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Templates from doctors - Posted By: sammypot

Really need your thoughts. One of my doctors has about 50 templates/shells. When doing combined procedures he will tell me to just combine the 2 or 3  or 4 shells he has for the individual procedures without taking out whatever is redundant or conflicting. I have to do that. Several of these individual op reports are 3 pages long, so can end up with a 6-page final report.

On his follow-up notes, he will use a shell and then say "add this to the physical exam" but he does not say what to take out of the standard note.

Many of his op notes have numerous variables. He oftentimes does not tell me which to use and/or which to delete.

For "risks" he will dictate some and then say "and add whatever Dr. X uses."

I am requesting a meeting with him and with the office administrator, but would like to know what you think and what you would do.

Thank you



Does anyone know the wording for... - Posted By: Holiday Anti Stress Kit

It has a penny so you're never broke, string, eraser, different little objects that "fix" things.  I saw it in a magazine and can't find it out.  Thanks if you can share it.

Question about Instant Text - Posted By: cloverport

I have been using Instant Text now for about 3 months. I absolutely love it. I know there are things I can still improve on as far as all that it can do. I have a question for seasoned Instant Text users. I am at around 15% increase in my production level according to Instant Text. Is this good? Any tips on how to make Instant Text even more efficient?

Please do not post or email about other MT websites through the MTStars website. - Posted By: Thank you. Administrator NM


Ever had sciatica? - Posted By: Lisa


This is the worst pain I have ever had - had a shot of Toradol, have used muscle relaxant, Flexall, heating pad, hot baths, still hurts.

Urgent Care today said it is most consistent with sciatica and gave me rx for anti-inflammatories and then said to go see my family doctor and possibly set up an MRI.  Has anyone had this and were you able to get well without surgery??

Go to this site and vote! - Posted By: D

Just by accident I found this poll by MSNBC where you can vote on the topic that they will air on one of their special segments.  One of the stories is about a woman whose job is being outsourced overseas.  Kinda fitting huh?  I voted for that topic and so far it seems to be in the lead.  If we all vote, maybe they'll put that topic on the air.  Thanks!


Am I dreaming this year? sm - Posted By: Laurel Hardy

Now Taunton, Mass is expecting a dam to break.  There is a new hurricane.  They are running out of alphabet to name the storms.  This is like the plague in Egypt.  I'm going to sleep now.  Hope this year is just a nightmare.

Does anyone know if Indian MTs are paid by the line or by the hour? sm - Posted By: Y

That's something I have been curious about.  I know the MTSOs charge by the line, but was wondering how they pay the MTs.  I recall various articles about all the benefits they had, free medical, etc., even food.

want to try a new dish-chicken marsala-sm - Posted By: Debra

and need to know if heavy cream is the same as heavy whipping cream which I saw at the store and what is dry marsala--a wine? Had this dish at an Italian restaurant recently and it was so good!!

Remember the jacket problem? - Posted By: theresa

A few months back, I was very upset about my sister-in-law taking a jacket that belonged to my husband's father (that we gave him for Christmas) after he passed away and wasn't sure what to do about it. Well......we did get it back.  I gave the problem to the Lord and tried to forget about it and told myself it was just a jacket and ended up getting the jacket back anyway. He must have been working on her heart as well.

gross line and character line - Posted By: Lisa

I am an IC currently doing one doctor who pays me by the hour but I will be starting another doctor soon and he will be dictating differently so I was going to charge him per line.  What is the difference of charging gross lines or per 65 character line?

checking out a surgeon? - Posted By: only me

is there a way to check out a surgeon or doctor before making an apt with them?  (complaints, track record or anthing else).  I've never been comfortable with the "referral" from your primary or whoever it might be because I can't shake the idea of friends referring to friends and not based on qualifications.  thanks

Pat Day retires from horse racing -- It is a sad day for race fans everywhere! We wish him the best - Posted By: memt

in his retirement, although I hear he's going to stay busy behind the scenes with the chaplaincy program at the horse tracks.  We're gonna miss him here in Ky--

accounts/specialties - Posted By: Stefanie

I've been an MT for 2 years. My experience is mainly in orthopaedics. I'm looking to get on with a new company, but I'm worried about the difficulty factor of making that leap. Obviously I don't have the unrealistic expectation that the new company would assign me just an orthopaedics account, and I wouldn't want that because I want to learn something new. I would say give me cardiology, GI, GU, but don't give me cardiology, GI, GU, obstetrics, psychiatry, ophthalmology, neurology, oncology, and on and on. So I'd like to take on more than just orthopaedics but not too much either. Question for you all, how many accounts are you typically assigned to and how many specialties are you expected to know? Thanks.

Cannot remember macro for jumping - Posted By: Confuzzled

I need a macro for Word 2003 to jump to ?? as the next field and, even though I've done this before, I cannot for the LIFE of me remember how to do it.  


Any clues? THANKS in advance!

Any other companies utilizing DocQScribe other than Medquist - Posted By: Just wondering

Anyone know?

MT recognized as apprenticeable occupation - Posted By: sm

First link under news.

Home Depot carpeting sm - Posted By: Wondering

Has anybody purchased carpeting from Home Depot and had it installed by their subcontractors?  Wondering if I should take a chance using their services. 

Thanks for any comments.

Copying tapes to digital format - Posted By: NY MT

Has anyone ever attmpted to do this? I am getting a little overwhelmed with the amount of work and want to get some subcontractors and feel it would be easier to go digital rather than delivering the tapes, etc. Thanks for you help and opinions.

Does anyone know if it is possible to use sm - Posted By: Technically challenged MT

your C-phone or computer with a cell phone?  If there some kind of attachment or technical "geehaw" that can be purchased?  I travel, so do not always have access to a phone and that would be a great solution if I did my work during the unlimited access times.

Thanks for your help!

Why is it important to talk about placenta in reports - Posted By: Just me

I'm not sure if I'm even on the right board for this.  I rarely do OB reports, and maybe I should know this but I don't.  Can someone tell me why it's important to talk about the placenta after a delivery.  I even have someone who dictated the time the placenta was delivered.  I understand what placenta is, but I'm not putting 2 and 2 together as to why its important that it's talked about.  I'm just curious is all.

Winscribe - Posted By: cam

Does anyone know if there is a spellchecker that will work with Winscribe.

Which companies fastest to pay 1st check? (sm) - Posted By: Help!

Someone said Proscript was fast (invoice period ends Saturday, direct deposit the following Weds/Thurs), but they're not hiring.

NEMT pays weekly, but a friend said it is several weeks until the first check, and they pay with paper checks.

Anybody else know a company that pays fast?  I'm good!

BEWARE Andrea Renner is no pay - Posted By: mt

Andrea Renner from Columbus Grove, Ohio paid me in November but not in December and January.  BEWARE of her.  She is a crook.  I hope no one else had such a bad experience with this criminal.

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Chatty dictator. - Posted By: Open ears

I would have been upset, but this guy just made me laugh.  During his 20 minute dictation he probably spent at least 5 minutes of it talking to me. He explained his vacation and why he was late doing the dictation.  He explained he was still getting his stuff back in order and talked politely the whole time he shuffled papers, told me about a picture that was supposed to be in the chart but he just couldn't find it, talk, talk, talking away like I was his best friend. 

At the end he had to apologize profusely.  In any other case I would have been so disturbed by this but this poor man made me feel so bad for him.  He couldn't have been more polite. 


Just was at a grad party and met one of my former MDs - Posted By: as soon as we met, he got all snooty..nm


When do I need to sign up for COBRA? sm - Posted By: Anon

I turned in my notice on 6/28 and quit two weeks later.  I have received my last paycheck, reimbursement for PTO, a letter saying someone will be calling for an exit survey, and even my shipping labels to return my computer, etc. but have yet to receive any information about COBRA and I want to sign up!  It is now almost the end of the month and I'm worried that I have to get my money in by the first of the month.  Does anyone know?  I don't want to get stuck with a pre-existing condition problem.


Has anybody here incorporated? sm - Posted By: CJ

I'm told it would give me a tax break. I'm currently working as an IC.   Is this expensive to do?  Do you need a business name to do this?  Can this be done online? 

Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

got a question - Posted By: meeting a client

I have been typing for this one client of mine for the last 4 years, which I acquired by word of mouth; they are about a 2- to 3-hour drive from my home.  I've never met them.  I talk to them all the time on the phone of course, but would love to meet them.  I would like to take a nice thank-you gift, so should I take flowers for the office manager? She's my direct contact for them.  Should I take something for the doctors and office staff?  If so, what do I take for them all?  I can't afford to do very much, but feel I should do something when I go to meet them for the first time ever.  I have always sent them nice Christmas baskets of cookies, fruit, etc. every Christmas, however.  Thanks for any and all suggestions.

anyone grind their teeth? - Posted By: major problem with bruxism

I've done it for so long I know have extra growth of bone on upper and lower buccal mucosa.  It looks unsightly, and I'm going to try to find an oral surgeon who can remove this.  I'm also constantly burning it with food because it naturally drops there.  I'm seeing a dentist to finally get fitted with a mouth piece, but I have my doubts about stopping the grinding!  I take muscle relaxers, and Xanax, massage my jaws with warm clothes, and also sleep on a heating pad (burned myself a few weeks ago and woke up with welts and blisters) I just dont see an end to this.  Anyone at all have success in stopping grinding??

With the heat, I'm going to try nights - Posted By: Yet Another MQer

I think my favorite account is getting cleaned out first thing AM, so I'm going to try nights for a bit.  Starting now!

Those of you who do nights regularly, any secrets to staying perky?

nj - Posted By: mt

Are there any Southern NJ MTs out there?

caught off gaurd - Posted By: anon

I started with a new company about 40 days ago - I trained on one account for about three days and the was given two docs to do with really no training only a manual.   I have been doing them for about 35 days.  My first QA score about ten days or so after the start of these docs was 96%,  my second on 5/20 was 98%.  I really have not gotten any negative feed back other than some format issues which were worked out quickly.  I have been meeting my TAT, proofing and covering what they asked.  There has not been any complaint that has been brought to my attention that I can pinpiont.  This past weekend, I got sent a whole bunch of work to help cover someone on vacation, my work was pushed back by my QA and supervisor.   Needless to say my accounts were not very happy and were not told in advance.  This evening I get a call from the supervisor saying that due to a call from the docs office about poor TAT and quality she was removing me from the account.  I have an email this same supervisor sent me from the docs office dated June 5 saying the account was finally looking up.   I asked the supervisor to pinpoint the issues but she was not able to at this time and told me to hold tight until she gets some more info.   I don't know what to think. Any opinions or suggestions???



Diagnosis? - Posted By: jenny

Can I get some opinions before I make an appt with a doctor?  Have been having mild fleeting pains in my llq, probably about a week and a half, sometimes midabdomen, the last couple days it has slowly moved upward, now kind of in my chest but still just a mild dull ache - possibly pulled a muscle?  Don't think it is anything serious but is getting more prominent, any ideas?  Thanks.


I am a newer member and was shocked at the typo I found in the current issue of JAAMT. Maybe they hire editors?? Their actual full page ad for AAMT continues the above typo in my subject line. We should join their passionate group, as they will connect us to all the tools necessary for our PROFESIONAL growth. Oh my!  I am a freak about typos in documents, and that just is too much. Tossed that issue in the trash.

Memphis, TN - Posted By: MTinMT

Hey.  Any Memphis MTs on this board.  Nobody ever seems to use the state boards.

Looking for someone who owns - Posted By: a corn burning stove and/or furnace

Am looking for some information on these products.  Thank you.

Firefox Crashed - Posted By: KC

Anyone know how to restore website/database after Firefox crashes ??

for those of you using laptops - Posted By: MT NY

I've been looking into getting one for my son who's going off to college - which ones do you use and are happy/not happy with?  Thanks!

Looking for weekend work - Posted By: WeekendMT

I have over 8 years experience in clinic transcription.  Any companies out there that hire for weekend work only?  Must be at least 8 cents a line.

Line counting software - Need a good program. Have used MPCount in the past, but now - Posted By: MTSO

cannot download the old one, as it has been replaced by some new version, which I don't like. Can anyone recommende a good line counting program. Thanks.

dragon naturallly speaking software - Posted By: nn

does anyone know if this can be used with docuscribe platform? 

Expander question.... - Posted By: Olive Oyl

I use ShortHand and for the life of me I cannot remember how to bold a heading.  I used to do and I know you do it from the Tags but I don't remember how you turn bold on and off.  I thought you just chose control B but that sure doesn't work.  Anyone out there willing to help a Shorthand idiot out with this prblem?  Sure hope so...it's driving me bonkers!

SharpHearing - Posted By: Thelma

Needing info about www.sharphearingtec.com; the organization is

Very confused and frustrated! - Posted By: Debbie

I have worked for the same ortho office for 16+ years.  During that time I was offered the opportunity, by my boss, to work at home which I have been doing for the last 4 years.  I had to buy all the equipment to set up, nothing was paid for by the company.  During these four years I have been told to work in the office to cover for vacations, sickness, etc.  I understand that and have no problem with that.  What I do have a problem with is my boss telling me suddenly she wants me to work back in the office for awhile.  When I said no she seemed okay with that. She then kept asking me when I was going to get DSL.  I finally got it (at my own cost) and then 2-3 months after I did get it my scheduled suddenly was changed by my boss to work in the office every Monday.  Shortly after that my schedule was changed to work in the office full time all week every other week of the month.  I feel like a lab rat that is being experimented with!  The only reason she will give me is that "it is a business decision."  There is one other lady who works at home also and the same thing is being done to her.  There are two other transcriptionists who work in-house who had no idea these changes were coming or why.  What would you do?

Anyone know how many MTs are in America? - Posted By: nm


Computer question - Posted By: MtMommyof2

I have been having problems with my desktop lately...all of a sudden the screen will scramble and the computer freezes...now the computer will turn on, but it won't boot up...anyone ever have this happen?

line counts in Ft. Worth area - Posted By: Janice

I am fairly new to transcription and have just moved to the Ft. Worth area from Florida. Can someone please tell me an average line rate for what ICs are making in this area?

Also, I have a friend that bills for blank line spaces (like when you double space.) Is this a correct way to bill? I don't think the doctors she works for know that they are paying her for blank lines.

Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Can anybody tell me if it is - Posted By: grannyMT

possible to transfer ShortHand entries into Words autocorrect?

I don't what I did, but Word is now - Posted By: Word question

doing automatic page breaks.  I just have the dotted line, not what says page break.  I've looked through the help section and can't figure out what I did or how to fix it. 

Any suggestions?