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Anyone know how often winners are posted - Posted By: PAMT~MDM

for this month's drawings?

How many people run spell check here? sm - Posted By: confuzzed

Am I missing something?  In word, the errors are immediately underlined in red and so I correct as I go or when doing a quick proofread.  Isn't running spell check more time consuming?  Is there any benefit from running spell check opposed to what I am doing?  Thanks.

AAMT BOS Third Edition - Posted By: Debbi

Anyone know when the third edition is due to be released?

ZyloMed - Posted By: Deb

Can anyone tell me anything about ZyloMed. I have been approached to work for them but really cannot find any info about the company. Do they really have lots of work, pay well, and has good contact with their MTs?

Oh thank you - Posted By: txmt

For the Medquist board.  If I had heard one more word about the famous packet, I was going to have to throw up.

Ooma - Posted By: deenibeeni

Just stumbled across this new VOIP that sounds too good to be true. Normally I'd say "Then it must be," but judging from the number of 5-star reviews on multiple websites, I'm seriously thinking of trying this out. Anyone here tried it? Apparently you buy the hardware & if you don't keep a landline you have no more monthly phone bills at all. You can add on features, but the basic service includes more stuff than I have now. The computer doesn't have to be on to get a call, & everyone has commented on the voice quality. I imagine it works like Roku does with Netflix; like a mini-router that just routes a single IP address.

Anyway, it looks like it would pay for itself in 4 months, & after that phone service would be totally free. Anyone here tried it? I might just jump in but keep my land line for awhile in case it doesn't pan out.

Grey's Anatomy - Posted By: major fan

On July 6th, the show is supposed to start on Thursday nights.  Anybody know if this will be reruns or new episodes?  I thought that new episodes wouldn't come on until the fall.  I love that show!!!!

Pay for Editing Voice Recognition - Posted By: Suzanne

I am being paid 4 cpl for editing reports produced by voice recognition software (eScription).  Is 4 cpl the norm?  Are other companies paying more to edit voice recognition reports?

What is per diem? nm - Posted By: Tia


Well, that's all folks. All gifts have been given. It's been a wild ride - Posted By: & a lot of fun! Hope all had a gr8 MT Week! Admin


Axolotl? Any current employees? - Posted By: RIpaR

Of course, I see mixed reviews on them.  Just looking for a good company for full-time bennies.

Word Expanders - Posted By: msjomoe

Can anyone give me information on word Expander programs and which one would be the best to use.  Does it really make a difference in transcription productivity?

does anyone have a goot website--sm - Posted By: Debra

for looking up people you have lost touch with?

Any way to get an e-mail back after being deleted from delete folder nm - Posted By: Spring


looking for a computer - Posted By: see message

new/used, windows XP, pentium III or ?, word 2002/2003, Stedman Speller.  Helpful suggestions are appreciated.  Thank you.

KVM switch help - sm please - Posted By: Curious

I know I can switch back and forth from my laptop to my main tower via a KVM switch as I heard about it a few years back on this board. Could anyone write below or e-mail me as to how I can set it up and how it works for you? Where did you get yours and how simple it is to use.  I would like to stay in the middle of my report and research a subject without leaving the screen I am working on, i.e., one screen, one keyboard, two computers. Thanks for any info,, I really appreciate it.

Swollen legs & ankles - suggestions? (sm) - Posted By: Puffycalves

Does anyone else have a problem with leg and ankle swelling from sitting in the same position all day?  Mine is worse than ever lately.  Any suggestions of getting rid of and preventing this from happening again?

I have to know....how whas Paula Deen's - Posted By: meatloaf and cake? nm

MTs NEED TO UNITE - Posted By: CMT Ohio

I would like to plant this seed with the hope that American medical transcriptionists grab the reins.  If you have NEVER felt unappreciated, underpaid, misunderstood, disrespected, ignored, or taken advantage of as a medical transcriptionist, please disregard the rest of this message.  If you feel that you are a skilled tradesperson, have and use knowledge that has taken years to acquire, if you have a sincere aversion to being referred to as a typist or clerical staff, if you feel that our professional organization has dropped the ball as far as looking out for our best interest in this business, then let's talk.  What about a union for medical transcriptionists?  I'm not kidding.  Various skilled trades have unions all over the country, different sectors but the same fundamental bylaws and ethical regulations, etc.  I'm outraged to see the pittance that global services "offer" MTs.  I am even more outraged to see what the going rate is for editing.  We somehow, some way need to join forces and get away from productivity pay and become salaried professionals.  A critical aspect of our new "MT utopia" would be people who have done this job, have actually pounded the keys, pass judgment on quality.  There are so many schools of thought out there, it's insane.  There's totally verbatim (no such thing), there's as close to verbatim as possible (realistic), and then there's my-way-or-the-highway style (degreed egotists pointing fingers when they don't have the first clue).  For a moment give this some thought.  Should we let every institution, office, clinic, and MD tell us how to do our job?  Would a plumber let his client tell him what kind of pipe dope to use, what type of pipe wrench must be used in their remodel job?  Do we tell lawyers what case to cite in his argument?  How about MDs?  Are we able to make demands of any professional and actually dictate what they do and how they do it?  All we ask is that it be done, in a timely manner, and be done correctly.  I rest my case.  We need to somehow lessen the number of hoops we are made to jump through.  Our profession needs to raise the bar and grow as a skilled trade.  We need to demand the respect we deserve; and, perhaps most importantly, we need to stop selling ourselves short for fear of outsourcing.  In fact, if we all took a nice long hiatus and let those of little faith outsource everything, all we would have to do is pick up the pieces and revamp the MT environment in this country and make it brand new.  It would shine and run like a well-oiled machine.  Come on, people, we have to stop clunking along.  Any ideas on how to make this happen?  That's what I'm looking for.  Thanks.  

Dessert anyone? - Posted By: Mimi

Cherry Cake Pudding

1 1/2 cups cake flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
4 tablespoons margarine
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs, well beaten
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup cherry juice
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups canned red cherries, pitted

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Lightly grease a 1 1/2-quart baking dish.

Combine cake flour with baking powder and salt. Cream margarine; add sugar and cream until light and fluffy. Add eggs; beat until blended. Add dry ingredients alternately with combined milk and cherry juice, beating smooth after each addition. Stir in vanilla extract. Place drained cherries in baking dish. Pour batter over cherries. Bake 30 to 35 minutes or until done.

Serve warm, plain or with whipped cream.



Question about selling used Stedman's - Posted By: electronic word books

I was hoping someone here could help me out.  I was thinking about selling 2 of my electronic word books since I don't use them any more and was wondering if I have to call them about the whole licensing thing and get that taken care of...or can I just sell them right out?


Old patient records - Posted By: DW

Does anyone know when you no longer have an account what do you do with the old records.  Can they be deleted because they are no longer your account or do you have to save them in case the account ever needs them?  All their notes over the years have either been printed and delivered or emailed to them and I don't keep them past a year.

MouseMitt? - Posted By: sore wrists

Has anyone used the Mouse Mitt products for relief of CTS? What do you use? I can't decide between the Keyboarders and the SoftSplints. Comments?

Calling all ICs. Just curious. How many lines and reports do you average per day at - Posted By: Instructor/Mentor

whatever company you are working at currently? I'm wondering because it seems like I work A LOT (I should actually start counting hours, but I don't) and at the end of the evening my line count is so low and it will say 8 or 9 reports, even though it feels like I have done about 20 or so (this is DQS, but you can answer with whatever co. you work for).


Thanks so  much!

Does anyone use Express Scribe? - Posted By: new with this system

Okay, this is what I want to do.  When I stop the dictation by lifting my foot off the play pedal, and then press it again, I want it to back up a few seconds so I can hear what I just typed.  How do I do that?

Right now when I press play, it starts right where it stopped...my Start/Stop Transcription program backs it up...I am working off my laptop with Express Scribe and cannot find out how to do this.

Thank you for any help!

Always asking for extra work. - Posted By: mountain typer

Do you all get as tired as me when the QA people are constantly hawking the MTs to do extra work.  Every day its the same old thing - but they do it in a very passive aggressive "pretty" way.  I figure, if there's that much work constantly, hire more MTs.   I mean, how much can we stare into the screen!!

Toth Transcription = SCAM! Please read - Posted By: Lindsay

Please contact me via email if you have had an issue with Toth Transcription, either nonpayment or otherwise.  I am compiling a list to see if we can stop this from happening to anyone else.  Thank you. 

Why do companies pay hiring bonuses, - Posted By: You know what I don't understand

advertise in hundreds of papers nationwide, spend $$ printing and mailing out postcards advertising for new MTs, when if they would just pay their current MTs 1 cpl more, or offer benefits or better benefits they wouldn't have a problem. 

It seems like in the long run they would come out better and it sure beats having to screen/train, provide equipment, etc. a dozen or more new MTs/week.  If the companies have the $$ for all of the above, why can't they pay their MTs more?  They may not be getting the line rate they used to get but the money is coming from somewhere. 

Moving from Alabama to Sacramento, CA - Posted By: dee

Getting married in December.  Fiance' has been there for a year now.  How is the transcription job market in California.  I have a work-at-home job, but thinking maybe I can get something local.  Compared to Alabama, the cost of living is extremely high though.  How is the climate there, any and all info appreciated.

of the day - Posted By: something to break the monotony

How many of you have been doing MT for so long that your Lexmark printer is a Lexapro printer, or your Nexus shampoo is Nexium?  I, quite unknowingly, called my Lexmark printer a Lexapro printer to my sister, who also does MT and has a "Lexapro" printer, and neither one of us realized what I said at the time.  And I asked my hairdresser if that was Nexium shampoo she was using......and didn't realize what I had said until later and it hit me, and she didn't even realize what I said apparently; I guess all she heard was the "Nex" part.  Working too much.....Ya think? 

Is there anyone who does - Posted By: MT/ME/QA

Their own business that would be willing to explain to me how to do this? I mean from getting a client to hiring MTs and payroll etc.  Equipment that should be used.  The easiest, fastest way to do this? I would greatly appreciate it. 

Do you guys ever feel like just a number? Remember the good old days... - Posted By: just me

When if you had a problem, you could go straight to the manager and they'd take care of it right away, making you feel secure in your position and important?  When I talk to my supervisor, I feel like her main focus is to get off the phone with me asap, being very short with me, and quick to say she will get right on something when in fact she never does.  I just feel so remote and always worry about how long i'm going to have a job in the MT field because of how uncaring the supervisors are, not knowing us personally, not having a face to go along with the person, being able to yank us off an account we're comfortable with onto some ungodly thing where our line count goes down to zilch, and having NO control over it.  I was never one to work around people because of all the backstabbing that goes on with women in the office, but I would love to have a home office to report to periodically throughout the year, and maybe work in-house a couple times a month, just to put a face with people and not feel like a number that would be easy to dispose of. 

In WP, anyone know how to permanently change 'View' in the search - Posted By: pkmtt

window so it always shows a list and not thumbnails?  Maybe this is a system-wide thing?  Thanks.

Interesting perspective of outsourcing... - Posted By: See Link


C-phone & cigarette smoke - Posted By: So not happy right now

I just bought a C-phone off of eBay. I unpack it and it smells like smoke, something bad. I'm a non-smoker. How do I get this smell out? If I had known it was owned by a smoker, I wouldn't have purchased it. The auction didn't say one way or another, so I figured I was safe.

Yuck. Please help! Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Febreeze isn't working so far and I'm sitting here smelling this. Gross.

Can y'all give me a rough estimate on how many lines per hour you can do with SR...sm - Posted By: jj

speech recognition? I crunched some numbers today, and I can only do 300 per hour. I think I might tapped out. Is that good, average, bad? I don't have anything to compare it to, so not sure where I stack up. Any info would be great. Thanks guys!

Mid-afternoon Slump - Posted By: niki

Any suggestions on what to do for that mid-afternoon slump? I get so blah about this time of day, it's all I can do to stay awake.


word 2007 Help - Posted By: Debra

I am just switching to word 2007 from word 2000. Can someone please tell me how to copy and paste in 2007?

Dragon MT - Posted By: MI MT

I just started using this Dragon MT program.  So far it is like taking 10 steps back from the other program that the hospital was using.  Is this correct that there is no medical dictionary or Expander with this program and you have to create your own in Word autocorrect or am I missing something.  Is this customary with most software?  I guess I have been spoiled so far.  With all of this technology, it is hard to believe the company wants you to start from nothing.  Thanks in advance. 

QA question - Posted By: crispycritterMT

I'm a relatively new QA person but a 31 year MT veteran. I need some advice about the following statements:  If the doctor dictates something like:  "Will follow up the patient or Will call in a prescription" is it appropriate to put "We will call or We will follow" even though "we" is not dictated?  I also had one:  Will follow up on her biopsy and they put "She will follow up on her biopsy."   Who is "we"?  How does one know who is doing what?   

I personally as an MT would not put in "we" and I've been marking it out and explaining why I'm doing it.  Let me say these are newbies.  I try to never come across as condescending, just trying to teach and share some of my knowledge.

I'd like to see someone get some benefit out of my knowledge as it seems the only thing anybody want these days is a fast typing speed.  Whoops!

Need some feedback.  Thanks!

what to charge for work on the side - Posted By: Habibi

A doc is interested in my services.  It's been so long since I did work on the side that I'm literally out of the loop.  Can anyone give me any idea what to charge?

In the past I charged by the page, as the docs preferred it.  Truthfully, I haven't even explored the character count on XP.  If someone could provide that as well, I'd certainly appreciate it.


Microsoft Word margin jumping - Posted By: TERRY

Hello. I've had this happen before when opening MS Word and suddenly the curser jumps to the very top of the page and not at the usual 1" margin that I have set at. Does anyone know how to fix this? I don't remember how I did it last time. It just started doing this again. I've checked my margins and they are fine in page set up.Thanks.

I am using my first Word-based platform and am using autocorrect - Posted By: MI-MT

to add my short cuts into because my other short cut program is attached to the other platform I use so I cannot use it or convert it.  I am having trouble entering things into and not getting the results I want.  My headings I need bolded and I am not sure if those can be added bolded into short cut or if I have to keep going and bolding them mannually.  Also, I am getting an extra space when I put in "yo" and want it to come out -year-old.  The extra space is between the age number and the first dash (-) in front of year so I have to keep going back and taking it out.  Also, I can't figure out how to Center without having to use the mouse.  If somebody could help me, I would appreciate it.  If anybody out there has a cheat sheet they can e-mail me I would be forever greatful.  THANKS SO MUCH!!!

This was a shock to me..... - Posted By: SM

My DH works in public education and some stupid kids have gotten hold of his cell phone number and have made prank calls over the past few months.  They've blocked their number so we can't trace it.  The cell phone company can see the number but won't divulge it due to privacy rights.  Recently they've gotten our home phone number and have called a couple times.  Nothing threatening, just stupid kid prank call stuff.  Our home phone company doesn't record incoming calls, so no luck there either.  Last night I got a very WEIRD phone call late at night which was a text relay call from a computer, much like the TTY calls that the deaf make.  The relay operator just reads what it typed.  This call was vulgar and sexual.  We just hung up.  After a little research I find out that these relay calls are not recorded in any fashion, so you can not find out who made them.  The laws TOTALLY protect the privacy of the caller.  Even the police cannot trace them.  Can you believe that these operators have to relay ANYTHING under the umbrella of privacy, even death threats, not to mention sexual stuff.  I am in shock.  From what a read, it would take an act of congress to stop this.  It just seems like the criminal has all the protections and the victim has nothing.  Upside down world.  Have you ever heard of these relay calls?  I had not.

Monsoon FINALLY hits Arizona. Microburst winds & rain. - Posted By: nm


Breitner Transcription - Posted By: questioning

I did a search to find info in the archives on Breitner.  I just completed their testing site in answer to the QA Specialist ad.  Can anymore tell me anything about the company, how their pay rate is, etc.

Ellen, candy lady from Sunny Isles, please email - Posted By: me. I'm Pembroke Pines lady. SM Thanks.




What does HIM mean? This is the - Posted By: me

type of work a company is looking to hire for.   I'm thinking it is the same as acute care, but haven't a clue what it means. 

Clinic Note formatting question... - Posted By: New MT

If the patient has a drug allergy do I make a new heading for Allergies or just include it in the HPI as dictated?  Also do I put the medication in all caps w/in the HPI if it is left there. 

I know I should probably know this,but I can not remember tonight.


Health records - Posted By: Anita

Where can I locate the AHDI recommendation on length of time for MT business to retain health records?