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Toll-free call-in system - Posted By: Merry Christmas

I have 3 doctors that I am going to be taking on as clients of my own.  One is going to be using a recorder, the other 2 are still wanting to use a call-in line for their dictation.  They will not be dictating a large amount just a couple times a week.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a service that provides a toll-free call-in line for a decent price?  I am thinking about mydocsonline for my doc that will be using a recorder.

Thanks in advance and Merry X-Mas to you all! 

Is it easier on your computer to leave it on all night (sm) - Posted By: Need to know

rather than shut down/boot up in the morning.  How much of a worry is overheating and burnout? 

And what about all the cat hair in the fan?

Survivor, anyone? - Posted By: John

Has anyone been following Survivor Exile Island? What did you think of Shane getting voted off? I was so shocked - he was absolutely convinced he was going all the way to the final two. I hope Terry keeps winning immunity - he is such an awesome dude!

Why do people on here feel the need to be - Posted By: rude...

Maybe, just maybe, there are people who just want to vent after hours of ignorant statements and horrific grammar.

MQ using new recruiting firm. sm - Posted By: MT3

Anyone else get a totally unsolicited letter from a recruiter?  The initial letter sounded wonderful, lots of promises, great bennies, etc., no company name.  When I wrote and asked for information, it turns out this person is recruiting for MQ and singing their praises.  When I said I would not work for MQ, as they offshore, her reply was:

"There are many companies who outsource overseas, I am curious how you found out which ones do and which don't.  I cannot think of any national who does not source overseas outside of MedQuist's new changing."

Personally, with all the lawsuits, MQ had no choice left but to change.  Cheating clients, cheating MTs, sending work offshore and the list goes on.  And this person thinks we are too dumb to figure all this out.  I mean, how in the world could any of us possibly know or be concerned about what MQ has done!  It's insulting.  The fact is, this person is ill-informed. There are many nationals who do not outsource offshore and who have taken an oath not to.  Also, many clients are writing clauses into their contracts that the work is not to be offshored.  MQ thinks we are a bunch of idiots. That has always been a big mistake on their part. 

To Admin - See message - Posted By: MT

When I go to www.mtstars.com, my norton antivirus blocks a browser exploit.  Norton says the risk is MSIE ADODB. Stream Object File Installation Weakness.  Is this a virus on the site?

Anyone know what the going rate per line is in NJ? - Posted By: ss

word expander software - Posted By: Kat

Anyone know of any good ones.

Amount to charge for digitizing tapes - Posted By: Jennifer

One of the clients that I trancribe from tapes for just contacted me about helping them create a digital library of their taped recordings into MP3 files.  Since I'm not used to charging for anything other than transcription work I'm at a loss of what a good rate for this type of work would be.  I don't want to short change myself because it will be time consuming work but I want to make sure I give them a fair price as well.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Can someone help me on productivity board? SM - Posted By: Chickadee

I didn't know if that board is frequented a lot, but posted a couple questions there.

Thanks so much for your time.


Has anyone tried SmokeAway? sm - Posted By: TXMT

I really need to stop smoking and I purchased a started kit on a whim....well, maybe more than a whim....yesterday.  Has anyone used it with success?  How bad were the withdrawals on it?  Any comments welcome.

Need help on wording to Google area hospitals that hire MTs at home - Posted By: SM

Everything I put in gives me sites like MTDaily, etc., that have stuff about work-at-home programs and work-at-home information.  I would like to find out which hospitals here in my area hire MTs to work at home so that I can apply as I have just found out that my company is about to sink.  Any advice appreciated.  Thanks.

Oracle? - Posted By: Shel

The latest posts I can find on Oracle are from a year ago.  They seem all bad.  This makes me nervous, as I have just recently been hired by them, but now Diskriter is calling me.  What do I do, any ideas.  It seems Oracle will be very flexible with my schedule (this is a very big deal to me) and I will be working on an account with hardly any ESLs, acute care hospital (hard to believe).  On the other hand, I do not get supplied a computer (which I am used to) and this is a little inconvenient.  Diskriter seems to be more strict on their scheduling, but supplies bennies and hardware, so now it is up to, who is the best?  Any comments (yes, I know this is a loaded question, but just go for it, K).


accutype, x-press transcription, Medquist - Posted By: TLB

Help!  Need some info please.  I have been an MT since 1992 first in a clinic setting, and now in hospital since 1996.  I have been doing Radiology transcription and love it.  I have been looking for an at home job for the past couple of months and have been offered a couple positions.  I currently get paid by the hour and have no idea how to convert my work to line count.  I have been offered .075, .08 and .09 no spaces?  Anyone type PET scans and know what the line count is on a report like that?  They told me they would give me 9 reports and I would be busy all day which I can't believe because I can usually type 25-30 reports an hour of MR, CT, US, MN and general x-ray. 

Thanks, TLB

Can a decent line count be made - Posted By: tired and confused

doing discharge summaries alone, multiple,consistent, bad doctors, without working 12 hour days? 

Which companies allow satellite transcription? - Posted By: txmt


All word questions need to be posted on the Word board. Please use the correct board to post. - Posted By: questions. Administrator


Reference for Op reports, anyone know of any good online ones?? - Posted By: sm

Having a tough time with Ops - does anyone know of some good reference sites to refer to?

Hostile and negative or Professional and courteous? - Posted By: ShellyG

I read a post here where someone wrote they thought the medical field today was hostile and negative.  I agree with her because I've been working independently at home for clinics over seven years now and have found this to be the case.  I wonder why that is?  The doctors and their staff always seem that way, no matter how good a job you do. Guess I get a little tired of feeling like a second class citizen and no matter what I do, it's not enough or appreciated.  

keyboard skipping keys - Posted By: Judy

Does anyone else have problems with some of the keys on the keyboard skips intermittently, not all the time, just sometimes?  My keyboard is brand new.  Not the most expensive, but it is new.  What can I do?  Please help.

Holiday Pay - Posted By: Hazel

I recently began working for a service who only pays for a holiday IF you work that day (compensation of 10 cpl).  However, if you don't work that day, you don't get paid.  I am full time with all full-time benefits.  I realize production pay is entirely different than hourly, but is this common for most transcription companies?  I'm an old transcriptionist, but new to the ways of production pay.  Thanks for any input!

re: beta - Posted By: computer challenged MT

Could someone who is computer literate please explain this "beta" stuff to me and what it means? Thanks !

s/l "curbiges" for skin infections - Posted By: Need help on drug board


Webmedx shifts - Posted By: Birdlady

Is it set in stone that you have to work a weekend day with Webmedx?  Is there any way around that?


Brash friend - Posted By: Mom-CMT

I wonder if I am just being moody or if I just get my feelings hurt too easily.  Today, I ran into a friend of mine while picking up my child from kindergarden.  I know she works and is rushed, but, in my opinion, she was quite rude.  I said hello to her and she very rudely said, "I can't talk, I'm in a hurry."  I wasn't expecting an hour long conversation but a pleasant exchange would have been nice!  She does this a lot - she is sooo moody.  Also, sometimes she calls me when I am in the middle of typing a job, and I very politely tell her that I will call her back.  She always gets her feelings hurt.  She is not from this country (Germany).  I can't seem to get used to her ways. 

What platform do you use? - Posted By: New to work at home MT

I am bored, and trying to get aquanited to the boards, so I am posting a little spree here. 

What platform do you use?  I use Extext by Dictaphone.  Like it so far.

MS Word Still SOOOSlow - Posted By: Bonnie Wild

I am posting again for any add'l help with my MS Word Program - still slow on opening and closing of the program. I have added memory, checked for any extra "normal" templates and about anything else I could find to do.  I do have a lot of autotext entries in MS Word and think this may have something to do with it, because when I accidentally deleted them once, MS worked fine.  Any more ideas???     Thanks  Bonnie

Note to MQ: What would be - Posted By: so difficult about hiring

retired MTs in your workflow room and being TC's.>?

I am so tired of dealing with haughty people who don't have a clue

why I need something or what I do - and on top of them coping an

attitude with me because I get exasperated with their inability

to do their job which is make the work flow.

If MQ had people hired in their work flow areas who had worked inside

the world of transcription and knew where it goes in a hospital,

what to look at on the screens of the machines in the work flow rooms,

etc etc we wouldn't be getting hysterical messages all the time about

not meeting turn around times.

But no!  they want to hire first-time jobbers to be in control of the lives

of people who have been in the business usually upwards of 15 years

in order to even do this MT job at home with no help or assistance -

and then make us put up with them and at the same time try to make a living.

I don't want a doctor operating me who has never been inside a hospital, and I

am sick to death of dealing with people in a transcription company

who has never been inside a hospital and followed a REPORT around.

They need to see WHY A REPORT is done - HOW IT IS DONE

They need to go to dictate stations - they need to go in a medical records

area and look at charts - go inside an OR - and into the ICU

they need to see how the world of medicine is and how it operates.

Only then will they understand TATs, reports, and why things are done as they

are or at least why people want them done a certain way.

Like if I keep getting dictations with LOUD BUZZING - i don't want to keep getting

LOUD BUZZING - I want to let the hospital know there is probably a bad phone

instrument - and if this work flow person sees where dictation is done he will

understand it wouldn't take much to MAKE THE BUZZING STOP - and not get

pissy with me because I'd like to talk to somebody about LOUD BUZZING ON

REPORTS. - It's not rocket science - just need to let somebody know.

Question for txmt. I have tested - Posted By: sm

for Transtech Medical.  They sound like a great place to work IMO.  Do you mind if I ask you several questions about them, such as what platform they work on (I am going to use their computer), what the sound quality is like, how is the pay, etc?  TIA.  If you would like, I can leave my email for you:)  Thanks!!

If you are complaining of low pay, why?? - Posted By: Pattie

do you stay in this business?? I have just read loads of posts below and I lady talking about just paying the bills and housing and to me that is sad because sounds like basically just surviving. Tell me, if so many are fed up with the low pay (and I would like to make more myself) but what are the reasons you continue to work at MTing? I would probably be truthful in saying most of your fast food places and maybe some of your box stores now pay what a Transcriptionist makes. Why complain if you continue to work for these wages- I really would like to know.

Working with preschooler at home - Posted By: rad

My preschooler son is home in the morning as it is spring break here. I am wondering about how you guys get your lines in during such times.

pathology work - Posted By: sometimes, change is good

Would anyone like to contribute their thoughts on the difficulty or nondifficulty of pathology work? 

Does anyone have any experience with church sermon transcription? - Posted By: memt

I've done a Google search and can't seem to find many ways to connect with companies or individuals seeking church sermon transcriptionists? If you have any information about this at all, please send me an email or respond on this board.

Thank you so much.

Need HELP to transfer expansions - Posted By: oldsoul

I want to transfer my shortcuts (expansions) from DocQScribe to Microsoft office word.  Is it possible to do this?  Can anyone tell me where to go for instructions/guidelines on doing this?  Please help!

Kids at home? What ages and do you limit their internet usage? - Posted By: Poll lady

We have a 15-year-old that is limited to 1 hour on the internet when school is not in session, and we have parental controls that allow us to see everything she has done while she was on line.

What about your household?

OK, for laptop users...connection question... - Posted By: technochallenged

As per the discussion below about laptops.  How many of you have wireless internet and how reliable and fast is it? If I were to go up to our mountain (foothills) lake lot and try to transcribe, I fear the mountains would cut out the signal.

Even those of you that transcribe on the deck, if you don't have wireless, don't you have to string a high-speed cable out there or a phone line if you use the phone? Oh, of course I am assuming that some of you work for nationals and need a phone or cable connection.  I suppose some of you work off of tapes or such.


Instant Text and Edit Script? Can anyone help me.. sm - Posted By: frazzled

I am new to Edit Script and am trying to get my Instant Text to work.  I don't seem able to use the ALT = to work when I add an entry.  I have looked on the Instant Text boards but seems no one knows of a solution.  Has anyone here had any success?  Thanks! 

Ortho progress note samples - Posted By: LieseOrlita

Does anyone know where I could get samples of ortho progress notes?



Those of you with daughters, at what age did you - sm - Posted By: Laura E.

allow them to have their ears pierced?  My daughter's are 7 (8 in August) and 6 and are both bugging me to get their ears pierced.  I was 10 when I had mine done, but then again I had no interest in doing it before then.  Of course you see the mom's that have their kids ears done as babies/toddlers, but I think that is way too young, but that is my opinion.  So what is a reasonable age? 

After Reading About Captioning - Posted By: Slinky

I am wondering why MTs don't use those stenograph machines like court reporters.  ?

Someone on here mentioned that she/he does use one.  Does that plug into the computer like a regular keyboard, and is it difficult to learn the keys and such? 

I would love to hear more about it.


Frustrated again - Posted By: justme

It took me 6 months to finish a 1 year course for MTs.  It took me another 4 months to find someone to hire me.  I seemed to have been one of their better typers, since the e-mails with nasty remarks got sent to all of us and they were not any thinkg that applied to my jobs.  Talk about some stupid errors!  I have managed offices for the past 30 years and wanted to find a job that I liked and could stay home.  Thought I had it!  It would have been 1 year this month.  The company I worked for has a very poor computer system.  They are constantly having problems with their e-mail.  My last job typed to them was a very long one, which they claim that they never received.  I sent it twice to both owners and also saved it twice to the site.  I have not been given another job since, nor have I gotten paid for the previous month.  I feel I am a very adequate typist.  It only takes a little practice and any one can get a doctor down pat.  I use the internet alot for words I don't quite understand and usually get good results.  I am now back to the point of testing for everyone and anyone and hearing the same thing, "We need 2 yrs+ experience."  I'm glad I kept my day job for this past year.  I am still not ready to give up though.  Is there anyone out there that hires old women with excellent typing skills and the know how to find what they need in order to type a good report?

Why are so many Amphion accounts - Posted By: Concerned

out of work?  This has been going on for weeks now.  I thought things would pick up by now?

ASAP Transcription in TN..any info? - Posted By: (nm)


Outlook express problem solved - sm - Posted By: sammypot

Had a problem deleting a huge outgoing email. Posted here and many good suggestions came in. However, when I Googled I found www.ITtoolbox, a place to go for technical help.

I was able to finally delete that pesky outgoing email of mine with their help. You may want to keep this site in mind for help if ever you need to.

Thank you all.

Who has gone from IC status to employee status? sm - Posted By: anon

I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I am an IC and I am thinking of going to employee status to get benefits.  My husband will be self-employed in 2 weeks and we will have no insurance or anything.  I love the freedom of being an IC but need bennies.  We have no kids but probably will in a year or two.  Would like to know who has done the switch and if you regret it.


Question for small MTSOs - sm - Posted By: Dizzi

For those small MTSOs, do you use Q&A/editors or do you do that part of it yourself? I have been doing the Q&A for my service just myself, but so much for one person to check, that I am considering bringing on a Q&A/editor. Would like some feedback from any small MTSOs that have people on Q&A, pros, cons, etc. Thanks in advance.

NOTICE: To all BayScribe users - Posted By: Dixiegirl

Here is the email to the creators/owners of BayScribe.  Let's flood them with complaints about their lousy spellchecker and maybe they will do something about it.


dumb question. sm - Posted By: Aunt Bea

If you make a mistake while typing and you know it, do you correct it then, or do wait until you spellcheck to correct ?   I tend to correct it when I see it, but began to wonder if it would be more productive to wait until I run spellcheck to catch it.


On my wish list for Christmas. - Posted By: OhioMT

 What every good MT needs.

free money - Posted By: blondie

Ok everyone, does anyone remember a couple years back when Bush or whoever did this:  sent out checks to taxpaying families for like $400 or so.  Well has anyone heard anything about this happening again?  I heard something about it on the radio but I caught the end of it.  My mother said yes she had heard it.  She said she heard it was for taxpayers.  Which means pretty much everyone.  She said it was about $800 this time for a single and more for a family.  Sounds too good to be true.  But I remember them doing this before.  Anybody know any details on this?