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55 char line with spaces

Posted By: anon on 2007-09-28
In Reply to:

Ok guys how does a 55 char line WITH spaces = to a 65 char line.  I was offered 8 for 55 char line with spaces and counts underlines, bolds, hard returns etc.

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I see they pay on a VBC line. Isn't that a huge paycut from a 65-char. line with spaces? nm
Spaces are about 27% of a 65 char line
55 char line with spaces
Is 8cpl for a 55 char line with spaces and double counts for bold, underline, etc a good rate.  Sorry, but i am used to getting paid for a 65 character line.  What does this equal out to?  Does anyone know how to figure it out.  TIA!!
8.5 cents per 70 char/line with spaces
Does anyone get paid like this?  Is this good?
Is a 55-char line without spaces good?

Does anyone know how a 55-character line WITHOUT spaces would compare to a 65-character line WITH spaces?  Which one is better?

The average 65-char line has more than 10 spaces.
Your math is flawed.
Not true. They pay based on a 65-char line with spaces.
PS - pay based on 65-char line, SPACES INCLUDED. SM
Also paid for weekend work, 2nd and 3rd shift differential. Bonus plan based on production.
The norm in the 80s was 4 cents per Gross Line, not 65 char with spaces. nm
They use MedRite software, only offered 7-8 cpl on a 70-char. line w/spaces. Supposed to offer
The rate was 9.75 cents, 65 char. without spaces. No thanx! nm
Is 8 cpl/65 char including spaces good pay for Radiology?
I read in archives that pay is 65 char wo spaces, is that true?
Northeast Transcription says that FT is 32 hrs/1000 lpd, but 70-char.lines with all spaces and
Is 8 cpl on 65 char with spaces,header, footer good rate for IC work?
Want to accept position. Wondering if that's a good rate today. THank you
I make .05 - 65 char line now, what should I be getting?
I have been working for almost 2 years.
They are paying 0.05 per 65/char line for VR nm

Will it be a 65-char. line or longer? nm
ya, it was a wierd char/line...sm
you are sane in my book, if that counts LOL
Paid for 55 char black line...
Can anyone tell me if they get paid this way instead of the 65 w/ spaces? If anyone else does, can you tell me roughly the difference it makes versus getting paid for spaces?

Mark off a 65-char line. Then take random
sentences from your reports. Then count the spaces. Or you could put it in Word and use the tools to average it out. The average of spaces per 65-char line is more than 10. Try it yourself rather than just believing what you've been told.

Sounds like a gross line though, not 65-char.
Don't know if I misinterpreted the ad, but it might not be too bad if it is a gross line depending on dictator style. If there are a lot of short lines like on my current account, it could work out really well. I would actually make more at 6 cents per gross line than I make at 8 cents per 65-character line. Comparing the last report I just did, I made $5.08 for the report at 8 cpl, but if I had been paid 6 cents per gross line, I would have made $8.58. Can't really judge line rate unless you have all the info.

I thought someone posted on here about 75 char line, and can't check lines...nm
If you are paid cpl based on 65 char.line, margins dont matter.
Spaces are not taken into account with gross lines....a line is a line...sm

if there seven words on a line.

or two


or a full line of typing...all of the companies that I have worked for define a gross line as 1 inch margins, 12 pt courier font....does not matter what we type in margins or font.....we convert all reports to the 1 inch margins and courier 12 font and then count the lines.  not the blank spaces between the lines.

Hope this helps.

It's longer than the "standard" 65-char. line so will take you longer to make those lines!
10 spaces per line
that's the average using 1 space after a period which most places already do.

An average line has 10 words.

so if you are being paid VBC, make sure you are being paid on a 55 char line or less.

37-character line without spaces much better...SM

Hi!  I just checked an OP note I did yesterday.  Characters with spaces was 5935.  I get paid on a 65-character line with spaces, so that came out to 91.3 lines.

Characters without spaces was 4999.  So, if you divide that by 37, you get 135.1 lines.

In the first scenario, I would get paid $8.22.

In the second scenario, I would get paid $12.16. (If both pay the same per line...9 cents in this example).

So, you would definitely do better to accept the 37-character line withOUT spaces! :)


Of course they pay for spaces and I believe the line counts to be appropriate sm

I said appropriate without making a statement about accuracy.  My body knows when I have made my 1100 minimum.  I can do that in about half to two-thirds of a shift.  I can tell when I am at my usual 1600 to 1700 lines for a day too.

I'll agree...base rate is not stellar, but then again I never make that...I make more.  I am routinely on the third line rate incentive tier, which puts me up above the last line rate I was paid.  There is a QA bonus and I have gotten that which is per line bonus back to line one.  It is easy for high-caliber MTs to make very good money.

With the better insurance rates they have come up with, all those bonuses and the wonderful people...well I have found my heaven on earth.


Is their line 65 chars with spaces, etc.?
What platform are you using? (Do they have more than one?) Were you able to get a rate equivalent to what MDI paid you?
it sounds like a 55-character line without spaces
Yes they do; 65-character line, spaces included NM

Difference in line counts with/without spaces

I'm looking at swtiching companies but I'm tryint to figure out approximately what the pay would be like.  If I take the new job I would start at $ 0.005 less than what I currentently am paid but I would be paid for spaces and the job I curerntly have does not pay for spaces.   Any imput is appreciated.


Yes, adjusted line rate when they took the spaces away
Not paying for spaces can be okay if the characters per line is shorter.
55 characters without spaces is roughly equivalent to 65 with spaces.
they do not pay for spaces, line count not verified, check archives!! nm
TransHealth pays for spaces & headers on a 65 character line. sm
I recommend them highly.  Stable company, good platform, great benefits.  I'm happy there.
'Nother poster also wondering if spaces are included in that line pay?? nm
Old posts say improper line counting and not paying for spaces were SOME of the probs. nm
If Ichart deducts 8% from ExText line counts, you are actually not getting paid for spaces

It is the equivalent of a 70.2 character line with spaces, 65  characters without spaces. 

I emailed and asked. Said it was 65-character line with spaces or black and white.
clear as mud.
This is not true. I have been there a month and get a good line rate and paid for spaces. ??? nm
Excuse me, but yes she did. The OP's very last line posted by anony asks "do they pay spaces?&
Someone probably needs more coffee this morning but it isn't me. All I did was make a simple comment and this is what I get. It's no wonder a lot of us don't post more often as we get flamed for everything we say.
What is MDI-MD's line rate? Spaces counted? weekends? benefits? Thanks. Have EXTENSIVE MT ex
I think most places pay for spaces. I work for TransTech and they pay for both spaces
as well as punctuation. I would never work for an MTSO that doesn't.
by char

Stop. Redlight. Too complicated to explain here, but problems with that method are major reason things are now calculated by line in 99.97% cases. There has to be a reason a co. would go this route. Tread lightly. Think wisely. If it seem to be too good to be true it is.


Low pay, offered 0.065/65-char and this was for IC. No thank you! nm
They are IC only, starts at about 0.06/65-char; too low for me! nm
Well, I got started at .08 for 55-char
line. My checks are really good and that's all I care about! Like I said, my checks are more every 2 weeks that they were from any other company I worked for.
Execuscribe...65 char gross...nm
65 with spaces versus 65 without spaces; how to calculate?

Can someone tell me if you are getting 9 cents per 65-character line with spaces how much you would need to be paid per line to make the same amount per line if you are offered a ''65-character line without spaces?''  Thank you very much