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Anyway what was the result on the Female MT and Male MT survey?

Posted By: Cheeseburger on 2005-12-06
In Reply to: Got Doped BIG TIME!!! - LITTLE MT

Oh yeah, Cant find the tread and the results.

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Are you male or female?
Wonder how many males there with 15 years experience and 98%+ accuracy are making 10 cpl.
RE: Are you male or female?
I am.
Is JC male or female? nm
Are the office staff male or female? The reason I ask is

that in India women are generally second class citizens.   I'm sure they are becoming westernized, but when people marry in India the wife becomes a possession.

I wondered if the office staff were male and the reason for their lack of social graces is more because of culture than anything.  Regardless not pleasant and doesn't matter why. 

What ever happened to "_year-old female, G10 female" is what she is saying, any othe info (4 m
it sounds to me like control the end result
would mean the way you format things, insisting you use spell check and that type of thing. I had asked for clarification earlier this week, too, as to whether they in fact could place any type of line count on IC. The info on the IRS web site looks like not.
And you all call me rude?!?!!? I did not result to personal attacks or

speculate about anyone's mental health.  I just simply stated there are rude people and one must deal with it instead of crying about it.

This is the point in the conversation when the above poster comes back and says you were rude so I was rude to you.  And probably sticks their tongue at their computer screen!

Really, this whole debating tactic of resulting to personal insults when you can think of nothing intelligent to say is just sad.

Could that have been a result of not paying for demos, headers, footers? NM
Female. Why do you ask?
These responses are so female and so probably
You've been in the biz 10 years and enjoy slacking. Great.  Now let's look ahead 20 more years, so you've been in the biz 30 years. Junior is now grown and gone, you don't have XBox 360 anymore, and you've devoted 30 years of your life to this job - which should be thought of as career.  Your work is pristine - you really know everything there is to know about medicine within your experience - you can catch critical drug dosing errors - you don't have to look up terminology, you've diligently worked for decades creating your own personal Expander and shorthand, you can handle any and all ESL, no matter what disgusting quality it is, you are a  computer expert, have mastered just about every typing platform out there, your work NEVER needs to be QA'd. You are a master in your field, yet.... you still make the same pennies per line you made when you were happy doing the laundry, wearing your fuzzy slippers and playing XBox video games.... That is what is WRONG with our industry and that is what we are FIGHTING FOR.  Our industry demands genius - it demands physical dexterity that not many can match on top of genius knowledge of medicine.  Sure, the slackers are legion and can continue to be happy at their 8 cpl rate. But the rest of us, and there are legion, deserve without question to be COMPENSATED ACCORDINGLY.  Period.  Remuneration commensurate upon experience, let alone making LESS than we did 10 years ago.  Settle in your cozy comfy couch, and in another 20 years you'll get what we were trying to tell you, you'll get what we were trying to fix in our industry, but by then our jobs will be extinct, and no more moms will have the luxury of slacking off while kids were small, doing the laundry and playing XBox with little Junior, UNLESS THEY LIVE IN INDIA.
Yup, and I'm female. Every word I said
gender comment?  Our industry is being destroyed, and some women are actually basically arguing that they don't want more $$ or better working conditions because, even when they slack off at home playing XBox with their kids, they still are able to make what they consider good money. What kind of logic in any  world is this? Would that woman be unhappy if we fought for better wages and won, and she got paid MORE money to slack off with little Johnnie?  Women and females in this industry are not the brighest bulbs in the pack when it comes to the entire basis for working - wages, benefits, working conditions.  Its embarrassing, actually, how we have allowed ourselves to get in the mess we are in. And to think that MTs are willing to cat fight and proudly that they are quite pleased with what they have and think those of us who want improvements are wrong! Its crazy and totally backwards.  Thus, the reason the men in suits have figuratively raped us for decades. 
Old dogs? You sound like a female dog
The other poster is correct - your gender is not going to deter you. As a matter of fact, I've been in this business 28 years and I have had male supervisors and managers who have had a lot less experience, less education and less expertise than me, but somehow they manage to glam onto the management jobs - just like in nursing!!! MT and nursing are both female dominated jobs, but the management is top heavy with males.

They *do* have male MTs (well, at least one, me, that I know of)....
...I had heard from a couple of the women I work with that they had received earrings, so I was wondering if I was going to receive them, too. :-) I got a stadium blanket (I think that's what they're called ... a fleecy small blankety thingie, with the ProScript logo on it), which I can actually use, as we've already had wind chills of 45 below zero here this year (and that was before winter officially began).

I agree that the earrings are perhaps an odd choice in that not everyone has pierced ears, but my understanding is that they were handmade by the mother of one of the staff, so it's very nice and thoughtful in that regard, IMO.
i meant the work force is mostly female. (nm)

It was 1 Male to 11.3 Females.
As of December 1, 2005, This is non government unofficial survey.
OP said recruiter was male.

MTSOs most likely realized they can't manipulate and exploit most male workers as they have been able to do with women.  (Remember the sweat shops?)  Haven't encountered 1 male employee on these boards.. and my MTSO starts her e-mail with, Hello, ladies!   
They do have a male recruiter. I thought he was sm

recruiting for both sides of the company and placing people on whatever side needed the positions filled at the time.


Never, ever seen a negative post about the 1 male supr there. only 1, and he is THE BEST
Again, lonely women in need of male attention, whether the guy's into females or not
but that's just me. THat goes for the so junior high comment below. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them immature. You have your opinion, I have mine. Deal with it.
Holiday this weekend was-year-old male Kippur
I got the same thing. We took that survey last year, and then finally many moons later the only update is that it is still being held under advisement? BS! I'm content with what I manage to produce for myself working as an IC for MQ, but am not hopeful about the promised benies.
a survey for MTs
I was just wondering for all you at-home MTs why you chose transcription and what kind of job (good paying or not so good paying ) your significant other (if you have one) has. If your significant other has a job, are the benefits good? Thanks in advance for answering.

This survey does NOT ask for any -nm
I am working as an IC for a smaller service. VERY few if any ESLs and those that are ESL, are extremely clear and coherent. Base rate is based on 5K lines per pay period with increase in anything over that and great incentive for doing what you can Friday-Sunday. Frankly, I prefer the flexibility of IC over being an employee because of the unexpected emergencies that can and do arise.
Let's take a little survey.....sm

Since we are all up in arms about the state of MT these days, how about answering a few  questions. 

1.  What do you believe should be the minimum line rate paid to MTs? 

2.  What do you believe should be the minimum line rate paid to QA/editors? 

3.  What do you think realistically your paycheck should be per pay period? 

4.  Do you think ICs and employees should be paid equally? 

5.  Do you believe that a person's ability to be an MT should impact the amount they are paid? 

6.  Do you believe MT pay should be standardized within the industry? 

7.  What is your BASE line rate before any incentives and does your company pay incentives? 

8.  Do you believe government should regulate minimum MT pay as they regulate the minimum wage in the general work force? 

9.  What benefits do you believe should be extended to employee MTs? 

Let's just answer these honestly and see exactly how poorly we  feel we are being treated. 

And my answers....
1. What do you believe should be the minimum line rate paid to MTs?
I think .12 to .14 would be reasonable. I know several services charging the client .24 or more per line so I think the MT should get a fair percentage of that.

2. What do you believe should be the minimum line rate paid to QA/editors?
Since I've not done QA, can't answer that one. Did do some editing and I found it to be more work then MT, just too much fixing to do so I think the current 50% of the MT pay is nuts! Why would anyone settle for that?

3. What do you think realistically your paycheck should be per pay period?
I would say equivalent of about $16 to $18 per hour so somewhere between $640 to $720 per week. Don't get me wrong. I'd love more but......let's be real. We were for the most part educated at community colleges or the like and cannot command the salaries of people with advanced degrees, can we?

4. Do you think ICs and employees should be paid equally?
same work, same pay. the IC may not have traditional benefits but made that choice for themselves and reaps many other benefits (scheduling, time off, etc.)

5. Do you believe that a person's ability to be an MT should impact the amount they are paid?
Well, of course. We all should be compensated for our skill levels.

6. Do you believe MT pay should be standardized within the industry?
Why? There is no other industry that is. I know attorneys earning $60 K and some earning $300 K and the same is true in all jobs. some companies pay more, some pay less. that's reality.

7. What is your BASE line rate before any incentives and does your company pay incentives?
Mine is 0.85 with the MTSO I am with right now, and I am fine with it. Their platform is wonderful and the work is really good so I can still achieve a decent hourly rate and have the right to work when it works for me.

8. Do you believe government should regulate minimum MT pay as they regulate the minimum wage in the general work force?
If you mean establish a minimum, that would only work for employee status, not IC. But no, I don't think so. It is up to us to stop settling for less than we are worth.

9. What benefits do you believe should be extended to employee MTs?
Depends on the person's status.

Let's just answer these honestly and see exactly how poorly we feel we are being treated.

Survey everyone please
A friend of mine is a male and owns a transcription company. sm
He has no problem getting accounts and is quite wealthy from it. So, do not let your gender deter you!

His company is RX Transcription in Newtown Square, PA. Give him a call and maybe he can help you.
So you work for free? Typical male response, jerk.
Hey can i still join the survey? nm
Survey: Don't give co name, but do you all have
Salary Survey

Looking at the post below about who loves their company, I am hoping to take this information a step further with what I hope is a fair survey.  Working 40 hours a week, what is your salary, acute care versus clinic, benefits versus no benefits, and what company do you work for?  I think it is very hard to judge what the individual companies are offering, and a lot of the opinions are based on what works for one does not work for another.  Thanks to all who are willing to share this info. 

Also, has your salary gone up (ha, ha), stayed the same, or gone down over the last 5 years?  Thanks again.


My survey answers - (s/m)
1. Q: What do you believe should be the minimum line rate paid to MTs?
A: Forget the 'going rate'. It's a national disgrace. Based on current cost of living in this country, inflation, average rent, price of food, gas, etc., and amount of skill the MTSOs demand from their workers, it should be closer to 12 cpl. And no, I'm NOT kidding.

2. Q: What do you believe should be the minimum line rate paid to QA/editors?
A: Never been one, so can't answer from experience. Granted, they do less typing, but then again, they're supposedly supposed to know more than we do, 'cause they're correcting and QA-ing our work. So it probably all evens out in the end, and they should probably be paid similar to MTs. Don't forget that some of them MT when not QA-ing.

3. Q: What do you think realistically your paycheck should be per pay period?
A: One that pays the rent, healthcare copayments, puts gas in my car and food on my table. That varies from region to region. In my region it would be about $1400 per pay-period, AFTER taxes/soc. security,etc.

4. Q: Do you think ICs and employees should be paid equally?
A: Have never been an IC, so am not knowledgeable enough to give you a cpl answer. But when all is said and done, they work just as hard as the rest of us. And don't get insurance. So their pay should enable them to buy their own insurance. If they can't afford it, they're being cheated.

5. Q: Do you believe that a person's ability to be an MT should impact the amount they are paid?
A: Are you talking about the quality of work? Quantity? Both? Neither? If you are, OF COURSE I believe in merit raises. But 'raise' is a word rarely heard in the MT world. Also, I believe that maybe the pay rate should not be by the actual account (as in which hospital/clinic) but by each dictator. Sloppy dictators and/or extremely difficult-to-transcribe ESLs should pay the MT more, and cost the clinic more to have transcribed.

6. Q: Do you believe MT pay should be standardized within the industry?
A: Only if that means standardizing it to compare with other skilled jobs in this country. But if that means keeping the status-quo, and keeping the pay down at 3rd World standards, then no, I don't. It all depends on WHICH standard they'd be adhering to.

7. Q: What is your BASE line rate before any incentives and does your company pay incentives?
A: Min. = apx. 1000 lines per day. No incentives other than, 'If you want more money, just type more.'

8. Q: Do you believe government should regulate minimum MT pay as they regulate the minimum wage in the general work force?
A: Absolutely. And the problem is, this is not the 'general' work force.. this is a highly skilled profession that requires aptitudes, i.e., hearing/spelling/extremely strong knowledge of English and 'medicalese'/extremely fast fingers) that take time & education (regardless of how much is on-the-job learning) to master. It's a talent. Not every nurse or doc can do this. Not every secretary can do this. Not even every MT-school grad can do this. So we should be paid more in accordance with what we can do. The fact that technology allows us to work from home should in NO WAY force us to accept less. Sometimes working from home is harder than working in an office. We may pay less for gas in the car, but pay more for heat, AC, electricity, etc. since we're home all day. The bottom line is we still get the transcription done to the very highest standards. I think it's time the government got involved with this sector of the health care industry that has been swept under the rug for far too long, and bring our pay up to more realistic standards. Most likely that will only happen if we could all be unionized.

But before the government can do anything to help us, FIRST they have to be made aware that we even EXIST.

9. What benefits do you believe should be extended to employee MTs?

Let's just answer these honestly and see exactly how poorly we feel we are being treated.

survey answers
1. Minimum line rate should be at least 12 cpl/65 characters. The company I work for now pays 6 cpl/43 characters, which evens out to around 8 or 9 cpl/65 characters - aka, not enough.

2. I think editors should be paid for the amount of work they have to do. I have been an Editor for almost 5 years now and the work is harder when the MT is brand new. You have to read every report line by line, which should merit more money. However, on reports for seasoned MTs where only blanks need to be filled in, this requires less work and should be paid so. Don't ask what I get paid to QA - it's definately not enough!

3. Realistically, I think my check should be at least $1200 to 1400 per pay period.

4. Yes, I think ICs and employees should be paid equally.

5. I think there are too many MTs out there that are not really MTs, as in going through the actual training and certification process. I know of several that just learn as they go along, but that don't know drug names, syndromes, etc. I think it should be manditory to have training to be an MT and then the pay thing wouldn't even be a question.

6. No, I don't think pay should be standardized because there are too many bad dictators out there to make typing their reports worth the same as someone dictating very clearly and cleanly. Pay should be based on difficulty of dictator and only mandated by the MTSO.

7. 1,000 lines a day is not unobtainable for any MT as a base line rate, as long as they are considerd FT. Incentives should be given when the MT is no longer required to go through line by line editing; quality of work, as well as quantity. Anyone can type more, but how well is it being done? No, the company I work for does not pay incentives - I'm betting, though, that I would be spending a lot less time editing if they used my idea!

8. Does the government actually even know we exist? I think they think that all MT jobs are over in India. I'm sure, though, if we brought ourselves to thier attention, they'd find some way to regulate just about everything having to do with the industry. However, I don't think the government should have anything to do with it.

9. Medical, dental, vision, disability (carpal tunnel, anyone?), and family plans shouldn't cost you your entire paycheck!

My main beef with the MT industry is the number of companies that willingly send work out of the United States just to save a few pennies per line, but that gripe could go on and on and on...

What do you pay for health insurance? Survey. sm

What do you pay at the company you are with for health insurance?  Is it employee, employee w/spouse, employee w/children or family? What is the deductible? HMO or PPO?  Big company or small?  What percentage does the company pay? 

We are trying to come up with what is fair for everyone without putting us out of business due to cost.  We need more MTs for new contracts but cannot grow until our benefits are better.  Catch 22.

I really would appreciate feedback.  What other benefits do you get?  Do you want? 

Re: Survey below. Why would someone say that an owner is moody. Why are they sm
talking to the owner at all? I have never talked to the owner of Keystrokes and I have been there for over two years. I have never had a broken promise. I have plenty of work to make my line count and 24 hours to do it. I have high QA scores and do not get bothered, which is important to me.

To each his/her own.
Personal info from survey's
Oh, it asks enough info and you can count on it collecting your IP address, that is all it takes to find out exactly who you are. This survey may be free - but you can bet her future survey's will cost you to take, and once she has all this data, you can bet your sweet bippy her site to access all of this information is going to be a pay site! She is not interested in improving anything in our field, she is only interested in $$$$$ she can make collecting data and making this data seem like it means something.
Wow..okay. How about a survey of ANYONE that was happy with their service.
I'm not sure how or why they keep in busy if everyone can do better on their own getting a job. Personally, I've never felt I needed a matchmaker. I just did the best I could in matching up my own skills and preferences to what was being offered to me once I applied. I have never had a problem getting a job in this business, anyone else???
QA error values survey...
I am just curious and trying to get a randomized answer regarding error values when an editor/QA/QC audits reports.  For example:  Major medical error has what point value, minor English error has what point value, etc.  Also, if you don't mind stating what company this is or was for? If you would rather email me, you are more than welcome.
Survey - Is it time for hospitals
to bring their transcription home to the medical records department and contract directly with MTs, both ICs and employees?  IMHO this is something that seriously needs to be done both for the cost savings to the facilities and to ensure that qualified MTs can make a decent living.  This could be even more important with the EMR thing and could apply both to regular MTs and EMR editors.  With health care reform on the table it would seem to me that this is the time.  Email me with your suggestions of how this might be accomplished.
We were notified that they were correlating our survey info (sm)

and hope to have a new plan out to promote retention and happiness.  Last letter we got stated that it was taking longer than anticipated.  This was maybe a month or so ago. Not sure exactly what will be effected, just hoping for the best.







Well, here we go...time for another survey. Anyone out there love their job and able to survive on .
what they make. I am totally burned out on broken promises, dreams and expectations when I have taken jobs. Recruiters hype their company up but then they never live up to it. All I am asking for is a job with regular work every day when I am assigned to work and decent benefits. Is this impossible to find? Have any of you found such a thing? If so, let me hear from you.
Survey - how does your company do with maternity leave?
I am contemplating trying to get pregnant within the year, and I am wondering how all the MTSOs take to maternity leave.  I am afraid if I get pregnant, my company might find a way to get rid of me before having to cover my maternity leave.  Any advise or ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.
Survey - What type of medical insurance does your company offer?
Just curious about which company you work for and what type of medical insurance they offer.  HMO, PPO?  Cheap or expensive for you?
Christmas Bonus survey...Has anyone received a bonus yet this year or expect one?
We usually get one but haven't see it yet. Just curious if anyone has been so lucky as to get one.