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Serving Over 20,000 US Medical Transcriptionists
MTStars.com initially began its journey through cyberspace on December 8, 2001, offering Medical Transcriptionists a place to network. MTStars has experienced amazing growth over the past 9 years to over 20,000 members and 3 million visits per month!

MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

MTStars offers a wealth of information for medical transcription industry in the form of many discussion forums (an archive of 1.5 million messages), Medical Transcription Jobs, Resume Bank and much more.

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What is with all the hiring at - Posted By: Transcend?

Are they expanding that much?

Anyone ever heard of JLG? - Posted By: slq

If so, what are your thoughts on the company?

Question about editing for Transcend? - Posted By: ME

How easy is the editing for transcend?  Have you edited for other companies?  How does it compare.  Thanks!

MQ - Posted By: MT

Does anyone know how long it normally takes after you test with MQ for someone to let you know if you passed the test or not?  Thanks!

Spheris rehiring? - Posted By: LaWanda Brown

Does Spheris rehire past employees much?

Anyone hear of a company in New Hampshire called TTS. Not much recently in - Posted By: PAMT

the archives about them.

Axoxotl - Posted By: Poncho

Does anyone have any feedback on this company?  Would greatly appreciate it...

Can the MQ glossary be copied over for Medware? - Posted By: How about PRD for DOS to Medware's system? nm


Anybody work on EDs for Landmark? (sm) - Posted By: Searching

Can you share whether you are productive on the platform, have enough work, etc?   Thank you!  Confidential emails appreciated. 

Does anyone know anything about Proveros? - Posted By: Country MT

Good, bad, ugly? I think they are in NH. TIA!

JLG - Posted By: flyaway

Does anyone have current information about JLG?

MTSOs, on a scale of 1 to 10, how qualified are - Posted By: your applicants for acute care work? sm

I'm just wondering if you are able to hire most of the people who are applying, or if there are a lot of underqualified MTs out there. 

Would anybody care to comment about this company - Posted By: MDI-Trans info

Steady work, paychecks on time, benefits, etc.  Thanks much.

MDI-Florida - Posted By: Pollyanna

I'm out of work constantly and fed up!

Are the Precyse and MQ DQS platforms the same thing? I'm thinking about switching - Posted By: but don't want to learn a new platform.nm


Skilled and United. sm - Posted By: bunny

skilled transcription and/or United transcription both located in Charlotte NC. Anybody work for them? How do you like it?

InHealth - Posted By: Pauline

Anyone currently working for this company.  I would appreciate any information. What their platform user friendly, plenty of work and benefits if FT.  Thanks.

Medivoxx - Posted By: Melissa VanCoevering

I know there was a posting recently about this company, but I cannot seem to find it now.  The position they have is for a MT/editing position using VR.  I am not too familiar with this, so if any one has info on it I would appreciate it.  One of my concerns is how many lines per day doing editing VR work produces? Another question I have is if anyone else out there does VR work, is it worth it?  Thank you all.

Med-Tech or MWP services - Posted By: texan

out of Michigan, may specialize in x-rays.  Anyone know anything about either of these companies?  I have GOT to find something to supplement soon!  Thanks!

Anyone ever work for eTransPlus? - Posted By: Susan Seale

Very interested in this company but just have not seen that much about them.

Be aware of the open medical - Posted By: transcription positions at a hospital located

in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Be very aware of the supervisor. Not a good place. Three new employees, all three walked within the first six months. Just thought I would put a warning out!!!

Is Axolotl hiring? Can you give me the pos and neg of this co? Email if you want. Thanks - Posted By: cobbie


Nashville MT--Please SM RE M. Turner - Posted By: BG MT

Martha was killed Monday evening in a car wreck.  I thought this was something you might want to know. 

is Trx Drs the same company as TRX? - Posted By: Some MTSO names are so similar

Does anyone have any feedback on either place, Trx Doctors or TRX, if they aren't one and the same? 


Probity? - Posted By: William

Can anyone give me any info on this company at all...good, bad or indifferent?  Thank you! 

Internet information - Posted By: SCMT

I am going to be moving to an area where high speed broadband and DSL are not available - and the company I work for, as well as most other companies that I have seen on the jobseekers forum require one of these types of internet service - does anyone have any idea of how I can either get around this or of any companies that do not require these - and perhaps can use satellite or some other type where a receiver is placed on your roof that picks up a radio transmission.  That is the only type service available there.  I have heard from one Transcriptionist that said AT&T could perhaps install a pole in my yard for around $400 in order to get their DSL and I am going to check on that - but otherwise - I need help with this - and my options are running out.  I have been an MT for 15 years and worked at home for most of those years - I cannot imagine doing anything else - but this move is for my husband's business - so I'm stuck as far as where I can move.  Any information would be appreciated - either emailed or on this board.  thanks

Anyone know about FutureNet - Posted By: DR

Any info would be appreciated.

Good point about attrition below - Posted By: TT'er

I have never run out of work at TT.  Hmmm, could it be because I work instead of sitting on the boards complaining while I'm *waiting* for work to come in.  Adjust your hours, stop playing on the message board, and be willing to type whatever comes your way - all work types.  They sure aren't going to take work away from someone who is busting her butt for a minimum of 8 hours, producing a lot of high quality work, and give it to somebody who *checks in* when she's not complaining on the board.  So maybe it is a form of attrition after all.  I'm not a manager pretending to be an employee either.

TT is the best company EVER, and every single blasted day it's the same 2 or 3 people hogging this board and griping about low work.  Good grief, get a life! 

Ozescribe - Posted By: Becky

Does anyone know anything about this company, good or bad?  Thanks in advance.  Becky

What is a level 2 MT at Mescribe - Posted By: Betsy

I was told if I took the position with them I would be a level 2 MT. I asked the recruiter what was a level 2 MT. He said he would have to get back with me after Easter break.  I know they have clinic MTs, ER MTs and Acute care MTs.  Can someone clarify for me what a level 2 MT is at Medscribe.  Thanks

Ascend Company - Posted By: kelly

Has anyone worked for the Ascend Company or know anything about them?

Is this a fair wage? - Posted By: 1timemom

I'm a new graduate and I got an offer for 0.75 cpl.  Any input would be appreciated.

NY MTSOs....sm - Posted By: nn

I am speechless, why so rude???? Geez, I am not saying all people from New York are that way, but I have worked for 2 services out of New York in my MT life and they take the cake for being so nasty.

email address workatrapid@aol - Posted By: regsmith

Can anyone give me information regarding this company? I applied to them over the internet and heard from them and now cannot find an official site for them because I am not sure of the actual company name even though I've googled.

Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

HDS - Posted By: Belinda

Anyone with info on HDS in Little Rock?  Thanks.

Does OSI still have a weight loss club? - Posted By: NM

Question about Softscript software... - Posted By: passing through

I am getting ready to start with SoftScript and I was wondering if any current employees could tell me if you can get a good line count with their software.  I am sure after working with it a bit it will not seem so clunky, but was just wanting some other opinions.  Thanks.

I see the post below about Teletrak.... - Posted By: Rad MT looking for work

but does anyone know anything else about the company?  Their website shows they have a base in CA and TX.  Any information would be great!  Thanks

For stiff wrists, etc - Posted By: Megan

Just found a great place for ergonomic devices. It is called Ergo-items.com. My right wrist gets a workout with having horses and helping get firewood ready for winter and it feels sprained most of the time (not carpal tunnel but on the ulnar side). It got so that I had pain all the time while transcribing, so I made myself an arm support that I placed on the arms of my chair to rest both arms on.  This took the wrong angle off of my right wrist but it was like being in a highchair (lol). I looked at chairs with the arms that swivel in to make an arm rest but the price was just too much, especially with not being able to try the chair first and having to foot the shipping cost to send it back.  I just discovered this website yesterday and they have a lot of good ergonomic products at reasonable prices. I ordered an arm rest that simply clamps onto your desk or work station and you can adjust it many ways.  They also have foot pedal rests, mouse supports, and keyboards.  Just wanted to let everyone know, as in this profession, our wrists, fingers, elbows, etc all take a beating.

looking for PT IC job - Posted By: CB

I am looking to switch companies and would like some advice.  I do not want to bounce around from company to company trying to find a good one.  I have 4 years of acute care expierence in multiple specialties, own my own pedal and computer, and would like IC status preferably part time, but I would like to work as much as possible.  I am working for a company where I get over 90% ESL jobs.  I feel like I work my butt off to make pennies.  They do not pay very well and I am looking for a good company who pays at least 6 cpl hopefully more with about 50% ESL.  Is there anything out there?  Sometimes I think this may be a fairytale job.....

Thanks in advance for all the help! 

Company Board Software Upgrade. - Posted By: MTStars Support.

All the previous messages are available within archives. Click the URL below.

Mediscribe inc/ Shelley Lesse... anyone know this MTSO? - Posted By: anymt

Any information about this company?  Is pay on time/accurate?  Good to work with? 


Any info on Tidewater (TMTS)? All postings are old - Posted By: TIA - NM


I am working for a company, only been - Posted By: gotta vent

there about 7 or 8 weeks. Started out on a platform. The hospital account then upgraded this platform (ha) to a supposedly better version. Get it upgraded. The first day for the first 6 hours of my shift, they couldn't get the stupid program going. They finally get it going and spell check doesn't work right. Doesn't recognize medical words and won't let you add new words to the dictionary. This particular hospital has 2 sections. In order to get to the different section of the hospital to transcribe a report, you have to come all the way out of the system and log back on. You may have to log on and off 10, 15 times a day depending on what job comes to you. No rhyme or reason to the way it qeues jobs. Just randomly switches you back and forth, back and forth to the different areas of the hospital. I'm just about to go nuts. Working at Wal-Mart, McDonald's, cleaning commodes, anything, is looking better than this. Sorry for the long post. Just had to take a break and vent before I explode!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you make the big decision - Posted By: frogmommie.com

on which company to go with when there are good and bad points about each?  I'm wavering between Global Info Systems (also known as GIS) and SoftScript and have gotten an offer from both.  I got an offer from Opti-Script but turned it down.  Need some solid reliable advice before next Tuesday.  Any of these 3 companies worth trying?  HELP!

Can MQs expander be transferred to Diskriter, - Posted By: Keystrokes or TransTech? Can I do it myself? nm


Kudos to ex-Transcenders... - Posted By: kyradmt

For standing up to these lousy companies who think they can s*** on us and feed us a line of crap, thinking we're too stupid not to buy into it! I am so disgusted and angry about what I've been reading - if Medquist pulled this on us I'd be outta there in a New York second. You guys are too good and there are too many other companies out there to put up with this kind of bull. Remember, we are in the driver's seat, we can be picky - demand far exceeds supply for professional MT's and you guys are sticking it to Transcend as should all new and old MT's. I also believe MTStars should ban any further job postings from Transcend - it is a total insult to us to allow them to continue to post, IMHO.

Thank you for standing up for yourselves and, indirectly, for all us MT's!

D&L Typing - Posted By: tlm

Does anyone have any info about D&L Typing?  They have offered me some work, but I have never heard of them before.  TIA

US Transcription company - Posted By: Katy

Has any one heard anything about US Transcription.  Or is there a good company out there to work for.  I am sick of Spheris.

MD-IT - Posted By: CornyMT

Please reply with any information you have on MD-IT, good and bad. I would really appreciate info from someone who has used this platform. Thanks!