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What this means - Posted By: Sandra

I am required to quote my charges for contract job and they ask me to

Breakdown cost by telephone call-in to a center or audio files being sent to you.

Any one knows about it?

looking for free jeff gordon coloring pages - Posted By: dcc

for my 4 year old son.  does anybody know of any links?  I've found several but none with coloring pages.  thanks!

best position and board for typing - Posted By: getting old

I find my hands getting tired and shoulders hurt from typing so much.  What keyboards do you use and how do you have it positioned?  I type with my keyboard in my lap, just a straight keyboard, but still am not as productive as I would like to be and find my fingers not responding as quickly as I'd like.  Also noticed I have a lot of pain in my ankle some time from the foot pedal and my knee hurts too.  I have my seat positioned low so my monitor is directly ahead.  Any advice would be appreciated.  I'm going to buy a new keyboard on ebay because I work 2 accounts, one on a desktop and one on my laptop, keep having to unplug my keyboard from my desktop to place on my keyboard, is getting to be a hassle.



Anywhere to find lab values? - Posted By: FlaMT

I tried Labcorp's site but the don't let you know what the normal value ranges are.  I need something that I can look up lab tests, and find out what the normal ranges are.

I do a lot of lab reports but most of the time I don't know if I'm typing the values and units right.  I'm not a darn lab tech to know these things!

homebusiness - Posted By: I need extra income

A friend of mine gave me a link to a homebusiness that involves web hosting services and getting commissions. I am considering it for my MT business website, especially that there is no start-up cost, but I am a bit skeptic...

What do you think?

Doing the happy dance... - Posted By: SM

We just moved into a newly bought house (same neighborhood as we rented in) and we're now in bus riding range (too close before).  Today was the first day of school so I drove my kids, but I looked out the window this morning and what do I see but a group of kids congregated at the opening of my driveway.  My house is a bus stop!   My kids will be let off the bus at the opening of their own driveway.  What luck!

does anyone know how to calculate food - Posted By: dcc

quantities for a party? i need to know how to calculate enough side dishes (like baked beans, hash brown casserole, etc). we will be ordering the main dish but trying to save money by doing the other stuff ourselves.  right now there are about 80 people (about 95% are adults) on the guest list.   thanks for any info! 

Please don't flame me, I'm having an Alzheimer's moment, but what is the (sm) - Posted By: quietmoods

basic 4.  I know it includes H&P, discharge summaries, and operations and procedures, but what is the 4th.  My brain is just not functioning today...it's my only day off and therefore I don't have to think right???  TIA

Giving up Health Insurance - Posted By: Kristy

Does anyone know what happens if someone doesn't have health insurance and ends up with huge medical bills?  Can you just pay a little every week/month (forever) or will you lose any assets you might have?

I am upper middle-aged and might have to give up my insurance because I just can't afford it right now.  I have paid for years (and rarely used it), but I am terrified something major might happen if I give it up.

Thanks for any input you can give me.

Sick of no work - Posted By: Disgusted

In the past 9 hours, I have been able to get 300 lines.  I have been out of work all day.  Every new job I get, same problem.  Where does it end?  How does one pay bills like this? 

Both of my inifinity USB footpedals don't like to - Posted By: Bonnie

rewind. I have to step on it about four times before it rewinds. Is there a fix for this? I've been wanting to buy another, hoping the next one works properly, but I'm afraid this is the way all their pedals work (or don't!). Does anyone have an Infinity USB footpedal that works well?

I doctor funny, but - Posted By: Maybe you had to be there



As mom, I have "diagnosed" many an operation as "ah cr*p" myself.

Acute Care? - Posted By: Cynthia

Subject: Acute Care?

I have been applying for jobs but all or most of them say Acute Care experience.  I am not sure what that means?  I have been with a small company for almost 3 years now and type several different docs for them.  What is acute care?  Sorry.  May be a dumb question but this is the only place I have worked since I started transcribing!  thanks.

FileZilla HELP! - Posted By: MT is Wisconsin


I am trying to configure FileZilla and wow...it is not easy!  I have a dynamic IP address.  I am also using a router and I have a firewall.  Apparently passive mode is the recommended mode (as opposed to active mode). 

At this point I have three options: 

-- Ask your OS for the external IP address (but it says this only works if you are NOT behind a rounter...so this one is out).

--I can insert an IP address (but this only works if you have a static IP address...so this one is out).

--Get external IP address from the following URL: http://ip.filezilla-project.org/ip.php.  It says to use this option if you have a dynamic IP address (which I do).  "FileZilla will contact the above server once each session as soon as you use ACTIVE mode for the first time".  SO.... if I am using a dynamic IP address my only option is to use active mode, not passive mode??  How do I tell FileZilla to use active mode? 

I am trying to connect using FileZilla to my webspace (webpages) provided by my ISP, Charter, so I can FTP files for my clients.  Does anyone happen to have ANY suggestions for me?  I much appreciate any help!


Paid per minute postings - Posted By: tia

Something rarely seen.  Paid per minute of dictation.  There are two rad jobs listed on MT Jobs board.  I have always gotten paid by minute by my primary account.  After working part-time for a few nationals this past year, I have learned getting paid per minute for radiology is not really worth it.  For normal reports you have to process the report for pennies which in some systems (such as Meditech) takes time going through the different screens.  For anyone applying for these positions, I would be interested in learning how much they are paying per minute.

eScription - EditScript - question missed from below. - Posted By: MT Professional

If you insert a list of recipients into the report from the hospital directory base, does the MT receive any credit for this in the line count?

Also, are any of the demographics included in the MT's line count?

Thanks for your reply.

Could someone help me on my Tech Help question re. Goldtouch keyboard? - Posted By: justme2

Please see my question on the Technical Help board.  Thanks

I hear echoes - Posted By: CeeCee

What would you do if a former employer would not return emails or calls about paying your last 2 invoices.  I got fired a couple of days ago because this megalomaniac, micromanaging owner obviously had her feathers ruffled when I pointed out that I am an IC, not an employee.  She lashed out in obviously the worst possible way by firing me and telling me that I was uninformed, that she has worked in this business blah, blah, blah and I haven't appreciated her expertise and tutelage (even though I have 14 years experience and ANYWHERE I've worked, I am off QA almost immediately and always complimented on my work!).  I say this latter and, please, I know, I should have left a long time ago, because I thought, any time now, I'll be off QA - the job paid 11 cents with spaces, 55 character lines - I was on QA for at least 3 months, which was ridiculous because on several instances I had to correct them when they'd send me corrections!  Sorry for venting - still steaming!  Back to the question at top if you could, thanks. 

Anybody Know? - Posted By: Greener Pastures

I have an offer to work for a company called PMT Inc out of Scottsdale AZ.  Does anybody know if they are good?  Pay on time?  Good accounts?  etc.  Please email me.  Big decision for me.  Would appreciate any input.    Thanks


WOW! Great Hourly Rate For Editors - Over $14 to Start!!!! - Posted By: New To Soft Script

I just started working for Soft Script in Calif. as an editor for 0.05 per line.  I found this was not enough money for me (even though I accepted it to get my foot in the door) and talked to the senior vice-president Joann who gave me a great hourly rate.  They must do this for all their editors.  Today QA, tomorrow the rest of the company!!!! Can anyone tell me more good things about Soft Script and your experiences????  I am jazzed and enthused to learn more about this comapny and look forward to hearing from you all.

Changing jobs .... - Posted By: MT

I'm wanting to buy my first house this spring.  Ive been working at home for the same national for the past 3 years.  I have been an MT FT for 9 years.  Does switching jobs really affect your credit poorly?  I think I could be making a lot more money, if I changed companies, but Im afraid it will hurt me being at a new job and trying to buy a house.  I have also heard that as long as you are in the same line of work, it won't matter...Any insight on this?

Shortcuts to increase production - Posted By: MT

Can anyone tell me what types of shortcuts, software, etc. I can use to increase my production?  I am looking for ways to cut time/increase production.  I have some macros, but what else?  Someone suggested I use the speech recognition software and I could repeat what was being dictated, as it may type faster? Has anyone tried this? I was thinking I would then have to spend my time cleaning up mistakes, but they said it was 99% accurate.  Sounds strange, but maybe it would work.  Any ideas would be appreciated!

New giveaway! $50 Build A Bear Bucks, see sticky post above. - Posted By: Administrator nm


Anybody use Flashtype Expander - Posted By: Hope

If so how do you like it? 

Anyone have any feedback - Posted By: Lucy

on the suggestion to slow down and listen ahead.  Not only do I have trouble doing it, but is seems fruitless, as so many of my dictators change their minds several times and other such nonsense. 

I would love to hear from those who have tried (or continue to make it work) and any suggestions or thoughts on it.


VISTA - Posted By: who knows

Are there any companies out there that are using VISTA yet?  I am still using XP and that is all that my company uses - just wondering with microsoft going straight to VISTA at the end of June if anyone knew of companies that were already using it.?  Thanks

Emergency question for brilliant computers techs. sm - Posted By: searching

I just had a weird experience with my computer.  The screen looked like it was shaking.  I thought it was in Word at first, but the desktop was doing this also.  It was like a wavy line was going down the screen, part of it would jump a little bit, then below it some more would jump.  It was almost like a wave pattern to the side, I could see the edges of the screen moving in and out.  I thought I saw this yesterday once or twice, but decided it was my eyes.  It wasn't, this was definitely real.  It lasted for approximately a minute.  Is this something to worry about?  TIA. 

My boss asked me to think about taking on a pain clinic. Can anyone tell me sm - Posted By: Nervous

if they have done it in the past?  Is it easy?  Interesting?  Are the reports normally long or short?


Today's my Mom's birthday. What do you get for someone - Posted By: Need ideas.

who has everything and needs nothing?  I'm never sure which books she has read or not.  She likes to pick out her own clothing.  She has plenty of flowers and plants.  She already has tons of stinky candles and bath stuff.  I can't think of anything original.  Any ideas?  Thank you.

What are the dates quarterly taxes are due? - Posted By: nm TIA


Wow. So Sad!!! I am not an Idol fan at all. In fact, hardly ever watch it. But a few weeks ago sm - Posted By: Lyn

I watched Mandisa (?) sing an awesome Christian song THAT I LOVE!!! I thought she knocked it out of the park. Of course, being a secular show, Simon detested it as it probably convicted him to no end........


I wanted to actually vote for the first time since idol aired, but I just didn't that night.  I should have.  She was voted off (so I hear) because she sang a Christian song?


Sounds to me like it's the best thing that happened to her.  Must be God's way of telling her no to be an artist in the secular world.  I hope she gets a Christian label because I will be the first in line to buy her music. 


No flames please. Unless you are a Christian, you will NOT get my post.

Digital Voice Editor & Vista - Posted By: mary

Me again!  This time I installed the disk (Sony DVE v.2.4.04) and got an error message on my new computer with Vista.  I need this to hear the sound on voice files for a client I work for....  I feel like a Pioneer with Vista and transcription!   Anyone else have this and found a solution?

Update:  I went ahead and bought Office 2007 as I need Word to transcribe and also use Excel to keep track of lines and my college son needs Powerpoint!  Thanks for the help! 

Where to post....please read. - Posted By: Javabean--Moderator

We seem to have a lot of new posters, which is great.  Welcome everyone!  We also seem to be needing to move a lot of posts so others don't have to wade through them all.  So, below is a general outline of where to post what. 


Main:  Questions/comments regarding MT work. 

Gab:  Things to chat about, games to play, etc. 

Company:  Questions/comments regarding specific companies. 

Medquist:  Posts pertaining to MQ or between MQ employees.

Word:  Help with terminology, words, s/l. 


That about covers the main ones.  Keep in mind, it's always best to post on the correct board because when we move the post, you may lose some good responses. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

QA question: Just started new job. Was told to type numerals for everything. Received a - Posted By: Meezer

correction from "three-port catheter system" to "3-port catheter system."  So typed it with the numeral next time.  Received it back again from another QA person and told to type it three-port.  So which is correct?  I have also always typed figure-of-eight, so now that would be figure-of-8 by the 1st person's standards.  Looks funny to me. 

Input please.......


Unlimited Long Distance - Posted By: Siren

AGGHH!!  Can anyone assist me with a question in regards to unlimited long distance through Verizon?   I am new to at-home transcription.  I have been hired by a service under IC status.  The service requires unlimited long distance.  I have two questions.  Will I be on the phone my entire shift of 8 hours a day?  The other question is about Verizon unlimited long distance, which is what I would be using as this is the phone service I have now.   I have read on the forum that they have Verizon unlimited long distance for $20 to $30 a month.  I thought I had this set up with Verizon, only to have them send me a notification letter indicating that I had not chose a plan, and that I would be charged 40 cents a minute!  Now, that is approximately $1000 a month -- YIKES!!!  I called and was told that I would be charged anything over their cap of 5000 minutes.  If I am on the phone my full shift I will be at approximately 9600 minutes a month, leaving me 4600 minutes to pay.  Does this sound right?  

Putting things in perspective... - Posted By: kyradmt

I was talking (actually complaining) about the usual MQ stuff with someone in the office when I noticed they weren't laughing and/or sympathizing with me like they normally do. I asked her if something was wrong and she said she lost a friend. I stupidly thought she meant work-related fighting and said "Another cat fight?" to which she replied "No, my best friend was killed yesterday in Iraq by the roadside bomb." Talk about feeling VERY VERY small....but it put everything back into perspective for me. I am so fortunate in so many ways...

Spell Check - Posted By: Moving along

When you see you have not capped something or similar, do you correct it as you go or leave it for when you run spell check?

I have noticed I do a lot of correcting as I go, and I think I don't trust spell check will catch it (as I have noticed it will sometimes miss extra spaces). 

I believe this is slowing me down and wondering how you all handle it.  ?


training school to produce quality transcriptionists using something like HPI's CD and cassettes.  I have purchased several from different transcriptionists and I wonder if anyone has ever attempted to start a training program.  I know the local colleges are going to come after me in every way they can just to prevent me from infringing on their multi-million dollar Transcriptionist training, but they teach them and charge them for soooo very much that transcriptionists do not need, and they stretch their programs out for two years.  I already have a transcription service with 6 employees, but want to expand and I have just interviewed about 8 applicants who knew absolutely nothing about the meds we use now, and especially about the AAMT guidelines about not using q.d., q.i.d. q.h.s. etc.  One woman had been seeking a position for a year, but everyone in our area wants "experience."   She is a very fast learner, intelligent, and I only have to tell her things once.....but after a two-year college, making the Dean's List, I am training her!!  I want to start the "training" school cuz as it is now, I am doing it for free, just so I can get an excellent, long-term employee...  Has anyone every tried doing this and did the colleges really come after you with lawyers?  How can I term it, charge for it, but not require a "teaching license" so I do not get in trouble?  I am clueless on this, want to be careful not to step on toes, but am very tired of training students who graduate for free.  Feel free to email me if you need to...... PLEASE HELP ME!!! 

Dermatology - Posted By: TD

Any good websites to help with new dermatology account?

Do you put "License xxxxx" on a SOAP note for signature title? - Posted By: MTToo

I am typing up a SOAP note template for a new PT.  He gave me his credentials, plus his "number," which is his license number for his signature title.  He did not say to put License in front of the number, but I think it looks funny without it. Has anyone ever done this before?  Is it appropriate to put the word "License" before the number?  He is away from the office, otherwise I would ask him myself.   

Thank you!  

Please help on Gab board!! - Posted By: TIA (nm)



New computer, getting set up, what about email from cable? - Posted By: Questions

I have a new Dell computer, finally came, having set up but wondering, I have charter cable and will I need to get Charter over to do the email or can a person installing my computer do that for me? Anyone have something similar? The reason I am getting it done for me is I need to get the cable checked out as far as connection issues and then thought if cable guy needs to do both, then after the computer ready to go can kill those 2 birds with that 1 stone. TIA

Has anyone received a personal loan lately? - Posted By: See inside

I had unexpected expenses and had to get a small one from HSBC.  Here are the questions I was asked:

Do you have medical insurance?  If so, what are the deductibles for hospital stays, office visits.

Do you have life insurance and if so, how much?

Do you have disability ins and if so, how much?

What is your home owner's insurance deductible?

What is car insurance deductible?

Who are your insurance carriers?

I do not recall these types of questions.  I ended up buying 10/mo insurance coverage which includes disability and life insurance...for $2600.  I am 48.

Is this new? 


Perhaps some of you could satisfy my curiosity about doing IC work.  Hope these questions are answerable - I'll just ask the best I can.  If I were to take a job as a contractor off the board is it usually set up so that it would last for a while.  And then perhaps if I got 2 or 3 of them then I woulld be able to make a living by putting a few of them together?  I did that years ago (in 1982).  I typed for 3 doctors at their respective offices.  Since things are so different now, am wondering how it all works.  I am sick and tired of rigidity.  I got an offer for a co. as an employee but before even starting was getting the willies about the rigid rules and schedules.  Just thinking about it makes me a nervous wreck.  I want to be an independent contractor and work steady/long-term and enough hrs.  - about 35 a week - to make a living .  Also, has anyone used ifreelance.com?  Looks interesteing.   Any thoughts anyone?    Thanks in advance!!



VIRUS!!!! - Posted By: Amanda

Someone please help me.  I have a virus obviously that is blocking all access to the internet.  Even when I try to pull up my email, it says that is has a problem and it wants me to buy stuff - obviously, my boyfriend did not know that you never click anything when you get those messages and now I have serious trouble.  It appears as though it is a windows product (which I am sure it is not).  Can somebody give me someway, somehow to get it gone? 

taylor hicks - Posted By: american idol withdrawal

It seemed strange not to be able to watch AI this week.  Just saw Taylor on the Today show-I love him!!!!  By the way, does anyone know about the black bracelet that he wears on his left wrist?  I noticed it when he was on AI and he still had it on today.  

gross line and character line - Posted By: Lisa

I am an IC currently doing one doctor who pays me by the hour but I will be starting another doctor soon and he will be dictating differently so I was going to charge him per line.  What is the difference of charging gross lines or per 65 character line?

Home deed question. sm - Posted By: Undecided

Hubby and I are moving to a house. I have reservations about putting my name on deed, which I would care not to go into. Don't know if I'm giving away any rights or not to house.

Wonder what are pros and cons if I put name on deed versus if I do not. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Radiology specific CMT - Posted By: How do I become one?

How can I become a CMT which is radiology specific?  Do I contact AAMT?  It is my hope that the focus of the test is primarily on radiology and anatomy as I have been out of the other fields for such a long time, it would be impossible to pass the test (I have heard the standard CMT test is quite difficult, is this true?).

Thank you and Happy Holidays Inspite of It All!!!! 


If you had to do it again... - Posted By: pollster

would you still become an  MT?  What occupation would you choose?