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Any info on Northeast Transcription? sm - Posted By: Wonderer

A service in Maine.  Any feedback appreciated. 

Proscript -- Oncology VR account - Posted By: Jill

Would like to hear from someone who works on Proscript's recently advertised oncology account doing VR transcription.  Is there enough work, a lot of ESL dictators, pros and cons please.  Thank you.

EtransPlus KC account!! Anyone - Posted By: mt

work on it and which location is it? You can email me. Do you do one main hospital or all of the affiliates? I just don't want such a huge account that I never get used to the docs. Any info please!!!

now for radiology - Posted By: me

now what about radiology?  Are there any companies out there that will take someone who is a newbie at radiology?

Has anyone tested with MedScribe for those ER positions heard back? sm - Posted By: elaine

I tested last week - thought I would hear by now.  I'm thinking they already filled the positions.

InScribe...... - Posted By: Nissa Landry

Hey Everyone,  I was wondering if any one has recent info about InScribe.  I am thinking of a position with them, but would like to know more.  Please e-mail me or post a reply if you work there or know something.  Thank You!!


Physicians First Transcription Service - Posted By: Cheryllynn

Has anyone heard of this company?   I know that they are located in Streetsboro, Ohio but I just wanted some of your feelings on this company before I applied.

Thank you,


WEBMDX - Posted By: me

Anyone have any information on these folks?  Their benefit list looks really good. 

Chasing work from company to company - Have any of you ever watched (sm) - Posted By: sm

5 year olds learning to play soccer?  The ball is in play and no matter what the coahes say ALL the kids go running for the ball.  Maybe we are like that, masses of us going from company to company in search of work.  This company has a new account BOOM here we go.  Now it is out.  Let's go here. 

Yep, I think it is a big game someone is playing with us.  Not a particularly funny one either. 

Dictaphone Extext - Posted By: companies (sm)

I have this list.  Are there any others?  I need something A.S.A.P.

Amphion, Charts In Time (CIT), DeVenture, Focus, eTransPlus, Keystrokes, Landmark, Medware (FL), New England Medical Transcription (NEMT), Opti-Script (PA), OSi (GA), Probity, Professional Transcriptions (FL), Rapid, Superior Global, Transcriptions South (FL), Transcription Systems (IL), Transcend, TransTech, and TTS (NH).


Anyone have experience with Med-Scribe in Florida? - Posted By: Casey

Was thinking about a position with them. Does anyone have any experience with this company? Are the good to work for? I just want to know before I go any further. All info, good or bad, would be appreciated!

Anyone who recently started working for DSG that can say how they like - Posted By: YoungsterMT

it there and how is the workload and accounts, sound, etc. 

TMT Medical Transcription, Ltd - Posted By: NOLA

Does anyone have any experience with this company; good, bad or indifferent? I believe they are based in Shreveport, LA, but billing invoices go to Jonesville, TX. I did a search on this site, but nothing comes up for this company. Thanks in advance!

Axotol testing----is it verbatim or per BOS? - Posted By: keep on learning

I've seen others post their transcription is verbatim, does that also mean their testing is verbatim or is it per BOS?  If per BOS, is it 2nd or 3rd ed?   Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


What companies have a decent platform to work on, . - Posted By: me too

have employee status, lots of work, and minimal confusion and disorganization?   Can do the big 4 for acute care.

Execuscribe...Any one work for them? - Posted By: ...

Good or bad?

Thanks in advance.

Does KS do ASR or is everything straight transcription? - Posted By: LOOKING

I absolutely hate ASR, just can't seem to make as much editing as transcribing.

Softscript - Posted By: Would like to know...

Have heard the negative before.  Would like to hear only positives from anyone with current experience there.  Thanks for any help.

SPi - Posted By: Anon

I am having such a hard time trying to reach that 800 lines for this co since they do not count for spaces.  I have done this for 29 years and so discouraged.  Also too many people on the account as expected, very seldom ever get to do Ops anymore, ran out of work today too.  There are quite of few of us struggling and my nerves just will not hold out much longer.  I am a very good MT and pride myself in my work.  800 lines does not sound like alot but it is harder to reach without getting credit for hitting that space bar for spaces.  I know they will not keep me as an employee if I cannot get that 800 lines as I carry insurance through them.  I have worked for outsource co before but I have never been so disheartened until now.  Cannot eat, sleep too good, having dreams about work.  This is terrible and it has disrupted my overall mental and physical health.  I use to do over 1200 lines a day, but not anymore. Very upset.  Thanks for letting me vent a little.

Diskriter pay - Posted By: Myong

Does anyone know about this company and how much they pay?  They seem to have amazing benefits.

Transmed - Posted By: curious

Does anyone know anything about this company in NJ? Thanks.

Probity? - Posted By: nm

Any info on this company?

Anyone presently working for DSG that can tell me do you have work and is the sound still so poor - Posted By: DSMT

or is that in DSG 2.  Would appreciate hearing from current people working there.

Oracle? - Posted By: Would anyone happen to know what type of

platform they use?  I am also wondering if anyone works for them part-time just doing clinic or is it a mix of acute care and clinic?  Thanks so much in advance.

Why (Some) MTs have a bad name... - Posted By: HD Wallen

I advertised here a few weeks ago because of an influx of new business. I received a plethora of resumes, and initially chose four people to offer IC positions. One chose not to stay on with us. She picked up some local clients, and was able to charge them more than I could pay. I wished her luck, and we parted professionally, agreeing to do business with each other in the future. A second woman has been wonderful, an asset to our business, and we hope she stays on with us for many, many years. (As have most of the people who have come on board with us.) A third woman clearly did not have the experience she claimed in her resume; her work establishing she had little or no true experience. Should I have checked her references? Yes. But we were in a hurry, and my lead MT did interview her. Suffice it to say the woman spoke a better game than she typed. We let her go. Number four is the one who bothers me the most. He wrote anxiously, desperately wanting the position, and willing to work only one specialty. We tested him, and his work was of sufficient quality for us to bring him on board. We created logins for him, sent him our paperwork, got everything ready. He returned the paperwork to us. We gave him his login information, and assigned him to an account. Next day, no word from him. Next day, no word from him. We had to find somebody else to cover the work (the senior MT who was going to train him on the account ended up doing the work herself). His dilatory behavior did create some TAT issues, but thankfully it is an understanding client, with whom we have a long-standing and good reputation. I wrote him asking him what was up. He wrote back - he had decided not to take the position (which he had already taken by virtue of returning his paperwork). No apologies. No nothing. I wrote back letting him know that he would not be eligible in the future for work with our company. His response? I wouldn't want to work for you anyway. Just as there are good and bad companies out there, so too are there good and bad MTs (or people claiming to be MTs...) In fact, I also received a resume from a woman who had worked for my prior employer - leaving their having deserted her job, attempting to steal and ruining a relationship with a client along the way. I didn't bother to acknowledge receipt of her resume. I merely chuckled at the fact that she did not list the former employer on it. Smart move on her part - but I feel sorry for whoever does end up hiring her. (And folks here have busted her in the past for some of her posts, faking credentials and the like... she appears to suffer from an inability to be honest.) Over the years I've read a lot of stories here about companies treating their employees and/or ICs poorly. I'm sure that some, perhaps even many, do. I just hope that y'all remember that for every bad company, there is very likely a proportionate number of bad MTs. HD Wallen P.S. While our MT side seems sufficiently staffed for the moment, we may need one decent GT to supplement our General Transcription arm.



MD-IT - Posted By: Hope

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have any information on MD-IT/MedTrans Unlimited in TX? I am considering a position with them and would like some information.



TRS - Posted By: Kwater

does anyone work for transcription relief services or know about them?

Jill - 2 months with TransTech - Posted By: Take the job you won't regret it NM


Have an interview with Nightingale tomorrow... - Posted By: DawnR

Anyone heard of them??  I can't seem to find much on them.  I tested with them over a month ago, and they called today for an interview tomorrow.  I have no idea what to expect from them, but I do believe they hire IC, and they may pay by the minute.  Part-time is only 200 minutes a week.

I just started working for Sten-Tel this week, and so far I like it.  Things could change though, so I'd like to keep my options open.

What is Transcend's insurance like and premium for - Posted By: single and family? nm


Information on DB Transcription Service - Posted By: Barbara

Has anybody heard anything about DB Transcription Service out of Philadelphia?  I cannot find website. 

SPI - Posted By: oldtimerMT


I have been an MT for 20 years and never seen anything like this....I had a major account that went with another service for VR before Thanksgiving 2007....it is now January 13th and I still don't have a primary account...I am reduced to jumping through umpteen different accounts trying to get lines...but OH MY GOSH!! Come January 21, 2008 we will be under a new compensation package...they have dropped the line count from 1200 per day to 800 per day...so far that is all we know.  Don't think they did that for the MTs benefit...I believe the reason they are doing it is because no one is able to get more than that!!!  There is not enough work for the MTs already hired because they have lost so many accounts...I don't understand why they keep advertising for MTs!!  This is the company that brags in articles on the internet about how they are going to take as much business as they can overseas....the MTs in their India facilities are getting CMT training...the American MTs have heard NOTHING!!  I am so hoping that either I will have a new job soon or some other company will buy them out!!!!  STAY AWAY!


Any info on PRN medical trans? - Posted By: KCEE

I checked the archives and didn't find much except 1 post below asking the same thing.  Does anyone currently work for PRN or recently worked for them? 

Any info would be appreciated.

JLG - Posted By: Char

Does have any current information about JLG?  Good to work for?  I sent them a resume and they want to have a telephone interview....what would that entail?  Do they also do a transcription test?  Are they good to work for, etc.?  Thanks for any info.....

Med-Scribe - Posted By: mom2huskies

I am interested in applying to Med-Scribe. I was wondering if there are any current employees or former employees who could tell me their experience good or bad. I currently work for Spheris but I plan on looking at other companies.

Thanks in advance,

Northeast Transcription - Posted By: NewMT

Does anyone have any information on this company?  I can't seem to find very much.

Any info on CMTI in New York? NM - Posted By: Looking


Any info on Line By Line Transcription please???nt - Posted By: Again...


Any info on SBR out of Florida? - Posted By: looking


Companies that require ONLY lines - not certain hours, preferably internet sm - Posted By: RADMT

based and part time.  TIA

Any good info on MDI-FL. Do they have IC status? I've been searching for sm - Posted By: MQer

the past 15 minutes and have found nothing!! I read somewhere someone said you have to have tough skin to work for MDI-FL.  I wonder what this means! :)


Thanks to anyone with any info on this company. Trying to leave MQ and make some decisions here.  Help out a fellow MT.  Love ya.  LOL

Diskriter is always hiring - Posted By: nm

I notice almost every week that Diskriter is hiring, not only here but on other sites as well.  Does anyone work for them that can give the pros and cons of this company?  Do they need MTs because of loss/high turnover or do they acquire that many new accounts to support their constant advertising?

Is there plenty of work these days - Posted By: at Medware?

Checking before I apply, looks like some are running out of work.

Time spent in demographics - Posted By: Sherry Lee lee

Are there any company platforms out there where the demographics are already in place?  I could just scream sometimes trying to be a detective to get all the demographics in place only to have a one-liner follow.  Sigh... is it just me or are there others with the same frustration.  It's difficult to make rate when demographics have to be researched and the patient name sounds like Blavopvoskitapove.  Thanks for any clues on this. 

Has anyone been informed of a pay cut in their MQ packet? nm - Posted By: I'm not liking what I'm hearing at all. No r


do any companies still have statutory status? - Posted By: homemt

and do they provide the computer or do you use your own?

Who is hiring part-time for ER, ortho, clinic dictation? sm - Posted By: 14+ year MT

I have over 14 years experience. I love doing orthopedics, ER notes, and clinic dictation.  Does anyone know of a company who is currently hiring for PT work right now?  I am looking for a company that you don't have to spend weeks and weeks filling out paperwork, calling back and forth, waiting, waiting and waiting to begin work.  I am very dependable, hard-working.  Looking for someone that can respect that in this day and time.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

Letter from Department of Labor - Posted By: Curious

Has anyone received a letter from the Department of Labor from the state where your employer is located, indicating they are investigating the company regarding various contract laws?  I work for a wonderful company and can't imagine why they would be investigated, unless this is another way to squeeze out medical transcription companies and send everything to India to reduce healthcare costs. 

Diskriter - Posted By: Looking

Can anyone please tell me how the health benefits are at Diskriter as I am cosidering employment, but have not got anything from them as to the soundness of their health benefits and the cost for a couple per pay period.  Anything on this will be so helpful in a decision.

Do ICs have a set schedule? sm - Posted By: IC Wannabe

I've never really worked as an IC but now am considering PT IC work but honestly doubt I could adhere to a set schedule because I have a FT QA job as an employee.  Are there companies that hire without having one?