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MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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Anyone ever hear of them or have any business with them?

Looking for info on National Transcription Service. I went - Posted By: info please

back in the archives 3 months and only find 1 post.  Looking for info on platform and pay range, do they have lots of ESL, the usual stuff. 

Any "long-timers" with Focus Infomatic? - Posted By: LookinMT

I am thinking about applying to FI and I was wondering if there is anybody out there who has worked for them at least a little while.  I checked some of the archives about Focus but is there anyone who likes working for them? 

Probity? - Posted By: nm

Any info on this company?

Crack me up - Posted By: sm

Just because you post a response to a question about a company does not mean you are automatically a "cheerleader" for that company.  Sure there are some out there, but some of us actually have nice things to say about our companies.  Is that wrong?  Also, if someone defends their company, it doesn't mean they are management or "gossip control" and not everyone that posts a positive remark about company is reporting directly the the CEO of that company. 

Some MTs are fortunate and lucky enough to like their jobs with their companies.  I applaud them, as most of us know that is hard to find these days.

Medscribe, Inc - Internet brings - Posted By: Miss Willy

up several places for Medscribe, Inc.  Which one is the looking for MTs to transcribe op reports on the MTStars careers right now?  Anyone work for them and have an opinion?  Saw below about Medscribe in New Jersey.  Same one?  I got an opinion about the place I work now, and the place is not match for me.   

MDI-MD vs. Amphion vs. DTS - Posted By: Decisions Decisions

Need some help with the best company.  I have offers from all three.  Thanks.

True Scribe - Posted By: mgm

Does anyone have any info on True Scribe?

Are you "perfect" enough to work for 7 cpl? - Posted By: LOLOLOLOL

I love it!

7 cpl to start (IC with no bennies) if you have three years' veterinary ophthalmology experience and never ever make a mistake blah blah blah blah.  Whatevah. 

For those that work for Webmedx how did the - Posted By: new Webmedxer

computer ship?   I am supposed to start training next week and don't have the computer yet.   Just wondering if it ships via FedEx, UPS, or some other method.   I'll call Monday to double check on it. 

Proveros - Posted By: Heda

Is there anyone that knows anything about Proveros?

Anybody currently working at First Choice Medical FL - Posted By: TJ

who can give me any info, the good, bad or ugly?

Medware and Allstate hiring - no jobs available either place! - Posted By: unbelievable

why do they do that?

I am SOOO sick and tired of BEGGING for work! - Posted By: SM

Anyone know of a company that is hiring ICs, flexible scheduling, multispecialty clinic, at least 8 cents a line (shows my desperation...!), steady, dependable work flow for the most part, a company where you can stay and work for at least a few years straight. Any out there? Do not want MDI-MD. Do not want to be an employee - want to be an IC. Do not want any complicated platforms. Any smaller companies out there? I can't find jack lately, even with over 10 years experience. I need consistent work!

Just received computer for Spheris - Posted By: Can some explain what HIT platform is?

But the program says something about HIT platform.  I am just a little confused and will ask on Monday.  Are there many aspects of Spheris that include people using HIT platform and others not using this platform.  If anyone out there have used HIT platform,please let me know how it can increase your production.  Thanks for your experience with this HIT program.

Anyone work for Teletrak out of CA - Posted By: krispy

Does anyone work for or know anything about the company called Teletrak out of CA?  I am thinking of testing for them and just wanted any type of feedback.  Thanks

Compudex - Posted By: keyedup

I'm a new poster on this board, looking for a job.  I applied to an add with Compudex.  She emailed me with what the account pays per line.  It was a little less than I had hoped for, but I was still willing to consider it.  I emailed back and asked for approximate number of hours/lines per week that would be required.  This was the response: 

I can't promise that.  I have other girls working on this account and I gave the work to who gets it done and back to me.  As I've found since being in business for 12 years, transcriptionists aren't exactly loyal to who they work for so promises mean nothing in this industry based upon that.


Puhleeeeeze!  I was a VERY loyal employee to my company and I got burned.  (Cymed/SPi).  I wrote back and told her I was no longer interested (much kinder than what I wanted to say)!   


My search continues.........can anyone recommend an employer who is loyal to their transcriptionists and rewards hard work? 

To person who emailed me about TransTech - Posted By: Any answers appreciated from TTers

I don't have insurance yet but that there are 9 plans to choose from.  Maybe someone else from TT can answer this question.  The platform is Dictaphone Extext, which is the best platform in my opinion because you have instant access to archived reports and don't have to beg for samples.  The pay scale is good with line incentives - the more you type the more you make, plus they have incentives for evenings and weekends.  Holidays are paid at 1.5 and you rotate Thanksgiving and Christmas if you are scheduled to work on them.  The PTO accrual is great, and we get paid every 2 weeks on a Monday - 26 paydays per year instead of 24.

Can you give me more information on TransTech.  Like, how much does the
insurance cost for an individual and a spouse?  How is their platform?  How is the pay scale?  PTO accrual, etc?


TransPortal - Posted By: Wondering...


I have a phone interview coming up with TransPortal, and I was wondering if any TransPortal MTs out there could comment on the Scribe platform.  Has it gotten any better to deal with? I have read some past posts both here and on the CS forum about it being a pain in the neck.  All other info on the company seems to be great aside from the platform.  I'm hoping to hear that they have the bugs worked out by now...  (especially assuming I have Vista!)

Any info, pros, or cons will be appreciated!


TT has paid maternity leave? Sounds too good to be true.. - Posted By: DS

Just wondering if anyone has used this paid maternity benefit?  Is there a catch? This is such a rare benefit now days it just seems too good to be true.

Advanced Transcription in Oregon - Posted By: Anyone have any info on this company?

VR rate at TT - Posted By: PJ

Could anyone tell me what TT pays for Escription?  Would appreciate it. 

Check the wording of a US-based, international job ad I received this morning. Shows how little - Posted By: respect there is for MT anymore. nm

.... A city based health care unit ready to employ Housewives as medical Transcriptionist . Your job is free and convenient. Company will provide training to build necessary skill .Come,appreciate & applaud.It allows the flexibility to manage your families.Your own P.C and internet connection with valid e-mail address will open flood gates of income opportunity.... Yeah, right...HA!

Anyone work on Emdat? sm - Posted By: msme

What's it like? Good for production?

Anyone work for TRX? nm - Posted By: Spooner


Did you see the ad for Superior Global on the job board? It sounds like they - Posted By: TweedleDum

want to hire people to do it all.  They are looking for someone to hire, train and manage MTs for them.  What do they do then?  If I am going to form, grow and run a company, it is going to be my own, not someone else's.

Does anyone know anything about this company?  Good?  Bad?  Other?  I have never heard of them before and they have a million ads out on this and the other board.

Trying to search archives for - Posted By: MDI-MD

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but can't seem to get the archives to work at all, about MDI-MD or anything else for that matter. What I want to know about MDI-MD is whether they require a certain amount of hours per week or could I do as low as 10-15 hours. I appreciate any info. Thanks!

Any other companies besides United Transcription use MPWord software? nm - Posted By: Asking


Change and MTing - Posted By: anon

This is no longer the once respected career where one is paid for their knowledge and many years of experience.  I urge everyone to pay very close attention to who they are voting for in the presidential race and what they stand for.  Back the candidate who says no more tax breaks for businesses that are sending our jobs overseas.  It not only applies to our jobs but those throughout the country.  How many times do you call a customer service line and get someone on the line you cannot even understand??? This is an outrage!!! While people here in the US struggle to find jobs or see their $$$ go down and still have to work under sweatshop conditions.  Bottom line, back the person who is going to help us the most at risk for losing our job to some offshore company.  Companies will say they will never do it.  Believe me, if its going to increase their bottom line they will do it.  Most of all do vote, every single vote can make a difference.

DTS America - Posted By: Interested QA

Does anyone have any current information about DTS America QA positions?  Do they have plenty of work?  Do they pay on time?  Are their QA positions paid hourly or by the line?  I know they outsource.  Do they hire IC or employee? Thanks in advance for any information.

Focus Infomatics - Posted By: Sunflower

Say - i work for Focus Infomatics - been there about 2 months now - I get paid on time always - never got my pay docked - seem to have work when I need it - true 4 cents for editing and 8 cents for transcription for acute care which might be a little low but plan on asking for a raise in 6 months - anyway, everything I've been reading is not true - pay isn't the greatest but then most MT companies the pay isn't that good - unless you work for a physician direct you are not going to get big money doing MTing - I receive soc sec so this job is just a supplement but for younger people who want to support themselves doing MT I would say get out of this business - you are not going to make big money to support yourself doing this unless you work direct - I dont know where this profession is going - but we are definitely ALL underpaid - and one more thing - there is so much negativity of companies on this board - why dont the happy MTs share where they work so a lot of us can apply to good companies - instead all I read is how bad every company is - if this is the going trend and that there are not very many good companies - it's time to leave the MT profession and go on to greener pastures - we work very hard - these words are not easy and we are all UNDERpaid - but unless we all get together and unionize i don't believe this profession will ever improve.


Being Paid Hourly - QA sm - Posted By: lmw

Suppose you're hired for a QA position at $14.00 an hour as an independent contractor and you work an 8-hour shift on a daily basis.  Are you guaranteed to be for the 8-hour shift even if there is no work available?

What about the same thing as above, but only hired as an employee.  Would you be guaranteed to be paid for the 8-hour shift whether there was any work or not?

Chronicle - Posted By: Dave

Anyone have new info on Chronicle Transcription and their platform, work availability, dictators, pay practices.....?  Last post I found was from 2007.  Would appreciate an update with current info.


Ok everyone if you ever get any emails or communication from a company that is same as the car trans am and associates also their software works with MT Professionals DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT EVEN BOTHER!!!!!  They are the biggest fraud and rip off company on the internet.  They are based in Valrico, Florida. 

They will say you can learn free etc etc and they claim to be Christian based etc.  They are so rip off.  You have to buy the software first which is over $500. total.  You do practice files they say everyone has to whether your an entry level or a pro at transcription.  Then you finish and if you finish before their two week minimum requirement you have to wait to download the next group sometimes a week or more.  Then after you do 4 groups you test and you may pass the test but they will say you have errors whether they are formatting, spacing, spelling, punctuation, etc.  It is a gip cause you actually probably don't have those errors.  Plus, they are not consistent at all regarding punctuation. 


It is a situation where most of us are trusting enough to think it is an innocent ploy that they will help us learn if we are not as experienced.  They never have you practice on any other specialty except for rheumatology and your practice files are only clinic notes and when you test it is a consultation. 

OSi hiring? - Posted By: medtran26

I used to work for OSi from 2004 to 2006.  When I left, due to family and home trouble, they were implementing a new program that each MT had to sign into at the beginning of their shift and sign out of at the end of their shift.  Do they still have that program?  I am also inquing if anyone knows if they are hiring.  I did see an ad a while ago from OSi but haven't seen anything since.  I have been an independent contractor for 2 years and the workload has significantly dropped.  I left OSi on good terms and was told I am welcome to reapply as soon as things are better for me.  I would also like to know how the company is doing and how any current employees feel about the company, benefits, pay rate, shifts, flexibility, and QA.  I would really appreciate any information that can be provided.

Xylomed & Transcend - Posted By: grec

I have been offered jobs with Xylomed and Transcend.  Does anyone know good or bad about these


OSI and expanders - Posted By: NCMT

Can you use Shorthand with the program that they use?  Do they have a line count utility with their program?  Thanks.


Hiring Practices - Posted By: Alice

Well, I thought I found a company that was going to be different from the rest.  The recruiter was ever so efficient and responded to my resume and tests very quickly.  She answered my emails almost instantly.  However, it seems that once I submitted my acceptance, the communication has come to a standstill.  Is this just the way it is?  This same scenario has repeated for me a few times in the past.  Maybe I'm still very naive in expecting something new and different this time.  I wonder, do the recruiters get a commission once the recruit says yes, or is this a far-fetched notion?

Protype web page - Posted By: juswonderin'

I couldn't get onto their home page at www.protype.us as it said something about 'Apache' being installed on their page.  Maybe they are in the process of building a web page.  Anyway, I sent a pasted resume to office@protype.us and we'll see if I hear anything back. 

Fast Chart, TAe software? Inquiring MT needs to know...... - Posted By: mtpilot

I am thinking about signing on with them, but need to know exactly what TAe software is?  More specifically, I am hoping that it does not ruin my Windows XP and my MS Word 2002 already in my computer.  My understanding is that it is a stand-alone software, maybe proprietary?  It is made by Arrendale Associates is all I really know.  Is is user-friendly?

Thanks for any information on this. 

Webmedx ? secondary, tertiary accounts. sm - Posted By: nn

Have a main and secondary and almost always have work, but.. sometimes after OT has been offered (like this morning) I have nada.  Think I need to be assigned a third account or be put on as a helper somewhere.  I suppose I ask my team manager, are we allowed to request an account that looks busy, must it be an account in her Book of Business like with MQ.  Any info before I make the call would be appreciated. 

Blocked Caller ID Info....SM - Posted By: anon


The company I am with has their info set on privacy on caller ID so when they call it shows as unknown caller.  I always let the answering machine pick up..  Is this widespread?  I really hate it because I probably would pick up and say yes to do a stat if I knew it was them and not the hospital begging for their money from a hospital visit that they won't send a bill for and just expect me to pay..  TMI..

On the Job Seeker's board, there is a cardiology account - Posted By: MTing

for a company TOS.  Does anyone know what TOS stands for and who they are?? Thanks

Does anyone know if Axolotl is hiring? - Posted By: sms

They sound like a great company.

well I guess I just blew my chances - Posted By: sm

with a company I was hoping to get on with.  I sent a resume with 2 spelling errors. crud. I am so stressed I can't even see straight, almost physically sick.

Employee Positions - Posted By: Loves to Type

I am looking for a full-time employee position as I need benefits. It seems everything is IC. Does anyone know of companies that are hiring full-time employees? Thanks in advance!

Focus - Posted By: OldSchool CMT

I just got a notice from them saying I didn't pass their test.  I have to say this is a first - in my 30 years of experience, mostly doing acute care ESL accounts and having done QA for the past 6 years, I have NEVER failed a transcription test.  Just wondered if anybody else had this problem - I took tests for several other companies and theirs is the ONLY one I didn't pass.  Hmmmmm....their email suggested maybe I needed a refresher course at CareerStep.  Considering I've been certified since 1995 and have never had a QA score less than 99.1% on ESL acute care accounts, I think maybe the problem might be their testing process.  Anyone else had problems with the test?  Just curious.....

Question from MTSO's...sm - Posted By: Curious MT

or anyone else in the know, please. Was wondering what the turnaround time usually is for an acute care account, specifically a VA account? Is there a standard or this a very individual thing per hospital? Also, are certain report types due back earlier than others, etc.? Thanks in advance...

TransTech Radiology - Posted By: Daphne

Anyone out there do radiology for TT?  If so, do they pay per report or per cpl.  If per report, what is their going rate?


Posted on wrong board. Plz see Seekers board. - Posted By: From Editors needed