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Has anyone used (sm) - Posted By: Anon

The Instant Drug Index Electronic Reference by Diana Gish, CMT, FAAMTA Searchable Pharmaceutical Index?  Would appreciate any comments on ease of use, compared to QLDB, etc.  Thanks!

MT ON THE GO (sm) - Posted By: Dixiekaye

My dad has been hospitalized several times lately and I need a way to work at the hospital.  Is there any way I can use a laptop at the hospital when an internet connection is not available?  Do I need PCAnywhere so I can connet to my home computer to access my company's software? 

I have never done this before and not sure what type of setup this would require.  I would appreciate any help y'all could give me.

I want to buy a good computer for transcription, mine seems to be bogged down, what I need - Posted By: Kat

How much Ram, processor anything should I be looking for?  I have the Windows XP office to put in it, so I'm not concerned about that, but I want something with speed and can hold the software and everything.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!  ~ Thanks

Solicitor knocking on garage door - Posted By: Stumped

Yesterday afternoon, I had a solicitor walk into my garage.  The garage door was open because my girls and I had just gotten home.  Instead of parking out front and knocking on my front door (which is obvious), the man parked his car by our two cars, which were just outside the garage, and walked into the garage and knocked on that door.  He knocked softly, and it was a kind of knock that you would think is from someone you're familiar with....the you...the one that goes something like dunt,dunta, dunt, dunt.......dunt, dunt (hope you understand that!).  My 13yo opened the door thinking it was her older cousin (who maybe was locked out), but found this insurance salesman standing at the door.  I should add that we live in a rural area, too, and we don't get a lot of solicitors or unwanted visitors.  When she realized it was a stranger, she said something like, Oh! Just a minute...., and shut the door in his face and came and got me.  I went to the door and asked him what he was doing in my garage and proceeded to tell him that I found it highly suspicious for him to knock on a garage door for his solicitation purposes.  He was friendly, in spite of me being hostile, and said that he approached the door that appeared to be the most used.  I feel like he was way out of line to walk into my garage.  That would be like opening your front screen door and walking into your house just because you had the main door open.  Kinda' the same, you know?  What do you all think?  He was selling cancer insurance and had handed me his business card right away.  Needless to say, even if I were interested in cancer insurance, he didn't make this sale. My husband wasn't home.  It was just my girls and I.

On this tight budget, I do not have cable. What is the latest on Katrina? - Posted By: No cable, no newspaper person

The message boards have disintegrated into name calling and absurdity.  My local stations are not running any news.  What is going on down in New Orleans?  It is 5:41 PST here and I have just read on a message board they are predicting 10,000 deaths?  Surely this is not so

Cheap and easy call in system? - sm - Posted By: Sarah1114

I have one account not through my MTSO that still uses microcassette tapes. It is 1 doctor (who's near retirement age, not quite yet but he's no spring chicken!) and dictates literally about 200 lines or less per day, often much less. But his office manager would like to get him to do digital files where I don't have to print and deliver. But I look at call in systems (if that's even the right thing?) and there several thousand dollars! I told the O.M. I'd help and see how doc's dictate to wav files and the whole FTP system works. I guess I don't even know if that's what he needs or if there's something relatively inexpensive to dictate to, that I can grab off the internet and send back electronically.

Any direction would help...I don't mind doing the research, I just don't even know what direction I'm going. Thanks so much!

AAMT issues - Posted By: anon

There are many MTs out there I have encountered on other websites who all have different opinions and solutions regarding state of the AAMT.  Questions:  Would you like to see a new organization built and structured for the MT, not for money or politics...or would you like to see MTs unionized.... or do you think it would benefit MTs to have state licensure to practice?  Please go to website http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/hardworker1111  and place your comments.  Hopefully if we all voice together we can make some real changes.  Looking for real solutions.  Thank you.


Jump to text - Posted By: Just Me

How do you jump to text in a document?  For instance in a history and physical.

Express Scribe help - Posted By: Jen1

I am wanting to play a Real Media file in ExpressScribe and I can get it to show up in the dictation list but the duration is 0:00. Does anyone know why or how to get it to play?

Stressed out! - Posted By: sh

Can anyone recommend a company who has true IC status?  I work for a small company as an IC, and although I work a regular schedule 95% of the time, there are times when I cannot and yet I'm still expected to produce the same amount of work each day.  This is really stressing me out.  I have to work around my son's school schedule and my husband's work schedule and if that changes I have to make it up by working into the night when I'd just assume to forfeit the money.  Does true IC status even exist?  I got into this business thinking I would have a little more flexibility in a job.  I've been an IC now for three years and so far it all seems the same.  Thanks for any suggestions (and for letting me vent).

what would you do in this case? - Posted By: suzie

I am a Transcriptionist with about 20 years experience who has a job which I do not like anymore, I used to liike the national that I work for but things have changed so much in the last six months that I almost cannot get up and get started and I even work second shift!  I am thinking about changing jobs but need to move the first part of December so will need time off and have a bunch of company coming at Christmas so have taken time off.  Do you guys think there are any employers out there who would hire someone to start, knowing that they are going to be needing time off in a month?   I need to find an employee position because I need health insurance.  I am a good worker and very seldom take any time off, this just happens to be a time when I need to.

What to charge for something like this? - Posted By: Angela

I have had this account for 5 years now and they have made a change to the format of their report.  The first page is basically a template with check boxes.  The other three pages are figured out by 65 character count.  Being that there isn't much I'm doing to the first page (checking maybe 5-8 boxes and adding little blurbs once in awhile), but I am printing this page out.  Any ideas?  I hope I'm making sense!  Thanks much in advance.

Does anyone know of any version of Word that allows UNLIMITED Autocorrect entries? Tx NM - Posted By: Lsm76

Does anyone know of any version of Word that allows UNLIMITED Autocorrect entries? TX NM

voice reginition systems - Posted By: ksm

If you get dragon and have it listen to the dss files that come in will it automatically start typing the doctors dictation or does it have to be the same voice over and over?

Any QA positions that pay well out there, please say! - Posted By: Meghan

I work for a rather large company and the pay is pretty bad.  You have to beg for a raise and are ignored half the time.  It's pathetic.  Anybody know of any good companies for a QA Editor (companies that pay more than 14 something an hour?)

HELP WITH EXTEXT - Posted By: Extext

I had made macros to enlarge my view to 145% (Alt-B) while I type, and then another macro to shrink it down to 100% (Alt-S) before I send document.  All of a sudden, these macros will not work!  They have been working for months.  ANY SUGGESTIONS?

PLEASE tell me about your food pedal... - Posted By: Lucy

My ByteScribe pedal is slowly but surely meeting its death. It was $180 when I bought it and is still $180. If anyone can recommend a different pedal that costs less, I would love to hear about it and how much you paid for it. Also, do you use ExpressScribe (sp?). I don't use it with my pedal because it came with its own software. Thanks!


word question - Posted By: Petra

Can someone tell me why sometimes in word your automatic numbering will sometimes just bold itself, I cannot make this stop, it only happens infrequently. The 1 will be fine and then 2........ on down will be bolded, just the numbers not the sentence itself, driving me crazy.

2975 lines yesterday! (sm) - Posted By: Exhausted

Yes, I'm bragging.  I'm rather proud of myself with that.  Would have been more, but my foot pedal unplugged itself 1/2 hour before day's end!

Stupid nonholiday means there's no more work. 

Speaking of nonholidays, my children did come up with a nice Rosa Parks Day tradition -- meatloaf, since that's what Ms. Parks was planning for dinner that night.

re: How do I convert total words to line count? - Posted By: Question?

Based on 65-character line with spaces, I think.

Any information on this anyone? - Posted By: EDTA??

My husband came home from work hearing about something called EDTA (Ethylene~Diamine~Tetra-acetic~Acid).  It is suppose to break down the minerals and heavy metals out of your body and make your risk of heart disease a lot lower.  Does anyone have an information on this.  He would like to take it if it true because of heart disease in his family, although I am not certain he should, as I always worry about the things they don't tell you about the stuff your taking.   

Any information would be great.


What is the best platform for pathology transcription? - Posted By: ??

This is not for a company, but for an in-house system that we will want to purchase. 

Bagism, anyone? - Posted By: Grrrr

I think John & Yoko were on to something when they came up with the idea of "bagism" - all of us should wear bags completely covering our bodies to prevent people from judging you by appearance. I think that is what we need today, how 'bout U?

To Patti - Posted By: MSMT

I want to go out on my own but don't quite know where to begin.  Please e-mail me.  TIA. 

Did the MTs who had the Microsoft 4000 keyboards ever start to like them or get used to them? nm - Posted By: kdy


Testing comment - Posted By: LG

I have taken a test with a company (not mentioning the name) they told me I missed 5 questions on the circle this item.  Now I just have to say that I have gone over the test twice with a dictionary and besides things like shoddy or shotty (I picked shotty) I am right on all but 2.  Now what do you do when you have done your research and you know your right. Needless to say that maybe this is a company you just do not want to work for.

Does it drive anyone else crazy when.. - Posted By: meohmy

You are listening to a dictation and can hear another doctor in the background dictating quite loudly, and then go to start that same docs dictation, and can barely hear him??

anyone know how to go from typing - Posted By: screen to tool bar on the bottom

To search Google for terms without using the painful mouse?  Thanks.

Seeking home-based MT job from Canada!!! - Posted By: Jan

Hello, I am seeking a full-time MT job from home (in Canada). I want to work for a great company that pays well. I also want my computer and all required supplies paid by the company. I will pay for high speed internet!! Where I reside, we have fibreoptic telephone lines - therefore it is the best place to do medical transcription, the quickest speed of voice data and the clearest in north america!! We also rarely have storms here! I live in New Brunswick, 1 hour for calais, Maine.

I have 5+ years of experience and I am also a coder trained in Toronto. HOpe to hear from you soon. Thanks!






Need Word Help - Posted By: Jay

I have an ergonomic keyboard that I attach to my laptop when typing at home.  It is attached through a USB converter and then to a USB hub.  I have never had any difficulties until recently.  What is happening is it seems like certain keys (I have no idea which ones) start spellcheck and sometimes when typing fast for some reason words that are spelled wrong get marked as ignore or are added to my dictionary so then I can always type it wrong and spellchecker does not pick it up.  Does this make sense? Has this happened to anyone else?  Anyone if any ideas to try?  I am wondering if it is some sort of bug versus something I inadvertantly programmed the keyboard to do.  Thanks for any help anyone can provide.  This has started to drive me crazy and affect my QA.

BNP abbrv definition - Posted By: Diana


Hospital MT - Posted By: Earline

I started working as a fulltime hospital employee about 10 months ago.  My manager let me know the requirements that I would need before I could go home to work remotely.  However, I thought I would be paid more.  The pay was actually cut 2 months for those of us in a training status after I moved to this town, signed a lease, etc.  My computer is not quite 4 years old.  Home-based transcriptionists are expected to have high speed internet, IM, virus protection, and they would like for us to have a second phone line because one line is for the C-phone (this was provided).  I'm having trouble with sound quality, disconnects, slowness of the programs to respond.  Of course, anyone with a computer should have virus protection and I understand that.  But anytime I complain or just ask if anyone else is having problems otherwise, I'm told it's my phone provider, IN provider, or my computer.  I am to the point where I've actually said I'd be happy to "upgrade" if I could be reimbursed for that.  Is this a bad attitude?  I get the feeling I've been labeled as ungrateful just because I can't afford to have the latest and greatest like "everyone else," and should be "happy to have a job."  Am I wrong to feel that as an employee, not IC, I should be reimbursed somewhat?  Thanks!


jobs for newbies - Posted By: Carol

Does any one know which companies hire new grads?

If someone would share where I can find more info I'd appreciate it. - Posted By: me

My future DIL's dad had surgery to remove cancer from his bowel, now they find it is also in his blood.  Any info I can find on this would be appreciated.  I've already done a Google search, but need something more specific if anyone has any knowledge in this area.  Thanks.

What is your stance on giving notice? sm - Posted By: Nony for now

I have a job that I have had since about the first of the year. I HATE IT. They run out of work, micro manage and make veiled threats. I feel that I work for them one more day, I am gonna die! The pressure is terrible and it has made me sick.

I went back to work recently for my last IC company. They asked me and I had missed the people and the work. They pay better than the above company and I want to work for them full time. We have all agreed to a very workable schedule and I am anxious to get started.

Do I give the first company notice, and if so, how much do I need to give? Would you walk out on a job? It would be burning my bridges behind me and I know that, but I don't think that first company has a bright future in transcription anyway. I am rearranging my schedule so that I can finish my Master's degree and get out of MT once I have my PhD in another 3-4 years, in any case. Perhaps a burned bridge is not all that important right now.

My health is suffering and I am having anginal pain again because of the job stress. I have not had a full night of sleep in about 4 months because I have been chasing work. I want out, but I want to do the honorable thing too. No, they would not give me notice if they wanted to get rid of me!

Tell me your opinions please.

need help on word board---catheter names - Posted By: STAT report--angioplasty

5 French s/l Davis catheter and 5 French s/l Wineberg catheter?  Tks!


Any old Wordsmith employees out there? - Posted By: Ruthie

I wondered if any of the old group from Wordsmith Medical Transcription in Cambridge MA are around?

Family practice transcription question - Posted By: libby

I have done transcription for 4 years, have done OB/GYN, oncology, urology and plastic surgery.  I am currently seeking employment but haven't been applying for any family practice positions because I don't have that experience. 

My question is, given the types of transcription I have done and the length of time I have been doing transcription, should I apply for family practice positions, or stick to only what I have the experience in?

Would appreciate any opinions/feedback at all.  Thanks so much.

Bringing topic over from 2nd page. Someone - Posted By: posted that she gets paid a (sm)

higher rate because he/she has the CMT. I say the reality is that 90% or better don't give a toot about the CMT and are going to pay what they want anyway. And, all the RMT is going to do is cause major grief to a lot of hard working MTs, MTs who are barely making it financially. The RMT will cost MONEY along with their requirements. AAMT has caved to offshoring and is doing American MTs no favors. Frankly, I think the only worth an AAMT membership holds is the money you would be paying to put in their pocket. And, for what? To lobby on the Hill in favor of a bill that would ensure that patients individually identifiable health information is secure and protected; improving health care quality and reducing medical errors, and developing best practices to support and accelerate efforts to adopt, implement, and effectively use interoperable health information technology when all the while AAMT is openly embracing offshoring?

In a nutshell, your money is fodder for a worthless organization.

Oh, and Jay and anyone else from AAMT, in case you're reading here, here's a couple of suggestions for AAMTs potential name change...

Foundation for the United Council of Kooks (Formerly Modesto Mavens)
Organization Of Offshore Suckups (OOS)

Entry level MT's - Posted By: Vanessa Lambert

Hello.................I know all of you are tired of hearing about how hard it is to find a job at entry level.  I have two certificates from two separate programs.  I have been working for a clinic here where I live part time typing clinic notes.  It is only about two hours per day.  I found a lady on this site who said she would hire anybody if she could find somebody willing to work.  I emailed her and she promised to get me started asap.  That was a few months before Christmas and she still hasn't contacted me.  Does anybody know how to get started as entry level.  I truly need the work.  My part time is paying well but two hours a day is not very much.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.................

lines per hour - Posted By: Inadequate

Our company is looking at a new system.  Right now I do editing and actual transcribing.  We have a very very old speech recognition system, so I know with the update, my lines will improve, but the company selling told the place I work that we should be up to 4000 lines per day per transcriptionist.  I don't think I can even read fast enough for that if it was all editing!  Are the new speech recognition programs that much better or am I that stupid!  Or...is the company doing a hard sell that is not realistic?  Thanks for any input.

data entry - Posted By: denise

Has anyone done Data Entry jobs from home?  Thanks


getting paid by page - Posted By: Eileen

Am I the only one getting paid by the page or are there others?

For most companies how many hours may part time employees work. What is the minimum and maximum - Posted By: MQMT


Adjustable Keyboard question - please see message - Posted By: Kim

I have a desk with a drawer in the very front.  I want to get an adjustable keyboard.  Will the drawer make this impossible or can the keyboard be mounted to the bottom of the drawer?  Thank you.

For all makeup wearers - - Posted By: please see link inside.

www.safecosmetics.org This is fairly new to me; perhaps some of you are already aware of its existence, but I think it is important to pass it on and be aware of what we are putting into our bodies via our skin. Yowza!.....some pretty toxic stuff.

Looking for old friends - Posted By: clk

I have been trying to locate some people form my old High School - Figured with all of you out there someone might know someone and pass this on. I went to Garrett Hign School during 1977 thru 1981.

Sonia Suppan Bugher and Carissa Babson Snyder

Lost track of them many years ago, and there are so many people looking for them now - we were all concerned when they disappeared. Last I heard Carissa was in NC and Sonia in Oklahoma. Tried classmates.com and theya r elisted as "missing" LOL. Who knows maybe they are MT's too.

saving autocorrect - Posted By: gracek

i saved my autocorrect onto my hard drive and want to add this to my laptop.  i saved the program on the laptop but how do i save it to autocorrect?  Any ideas

Follow up on keyboard with mouse pad - Posted By: Wouldn't do without it

Check out Micro Innovations with mouse pad



Is it my imagination? - Posted By: HolidayMT

Please, if any of you out there who are working today (Thanksgiving) would you please validate me, or let me know if I am imagining this:  Working on Thanksgiving is very nice, but it seems that the very worst dictators are the ones covering the holiday!  How about working third shift on the holiday...(moi).  I did 3 reports in 2 hours albeit long, they were some of the worst 2 ESLs I have in my long career ever encountered.  Please, I need a little hand holding, or a shock into reality that this is every day, I am just noticing it now! LOL. Thanks in advance for your comments.