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still cannot read posts either. - Posted By: nm (great plains service provider)


Does anyone know when the Safe ID bill comes up for vote? - Posted By: concerned citizen

(regarding our medical records being sent out of the country).  I have already emailed my senators and am encouraging everyone to do the same.

pay - Posted By: valerievalerie


How much do hospitals or clients pay per line to transcription companies?





just took a position an co. uses emdat..sm - Posted By: help please

i have never used this before.  i have been using smarttype for years and very nervous about starting a new job without my expander.  any ideas from anyone regarding this system and Expanders (if any) that work with it?  i appreciate all your input. 

HOW many people have abandoned SS? NM - Posted By: JustCuriousandNOTflaming


Should we be concerned? - Posted By: Being replaced???

In our log of jobs, "PowerScript Transcription" is listed as having done one job.  Does this signal the end of my job?  Is this how it happens?  ::gulp::

Ad for new hires 2 weeks ago, no work last week or this :( - Posted By: Disappointed OSier

No work for basically 2 weeks on either my main account or backup.  Can't help but wonder how many new hires have plenty.  I've been sitting here with absolutely nothin' for nearly 10 days and even tried on the weekend.  I love the account, but a girl's gotta eat!

Anybody else, or just my accounts?

Transcription-Versus-Editing, Particularly RE: Tendinitis - Posted By: samsa

A couple of questions for you editors out there.  Is it really worth the "promotion" from Transcriptionist to Editor if you are a very efficient typist who can make $20/hr typing?  Also, as someone who is considering this change due to tendinitis, is editing really any easier on your body than high-production transcription?  Any input much appreciated. 

UGH.. - Posted By: MTHubie

The doctor just spelled "aspirin" - twice!  That is scary.

medical insurance coverage - Posted By: Julie

My dept. here in radiology transcription is possibly going to be outsourced.  I have been looking at possibly working at home for an agency if this happens.  I have done some looking and found that alot of agencies do offer medical insurance, but does anyone know how good it is and can you cover dependents?  Any information would be appreciated.

What is the going line rate in Houston, TX? - Posted By: Colorado MT

I have provided transcription services in Colorado for an internal medicine/nephrologist physician for the past five years.  He recently moved to Houston and started a new practice there and has asked me to provide him a proposal for doing his transcription there.  I was just curious if anyone could give me an idea what the going rate per line is in Houston. 

Thanks in advance for any input.

Does anyone do editing for VR? - Posted By: Opinions Wanted

If so can you provide some insight as compared to transcription?



Any suggestions on a new career after transcription? - Posted By: Kat

I've been a Transcriptionist for years and I'm considering changing careers but not sure where to go from here?  Does anyone have any ideas from experience or any of you out there thinking about going on to something else? Just thought maybe all of your creative minds could help come up with some good ideas!

without spaces compared to with spaces - Posted By: I'm not sure

10 cpl without spaces equals to how many cpl with spaces? 

Can I take a quick poll? How many of you are sick of seeing ads promising....sm - Posted By: Cyndiee

"Be a medical transcriptionist, fast start-up, make 60,000 plus your first year!!!! Guaranteed!!  It makes our profession look like a get rich quick scheme instead of a vocation/career/profession, and they never talk about the difficulties newbies can face getting IN to a great position.........I just think it is so misleading and hurts the profession, and I worry about young girls/moms trying to make a living, what do you all think???  Especially since this site uses their advertisements, more truth in advertising perhaps??? 

Going to keep this in the open - Posted By: Bait and switch

For anyone who did not read the previous.

IC HELP - Posted By: need work

I am looking for some part time IC work.  Anyone know of any good companies that I could contact for work?  I am available pretty much anytime.  Looking for good accounts, decent pay.  Thanks!!

HELP - Advice needed for my friend ASAP - sm - Posted By: Oh Dear!

My friend and her boyfriend of 5 years recently obtained custody of the boyfriend's now 7-year old daughter.   You talk about a handful of trouble, that's exactly what has been packaged into this mini sized monster child.

Bear with me because this will be quite lengthy.  I  will call the girl by her nickname, Tater.

Tater was 5 when my friend (S) and her boyfriend (D) started with the custody proceedings.  Every time Tater would come for visitations, she was full of these wild stories that were quite alarming to S and D.  She would come and tell them how her mom walks around the house naked all the time with all of these different boyfriends, how one of those boyfriends held a pillow over her (Tater) face one time, and how Tater and her baby brother were often left alone for hours at a time and sometimes overnight while her mom was out "getting drunk" with her boyfriends.

Naturally, S and D were really upset by these stories and so they got an attorney and really pushed for custody.  They got custody in March 2005 and their life has been a living hell since she has come to live with them. 

Less than a day or so after she moved in, she started telling them how one of her mom's boyfriends "did things to her" so S and D were once again in an emotional fit because they thought someone had molested Tater.   They called a psychologist and the police.  Had her evaluated, everything.  Even had Tater talk to a detective that works child abuse cases.  His findings and the psychologist's findings were the same.  She had not been abused and, in fact, had a severe problem with delineating fact from fantasy. 

Tater now sees the psychologist once per week.  The goal of the treatment was originally to get Tater to understand the difference between telling stories and the truth, along with dealing with the fact that her mother now has absolutely no contact with her.  It's been rough for S and D as well as Tater. 

Things went well for a short time, then school started 3 weeks ago.  Since starting school, S and D have been called to the school numerous times because Tater has either said that she couldn't do her homework because her daddy was "all drunk", that when S dropped her off at school she was "drinking wine from a bottle in the car" (it was green tea in a glass bottle,) and that they don't allow her to talk to her mother, which is not true. Her mother has supervised visitation but chooses to opt out. 

She has told her aunt and uncle that S killed her cat on purpose when it was actually her aunt who accidentally ran over the cat but Tater didn't know that.  She told one of the neighbors that her mommy had her (Tater) picture taken once and was in a naughty magazine because her mom got money for it and Tater would get it when she was old enough.  OMG yet?  Yeah!  This kid is something else.

She also made a little boy cry in class by rudely saying how he was so stupid and slow during outloud reading time.

S and D have tried all of the things the psychologist have recommended, taking her toys, taking her TV, radio, making her write apologies and hand deliver them, and sit directly behind the bus driver (for even more trouble on the bus.)

She also missed the bus home purposely last week because she was going to go to a friend's house.  Her grandmother had to come all the way into town (they live about 10 miles out) to get her.   When D and S questioned her about what she was doing, she screamed at them that it was "HER LIFE" and she could do what she wanted if she felt like it.  Remember folks, this kid turned 7 last month!

Now, a few minutes ago, S called me in tears.  She got another call from the school because Tater had told some of the boys that another boy was threatening her and making her scared (which was a lie) so she wanted them to do something about it.  These 3 little boys proceeded to gang up on the other boy and he was hurt.  Not seriously but that he was hurt is bad enough.  These 3 boys and Tater are now suspended.  These are first graders and this is a very small town.

S and D are ready to snap.  I don't know what else to tell her.  The psychologist told S and D that she was afraid that Tater had multiple personality disorder but couldn't make that diagnosis on a definitive basis because, as of yet, there are no clear cut documented cases in children of this age.  They usually don't start developing these tendencies until they are in their mid to late teens. 

I have looked online for any kind of research or specialists that can deal with this but it's very difficult to find information even on pre-adolescents that are out of control. 

I am asking for your help.  If anyone knows of a professional or group that can help S and D with Tater, PLEASE post here ASAP.  At this point, I'm very concerned about THEIR well being. This kid is a serious danger.  There is much more but I think I have told you enough already.   We are in Washington State too, just in case anyone has any ideas where to go for help.

Thank you so very much if any of you can help.








Please Help - anyone who uses the Kinesis Freestyle Solo split keyboard.... - Posted By: Kiki

 am considering buying one.  However, I noticed you have to buy a keypad separately.  I use the numbers at the top so I don't need a keypad.  Or so I thought, until I realized I use the plus and minus key on the keypad when we are in the ADT screen to move the date back.

So, my question is:  Do I have to also buy that separate keypad or is there a plus/minus key (that you don't have to use SHIFT to use) on the keyboard?



foot pedal software..HELP - Posted By: Tiffin

I have an Infinity foot pedal with USB port, but no software to go with it.  When I bought the thing, did not realize software was not included with the pedal as job I ordered for fell through in the interim.  I now went to use the pedal and realize there is no software to put into my computer so the foot pedal is recognized.

ANY HELP...suggestions...please.


Huntsville, Alabama Hospital - Posted By: Arav

Does anyone have any experiences to share about Huntsville Hospital in north Alabama?  I put in an application thinking it was only sports medicine (I have PT experience mostly), but their Medical Secretaries probably transcribe for the full range of hospital services. I'm supposed to get in touch with them tomorrow to talk.


kinesis vs microsoft ergo keyboards - Posted By: sm

is the touch really noticeably softer?  Can you just plug it in and go, without any retraining self to speak of? 


Can somone recommend a good health insurance plan for my son who is in college? *sm* - Posted By: kem

He needed one more class for his bachelor's degree and because he is not considered full-time, he is no longer covered on my plan.  Thanks.

RE: I keep getting an e-mail from Ebay as a reminder for aun upaid item - a Dell computer - sm - Posted By: Kris

but I've never even ever bid on one.  Anybody know what's up with that?  It keeps saying respond to this e-mail but I haven't done that - is this some type of scam?

Is the em dat (?) program user friendly - can you make lines - complicated to learn?nm - Posted By: kadi


What companies, if any, - Posted By: Medical professional

. . . hire and actually promote professionals who have forgotten more than many MTs know, have years and years of experience, work when needed, don't rock the boat, and produce excellent work?  At my company, the editors and managers usually have just a few years of experience as an MT, if any, and many have no management experience.  Some managers have never even seen a typed document.  That doesn't make sense.  What companies give one a chance to actually grow with them?  Any of them?  How do the promotions go to those who took an on-line class and have been an MT for 2 years?  Kudos to anyone who could answer this . . . Bewildered 

Keyboard Kelly - Many thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions. - Posted By: Dixiekaye

I really do appreciate it. 


can't find prior post answer - Posted By: Tracey

I read a post awhile back about fast dictators and the settings for Express scribe to slow them down without distorting the voice but I can't find it now. Can anyone help?

Just wanted to let you know that the 20-garlic chicken was AWWESOME!! - Posted By: sm

If anyone wants the recipe let me know..it is one of the fastes crock pot recipes i have done and sooooo delicious!

QA - Posted By: Jamie

Does anyone no the going rate for corporate QA?

Any ideas on a letter to possible clients to get started at home? sm - Posted By: Looking for a nice change....

I am wanting to gain some clients in my hometown to do their transcription.  I was trying to figure out the best way to go about it.  Should I type up a fancy letter telling them a bit about myself, experience, and rate range of what I should charge?  What could I say or do to make it REALLY stand-out?  Any ideas on fees?  I am looking for a monthly charge and I know it depends on the amount of work to be done, picking up, dropping off, use of my paper, etc....PlEASE any and all info wil be helpful! 

Need opinions - Posted By: Dana

Does anyone use software for transcription that has the automatic faxing and e-mailing so the doctor's office doesn't have to pay staff to do this? 

Was it expensive for you to buy - does the vendor charge you a per line fee or any fee for this - is it easy for you to use - and do you feel that the doctors like this kind of software and its faxing and emailing of transcripts to referring physicians functions?  Also, do you have names of companies you could give so that I could possibly check into this?  I am currently using a phone-in system but I thought an automatic faxing software would draw in prospective doctor clients. 

Any opinions, good and bad, are welcomed.   Thank you. 

4 week's time or 4 weeks' time - Posted By: b

Does anyone know this one. I will see the patient back in 4 week's time, 4 weeks' time or 4 weeks time. Can't seem to find this in any of my reference books. Thanks in advance.

Abacus line counting - Posted By: Just not getting it

I have downloaded the Abacus SE program and cannot figure out how this program works.  If anyone is willing to walk me through the steps of this process I would appreciate it.  Information would be 9 cpl at 65 character line.

Thank you, JNGI

Any Mississippi MTs out there? - Posted By: blondie


Want to learn op reports...how to break in? - Posted By: Ready to learn

I am a CMT, have been in this field for about 6-1/2 years, have good quality scores.  I believe I am more than ready to add operative reports to the job types I know, but need advice on how to "break in" to this area of MT.  TIA for any constructive suggestions.

Board suggestion: Is there any way the time of the posts can be shown? (sm) - Posted By: me

Sometimes it is hard (almost impossible) to tell the order of replies of posts, especially with the nesting.  Can the time of the post be shown along with the date?  The different time zones wouldn't have to be taken into consideration; just choose one. 

help on word board please! - Posted By: nm


Beginner given most difficult dictators out of 300 docs who don't know that ESL - Posted By: Singe

I agree that one needs ESL dictators, but most the most difficult dictators in the beginning.

Find Physician Link - Posted By: Dinosaur

Hi All--Wanted to share

C-phone program code - Posted By: nsmith47

Does anyone know if there is a code used that will allow you to save your already programmed keys whereas you do not have to re-program the keys every time you unplug your Dictaphone

jumping around in word doc - Posted By: anon

Is there anyway that you can jump around in a word document?  Meaning say if i have a template set up with all these headings is there a way just to put a * or something after the heading and be able to hit shortcut keys to jump right to that spot so I could start typing.   THANKS FOR THE HELP!

what is best - Posted By: question

When a physician rattles off the vital signs, blood pressure et al., and just states numbers, do we leave it like that or insert what they are for?

Physician:  "Vital Signs:  98.5, 84, 20, 138/64."

Leave as is, or type thusly:  "Vital Signs:  Temperature 98.5, pulse 84......"?




Amphion Manager Question - Posted By: question

To the person who posted yesterday that they make 56K at Amphion - How many hours a day do you spend managing accounts then?

Searching for Internet satellite service - Posted By: have you heard of HughesNet?

This company looks they offer good service in our area according to their add but I have never heard of them before.  Any news would be appreciated.

ROFL at what this MD just dictated...sm - Posted By: Under ROS

NEUROLOGIC:  He does have diminished memory.  I did start him on Aricept for this last year, but he has forgotten to take it. 

Okay, now I've heard it all - Posted By: Ouch

I could be mistaken, but I think I am transcribing a doctor who is breast feeding while she dictates.  I can hear the baby (sounds like a newborn), and her soothing little comments, and then a definite almost like an "ouch" sound, but she keeps trying to talk through the pain. 

Anyone ever stay at Monterey Bay Suites in North Myrtle Beach? - Posted By: Looking at some affordable, nice options..

I was checking out there brochure and it said completely renovated for 2006 and their prices are great...Plus you get free breakfast buffet and nightly dessert...sounds great and the pictures look great...but almost too good to be true for that price....Anyone stayed there?  If so, how was it? 

Any information on this anyone? - Posted By: EDTA??

My husband came home from work hearing about something called EDTA (Ethylene~Diamine~Tetra-acetic~Acid).  It is suppose to break down the minerals and heavy metals out of your body and make your risk of heart disease a lot lower.  Does anyone have an information on this.  He would like to take it if it true because of heart disease in his family, although I am not certain he should, as I always worry about the things they don't tell you about the stuff your taking.   

Any information would be great.


Charter - Posted By: romey

Anyone heard of a company called Charter, and if so, is this the full name of the company?