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Spheris - Posted By: request

I would like to communicate via email with someone who currently works for Spheris.

Do they charge you for errors?
How does their QA work?
Are benefits any good...affordable for single coverage?
What production incentives do they offer?
Do you have the option of using your own PC?

I would really like to see the paperwork that they email a new hire so I don't waste mine or their time. Usually, you only get the paperwork after you have been offered and accepted the position.

Nicholas Transcription FTP question.. - Posted By: RetroMom

I'm just wondering which File Transfer Protocol they use.  I don't mean to sound like I'm prying, but the last couple I've used I had a problem slowing down the dictation, meaning you could absolutely not slow the voice down, or even adjust it.  It was the way it was.  Now, how in the world can you start a new account without being able to slow down occassionally? 

Anybody else had this problem?  Are they all like this?  I'm on C-phone right now.  Not perfect, but I like it okay.

Webmedx employees: Two questions (sm) - Posted By: Old MT

Do you run out of work a lot?  How is Radiology workload and pay?


Anyone with NetMed? If so, do you still have to pay a rental fee for software/equipment? nm - Posted By: wandering


Best companies to contact for a QA/editor position? (sm) - Posted By: QA for 6 yrs

Now working for MW and starting to look for a new home.  Anyone have any ideas about who the best companies are who are in need of QA/editors?   

Any other Keystrokers not able to access the intranet again? - Posted By: KSMT3

It has been having a lot of problems this past week with going down. Has been down all day today.

Keystrokes - Health Insurance - Posted By: Pearlie Jam

I think I remember that Keystrokes is supposed to be getting new health insurance that will be less expensive.  Can any Keystrokes employees tell me what is going on with that?  Do you have it yet?  How much is it a month?  I am considering a job at Keystrokes but I need the health insurance benefit, preferably low cost.  Thanks for replying.

I see some QA/MT folks do become recruiters from - Posted By: Interested

thread below.  Does anyone know how to break into this?  I believe I would be very good at this and I don't believe I have ever seen any ads for recruiters.

If I have never seen any ads, how do some of the recruiters who have been/are MTs/QA manage to find the positions that they do in order to allow them to change companies when some of us have never seen an ad to allow us to even enter that end of the field?

I would love to know because I think it would be very interesting.

Would you recommend just to start emailing all companies or calling them, or do you think it would be a waste of time?





Newbie - Posted By: kitty

 I am a newbie, and I came here hoping to gain insight from MTs with years of experience, a little support, and make a few friends along the way.   

People here are too busy being rude, nasty, and trying to

out do one another, and it is sad!

As a newbie, I KNOW I have much to learn, but that does not mean I don't have a clue or a brain in my head. Passing the CS final with a score of 97 on the first try, well, I think I have a pretty good start at it.

While I have much to learn,  I strive every day to improve on my skills,and value advice from those with much more experience. That is not what you get here.

Certain people on here, the same people over and over again, respond to every post on every page , and it is always in a negative manner, and most often down right nasty...why?

At one time each of you were newbies, looking for that first chance, looking for advice , encouragement from others who are more experienced, but it seems you all have forgotten this fact.

It is possible to respond to someone and get your point across without being nasty, rude, insulting .

There is a lot of competition in this business, the bad economy and so many new MTs coming along only makes matters worse.

I enjoy the work, just want to improve, and try to make a decent living. And like I said, I hoped to make a few friends along the way, but that just is not possible. At least not here.

 It isn't about not having thick skin. I have raised 2 kids with health problems on my own, ran my own business for years, my skin is very thick. But,no one enjoys a place where they know every comment they make, question they ask will be met with an insult.

One person on here replied to me many times by email when I asked to hear from anyone who worked for or had worked for a company that had offered me a job, and I of course replied back thanking her for being so nice, for encouragement only to find out she was taking my personal emails to her and passing them along to other people, such as the recruiter at the company that I was thinking of accepting the job offer with...why? Only reason I could think of was to try to cause me trouble before I even got my foot in the door.

I had simply asked the lady how long it took to get set up to begin working, and if the platform they use had a line counter or if I needed my own. She sent my email to the recruiter saying she didn't know how to answer me????

Two simple, basic questions and she didn't know how to answer me? If you have been a MT for several years, worked for a company for several years, and cannot tell someone how long it took you to get set up, and if the platform you use  has a line counter, well, I am sorry but I have to wonder how you have a job.

The recruiter jumped on me saying I was to address all questions to only her, that writing this woman would not speed things  up for me??? I did not ask anyone to help speed things up for me. It was all very strange.

This is just one example of my bad experience here, then every time I come here it is this same nasty junk back and forth from the same people over and over again.

Some of you have nerve to tell others they need to grow up. 

Need experienced input here from my friends....sm - Posted By: Cyndie

I have started work with a lovely, growing company, the owners/managers are extremely lovely, helpful, flexible bosses, and my main account is a Surgical Center, which I love.  The line rate is good, but here is my quandry....I can only get paid once a month, at the end of the month, and with a family of five, we really need that bi-weekly check, the budget is just too tight.  Does anyone else get paid this way, or am I being totally stupid....pay is by GROSS LINE, a line is a line, 8.5????  Thanks in advance for everyone's opinion!

Anyone with any recent info on Four Seasons? Is this an offshore service? sm - Posted By: searching

Cannot find anything in the archives, or anything that was recently answered in a page-by-page search.  TIA.

BCBS customer service number sm - Posted By: Webmedx girl

Can someone email me with the BCBS customer service number for health insurance through Webmedx? I am thinking of signing on with them but want to ask them a question about coverage first.


VENTING - Focus Hocus Pocus - Posted By: Irish.Nana

 FYI to anybody who might consider working for Focus.   My brief stint with them was absolutely horrible.  What a waste of my time! They are just ridiculous to expect an MT to sit and "keep checking every 3-4 hours" for work....Hello!   There is plenty of work out there, but they are so backward in their process of distributing it that later on they are looking for people to jump in for extra time...to help them get out of the hole they dug for themselves while they were not paying attention to the work waiting to get transcribed!   Just total dumb-bells!!!!


Only 2 people working there one of which is the owner, who will not pay. She will stiff you for hundreds of dollars stating that she had too much corrections.  Look out please..

Where did the QT posts go? - Posted By: Lost Thread

It is funny that a company that has nothing to hide is removing posts.  Why are these being removed?

anyone at Transform gotten their tax info yet?? - Posted By: kcb

just wandering

Any info on Diskriter? - Posted By: sm

 Is there lots of work?  How is QA?  Are you on a "time clock", where they monitor your computer?  How are benefits?   Thanks    

does anyone ever get an answer.. - Posted By: Getting frustrated

I have applied for 4 or 5 jobs on the job posting board, and have yet to hear back from anyone,  not a yes, no or even an acknowledgement they received my information.  I have been an MT for 10 years and have a good resume.  I'm beginning to think the job postings are a big joke.

Nuance - Posted By: Mary

Has anyone heard of this platform?  Any information would be great. Thx

Deventure insurance costs - Posted By: sm

I think I read somewhere that Deventure has Blue Cross insurance? If so what is the cost for single and also family?  What is their lpd requirement? TIA!

Is there any company that does not constantly switch you around on accounts? - Posted By: mtgal

I am worn out with working my fingers to the bone typing endless ESLs with thick accents, but just when I get the hang of them, BOOM, I am switched off these accounts and have to start all over again with a new work pool.  I am talking about hundreds of docs here and a half dozen different hospitals. 

ER Account - Posted By: zzb

Any info on transcribing ER work would be appreciated, as my company just offered me a hospital account doing their ER work, and I'm not sure whether this would be a good move. I have never done emergency room transcription. Can you make good money doing it ER reports? Do ER docs use templates like hospital docs who do H&Ps, consults, etc? Do ER's tend to run out of work? If you do ER, is there enough work for a full-time position? Hope some experienced people out there can shed some light on this for me. Thanks.

Recently tested for MxSecure and just wondering if anyone can tell me how long it usually takes (sm) - Posted By: cbmt

to hear back from them.  I felt like I did pretty good on the test, but I was just wondering if it usually takes a while for them to get back to you?


Curious to get opinions on these offers (sm) - Posted By: Catlady

Have an offer for 8 cpl statutory but a mix of clinics...have an offer for 9 cpl but acute care IC.  Finally have an offer for the clinic work type I'm looking for but only 8 cpl IC.  Isn't that low for an IC?  Actually, since I don't want acute care and prefer clinics the 8 cpl stat looks better but it is with a company with a bad reputation but the other company that pays 8 cpl IC has no reputation so it is entirely unknown.  I know nobody can tell me what to do but geez I'm using to making much more than this and have an account that pays well above it actually but I want to divide my time between 2 jobs and have an easier side account to supplement my high-pay harder one.  Does 8 cpl IC sound reasonable or is this below par?  Maybe it is worth it to take less to get the work type I want?  TIA

Any KS people running out of work? (sm) - Posted By: mt

Just curious.....

Hostility in the transcription field - Posted By: Betsy

Hello everyone, I have been reading the posts on this board for the last couple of weeks.  Most of the postings are helpful, but there are some who just break out into an all out war with one another.  I have not been able to tell if it is the majority or not yet.  Why do you think that is?   


Do you think this field makes you feel that you have to compete one another?  Do you think that is because of the isolation?  Working at home is isolation, but even in a hospital setting you are isolated.  Let's face it, we have those earplugs stuck in our ears all day.   We have the ongoing pressure that we have to get our line count, or more.  Do you find that there is a lot of hostility in this field, or is it just because we are women?  Do you think it might be that we feel unappreciated?  We were even told by a coder, at the hospital I worked at, that we were nothing more than glorified typists.


Let's face it, with the amount of time that it takes to master this occupation we could have all had a degree in something.  Some of you already have.  If you work by the line - if you have the experience, the typing skills, use your abbreviation expander, and have a steady work flow - you can make a decent living - but based on the typing skills, work flow, etc. etc. it is not a guarantee.  That is a lot of pressure when you think about it.  That is a different kind of pressure than other jobs.  I am not trying to be negative, I just noticed that there seems to be a lot of hostility and I noticed that at the hospital, where I worked, for 15 years also.  I got along with everyone I worked with.  In order to be able to get along with the transcribers I use to work with, I had to become very thick-skinned, because basically they were just mean.   Has anyone else noticed this?  Do you think it is the job?  What do you think?  I am not attacking the transcription field, just something I have noticed over the years.       



Only have dial-up, no chance - Posted By: mamawtypes

of ever getting high-speed internet access where I live... my only other option is satellite, haven't wanted to shell out the bucks for that up to now, but may have to.   Can anyone tell me what companies still use dial-up or allow satellite connections?  I hate to apply at companies, etc only to find out that they won't allow dial-up or satellite.   Thanks so much for any suggestion about where to begin.

peachtree transcription - Posted By: RhondaRowan

Anyone ever had any experiences with this company?  They quote you a line rate then pay you something different.  Also, took 3 weeks to get a check.  Very rude people to work for.

I think - Posted By: fairornot

we have to accept that they have us by the pudenals. They all pay same low rate, rediculous benefits and any schemata to slow us down they can. Accept it. If you feel the urge to whine, chew on your pajama top -- this is the dream job ya all wanted -- staying home. Well you got it.


What companies offer FLEXIBLE schedules for - Posted By: Meghan

full time employees?  I am willing to work the hours required for full time status, but I am in college too and I have to have the flexibility - my schedule changes every semester.  Can anybody point me to ANY good companies who let you work whenever you want as long as you get your hours in?  And I am not interested in IC - only working as an employee.  Thanks!

MDI Conference Call - Posted By: Carlotta M. Buckley

We’re so glad that you joined in this afternoon’s conference call announcing the merger between MDI and Transcend Services.  This is an exciting time for all of us, but I know that even good changes can bring about anxiety and I want to assure everyone that we are here to answer your questions to the best of our ability.   

All MDI team members are encouraged to send any questions or concerns you may have that are not addressed in the FAQ sheet you’ve received to TeamMDI@mditrans.com so that we can address these in team conference calls which have been scheduled for Thursday morning (your team lead will provide you with the details).   

Dorothy, Don, and myself, will continue to be available via email to everyone and will respond as quickly as possible to your questions and concerns.  We urge you to utilize the TeamMDI@mditrans.com email address for all your questions so that you can be assured of receiving the most accurate information as soon as possible. 

We look forward to continuing to work with each one of you as we move to the future.    


Carlotta M. Buckley

MDI – Director of Transcription Services

Just a little leery as to why - Posted By: PrisonerMT

 a certain recruiter continously call me with the same question, have I gave notice to my present job yet?  He called me 4 times last week telling me that my account will start soon and if I gave my two-week notice yet?  Everytime he calls me he emphasize this question.  Have anyone else experienced this?  Can anyone give me any insight as to why he continously hound me with this question?  Could it be that the account I am scheduled for is so horrible that they think I will not have any other options once I have left my prior job?  If this be the case, then he is sadly mistaken because my middle name is quit if you do not fit!!!  So any insight would be helpful.

Were the packets indivualized or - Posted By: addressed to MQ Transcriptionist?

Were these packets individualized as mentioned days ago on this post?

ChartScript easy to learn/use/good line count? - Posted By: Diskriter

Please post any experiences you have had with this platform. Also,does Diskriter provide good insurance and have plenty of work?

Is it easy to get required line counts?

Anyone know what Medware - Posted By: pays their ICs?? (nm)


Starting to panic about using Vonage for LD - need opinions - Posted By: Indy-MT

Thought I was a happy camper waiting for my phone adapter to arrive with my problems for LD solved, ready to give my 2 week notice to MQ - then I found print outs I had from searching for a carrier one other tmie & found one where a bunch of girls using it ended up being knocked off of it too.  I'm really starting to panic.  I have SBC and know all the problems people have had with it - so that's out.  If you're using Vonage - how long have been using it ?  Any problems ?  I tried e-mailing them and got a stupid "canned text" message back.  I really think I'm having a nervous breakdown here and need some suggestions and/or opinions on this.   

STP Medical Data Services - Posted By: MT in MI

Does anybody have any information on this company?  I can't find anything on them anywhere.  Thanks!

soap notes - Posted By: denise

Does anyone know of a company that does strictly SOAP notes?

Anyone like their current job? If so..sm - Posted By: Hate my job

I'm in desperate need of a new job.  I hate the place I work now, and it's getting progressively worse.  Instead of asking about particular companies, can anyone just tell me if they like their current company and what it is, please?  I need to change jobs as quick as I can, and I don't want to waste a ton of time taking a lot of lengthy tests only to find out the company is no good (which is what happened to me this last time). 

I know all companies have their pros/cons, but anyone have a job where there are more pros than cons?  I would so appreciate any suggestions anyone can give me as long as it is not Cymed/SPI   because that's where I want to leave.  Any of the pros/cons on your company would be also appreciated.  Thanks again!

Anyone working 3 jobs? - Posted By: Wondering

I am working as an employee for a company that pays 9cpl and with incentive can get up to 0975 cpl, benefits okay- but no communication whatsoever when you really need them, but when out of TAT get e-mails all day from them.  Some of the staff are rude- they do not return phone calls, or even answer their calls.  I am trying to hold out in hopes that things will get better, as other than the above I love my accounts, although we are running out of work alot, which is another reason why I am looking.   I was offered a position with another company to which I applied that pays 9 cpl, relatively good bennies, but no incentive and I am somewhat skeptical of their software platform.   I am already working an IC position on a good account part-time 600 lines per day which I love and will not give that up.  I am thinking of accepting this other employee offer as part-time first to see if I will like the platform and if it is easy to make the bucks.  Just wondering is anyone else in my predicament and how you worked it all out, (3 jobs) with scheduling and all.  

Inscribe - Posted By: OHMT

A company has offered me a position using inscribe, how is this program.  I know you can use function keys to navigate but I think that would be a pain....  Just wanting some honest opinions on this program before I sink $$ in a foot pedal, etc. 

Can you say where you work if you get assigned docs/accts.? I'm tired of this pool garbage/left - Posted By: overs after all these yrs.! Thx. nm


Breitner Transcription Paycheck? - Posted By: nm

Do you get paid by direct deposit or have your check mailed?  What is your pay date?  I'm sitting here waiting for my check from the 15th.  When it didn't come by Saturday, the 20th, I e-mailed and asked about it.  Now they're telling me that the pay dates are 4th and 20th of the month, so my check won't even be mailed until today and I have stuff bouncing all over the place!!!!! 

Focus Infomatics - Posted By: newmt

Okay, I read the posts below on Focus Infomatics and seems some were not happy with them.  Is there anyone who is happy with them?? Just wondering as I was offered a job opportunity.  Thanks for the input.

InHealth Transcription Services - Posted By: Desperately seeking good company

Any information on them? 

About to start TransTech... please see message - Posted By: LeapOfFaith

I am about to start Transtech after being with the Q over 11 years.  I am scared to death.  Are there any helpful hints anyone could share?  I am worried because at the Q, they do not keep up on quality like they should and I am worried I am not good enough. 

Is there plenty of work?  I am very concerned about that after running out of work every day at the Q for the past 6 months. 

Also, do they treat you like a person?  I have been through so much and if I did not get this job offer when I did, I would have likely went off the deep end.  I want to find a home again and I am hoping this is just the place. 

Lastly, I am taking a pretty good sized line rate cut to come here.  Is there the opportunity to make money here?  

Please give me all of the feedback you can.  I really need to settle these nerves down.  I know anything is better than the Q right now, but I really just want to find a place I am wanted and needed. 

Thanks in advance.

Fast Chart pay. Anyone know if they pay decent? I have heard mixed reveiws and not sure what to - Posted By: shannon

think.  Do they pay on time?

What kind of work types does Level 4 do at - Posted By: Webmedx? TIA nm


Should I or Shouldn't I? - Posted By: cmt

Went on interview with a hospital for transcription position.  I've been a MT 29 years now, last 10 years working for various transcription companies.  This particular hospital is very small, maybe 200 beds, but have merged with a larger hospital organization.  At present the transcriptionists are paid only hourly, but director says an incentive plan is on the table but not finalized yet.  The benefits are excellent.  Toward the end of the year, the transcriptionists will have the option to work from home, all equipment and everything provided by hospital.  There are only 2 shifts, day and evening, of which I will work evenings. The transcription also includes radiology.  When I asked about a minimum of maximum line requirement, Director says transcriptionists are not on production per se but minutes typed, anywhere from 60 to 100 minutes a day, and that would depend on the difficulty of the dictator, as she would not expect the maximum if the dictator was difficult to transcribe.   I will be getting a phone call tomorrow as to an offer, as the pay rates have changed since the merger, but  the old pay schedule was a base of $10.80 hourly and  max $18.80 hourly.    There will be probably a 20 to 25 mile commute one way.  What would you consider an acceptable offer.   I know the bottom line is what is affordable for me, but just want to get you guys input on the whole take.
Thanks in advance!

Heartland - Posted By: anon

Does anyone have any recent information? TIA