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Posted By: nm on 2006-03-19
In Reply to: Is JC male or female? nm - nm


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What ever happened to "_year-old female, G10 female" is what she is saying, any othe info (4 m
Female. Why do you ask?
Are you male or female?
Wonder how many males there with 15 years experience and 98%+ accuracy are making 10 cpl.
RE: Are you male or female?
I am.
Is JC male or female? nm
These responses are so female and so probably
You've been in the biz 10 years and enjoy slacking. Great.  Now let's look ahead 20 more years, so you've been in the biz 30 years. Junior is now grown and gone, you don't have XBox 360 anymore, and you've devoted 30 years of your life to this job - which should be thought of as career.  Your work is pristine - you really know everything there is to know about medicine within your experience - you can catch critical drug dosing errors - you don't have to look up terminology, you've diligently worked for decades creating your own personal Expander and shorthand, you can handle any and all ESL, no matter what disgusting quality it is, you are a  computer expert, have mastered just about every typing platform out there, your work NEVER needs to be QA'd. You are a master in your field, yet.... you still make the same pennies per line you made when you were happy doing the laundry, wearing your fuzzy slippers and playing XBox video games.... That is what is WRONG with our industry and that is what we are FIGHTING FOR.  Our industry demands genius - it demands physical dexterity that not many can match on top of genius knowledge of medicine.  Sure, the slackers are legion and can continue to be happy at their 8 cpl rate. But the rest of us, and there are legion, deserve without question to be COMPENSATED ACCORDINGLY.  Period.  Remuneration commensurate upon experience, let alone making LESS than we did 10 years ago.  Settle in your cozy comfy couch, and in another 20 years you'll get what we were trying to tell you, you'll get what we were trying to fix in our industry, but by then our jobs will be extinct, and no more moms will have the luxury of slacking off while kids were small, doing the laundry and playing XBox with little Junior, UNLESS THEY LIVE IN INDIA.
Yup, and I'm female. Every word I said
gender comment?  Our industry is being destroyed, and some women are actually basically arguing that they don't want more $$ or better working conditions because, even when they slack off at home playing XBox with their kids, they still are able to make what they consider good money. What kind of logic in any  world is this? Would that woman be unhappy if we fought for better wages and won, and she got paid MORE money to slack off with little Johnnie?  Women and females in this industry are not the brighest bulbs in the pack when it comes to the entire basis for working - wages, benefits, working conditions.  Its embarrassing, actually, how we have allowed ourselves to get in the mess we are in. And to think that MTs are willing to cat fight and proudly that they are quite pleased with what they have and think those of us who want improvements are wrong! Its crazy and totally backwards.  Thus, the reason the men in suits have figuratively raped us for decades. 
Old dogs? You sound like a female dog
Anyway what was the result on the Female MT and Male MT survey?
Oh yeah, Cant find the tread and the results.
i meant the work force is mostly female. (nm)

Are the office staff male or female? The reason I ask is

that in India women are generally second class citizens.   I'm sure they are becoming westernized, but when people marry in India the wife becomes a possession.

I wondered if the office staff were male and the reason for their lack of social graces is more because of culture than anything.  Regardless not pleasant and doesn't matter why.