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I'm afraid this person does NOT like Christmas... - Posted By: RadGuy


My dictator, smart as he is, just told me the patient's name is - Posted By: ROFL

"Brittany, you know like the singer so to say, that young person who thinks she sings."  

info on MRC out of Maryland/Florida - Posted By: tired fingers

Anyone with experience with this company? I need feedback ASAP! Thanks.

CORTMEDICAL - Posted By: nicole

Have any of you had any trouble with CORTMEDICAL or heard anything about them?

C-phone question - Posted By: ..confused...

Is there is a difference between a C-phone and a DVI.  I think that I took a job that requires a C-phone, but I think I have a DVI.  If anyone clear this up for me, that would be great.  My machine has a phone keypad, but no handset.

Thanks in advance!

Crazy dream I had last night... - Posted By: dreamin

I dreamt that a company I used to work for had an ad for a Transcriptionist to do just ESLs, offering $55-$90 an hour depending on their difficulty.  Ha-Ha!!  I was still hesitant as to whether to apply or not, because I remembered some of their ESLs and was not sure if that is really how I wanted to spend my time.  Oh well, maybe at that rate I could stand it for 2-3 hours.  LOL!

I know we have all had things spelled for us that seemed a --- - Posted By: spelling bee

bit silly, but I just had a doctor spell not once, but twice during the report guns - g-u-n-s. 

Oh happy day! sm - Posted By: justme2

I just finished transcribing a job from a doctor who ENUNCIATES, spells names, and didn't rush through the job.  I wish I could tell him how much I appreciated it, but fellow transcriptionists, there is at least one good dictator out there.  Yippee!!!');>

What is the correct way? - Posted By: Tabatha

Being a nurse I have always charted/documented carcinoma in situ as CIN-I, CIN-II, CIN-III, etc.  Is this the same way when transcribing reports?  I know it was this way at one time but now with the change in the numbers rule per AAMT would we now transcribe this as CIN-1, CIN-2, CIN-3, etc.?

Thanks in advance,


www.oceangram.com - Posted By: Misha

If you want lose all the free time you now enjoy, do visit this website:


You can turn on the wave sounds, gull sounds, and fog horn, and then wait for messages to come in.  Or click a bottle and send out your own. 

Let me know if you see any Burma-Shave messages.   I might know who is sending those out. 

Dial-up internet - Posted By: X MQ

Does anybody know of companies who will hire those of us who only have dial-up.  We live so far out and cannot get high-speed internet.  Every place I have applied says I cannot use satellite or wireless.  What's the deal?  I was able to get 1000 to 1400 lines without all that.  Now I'm aced out.  I could use some help.

Selling body parts in the US sm - Posted By: Workin fool

There was a brief mention of a recent arrest (I believe it was in New York) of a phony business set-up involving funeral homes, etc., selling bone grafts, etc. from dead bodies (one was supposedly Allistair Cook's body of the PBS fame) and replacing these parts with PVC piping in some cases. These people made "millions" and the patients/families had to be notified. One man was practically crying because he had been told he has to be tested every 6 mos. for HIV, hepatitis, etc., since he had a recent surgery on his neck. They said it may not present itself for years in some cases. They showed some gentlemen being led away in handcuffs but the story was cut short. Anyone else know about this travesty and why so little else has been said about it or is there any web site, etc., that explains it in more detail? Would like to know morel I am very concerned for the recipients as well as the unbeknownst-to-them "donor" families.

Is anyone using Vonage for a Lanier account? - Posted By: Texas MT

I'm currently using Verizon residential with unlimited LD, but have been told that might come back to bite me.  Anyone have this problem?...or suggestions?  TIA

Please post offshore topics on Offshore Concerns board. (NM) - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

Thank you. 


Please help on Word Board . . . - Posted By: Thank you (nm)


fax to cell # - Posted By: Lisa

Anyone know if there is  way to receive a fax to a cell phone?  I do not have a landline and have a client that wants to fax.  Can they fax to a cell # and then I download to my computer and print?

google...anyone having trouble with it this morning? - Posted By: MTless

Just curious...

need ideas - Posted By: in a slump

You know, I go on this board and I read where people are typing 400 to 500 lines per hour, and they make $40 to $50 an hour (okay that was one post, but I've seen others that are semi-comparable in recent times).  I have been doing this for 7 years and I STILL average only 250 to 300 lines per hour and top maybe $23 an hour (at 9 cpl w/spaces).  And this is with doctors I've been typing for 2 or 3 years now!   Would someone please tell me what I'm not doing completely right?  I use a word Expander (Instant Text), and I have macros, but apparently I'm still not quite "getting it."  Any suggestions would be so very much appreciated. 

Is it possible to make good money working for someone else? - Posted By: Liz


Questions about QA/editing - Posted By: Considering

Hi all... I have a few questions and hope someone can help me out.  :) 

I have 5 years' experience in acute care transcription and have recently been considering moving into QA.  The first immediate problem I have is that I adore my company and would hate to leave them, but they seldom have QA openings.  When they do, they'll hire in-house first, though. 

Before I even start seriously looking around, I would like to know a few things, if possible.  I realize that editors can get paid either by line or by hour, and hourly is the preferred method.  That would be my preferred method also, but I am curious about what the standard hourly rates are. 

Of course I know it's like any job, and the specific salary you quote wouldn't be the exact amount I can count on with anyone.  But I would like to get an idea of what it may be. 

I would also like to hear some of your experiences and opinions after switching to editing from MT, if you could take the time.  :) 

Thank you very much!  :) 

too funny - Posted By: momof3

I have this one dictator who races through his dictations greater than the speed of light, but every time he gets to the diagnoses slows down to dictating about one syllable per minute !  too funny (and sometimes a little annoying!)

right hand coldness - Posted By: JaeRae

I work in my finished basement and in the winter it is normally a little chilly, but not horrible.  But, for the past few weeks, my right hand has been freezing cold.  I got some gloves and cut the tips off, but that doesn't even help much...my fingertips remain freezing cold.  I am starting to wonder if there may be some other sort of problem, especially because this does not happen to my left hand.

Any suggestions as to what might be causing this? TIA.

WAV pedal vs. USB port foot pedal - Posted By: Phyllis

PLEASE HELP! Are wav pedals and USB port foot pedals one in the same?  I've only transcribed from audio tapes, and all this is new to me.  Thank you for your help.

Is there any benefit to getting clients anymore? sm - Posted By: Anon

Most clients where I live (Virginia Beach) want me to pick up tapes. They will call if the MT quit, and then they want to pay only 10 CPL. I cant hire MTs at less than 8 CPL. Then, behind my back, they look for in-house personnel. Once they find it, Im out of a job again. Dishonest OMs that just use me. Dont know which way to go. Dont need a lot of work, just trying not to work for nationals (f thats possible anymore).

Im thinking of getting work outside my state. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Emergency question for brilliant computers techs. sm - Posted By: searching

I just had a weird experience with my computer.  The screen looked like it was shaking.  I thought it was in Word at first, but the desktop was doing this also.  It was like a wavy line was going down the screen, part of it would jump a little bit, then below it some more would jump.  It was almost like a wave pattern to the side, I could see the edges of the screen moving in and out.  I thought I saw this yesterday once or twice, but decided it was my eyes.  It wasn't, this was definitely real.  It lasted for approximately a minute.  Is this something to worry about?  TIA. 

best transcription system - Posted By: HardWorkingMT

Does anyone out there know of a transcription system that is easy to understand and not tooooo expensive.  I am really wanting to start my own business, but I am overwhelmed by the choices of transcription systems that are out there...some seem really confusing and I would love some feedback from anyone who may use a transcription system.  I will have more than one doc...I do already, and I have a girl that types for me, and right now we are using tapes, and I am ready to upgrade...so any input would be much appreciated.  I would like something that would allow me to route work to her.  I also would like a system that is easy for the doc to use also...just record and upload, and I see different choices on line, but I'm just really trying to do some research first. 

Thanks so much for any input!

Any advice on the best anti-virus for home office?? - Posted By: Infected MT

I've got Norton 360 installed on my PC and kept getting a popup all day yesterday that said my PC was infected and that I should click "here" to download Personal Antivirus.  Yeah right!  I ran a Norton scan and it said my PC was clean, but this popup box came up over and over to the point, I had to call Dell because I couldn't download software from their site.

Anyway, I finally downloaded Malwarebytes (free version) and it found and removed 12 Trojans!!!

I'm definitely going to keep the Malwarebytes, but need a really good anti-virus.  I've done my research, but have read good and bad about all of them.  AVG 8.0 didn't have the good reviews that the 7.5 had, but I found out last night that AVG 8.5 is now out. Anyone use it?

Norton sucks!  As soon as I find a decent AV program, it's gonesky!


I need suggestions to make money - Please! - Posted By: Backwards typist

I've had it as of today. Because of low work, I have half my lines necessary for this week. I'm tired of working 7 days a week just to get my lines. I need to get out. I need to earm at least $2500 net a month to keep my head above water, and I'm certainly not making that lately.

I've been working from home in different jobs before MT'g, and don't want to go back into the cruel world with backstabbing employees again (been there, done that).  All I know is working at a computer since ྔ, at home, outside the home. Love the computer. I'm no youngster, either, so that cuts my chances at most jobs even if I would apply at outside jobs.

I'm not very artistic, so can't do into crafts. I can't sell either; been there, done that. The worse thing is I'm not very people-oriented lately. I'm almost agoraphobic since I had taken care of my mom.

I've worked in accounting, medical billing, inventory control, all outside the home while working part-time at home with a secretarial service typing manuscripts, and various other clientele, which I gave up because almost everyone has their own computer now and can do that work at their own place.

I've been throwing ideas around in my head for months now and the cons always seem to outweigh the pros.

Any suggestions?  Please don't flame, I'm serious. 

RE: my post below looking for Andre in Biloxi - Posted By: Mainer

Thanks to all that stopped and read my post.  Andre is alive and doing okay, although homeless and unemployed.  He lost his house, his cars and his possessions, but is glad to be alive. 

Apparently Mississippi is just as bad as New Orleans, on a smaller scale, but doesn't get the media coverage that New Orleans gets.  At one point they were under martial law.  Not allowed out and not allowed go back to their homesite to pick through the ruins of their homes. The body count keeps rising.

What a horrible thing for everyone.  So sad.

Help! M - Posted By: Dave

Capitalize Power or Attorney or not? - Posted By: stat report. thanks

Anyone use EVDO for Internet or know anything about it? - Posted By: At Home MT

I purchased my first laptop a couple months ago and have been looking at Internet service for it. I have used dial-up for years with my regular PC. (I only have dial-up available to me where I live.) I called a nearby Sprint store and they put my address in and said I do have coverage in my home/area. I know nothing of this type of connection to the Internet so am wondering what the pros/cons might be.

I will be using it for my on-line job using Emdat's InScribe and I contacted their technical support and they said I can connect to them using this.

We do have a huge cell phone tower within walking distance of our house so I am hoping that Sprint is a part of it as then I should have a great connection where I live. I realize I will not have coverage everywhere I go with my laptop.

The sales person told me I can purchase the card for my ExpressCard Slot for $49.99 and then my unlimited service will cost me $39.99/month for 40 MB. He said I could go higher if I found it necessary but he said he hasn't had anyone but a DJ (who downloaded a ton of music he said) find that they needed more MB than that. Since I currently only use dial-up for my on-line job, I would assume connecting with an ExpressCard up to this rate would work just as well if not better ???

Is there anything I should know/be aware of before doing this??? I will be keeping my dial-up service until the first of the month to be sure this all works out.

Sure would appreciate any feedback as I know nothing of this type of thing. Thanks so much. 

Does Transcend outsource overseas? - Posted By: Meghan

Thinking of applying with them as an IC.  Anybody with any input?

direcway input - Posted By: stressed

Anybody out there working with direcway,I would appreciate input as to your satisfaction and anything else you could say about it.

chapter 13 - Posted By: sm

I've checked the archives on this, and have received a lot of helpful information, but I'm interested in learning more.  How hard is it to qualify for this?  I'm sure I would qualify, but I would like things to start happening now...not 6 months down the road.  Are lawyer fees owed up front?  Who do I talk to about this? 

A little history...I worked full time for a local ortho office, and decided to work part time from home.  I had 2 small children, but my husband is home most evenings, so working a few hours a day wasn't a big deal.  Well, we unexpectedly got pregnant about a year ago, and we now have added expenses with the new baby, as well as the fact that I don't have as much free time to type.  I'm trying to sell our car right now, but so far there are no bites (it's an SUV, and with gas prices people aren't wanting to buy them anymore).  Anyway, I talked with a credit counseling agent a few weeks ago, and have made my first payment.  However, I am getting calls from creditors saying that I have payments overdue, and when I told them that we are going through a credit counseling agency, they said that they denied the proposal, and I have to make the payment. 

I'm at my wit's end, and literally don't know what to do.  We own a small (1100 sq. ft) 3 bedroom ranch, and would really like to keep it if possible.  I can't work full time with 3 kids, because all my money would just go to childcare. 

Any advice would really help me at this point!  Thanks!

Does anyone know how to make the text larger in Word?? TIA - Posted By: nm


time for a break? - Posted By: latetyping

I just was typing along, a circumcision and the dr said, we then removed the papoose, and I thought, that's kind of a cute thing to call it, and then later he said specimen: prepuce" adn I realized what I had done, and I'm glad I caught it but I still think papoose is kind of cute if you get my anatomical meaning. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');

True IC work - Posted By: taxydeer

To take up where someone else left off - are there any true "IC" jobs out there where the MTs work hours are truly flexible?  I work now as an IC but my shift is dictated which is completely against the 20 rules that the IRS states - and of course I do not always have work.  With 15 years of experience, I would think that I could find the "perfect" job, but have struggled over the last few years to find anything like what I worked a mere 10 years ago.  I stay where I am because I have not been offered anything more than what I have where I am - and am actually pretty satisfied, other than the hours not being flexible - I am just wondering what has happened (other than outsourcing) to have changed this field to what is is now.  Do any of you other MTs have a hard time suggesting this as a field of study for people who ask about it?  I do know that with the price of gasoline more and more companies (other than MT) are offering their workers the opportunity to work from home, but it is so hard to leave the field that you have loved for so long.

Work At-Home Scams - Posted By: Heather

Sorry, I put this on the Biller and Coder Board by accident.

Has anybody clicked on the add that comes up on the top of this page from time to time that asks you if you want to make major money working part time at home.  I clicked on it and it said something about Rebate Processor Positions.  I figure it is another scam and I should not have clicked on it, but I am getting sick of making pennies per line for the past 10 years doing medical transcription and getting no where.  Anyway, I was just curious if anybody knows anything about this potential scam??  Thanks!

stressed out - Posted By: reality check

I'm stressing and fretting over a whole bunch of little things.  I'm so tired and feel like I just need to hibernate for a month.

But as I "watch" the news as I work and see the devastation and how thousands of lives have just been turned upside-down, my little stressors and problems seem so insignificant.

Last year I was affected by 2 of the 4 hurricanes that hit Florida, going without power for about 2 days in each of them.  It was pretty miserable.  At least I had a house.  These poor people who evacuated don't even know if they have a place to call home anymore, nor do they even know when they might find out. 

...just feeling guilty about my insignificant pity party and figured writing about it would help.  Thanks for listening. 

Female Dictators - Posted By: lxl

Okay, let me state up front, I know this is going to sound sexist, but I don't care.

Does anyone else cringe when they get female dictators?

In my 12+ years of transcription, I've had a handful of women dictators that I enjoyed. I miss them. We could have been sisters.

It seems like the majority of women dictators are either disorganized and full of "ahhhhhhs" or lack the basic knowledge that a human ear can only decipher words at a particular rate. And it helps if that rate is slow and steady. Instead of:

"hecomesintodayforbliganfoulainangioplarbaday ... and ... um ... he states ... um ... he is ... ahh ... feeling ... ... ... ... ... ... well. Physicalexamblooprezimafufpulbivafuweightofusy ... extremities ... um ... barkbuflowefbuckskiassplover ... um ... end of dictation."

Or maybe I'm just more forgiving to a deeper, soothing voice.

Either way, I have 2 hours of a female dictator that I HATE today, and I totally want to pull her hair.

Am I the only one?

Neuro exam: no pes pointing?? nm THX! - Posted By: Ashlee


working multiple companies - Posted By: KANN

For those you who work a full-time job plus a part-time job for a different company, are you using one computer for both?  I thought maybe I should buy a second computer??? 

Lines - Posted By: Sarah

Can anyone explain to me what 65 character B & W line is?


Thanks for the info.

Are there any MTs left that get paid by the hour? - Posted By: tia

Just wondering.  As an IC, I was trying to figure what I made per hour after having to pay my share and employer's share of SS.  If there is anyone out there that still gets paid per hour, I would like to know what area you are from and how much.  Thanks.

MT on account has dropped production. - Posted By: How would you interpret this?

MT tells me they have decided to drop production on an account I share with them. 

 Between the three of us, we managed okay. Now with her drop in line count, the burden falls of the MT at the end of the shift.  I wanted to tell this MT that she set the pace and now, if they do not continue it, we will have backlog (and we do).  The other two of us are already typing at full throttle.  Our account is going out of TAT.

Has this even happened to any of you and how should I handle this?

Anyone who has traveled working on desktop - Posted By: Kat

I am getting ready to take an unexpected trip and can not use a laptop due to company policy.  I found a hotel with "wired" internet to the room.  Has anyone ever stayed in a hotel and used wired internet before?  My question is do you need a modum or anything or do you just hook in to the computer and it miraculously works?  I'm just trying to ease my mind because I'm scared to death I'll get there and have no internet to work on.

Extend Text - Posted By: wvm

I know this has been hashed over many times but please bear with me just one more time!

Question is, if you are a very speedy typist and you transcribe for many doctors, is this a useful tool? How does it compare to Autotext? I am on the verge but just need to have an idea of how it would benefit with multiple MDs or, if it would benefit with multiple MDs with their different styles.

I work with ExText by the way which is definitely not the fastest and so would like to increase production.

Really appreciate any feedback.

Kodak Easyshare - Posted By: D

WalMart has a good deal on a Kodak Easyshare 6 megapixel camera.  I was wondering if anyone has used this camera?  Is it any good?

How is Spheris? - Posted By: timeforchange

How is Spheris to work for?  Flexibility?  Pay?  Benefits?  Good workflow/steady accounts?  Currently with MQ and it's been getting scary.  Please give me any info!  I'm really interested in health insurance benefits and cost for a family per month.  Thanks MTs!