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Emdat Inscribe Auto text - Posted By: Sandy

New to Inscribe and when I try to expand my word in auto text the cursor jumps to the next line.  Even did this when I tried a key other than the enter key.  Also have Instant text(older version, Instant Text III Pro, but seems to be taking a long time to get used to.  Any thoughts on these two expanders, which is better to use?  Thank you

word97 versus 2003 - Posted By: tjurs

All of my accounts and clients are in Word97.  I was from the old school of wp5.1 so took me a long time to transition forms over to word97.  I was wondering if anyone working originally in 97 could tell me what the differences could be and how hard transitioning forms, etc could be. 

I seem to be getting a lot of error boxes all of a sudden with word97 and was just thinking may be time to move up....

thank you for any help in this matter


drug list - Posted By: janett

Does anyone know of a site to download/print a drug list (quarterly drug index)?  The one I have is old and the IDI I have is from 1999.

**Pretty Cool** Sound-Off board - Posted By: Fla MT

This morning I noticed an ad in The Orlando Sentinel about this new board which just opened yesterday. It's called the Sound-Off board where you complain about whatever you want. It seems pretty funny. It's at this page.

Just wanted to let you know that the 20-garlic chicken was AWWESOME!! - Posted By: sm

If anyone wants the recipe let me know..it is one of the fastes crock pot recipes i have done and sooooo delicious!

Hey guys.. question for all you MTs - Posted By: mtanon

out there.  Over the recent years I have developed osteodegeneratie arthritis in both hands. In April right hand had to have a thumb joint and a wrist joint put in.  My left hand has to be done soon, but can't afford right now.  He said I had the worst hands of anyone he had seen that is my age (46).  My upper back hurts all the way around under my breasts and my pecs are alway swollen.  Does anyone else have this kind of problem.  Wonder if muscles stay swollen because of constant hand use.  Make sense?


I know it's too early but.. - Posted By: sm.

I have hundreds of hotties,beauties and smarties to wish, so I thought to finish off uncles and aunties first.


How does this sound for QA? - Posted By: New to QA

I'll only be doing QA on each person for 2 weeks.  They offered $5.00 per MT and then a $25 bonus when they graduate from having to pend items to me.  I'm also training and get $10 per person, which is fine with me because I can train 10 people at once.   Any feedback is appreciated!

HELP. can never remember...stages are roman??? classes are ??? grades are ???? HELP - Posted By: nm


Need advice on how to handle this --sm - Posted By: typinaltime

I am an IC and have several accts -- One of my accts has not pd for services since early Nov 2006.  I have given notice that will no longer be providing services as of 02/09/07 -- Should I continue to provide services, knowing that I may not be paid -- or can I just give notice saying that since I have not been pd -- i can no longer continue.  I have no written contract with physician.. pls advise Want to do right thing as this is small area but also want to be pd for work performed. ...

Why would my control function keys suddenly change? - Posted By: Misha

Suddenly I can't use CTRL X to cut. Instead my work program suddenly thinks I want to exit the program (ExText). It somehow changed so that I'd have to use Control S, I believe. I don't want to change my function keys depending on the whim of my program. What happened?

Is 5 cpl for VR work good? - Posted By: MT

I was just offered a job from Transcend and have read that most of their work is VR. Is 5 cpl any good? I really want to learn VR because it looks like that is where the future is headed. I used to be offered 9 cpl for straight transcription, and now I have to beg for 8 cpl for clinic work.

Now I have seen it all! - Posted By: Rad MT

I just transcribed a STAT bone age! 

dictator just stated the obvious - Posted By: sm

"ORAL tobaccoism" -- like what other kind is there !!

oh i suppose it could be cutaneous via patch, but sounded dumb...

testing the avatar... - Posted By: this is only a test

Don't want to work! - Posted By: mtgurl

What do you guys do when you just cannot motivate yourself to work?  Today, I have a headache and I just cannot make myself sit here and type/edit.  But I need money.  I hate it when I am like this.  This is the only down side to working at home.  Anybody else have days like this and if so, what do you do to motivate yourself? 

Atkins dieters? Have questions... - Posted By: fatty

Anyone out there on or has tried the Atkins diet lately?  I did it about 2 years ago and lost 8 pounds in 3 days, I am a carb freak!!!!  I could eat only carb meals 3 meals a day.  I am wondering how much other people have lost on this diet.  I also exercise, take multivitamin and still count calories.  Me and hubby started this today.  Any pos/neg feedback on this would be appreciated.  Thanks everyone

Do you think we will have pandemic due to avian virus? What is your opinion?(nm) - Posted By: Wondering MT


MT with broken wrist-need advice - Posted By: crispycritterMT

I'm a single MT IC.  I broke my wrist 12/31, had surgery and now have a cast.  I worked a few days, but very painful and slow.  Typing with one hand now.  Haven't worked for 8 days.  No work.  No pay.  Anyone else been in this situation?  Did you apply for disability?   

To Patti - the lady who lives in a floating home - see message. - Posted By: Kim

Patti, when you have time, could you please e-mail me?  Thanks, Kim

MTs NEED TO UNITE - Posted By: CMT Ohio

I would like to plant this seed with the hope that American medical transcriptionists grab the reins.  If you have NEVER felt unappreciated, underpaid, misunderstood, disrespected, ignored, or taken advantage of as a medical transcriptionist, please disregard the rest of this message.  If you feel that you are a skilled tradesperson, have and use knowledge that has taken years to acquire, if you have a sincere aversion to being referred to as a typist or clerical staff, if you feel that our professional organization has dropped the ball as far as looking out for our best interest in this business, then let's talk.  What about a union for medical transcriptionists?  I'm not kidding.  Various skilled trades have unions all over the country, different sectors but the same fundamental bylaws and ethical regulations, etc.  I'm outraged to see the pittance that global services "offer" MTs.  I am even more outraged to see what the going rate is for editing.  We somehow, some way need to join forces and get away from productivity pay and become salaried professionals.  A critical aspect of our new "MT utopia" would be people who have done this job, have actually pounded the keys, pass judgment on quality.  There are so many schools of thought out there, it's insane.  There's totally verbatim (no such thing), there's as close to verbatim as possible (realistic), and then there's my-way-or-the-highway style (degreed egotists pointing fingers when they don't have the first clue).  For a moment give this some thought.  Should we let every institution, office, clinic, and MD tell us how to do our job?  Would a plumber let his client tell him what kind of pipe dope to use, what type of pipe wrench must be used in their remodel job?  Do we tell lawyers what case to cite in his argument?  How about MDs?  Are we able to make demands of any professional and actually dictate what they do and how they do it?  All we ask is that it be done, in a timely manner, and be done correctly.  I rest my case.  We need to somehow lessen the number of hoops we are made to jump through.  Our profession needs to raise the bar and grow as a skilled trade.  We need to demand the respect we deserve; and, perhaps most importantly, we need to stop selling ourselves short for fear of outsourcing.  In fact, if we all took a nice long hiatus and let those of little faith outsource everything, all we would have to do is pick up the pieces and revamp the MT environment in this country and make it brand new.  It would shine and run like a well-oiled machine.  Come on, people, we have to stop clunking along.  Any ideas on how to make this happen?  That's what I'm looking for.  Thanks.  

Canadian rates, please help - Posted By: Mapleleaf

Could any of you help me in making this very important decision please?  I have contacts that can help me get contracts from a small Physical therapy/chiropractic care clinic in Alberta, Canada.  But, I have no clue as to how much is charged per 65 cpl with spaces in Canada.  Considering that one US dollar is equivalent to Canadian $1.15, I guess I would perhaps be able to get a better rate.   But how much would you say is a rate that would do justice to both parties?  Anyone doing a similar work from Canada, working MTs with MT companies in Canada, please help. Any input will be welcomeThank you.Maple

Any companies out there that allow you to work 5-10 hours a week? - Posted By: momof6

I posted this on the company board, but didn't get any responses, so I'm hoping there will be some help here.  work full time outside the home and I am looking for something for just 5-8 hours a week to supplement my income.  I worked for MQ for 6 years, but certain things led me to quit.  Is there a good company out there where I can work 5-8 hours?  Back at the Q I think now you have to commit to 24 hours and I just can't swing that.  Is there such an option out there anywhere?  Any input would be very much appreciated.



Question about reference? - Posted By: eaw

Hello all!

I am interested in getting Stedman's but am unfamiliar with the various types so I am looking to you experienced folks for help! What is best, computer-based CD or an actual printed reference book?

Also, are there different Stedman's references available for either acute or clinic? I will be doing clinic work and, as you can tell, am new to the work-from-home scene.

Any advise or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, and sorry to be so CLUELESS!


Why do so many people LOVE operative notes? I see posts about it all the time... - Posted By: jj

how they make good money on them, they could do them all day, feel cheated when they don't get them? I have been doing this for years and years and still kind of groan when I see them come up on my screen. Fill me on the secrets and maybe I won't whine so much when I do them. Thanks gal!

I was told today that all the big computer companies offshore their technical service. Does anyone - Posted By: searching


how much do editors make on average - Posted By: esp MQ...PLEASE ANSWER

Per hour?  I'm struggling so bad with hand and arm pain, I will have to quit typing, I have no choice.  I have no other skills, I am in school right now and the pain is incredible.  Please tell me how much you get paid per hour, if it is worth my while to switch or just take on a second job having nothing to do with MT and type less.  If it is under 15 an hour, I cannot afford it, thanks in advance. 

CHAT ROOM MEET @ 7:00 EST - Posted By: newtothescene

Hi all,

There is a group of us planning to meet in the chat room at 7:00 EST tonight.  All are welcome.  

How can I convert files??? - Posted By: Tami

I received some test files that are ofc. format.  I have Olympus player.  I also have Switch and can convert files over, but there is no ofc. format to convert from.  Is there some way to do this with another program.  My pedal for Olympus is not playing the file in ofc. format.  Thanks for your help.

Congratulations! Lisa I. of California on winning the first dinner! - Posted By: Administrator sm

Email to admin@mtstars.com with your full mailing address and your choice of restaurant and we will send out your gift card immediately.

Thank you for playing MTStars Fall Scavenger Hunt!


Positions - Posted By: Audrey

Is it 11 o'clock position or 11:00 position?  Which is the corrent way to type that?

Remember the jacket problem? - Posted By: theresa

A few months back, I was very upset about my sister-in-law taking a jacket that belonged to my husband's father (that we gave him for Christmas) after he passed away and wasn't sure what to do about it. Well......we did get it back.  I gave the problem to the Lord and tried to forget about it and told myself it was just a jacket and ended up getting the jacket back anyway. He must have been working on her heart as well.

grammar - Posted By: elonmt

Anyone know of a downloadable grammar program.  QA keeps getting me with follow-up, follow up and followup.  Need help.

One of our friends' child just passed away. - Posted By: sad for my friend

What do you do for someone in this situation?  I know to send a card and go to the service.  I don't think flowers are a good idea because people send so many that it's just a hassle to find somewhere to put them until you have to throw them away.  Money, a cooked meal?  I spazzed out and didn't know what to say to them except we're here for you.  I can't believe I got up this morning griping about my own situation when so many other people have so much that's worse.

Interesting article about EMR - Posted By: SM

August 9, 2006 - EMR has revolutionized the healthcare industry in recent times. Many experts felt that EMR & Voice Recognition would totally replace Medical Transcription - however; the industry soon realized that transcription has certain advantages over point & click charting and many physicians preferred to dictate notes rather than document the data at the point of care themselves.

The most critical part of any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the method of data entry. EMR is about aggregation of patient encounter data at the point of care in order to provide a complete, accurate, and timely view of patient information. An electronic medical record is not just a typed record of the patient encounter, but an extremely useful decision support tool. The data can be entered into the EMR via any of the two general mechanisms: direct entry by the physician using point and click templates or transcription of dictated notes. Point and click template indicates that each data element, which is to be inserted, requires selection, navigation, point and click process for capturing patient information.

Transcriptions have been around for years for documenting patient encounters. A medical provider dictates the medical note into a phone or a recording device. The Transcriptionist receives the dictation and transcribes it. It may be reviewed by the supervisor for checking errors. The final computerized file is then either emailed directly to the healthcare provider or the file is transferred to a web site and is later downloaded by the provider.

Each method has its pros and cons.
Point and Click Templates
Most EMR systems allow providers to generate clinical documentation, by selecting variable terms from pre-structured point-and-click templates. Users simply point and click to select appropriate choices from lists of choices to record a patient encounter. The end result would be a document that closely resembles a transcribed procedure note.
Completely customizable templates. The doctor can specify the layout of the template, which helps him to adjust the template as per his practice & procedure.
    Provide consistent, complete and accurate data. The chances of medical erros are reduced since the data is documented in customised forms.
    Notes for similar type of exams will appear to be standard and similar
    Store / organize data for subsequent retrieval. 
    Each click adds data elements to the database. Point-and-click systems create data that can be used to generate clinically useful reports, such as health maintenance reminders, disease management etc.   
    One of the major advantages of template based charting is the time needed to make the document available as a medical record. Since notes are created within the EMR, they are available immediately upon completion.

    It takes more time, and definitely more concentration for a physician to navigate through large data set and create progress notes using point and click templates. 
    Templates must be customized as per the physicians requirement. Customization can be inflexible and costly.
    Well accepted by only tech-savvy doctors. 
    The approach of direct data entry by the physician has generally failed because busy providers reject it altogether.
    Output from these templates is too canned and identical. It loses individuality for each patient. 
    It is difficult for a provider to capture complete patient encounter on computer in front of a patient.  

Medical Transcription
Transcription has long been the standard for documenting patient encounters. It is more convenient for a provider as compared to handwritten notes or electronic data entry.  There are many advantages of transcription in comparison to point and click charting. There are a few disadvantages as well.  
    Corresponds intuitively to the physician's usual method of working. Dictation remains the most intuitive and least time-consuming means of data entry.  
    Physicians can dictate anytime, anywhere using PDA, Dictaphone or telephone at their convenience.
    Providers need not change the way they practice just to accommodate an EMR. EMR can interact with transcription service so that transcriptions can be attached directly into the patients electronic medical record, if such a facility is provided by the EMR vendor.
    It requires minimal training for physicians. 
    Provides expressive power to describe patients condition and other health related events. 
   Details of the exam can easily be forgotten and omitted while dictating, if dictation is not captured immediately at the point of care
   It cannot be queried for generating reports unless transcribed in pre-formatted templates
   Transcribed reports are not immediately accessible. Physicians would normally have to wait for 12 to 24 hours for charts to be delivered, unless few vendors supporting 2-4 hours short turn around time.
   Transcription provides for more efficient use of doctor's time.
   Although average transcribed report costs $2 to $4, it can reduce the doctor's time spent on data entry. Considering the value of doctors time, transcription is not a costly proposition.
EMR should give the freedom to the physician to decide to use either Point & Click or Medical Transcription. For a physician, the EMR that fits into his practice workflow would be invaluable. A competent EMR must have a template driven charting feature and the ability to interact with a transcription service at the same time. Both are indispensable features of Electronic Medical Record Software, as doctors are not unanimous on point and click charting or transcription. Such an EMR will be both efficient and cost effective. 

The trends in transcription itself are changing with Medical Transcription service providers aiming to adopt new technologies. These technologies will evolve to increase efficiency & accuracy, decrease turnaround time and support data capture. While many of these technologies like such as digital dictation and electronic signature exist today, several technologies are still on the horizon.

Coretta Scott King passed away overnight....sm - Posted By: Georgia Gal

While she was in poor health since having her heart attack and stroke a few months ago it's still sad to see a legend pass away.  I'm sure that her kids fighting over whether or not they should try to get the government to buy the King Center and 2 kids stealing money from the center didn't help any.  

May she rest in peace.

The pt is layed off or laid off from her job? - Posted By: yet another brain freeze

gosh.  I cant figure out anything today

Anyone use RadNet? - Posted By: MTperson

EZ platform? Type in Word? TIA

How do I add expansions/abbreviations in Word 2007? - Posted By: NM

Sigh... - Posted By: mtinmt

I subscribe to the Monster.com daily job finder, that sends me daily job openings in areas that are of interest to me.  I found a job this morning for an MT where they required NO EXPERIENCE whatsoever.  This was 100% telecommute position.  Let that soak in for a minute...Okay.  So this company promises at least $7.00 to start, and they will provide a book for you.  I guess that's what this has come to nowadays, where they take any Joe Schmo off the street, and say, "Well, here you go.  Start transcribing!"  Isn't that something?  Little Suzie Homemaker who takes this gig, thinking she'll now be able to stay home with her kids and make some money typing is in for a bit of a shock, when she gets a neurosurgical report from Dr. Tadimallakaidanelankea.  I wonder what's in that one book that they provide, that will magically turn her into a skilled MT...

Wow, do most of y'all work in your bedrooms? sm - Posted By: I do, too!

I thought I was in the minority here, working in my bedroom.  Figured most MTs had a nice home office. Well, nice to know I'm not alone in my bedroom...

Just need to vent - Posted By: 91 MT

I am being driven crazy here today.  I have a 60-minute dictation with more than half of it, just air time.  Ready to pull my hair out, of course, the dictator has an accent and then to figure out this thing is only worth $8.25 with the line count.  Just plain sucks and a waste of time.  I dont know how MT schools claim that the average income is 40,000 a year for a FT MT, not with these kind of reports!

Thanks for letting me fume a bit, now I need to go back and try to make some  money and make up my time from this report! 

Is it just me... - Posted By: RadGuy

or does it seem to anyone else that this site has become much "nicer" and not as mean-spirited as it was before The Change last week? I think a lot of the more obnoxious posters seem to have moved on along with what's her name? It just seems like a much more pleasant site now and I don't cringe as much when I come here and read posts like I used to. We may be smaller in number now but I sure enjoy this site a whole lot more. Kudos 2 all!

shorthand help - Posted By: romey

I need to put bolded headings into my shorthand, how do I do this? TIA

Cheap and easy call in system? - sm - Posted By: Sarah1114

I have one account not through my MTSO that still uses microcassette tapes. It is 1 doctor (who's near retirement age, not quite yet but he's no spring chicken!) and dictates literally about 200 lines or less per day, often much less. But his office manager would like to get him to do digital files where I don't have to print and deliver. But I look at call in systems (if that's even the right thing?) and there several thousand dollars! I told the O.M. I'd help and see how doc's dictate to wav files and the whole FTP system works. I guess I don't even know if that's what he needs or if there's something relatively inexpensive to dictate to, that I can grab off the internet and send back electronically.

Any direction would help...I don't mind doing the research, I just don't even know what direction I'm going. Thanks so much!

Cold fingers - Posted By: Cold fingers

Even though I keep my house comfortable, I find my fingers getting cold when I type.  Is it just me. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Newbie needs experience - Posted By: Jackie


Anyone know of companies that will give newbies with schooling a chance?

Does anyone else ever feel the "stress" from the office - Posted By: Questioning

even though you work at home?  Every time I talk to someone in the office it makes me think a time bomb is ticking away in there.  People are unhappy, on guard, even more disorganized than ever, or whatever.  Makes me wonder if the place is going to survive. 

My pre-teen Halloween story - happened about - Posted By: 40 years ago

There were always literally hundreds of kids out in our neighborhood on Halloween.  When I was about 12, I got a gray wig and messed up the hair, a rubber mask with a large nose and lots of wrinkles, wore an old long plaid robe tied at the waist and socks with open-toe bedroom slippers.  So here I am, messy gray hair, ugly face, robe and slippers and walked with a limp down the dark street.  Two men were waiting at the end of a driveway for their children.  Here I come, limping by and one man pokes the other one in the side and says, "Hey, Jim.  Is that your wife or mine?" 

I will remember that for as long as I live.

Phone interview with Amphion.........?? - Posted By: GAtrans

Has anyone ever done this?  How does it go?  I've already taken the test but they called to schedule a phone interview.  I was hoping she would just talk to me when she called because I'm curious as to what they will or won't offer, and now I have to wait over the weekend.  I'm just curious if she is going to do a phone test now or just talk to me about what they have available, etc.  Any info on this company would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much.