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DocQscribe Platform and Medical Spellchecker. - Posted By: Elsie

I absolutely hate the spell check on DocQScribe and wondered if any one knows if it is possible to get another spell checker to work with it. I have Sylvan Software's Medical Spell Checker and love it in Word. I also have their Shortcut word Expander and that works in the platform automatically. It would make my life so much easier if I could get the spell checker to work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Need kind strangers again! - Posted By: Irish

Hi! Happy New Year to Everyone!

I am again relying on the kindess of strangers. I have so often asked for help on this board and have not been disappointed. In fact, I have been overhwhelmed with kind responses.

I am getting better with my Expanders and am achiving more lines on a daily basis..............thanks to many people here.

I have IT and have 2 questions however:

Anyone familiar with IT knows expansions are by 1st letter. How  do I  handle duplicates such as: has been working, had been working etc. Is each chosen indvidually by line or do you put something different in to differentiate?

I also just realized that letters can subsitite for numbers. Can anyone share how they choose between 4 (f), 5 (f), 2 (t), 3(t) etc? The double digits such as 40, 50 etc really baffle me.

Thanks again to all who have helped me in the past. Although my medical skills are fine, I am still working on my expansion skills and am not sure where I would be without the help on this board.

Thanks again!




HELP! What type of MT Equipment should I buy? - Posted By: STEPHANIE STARLING

I am only a recent MT graduate, and I would really like to hear from an experienced Transcriptionist as to what type of transcription equipment you use most.  I am a little overwhelmed and don't want to purchase digital equipment if Drs don't even really do digital...any advice would be a huge help!

Editing 3rd world work - Posted By: sm

I just edited two jobs that were typed in the Middle East. There is NO WAY anyone can truthfully claim these people will make fair MTs, never mind good ones and to say nothing of great one.  And the foreign owned companies think it will be possible to send this type of work straight to the facility without US ED??


Simply leave out the language.   Goldbird

Ideas for 18 yo daughter's birthday? - Posted By: tyvm

She is graduating this year and going off to college in the fall. I know she doesn't need knick-knacks. I want to give her something special.

C-phone access code ?? sm - HELP! - Posted By: Margaret

I bought a C-phone from E-bay.  When dialing a number, I get a message telling me I must use the "access code."  I am sure this is something that was put in there by the previous owner(s).  Can someone tell me how to "erase" this directive or clear the machine? 

DOE - Posted By: KATHY

What does DOE mean in regards to getting paid.  I have seen a couple of ads who say they pay DOE.  Never heard of this term.

I type a lot of letters, would Dragon 10 Preferred be something that would work well? - Posted By: MT'ing ...kind of

Does anyone know if the Dragon 10 Preferred would work for just typing letters?  I was thinking of investing in that product but worry that it may be a complete waste.  Anyone hear or experience this particular product? 

What do you do if you totally don't agree with - Posted By: the way the QA/MTSO transcribes?

I'm having a difficult time with a new account.  There are many things that are being changed when I know I'm right.  I even reasearch and can verify why I do what I do.

What would you do in this situation?  I'm going crazy.  I'm having a hard time because I can't do something I know isn't correct regarding grammer, medical term spelling, etc.

Help...I'm so frustrated.

Heartland - Posted By: Cher

I have read the board on Heartland and was wondering if there is anyone out there that likes this company?

How do you handle your mistakes? - Posted By: qtxan

I am an IC and for the past 5 years have worked for the same doc.  He still uses tapes so I deliver on a daily basis.  I already load the work on his PC and make sure the pages line up etc. and do not get paid extra.  I also convert some reports from WP to Word and e-mail to him at no extra charge.  Now he starts calling me after I leave the clinic and expect me to either turn-around and come fix the mistakes/changes (15 minutes later) or I must wait in his office until he is finished with a patient consult, can go through the work to check for mistakes/changes for me.  The mistakes range from doctor's names misspelled (workmen's comp with lots of different doc names, impossible to search and find as no clue where the doc is located) or template changes etc. and sometimes silly mistakes which is totally my mistake.  Am I fair in stating that I do not mind doing the corrections when I return the next day but that I cannot wait around in his office for him as he does not pay me for that and I will also not turn around after I have left the office to go back when they call me? How do all of you handle this type of situation? 


Instant Text expander..Does anyone know if it works with Bayscribe? sm - Posted By: curious

and how expensive it is?  I currently use ShortHand but reading some of the posts below feel I might be interested in trying Instant Text.  Do you know if I would be able to transfer my Shorthand abbreviations into Instant Text?  Thanks for your help!

transcription buddy versus express scribe - Posted By: cardiomt

Which one is better?


Thank you so much, I lost a days work not knowing how to do it as the account requires indented numbers. 

DAC phone speaker question - Posted By: Anna

I am currently using a DAC phone for a new account.  It is brand new.  I have plugged the headset in and yet, sound is still heard through the loudspeaker on the phone.  I have hit every button on the phone and nothing seems to turn it off.  Does anyone know I can keep the sound from being broadcasted?  Thanks!

Need opinions please - Posted By: Dana

Does anyone use software for transcription that has the automatic faxing and e-mailing so the doctor's office doesn't have to pay staff to do this? 

Was it expensive for you to buy - does the vendor charge you a per line fee or any fee for this - is it easy for you to use - and do you feel that the doctors like this kind of software and its faxing and emailing of transcripts to referring physicians functions?  Also, do you have names of companies you could give so that I could possibly check into this?  I am currently using a phone-in system but I thought an automatic faxing software would draw in prospective doctor clients. 

Any opinions, good and bad, are welcomed.   Thank you.

Yawning - Posted By: Michelle

Do you yawn when the doctor does?  I always do! Especially if I have to rewind and play again to understand what they said!

Regarding the Forum Matrix boards - Posted By: MT3

I have often read and posted things that now don't belong on the main board because I like to hear what other MTs have to say.  I like other MTs and I trust their opinions because we are in the same line of work.  I don't post on the Forum Matrix boards because they don't seem to be MTs.  Maybe I'm wrong.  JMHO.

have your kids gone back to school yet? if so, where are you at... - Posted By: sm

if not, when do they go back and where are you at?  This is strictly out of curiosity, everyone, no ulterior motives here! I'm in GA and mine went back yesterday...think it's WAY too early to go back.  They were only out for nine weeks!

Anyone work for Proveros.com? - Posted By: RoxanneD

I  have receieved an email from their recruiter and have not found anything on this site regarding this company, but not certain of the companies actual name - can anyone help me out here?

Anyone with their or Rad accounts?sm - Posted By: tpmt

What is the general turn-around time on radiology and what is the average line rate charge?  I have my own accounts and I have one that has been a great account for me (10 years) which is a mixture of hospital and radiology.  I can't really say I worked part time because I average about 5-6 hours a day but some days total work time only adds up to about 3-4 hours but takes all day waiting for radiology for a certain doctor and they generally like the reports back as soon as he is finished which could be anywhere from noon to 4 o'clock because he stops and starts so much.  Sorry for the venting, but I have other accounts now I could be working instead of sitting around waiting for him to decide to get off the phone.  I hate going back and forth to accounts for hook up reasons.  What I need to know is the average turn-around time for radiology, thinking that I will just start another account for an hour or two before starting back up with this radiology account.

Christmas - Posted By: Pat

Thanks, Sheri, for your uplifting message. It is, after all, CHRISTmas--not Happy Holidays like so many merchants around here are saying. It seems that they are benefiting from all the customers purchasing CHRISTmas gifts, don't you think?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!

Urgent question regarding BOS guidelines!! PLEASE sm - Posted By: Testing MT

I'm testing for several jobs right now that will offer the full-time status I desperately need to support my family.

The last job I had didn't follow BOS guidelines and I as advised by a few MTs to follow these guidelines when formating the body of the test reports.  I do not own this book nor do I know anyone that has it.   Are there any online resources that I can refer to for some of the more common guidelines?

I need all the help I can get and want to thank those willing to take a moment to help a fellow MT out!! 

God Bless!

other MT message boards - Posted By: your opinion?

I was just wondering how many of you go to other MT message boards and if this is your favorite.  I have lots of them posted on my favorites but this is the only one I check every day.  Once in a while I might check the others but I'm usually bored after a few minutes.  How about the rest of you? 

Transcribing Report Of Family Member - Posted By: Alice in Wonderland

I am wondering what the proper protocol would be if I ever came across a report that was dictated on one of my family members. 

I just started doing transcription for a hospital in a really small town--the ONLY hospital in that town--and it just happens to be the same town were most of my family lives.  I know myself well enough to know that I won't break any rules of confidentiality.  However, is there anything in the *laws of transcription* that say I legally am not allowed to transcribe reports dictated on relatives??

I am afraid to ask my supervisor this question, as I really like this account and don't want her taking me off of it.  It's chopped full of *standards* and the line count/pay just doesn't get any better than this.

MT becoming RAD TECH - Posted By: hanging on a little longer

I have heard MTs switching over to nursing, coding/billing, but has anyone else considered training for Radiology Technology.  I was considering this but found out the course work is very intense for 2-3 years while working in the hospital as an intern.  Can't do it now but still considering it in the future.  I hear the demand is only growing in this field and can't see it being outsourced. 

MTSO on the internet - Posted By: Kimberly

I don't know if I can ask this here, but are there any MTSO's that are over the internet?  I live in Iowa.  I work for a national right now, have worked as an IC in the past.  Thinking about going back to IC.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

About Amphion, it is unfortunately - Posted By: sm

their practice to harp about working mandatory OT and then suddenly there is no work.  I will never work OT for them again  They always overhire, too!

File Transfer Questions - Posted By: Wireless Transcribing

I work with C-phone for dictation - internet for transcription. Is it possible to dial into the C-phone and transfer the voice to a file on the computer, simulating voice file. All suggestions for software conversions available, would be greatly appreciated. Please email to aloha2@yaho.com.

I saw a job posting today that wants the applicant to submit.... - Posted By: bewilderedMT

a bid per line.  Have any of you ever heard of that?  Would you have any advice as to how to bid for the job with having almost nine years of experience in orthopedics?  I have been paid various line counts over the years, all with different formulas.....any suggestions?


why are some of you women so cruel? - Posted By: seriously

There comes a point where we all kind of need each other, when we realize that for the most part, men are big dumb animals who do not know how to "be" there, which is what we essentially need.  You as a female should be understanding and supportive when another one says how she is struggling as a "single mom."  Women are so hateful towards each other when we're the only ones who make any sense on this planet!  I know I sound like a man hater, but men can only do so much, and for those things I have a plumber and a maintenance man!  Come on what happened to sisterhood!

Soft Script and Accustat - Posted By: Wondering

I am busting my hump trying to learn SS (I am a newbie with some experience but under a year) and I also am an IC for Accustat, now I have to really work for hours on end to try to get a line count for SS and on my Accustat its a nice account where I can have a line count with normal speed and hardly any ESL's

So basically here is my problem should I keep working for SS ( i have had no problems with pay, of course I don't make much of a line count) or should I just do my Accustat account and quit SS

Did I forget to mention I also have a day job....lol (My hope is to just MT and make some money someday) 

SS takes out taxes and IC does not so I going to just go with SS but reading all of these posts makes me think just do my IC job for awhile and stop working three jobs busting my but




some info on spheris...from nov 2005... - Posted By: waningMT

If you go to the site, check out the picture of the India facility (how nice it is), and the 1500 employees to be hired there, if not already, as this was from Nov 2005.

What a company, huh? It is like it is there GOAL to take over all transcription, and ship it to India for cheap labor. They are the 'walmart' of MT...

Friday, 11/25/05
Spheris hopes boomers help it become tops in industry

Medical transcription company adding second office in India to help with expected work increase. By TODD PACK

Staff Writer

Taking note of the aging population's need for more health care and a marketplace that is wildly fragmented, Spheris Inc. is taking aim at becoming the country's largest medical transcription company.

With the oldest wave of baby boomers about to turn 60, the number of checkups, outpatient surgeries and hospital stays is going to rise steadily over the next few years, so there's likely to be more doctors' notes to transcribe, said Steve Simpson, president and chief executive of the privately held company.

Doctors often need their recorded notes written out in a matter of hours, even in the middle of the night, so last month the Franklin-based company said it would increase the size of its work force by about a third.

Of the 1,700 people it planned to hire, 700 would be based in a new office in the southern India city of Coimbatore. It already has offices in the larger city of Bangalore.

Simpson said recently that the decision to open a second facility in India was more about making it easier for Spheris to offer its services 24 hours a day and less about saving any money on salaries. When it's midnight in Williamson County, for example, it's 11:30 a.m. in Bangalore.

"The goal, really, is just to lead the market," Simpson said.

Spheris wouldn't disclose earnings, but Inc. magazine this month named Spheris the country's fastest-growing health-care IT company, listing its revenue as $152.7 million. Spheris was 16th on the magazine's overall list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies, with three-year growth of 2,710.8%.

Created two years ago when Total eMed, a Franklin-based provider of electronic medical transcription services, bought the larger EDiX, based in St. Petersburg, Fla., Spheris is the country's second-largest medical transcription company after Medquist Inc., a publicly traded company whose shares are held mostly by the Dutch electronics giant Philips.

MedQuist hasn't reported earnings in more than two years because of a probe into its billing practices. It reported 2002 revenue of $486 million.

"In the medical transcription industry, you could range (in size) from David to Goliath," but there aren't many companies approaching the size of MedQuist and Spheris, said Elaine Olson, executive director of the Medical Transcription Industry Association, based in Chicago.

Last year, Spheris bought one of its closest competitors, Avicis Inc., for an undisclosed sum, but executives said the company doesn't plan to grow by buying smaller rivals.

Rather, it intends to grow one client at a time.

"Clearly, the best opportunity for us to grow is to grow organically," said Jim Panoff, Spheris' executive vice president. "We're telling our story, which is a story of partnership, which is a story of balancing service and technology to create a solution."

Doctors dictate their medical notes by phone or computer. Spheris employees download a recording of the notes from a secure Web site and transcribe the notes, which can then be printed out or added to a patient's electronic medical record.

Simpson said there's no shortage of potential customers. He estimates that companies such as Spheris provide only about 48% of all medical transcriptions, while most are still done in-house by someone on the payroll of a doctors' office, surgery center or hospital.

"I think the decision to outsource is the easiest part, because that's usually being driven by pure economics," Panoff said. "It comes down to (health-care providers asking themselves), 'Do we have the ability internally to continue to provide this service? The dollars we're spending, are they going up or going down?' "

When competing for a big hospital's business, there are usually only a handful of companies large enough to handle the account, but because so many different departments have a say in the final decision, it can take months to win a contract and weeks longer to close the deal, Panoff said.

With sales expected to keep growing, Simpson is considering taking Spheris public in a year or two.

"The focus really isn't going public," he said. "I just see that as a vehicle to really help offset some of the debt the company has incurred in its acquisition and recapitalization and give it currency for growth if acquisitions were to come up on the technology side or even the work force side."

In November 2004, two private equity investors, Warburg Pincus and Soros Private Equity, acquired ownership of the company from Parthenon Capital. Simpson and other Spheris executives also invested in the recapitalized company.

Simpson said, "There's plenty of opportunity for a company that can meet the customers' expectations and continue to improve service and turn-around time and quality."


Just typed about 5 minutes worth of dictation and the guy changes his mind completely and tells me to start ALL OVER AGAIN!  THIS IS NOT RIGHT!  I DON'T WORK FOR FREE!

Off the subject - wedding reception -sm - Posted By: Wedding guest

So the wedding season is upon us.  I went to a wedding this weekend.  It was an afternoon wedding with reception "immediately following" but it turned out the reception did not start for 1-1/2 hours after the ceremony ended.  I thought it was a bit rude to keep the guests waiting without even as much as a glass of water on the table and no announcement about where the bride/groom, bridal party was.  The reception hall was only a few miles away.  Was it just me, or was this a long time in between the wedding and the reception?

help on word board for heart battery - Posted By: please, thanks


I know this has been discussed before but how long does it take to relisten to reports that you have - Posted By: MT

typed. I know some people do that and some dont. So far I have done okay on QA but if I dont I was just wondering how much extra time per day you figure you need to relisten to reports. I usually do about 30 to 35 medium length reports acute care or 1800 to 2000 lines. What errors do you find mostly when you relisten or is it not worth the extra time it takes. Just curious.

Took EPT - said error :-( - Posted By: nm


Any legal eagles here that could help me with a situation? - Posted By: NOT MT related

My adult child passed away 6+ months ago.  She had in her possession a motorcycle with a title that was just in her name, no lein holder.  She had a receipt that says she paid $x for this motorcycle.  She had been separated from her DH at the time of her death.  My wife and I cleaned out her home at the time of her death, including said vehicle.  Since that time the person who previously owned the bike has been calling sporadically and saying that money was owed on the bike.  We've essentially not responded, don't know the person, have the clear title in my hand, what am I to think???  Now he's treatening legal action....against me I presume, although I don't even know this guy, have never met him or anything.  What legal course do you think he could have with me?  I'm not going to just hand him $$ or the bike, it's not worth as much as he says is owed to him and I have a receipt that does not say anything about more money owed. 

Anyone ever have something like this happen?  I'd listen to any opinion.

4 Beatles fans - enjoy! - Posted By: RadGuy


Anyone work two jobs at the same time? - Posted By: Medtype

I only have dial-up and it is so so slow and now the company I work for has "updated" their system which has made my downloading even slower and can only download two jobs at a time.. so now I have to sit and wait for the next job to come through.  The hours at my present job are becoming less and less flexible too and most places I have inquired about want you to put in an 8 hours shift.  My situation is that I was getting my line requirements in in about 4 1/2 hours, but now with the so slow system, I fear I will be sitting and waiting for work and I just can't stand not being productive... after all I'm not being paid to sit.  Was thinking about taking another position, working 5 minutes on one computer, switching to another and working 5 more minutes while my work downloads on the first, and back and forth.   Anyone else do this?   Can it be done?  or am I just taking on more than I can handle?    This downtime really is killing me, not just $$$, but psychologically too... I'm a Type A and I just want to Git Er done.  Any suggestions? 

PractiCount - Posted By: Me

I am trying out the PractiCount before I purchase. For some reason, I cannot get the same line counts (Office 2003 and PractiCount). I use a 65 character count in Office and when I calculate in PractiCount it is about 48 characters. I have set my options at 65. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

What is Transcription Matchmaker? - Posted By: Wanda

Is this legit or a scam?

Anyone remember your line counts per day as a newbie? - Posted By: mt

The reason I ask is because I know it takes time to get up to speed with acct specs, software, etc. but it seems like I am making really low line counts. Looking things up, etc? I wonder if I will make any money, especially w/o consistent dictators. Any info appreciated! Thanks.

expanders Smartype vs Instant Text - Posted By: anon

Stuck in a rut!!!

Lost my 2-year word-expansion dictionary and am changing jobs.   I noticed after my dictionary crashed and starting from scratch I was coming up with new abbreviations since I was in the mode of adding them back in.   Think we can get stuck in a rut and not challenge ourselves sometimes.   I have used Smartype in the past and loved it, but I am curious about Instant Text.   Anyone ever try both??????

Vxp player? - Posted By: erika

Has anyone been able to install VXP player on Vista? 

What is the difference between an acute care account and a multispecialty account??..nm - Posted By: Curious


Dictaphone C-phone - Posted By: rita wielatz

does anyone know if I can use a Dictaphone C-phone with digital phone service?  I'm moving and will have a regular phone jack and line.  thanks.



Anyone know how to erase tape with... - Posted By: dawnsun

a Lanier transcriber?  Bought it on ebay and do not see an erase function.



Wasn't there a post on here about letting companies having you banking information - Posted By: should we beware of this?