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Axolotl employees....Is the computer keyboard they supply ergonomic or standard? - Posted By: keep on learning

I am scheduled to start in about a month and am trying to prepare.  Thanks!

probity? how are they about working with schedules, etc.? nm - Posted By: curious


Does MQ have STATUTORY EMPLOYEES anymore under new plan - Posted By: ??????????????????

After I have spent money, time, trying to meet MQ's requisites for

the computer to type on their docuscribe, are they even going to have Statutory Employees?

If you are an employee, don't they provide the computer?

Why didn't they tell me this when I made the 20+ phones calls trying to meet their requirements - why couldn't they have said "we won't have statutory status anymore with the new plan"???????????

I'm just guessing there won't be statutory because nothing is mentioned about it in the letter from Barbato. 

is Breitner still in the habit of not paying?!? I know there is a lot of bad. nm - Posted By: Thanks


Job Posters - Posted By: NorCalMT

Do you all notice some of these job postings: *experienced, reliable and conscientious MT. Testing required* and then go on to say they pay 7-8 cpl depending on experience?* 

EXPERIENCED, reliable and conscietious MTs that have to take a test to even be considered DEFINITELY deserve more than 7-8 cpl.    

Med-Tech in Georgia anyone? - Posted By: CardioMT

I found a few posts from a couple of months ago, but only new hires.  I would love to know how it is going for you guys?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Seeking opinions - Posted By: xyz

Two questions: 1. Does anyone know any reputable companies with good medical oncology accounts? 2. Any opinions about the following companies: MD-IT, Hoffman Transcription, and WebMedX? Would appreciate any info.

MJ or Meryl transcription - Posted By: curious is me

Has anybody done anything for this company other than test. I have been asked to est a few times on new clients live files that they needed back asap, and if I did well i could have the account - I do the test stat for them and lo and behold the position is filled. Was wondering if anybody actually has a job with them, or if they use testing applicants to do all of their work?

How do most companies handle this? - Posted By: Wondering.

I recently started with a new company, so all of my work is going through QA right now.  So, last night I typed a note for a doctor that was 250 lines and at the VERY end, he said I'm sorry, just delete this dictation, I have changed my mind.  Well, I didn't delete it, I had been typing a while with all of those lines. QA picked it up and she deleted it and sent me a note telling me that the dictator requested it to be deleted and please make sure I pay attention to that next time and I no longer have those 250 lines!!!  So, is this how all companies work, because I am not sure I remember having that situation before, but it seems quite unfair that I would type that many lines and then be told nevermind ???

Any Focus folks having problems? sm - Posted By: elaine

I have since  yesterday - this link explains it all.....

I need some advice please - Posted By: Need advice on hospital job that is being outsourc

I work in the medical records department of a hospital and our transcription is going to be outsourced to an outside company.  We have been told that our transcriptionists would be taken in by this company but it doesn't look very promising and we would definitely take a pay cut as well as lose a lot of benefits.

We have several options aside from going with the outside service.  Some of us could move to the radiology department but they don't have room for all of us, and it would go by seniority in terms of who they would offer it to.  But I am afraid that the radiology transcription could be outsourced too before too long.  Since I have seniority I would have first choice to move to radiology but then I would lose my seniority because I would have to train from scratch there.  I have never typed radiology before and would take a pay cut.

Also there is a small hospital nearby that still does inhouse transcription but I just think that it will all go out to the national companies before long.

I don't know what to do.  Go with the company and take at least a 30% or 40% pay cut, apply with the small hospital, or start at the bottom in the radiology department that could also be outsourced in the future.

Can anyone give me advice about what to do? 

Thank you for your suggestions.


WORDZXPRESSED - any current info - Posted By: JLS

Does anyone have any current info on this company?  I looked in the archives and only found posts from 2005.



To: "Where can I find this info?" - Posted By: AHA here is your answer


here is your answer

: Where can I find this info? NM - current OSi'er

her replacement has been working for WEEKS training to do her job and nobody has said a word. Check your QA.

Company: Proform - sm - Posted By: Samantha

Someone recommended them to me but then I read in some old posts that they require you to pay an "errors an omissions" fee?  What is that about and do they still require this?

Statement made that **** is SM - Posted By: Jennyanydots

now working for Softscript.  I thought she was working for Precyse.  I know none of this actually matters, I'm just wondering. 

Superscript Transcription? - Posted By: Anything current?

They are out of Michigan and can't find anything too recent on them. You can also e-mail me.


Focus Infomatics - Posted By: Summertime

I can only see 1 prior message on Focus Infomatics, it being a moderator asking people to stop speaking about the company.  If anyone knows why, I'd appreciate it as I've applied.  They were rated very high as a transcription company. Thanks

Transcription Services of Illinois - Posted By: Bea

Does anyone have any information on this company?  I've been contacted by them and have had several email conversations with one person in particular.  She seems pretty sure about wanting me to help out and said she would contact me today but so far I have not heard from her, even after sending an email to her regarding this this morning.  Just wondering if I should persue this or not.  Thanks in advance.

All Type in New Jersey - Posted By: Sandra

If you have good or bad things to say about this company, would like to hear what they are.  Thanks for your time.

New low for VR - Posted By: Gads

I see a new low line rate for VR being offered on the jobs board - 0.0275 per line. 

Why don't they just offer 0.01 per line and get us all down to minimum wage and be done with it......why drag it out?

MDI/MD - Posted By: interested

Is anyone else running out of work at MDI/MD?  Work is really slow for the past few days.

Cardioscribes - Has anyone that applied in the (sm) - Posted By: rh-MT

past month actually started working for them yet?  I applied but didn't hear anything yet.  Older posts imply they are just busy and are getting to applicants.  Any information anyone can share?  Do they pay on time?  How is QA?  Is there lots of work?  ESL percentage? 

Is anyone currently working at Landmark Transcription Co. nm - Posted By: PAMT


IC positions - Posted By: LGB

Does anyone know of any IC jobs that allow you to work the hours you want, with just a weekly line requirement?

Question about taxes for statuatory employees (sm) - Posted By: Not an accountant

Do you get to deduct the total expense for things like internet, phone lines used for C-phones, etc., directly off your tax liability or do you only get to deduct a percentage?  I am a regular employee and thinking about going statuatory. 

Meridian Healthcare--Beware - Posted By: daniadair

For anyone thinking of taking a job with Meridian, you might want to think twice.  Their server or the hospital server seems to go down nearly all the time, and they don't credit you downtime when this happens for hours on end.  It is very frustrating.  They are also now telling those of us with newer versions of Word 2002 or 2003, and Windows Vista that we need to downgrade our computer software to Word 2000 at our own expense, and if we have any issues, we are basically on our own.  So we have to cross our fingers that everything configures okay if we do this.  Not sure that will solve their issues with the servers constantly going down.  How's that for taking care of your employees?!! I personally am seeking employment elsewhere after putting up with these server issues for over a year. 

Anyone ever hear of Encompass? would appreciate any info. - Posted By: Sunflower

Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of them.


Any new info. on eTrans Plus. I can't find anything since 2006. sm - Posted By: TJ

Any feed, good and/or not so good is appreciated.  I'm trying to weight out the pros and cons. 


Department B transcription services - Posted By: Renee

Has anyone ever heard of a company called Department B or older name PM&R?? I have an interview scheduled for Tuesday but I was just wondering if anyone knew anything on this company.



Asked for a raise; no answer in a month - Posted By: landroverlady

I don't know what to do and thought someone's expertise could help me.   I have been at my company over a year.   I am the primary Transcriptionist on the account and keep it afloat.   When others don't get their work done they call on me and I do their work also.  Extra work, I do it.   I asked for a raise 4 weeks ago and I am getting the run around.  I keep being sent to another person, another person, now this person knows, no now back to that person, etc.   I just want an answer!!!  I feel like I am pestering them now but I feel I deserve an answer either way.  What more can I do?    I sent 2 emails last week and have had no response now.  

Rapid Transcript - Posted By: Mina Parlin

Nevermind my last post. Just saw all the feedback on them. Too bad I just wasted all this time doing their darn test.

Does Transtech pay for ??? - Posted By: scout


info on Northeast Transcription Inc - Posted By: El

Hi.  Does anyone have any information on NTI?  Thinking of making a change and would like to know what to expect.  Thanks!

Dictation Services Group, any information? - Posted By: Moving on


Anyone hear of Erie Transcription out of Pennsylvania? - Posted By: countrygirl

If so, any info would be appreciated.

Who would want to work for a company like this? - Posted By: quitting


We have absolutely no one working radiology at the moment.  Because of the problems we encounter every single Saturday and Sunday and at the beginning of every new pay period, I have had to change a policy.  From now on, no one can have Saturday and Sunday off.  We now hire Sun through Thursday or Tuesday through Saturday.  I will be contacting anyone who has both days off and we will have to arrange for different days off. 

Further, anyone working part-time will be required to work a full time day on Saturday.  We need 8 hours of your time on Saturday.  You can work a split on Saturday, but you need to work full time hours on Saturday.

We are constantly threatened with emails like I just posted. Now who would want to continue to work for tyrants like this.  Just big ole bullies.


Anyone who has questions please feel free to contact me.

Advanced Transcription - Posted By: - strongly considering

Can anyone give me any information on Advanced Transcripion in Portland, OR? 


ITS (Intermountain in Utah) - Posted By: Dana

Has anyone had experience with this company?  Would like to hear pros and cons before testing with them.  Thanks for your time.

Information on SuperScript? - Posted By: Redlovely

Is there any current information on SuperScript?  Do they pay on time?  Good company to work for?  Has anyone been there for longer than 6 months?  Thank you for your help!

Hepworth Transcription. Any infor or work experience? You can email if you if you want to - Posted By: Jess


Words Unlimited..... - Posted By: Wondering....

I am looking into a few different places to place resumes and I came across Words Unlimited.  There is no info in this board that I can find out about them.  Does anyone on here work for them or has worked for them.  Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Precyse MTs - Big meeting tomorrow - Posted By: Anybody?

The big MT conference call meeting for all Precyse MTs is tomorrow.  Anybody know what this might all be about?

The right type.... - Posted By: anon

Does anyone know about this company on the job board with an add for neonatal transcription?  It only pays 7cpl, but heck when you don't have a job, 7 is better than 0. 

How is morale at Webmedx? - Posted By: MT

I'm curious to know how morale is at Webmedx with the recent changes in the way you work with QA.  Please share your thoughts.

Does anyone know about Advanced Transcription Technologies out of NY? - Posted By: M.

I was thinking about applying with them, but I can't find any information on them good or bad.  Thanks a lot!

Career board dried up? - Posted By: CC

Have companies stopped posting on the Careers board?  I assume work hasn't dried up in the two months I haven't been on here?

Anyone work for ETransPlus - Posted By: Miss Willy

or have worked for them?  Any info?  Thanks. 

Professional tester SM - Posted By: not me

I feel like a professional tester.  Tested for so many companies in the last six months I can't remember all of them - not one answer from any of them. 

Just tested for Transcription1 and still have not heard from them either.  Anybody have any info on this company?

X-Press: The good, the bad and the ugly? - Posted By: Looker

Any recent info appreciated.

Focus - any comments? - Posted By: anon

Just got a job offer from them. Sounds really good, but sure would like some feedback before I accept. Thanks everyone.