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Diamond Pet Food Recall sm - Posted By: anon

check out their website if you use this brand.  dog and cat food recalled.  Dozens of dogs have died, others ill. 

MT for 9yrs w/ dial up - who will hire me? - Posted By: frustrated

I have been an MT for 9 years typing all kinds of transcription.  Unfortunately, I have dial up internet which is all that is offered where I live.  Are there any companies hiring MTs with dial up internet out there? 



Importing to word expanders - Posted By: fkwan

Okay.  I just got laid off.  I've been using Meditech server macros for years.  I doubt that they will let us copy the macros off their server, so I have three questions.

How long did it take you to get up to speed loading your Expander from scratch,


if you could take your macros with you, is there some way to import them into any expander brand available, and

is/are there brand/s that are more universal than others?

I know from experience that autocorrect is less than easy to export, at least in my personal experience.

Thanks for your help.

A little comparison. - Posted By: it's a no brainer for me!

Option A: National: Two hours of emails, faxes, unpaid headers, using expander.  Total income $9.60 in two hours.

Option B: Small MTSO: One hour of straight typing with only one researched name and address.  No emails, no faxes, paid headers, no expander.  Total income $20.00 in one hour.  I just wish they had more work!!!!

is it bad to type in the dark?? - Posted By: ALMT

I like the light on but hubby always walks into the room at night and turns the light off (you can tell who pays the electric bill).  I just wondered, is it better on your eyes to type with the light on or off?

Word Expander - Posted By: Betty Peterson

I would appreciate some recommendations on word expanders.   Thanks

Dictaphone Cphone SOS - Posted By: jude

Has anyone ever locked up a C-phone accidentally and now requires a security code which I do not have nor does the owner of the machine to do anything. I am at standstill.  Any advice appreciated.

Need some advice on home decorating - Posted By: Painting

We're moving into a rental that has blue carpeting.  Yeah, I know...blue.  ughh.  But, it's a brand-new carpet, very nice, and thick pad.  Our furniture is a sand colored, microfiber, with light maple colored coffee and end tables.  Our lamps are like a dark copper color.  I want to paint the walls so they aren't just plain white, but what color would go good with the furniture and blue carpeting?

Just a reminder to change your smoke alarm batteries nm - Posted By: happy safe new year all

What about this scenario, folks! - Posted By: On the job

What do you think of a manager of many MTs, who shares intimate details with each of us regarding her situation as a wife as well as sharing details of other MTs with each other, some extremely complicated and highly personal, which I believe were given to her in confidence.  Then, having her turn into a professional zealot and alienate us with her emotionless response to us which is such a contradiction to prior interactions that it leaves us spinning and feeling as if we do not know her at all.

I have come upon this before early in my career.  And I would say that changing ths subject in the conversation is the answer so to not end up in this web.  What do you think though?  It is awkward and confusing. 

 She is new at supervision and maybe it can be chocked up to that but she holds a lot of power over us and some whom she confided in during long emotion-filled  conversations, word has it, she has turned against to the point they had to transfer to another department.

It is placing a shadow over the job for me


What do you think of - Posted By: wvm

8 cpl - 9 word line? And I get to calculate myself for invoicing with word. Anyone ever been paid this way? Just curious. Seems to compute okay but I guess I'm always suspicious of new forms of payment.

Today's funny typo! - sm - Posted By: Flibertygibbit

Time to call it a day!  The doc dictated that the patient was interviewed 'through a Spanish interpreter'.... which through my tired fingers came out - 'through a SPINACH interpreter' ! 

Doc-Q-Scribe Hard to Learn? - Posted By: Curious

How easy is Doc-Q-Scribe to learn and can you have good line counts with it? 

S/L "sweetheart" tenaculum? - Posted By: Help please

I can't find that in any of my references, but he dictates it very clearly.  Anyone heard of this or have any suggestions?  Thanks in advance

I'm getting e-mail and personal mail from MQ regarding changes - Posted By: Questions

and lawsuits.   What's up with MQ?  Any speculation?  My mail is general and not specific to my office.  Think things are coming to a head with the lawsuits and MQ is trying to play nice?

Question about wedding gift requests...sm - Posted By: Future bride

My fiance will be merging 2 homes into 1 and the last thing we need are material things as wedding gifts as we'll be yard selling and giving away the equivalent of a household of goods as it is, with many items being donated to a local women's shelter to help these ladies set up a home now that they're away from their abusers.   I'm not interested in collecting china or silver and there's really nothing we need.   We've decided on asking people to give donations to a local children's home in our honor instead of wedding gifts, but other than that how do you recommend that we politely tell people that we don't want material things and if they don't want to donate to the children's home that we'd be happy to accept a gift card or money?   I looked on websites such as "the knot" and while in one place they say it's tacky to ask for money, in their registry they have an option for people to sign up to buy American Express gift cheques which is basically the same thing (love the double standard) with the exception of course being that these have to be bought through them with a $50 minimum (ouch!) and $5 service fee.   Thanks for your input!

uuggghh!! Need to vent - sm - Posted By: recruiter

I have seen the many postings (I should say mostly slams) on this board about recruiters and what not, but I need to vent this - and maybe some of you could kindly answer this ...


why, oh why oh why when people send resumes, do they ever check for spelling errors!  I have looked at three resumes today out of eight (so far) that have gross errors in them.  What cracks me up is the arrogant attitudes/responses that have been on this board about how perfect this Transcriptionist or that transcriptionist is, etc. (And I'm sure there are quite a few perfect transcriptionists out there), but why is it that out of eight resumes so far, I have three that have these kinds of errors.  What surprises me the most is that these are NOT newbies as one might think, but rather transcriptionists that have in the range of 8+ years of transcription, working for national companies, small MTSOs, hospitals, and get this ... even privately owned services. 


This is not the first time I have come across this - oh no, not at all, but all day long there are posts on this board about losing jobs to other countries, losing jobs to national companies, losing accounts to other services, and most people think it's because of $$, but I'm kind of wondering if it's not because of spelling errors - errors that could potentially harm a patient - errors that people expect to be paid top dollar for making. In fact, one of the resumes had "transcriptionist" spelled wrong, along with "experience." 


Makes me think.  Does it make you think? 

Thanks for letting me vent.

Any ho t dirt y bitc hes here! - Posted By: MARIO BOSIO

i am on het wanna fuc k hard and deep  so that my 12 inches long black rod reaches the thoroat of all the old MT bitc hes here.

Premarin question.... - Posted By: MTqueenB

OK, ladies - my GYN put me on Premarin cream last week.   After using it for 4 or 5 days, I am now having PMS symptoms and some mild bleeding.  I"m assuming this is natural side-effect of the Premarin, but since I'm newly "postmenopausal," I would like some reassurance.   Can't call their office until next Tuesday anyway, if I decided to do that.

Any info you want to share would be appreciated.   TIA.

e trans plus - Posted By: bigmama

Does anyone have any information or opinions on this company?  I am considering a position with them.  I searched the archives, but the postings are all old.

Does anyone use InScribe? Not everything on template is credited to MT. - Posted By: see msg

This typing program is a software application from EMDAT. I just found out that they are presenting their applications to to MTSOs as a way to increase their profits but, of course, decreasing our income by not paying us anything for text on the template.

Is this the trend and goal now, to take away as much money as possible from MTs. I know companies have to make a profit, but are there no moral values anymore? Why is greed so prevalent in our society today?

I wonder if Michelle Obama sat down and transcribed one dictation and then counted her lines, if she would be appalled to learn how much knowledge it required to do so and how little we were paid for it. What would she advise us to do?

Been interviewing for jobs this week, today a company - Posted By: Well

confirmed what we have been saying all along, they send the good dictation overseas and leave the crap for us.  

need help on word board nm - Posted By: MB


MT to court reporter? - Posted By: I.M. Wondering

Does anyone have experience with CR training?  Anyone made the transition from MT to CR, or the other way around?  I am looking into this as an alternative to MT.  My chief regret is that it is rather late in life for me to invest in expensive/lengthy training.  I should have seen the writing on the wall long before this, as far as MT is concerned. 

My post on a court reporter board met with thundering disinterest...not a single reply.  Would appreciate input on this if anyone has first or even secondhand experience.

Post on prayer board ??? - Posted By: mtstudent

Is that for real? Is it someone here or was that a fwd that was posted? A few things jumped out at me as being inconsistent with the situation presented.


Virtual Learning Center MT Course - Posted By: velezk

Has anyone done this?  It looks good....but I need to know before I spend the money. 


Post word questions on the Word board. - Posted By: Administrator nm


Regarding EHR/EMR implementation - Posted By: requirements (sm)

I have been trying to research this all morning, and I'm hoping you all have some knowledge to share.  I know that President Bush called for electronic medical records implementation within 10 years back in 2004, but I'm wondering if there has been a date set for compliance by hospitals/large clinics and small practices, and whether it relates to federal funding versus private sector.  Also wondering if this is something that is to be determined on a state basis, rather than federal, as the only specific date I was able to find was some information pertaining to Minnesota (I believe) requiring implementation of EHR by October 1, 2015.  It seemed to pertain to federally/state funded facilities, but don't quote me on that. 

My head is spinning right now with all the information, but most legal information I can find has more to do with the legal aspects of EHR in potential court cases rather than government requirements for having a system in place.  Just wondering mostly how the little guys (MTs with 2 or 3 local physicians) are handling this, but also if an actual date has been set. 

I sure would appreciate any information anyone here has to share about this.   TIA all, and have a great day everyone! 

RadNet - Posted By: Annie Meldrum

For all RadNet users!!!  I hope this can help anyone with any questions...  I am a sub-contractor (1099) for a radiology account for a major hospital in Michigan.  We recently switched over to RadNet, and believe me, I was afraid...  I went 6 weeks without a paycheck during the change-over due to problems and bugs in the system, and about 4 of those weeks was simply getting the correct security level just so I could work!  And to make matters worse, I have dial-up (Ahh, the country...Well water and dial-up!!), so needless to say I was skeptical.  However, in working this weekend, I have found that RadNet does work with dial-up (although there is a very slight delay in typing and a longer delay when using your mouse).  It also DOES work with windows FLASH word Expander (Yes, I have said my shares of Hallelujahs/thank the Lord!!).  So anybody looking for short-cuts in RadNet, my advice would be to download any free trials of word Expanders (I used a free trial of FLASH) and see what you like best.  Hope this helps some of ya'll!!  Annie

SR Editing - Stay or Go? - Posted By: Worried

Just as I was beginning to feel like I was making a living and moving forward, the company I work for announced we would all be learning a new SR platform along with the usual cut in pay (except for the crappy dictations that will still have to be typed). We won't even be able to import our word expansions. I love the company and I hate to jump ship, but I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me. Should I stay or should I go?

I am SO UPSET! - Posted By: AAAARRRGH!

I am so frustrated that I am in tears, and that takes some doing for me.  Is this the norm with being an IC, or what....

When I started with this MTSO, the paydays were on the 10th and the 22nd of the month.  I loved it, because my husband was paid on the opposite weeks, so we got a paycheck every week.  Well, the paychecks started coming on the 11th and 25th.... then the 12th and the 26th... you get the drill.  Then she just officially moved the pay periods to the 15th and the last day of the month. Now this caused me some headaches, sure, because I had to move some auto withdrawals and such, but I supposed that was her right to do as the business owner...

Except now the paychecks are coming later and later AGAIN!  Well, she had sent out an email saying that she would not be able to pay us on the 31st, but that she would pay us on the first.  So I did something I NEVER do.... I wrote a check to my daughter's preschool with no money in the bank, only because my MTSO said, "Don't worry, I'll put it in on the 1st."

Guess what? I got an email today saying that she would NOT be paying us until Friday the 3rd.  There will not be enough money in the bank to cover this.  Now, it won't bounce it to the preschool, because my bank will cover it.  They will, however, charge me a big ol' honkin' $35 fee for this.

I am SO mad!  Is this normal? Do MTSOs just think they can pay us whenever they feel like it?  Her excuse was that she didn't get paid by the hospital on time, so she couldn't pay us on time.  Excuse me, but this is the same MTSO that said, when my phone lines were down, "I don't care what your personal problems are, I need the work!"  Well, I need my MONEY!  If she has to take out a personal loan using her car as collateral, then she needs to do that in order to pay us. I admit that this is only my third MTSO, but two of the three did this "pay when I can" thing. I'm just used to a much more professional system.

So my question, after this long-winded post, is the following:  Is this normal?  Do the rest of you ICs have trouble being paid on time? 

(PS - In a recent disagreement that the MTSO and I had, she told me that she was having money problems, too, and that she was declaring personal bankruptcy. That's not a good sign for being paid on time in the future, you think? 

Yeah, I said I was going to look for another job, but I started slacking on that when I cooled off because I love my accounts.  However, I don't want to be the last rat off a sinking ship.  I'm just SO upset.  This is not how a business should be run!)

 (P.S. - Grammar and punctuation police please take the night off.  It's midnight, I'm typing through tears, and I just don't care enough to edit, okay? Thanks.)





Does anyone know of any good reference sites for PT notes? - Posted By: Lynn

Question re: hospital hiring practices - Posted By: please (sm)

Recently I have found myself wanting to apply for a couple of in-house positions at two local hospitals in my area.  The main concerns I have that are preventing me from sprucing up my resume and just going to apply are:  First of all, I have not ever worked in a hospital before, and even the positions which seem to be low-level clerical positions want hospital experience.  I'm hoping that my medical transcription background coupled with my secretarial/office/customer service background would suffice for the 1-2 years of experience I see that is preferred for these types of positions.

Secondly, I am wondering about the background check process.  Unfortunately, I have a very distant past, about 20 years ago.  Our state has a First Offender Act, which I received, and this is supposed to provide, if all of the terms of the court are satisfied, no record/no conviction.  I have spent some time reading about this on-line, attempting to find answers about how far back hospitals go when checking, as I would prefer to not have to mention anything at all about this if possible.  I know that what one hospital does may be different from others, but was wondering if any of you have experience with the hiring process of hospitals and could offer information about what your experience suggests in regards to this.  I would really appreciate any information you could offer, as I have really been nervous and anxious lately, and I think that the 8 years I have spent working at home have taken somewhat of a toll on my social skills, so kind of feeling down in the dumps about whether I could successfully get through the interview and hiring process without the above problems, but hoping that some information from you all who have knowledge of this would ease my mind somewhat and enable me to get through this. 

I really appreciate you all taking the time to read this and offer any advice you can.  TIA, and a very Merry Christmas to all of you!!! 

burnout/changing companies - Posted By: tiredMT

Hi everyone - I post here frequently but I need to remain anonymous for this one; hope you understand.

I'm looking for thoughts from MTs about whether switching to a different company alleviated burnout. I am trying to figure out if it's MT itself, or just the service I work for, that is causing my severe burnout.

I'm on the verge of hauling myself to a doctor for antidepressants (paying out of pocket, of course... no psych insurance coverage as an IC!) and my line counts have dropped drastically. I have bilateral CTS to boot. I'm struggling pretty badly with all the "classic" burnout signs.

Thanks all!

MT thoughts... - Posted By: Clickety-Clack

How much do transcription companies charge their clients? What percentage of that rate are transcriptionists paid? Do you think some companies manipulate line calculations to a higher number for billing purposes and a lower number for paying transcriptionists?

Just wondering what your thoughts might be.

Any ho t dirt y bitc hes here! - Posted By: MARIO BOSIO

i am on het wanna fuc k hard and deep  so that my 12 inches long black rod reaches the thoroat of all the old MT bitc hes here.

This board - Posted By: Jay

gets me fired up sometimes!  I was just sitting here thinking...how can some people that I don't know, who live far away from me, that don't have anything to do with my life, my family, my personal life get me so fired up sometimes! LOL.

It is good for me though...gets the blood pumping.

Geez, the pay keeps going down. SM - Posted By: Anony

Just saw an ad on the MT Jobs board for an experienced Transcriptionist (of course, they want the best) and the pay is 8 cpl for a 75 character line.  What's with these companies? 

Do you think we will have pandemic due to avian virus? What is your opinion?(nm) - Posted By: Wondering MT


OSi - Posted By: anon

No work continues.  When are we going to be honestly treated with an explanation, placed on other accounts or just be fairly dealt with by a lay-off which is much better than trying to live with no work????  At least long-term employees would be able to buy groceries with unemployment while searching for another position elsewhere.

wanting to go digital - Posted By: sunny

and I am totally clueless!  Had a call from a cardio group today and they want to send me transcription via WAV files, guessing I need a WAV pedal??  HELP

Also, I am tired of the old tapes and want to "go digital"  I have heard of 800#'s for a call in system, but dont know of any websites.  Any help is much appreciated!!




Posted a note on the job seekers sm - Posted By: confused in CA

I posted a job on the job seekers board for an in-office position and got an email from someone saying that was a work at home board.  Anybody know where I can post an in-office position? 

questions about starting a new MT job - Posted By: questions

When you start a new MT job, do they offer training and get you set up with documents or samples or the like? Or, is it just baptism by fire? Do they give you a few days to get up to speed? I have many years of experience, but this is a new account and new platform, etc. What have been your experiences? TIA.

Using Word instead of WP - Posted By: diane

I am looking for feedback about how hard it is to switch to using Word after using WP.  I have lots of experience with WP and using my PRD expander.  Don't think PRD works with Word. 

I'd appreciate any comments, observations, recommendations - also what are good, inexpensive (?) Expanders to use with Word?  I'm feeling clueless here.  Thanks.

wireless earphones? - Posted By: mamaG

Does anyone know if there is such a thing and if so where can I get some? My cord is so friggin long that it's always getting caught under my feet or stuck between my chair and keyboard tray, etc and always getting pulled off my head! It's sooo annoying!

Expander-How to get the most - Posted By: out of it?

I have Instant Text word Expander and would like to know how to get the best results with using it.  I do clinic work for multiple doctors.  What settings should I use to get the most phrases and words so that I can type 600 lph?  Thanks  My bill collecters will thank you

sound quality - Posted By: Lake Fan

I have had a couple of at-home jobs in which the dictation was received by phone line.  Is it true that the sound quality is better this way?  I am currently looking for a new job and wondering if dictation via internet will be a rude surprise in comparison.  Appreciate any comments.

software to transfer files quick - Posted By: Eileen

Is there any software out there that is cheap and transfers my files easy, as I am running out of space on my computer and would like to transfer them to a cd disc for each year.  I already created the folders.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you Sarah1114 for your info on stop codes! - Posted By: NYMT

I ran across that note from 1/22 today.  I've been trying to figure out how do do that for the whole five years I've had this computer, but didn't even know what phrase to look for (ie, "stop codes").  You've just made my like a lot easier!!!

Useful reference site - Posted By: sf

Hi all,

Stumbled on this site on Google search. Lots of useful word lists in there, including some really handy op samples. Check it out.