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Any suggestion for a monitor that - Posted By: Thanks!

does not cause eyestrain. It would be much appreciated.

s/l Sygris will be started. - Posted By: Please Help

Not sure if he is talking about a type of TPN or a vasopressor.  Doc is really jumping around.


New EMR system for Doctors Hospital (sm) - Posted By: Nano

I heard on the news that Doctors Hospital in Los Angeles is reopening with a new EMR system.  Then Dr. _____ [fill in appropriate name] comes on and says, yes, this will be much better and save the hospital a lot of money.  The doctors and nurses can directly input information to the laboratory and such, there will be nothing lost in translation.

Then the newscaster says, yes, this is only one of a few hospitals in the area using this sytem, but if all hospitals used this system it would save $_______.

Oh, give me a break.  I hope they have fun.  

inhealth transcription - Posted By: maybemaybenot

Does anyone who currently works for or has worked in the past for Inhealth Transcription have any pros and cons regarding this company?  Are they good to work for?  Is the work flow consistent?  Does QA give you timely and constructive feedback?  Do they pay on time?  Do they shuffle you on several accounts due to over staffing?

Any info would be greatly appreciated as I received an offer from them.

Anyone willing to share their contract ideas? - Posted By: Frustrated MT

Hey, All ~

I was wondering if there was anyone out there was was willing to share their contract verbiage for YOUR contract that your MTSO signed. There was a wonderful lady who emailed me with some great ideas, but understandably she was not willing to share her contract verbiage because she had paid a lawyer to draft it.  I totally understand that!  I was just wondering if there was anyone who had drafted their own who would share with me (identifying info could be removed, of course)

I would have money to pay a lawyer if my rackin' frackin' MTSO would pay me, but I'm still without the paycheck I was due on Monday!  Anyone who has done this themselves and who would be willing to share, PLEEEEEEASE email me with it and I will be beside myself with thankfulness.

 <--- See!  This is me being beside myself with thankfulness!


Any way to get an e-mail back after being deleted from delete folder nm - Posted By: Spring


what? - Posted By: Shawna

Following administration of captopril, a renal scan was performed one hour later with administration of "10.3 milliquery technician mag 3."

In regards to a renal vascular etiology of hypertension.

The area of question is in " ". I CANNOT for the life of me hear what she is saying or where to even begin! Sorry I have so many questions tonight!!

Does anyone have health insurance with AARP? sm - Posted By: Winnie Ruth

Have any of you older ladies used AARP health insurance?  If so, what is your opinion of it?  Is it expensive?  Do they hold pre-existing conditions against you?  Thanks!

selling snake oil? - Posted By: stilltyping

So for the second time this year, "At Home Professions" has come calling to town to give their big seminar.  The flood of calls to my house start coming in from people I barely know or hardly know about all the fame and fortune of being an MT. They are telling people they could start at 15 cpl and make 50K per year.   Are they even a real school?  I want that job! 

Nevertheless, I get the calls about how wonderful and terrific working at home is (not that it isn't, but it is hard work!), how "I listened to what they had to say and I can do that" (like it is no big deal), and basically how "easy" it is. Sigh.... I feel like I am explaining the science of building a rocket to my 5 year old who just wants to jump in and take a ride!

One space or two after a period. - Posted By: J

Which is the correct way, one space or two spaces after a period in medical transcription?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Helpful MT website!! - Posted By: bd

Hi all,

Came across this cool website for medical transcriptionists. Thought I'd share with y'all. Not sure if many of you already know of it. If not, do have a look. Found it very helpful personally.


Check out lots of great stuff for sale on the - Posted By: Classifieds board! Administrator nm


IC and line count - Posted By: icmt

I am thinking about taking an IC position for a company that does radiology. The only thing I am worried about is on the platform you are not able to see your line count. I am just wondering if anyone has worked as an IC and put their trust in the company to make sure the line count is correct. Not so sure about this. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks

Did anyone hear the full story on the news about...sm - Posted By: Casey

using your bank card as credit instead of debit and being charged $20-50 extra.   I just keep catching the tail end of the report but really want to know if I heard it right??

HELP WITH C-PHONE PLZ - Posted By: Laura

I have a C-phone dictaphone that is not taking the program key to enable my foot pedal...??  Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might get this working?

I have the headset programmed and that works, but the footpedal is not cooperating....Thank you in advance...

Ergonomics for upper back pain? - Posted By: Ouch

I have been having tremendous problems with upper back pain right between my shoulder blades and up into my neck and right shoulder for weeks now.  It makes typing just miserable.

Doc said I had brachial plexopathy, and gave me narcotics and told me to quit transcription.  Since that isn't an option -- any ideas as to how to keep from getting this excruciating pain after an hour of typing?  It goes away on weekends when I don't sit at the computer, so I'm sure it's largely related to my positioning.  I've tried to fix my posture, but sitting up completely straight hurts worse than slouching.

Share any stretches, techniques for arm positioning, etc.  I will be extremely grateful.



change spacing in a document..SM - Posted By: cc

I know I saw here a long time ago..a way to change your doc to single
space inside Word..I mean to change a typed page that has 2 spaces after periods
back to 1 space..Does anybody know how to do this. TIA

Pay per report (radiology) - Posted By: HomeMT

1. If a radiologist dictates CT abdomen/pelvis and you have to combine the reports, do you get paid for this?

2. If the radiologists read reports from another facility and the transcriptionist has to type them in the system (a different way than the regular reports), do you get paid for these?

3. If you transcribe a report dictated by someone other than the radiologist (i.e., cardiologist), do you get paid for this?

I have found that the discrepancies in my production totals have to do with all three of the above. I don't believe I am being paid for any of them.

These may be good questions to ask when discussing employment. Unfortunately, I didn't think to ask before-hand. I'll repost to let you know when I get the answers from the company.

Chocolate banana milkshakes. sm - Posted By: mlstoo

Nephrology doc had me on these twice a day when my protein and electrolytes were low.  Ice cream, 1 banana and milk, add chocolate, whip it up in the blender. I even used to throw my multivitamin in there for good measure.  Tasted so good I got addicted to them.  LOL-it was a great chocolate fix. I think you could add some peanut butter in there, too, for a different twist and it has plenty of protein. 

lawsuit - Posted By: justamushroom

I have to vent.  I asked a question a few days ago, wondering if anybody heard anything about the big MQ lawsuit.  Now we all know that this is BIG.  But, not only did I only read maybe two responses (thank you, responders) to my specific question, but I have also not heard anything from anybody ELSE on this board regarding what is up with that. 

I am wondering:  a) is it under tight wraps and hush-hush for open discussion; b) do we have damage control by MQ intercepting posts of an informational nature on this;  or c) SOMETHING ELSE? 

Sure would appreciate if someone threw us a crumb.  Thanks in advance from the mushroom crew!

Need help on Ex-Text account - Posted By: Need help on Ex-Text account

I work on 2 EX-Text accounts on different computers and one when I type it feels like I have to pound harder than the other account.  Does anyone have any suggestions? 

s/l Poke-a-mond - Posted By: toto

I have a report and it sounds like the doctor is saying poke-a-mond.  This is a psychiatric account and I not sure what this is or if this is the spelling.  I could not find it in any of my dictionaries or word books.  Can anyone help me?  Sentence - The patient has a flat affect and says that he lives with Poke-a-monds.  thanks.


Why on earth would doctors - Posted By: Dumbfounded

WANT to keep dictating in a lousy, ridiculous manner?  Apparently many do, because they continue to do so when QA has to keep leaving blanks or asking for guidance.

I simply cannot understand this.  I have one who will literally leave small phrases right out.  What does he expect us to do with that?!!? 

I'm feeling down - Posted By: and just wanted to vent. Thanks!

I work for a clinic making about $13.00 hr to work for 5 doctors and 2 nurse practioners. I have to transcribe the dictation, file all that I type into the charts (and charts are scattered anywhere and everywhere), send out all the referring physician copies (which sometimes can be 3-4 a report), and be anybody's "typist" that wants me to type whatever. Also have several other "clerical" duties the boss thinks that I should do. This is a very busy practice with around 200 patients a day. I have 30 years experience and am a CMT. I have been reduced to what I feel is "clerical" staff and my pay certainly reflects that. They constantly come in and wonder why the work is behind. I forgot to add that 4 of the 5 are "TERRIBLE" dictators that could do better but won't. I'm constantly having to find the referring physicians to type on to the report because they won't give it to me but want it typed on the note. I feel that I am giving these people their money's worth. The management will not listen to anything suggestions to make things run smoother and just want done what they want done, no matter what it means to me to do it... then they wonder why it gets behind. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but today I'm wondering, "WHY DO I DO THIS?"  Is it for the retirement plan, cause not many of the services I have checked into even give benefits. I just want to get my purse and walk out and never look back. Ever felt that way??  I feel I am a wasted talent here and always have been, but I feel that the MT field has suffered many disappointing changes over these last 30 years. I've been here at this clinic almost 20 years. Before that I worked at a hospital where I was top producer for the 11 years that I worked there. I have no one else to tell this to who would remotely understand my feelings and I appreciate your letting me sound off on this board.I just don't know what to do next and was feeling down. Thanks for listening!

Home Video to computer anyone? - Posted By: tia

Does anyone know anything about transferring home videos to computer?  When I got a digital camera I had to play with the program which came with the camera for a while before I got the hang of it.  I now have a digital video camera and trying to get the video to the computer.  I think I have a program that edits video but it asks me about a source.  All I did so far is plug the camera via USB port to the computer.  Oh, the camera did not come with any special program.  Any ideas.  Thanks.

would you all be so kind as to let me vent? sm - Posted By: un-freaking-believable

Typing a report for a female ESL doctor with an extremely thick accent. This "so called" doctor has a 35 minute report, which in actuality is probably about 7 minutes worth of actual dictation. I swear to you, this woman says "um" between every stinking word she blurts out of her mouth. In addition, she tries to form a sentence and cannot form one proper English sentence without putting the system on hold and then coming back to rephrase the sentence. In all my years, I have never heard a doctor dictate this atrociously. WHY are these doctors not required to learn basic dictation skills. Mind you, this is not a resident, but rather a doctor who I know has been in this country for some time and deals with extremely high-risk patients. You could not pay me to go to this doctor. Hey, thanks for letting me complain.

Olympus DSS system - Posted By: Wilson

I have a potential new client that is using an Olympus DSS system they tell me.  My question is can I just use Express Scribe to play these or would I need to purchase the something like the Olympus AS-400 system to play their files?


Don't even THINK about purchasing Speedtype. There are absolutely no - Posted By: Not a happy camper

medical words whatsoever and you have to add everything.  Why in the world would the AAMT support this product and not any of the others? I spent over 160.00 on this product and my productivity has increased by ZERO.

I emailed for a refund and have heard nothing. I just hope that when I go to "resell" it they allow me with their licensing regulations!

Now I have to spend an extra 200.00 for InstantText which I should have purchased in the beginning - Can you imagine? 500.00 in the hole just to find which expander is best for you??/ I am highly livid right now. 


How many MTs and MEs would be willing to have a walk out - Posted By: DESPITELY CURIOUS

If nothing is done by Oct 1st with MQ

What do American MTs expect from transcription association like the AAMT? SM - Posted By: MissouriMT

I posted this question over on the company board as there was some talk abou the AAMT changing its name and how they dropped "American" from their name because they basically have opened up memberships to the whole world and then something was said about American MTs needing an organization that represented us.

So my questions would be what kind of benefits or services do you expect from an MT organization or association?  Would change any of the BOS rules or would you want a new style guide to be created?  Would you want the association to function as a union, insuring job security and fair pay?  Would you be willing to pay union dues or membership fee and if so what do you think is a reasonable fee?  What about certification - should it be offered or is it unecessary?

I've felt for some time that we (MTs) weren't adequately represented by the AAMT and there was a need for an organization that could effectively stabilize the MT industry especially in recent years with outsourcing work overseas and taking jobs away from American MTs.

s/l zidea, xydia, videa - Posted By: Jean Petree

The patient has bipolar disorder, hypertension, type II diabetes. Have searched Google and my medical word program -- can't make out this drug. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Question versus gross lines versus 65-character lines.... - Posted By: AzMT

I have always charged or been paid by 65 or 60 character lines or per letter or space typed, but have never been paid or charged per gross line.

What is the advantage of this?  If I were to charge 11 cents per 65-character line including spaces, what does this figure out to for an average line rate and how do you do this calculation? 

I'm wondering if it is financially beneficial for me to bill by gross line or to keep it the way I have it.  I do know some accounts will only pay per 65-character line, as this was the deal my first own account I recently acquired.  They were adamant on a 65-character line, but didn't specify with or without spaces and I personally would never not charge for spaces.

Thanks for explaining this.  I appreciate it and hope everyone has a speedy day.

Is there any other player that can be downloaded besides ExpressSribe in order to listen to test fil - Posted By: dixie

listen to test files?  When I try to slow down the voice files ExpressScribe just makes them draggy and I need to slow down some of these files.  Thanks

ms word 2003 - Posted By: KSM

Is MS word 2003 compatiable with Vista?????

Trouble with dictation clarity? - Posted By: This is awesome!

I just had to share this as I had been having trouble and have seen posts here before about somehow improving voice file quality.  I just received a device that claims up to 75% improvement in clarity, and it definitely works!!!!!  I mean, I cannot attest to 75% improvement, but definitely much, much clearer.  I have been recently trying to improve my productivity through various technological means, and the fact that I can now hear the files is going to be the biggest productivity booster for me . . . why, I can almost play it without stopping the file at all now!!!

The device is called an EQ50.  It works with your headphones, and thus requires no software for installation.  Just connect it to your computer or transcriber in the same way you would plug in your headphones, and then connect the headphones.   

USB foot pedal purchase? - Posted By: recycled

Are there any chain stores that carry them?  Trying to find one without ordering on-line.

voices...sm - Posted By: hypnotic

some docs voices are hypnotic, does anyone agree? Some of the voices I could listen to all day, they seem almost hypnotic. Does anyone else experience this, or am I just crazy?


Start Stop voice file player and conflicts with Spyware Doctor - Posted By: Diane

I was having problems with StartStop and talked to one of their techs this morning.  One of the bugs it was having was fixed when I turned off Spyware Doctor so I need a new anti-spyware program. 


Im thinking of trying Spyware Blaster.  I called to see if there were any conflicts with that one but had to leave a message.  In the meantime, does anyone use StartStop voice file player and also use Spyware Doctor without any buggy conflict problems between the two softwares? 

Does satellite internet work to type into Meditech? - Posted By: MT in the boonies

I can't get cable or DSL, and wonder if satellite will work.

Is the work day over yet? - Posted By: almost!

The kids finally stopped bugging me after I gave them a chore for every unnecessary interruption.  Because of that, the house is clean.  The phone finally stopped ringing every 5 minutes.  It's 65 degrees outside now.  No snow in sight!  Oh, what should I do with myself?  Bake for tomorrow?  Read a book?  Take a long bubble bath?  Clean my office?  Happy sigh....  What a nice day.

per Diem - Posted By: Cheryl

What exactly is per Diem?  Thanks!!!

Transferring Auto Correct/Auto Text - Posted By: Help!

I work in Word currently and have a large number of AC/AT entries.  I am moving to a platform that has Instant Text or Shorthand.  Is it possible to transfer these entries as a file somehow, or am I going to have to enter by hand?  Also any comments welcome regarding the ease of use, etc of Instant Text versus Shorthand.



Question for all who type on a Word-based platform. - Posted By: MSMT

Does anyone else use F3 to go from expansion to expansion?  For instance, I have gent that expands to gentleman, then I hit F3 to go to gentamicin, F3 again to go to Gastroenterology, etc., etc.  My question is this:  I am typing on ExText, and I have been making these entries, but in the morning when I turn the computer on they are all gone and I have to start over again.  In ChartScript they "stick" and in ExText they don't.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get them to stay?  TIA for any suggestions anyone may have. 

Is the site back and ready? (nm) - Posted By: me


If you haven't signed non-compete forms... - Posted By: Curious

with a company you are employed by now, and you leave the company, is it acceptable (legal) to contact a client of theirs and offer your IC services if you really want that account as your own?  Any suggestions from anyone having ever done this before would be much appreciated.

All This Talk About Offshoring--Remember to Eat! - Posted By: Ashamed and Disgustedd

OK, so I'm 15% lbs or so above my ideal weight, BUT I have given myself PERMISSION to gain about 5 lbs due to all this stress about MTSO's offshoring, especially MQ, because I NOT going to take up smoking again.

Went to Home Town Buffet today with my family (I had a coupon for lunch).  Yes, and so I had 2 of everything, 2 salads, 2 main courses (barbecue chicken and steam fish), yup, and 2 deserts.  Anyway, if I were on Nutri-System, even they have weekends off.


Well, my main point is, keeping MT in America and working on a Patient Privacy Bill of Rights is going to take time, so lets PACE OURSELVES.

Don't forget to eat, bathe or take your vitamins and meds OK.


((((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))









word help - Posted By: nestea


anyone familiar with the word that sounds like "lap disk"?  need help asap..thanks a lot

Outsourcing comment last night - Posted By: MTing

on Larry King made by Collin Powell. He said how the US has more than doubled financial aid to other countries (third world) and many other generous things the US has done since Bush being in power (Clinton was also moving in this direction). Along with this (helping other countries) he mentioned world fair trade and how that was helping the economies of the other countries of the world, like it was a great thing.

I believe charity begins at home.

Why do myself and my neighbors, friends, etc., have to send our jobs to third-world countries and in what way is that benefitting me? Now I hear that the apple growers in this country are bracing for China to take over the apple market. They can't sell their apples as cheap as the ones from China.

Lately pet food was contaminated and pets died, toys have lead in them from China and were recalled (Fisher Price, among other brands), tires being unsafe (people have died from blowouts, we imported thousands and thousands of unsafe tires from China), and now this morning on the news seafood (China is our largest supplier of seafood they said) is unsafe with antibiotics that are proven to cause cancer and are illegal to use in this country.

So their (the rich politicians' treaties) world trade treaties are really benefitting other countries, but not us.


How do you decide which is better? - Posted By: pros and cons

National SE/employee  versus  small MTSO IC

I have my opinions based on my experiences, but I'd like to hear your opinions.  I wish I could have a hybrid of the two.  Steady workload, but a flexible schedule as long as xx number of lines was done per day.  Mostly the same dictators over and over, but still available to help out if another account needs it.  Is there such a creature out there?  Or am I dreaming the impossible dream?  I'd make a list of all my wishes, but I fear I'd be laughed off the boards.  LOL 

Any Colorado MTs on here? (sm) - Posted By: Thinking of moving...

DH and I are considering moving to Colorado.  Anything you can tell me about how you like it, or not, the people, the climate, attitudes , would be most helpful! I would like to talk with MTs particularly who are working from home, as I do.  Thanks so much!!

P.S.  There is not much activity on the states board, as I went there for info first.