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jammed dot matrix printer - Posted By: Eileen

I was wondering if anybody else uses a dot matrix printer.  I have been doing this account for 10 years.  We are constantly having the labels jam all the time.  We use labels that the doctor's office provides.  Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Remapping Keyboard - How do you do this? - Posted By: KMT

I was wondering if there was a way to remap your keyboard so that the calculator number pad was actually among the keys that you would type with your right hand on the keyboard.  Can you change the way your keyboard types or do you have to buy a new keyboard for this?  If so, where and what kind? 

I am trying to find news ways to increase my line counts!!!!!!!! 


I'm a small MTSO - what platforms do MTs like? - Posted By: sm

Or do you prefer typing in your own Word program and emailing encrypted files?  Do you prefer to use C-phone to access the dictation, or wav pedal?  I'm seriously thinking it might be better to use a platform where MTs can go online to access the dictation and the platform to type into and I am looking for ones that MTs like and consider MT friendly.  So...what have you used and which ones do you like best?  I did do a search, but I'm asking again.  Obviously, being a small MTSO some of the larger platforms might be beyond my reach, but I'm looking for opinions.

Olympus 2300 - Posted By: Merry

Please someone give me some info on the Olympus 2300.  I am going to work from home for a doctor who uses this to dictate.  Do I need special software to be able to transcribe the voice files?  The doctor doesn't know because his previous service set him up.  I truly appreciate any help I can get on this board!

For most companies how many hours may part time employees work. What is the minimum and maximum - Posted By: MQMT


Help on the word bord please - Posted By: romey


Condition of the Industry Opinions Needed!! - Posted By: MTtoQAtoMT?

A question for the old timers! Only because the newer MTs might not honestly know. I have been in QA for a few years, and I hate it. I love transcribing - its my gift and where my heart is. That said, I so want to return to MTing, but am very afraid. When I QA, I get nothing but absolutely garbage ESLs. Horrible. Should be deported-type of dictations. I used to be great at ESLs when an MT, but only got occasional dictator who could bring me to tears. So, I am thinking that perhaps I just get constant garbage thru QA because that's what QA is - the garbage depository for ESLs!! But when I read these boards, MTs are complaining all the time about how horrible the dictators are these days, and how they can't keep up their line counts, etc. Has it changed that much these last few years since I've been QAing? Are most MTs simply getting the junk dictators? If so, I'd just rather stay put in QA and pass the time til I retire. Or, do you think this is just a result of my being in QA and just seeing the pits of dictators?? I know its not an absolute answer, but I would love opinions. I make a decent living getting paid hourly at QA, and am so uncertain of the waters out there right now. Thanks!

CHILD SUPPORT?? - Posted By: poorsinglemomof3

 Can ANYONE give me some legitimate service who goes after "deadbeat dads"????  I'm at the end of my emotional rope, and my state (Oklahoma) has not helped much in nailing down this butthead ('cuse my French)....I've talked to a few "services" which IF they get anything from him, they will probably take 60-70% of it!!!    Has anyone had any luck anywhere??  Why do these guys (and I'm sure there are gals out there too!) get away with not supporting their kids???

Sorry to vent  ...I type for a living (like you) and beating this keyboard sometimes helps me feel better!  Thanks for listening (reading ??)....


No more complaining about cold hands while working.....sm - Posted By: Jus Me

Now I have absolutely seen it all.  Found this on accident but just look, if you suffer with cold hands these could be your answer.

In fairness to all posters, if you are a MQ poster, please - Posted By: Administrator (sm)

In fairness to all posters, if you are a MQ poster, please kindly post only NEW information on the Main board and your daily information ie ran out of work already, questions about the infamous "packet", etc. on the Company board.  Please note that redundant questions will be removed from the Main board.  Feel free to check the archives and feel free to post your daily information and queries on the Company board.

Thank you,




Loved pet... - Posted By: So Sad

I had to put down my Andi (poodle mix dog) today.  Last night I came home from church and found her on the door step apparently hurt.  Brought her to the vet who kept her over night.  I went in this morning but she had multiple fractures and had to be put to sleep.  I don't think I will get another pet.  It's too hard when you lose them.

6 MV photons with dose specified to Bmax or Dmax? - Posted By: sss

6 MV photons with dose specified to Bmax or Dmax?

space changes - Posted By: noname

Did anyone else get the memo about the change in spacing for MQ?  On DQS, there will be only one space after periods.  They will let each account know when the switch is made.  Its a *new national standard*, the memo says.  OMG, so here I have typed since high school with two spaces, now I have to retrain myself to use only one space after periods.  Just another thing to cut down on my production.

Advancement in MT field - Posted By: Mandy

I began working in this field in 2000. I stayed with one company for 6 years. During those years I advanced from ER work to acute care, promoted to quality assurance, and then to supervisor's assistant. Unfortunately, 3 months after I accepted the supervisor's assistant position, the company made cutbacks and my position was eliminated. They requested I accept a pay cut along with my demotion. I left the company and was hired by another company as an MT, with a promise that I would be considered for editing in the near future. I have been with this new company for 2 years. During this time no positions have ever been advertised but at least 5 girls have been promoted to QA during this time period. I know of at least 2 other girls who have also expressed an interest in editing and yet we all been passed over, not even allowed to apply for the position.

For anyone who has achieved a supervisor position within this field, could you offer some suggestions on how to start climbing the ladder again? Which companies do promote? What type of experience is needed?

Thank you so much!!

Doing 60 lph this morning so far. : ( - Posted By: Frustrated Beyond Belief

I get up every day with a positive attitude, and start typing away.  Same BAD dictators, skipping all around in reports, and some areas garbled beyond recognition.  I'm just venting, but it is so hard to keep going on day after day like this, making no money and being frustrated beyond belief.  It takes so many hours just to make 1000 lines like this.  ARGH~!!!!!!

RadGuy??? What did you decide???? - Posted By: I wanna know........

Okay, we helped, so now ya gotta spill it.......what did you decide to buy your sisters for Xmas????  :)

Happy Holidays, btw.

Slow??? - Posted By: LilB

Is anyone else finding it to be really slow lately?  I have had very little work since shortly after Thanksgiving. 

font size - Posted By: cpl

When paid by cpl, does it affect your line count if you type in a size 10 or size 12 font?

spring is here - Posted By: so what's your favorite flower?

Just one flower. 

Template line count subtracts from my pay (sm) - Posted By: Beth

When companies use a template line count, but I have to remove some of the nonapplicable part of the template, it actually REDUCES my line count! Please share any experiences you have had with this problem. I can't believe this! How have you MT's out there solved this? Any tips? This is ridiculous.

Anyone know where Mary Patterson (of YOG) - Posted By: is these days? nm


AC adapter for D-Light digital transcriber? - Posted By: Georgia

I have an old D-Light machine that I need to put back into use. Have misplaced the AC adapter. Does anyone know what type of AC adapter it uses?


Olympus DSS system - Posted By: Wilson

I have a potential new client that is using an Olympus DSS system they tell me.  My question is can I just use Express Scribe to play these or would I need to purchase the something like the Olympus AS-400 system to play their files?


To MQx4 - Posted By: MTmom

I apologize to you then MQx4 if all these posts were not yours.  It is very difficult to determine who is who anymore.

Although, in those crazy people's defense, I actually did find those posters rather hillarious!  I am just your average MT and no I am not disturbed in any way, just enjoy a raw sense of humor now and then.  Please don't bash me for saying that, it is just my opinion.  A raw sense of humor is not grounds for being in the psyhiatric ward.  A good laugh every now and then does wonders for the body (burns lots and lots of calories you know).  With that being said, we should welcome everyone here and as long as I am personally not being threatened, then I really am up for any conversation and/or jokes or whatever. 

It's nice to know who you are talking with, so MQx4 thanks for being consistent with your name.  Sorry if I addressed some of those posts to you!

Switching to radiology - help, pay, etc. - Posted By: Georgie

I am thinking of switching to radiology (for a change) after doing all other specialties for over 21 years.  I feel I can make the transition okay after a learning curve, as I have transcribed a lot of ortho, physiatry, physical therapy, etc.,which should help some.  Here is where I need some help.....   My offer was for 10/line gross count and right now I am working for 9/line, 65 ch, but I have no idea how this compares because radiology reports are different and a lot shorter, etc. etc.  I am used to making pretty good money since I have done this for so long and just want to make sure I am not going backwards in pay.  I definitely cannot afford that in this economy.  So for those of you who have experience in radiology can you give my your thoughts and ideas on expectations for this pay rate (obviously after my learning curve).  Thanks so much for any help!!  Also, feel free to e-mail if preferred.

ants on the kitchen table - Posted By: Eileen

Anybody else have a problem with ants on the table.  We even fogged the house, used raid and still they come back.  Any suggestions?

Need help w/Shorthand 9 - Posted By: Befuddled

I downloaded the 30-day trial of Shorthand.  I cannot figure out how to bold a word in MSWord.  Every time I try to input CTL+B into the expansion, the program puts the - {@KEY - or something like that.  I have read and tried everything I could find in the Help section with no luck.  Can someone type out what I need to input to get a word capitalized and bolded.  I would really, really appreciate the help.  I am thinking it must be something super easy that I am just not getting!  TIA

I only have satellite. Anyone know of any companies that still take that? sm - Posted By: Pattii

I live just past the lines to get DSL or cable. I have over 25 years experience, but my location is proving to be a problem. Thanks.

EditScript - Checking QA line counts - Posted By: Malia

I'm doing QA for the 1st time in EditScript and when I go into Transcription Metrics to check my line count, it says zero.  Is there a different way to check line counts in QA?  Or is something really wrong? 

questions between two jobs - Posted By: brandy

 i have been offered a job locally, which i would prefer paying 1 wopping cent higher, but they dont include spaces in line count..do you think i should take it?

Before you sign up for Vonage, read this - Posted By: Dial-in MT

I signed up with Vonage a few weeks ago. I have 2 phone lines and signed up both. The verification process was only completed on 1 phone number, but they immediately charged me 49 dollars for both phone numbers. A day or 2 later I received 2 modems in the mail, although 1 modem was supposed to be good for 2 phone lines.


When I called Vonage to cancel service on the number I had not verified, they kept me on the line so long I put my little head on the desk and considered an alcoholic beverage.


While the quality of the service is great - crisp and clear the service does not work with dial-in dictation. The dictation continued to play after I raised my foot from the pedal. Also, if I placed my foot back on the pedal immediately after raising it, the dictation would not play, I had to wait a few seconds.


I was disconnected 3 times while working. I lost work one of the times and therefore lost that money.


When I called to totally cancel service, it was a very long process, but I was told I had to stay on the line to get a verification number or I would not get a refund. It took AGES or so it seemed.


If I had searched mtstars before I signed up, I would not even have called Vonage, as others have noted some of these problems.

Arthritis Pain - Posted By: Shelly

Does anyone have any suggestions for treating arthritis pain? I am having a lot of pain in my hands, especially my right hand. It is getting very difficult for me to write. I have tried Motrin and Excedrin but these aren't very helpful. I have also tried some pain cream like Ben-Gay. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Here's a funny typo for you. I saw this at work today on a chart. - Posted By: Diagnosis: Leukopenis

Most comfortable chair please! - Posted By: DJ

I am on a quest for a new office chair.  Cannot afford the Aeron.  Any other comparable ones out there????? Thanks!

Client just told me my price is too high - Posted By: For Alabama

Birmingham, 15 cpl (65 characters with spaces). They are going to start looking elsewhere. Is that too high now?

ExTExt by dictaphone - Posted By: nannette kessler

Anyone have any experience with ExText platform...how did you like it..and if you know, how does it compare to DocQscribe?

OT: Amp'd Cell Phone Service - Posted By: Shelby

I am looking for a new cell phone service, preferably pay-as-you-go or something really cheap because I barely even use 100 minutes a month most months. Has anyone tried this new Amp'd broadband cell service? What'd ya think?



question about antivirus software - Posted By: Aunt Bea

I have always purchased my antivirus software online and downloaded it onto my computer.   If I buy the software, say at Sam's Club or anywhere, can it be loaded onto numerous computers?  I have 4 networked in my home and all are going to be running out of protection soon.  In other words if I only have to buy it once that would be great.  TIA

To administrator: - Posted By: wannie

What has happened to the menu on the left side of the screen for the other forums? thanks!

all caps - Posted By: capnut

After I have typed a word, is there a way to highlight it and convert it to all caps?

Who puts the "flames" on certain posts? Admin or OP? - Posted By: lm


Looking for a good lab test reference site... - Posted By: New MT

.. can anyone suggest some?  I'm looking for something that lists all lab tests and their normal ranges... also a description of what each test is done for would be nice, but not necessary. 


Heathescribe - Posted By: Mina Parlin

Anyone know anything about them?  They offered me a job.  Thanks.

Just passed the CMT...sm - Posted By: Apple Scruff

I'm just bragging on myself.  I have 2 years' experience.  The transcription was easier than I thought!

Need suggestions on a desktop calendar software for my PC. SM - Posted By: MissouriMT

I'm looking for something that works similar to the calendar feature in Outlook.  I want to input appointments and reminders and have a little pop box come up to remind the day before. 

Any suggestions for a good program?

Which is better, 10 cpl 65 ccl, or 7.5 cpl gross line? sm - Posted By: confused

Gross line is courier new 12, 1-inch margins.  I tried to figure out some kind of formula, but not really sure where to start.

Any input is appreciated.

Need help creating a go-to function in Word... - Posted By: anotherMT

I would like to set up Word so that I can press tab (or some other) key and it will move to a specific point in the report such as ???, so that I can then insert text at that point.  I have had many templates come to me with this function but I would like to be able to set it up for my own templates, only don't know how....after spending 30 minutes in the Help menu I'm just frustrated!!   But I bet one of you folks know how to do it!  Sure would appreciate the help.

Test quandry - Posted By: coyote

I have been given an online test for spelling which is given in Word.  It is multiple choice and the words that are spelled incorrectly are underlined in red.  Has anyone figured out an honest way to complete such a test?  Should I notify the company that is doing the testing?

DocShuttle. Does it really cost $269 to get it? - Posted By: sm

Or am I looking at the wrong thing?  I'd love to apply for a position that needs this but cannot afford that big a bite in my finances.  Any help is appreciated!

Anyone know of system that converts files to wave...help please - Posted By: margo

I am a small company and would like to know if anyone knows of a system that takes the dictation and converts it to wave files and these can then be sent to any number of medical transcriptionists?  I want a system that does nto require a lot of phone lines because of being a little remote, but would allow more than one doctor to dictate at a time and allow me to move files as need to each MT. I was hoping to find a dial in system like this rather than the hand helds because that is relying toooooooo much on them docking the thing, loading it etc.

any suggestions greatly appreciated.