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Please help on Word Help board - Posted By: Thank You! (nm)


Need a Smartype ready glossary - Posted By: sm

Does anyone know where I can find an expansion list that I can upload to Smartype all at once...not one by one?


Pay for HIPPA violations - Posted By: babydox

I'm not certain who gets charged where transcription is concerned  - but the physician office gets hit with it for their office personnel.  I have a standing monthly appointment with a physician and I got so tired of them calling my name with a waiting room full of people that I first complained to the office manager - and then when that didn't work - went to HIPPA.  The next month - they were using a numbering system - sort of like at the ice cream store or the court house - you know, now serving #-whatever.  They have a piece of tape placed on the floor and you must stand behind it while another person is at the check-in counter, and they do not use your name until you are in a closed examing room.  I think that if HIPPA is to be taken seriously, then steps need to be taken to make sure that it is adhered to, even if it does mean making changes in office procedures, etc. 

EMR System replacing/elminating med records staff - Posted By: Anonym

I have looked for posts regarding electronic medical records, but have not really found any.  Does anyone know very much about this subject?  I see many regarding outsourcing.  As far as job security, the EMR system worries me more than the outsourcing.  I know Kaiser has implemented it, has gotten rid just about all the MTs (in CA) anyway, and now is cutting back on the coders, next billers, etc.   

India and CMT - Posted By: US MT

Please tell me they are not only undercutting us in pricing, but they are also getting  a break on the CMT exam?  I am "saving up" to take it! see below from MT India


"Moreover, with an aim to encourage experienced medical transcriptionists in India to align with global standards and broaden their career avenues, Prometric & AAMT have also announced a special price for the Certified Medical Transcription (CMT) certification exam, which will be available for USD 150 (reduced from previous available price of USD 275)."

How do I get rid of these darn popup ads? nm - Posted By: Amanda


Who prefers VR and who refers straight typing? nm - Posted By: Jen


Instant text/Chartscript.NET - Posted By: Twitters

I have seen several posts on this but have not seen a definitive answer as to whether or not IT will work with Chartscript.NET (not .com).

iChart...is this a good or bad platform to work on? - Posted By: fastfingers

Any info appreciated.  I have never worked on this platform.  TIA

Has anyone ever painted a concrete patio that is exposed to the elements..sm - Posted By: inept

and if so, how successful were you in keeping it from cracking and peeling. I plan to use concrete paint of course, but I am concerned it will crack and peel and look ugly in a short time.  Any hints? 

Proper way to submit resignation? - Posted By: Want to do right...

How much information does one have to include in a resignation? Just the date effective? Do you need to give the reasons in the resignation?  TIA!

FINGERNAILS...sm - Posted By: Bored today!

Ok, anyone out there transcribe with long nails?  Do you find it bothersome?  Can you tell I have too much time on my hands today??!!

OT: do you lack moisture or protein? - Posted By: Snow Bunny

Your hair, that is.

Got this neat little trick at the hairdresser yesterday. Cut one strand of hair and put it in a small bowl filled with water. Wait about a minute or two. If the strand continues to float at the surface, you're lacking moisture. If it sinks to the bottom, you need protein.

Kind of helps you decide the right shampoo and/or conditioner to buy. 

What is per diem? nm - Posted By: Tia


Transcend - Posted By: Meghan

Can anybody tell me if Transcend allows you to be "flexible" with the hours you work (meaning, are they very strict about keeping certain hours or are they more lenient about having a flexible schedule as long as you get your hours in)?  Also, do they require you to work one day on the weekend on a regular basis?  If so, do they give shift differential?  Thanks for your replies in advance!

Blanks in tests - Posted By: Apprentice


I am looking for an opinion please. I have been taking my very first at-home test(hoping to come home and leave the politics behind). I was wondering if it would be counted against you if there was a blank in the one of the trascrption samples. My current employer prefers blanks to guesses but then again they are familiar with their employees' strenghts and weaknesses.

Any advice welcome.

Please help...Anyone know if you can remap keyboard keys? - Posted By: Kiki

I just switched to a kinesis freestyle keyboard, and the difference in the force required to strike keys is so great that I finally think my arm and hand pain will go away!  However, on the kinesis keyboard the delete key is not directly above the arrow keys, and this is slowing me way down.  I was thinking if I could just switch the function of certain keys to bring the delete closer to the old position, I'd be ok. 


I thought there was a way to remap keys?  maybe software or ???  I don't want to have to return this keyboard and go back to aching wrists.  Please help if you know how to do this. 

Patient info? - Posted By: Medtyper

Where is my post on typing in patient information???????????

Physical Therapy - Posted By: Lisa DeBoer

I have a physical therapist interested in me doing his transcription.  It is a small office, they only work about 3 days a week, and I was wondering what to charge him per line? I currently work for an eye dr. making .11 a line and a service for .09. I may have to travel once a week to pick up tapes?(hope not) Any feedback is appreciated.

How do you adjust to a 3rd shift job? nm - Posted By: mt


60 min of dictation - Posted By: ML

How long should it take someone to do about 60 minutes of dictation on average.

Thanks you.

Looking to purchase used laptop with WinXP - Posted By: see msg

IBM ThinkPad T42 or Dell Latitude C640 or C840? Does anyone use one of these, and if so, would you recommend that I purchase? Thanks!

SS paycheck question for SS employees - Posted By: LG

This is my first check and it seems like they did not hold out taxes, does anyone know if you get a copy of a paycheck to see?????

VR - speed and training - Posted By: Polish girl

Honestly, how fast will VR type the dictation. I read somewhere about 160?  Is that all?  I don't understand how a Transcriptionist can train the program when it is the doctor that is dictating.  Can someone explain.  I am trying to figure out if this is something I want - whether it be to save my wrists for the future/ or if it will type the work faster than I do.  I am generally about 200 now, depending on the work, sometimes better, sometimes worse. TIA.

Why do these rotten companies always put the single people - Posted By: upset

who are sole support on the worst accounts, and the people with someone who contributes to the household income get the easy stuff.  They do not  care about our welfare and just think we are the captive slaves for them. 



Kittens being born..HELP... - Posted By: Carly d

any advice on what to do with these kittens? Mom has decided to have them in a paper grocery bag (did not like any of the places we had set up for her!) She is just a kitten herself, a stray who showed up pregnant. One has already been stillborn, not sure how many more to follow! I know to keep the other cats away from her, but I have got appointments in town all day and can't just have her in a paper sack? Is it okay to put her and the sack into one of the boxes or what? Any help would be appreciated...TIA, the new grandma!

Does anyone know what companies offer voice recognition of your dictation? - Posted By: Penny Fortunato

Is there a way to find out if new doctors are in town? - Posted By: CAMT

It seems I've heard of a website like this before, but just can't remember. Thanks!

Need some answers on what to charge. sm - Posted By: AMC

I live in Virginia Beach, and so I'm looking for some help with what to charge for word processing. My client has work outside of the MT realm.

Do I charge by the page or hour? Also, this will require editing once it is completed. That's why I'm not sure. What would be a fair price for this area, if anyone knows? Thanks so much!

American Idol...sm - Posted By: Fan

Ok, last night's show...

First, I can't believe that Kevin dodged the bullet and got into the top 12...but I'm glad, he seems like such a sweet kid.  Kinda figured Will would go, but I liked Gedeon too.

I'm glad Ayla (sp?) got the boot, didn't like her.  She was snotty!   Kinnik was nothing special either, so guess she had to go too.

As for Bo's performance, I don't know...he seemed kinda off or something.

Now it gets good...the top 12...who's your pick to win?  Mine's Taylor...or maybe Chris!

I can't find the old thread on schools that mentor into a job - Posted By: need info

can anyone help me?

DAC-125 united needed - Posted By: Tiffany

would like to purchase a DAC-125 unit for transcribing.  Please let me know if you have one of these for sale.



Need opinions Please sm - Posted By: Jewels

Employee salaried position, 52K year, at home with benefits for QA specialist doing full edits, feedback and monthly QA audits.   Do you think this is a reasonable salary?

This is salaried, not hourly! 


Thank you in advance for all opinions!

Just offered an IC position at 7 cpl, lol.... - Posted By: tia

Could be worse, I saw one advertise at 6 cpl

Formula for calculating lines? - Posted By: Julie

Can anyone give me the formula for calculating lines rates? I need to know how much (money) is made if I transcribe 15,000 lines at 8 or 9 cents per line. Also, about how many pages is 15,000 lines (I know that each page will be different in lines for live transcription, but I'm looking for a ball park figure.) It's been a while since I have been on this payment format.


How long does it take to get up to speed at a new job? - Posted By: I don't understand this...

Also, which is better, acute or clinic?  I can't seem to get my production up to where it used to be.  The reports are super short, about a minute or less.  The header info is a tedious process of checking this, checking that, verifying everything.  I don't know if this is going to work out, but I can't afford to be changing jobs again this close to Christmas.  The work itself is super easy.

Wow what a headache - Posted By: frustrated

I was on a good Account and my company lost the account so I started a new job and my line count went from 800 in six hours to a 100 today.... I could not understand the dictators at all.... ugh

Help! Need New Method to transfer voice files asap - Posted By: free2beme

Voice files are now transferred from clinic I work for via email (unencrypted) and are then sent back via Winzip and email. 

We need new method to be compliant, as well as to eliminate "many missing" files it seems when sending through email. Clinic now uses Olympus equipment and does not want to use email any longer.  Checked into secure FTP site and will not work well with the Olympus system they have.  Any suggestions on what to do here????

This may be a stupid question but.... - Posted By: sm

what is a troll?  I keep hearing things about troll alerts and hoping someone isn't a troll and the only troll that I know of...I used to collect when I was in junior high with the different outfits and the different colored hair that stood up.  LOL.

Small MTSOs doing Radiology..... - Posted By: What do you charge?

If you wouldn't mind posting anonymously....

What do you charge:


Also wondering WHO determines the method of payment (page, line, report), the MTSO or the client?  Would a client ever say "Well, I'd like to be charged by the ______" ?  Any thoughts?

THANKS so much!

Wii and wireless internet - Posted By: OpMT

We got a Wii for Christmas, and it seems to be interfering with my wireless Internet.  No one can play Wii while I'm working until I get this figured out.  I've googled this a little bit to try and figure out what the problem is, but I'm not really finding an answer thus far.  I've checked the Internet connections on the Wii, and it shows 'none' for all 3 choices, so it doesn't even seem to be connected to the Internet, but it still interferes.  I can't do anything at all if the Wii is being played or is on.  Anyone have any experience with this or know how to fix it?

Need help on setting up Word expanders and spell check - Posted By: Western gal

Hi All,

I will be starting a new job soon, and it looks like I will be typing in my own computer's Word program.  I managed to download my old Expander entries from my old job into Notepad, so I now have a list of my expansions.  I am wondering if anyone has any good tips on doing something  with the Notepad entries to get them into AutoCorrect in Word, or do I have to just go through the whole list manually and make new entries into Word AutoCorrect to use for my new expander?

I am also open to any and all suggestions to the Word spellchecker since it does not know LOTS of medical terms and drugs.  Just start entering them manually or buy a medical spellchecker that interphases with Word? I saw some listed when I Googled it, but they seem awful expensive.  100$ and more.  Any suggestions?


Problems posting - Posted By: Curious

Is anyone out there having problems posting a reply?  It seems as though on some of the posts it indicates an area to "post a quick reply" and on the others those words do not appear!

Anyone else experiencing these problems? 

Anyone use Hijack This? - Posted By: RadGuy

Any good?

Stedman's spellchecker. Can I install this on.... - Posted By: zoe

two different computers?  I have a desktop and a laptop and I would like it on both but am unsure if I would be able to download it on both. May be a silly question but I am computer challenged :) .  Thanks

EXText - Posted By: BooBoo

Can anyone tell me what companies use the Dictaphone EXText platform?  TIA

Up-date from CC offshore customer rep. - Posted By: GGGGRRRRR

Okay, I found a phone number on my statement for thier "Premier" card so I called that number.  I asked where the rep was located and she told me Buffulo, NY and her name was Vivian.  I got the answer to my question and then told her I had initially called and got hold of a center in the Phillipines but I refused to talk to them.  I asked how I could go about lodging a complaint about the company offshoring.  She said she could forward the complaint for me but it probably wouldn't do any good.  I told her it would do some good if more people did as I was doing and also lodged complaints about offshoring.  I explained that in my profession offshoring a a huge problem and that it was only a matter of time before SHE lost her job to offshoring also.  I told her to include in my complaint that her bosses worked for  me and if I, and others like me, refused to use their services, her boss and the company's management would be looking for new jobs.  Vivian told me they have call centers all over the world and I just lucked out using the :"Premier"  phone number because I do not have a "Premier" card.  She said in the future if I want to get a rep in the US, I will probably have to hang-up and call back, several times maybe, until I got hold of a US rep.  (Yeah, right, I am calling the Premier number first thing).  But, at least I know what it might take to get a US rep.

I realise even the offshore people are just looking to make a living but what about all the US citizens trying to make a living, only to see their jobs go offshore? And I agree that it is "managament" that is responsible for this, but until we stand up for ourselve, no one else will.  Management works for us!!  Just like the managment of the MTSOs and even the Nationals have no job without us.  It it too easy to say, "Well, just this one time, I will use the foreign call center,  One time won't make a difference."  But it is that one time, added to your one time and added to her one time, added to my one time and on and on, that WILL make a difference.  It is too easy to sit back and wait for someone else to solve the problem.  That attitude will get us nowhere but out of work or working for slave wages

I realise even the offshore people are just looking to make a living but what about

Lawsuit MQ - Posted By: anon

Have not heard a single peep about what is current on the big MQ lawsuit.  Still being pursued?  This is too big not to hear from anyone about updates .... anybody?   I followed this for a long time in November/December/Jan, then POOF!  Realize that the wheels spin slowing in legal-ville, but sure would like it if somebody could throw us some crumbs of information. 

And if it has just fizzled out ... SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!!

ps2 adapter to USB? is there - Posted By: sm

such a thing, so i could plug my external keyboard into a laptop? and then would it work correctly?  Cannot find it using the search, but thought i saw once someone said their keyboard wouldn't work right with one?  thanks.

Our Military People - Posted By: This holiday season

I want to share something my family does in case you're interested in doing something similar.  We live near a military base and every year I call and get the names of a couple of soldiers to invite into our home for Christmas Day.  These are soldiers who are very far from home and not scheduled for leave on Christmas.  We been doing this for several years and it has been such a wonderful experience.  We have made friends that we'll keep in contact with until ... 

We pick up these soldiers up at a set time and set gate on the base.  They have dinner with us and we always give them some small gifts  -- phone cards, note cards, stamps, restaurant gift certificates, etc.  The guys love it when they get a box of all occasion cards with stamps, as most of them say they aren't very good at picking out cards to send back home.  We end the evening by driving around showing them Christmas lights, etc.

Yes, it is generally a bit awkward for them at first, but they always end up getting "comfortable" and enjoying themselves. 

You usually need to call early - they do have to make sure you aren't a serial killer or terrorist.      Often times, they have an office set up where you fill out a form for "adopting a soldier" and that simplifies matters a great deal.

Merry Christmas to all of you!