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These responses are so female and so probably

Posted By: fake or just ignorant. on 2008-12-23
In Reply to: I agree with you - I have been doing this 10 years and sm - AnonMT

You've been in the biz 10 years and enjoy slacking. Great.  Now let's look ahead 20 more years, so you've been in the biz 30 years. Junior is now grown and gone, you don't have XBox 360 anymore, and you've devoted 30 years of your life to this job - which should be thought of as career.  Your work is pristine - you really know everything there is to know about medicine within your experience - you can catch critical drug dosing errors - you don't have to look up terminology, you've diligently worked for decades creating your own personal Expander and shorthand, you can handle any and all ESL, no matter what disgusting quality it is, you are a  computer expert, have mastered just about every typing platform out there, your work NEVER needs to be QA'd. You are a master in your field, yet.... you still make the same pennies per line you made when you were happy doing the laundry, wearing your fuzzy slippers and playing XBox video games.... That is what is WRONG with our industry and that is what we are FIGHTING FOR.  Our industry demands genius - it demands physical dexterity that not many can match on top of genius knowledge of medicine.  Sure, the slackers are legion and can continue to be happy at their 8 cpl rate. But the rest of us, and there are legion, deserve without question to be COMPENSATED ACCORDINGLY.  Period.  Remuneration commensurate upon experience, let alone making LESS than we did 10 years ago.  Settle in your cozy comfy couch, and in another 20 years you'll get what we were trying to tell you, you'll get what we were trying to fix in our industry, but by then our jobs will be extinct, and no more moms will have the luxury of slacking off while kids were small, doing the laundry and playing XBox with little Junior, UNLESS THEY LIVE IN INDIA.

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What ever happened to "_year-old female, G10 female" is what she is saying, any othe info (4 m
Female. Why do you ask?
Are you male or female?
Wonder how many males there with 15 years experience and 98%+ accuracy are making 10 cpl.
RE: Are you male or female?
I am.
Is JC male or female? nm
Yup, and I'm female. Every word I said
gender comment?  Our industry is being destroyed, and some women are actually basically arguing that they don't want more $$ or better working conditions because, even when they slack off at home playing XBox with their kids, they still are able to make what they consider good money. What kind of logic in any  world is this? Would that woman be unhappy if we fought for better wages and won, and she got paid MORE money to slack off with little Johnnie?  Women and females in this industry are not the brighest bulbs in the pack when it comes to the entire basis for working - wages, benefits, working conditions.  Its embarrassing, actually, how we have allowed ourselves to get in the mess we are in. And to think that MTs are willing to cat fight and proudly that they are quite pleased with what they have and think those of us who want improvements are wrong! Its crazy and totally backwards.  Thus, the reason the men in suits have figuratively raped us for decades. 
Old dogs? You sound like a female dog
Anyway what was the result on the Female MT and Male MT survey?
Oh yeah, Cant find the tread and the results.
i meant the work force is mostly female. (nm)

Are the office staff male or female? The reason I ask is

that in India women are generally second class citizens.   I'm sure they are becoming westernized, but when people marry in India the wife becomes a possession.

I wondered if the office staff were male and the reason for their lack of social graces is more because of culture than anything.  Regardless not pleasant and doesn't matter why. 

Appreciate all the responses so far...
The info has been very helpful so far.  I really feel even more confident in my decision about this company.
JLG responses
Thanks for your responses, I appreciate It!
thank you both for the responses *S*....nm

Thanks for all your responses....sm
I'm tired of following a schedule also and all that other humhum as an employee. I like being my own boss. I'm checking on medical benefits also, and although high, I believe I can swing it.

Thank you again!

I knew there had to be a better way to understand these doctors.  I know the mumbly ones are so used to saying things over and over again that they ramble through, skipping words, etc...They don't care that I'm new!!!  I will give all of your suggestions a try - thanks a lot!  Sometimes I just don't know how you do it...

Thanks for the responses. nm
Thx all for the responses.
Thanks for the responses sm
Both sound good. I didn't realize (maybe I'm naive) that services required so many weekends. The service I worked for previously required no weekends or holidays (local, not national). Currently I work 4 weekends a year and 1 holiday, which I hate as it has just changed in the last 3 years; we never were required to work any weekends or holidays for the first 10 years I worked there.

The MDI flexibility sounds perfect; however, I'm not too excited about two weekends a month. I guess I need to reevaluate what I want/need!

Thanks again for the great information!
Thank you for your responses .... nm
YOu might not get a lot of responses because
most companies don't pay a percentage like MQ does. MQ does pay the most for ASR, believe me. Most companies pay around 3 to 4 cpl maximum for ASR, some in the 2's. So, you have to do the math yourself, but believe it or not, MQ is the high end, even with the latest cut. Thus the reason for the cut, and to stay competitive in the market, and the ASR market is huge right now.
Thank you for your responses.
Where were these responses before?? - sm
Would someone e-mail me with VALID points about this company?  I have heard from people who love it there who gave detailed explanations why they enjoy working there.  Owner extremely pleasant and kind to me.  A lot of hassle of paperwork to go through to be hired - why would they then be nasty to you??
Thanks for all your responses
I am going to apply and see what happens.
Thanks everyone for your responses..
Before I could test, they sent me an email stating they had already hired someone for the job. So I am still looking.

Thanks for your responses sm
I have not worked for an out-of-state company and don't know how it works, cannot afford to be surprised with a whopping surprise phone bill. I downloaded and passed tests but did not have to accept any offers yet, so am not familiar with how the phone charges work. I know some on here have been cut off and had to pick up the tab, etc. Excuse my ignorance, and thanks for being kind enough to reply. Lots of outsourcing going on locally, have been an unwilling victim and have no clue as to long-term usage and downloading long files, etc. I don't think Vonage is available here, but shall check. Thank you again for your patience and understanding, don't need any surprises as some are not honest and forthright, as you well know!
Thanks for all your responses! I am
going to go for it. I had to decide between them and a great offer with Transcend, but I like the idea of flexibility better than shift work. Thanks again!
Has anyone submitted the tests and received a response?  The first sound file I downloaded was a little hard to hear, but the other two seemed of fairly good quality.  Thanks
Thanks a lot for your responses
The thing is this multiplies when one of them is off. I already know before I start working if one is off that the other one will find some excuse not to work. It happens every week. I will take everything into consideration and hope I don't lose my job. For once I wish I got paid by the line!
Tip for better responses (sm)
You are asking a question that is far too obscure and subjective to receive good responses.

The term affordable means different things to different people.

Add a followup post to your message right under it giving a description of the insurance coverage and cost you are looking for.

Perhaps you want family medical, dental and vision and you need it to be less than $400 a month, or something similar.


i really do appreciate your responses sm
and advice...I was really struggling with this.... thanks so much for taking the time to help.
Where are all the responses to this post?
They were here! Now gone! What's up big brother?
You will not get responses on this board - ask on
MTSpot and I will tell you there. Cannot say here.
Thanks for the quick responses! s/m
I can't find anything else at all. Don't know if this would help me gain exp though for medical transcription.

Where is the work at home mom's board???

Thanks again :-)
Interesting responses...sm
I am always curious about this one: Why is it that if something an MT does wrong is pointed out, the cry goes out to not lump us all together! and yet if there is a bad employer, it's they are ALL alike??? I don't think we can have it both ways. The reality is there are hard working, dedicated MTs, AND there are great companies to work for. There are also bad apples in both. We're quick to jump on the bandwagon of a bad employer and paint them all with one brush, talk about them horribly publicly, and see how much can be done to trash every service because of one.

How about with MTs? Why is this any different? You might say my experience leads me to believe they are all this way. And you know what? That's exactly what some employers are saying about the MT.

Until we learn to work together, I don't see there being a win/win for either side. I guess I'm one of the fortunate ones. I DO work for a good company and we work together as a team. And that requires BOTH parties to participate and work together.
Look, if you want up-front responses SM
from people, you need to be more up-front about who you are, what company you are hiring for, etc.
Thanks so much for the responses. You were very helpful!! nm
Interesting responses.

First of all , my check arrived FedEX as someone above said. I am NOT management and not advertising. Just an honest question. 

I was a little offended by the comment about what type of Transcriptionist TT is hiring.  I have been in nursing over 20 years and transcription about 9 with 99% or better accuracy. Actually, the ad I answered said 5 years or more experience, so I really think most of the people have that or more. 

Thanks for the responses to my question!!
I appreciate all the information. Good wishes to everyone.

Thanks for all the great responses !!! nm
Thanks for the candid responses - much to think about! NM
Thanks to all of you all for your responses and time!! sm

Now at least I know where one of my paychecks will be going every month, lol

Good responses...
The reason they get such rave responses is because they are great to work for, everything you read on here is true. They go above and beyond for their MTs. Sure, you might make a few cents more somewhere else but you won't get the same kind of personal attention you get from the staff at TT.
Responses too strong
For someone who is just happy with their job. Something fishy here.
Thank you so much for your positive responses!!!!! see inside
As for talking to an attorney and then coming here, please don't misunderstand, first the attorney tells me the legal stuff, and then I felt that someone who actually dealt with Sten-Tel and had an experience with contracts like this would be an extra benifit of information for me.  I appreciate you so much for the information as it was VERY VERY reassuring as I have been out of work for some time and it's very important that I get this.  I really do hope it works out well for me!!  Please keep me in all of your prayers!  Thanks again!
Thank you LM for all your quick responses and information!!! NM

Exactly, what bearing do their earnings have on whether or not they get responses. nm
Thanks for the responses. Good idea!! nm
I have forwarded all responses to HR Department. sm
Hopefully they are doing THEIR part and contactnig people. If you dont mind, e-mail me and let me know who you are and I'll try to light a fire under them!
Did DSG just run an ad last week and got hundreds of responses. nm
in answer to responses from Precyse
I tested late on Saturday night, and Monday afternoon, the recruiter phone me and offered me a position.   Not sure if your application was received during a busy time and just got lost in the shuffle!    I have 37 years experience so maybe that's the reason!