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Not sure how to type a liter and a half. Help please sm - Posted By: Barbie again

The patient was given a liter and of fluid.

Are all the SS employees impressed with the 4600+ lines that a certain - Posted By: ??/?

someone got in 1 day?  Tell me that could be done normally.  Only way it happened was cherrypicking all the normals off all the accounts -  Way to go, team player (NOT!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question about IC billing - Posted By: stebren

Hi, I am new to the IC area of MT, having always worked for services before now.  I have a friend who wants me to type letters for her practice.  Is it usual to charge for the address and reference lines along with the body of the letter?  Makes quite a big difference in the line count.  Thanks!

Does Medquist really pay out that sign-on bonus? - Posted By: If so, when? nm


Anyone else offered job, then... - Posted By: Looking

the company never followed through?  Told Friday would be sent job offer with tenative start date, then nothing.  Emailed recruiter twice with confirmation that the email was read this morning on the second email and still nothing.  Strange or not?  I would think if they changed their mind, they would at least have the decency to reply to my emails.

Number of characters used - Posted By: sammypot

Wondering how many accounts are charged/or pay a per line rate based on a character count and if 65 is always the # of characters per line used or can that vary?


Thank you.

Are there any MTs out there who have gone to VR - Posted By: Curious

who are making more money with VR than you did with straight transcribing? 

If so, how many LPH did you average when doing straight transcribing? 

If not, how would you rate the difference, approximately in % of income lost?


??? s/l Helos autograft ?? - Posted By: tt

s/l Helos autograft bone marrow aspirate ??

I use Word 2003 and I have text boxes I jump to using the F11 key. I have no idea what I did, but - Posted By: the boxes are no longer there. I can still get th

using the F11 key, but I want to see the boxes where I enter the text. 

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Silly question, I know, but do you have "Thank you" at the bottom of your invoice? - Posted By: MT'ing

Seriously, I am making up an invoice template and need to know if most people put "Thank you" on the bottom of their invoices.  I cannot find any on the ones that I have recieved from other companies, but then again, I only have a few.  


My number keypad stopped working - Posted By: Linda

Number lock is on, but it backspaces every time I hit a number.  The numbers on the regular keyboard work.  I'd appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks.

logitech wavepro - Posted By: maltesemom

Does anyone have this keyboard  and if so can you share some insight concerning battery issues?  i read where you can keep charging the battery while you work.  My question is it necessary then to replace the batteries at any time?  I need to purchase a keyboard for a new laptop and I really like the ergonomic keyboards and would purchase this if it is not costly with having to purchase batteries all the time.  thank you so much for any info :)

anyones opinion on best free digital software please - Posted By: mdaring

Hi.  I am a newbie here.  I did a search in the forums but did not really find anything.  I am going to be doing some work, for the first time in a long time, on digital voice files.  I have an "Infinity" foot pedal and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good, free software that will allow me to listen to the wav files and use my foot pedal.  I would prefer one that would let me speed up and slow down......any suggestions?  I appreciate any help.  Thanks

Google custom search for MTs - Posted By: ld

Hi y'all,

Came across this customized search engine for MTs. Thought I'd share it with all of you. I've used it and it does work for sure. Search results are more focused and relevant. Definitely better than the general Google search that throws up all kinds of irrelevant results sometimes. Link below.



I am so sick of transcription! - Posted By: sgh

After 24 years I am just so thoroughly BORED with it!  It is all I can do to sit here all day and do this.  I have stayed with it all these years because where else can I make this kind of money?  But I wish I had learned to do something else.  Does anyone else feel this way?

weight - Posted By: tubby

I am hating this cold weather.  I am turning 36 soon and I feel like I am just packing on the pounds and I haven't changed my routine one bit?  I know your metabolism slows as you age, but geez, I am beginning to think it is my profession!  I exercise and watch what I eat, even more so now and still the scale won't budge, it will go up if anything.  I guess I am asking for some advice or tips on what other Transcriptionist do to maintain thier girlish or boyish figure. 

SPELLING OUT or not. - Posted By: Whats right?

Okay, I was taught to spell out everything under 10, but I am hearing that is wrong.  Was I taught wrong or did it change or am I doing it right.

Thanks in advance!

space changes - Posted By: noname

Did anyone else get the memo about the change in spacing for MQ?  On DQS, there will be only one space after periods.  They will let each account know when the switch is made.  Its a *new national standard*, the memo says.  OMG, so here I have typed since high school with two spaces, now I have to retrain myself to use only one space after periods.  Just another thing to cut down on my production.

Bless my doggie, Lady, who passed away tonight. - Posted By: Sheri

Lady, I'll love you forever. Mama

Prior MT..BS.Ed...job opportunities? - Posted By: angie

Thinking of returning to the MT field. Little background: I'm currently teaching high school, Bachelor of Science in Ed. I was a MT off and on for 12 years prior to starting my teaching job 2.5 yrs ago, almost all of that experience in a hospital, one year with WebMedx at the end. I also did IC here and there locally. Not sure teaching HS is for me, LOL. But I hate to waste my degree too...are there trainer jobs? Should I look into QA or editing? Am I being completely silly for re-thinking my MT career?? I miss the medical community, have been a part of it for most of my adult life. I enjoy the education aspect, just not sure HS is the right fit. Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks :D

Please post Word Help and s/l questions on Word Help Board. - Posted By: nm. Administration


Question on MQ lawsuit. I do not want this to be a - Posted By: NO FLAMES, please

thread for flames or negatives, just would like a brief and simple explanation of what the actual issue(s) are for the lawsuit. 

Now that Monster.com has been hacked and - Posted By: me again

confidential and personal data compromised, I am not confortable posting my resume anywhere, but really am seriously looking for a job with a decent company.  I have years of experience in transcription, management, and other areas, but right now my hands are aching because of transcription and I need to move on.   And I would just like to work for a company where someone says thank you once in a while and if you do extra projects.. 



Expander Suggestions & Tech Problems w/ESP - Posted By: Judie


I have several questions: 

1) Deventure Health Partners (who has recently been swallowed by Transcend)--the platform used is eScription, correct? 

2)  If so, can anyome recommend an expander(s) compatible w/both ExText and eScription? 

3)  In Word Client's ExText:  What is an RPC error code 1727? 

Earlier this week, Iv'e gotten it and it's affected my ability to save/access the most recent update/copy of Expander entries. 

My company techs didn't know how to deal with it and referred me to a Dictaphone tech who seemed to know even less. 

He rooted around in my 'puter for the better part of 2 hours and had me log in to WClient to try to access reports ad nauseum.  After saying yes to ESP,  this error code came up and the transcription menu, etc., promptly disappeared. 

I finally took matters into my own hands, saying "No" to ESP on one log in attempt w/the player, etc., loading just fine and I could access reports and ESP entries. 

I logged out and re-logged in, said No, and got in just fine. 

The third time, I said Yes to ESP, got in, and was able to access reports. and get down to work. 

This situation has recurred all week now in betw. work sessions, with my having to say No once or twice before getting into Word Client and accessing ESP and getting to work. 

So, what the heck is this error code about and can it be addressed?  It's been a real bear remembering to copy/back up ESP before I log out after a work session. 

And, I've been screaming bloody murder when I get thrown or freezed out of the system, have to reboot or re-log in only to discover that I've lost my most recent entries.  

If I get an expander system, what are the chances that I'll have the same problems? 

Thanks so much. 


Bytes versus characters? Does anyone do their billing this way? sm - Posted By: babs

If billing by bytes do you divide this by say 65 (standard line), same as for characters?  Thanks so much.



CH 13 bankruptcy & tax refund? anyone know? sm - Posted By: help!!

Do you get back ANY of your tax refund?  Who asks how much you got?  and then what? 

scared of the MQ pay plan - Posted By: GOT THE LETTER

I think its going to be a raw deal for those of us who have been here awhile.  Only because it will be based on higher pay for harder work.  In all honesty, I do not see them paying more than 10 cpl, and if they hand pick the worst of the worst, all day every day for those of us who can eek by and do them, we will be screwed.  Honestly would rather have lower pay (no lower than 8 cpl) for easier work to keep my line count up.  I've already been told many times that they give me the harder work because I can do it, but all day every day I would lose money.

They should base pay on experience, period the end!  Keep the pool completely open to whatever work comes up, do not special assign harder work to those of us who can do it, because it slows us down incredibly!  I agree, newbies need a chance to get their foot in the  door with some easier dictation, but how are they going to learn if thats all theyre getting, and how about those of us who  have been around the block, how are we going to earn a living for paying our dues in this business.  Thats why i'm scared.  Buh bye experienced MTs or what?  What do you guys think?

Opinions please - Posted By: anon

I have been working for a small MTSO for over 3 years.  My current pay scale is .0675 per gross line.  This company recently merged with another company and I just received a new contract to sign changing the pay scale to .08 per 70 character line.  Can some of you math experts out there tell me if this is actually a *raise* as they say, or if this is a cut in pay?  and also, would you sign the contract and stay???  I may need to reconsider my options. 

QualiteScribe - Posted By: in Birmingham, Alabama

Is anyone familiar with this transcription company?  Do they outsource?  If you have any information at all, please fill me in.  Thanks a million!

MSWord 2003 problem - Posted By: Pat

Help! I recently purchased a new computer and reloaded my old Word 2003 on it. I have customized some of the settings according to Laura Bryan's MT Werks book that I've used before. I prefer to type using normal view. The status bar at the bottom is NOT showing me the Ln at the bottom; i.e., 6.5, 6.7, etc. unless I switch to print view. So I don't know where I am on the page, doesn't display page breaks, etc. This USED to show up, now it doesn't. I really don't like to type in print view as well. What happened? Any ideas??

CMT Credential - Posted By: Catherine M. Glad

I am trying to locate all mt's who have obtained their CMT Credential through The National Heathcareer Association.

I completed a medical transcription course at Techskills located in Brookfield Wisconsin. I also passed the Certified Medical Transcription exam which was taken at the Techskills location; administered through The National Healthcareer Association.

I was informed by 48 out of 54 potential employers that the CMT Credential that I thought I earned was false, counterfeit, and not worth the paper it was printed on. I was also informed that Techskills curriculum and the CMT Credential through The NHA are not recognized in the healthcare industry.

I was informed that the only place to obtain the CMT Credential is through The AHDI and only after you have two years of acute care under your belt.

I am forming a class action lawsuit against The NHA and
Techskiils. I have located other students who experienced that same deceptive practices and had no idea who to call or where to submit a complaint.
They are saddled with student loans in excess of $7,0000 and have no way to pay for them because they cannot get that medical transcription job that they were promised. If you or you know of someone who attained their CMT through The NHA or went to Techskills, please email me asap ****.

Best split keyboard? - Posted By: Mary Mary

Any recommendations?

It is funny how... - Posted By: anon

It is funny how thankful you can become for a job that you really do not enjoy sometimes when you find out your spouse might be losing his job. It is a nice reminder of how we all need to be thankful of our many blessings we have and be thankful God chose us to live in American and can come blow off some steam on this board. Just a thought. God bless all the MTs out there!

has anybody been watching Arrested Development? I watched four shows in a row on FOX and it is - Posted By: so funny!

I don't know when it is on regularly but it's a great show and they ran four shows back to back and it was laugh out loud funny.

word help - Posted By: texan

on the word board please !! 

Shorthand and Medrite-XL - Posted By: Carol G

Does anyone know if Shorthand will work with MedRite-XL?


How would you handle this situation? - Posted By: (sm)

I picked up some extra IC work back in May, and since that time have covered for the owner by editing for her while she was on vacation for a week, and then taken extra work as the MT with whom I share dictation from this doc was on vacation for a week, then sick for a week just after return, the next Friday had a family emergency, etc.  This was supposed to be part-time work, and has turned out to be more than I would expect for part-time . . . to the point where when this doc was going on vacation, I was trying to hold out and not say anything about it being too much, thinking that I'd be caught up and fine to take on the work when he returned, but wound up "breaking" with one day left to go, and told the woman it was too much, and she asked if I could just hang in there with her as she was testing another MT, and would reduce the amount she gave me if this girl worked out. 

Well, the doc returned from vacation and I did not get any of his work for about a week, and then the next week (this past week), I was given slightly more work than in the weeks prior to his vacation, although I had already told her it was too much, and it was still the same girl working the account with me.  At the end of the week it seemed that she had hired another girl, but did not reduce my work, just switched from girl 1 to girl 2. 

Sorry so long, but here's the BIGGER problem . . . in the early part of the week, the owner e-mailed with an attached voice file, requesting that I download the voice file and listen to a blank she was trying to fill-in.  I listened (over and over) could not find her sentence, so responded with what I was hearing in and around that area.  She then gave me another location and said that she had two counters on her program and did not know which one my program used, could I listen at xxxx location, so I did, gave her the fill-in, but was a little bewildered as to why she would request my assistance in that way as SHE IS NOT PAYING ME FOR THIS KIND OF HELP. 

Here we go again, yesterday she sends an e-mail with some voice files attached and some sentences with blanks, and she is requesting the same thing, that I listen and fill-in the blanks.  I am just not sure what to do here.  Early on, a couple of weeks after she returned from her vacation, she asked me if I could "proofread" the other girls files for that day as an appointment she had was "screwing her up".  I e-mailed back that, due to my heavy workload, I would not be able to EDIT work for her.  (The girl's work requires editing, not proofreading, which I quickly found out while covering the owner's vacation.)  I thought that I had let her know then that I do not work for free, in a nice way.

I would like to keep the work, but only what I am being paid for, so . . . How would you handle this situation? 

Opinion question... Radiology/Acute care, sm - Posted By: Thanks!

I currently type on an acute care account (pd by the line).  We have an MD who consistently dictates his radiology reports on the acute care line.  I have been told to just go ahead and type them.  Am I loosing money in doing this?  Is radiology paid more than acute care? 

Thanks for your help!

Express Scribe - Posted By: maryann

I am starting a new job soon.  We'll be using Express Scribe, just wanted some opinions on it.  Like it, Love it, Hate it.....I wanna be prepared, so throw me some hoensty, THANKS

Has anyone heard of Openoffice.org? - Posted By: Renee

In a search for Microsoft Excel; it seems I have found the generic version of Microsoft Office, available for less than $20.00.

This is called openoffice.org and has EVERYTHING you could imagine for creating documents, etc.  I'm all about saving pennies, but I don't want to make a big mistake with copywrite infringement or putting bad software on my computer.

Anyone familiar?

Outsourcing comment last night - Posted By: MTing

on Larry King made by Collin Powell. He said how the US has more than doubled financial aid to other countries (third world) and many other generous things the US has done since Bush being in power (Clinton was also moving in this direction). Along with this (helping other countries) he mentioned world fair trade and how that was helping the economies of the other countries of the world, like it was a great thing.

I believe charity begins at home.

Why do myself and my neighbors, friends, etc., have to send our jobs to third-world countries and in what way is that benefitting me? Now I hear that the apple growers in this country are bracing for China to take over the apple market. They can't sell their apples as cheap as the ones from China.

Lately pet food was contaminated and pets died, toys have lead in them from China and were recalled (Fisher Price, among other brands), tires being unsafe (people have died from blowouts, we imported thousands and thousands of unsafe tires from China), and now this morning on the news seafood (China is our largest supplier of seafood they said) is unsafe with antibiotics that are proven to cause cancer and are illegal to use in this country.

So their (the rich politicians' treaties) world trade treaties are really benefitting other countries, but not us.


Transcribing machine wanted - Posted By: Ariel

I was wondering if anyone has an old transcriber they wanted to sell, with the regular size cassette, not the mini. I live in Hawaii. Please email me if you have one you would like to sell.


I thought I had heard it all.... - Posted By: indy_mom

Sometimes I wonder about people.  Going along and transcribing a history and physical for a man who has a drinking problem.  Guess what kind of job he has....he is a nuclear engineer!!!!  Now, don't we all feel safe. 

Do PA's get paid to dictate by the line? SM - Posted By: Betsy Cross

I am doing a 25 minute preop of a patient admitted for removal of two lipomas.

Ok! I'm on a 15-minute break, but just wanted to share-- - Posted By: MT

Below, I have read several posts about being productive and increasing line counts.  This morning, I purposely closed down my e-mail (where usually it is running in the background and when incoming mail arrives, it notifies me and I'm checking it throughout the day), and I purposely did not come to this forum (which as my routine, throughout the day I'm going back and forth reading and posting).   I actually started typing at 6:15 a.m.  At 10:00 a.m. I have 1090 lines already.   I know now where my time has been going, and will from this point on try and discipline myself as to checking e-mails and getting on-line wasting time.   Just thought I'd share that bit of info.

Why would a company pay by character when they also pay for spaces? - Posted By: Southernmaid


Question about transfering computer into to another computer.. sm - Posted By: Bitterrooter

I have a dumb question - Just bought a new computer and someone told me to get a flash drive to transfer all my info.  But I'm assuming that ExText that I work off of and Escription will have to be downloaded again by the tech people onto my new computer.  I can tranfer these can I?


Question for those who use internet fax service (sm) - Posted By: LLHS38

I am looking into this and didn't realize how many different companies are out there.  Who do you use, and are you happy with the service? Thanks!  LLHS

Anyone try Shangri-La Diet sm - Posted By: medtypes

Just wondering if anyone has heard of or tried the Shangri-La Diet..  and if so what did they think about it?   Did you lose any weight?   Just curious, need to lose that 20 pounds.. or so... 

Realistic Income Expectations?? - Posted By: missybb

Hi guys!


I am a mom who currently runs a very financially successful home daycare business.  I am looking for a change and considering MT.

After much research I am still unsure about the REALISTIC income that can be made doing MT.

I will be working 6 hours a day - no kids, no interruptions etc.  How much can I really make a year as an independent contractor from home?  I am very familiar with medical terminology etc and plan on taking an MT course.

I would really appreciate a response.  I don't want to give up my daycare and spend money on a course only to find out later I have wasted my time and money.