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grammar - Posted By: quite confused

I just got a correction back from the company I work for telling me the following sentence is incorrect:  "He stated he would contact me should he wish to pursue more aggressive treatment, specifically, steroid injection or surgical treatment."  They are telling me it should be "more aggressively treatment."  Would someone please help me out here?  Thanks!! 

Earphone adapter for C-phone - Posted By: homt

I know this has probably been asked before but I did not find much info. I need a two prong adapter for the C-phone. Does anybody knows where to get that? Does Radio Schack has those? I was used to regular earphones and know I am having to use a C-phone.

Any help is appreciated.

How do you handle burnout as MT? Any - Posted By: Wannie

suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've only been doing this for 7-1/2 years and I've about had it with all the junk.

To RockinMT...am curious..what version of ExSpeech are you working on? - Posted By: Anon

I think they are up to 7.5 now.  Just wondering if you are working on an older version.  According to Nuance, the new version is supposed to be better.  I have not tried it myself but am about to and need input on it.  Thanks!

Bayscribe spellchecker - Posted By: OldMT

My spellchecker is not correcting.  When it stops on a word, I will correct it and submit but when I go back to look at the report the word is still spelled wrong.  Anybody know how to fix that?  Have never had a problem with it before. 

How do you get paid? - Posted By: Amy

I have been checking into a company as a potential employer.  They pay based on your lph averaged out over the pay period, not on a per shift basis.  They also have certain lph milestones where you get a bit more per line, but you basically have to constantly maintain that lph amount (or above) in order to get any increase.  It does not matter if you maintain it for a pay period.  It has to be ongoing to get any increase. 

Knowing that these companies often have endless numbers of dictators and ESLs, it seems unfair to not pay based on each day's work, and especially unfair not to get that little pay increase for the specific line count marker when the average is such for a whole pay period.   

For those who work for MTSOs, Is this a common way to pay employees? 

What are the benefits of IC status? nm - Posted By: sm


Steak and gravy recipe...sm - Posted By: Aunt Bea

I have eye of round and want to make a steak and gravy dish!!!!!!!!! Any recipes?  I have never made this before and I am not good with cooking meat, mine is always tough as shoe leather.  What is the secret to tender meat?

Line counting - Posted By: D

I have yet to find a decent line counting program.  What does everyone else use? Do you count a line as 65 characters or 55 and with or without spaces?


to poster below who is talking about working an 8 hour shift - Posted By: sm

I just read your posts and they are really bothersome.  Why just because someone asks how to achieve 1000 lines in 3 or 4  hours would you flame them like that?  Why would you assume that person would want to work less than 8 hours just because they asked that question?

Most people, especially MTs, want to make the most of their time whether it be 3 hours or 8 hours.  Most MTs want to be productive since that is how we make our living.  Why wouldn't anyone with a brain want to increase their line count from 1000 lines in 8 hours to 2000 lines in 8 hours if they could? 

I think it is a shame that so many get mad and become rude to others because they are doing more than them.  They are sharing their advice on how to become quicker and I wish that you would just let them do it for the rest of us! 

I mean, if you want to work 8 hours and make squat go ahead.  The rest of us would like to bring in the cash and double our speed and work the same amount of time thank you!

Can't type with a broken ankle? - Posted By: Righthanddominant

Can't believe I am this right sided!  I have a broken ankle (right) and can't seem to coordinate my left foot on the pedal with my hands on the keyboard!  I know this will pass, but it sure is wierd!!!!

MT ain't the only field overstaffed and getting snarky... - Posted By: KYradMT


I have a technical question. On my toolbar when - Posted By: Confused

I click on any of the categories (File, Edit, View, Tools or Help), instead of getting my dropdown menu I get a trasparent square.  If I drage my mouse down, then the titles appear but you can see the screen under them.  The same thing happens on Outlook Express.  (I have Windows XP).  The only one that shows the regular dropdown menus is Favorites.  This just started today.  Has anyone had a similar thing happen or know what to do about it?  Thanks.

Anybody else have what I call Freight Train Flu? - Posted By: FTF survivor :)

I call it  FTF (Freight Train Flu) because it hits you all of a sudden like a Freight Train. Not to worry it's definitely an "Express."  Whew!

It's intestinel. I started feeling really tired and just plain yucky at 4:00 p..m. yesterday.I'm thinking "okay, Christmas stress, right?"  By 5:00 my temp was 101. Chills fever, stomach cramps, aches and pains. 

The good news is, I put myself to bed at 5:00 p.m. and though I was a little wobbly this morning, I'm feeling almost normal. I managed to work my shift and I'm headed out for the old "last minute" items.

Choo choo.

Has anyone tried Hoodia. - Posted By: b

This is a new diet supplement that comes from an African plant and is supposed to help you lose weight by killing food cravings. Has anyone out there tried it and have you had any success.

Just talked to offshore customer service - Posted By: GGGGRRRRR

I just got off the phone to my CC company. The sales rep that answered had no accent but on a hunch I asked where she was located and after much hesitation, she replied she was in the Phillipines.  I told her I wanted to speak to a rep. in the US.  She put me on hold and a few seconds later returned, asking me why.  I told her I was totally against offshoring.  Once again I was put on hold and after a long wait, her supervisor got on the line.  This was a male with no accent so to be sure I asked him where he was located and again, the answer was the Phillipines.  I told him I wanted to speak to a US rep.  He asked why and I told him I was against offshoring.  He said it was not possible to tranfer me to a US rep.  I explained that I had made this same requist before and had been transferred but he said it was not possible this time.  I told him I will email the company and try to get a US phone number that way.  I will let you all know what happens.  I am so angry I could spit.

Have you ever had most of the text in - sm - Posted By: Flibertygibbit

one of your My Documents files in your PC just plain VANISH?  I had a spelling reference file I'd built over many months just plain disappear, except for just a couple of lines.  It's so WEIRD!  I've done a search of the hard drive, checked the Recycle Bin, etc.  But it's nowhere to be found. I hadn't backed it up because it was still a relatively new file for me, and there was more I wanted to add to it first.

So my question is this:  Is there a way to retrieve or restore an apparently "lost" file? 

Hand pain - needing to cut back lines per week. Anyone else done this? - Posted By: Sore hands

I have so much hand and wrist pain from all this typing.  I only do 5000-6000 lines per week and that is torture.  By the end of the week I have slowed down so badly it is ridiculous.  I think I am going to have to cut way back before I trash my hands and wrists for good.  Has anyone else had this problem and cut back on MT work?  I'm trying to think of other jobs I could do for a few hours a day to make up the difference ($$)that don't involve typing. 

Verbatim radiology. Should I not punctuate when punctuation is clearly indicated? - Posted By: When are there exceptions?

Should I leave it up to the doctors to add their punctation for this verbatim account?  Not putting commas around the word "however" is driving me crazy!

Setback for EMR - Posted By: Tada

Great article on new VA security breach.  Down at the bottom they tie it in with Obama's hope for EMR, with a "whoops, not so fast!" slant.  I'd love to know what MT company had this on their watch also. 



Anyone know where Mary Patterson (of YOG) - Posted By: is these days? nm


Lanier LX-219-1 VoiceWrite Stations - Posted By: wafa

Used but working in an excelent way! 
This Lanier VoiceWrite EX Digital Transcriber comes complete with LX-219-1 EX Transcriber with the "Sharp" Brand Large Display, LX-547 VTI Modem, Lanier LX-055-7 Foot Pedal, Lanier Power Supply, Digital Terminal Block, Connecting Cables, Dictation Headset and Complete User & Programming Instructions. The "SHARP" brand Large Display has a Green Background with Black Text.

Asking for 250 and will be free shipping to you!!


need help finding MS word - Posted By: misswebster

Hey ya'll, just found that I need Microsoft Word either 2002 or 2003 in order to start my new job doing VR.  I cannot seem to find this anywhere, nobody is selling it anymore.  I found one copy on ebay so far - does anyone else know of another website or how I could obtain this?  I was really looking forward to this job, I am in desperate need.  I am not the fastest MT in the world but I think one of the most accurate - was hoping VR might be a good fit for me.

Thanks so much for any help.  Love, Cindy

Asking for Microsoft Key - Posted By: Janice

Trying to use my microsoft office and it is asking for the key? Where do I find that?

weimaraners - Posted By: dls

If anyone owns one of these wonderful dogs, I need some advise about personality,etc.  I was given a 2-yo male Weimaraner about 4 months ago.  I have had big dogs all my life, but this personality is so much different then what I am used to.  Any help would be appreciated.

Sloooow talkers - Posted By: MslaMT

This doctor just took 40 minutes to talk 3 pages worth of dictation...even on chipmunk speed it took me 44 minutes to type it up. 

What is the correct way? - Posted By: Tabatha

Being a nurse I have always charted/documented carcinoma in situ as CIN-I, CIN-II, CIN-III, etc.  Is this the same way when transcribing reports?  I know it was this way at one time but now with the change in the numbers rule per AAMT would we now transcribe this as CIN-1, CIN-2, CIN-3, etc.?

Thanks in advance,


I need ideas for how to get kids to not ring the doorbell tonight after....sm - Posted By: Ms Manners

the light is off on the porch and it's getting late, i.e. after 9 p.m.   It amazes me the # of kids .... and adults... who don't use good common sense about trick-or-treating and ignore the usual "lights on means ok to knock/ring, lights off means go away/no goodies" rules that have been around for decades. 

I'm thinking about turning on the lawn sprinkler close to the front door - but some idiots would probably just run through it.

In the past I've put the dog out on her tie-out in the front yard and that scares some away, but the people that my dog knows get by her by just petting her because she knows them.

What are your plans/recommendations?

Any 20+year MT's here? - Posted By: bizzytypist

and may I ask how many cpl you make?  I work at home for Radiology for the Hospital at hourly pay, and on the side make 8 cpl for a local account typing urology, worker's compensation and psych notes.  For weekend work I posted my resume and got a few job offers, but all imply that I'm OVER-qualified!!!  In searching these boards I just feel sad that we aren't appreciated anymore--or this is just my experience, of course.  My boss for my FT job already mentioned she would keep me on if only a few MT's were needed to Edit reports (the wave of the future?).  I love this profession; just feel sad I'm not getting paid what I'm worth.    Still want a weekend job/part-time but more than 8 cpl!

Internet speed requirement for Chartnet? - Posted By: Ja Ja

My company is in the process of moving to Chartnet and are saying the optimum internet speed is 3000 Kbs upload, 600 Kbs download. At best, I get 1200 Kbs upload, 400 Kbs download,but often less. I have no other internet options where I live. Am I going to have a lot of problems? Thanks in advance.

How to I insert text from a document into shorthand? I know I have to - Posted By: Boo2

highlight what I want to insert, but I cannot remember the keys for insertion.  TIA!

MT mentoring email network - Posted By: Bloggin' Momma

Hello, I was curious if anyone out in MT land would be interested in starting a new MT mentoring program with me. I'm not advertising or anything like that, I just have an idea that I would like to have a sort of email network that new MTs (or experienced ones too) might be able to email me their question and I would have a group of MTs I could email the question out to who could respond if they knew the answer. Does that make sense? This would be a free service just to help fellow MTs out.

I think this is something that would be invaluable to new (or old) MTs because I remember being a newbie at home and being sort of lost in space as it were.  If you are interested you can email me.

***E-mail address removed by Moderator. 

My Norton's just blocked a browser exploit with a high security risk... - Posted By: SM

just now when I entered the main board forum here on MTSTars.  I would like to know what that is all about! 

MT stars board - Posted By: Curious

is this owned by an MTSO or just who is it owned by?

Work At Home Problems - Posted By: mtstudent

There was a thread a while back about working at home. There was great advice in that thread. I'm trying to find it! I'm having problems with people calling, knocking, ect. I live in an apartment. I can only afford one phone line. I hate to change it and cut my friends/family off but they do not respect that I am working. (I take calls for a virtual call center so I have to answer!) Thank you!

TEEN PROBLEMS - Posted By: tia

I wish I had all boys!  How do you deal with a teenage girl who continues to lie about everything.  Sweet in your face one minute and the next thing you know it is all a lie.  It is so devastating every time it happens.  It breaks my heart.  We have even tried counseling.  This is a girl who has everything going for her.  She's beautiful, talented beautiful voice (college scholarships), athletic and top student.  She draws trashy boys like flies and tries to hide the relationship from us because she knows we will disapprove.  Daddy teaches at the same high school so it is hard on them both.  Him, because what she does reflects on him and the little respect he gets from his students and her, because I know it has to be hard having Daddy around all the time.  But she has not earned our trust.  There has been one incident after another for four years (She is a junior in high school).  Just when we begin to trust just a little, we find something else.  Last night while we were at a meeting, she had a "boyfriend" whom we do not approve of, come to our house.  How she got her little brother to keep quiet I don't know but I will find out.  (He is the worst secret keeper.) 

My husband and I are struggling financially to provide the things she needs to further her talent and school activities and functions.  The latest is giving up things we usually do for Christmas to buy her a used vehicle.  Now, after this latest stunt I can't justify it or trust her enough to let her get into to go anywhere.

Thanks for letting me vent.  Anyone have any advice?

Anyone here use one of those little earphone thingies, Bluetooth (?), for phone? For conference - Posted By: calls, etc? How do you like it? nm


Is there a way to copy Shorthand program from one computer - Posted By: MI-MT

to another when I do not have the disk anymore?  Any help appreciated.  I recently bought a new computer and am looking to install my ShortHand on that computer.

IC and line count - Posted By: icmt

I am thinking about taking an IC position for a company that does radiology. The only thing I am worried about is on the platform you are not able to see your line count. I am just wondering if anyone has worked as an IC and put their trust in the company to make sure the line count is correct. Not so sure about this. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks

What is a C-machine? - Posted By: Shananon Roberson

What is a C-machine?

Wasn't there a post on here about letting companies having you banking information - Posted By: should we beware of this?


Internet connection - Posted By: MQ for now

Does anybody use ATT/SBC DSL?  If so, how is it?

I have Insight (cable), and I have a problem with no internet connections at least once every 2 weeks and thinking about switching.



Two hours of dictation.... - Posted By: Curious

Hi, Can anyone give me an estimate of how long two hours worth of dictation might take to type?  This will be a meeting type format.  I typically only type reports so this is something new to me and not sure of what to expect.  Can anyone offer insight into my question?  Thank you


? TCI Company - Posted By: fncfingers

Still wondering?  Anybody out there know anything about this TCI Company?

Line counts and Fonts? - Posted By: Just Curious

I have a clinic account that has asked me to use Bookman Old Style font with a 10-pitch for the text using a 65-character line counter with spaces. Does the pitch size (i.e. 10 versus 12) affect how many characters are on a line? If so, should I be charging more for 10 pitch versus 12 pitch?! I am rather confused by this whole topic. I thought if you were counting spaces and characters, that the pitch does not matter? Any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA

dragon naturallly speaking software - Posted By: nn

does anyone know if this can be used with docuscribe platform? 

anybody use RIS and Winscribe in tandem - Posted By: romey

I have been using these programs now for 8 months and I like them, but I need to know how to work some of the functions better, so as to minimize mouse use, starting to have a sore mouse wrist. I know they can be mouse free as a lot of the functions have the alt letter underlined and I use those, but there are a few functions I don't know how to.

ZyloMed - Posted By: Deb

Can anyone tell me anything about ZyloMed. I have been approached to work for them but really cannot find any info about the company. Do they really have lots of work, pay well, and has good contact with their MTs?

need ideas - Posted By: in a slump

You know, I go on this board and I read where people are typing 400 to 500 lines per hour, and they make $40 to $50 an hour (okay that was one post, but I've seen others that are semi-comparable in recent times).  I have been doing this for 7 years and I STILL average only 250 to 300 lines per hour and top maybe $23 an hour (at 9 cpl w/spaces).  And this is with doctors I've been typing for 2 or 3 years now!   Would someone please tell me what I'm not doing completely right?  I use a word Expander (Instant Text), and I have macros, but apparently I'm still not quite "getting it."  Any suggestions would be so very much appreciated. 

Anybody know of any good sites for surgical term reference? nm - Posted By: AH