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Can you recommend a book? - Posted By: Becky

Hello all.  I want to purchase a new drug reference book.  The one I have now (I forget the name) is about the size of a medium-sized Bible, and I love the size of it.  Can you recommend a book that is not too bulky, hard to flip through, hard to store by your already crowded computer that is up-to-date?  Thanks in advance!  Becky 

Difference in Word 2007 from older versions - Posted By: Computer Geek

I have a trial version of Word 2007 on my computer, and I really like its layout.  It's not a fully functional version, so I can only try it out so much.  Has anyone made the switch from the older versions of Word and liked it better?  Has it improved your productivity in any way?  Any problems with it?  All feedback appreciated.


Gross line count without spaces? - Posted By: curious

I've been corresponding with an MTSO, and she tells me that she pays gross line without spaces.  Is there such a thing?  I have both Abacus and MPCount, and neither of those programs has an option to count gross lines without spaces.  Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Jobs and Vista - Posted By: Cynthia

Is anyone else out there having a hard time trying to get a job with Windows Vista on your computer?  What is the problem with this.  I have had several interviews and as soon as they found out I have vista, they are not compatible?  What are you going with Vista doing?  Thanks for any help.

Bayscribe question (sm) - Posted By: Kimberly

I posted this on the company board, but thought maybe it should go here.  I am working on a computer that I do not normally use because of problems I'm having with mine right now.  I can't remember how to change my options so that the spellcheck won't automatically capitalize after a period.  Can anyone help me with this?  TIA!! 

Paid downtime vs unpaid slow time - sm - Posted By: MT

Do MTSOs, nationals, usually pay for downtime for employees?  If so, what has been your experience - ever received downtime? your company's policy, i.e., pay for two days downtime?

Also, as an employee for a nat'l, if you have a set schedule, what do you do when very little work comes in, for example one dictation/hour?  At what point do you cut out?  I'm new to working for a national and this has happened a lot lately - I know, the holidays.  If there is little work, I usually only stay connected for two hours, let me sup. know, and call it a day. 

I swear, sometimes I hate this industry!!  Any other company, at least in my state, if there is no work, as an employee, you still get paid or after a certain period, you get unemployment...something!

Considering getting out of MT. - Posted By: Typingfool

Anybody else considering leaving this for something else.  I have been an MT for over 20 years and just want to do something else.  I don't feel this field pays as much as it once did. 

OK, what is the abolute WORST platform - Posted By: Survey Says

to transcribe on and WHY?  Since I don't know if I'm getting into a place with a good platform, I'd like to make sure I don't get the worst platform.

70 character line - Posted By: JLS

Is there anybody out there in the entire universe who uses a 70-character line?   I work at a hospital and we have to type 1100 lines a day on a 70-character line.  Just curious.

Tingling in ear - Posted By: MT

I tried posting this last night but I guess it didn't take, so I apologize if it's a repeat and I'm overlooking it.

Has anyone ever developed tingling and maybe slight numbness inside their ear from wearing headphones? I had some that were too tight when I first bought them (they fit over the ears like regular headphones, not inside the ear) but wore them anyway and got use to them. I've had this on-and-off tingling sensation ever since. Now I've switched to some lightweight ones that fit inside the ear and it's still doing it and may be worse. Just wondering if it's the headphones, can't imagine what else it could be?

Need some advice from some seasoned MT's!! - Posted By: Frustrated

Can someone PLEASE give some tips or advice:  I have been testing with companies, but every dictator they throw out there is an ESL dictator and my ear is not as trained as I need it to be.  I really want to get better at typing ESLs and have been transcribing for 1 1/2 years.  Problem is, I am just missing so much of the dictation I don't even want to send it in.  Does anyone with a trained ear have any tips???

ms word - Posted By: L

Can anyone tell me the steps to go into your autocorrect file and delete things that are there by accident?  I know I have done it, I just do not remember how.  Thanks.

Enter now to win $20.00 gift certificates to TVPS.com! - Posted By: Administrator (see inside)

Click on the blue "Administrator (see inside)" link to enter.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

Editscript - Posted By: MI MTt

Has anyone had trouble downloading Editscript because of MS Works being on their PC?  I'm getting an error msg and I don't know how to get around this...Thanks

Correct way to type drug dosing - Posted By: pauline

I have a question and I have seen it typed many ways: 

This is regarding proper way to type q.4 h.  I have BOS on my computer.  I know one is not supposed to mix Latin and English, and BOS and I know what it says about mixing Latin and English, but I work for a National CO and I have seen diff QA tell fellow MTs diff ways to type this.   This is a a verbatim account.  Have to type what doc says.  Before I check with AM, I would like to have an opinion on how you all type the above before I  send a note to the Lead QA person.   I have also seen it q.4 hours with a space between the 4 and hours.  It seems like the QA team with this company has diff opinions when they check your work.   Thanks.  I was wondering if there any rules or changes on this subject in the short while or a website that I could check into for the latest information.  There are so many changes that it is hard to keep up with it anymore.


refresher course - Posted By: jean

Does anyone know of a refresher course for MT's.   I have at least 18 years experience as either an MT transcribing the acute fours, but for the past four years I have been working as a nurse.  I would like to get back into medical transcription.  My terminology is great, but my speed needs polishing up!  Any suggestions?

$1.25 to $2 good for radiology? - Posted By: Curious MT

I am used to being paid per line and am wondering if $1.25 to $2 per report is good for radiology?  This company tells me that the average report is 30 lines so I am guessing it is not just general x-ray reports.


Works Suite - Posted By: mn

Can works suite be bought at best buy or do I have to get it through MS site.



Any companies out there that allow you to work 5-10 hours a week? - Posted By: momof6

I posted this on the company board, but didn't get any responses, so I'm hoping there will be some help here.  work full time outside the home and I am looking for something for just 5-8 hours a week to supplement my income.  I worked for MQ for 6 years, but certain things led me to quit.  Is there a good company out there where I can work 5-8 hours?  Back at the Q I think now you have to commit to 24 hours and I just can't swing that.  Is there such an option out there anywhere?  Any input would be very much appreciated.



Looking to Use/Buy Space on Your Call-In System - Posted By: David


I have a MT service and have only a few small clients who do call-in dictation (most use handheld digital) I am looking to use space on someone else's call system and either:  Pay for that  -  OR  -  Do a trade in terms of TX or QA work. 16 years in MT as transcriptionist, QA and business owner.

If you are interested, message me here and/or leave your contact info. Thank you,


Kinesis Keyboard and keyboard tray - Posted By: Getting older

Okay, any lefties use this keyboard? How long did it take to get used to? I use my left thumb for the space bar and I notice on a diagram of the keys that I would always be hitting the backspace key.

I'm really interested in getting a better keyboard. I destroyed my left hand and wrist the other week when I fell because I'm becoming a real klutz.

I bought the Soft Flex gloves, but they only help a little bit. My production is down because of it and it's driving me crazy. I can only type an hour without stopping and then have to rest the hand for some time.

I did buy a Microsoft 2000 keyboard but have yet to recieve it. Is this a good one?

Do you use a keyboard tray with it or just set it on the desk? Do you think a kayboard tray would be the least expensive item right now that would help with a straight keyboard?

Any info you can provide to help me in making any decision would be greatfully appreciated.

'Scuse me for being old school, but I've only ever used a straight keyboard.


lanier voice writer - Posted By: ginny

Does anyone know of any companies that still use these?  I am a die hard Lanier fan!  Thanks.

Dictaphone contractors - Posted By: mm

Does anyone know who Dictaphone is contracting with to transcribe their accounts? 

SOS-familiar w/Cphone DA-127D? - Posted By: Samantha


    It's crunch time - I am using TranscriptionGear Model DA-127D for first time (replacement after demise of Dictaphone C-phone) and do not have instruction manual.  I've navigated through a report and need help with the following:  Everytime I take my foot off the pedal, I get the recorded "To sign off you must be at the end of the report."    Then, when I actually got to the end of the report, it signed off automatically with the foot pedal.    I must sign reports off manually on this acct.     Any help would be greatly appreciated.  TIA.

Using Word instead of WP - Posted By: diane

I am looking for feedback about how hard it is to switch to using Word after using WP.  I have lots of experience with WP and using my PRD expander.  Don't think PRD works with Word. 

I'd appreciate any comments, observations, recommendations - also what are good, inexpensive (?) Expanders to use with Word?  I'm feeling clueless here.  Thanks.

Anyone switch from Instant Text to sm - Posted By: mlstoo

another Expander and what did you choose? 

Do any of you have AT&T? - Posted By: Ticked with internet service

I have had cell, land and internet with them- was told I had to have land phone in order to have my internet (this was some years back but told that). I called today because was charged for long distance - I asked them years ago to take off long distance as did not want. The charge was $4 something today- they told me that came with my package - if I took that off would delete a $5 savings on my cell phone plus $5 on my land- told them really did not need land but had to have- they say no- now I can have what they call stand alone service- I get a reduced rate on my land phone but GET THIS, NO SERVICE. You pay for something but cannot use. What kind of malarky is this? I hope that internet service via satellites is on the horizon.

Looking for an encryption program so I can send reports. - Posted By: any ideas ? TIA nm

Need advise/guidance from experienced MTSOs. See inside. - Posted By: MTSO

I am an MTSO currently using a call in system for docs to dictate.  The transcriptionists also use the call in system to access their work and the call in system is becoming rather congested.  Want to save the call in system for the docs and put the transcriptionists on the internet.  Can someone give me advice/guidance on how to go about this?  Thank you in advance.

I just HAD to post this! Unreal! - Posted By: Love2BTyping

Yahoo had an article about careers that you can "do from home to earn $30K to $70K.....I KNEW the MT biz would be on there.    Although I don't agree with everything folks say regarding the eventual decline and demise of the profession, this particular snippet could be a reason why things are going in the downhill direction.  I'll highlight my favorite parts! 

Medical Transcriptionist

The job of medical Transcriptionist involves a lot of listening and typing. Medical transcriptionists listen to doctor's notes on a headset and type out the information, editing for clarity when necessary. Their duties might include medical discharge orders, autopsy reports, referral letters, consultation notes, and the like. The medical transcriptionist must have a good working knowledge of medical jargon and the ability to convey information with the utmost accuracy.

To become a medical transcriptionist, an associate's degree or one-year diploma from a medical transcriptionist training program is recommended. Being familiar with medical jargon is a plus.

Salary: Medical transcriptionists brought home a salary of $31,250 per year in 2007.

per diem - Posted By: KOT

Hello:  What is a per diem medical transcriptionist?  Is this relatively the same as an IC?  Thanks in advance for any info.

Son's advice to make more $$ - Posted By: LMBO

Ok - my son is 21 - and he wants to know why I don't make as much money as I used to - he knows that I work part-time - but anyway - I asked him what he would recommend that I do in order to make more money?  He said to go and get a job at a hospital like where I used to work.  I just about fell out laughing - I had to tell him that those jobs didn't exist in our area any longer - man I wonder where he has been while I've been talking about the outsourcing and all?  I guess kids really don't listen to their parents.

Trying to load voice files, anyone? - Posted By: Needing information

Wanting to go to work for a new company. What I am getting is - voice files failed to load- object does not support this method.

I would like to know- has anyone experienced something similar and if so any suggestions? Thought maybe too much on my computer or ?? Thanks so much.

Wondering about wyoming - Posted By: Iowagirl

Does anyone have any information about Wyoming, specifically Cheyenne area or Laramie?  My husband and son love it and thinking about moving there.  Never moved before in my life (except out of my parents house).

cherrypicking - Posted By: cj

I need to vent. I work for a really nice company, have been with them for several years, and really like my work. Lately a couple of new people were hired, and it is obvious they are cherrypicking. Tough dictators get refused/sent back to pool. On our platform, we can tell when a job is sent back. If you are one of those people, why do you think you have the right to pick and choose your work and leave the crap for everyone else. it is only fair to take the jobs as they come. We will all get some good, some bad. Would you like the shoe on the other foot - you get stuck with all the crappy dictators? I am asking here, please do the work as it is assigned. Play fair, will ya? I have seen people post on this subject before but had never experienced it. Now I know why prior posters were so PO'ed about it. It kills the line count for the day, every day, while the new kid on the block is raking it in. Whoever you are, I hope the boss confronts you and assigns you all the junk for a while or fires your butt so those of us who have worked there for years can continue with the jobs we have loved for so long. You are ruining it for everyone else. Okay, vented. back to work. wonder what is in the pool now.

wow. I just got a Stedmans book for 1.79 on Amazon. - Posted By: Kerli

Brand new!  I never thought to look on there for a book!

meds for - Posted By: migraine sufferer

I have been on Wellbutrin for about 4 years secondary to mild depression.  The Wellbutrin really seems to have helped that.  Then I started seeing a neurologist about a year ago for migraines, and he now has switched me to a different anti-depressant as he believes the Wellbutrin could be contributing to my chronic headaches, not migraines so much being chronic; those seem to have backed off, don't have them nearly as frequent, but I wake up almost every single morning with a dull, but painful, headache.  He's had me on Zanaflex for quite a while, and that works okay to help relax me enough to get to sleep but I still wake up with headaches.  I told him this at my last couple of visits and that is when he said he wants me to stop the Wellbutrin as he is wondering if that is causing the headaches.  He gave me a medication, and I don't remember the brand name (and believe it or not, the brand name isn't on the med bottle where it usually says "so and so generic for ____".  Anyway, this is called CDPX/Amitrip 5/12.5 mg.  He wants me to taper off the Wellbutrin altogether by taking one in the morning (I take Wellbutrin SR 400 mg daily) and then one of the new pills at night before bed.  Well, I started that about a week ago and this new stuff he has me on makes me so tipsy that I have to go to bed right away.  It seems to help me sleep better as the Zanaflex wears off VERY early and then I still toss and turn all night (I've told my neurologist this on several visits but he just keeps telling me to "take more mg then.")  I have 4-mg tablets and was taking up to 5 per night, but as I said, even that wasn't keeping me asleep for very long.  It knocked me out, but then after 2 or so hours I wake up and then hard to get back to sleep.  Anyway, back to the CDPX/amtitrip......I feel hung over in the mornings, and am very groggy, with just taking it right before bedtime.  It takes me 2 cups of coffee to finally stop feeling hung over and I have never experienced that with Zanaflex.  I know when I tell the doctor this he will tell me to take it earlier in the evening (we already had that conversation early on with the Zanaflex issue).  But I cannot take it earlier because of mom responsibilities and having to work late hours.  The new med (CDPX/ami) makes me start feeling loopy almost immediately, so I am forced to take it just before I literally am ready to fall into bed.  I can't find this medication online; all I can find is CDP/amitriptyline (without the X).  Anybody know what the "X" stands for?  And has anyone else used this med so they can give me some advice?  I hate being on so many meds, and am trying to wean myself off of whatever I see isn't working.  Thus far, nothing has really helped with the migraines except for Fioricet.  He wanted me to take the muscle relaxer at nighttime, thinking that if I was able to relax and get some good sleep I'd not wake up with a headache, but that just does not/has not worked for me.  He gives me Fioricet, Lorcet Plus, and Phenergan (for the nausea I get with migraines, but that knocks me out, which, if I have a migraine, is great, but my husband has to be home to take care of the kids because I'm in a coma for a full 12 hours or so and the Phenergan makes me feel hung over as well.)  He gives me 30 Fioricet a month, and it seems that if I can take one routinely each morning (I have tried this for a few days at a time) that seems to ease up the "normal" headache I have, rather than try not to take anything, but then I may need one later in the day and since I only have 30 it's hard to make them last if I take one daily, which I don't because of only having 30, but would like to because that routine seems to work. But I'm afraid to ask him to up the # of tablets per month because I type for a pain management doctor who tends to dictate a lot about drug-seeking patients and I don't want my doctor to think this of me!!!  I know it sounds crazy, but it's got me so paranoid I'm afraid to ask!  I hope this information is understandable....I know I've jumped back and forth...if anyone has any ideas or advice I'm all ears.  Thanks!!

Chair recommendations - Posted By: Get outside

My old chair needs to be replaced. I can't seem to find the same one to replace it. I guess the manufacturer doesn't make it anymore. So I'm in the market for a new one. Anyone want to recommend a great chair?

stay home or go in house.... - Posted By: jaerae

I got offered a job in a small neurology office starting at $17/hr with a raise in a few months.  No working weekends or holidays and lots of vacation days.  Low stress.

I currently work at home for a pretty decent company with a pretty decent line rate, but am starting to feel pressure to produce more...my average pay at home is between $13 and $15 an hour.  It also adds stress when there is little to know work available and I am having to alter my schedule to "make up" time.

So, I would be making a bit more money, but I will have to have child care for the summers and for after school, so I don't know if it is worth it. 

Can someone give me some insight as to whether they were faced with this decision...what they decided and why?  I would really appreciate it. 

Any advice.......??? - Posted By: Tired of trying

I'm just wondering if anyone can give me any good advice.  I have been working as a Transcriptionist for three years at a dermatologist office.  I am the only transcriptionist that he employs and I can keep the clinic caught up in 1-3 hours each day.  My position is only part-time.  I currently make 12 cpl.  This is a small town and most all of the other doctor's transcription here is handled by one company.  They seem to have a monopoly.  I completed two medical transcription courses and finished at the top of my class.  I currently type around 95 wpm.  I have tested for several sites and seem to have a hard time passing because other than the training courses, I haven't had any hands on experience with the basic 4.  I would love to get my foot in the door somewhere but as you know there are hundreds of people on this site alone that would love to have that opportunity too.  I had a lady on this site offer me some clinic transcription once.  Unfortunately I contacted her numerous times and waited almost six months while she continued to tell me she would be sending me the work "tomorrow".  She finally just stopped answering my emails.  I just feel like I am hanging on but I don't know when the break will come.  It is sooo frustrating.   Any advice that you can give will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance. 



How do you stay motivated? - Posted By: Lisa


I have been transcribing for years - feeling burned out - can't concentrate and keep on typing enough to make much money.  Does anyone have any tricks for staying motivated??

Anyone being penalized for sending reports to QA? - Posted By: Confused and disillusioned

I guess I have it all wrong when it comes to QA.  I thought it stood for quality assurance.  I send reports to QA when I have a blank.  I put a blank when I am not 100% sure of what I heard, including the spelling of the patient's name.  I want to make sure the patient gets their report typed up accurately.  I want to turn in the best work I can do.  Why is it that wanting a second set of ears to confirm what you thought you heard a bad thing ending up in being penalized or terminated if it goes beyond a certain %?  I am very confused.  I refuse to "guess" just to fill in blanks even if it means I will be fired. 

To vista or not to vista... - Posted By: Vann Joe

Microsoft's new operating system, Vista, was released a couple weeks ago.  We here at Emmaus have spent weeks studying the documentation, and making the necessary adjustments in our software to be Vista-friendly.  All the applications will now run just fine under Vista (and users installing onto Windows 2000 or WinXP will see no obvious difference).


But I do not think Microsoft designed Vista for the home computer. My impression is it is wonderful for a huge corporation, e.g. General Motors, but is going to give the home user fits.  Most older applications will not run reliably under Vista.  Most older printers will not work under Vista.  And forget about on-line banking and any site that needs an ActiveX control in a web page: They just won't work under Vista.


You see, Microsoft needed to improve security from hacker attacks. They accomplished this with an operating system edict: Applications must run as a limited user.  The consequence of that is programs have traditionally saved user data in their folder under Program Files.  Under Vista they can't do that. It must be saved to %LocalAppData% for a limited user, and for an Administrator to %AppData%. Although MS has tried a kludge to accommodate older programs (by use of what they have termed Virtual Directories), it isn't very successful.


I heard some television commentator saying that Vista was the best thing that ever happened to encourage Apple computer sales. Probably for the short term, he's right, but when Apple gets a user share of the market of 20 to 30%, then hackers will have a field-day wrecking Apples.


So, in my humble opinion, should you upgrade to a Vista computer? No. (But if you do our software, MPWord, MPTools and MPSentinel are ready for you.)


Best wishes,

Vann Joe

Need help with a question - Posted By: Carla

I have a question regarding how many lines per hour does the average Transcriptionist type. I found 150-250 lines, but am wondering if this is correct. Is there a site that I can go to find this information. Thanks Carla

Name That Tune... - Posted By: KYradMT

Hey guys, I need your help. I'm trying to download a song but can't think of the name - it was from the early 70s and is sung all the time at football games - it sounds like a bunch of guys yelling "Hey!" over and over. No other words. Can U help?

Looking for a cigarette smoke detector (sm) - Posted By: Me

My mother lives with us and has gotten into the habit of sneak smoking in the back bathroom.  She thinks we can't smell it.  Have a granddaughter with asthma and I am very particular about smoke in the house. 

I thought if I had a detector that would buzz when she lit up that would encourage her to go outside like my husband does. 

I have tried talking to her about smoke smells in there when I have washed down the wallpaper and cleaned rugs/shower curtains down.  The smell clings to that wallpaper like glue.  She simply denies that anyone smokes in there.   She keeps multiple candles in there and thinks she is "covering up the smell". 

Any suggestions on a device that might be useful is appreciated.


Question about taking HRT. sm - Posted By: MT

I had a TVH/BSO in Sept and was put on a HRT patch.  I now do not have insurance for 90 days and am going to have to discontinue the patch until I get my insurance back.  It was a $40 co-pay when I did have insurance, and there's no telling what it will be without coverage.  Can anyone tell me what effects this will have on me?  Will I just maybe get hot flashes?  I'm thinking that will be all, or maybe mood swings, and it won't hurt me just for this temporary basis.

Along the same lines, the doctor really did not discuss this with me at all, and I'm confused about what I read.  Does the HRT protect me against osteoporosis and heart disease, or does it contribute to it? 

Thanks all! 

Company thinking of buying a new --sm - Posted By: DeeDee

transcription system.  What features are most important to you?

Bytescribe, Startstop or PowerPlay? - Posted By: Help please

I need to purchase one of these three for a new account I am on.  Any recommendations?  Bytescribe, Startstop or PowerPlay?  Postive and negative experiences will be appreciated!  Thanks in advance!

anyone see the lame Jennifer Aniston interview - Posted By: with Oprah?

Come on, where were the tears, hysteria and complete breakdown?  I was on the edge of my seat, never watch Oprah anyways, and it was sooo disappointing.  Not one mention of Bradangelina, it was all about okay lets heal now.  Rip off.