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Is this a legit job posting?? - Posted By: mt

Hours: M-F, 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
REQUIRES: Expert familiarity with guidelines for medical transcription, excellent grammar, spelling, punctuation and medical terminology skills. Ability to respond quickly to 150-200 e-mail questions a day for filling in blanks in reports. Excellent computer skills including internet searches. Ability to communicate clearly in writing. Position requires coordination of QA programs for transcriptionists and performance of monthly random QA. Coordinator will also act as trainer for new staff and coordinator of departmental cross-training.

How in the world could one person do this job???? 150 to 200 emails with questions?  Perform monthly QA train and crosstrain?????

Okay, I've got a habitual problem - Posted By: Getting older

I worked for a  hospital for 9 years with no expander. Now I use IT. I've noticed that even using the Expander for my headings, I am still in the habit of hitting the CapLock key, then my next line under the header is also in caps. This is truly aggravating me. Anybody have a good suggestion on how to take those 9 years and kick the  habit? It slows me down, not to mention how steamed I get when I do this TIA.

Word Perfect - Posted By: AH

Does anybody on here use word perfect? I am a new grad, and a company says they will hire a new grad if I have word perfect and and a wave player. Any input would be good.

Does anyone have recent experience working with Spheris... - Posted By: mt

that you wouldn't mind sharing.  I heard that they used to drop your pay based on how many reports you send to be QA'd.  Is it really that way?  Just want to know before I would consider applying.

Help, I can't peeeee! - Posted By: About to bust

Anybody else have this problem?   My two beagles are asleep here in my office.  I need to go to the bathroom!   If I get up, they both jump up and get all excited.  So, I'm sitting here typing, with my bladder feeling as if I will bust at any second.  Ha Ha.  I hope they wake up on their own soon.   LOL

Nightline had a special last night - Posted By: Hospital infections

on hospital infections and stated that basically, because of poor sterile technique by the hospital and hospital personnel, more than 80,000+ people would die this year from this condition.

The cost of taking care of one of these infections, caused by the hospital itself, is horrendous, well over $100,000 if you have to have an infected surgical wound treated surgically again.   I finished my IV wonder drugs, not sure what that cost will be yet from the pharmacy and home health care, but I know that 1 vial of medicine used to unclog my IV was $800.  My 10 day supply of Zyvox was $1100.   I also had 14 days of IV Zyvox twice a day and 14 days of IV Levaquin once a day, so you can imagine what my bill is going to run.   I will also have an addition bill from the anesthesiologist, the surgeon, the infectious diseases doctor, the hospitalist, radiologist, and who knows who else. 

I really think the cheapo hospitals could dig up another few cents a line that could be paid directly to the MTs rather than cutting our rates all the time. 



Trying to keep this discussion near the top... SM - Posted By: QALady

not because I am egocentric and feel I need to be at the top, but because I just don't want to have to scroll down and look for it every time I have something to add.  So, it's not arrogance, it's convenience.  Also I would just like to add that I posted my "credentials" so to speak because I was asked to defend my position with what made me qualified to talk about poor MTs.

Anyway, I don't know if I could be classified as an old-timer as I've not had to transcribe on manual typewriters from belts, but I did start out in transcription in the late 80s, right before the internet boom.  So I did start out in an office with other MTs who could lend me an ear and give me advice, but most of them were old-timers who felt lost when the internet did hit and changed our profession forever.  So all of my computer skills, internet skills, and researching skills are self-taught out of necessity.  Because I took the time and made the effort to hone my internet and research skills, I moved up the transcription food chain and moved passed a lot of the old-timers who trained me.  I guess I just have no patience for "old-timers" who wear their years of experience like a badge of honor, but then use those same years as an excuse for not using the internet efficiently.

I am more than willing to educate or mentor an MT, whatever it takes, but the MT has to want and accept constructive criticism gracefully instead huffing and puffing about how mean and evil QA is.  Most of the time MTs ignore their feedback and make the same mistake again and again.  I can quote chapter and verse out of the BOS to an MT trying to illustrate why they are wrong and it will not matter.  They see "QA" on an email in their inbox and automatically hit delete without a passing glance.

I am not the enemy in this war called transcription.  MTs and QA should be allies against offshoring and we should be trying to elevate our status in health information chain, but we can't be allies and we can't accomplish anything if MTs are constantly paranoid that QA is "out to get them."  The sad truth is that eventually we QA people are going to have no other options except unemployment or educating the Indian MTs and ironically the Indian MTs will welcome any feedback that will help them get more work from American MTs.

To all those who posted that I have a big head and have launched personal attacks, I would say you the ones who are arrogant and big headed if you can't just accept that you are wrong sometimes and you can always learn something new and maybe you can learn that something new from me, the QA person who has proven her skills, passed a harder employment test, to get the QA job I have today.

You can call me names and insult me, but the truth hurts and obviously those who are defensive have reason to be.

What FTP HIPPA Compliant do you use? - Posted By: Rastadata

I am setting up my web site and I am having trouble understanding FTP and is it HIPPA Compliant. Which one do you use?

Had to share. Indian with heavy accent and stutter;) - Posted By: chris

this should be interesting!!!

Typing Family/Friend/Own Reports - Posted By: Allison

How do you handle having to type a report for a close friend, family member or for yourself?  If you have independent contractors, do you allow them to type a report on a family member or themselves?

Residents - Posted By: spitfire

Just have to scream for a minute...Arrrrrrrrrrg...Ok a little better.  Have been working on a simple H&H being dictated by an American resident, 2 year, that is almost at 800+ simply because she cannot dictate, does not know how to pronounce meds, has trouble with medical terms, ad nauseum......I've worked in med schools and around residents nearly all my working life, but this crop we have now are at least to me the dumbest I've ever run across.  We have a good split of ELS and Americans.  Don't know which is worse.  Oh well, more fun to come when a new group comes in around the first of July.  Can't wait.  Just had to get that off my chest.  Would love to hear others comments.

What are the TX platforms to stay away from ? I am currently on a job using EMDAT - Posted By: Frustrated!!

and I am about to loose my mind!  I am new to the company and this platform is making me as a new employee look like a bumbling fool!!! I feel like I am always complaining about somthing or another because the program does not seem to be very user friendly.  I am wondering if I shouldn't just look for another company to work for.  I just don't know what other platforms to steer clear of in the future when looking for work.

6 MV photons with dose specified to Bmax or Dmax? - Posted By: sss

6 MV photons with dose specified to Bmax or Dmax?

Help with MS Word 'Show Edits' Feature... - Posted By: David



I am proofreading reports as MS Word files. I want to send a version showing the corrections (in red, as MS Word does when you turn on this feature), but then I want to send the final 'clean' version, with the corrections but without showing all the changes in red, to the client. It doesn't seem that this is possible. Whenever I turn the show edit feature on, I cannot then remove the red marks later.

Thanks for help,



keyboard shortcut/make letters larger - Posted By: sandy

Somewhere I saw a simple keyboard shortcut that would make the letters in a program appear larger without changing the font size. I have a program I have to access at work and the letters are hard to read, but I'm not allowed to change the size. Does anyone know about this? Thanks!

A good site for searching medical abbreviations. - Posted By: MA

Check the link below.  A really cool site to search for medical abbreviations.

Beef about account managers - Posted By: me

I'll say right off which company I'm talking about, it's DTS out of TN.  I'm not mad, just at the point of head banging.  I'd really like to know what it is that some account managers do and where they get them. I transcribe on several accounts and without fail, not one of them seems to know anything about the account.  One particular one, "GK", I'll email with a question and IF she answers back, it will be somebody else's question, an "I don't know" or "where did you read that" (well DUH I read it in the account instructions).  You get doctor lists that came out before modern medicine was invented and after requesting new ones 10-20 times, you just give up (some you can't get online).  Then you get emails if you leave a blank for a doctor or feedback from QA that they can't find them either.  Two accounts are GONE just this month, wonder if this has anything to do with it?

Shorthand vs. Vista - Posted By: Linda

Can anyone tell me if the ShortHand Word Expander software is compatible with Vista?  Thanks!  Much appreciated!

C-phone question - Posted By: ..confused...

Is there is a difference between a C-phone and a DVI.  I think that I took a job that requires a C-phone, but I think I have a DVI.  If anyone clear this up for me, that would be great.  My machine has a phone keypad, but no handset.

Thanks in advance!

Music alternatives for ACDC..sm - Posted By: cc

My 9yo grandson is into ACDC. I want to turn him on to some alternatives. I am downloading some music for a Xmas present for him and need some suggestions as to something a 9yo ACDC fan might enjoy. Thanks.

please help on word board-thx (nm) - Posted By: drain name


Need Advice on Shortcut software - Posted By: Jane

I need to buy some type of shortcut/word substitution software.  I need to be able to program whole paragraphs into the program and use 2 letters to get it back out.  What is good out there now?  What about cost?  Any advice is appreciated.


Anyone have a solution for a sore behind?? - Posted By: WS

I just recently bought a new chair, recommended on one of the sites and it wasn't cheap by any means.  But my butt gets so sore when I sit for days.  I've tried putting a pillow under me, but that doesn't seem to help very much.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Still not opening at all for me. I emailed - Posted By: the administrator. NM


Main Board - Posted By: Bonnie

I'd like to thank the administrator for helping me with my question about the main board. Being new here, I looked around for "instructions" but must have overlooked them. It's nice to see the administrative message at the top of the main board explaining how to use it -- I took the word "main" litearlly, as others new to this board possibly have.

I do have a question. When I signed up at Yahoo-Groups , I signed up to receive daily digests, which are digests of the main board. Is there a way to receive digests of the boards listed on the left?

can now donate your vacation time - Posted By: another mtpocket

The IRS will now let you donate your vacation time to the evacuees.  They will convert it to cash and you can deduct it at the end of the year.  For those of you feeling so generous, this is for you.

Line counting: Is there a way - Posted By: to take the # of minutes and translate to

approximate # of lines? I am very curious. I am unable to see the # of lines I type daily using the system we use. I love the company I work for and trust them as the number of jobs and number of minutes are usually higher than what I come up with each pay period but would like to see how the number of lines calculate between the two of us. Thank you in advance.

Bayscribe - Posted By: Lawn Goddess?

Does anyone know of a company that uses this platform and will accept an Internet satellite connection?

Just got transferred to the Amherst office and am wondering what to expect from that transfer. - Posted By: MTMQ

Can anyone tell me anything about how they operate that office. Do you have work in your regular accounts without hundreds of backups or what is the situation.


how does one get a moderator on this board? - Posted By: question


Finding a legitimate work-at-home opportunity - Posted By: andrewsimon

Finding a legitimate work-at-home opportunity can be very confusing task, but once you get in to the field you feel great by working at the comfort of your home. You may come across many opportunities but you have to very ideal in choosing the best which suits you. In case, if you have always worked for someone else and are depressed with this situation, or if you want to spend more time at home, you may want to consider finding a work at home opportunity that will allow you to earn money but give you the free time you are looking for.

stainless steel appliances... - Posted By: dcc

i've seen it posted before on this board but can't find it- what is a good way to keep stainless steel appliances clean and shiny? (other than not being in the same room with them)  do i have to purchase something or is there something i can make?  i thought i read something that included baking soda to make a paste....?????TIA

Any ho t dirt y bitc hes here! - Posted By: MARIO BOSIO

i am on het wanna fuc k hard and deep  so that my 12 inches long black rod reaches the thoroat of all the old MT bitc hes here.

Outsourcing - Posted By: Lynn

Can anyone enlighten me just how an individual such as myself could check to see if a company that adverises on MT Job Boards has any affiliations with India or outsourcing? Thanks for your help.

Bayscribe feedback, good or bad? - Posted By: Hopeful

Has anybody used BayScribe who could give me feedback?  MDI-MD uses it, and I am going to be training on it soon.  I understand it has its own word Expander program,and you have to use it.  Supposedly, you can have MDI-MD import your Smartype expander programmed words into it.  But this all seems pretty cumbersome and a rather long time getting started. 

I'm willing to do a learning curve if I can end up with a decent living.  It's just that I have done this SO MANY TIMES that I can't afford too many more long learning curves. 

Any recomendations of other companies would be much appreciated.  They would have to be companies who can work with satellite and no land lines, though.  Some can do this. 

Line Count - Posted By: MTTX

What exactly does 500 lines per day equal out to (how many hours per day, reports, etc)? I have worked for one clinic and I get paid a nice monthly salary. 


Curious. What CPL is MQ hiring at these days sm - Posted By: MT

for acute care employee with 15+ years experience?  When I left them 3-years-ago I was making 10 CPL.  Those signon bonuses are enticing me.

AAMT Book of Style-2nd Edition - Posted By: Angie

I am a new MT, I was wondering if anyone was selling any "AAMT Book of Style-2nd Edition" or the CD Rom version? Also looking for a current Medical Spellchecker?


Please let me know




Some info on credit counseling vs bankruptcy - Posted By: Patti

This is just a heads up for those that were questioning about your choices.   I was doing some research on a cancellation of debt form - 1099-C that I am doing for my ex-husband as he never paid me the $9720 he owed me and found on a web page that some of the people that are going through Credit Counseling now are getting 1099-C for some canellation of the debt from credit card companies.  If they forgive this debt, then you have to claim it on your income tax as "INCOME"  so think about this in your situation.  If you are going through a counseling agency ask them if any of your accounts can give you a 1099-C for anything that they forgive you and the only way that they can't is through Bankruptcy.  So that is another consideration when wondering which way to go.   As for me, I have a signed promissory note signed and it is not a verbal agreement, was not in the divorce and he just never paid.  So I get to put on 12 years of interest at 10% plus late fees and he will end up paying the IRS instead of me but I get a tax deduction of $3000 per year until the 21K is used up.  So that is fine, he doesn't have to pay me and I will cancel out his debt, but Uncle Sam is not as forgiving as me.  But I wanted everyone to be aware of this as it tempting to pay a credit card company only 50% of what you owe them but thing of putting that other 50% on your income tax forms.   Patti

Congratulations are again in order... - Posted By: Jodi

He just came to get the rest of his belongings!  Two police officers were with him.  It's snowing here, but I put everything and I mean EVERYTHING of his outside.  He took his dog and off he went.  I watched all of it from my livingroom window. 

On a personal note, today is his 28th birthday!  I say Happy Freakin' Birthday and GOOOOOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

Here is a list of emoticons to demonstrate how I'm feeling...  It's the beginning of the end of my marriage and I love it.  Whooooooppppeeeeee!!!!!  Congratulate me!!!!!

How to indent on Microsoft Works - Posted By: Confusing technology

This may seem like a simple question but it has me stumped. I started a new job recently using Microsoft Works. My last job of many years used WP. My question is how to indent. Some doctors use outline format on the diagnoses. Right now, I have to enter and space over because I can't get the next line to scroll the correct margin. I hope I am explaining this correctly!  Hitting tab will indent the first line but then the next lines scroll to the left-hand margin. I have tried everything I can think of and it must be something easy.  I MISS WORD PERFECT!!  Can someone help?  Thanks!

beware of medigrafix, inc. - Posted By: mtinsd

I see my old very temporary employer Medigrafix has posted an ad for help on here and I wanted to let all you MT's know that the person you send the email to you is not a nice person to work for from day one she was negative to me and talked down to me!  Don't bother plus they expect perfection on day one.  The software/platform is impossible to work with also!  don't bother working for them unless you want to be treated badly from day one on.  Trust me it is not the way to work and it will make you not want to work when treated badly like this! 

Is Goldbird and Busy MT one and the same? - Posted By: Please don't get mad, just wondering.


Transferring autocorrect to new computer - Posted By: Anita

Hi all,

I have a file of my autocorrects that was forwarded to me from the old computer I used.  It's file extension is "acl", e.g., MSO1234.acl. 


Can anyone coach me on  how I can convert the acl to a text file (the format I believe it's supposed to be in) and then load it?  I was directed to some file converter programs, but none of them worked. 


I saw that someone had previously posted and gotten a reply to this question, but the answer given did not work  for me. 



The new tax form - Posted By: Don't ya just love it

Lanier - Posted By: deenibeeni

Is it possible to get Lanier voice files with anything other than a Lanier? I tried calling in on a Dictaphone, but it doesn't work. Seems like I remember someone posting about this, but I can't remember how she said it was done.


Comcast Internet - Posted By: sm

Does anyone use Comcast for broadband. I do, but I can't get onto the Comcast.net website, and email is not coming through Outlook today. I was wondering if the problem is on my end or theirs. I can get to other websites (like this one!), but I'm also having problems with time-outs on many, many other sites, not just Comcast. I'm wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem.

Question about Lanier VoiceWrite EX - Posted By: emma

Hi, Folks!

I have a Lanier VoiceWrite EX, and I'm curious to know if it can be used to call into a Dictaphone dictation system. I don't really know a whole lot (well, anything, really) about programming the thing, but I am teachable and I can read instructions, if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks very much for any help you can give me!

Transcription Newsletter - Posted By: Kat

Hi everyone:  I've been asked to create a monthly newsletter for our MTs.  Each one will focus on one specialty. I having a hard time coming up with a name for the newsletter.  I'd like something maybe funny, a play on medical words, etc., and I am woefully uncreative apparently.  Any help would be highly appreciated.

Becoming an Editor/QA - Posted By: RonnieJ

Can anyone tell me how you go about becoming an Editor or Q/A person.  It seems like every job opening wants experienced editors but where do you get the experience from.  I would work for a lot less if I could get experience editing. I have been an MT for over 20 years, so you would think that would count for something.