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Medicordia in Kansas?? - Posted By: sm

Does anyone know anything about this company...like if they're reliable in work and pay? Thanks!

I think - Posted By: fairornot

we have to accept that they have us by the pudenals. They all pay same low rate, rediculous benefits and any schemata to slow us down they can. Accept it. If you feel the urge to whine, chew on your pajama top -- this is the dream job ya all wanted -- staying home. Well you got it.


Does MD-IT have RAD accounts? - Posted By: nm


Any info on Advanced Medical Transcription Service, LLC nm - Posted By: CJ


MRC info please - Posted By: LJW

share you experience with this company any one. 

Anyone out there that loves Spheris? sm - Posted By: jmw

Just offered a job, haven't talked about pay or schedule yet. Let me know what you think!

Supervisor's pets - Posted By: ninja100x

Has anyone else had a supervisor that had pets while riding all the other MT's? Anyone else out there who has had that problem?  If so, I'm sure your stories are just as entertaining as mine have been. 

just a thought - Posted By: MJ

Does anybody else think that medical transcriptionists and migrant farm workers have a lot in common, such as wages, supervisors and working conditions?   I think the MTSOs and the migrant/illegal worker supervisors have very similar character and personality traits as well as  business practices.  I wonder if they get their training in the same places.  



Voice Rec. line rates? - Posted By: VR Accounts

I'm considering taking a job doing Voice Recognition editing, but what is the average line rate I can expect for this type of work?  I see some ads for editing, but none of them include the pay rate.  I have 5+ years of experience as an MT.  Thanks!

Company: Proform - sm - Posted By: Samantha

Someone recommended them to me but then I read in some old posts that they require you to pay an "errors an omissions" fee?  What is that about and do they still require this?

Is this allowed? - Posted By: vsc

Why is this person shikhar saxena  posting on the Job Seeker's Board?  He/she is an Indian.

Need a new company using escription. - Posted By: Broke!

I'm tired of running out of work with my current employer.  Anyone working for someone using the Escription platform that is hiring and has an abundance of work?

I am an IC MT for QT.....sm - Posted By: Is the grass greener?

Is there anyone who has worked for QT, went to another company, and found something better with no regrets?  If so, will you share?

Just wanna work in Word - need company that works in WORD! nm - Posted By: Louisiana MT


MDI -MD MT - Posted By: Too Soon To Judge?

My account requires that I type a great deal of identifying info in each report.  That, combined with the dial-in technology itself, makes it hard to get the decent line count I am used to.  I'm lucky to break 1000 but routinely did 1500-2000 lines per shift in the past.  Does it get easier with time?  Also, does anyone have knowledge of cherrypicking going on with these accounts?  It seems like I get one horrible dictator after another...after another...after another...etc.  I am hoping the answers to my questions are yes and no respectively, but I am beginning to question whether I'll ever be able to survive there.  Thanks for your insight.

Question to ponder..... - Posted By: instructor

I am an instructor at a local community college teaching transcription as well as medical records and coding....my question is this.  This new stimulus package that Obama is proposing talks about funding $20 billion to computerize medical records and make them more efficient.....how do you see this affecting our jobs as MT, or any part of the medical records portion.  I would love to discuss this with my students and would appreciate any feedback all of ya'll out there might have.


Thanks in advance

I saw an add for Transform, INC in Missouri, I thought SM - Posted By: looking

they were in Wyoming. Anyone know if this is the same company? Thanks.

I see DSG has an ad for MTs. Can anyone tell me what the accounts are like - Posted By: Texaslady

there and what they are like to work for.

What would you think if your company sent out an e-mail asking for - sm - Posted By: justme

Everyone who solicits new clients can get a reward of either $50 or $100, I think depending upon whether they actually get a sale of accounts brought in or just a lead.  So for as much as a whopping $100 I am going to get my employer a client and turn that info over to them?  Uh, I think I might just get that client for myself and keep ALL the money! 

Compaines in Maryland area? - Posted By: Laujrie

Does anyone know of any transcription companies out of the Maryland area or even in house companies for that matter in that area? My family and I are seriously contemplating a move and would love to find a company in that area.  I can take my current job with me but just want to see if I can expand my horizons a little bit.  Thanks in advance.

Any updated info on Ascend? - Posted By: me

I know they have a good pay rate, but have they started paying their employees?

Legitimate Companies - Posted By: Island Girl

Is there any way in knowing if the employers who post on the job boards or in the employment section of this forum are legitimate?  For example, I see a job offer posted by someone named Patti.  Why won't they give their full name or company name?  It just makes me wonder if it's really legitimate.  I won't apply for a position unless I know they are a reputable company.  But it makes me wonder if just anyone can post here.

Typing Time - Posted By: Shelly

Approximately how long would it take to transcribe 60 minutes of dictation?  I know there are many variables but just a rough estimate would be good.  Thanks in advance!

MedTrans - Posted By: Jason

Hi does anyone know anything good about MedTrans of America?  Do they pay on time.  Is there much work available?


Anyone else apply at ATS for an orthopedic MT position and get this bizarre, - Posted By: OrthoMT

obviously form letter that you did not have enough experience, even though you have over 15 years of MT experience, with over 10 of that doing orthopedics. I think it is pretty lame to send out an inappropriate form letter that is way off the mark. Tell me you've filled the position or just not interested but do NOT bother telling me that I do not have enough experience.  Of course, I had to ask them, Just how much experience were you looking for, 10 years is not enough? Sometimes, this business scares me.  I was just curious as to whether anyone else got this bizarre form letter when they applied. 

Does KS pay an evening differential? - Posted By: Donna

And if so, what time does it start?  Would those who work a split qualify for a differential? Or,  if you start early in the day then runs into the evening.

updated info on Teletrak? sm - Posted By: TIA

Are they still using Go To Meeting and VNC?  They had an ad earlier this month stating hourly pay, but looking at website, it looks like they hire IC also.  Any other info appreciated much

Does TransTech have a private board? NM - Posted By: new to TT


Smartdoc info.....????? - Posted By: hc

I can't seem to find anything about this company on the boards. Do they have people that actually work there?

Applied for a job...here is what I got....sm - Posted By: memt

NET PAY 60-90 days. All work done in June, you will be paid in September, YEAH RIGHT!!!!Anyone who goes for this is setting themselves up to NOT be paid, I have NEVER in all my years as being a MT heard of this nonsense......THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE.

Anyone work for Archivus? Do they have employee status or IC? (sm) - Posted By: OldMT

Good pay, steady accounts, benefits?  TIA.

I hate Mondays, always out of work nm - Posted By: grr


ATS, Inc and EMDAT platform sm - Posted By: ME

Does anyone work for ATS, Inc?  How are they to work for?  How is the EMDAT platform, is it really complicated?

Worried sick at Amphion - Posted By: see message

I am not getting up to speed and worried that I will be let go at the end of my probation. This is not all my fault because I have to add all the patient information in the screen before I can start typing. I don't have a good feeling about this and my supervisor is not helpful. Will they let me go because I am not meeting the line requirements at the end of probation or will they work with me? I chose Amphion over another company and now wish I hadn't done that. Should I just find out if the other company will hire me now instead of waiting until I have no job at all, the holidays are coming up and I am really worried.

Anyone have info on UST? - Posted By: Still searching

Does anyone work or have worked there?  Been offered position, wondering about platform, easy to make lines? I think it's the Patriot platform?  I am tired of jumping around.


Take what you read here with a grain of salt - Posted By: Happy Camper

I work for one of the most bashed companies on this board, and let me tell you, I have no plans to leave. Why? Well, I rarely run out of work, have great accounts, make a good line rate with differential for weekend work, have 8 paid holidays a year (whether I work or not), 5 paid sick days and 15 days of paid vacation. In return, they expect me to work my shift and make minimum line count. Not a hard thing to do.

Look closely at what some of these companies have to offer and ignore some of the sour grapes posters on here. Judge for yourself. It seems like the most vocal posters on this board are the negative ones, and we rarely hear the positives of some of these companies.

Could someone please explain to me how Focus can advertise for a QC - Posted By: position...

when they just laid off a bunch of people and told them they had nothing to offer them but transcription?

Precyse Solutions - Posted By: DV

Would like information on approximate cost of monthly health benefits. Thank you.

Keystrokes qx cherry picking? - Posted By: anon

Does anyone out there know if the leads assign out work?   As soon as my  line count starts to pick up I start getting really short dictations or impossible dictators that eat up my line count.  Was not like that when I first started out with them.  Im really getting fed up with this. 

Supervisor/Recruiting - Posted By: becky

Are there ever any supervisory/recruiter positions

posted here?

Didn't you just LOVE the latest TT email? - Posted By: Cindy S

Congratulating us for getting all the work caught up last night and pointing out we weren't EVEN OFFERED A BONUS.  Nice.  Yes, those of us at TT are so desparate for work that when it finally shows up, we don't need a bonus to work our fingers to the bone and those in Management crow about it. 

Made me throw up a bit in my mouth. 

work slow down - Posted By: mtgirl

Is anyone having problems with work slowdown with Imagestat?

Gulf Coast Transcription - Posted By: anon

Does anyone currently work for this company who could give some information?  Are they hiring now?  Thanks a lot.

Follow up on Bright Spot in Dim Universe Axolotl - Posted By: Wondering MT

This is to the MT who was so excited about Axolotl a while back, and anyone new there.  Thinking of applying, because it seemed perfect, but then staying with company until people have been there a while. It has been a few weeks.  To the happy Transcriptionist and those who went with her to Ax, wondering how it is going. I don't want the stress of leaving my current job, so comments would be appreciated.  If that place is too good to be true, I'd like to know and just stay where I am. TIA.

If emails saying, "You guys make Transtech rock" pays your bills, let me know, because - Posted By: Transtech NO WORK

I have figured out a way to pay my bills with such **old, wornout** words.

Management is rocking alright, because their paychecks are not affected at all with the NO WORK/LOW WORK situation that has been going on now for MONTHS and MONTHS.  That seems so unfair when without the MT's, the mgmt would have no paychecks!!!!!


Back-end voice recognition - Posted By: XXX

Just learned my company will be doing a system upgrade that will include what they call the beginnings of back- end voice recognition. I think the company mainly uses one system for all its accounts, so does this mean that all accounts will now have to go to back-end VR and I'll become an editor, or is it possible that only certain accounts will go this way??? I'm really concerned, as I don't want to do VR because it seems so many people that post say they lose money doing editing, and when I was hired I was told they were not going to go to VR. Seems like things have changed and I don't know what to expect. Any info appreciated. Thanks.

All Type - Posted By: Cathy Frank

I have just been recently offered a position as an Editor for All Type and would like some feedback from current or past editor employees of this company.  I have checked the archives, but would like to find out more regarding pay as i have never been paid per line, but only by report.  What is the normal rate per line for an editor?  I would appreciated any information.  I can also be contacted at cafrank6@neo.rr.com.  Thank you in advance.

Spheris - Posted By: Nuttin

I was just offered a position at Spheris. Does anyone have any information on this company that they would be kind enough to share?

Comments re: MDI-MD anyone? - Posted By: Carey

Are a Transcriptionist who has worked for MDI-MD?  Would you mind giving your 2 cents on your experience?  I'd appreciate any information.  NOTE:  No recruiters need reply to this!  Thanks so much.

Any information on TSI? - Posted By: Neick

I was just offered a position with them. Can anyone share their experience with this company?