youro minimum line count, they take money away from you.  She also told me that she would send me a letter by email in the mail that day.  Never received it. 

So I started to work on Saturday, the 16th of July (now mind you I had training hours of almost 16, which I was to be paid for).  There was no work.  I called the office and told them and talked to several people and finally the supervisor on call called me.  We got into a heated argument and then calmed down and I was to log on to their system on Monday, which I did.  I sat there for 1-1/2 hours and no work.  Finally there was work and I was doing it.  I was told that when you start there you can ONLY do a clinic account, which I was doing.  So I am typing away and I get this account I know nothing about.  I call and their response was "This is a brand new account. We are trying to figure it out."  DUH.  So i wrote back and asked them why I was doing a new account that nobody knew anything about, when I was told I would be working on this certain account.  Monica calls me up and asks me if there was a problem " and I said yes".  I explained to her that all the things she had told me about this job were not the same as what the HR person told me.  So she said " well I have backed you out of the system and you are fired for insubordination.  I said " YAY.  Thank God".  she asked me to send her my hours, which I did, which were 30.  Today I get a check in the mail for $6.68 cents.  I am appalled.  I even talked to the owner.  She was very indignant with me and said she didn't like the way I talked about her company and i said " perhaps you need to talk to your staff and make sure they are all on the same page".  I have, in the meantime, put a call into Accuscribe from South Carolina and told them that I would be contacting the Attorney General in South Carolina, which I did.  Doesn't make a difference if they fired me or not, they owe me for 30 hours at 9.75 an hour, which is also clearly stated in the advertisment on this board.  Beware People.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Watch out what companies you are dealing with.


Any current information on Med-Scribe (New Jersey) - Posted By: Luvmting

Just wondering if anyone currently works there or knows anything about them. Thanks

T-C TRANSCRIPTION - Posted By: Marilyn

Anyone currently working for T-C Transcription or worked for them in the recent past?  The archieves only brings up old stuff from 2006.  I would really like some current info and feedback on this company as to how you like/liked working for them, do theye have good accounts, a good pay rate, good management, etc.  Any current info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much!

CorTmedical MTs; Have any of you gotten your 1099 from CorTmedical for last year? - Posted By: NYMT

I know that a lot of us were burned last year by this company.  I am wondering if they are going to at least send the 1099 for what they should have paid us.  I am wondering if they do not send it, how am I going to claim what they did not pay me as a loss?  Thanks to all, hope everyone has found something better since that disaster.   

I am so tired of having to jump - Posted By: RAD MT

accounts to get a laughable report count. With the company I work for I have to work on 4 different accounts to even get the minimal amount of work daily. I cannot stand it anymore. I have to be the most flexible person in the world but enough is enough. Are there any companies out there that allow you to work 1 Radiology account and actually get a decent report count by the end of your shift. I am lucky if I hit 80 reports a day and that is just not cutting it for this single mom.

I guess I just needed to say it outloud. TIA.

Anyone have any info on DeVenture? nm - Posted By: oldtimer


Need Advice Please - Posted By: Part-time MT

I am thinking about testing with Cymed.  I know they merged with another company recently.  Can anyone tell me do you type in Word or in some other sort of platform?  I absolutely hate and cannot tolerate emdat.  I wish to stay away from that program at all costs.  Do you run out of work?  How do you feel about the company?  I am not at all happy where I am now.  It is time for me to move on. 

Medware questions? - Posted By: MLS

Before filling out all the paperwork, taking the written and transcription tests, would someone please tell me if it is worth it.  I have 27 years experience, very productive and quality oriented, BUT, do not have CMT credentials.   They note paying extra for CMT, and offer incentive for shift differential and production.   The benefits sound good, although don't know what the premiums are (if you can share that, it would be helpful).  How do they calculate your PTO and vacation (is it hourly or an estimation of your total production)?   Any and all comments are appreciated.

IPR... Any info. They are out of Maryland. TIA. - Posted By: MT

L&L Transcription, Inc. - Posted By: Angie

Has anyone ever worked for this company?



Hypertype - Posted By: Brownie

Does anyone have any info on Hypertype out of New York?  Would love some info on them.  Thanks! 

Superior Global (Texas) or Lee Perfect - Posted By: sm

Does anyone have any current info on these companies? Also, any info on their eScription accouts - how the pay is, how reliable the work is?? Thanks!

Softscript - Posted By: MTME

Does anyone know if SoftScript sends work offshore?

Did you see the 6 cpl job posting? - Posted By: Craziness!

Hopefully nobody applied, that is HORRIBLE!  They even list qualifications, want someone with experience, no newbies and I believe it said ESL dictators, not sure about that and all with the lovely pay of 6 cpl for actual lines typed.  The actual lines typed more than likely  means they have some templates that they don't pay for.  I mean COME ON NOW, THESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY! 

One thing about templates I have noticed (I get paid for them) but you DO have to change things in them sometimes and it isn't fair for the companies who don't pay for them.  Anyways, I was just shocked at the 6 cpl and wondering if they actually got ANY responses to that one!

Any info good or bad on Transcripts USA - Posted By: Searching

Can't find much through searches. Thank you!

BeyondTxt versus eScription - Posted By: Anon

Has anyone worked on both of these platforms who could give me some feedback on how they compare. Is one better than the other for sound quality? Is all of the patient information pretty much there for you? Do you find it easier to get lines with one over the other and why? Any info/opinions will be appreciated.

wordzxpressed - Posted By: swisher

Anyone know anything about this company?