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Are you being sarcastic or serious? I thought it was a good post. nm

Posted By: curious on 2005-12-27
In Reply to: Wow! That was well written!!! - Busy MT'ing


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good for you, considering that they want to bring us down to Indian clp!. (I am being sarcastic!)nm
I find your post sarcastic.... shrug shrug

that's what I thought but she was under my post
Thanks, BlueEyes. Much more well thought out than my post. sm
We can't talk out of both sides of our mouths, on one side complaining about offshoring, while on the other side buying foreign products. 
Love your post. Never thought about it that way. (sm)
Glad to be going to work for a company that has people with positive attitudes like yours and others I see posted here.
At first I thought I had written your post
The same thing happened to me.  Yet I continue to try and I ask myself WHY???  I am retired so I've got mine, why should I care about anyone else?  I guess cuz that's just the way I am.
Boy are you ever the sarcastic one!
I think the company poster was being sarcastic.
I misread your post - I thought it was about fraud
I thought I saw a post somewhere that says they pay bimonthly and not biweekly. Can anyone
Sorry for the double post - I thought it didn't *take*
Thanks, that was me, but could not find so thought I forgot to post nmI
I was being sarcastic as in who wants to be millionaire..sm
I quit there long ago for *your* very same reasons - tired of pets, games, and unfair workload.

this whole thread is a jib to their taking up space with their **SOAP** box.


Nah, sounds more like someone being sarcastic
I think it was someone's attempt at sarcastic humor in that the board is pretty much full of nothing but MDI/Transcend threads.

I think they were just trying to be funny :-)
Well said. Never worked for D&L but when I read the "IC" post, that was my thought as well..nm
Actually, I thought her post was professional. Do you work at MDI? I doubt it.
she can most likely weed out the MTs just by their posts anyway if she's dealt with them at all. She did the right thing to simply state MDI MTs can come to her IF they have concerns. It's great to share info, but not ALL posts are by sister MTs sharing the good word. There are many, many who love to incite drama and there are always 2 sides to every story! Anyone can come on here and claim they are great MTs and do all that is expected of them yet are treated terribly by a company, but that sure doesn't make it the truth. About how many MTs do you think are at MDI? And how many individual MTs are here complaining? Not the same posters using different names but single persons. Do the math and figure out from that how many are unhappy at MDI, and my bet is your percentage will be low. I know of a lot of MTs very happy at MDI with enough work. But then I'm sure the naysayers will just claim those are the favorites or something.
You can defend your company without being sarcastic and rude
Appreciate the thought, but it's good enough for me
...and more than you usually get in the workplace, so I'll take it. Thanks, Michelle.:)
I thought the pay was very good
It ran from 14-18 based on production......if they had direct deposit, I'd STILL be there!
Great post and very true! I read these today and was amazed that someone's first thought was pay
I agree that circumstances can make loans necessary but the OP sounded more like she uses these on a regular basis. No I'll have to learn to budget for the difference, just oh no, now I need to go to Payday Loans and pay 400% interest.

We have the potential to earn what we need to, although sometimes lately it is harder and harder.

Good for all of you. Wish I had seen these earlier.

p.s. Can someone call and tell my BIL to grow up too?
I never thought of that, good luck. nm
Isn't FutureNet IC only, though? 10 cpl either way is good, but I thought they were
good perspective, I thought of this too when sm
I posted yesterday, thought this may be happening, i.e., helpless situation for supervisor who prob. relies on so-called expertise of that worker, perhaps does not know medical transcription herself. It is a concern your name/work record being ruined.
I thought it was good when I charged

I charged that even for half pages.  I did clinic work, so most were only short letters.  Doctor was happy and I was happy.  I transcribed in Word.  The difference was made up when I had length letters for the workers' comp cases, so it all evened out. 

I'd shoot for that in a minute! 

Good to know. Thought maybe I was falling through the cracks. nm
Ew, I thought they were one of the good hourly ones. Changes my opinion of them.
I had no idea, I thought Medware was one of the good guys.
Guess I won't be applying with them after all.

To those already with them, I hope you can all agree to not assist offshore typists to take jobs from US MTs.
Really? I thought it sounded like a good line rate.
I thought that cpl seems a little too good. Without spaces would make sense. Not
sure how much you really make per line without spaces. 
GOOD. This is important. Glad you thought ahead.
.I think we as women are condition to wait and see how it goes. Has it really ever gotten better -- whatever THAT was. We need to learn to believe our gut. When My Office Genie sold to MQ, I guess she (carol) was so fearful, she made the anouncement and wham, immediately gone. Had it all planned out in advance packed and gone..
I saw this posted some time ago and thought then, hmmm, not a good idea
You were outraged and it was very apparent as you spoke then of they knew who you were and you really spoke your mind. I know we are supposed to have freedom of speech but having said this it was like you did not care if someone came after you and now, well seems like that has happened. I am not saying it is right but sometimes good to keep thoughts to yourself, especially now since you have heard from the state. You said you are flattered. I would never been flattered to have someone sue me. Seems like you bit off more than you can chew.
That's strange. When I received an offer, I thought it was competitive and the benefits were good
especially medical insurance benefits for family. Maybe I did not look at them very close. Could you elaborate on what you were offered? I really thought they were decent pay and benefits.
Good post
These are all things many MTs apparently don't look at. Low rates offered because you can work at home. The only thing you save is commuting cost. They save tons and tons. You should be getting pd more for at-home work, not less.

From what I see in the MT world, these folks are so busy trying to undercut each other's prices rather than acknowledging the amount of education needed to do a good job and getting higher rates.

Did you know that the AAMT was trying to get legislation passed that will prohibit anyone not certified by them from working in the field? You think about that next time you think those little initials at $350 mean something.
Good post. (nm)
(no really - no message). :oD
Good post!
Totally agree with you, Sally!!

Good post...
Good post.!
''language barrier''--LOL.
Good post. One has to have...
a cushion in this business. If you have done this work for any length of time you should know that there are times of feast or famine. BTW, love Dave Ramsey, hubby and I are going to see him in a couple of weeks. He has good, sound advice regarding money management and not living beyond your means.
Good post. (nm)
Good Post
You've got some valid points. I am definitely one of the wounded from MQ, but to be honest, I have not been with TT long enough to encounter any major issues...and for that matter, I never really checked my lines at MQ either. I could have been totally ripped off and never knew it. To me, it is of great comfort to work where I feel appreciated, and yes....part of that is a result of the wounding.  I guess maybe my head is somewhere else....I am second income, I don't want to dig that deep to make sure I am getting every single penny and line. I come from the Good Ol Days, when a line was a line and boy....did we get paid well, from the days of Pica and Elite, and everyone got Pica, because that was only 10 characters to an inch. Any of you newbies out there won't understand what the heck I'm talking about....but those were the days. I feel sorry for all of Veteran MTer's, who knew the day of $1000.00 a week paychecks...but those days are gone.  We were so busy making money then, that the technology just went behind our backs and kicked our butts. So, well....what do we do about it? We could be a nurse, or we could go out and start looking for another career at our ages. Me? NO THANKS! I'm happy and content, and feel blessed with TT that I can still sit in the comfort of my home (making half the money I used to mind you), but TT still has that MA and PA type feel. I love it. Go back to work and put up with peers? NO THANKS! Sometimes when I read these boards...I reinforce my feelings as to WHY I still work at home and make half the money.  Okay....enough running on. Gotta go. Gotta work later. Gonna go pay some much-deserved attention to my family that they never got when I worked for the Q. Bye-bye everybody. Have a blessed day.
Very good post

You bring up some very good points.

The big picture is quite scary.  I experienced Katrina on the coast, and I kept feeling like I was in a war zone, the devastated environment, the (temporary) martial law in effect, confusion and chaos, reporters obessing on certain story angles and completely ignoring other more vital ones, and all the bureaucratic bunging before during and after....and I realized America is not equipped to handle big disasters, yet we remain in denial and have learned very little from that experience.

Yes, we pay lip service to privacy with HIPAA regulations for ourselves, then send our medical records overseas where the laws don't apply.  Every time I am made to comply with another restriction to satisfy HIPAA, I wonder why we bother - so we can delude ourselves that everything is safe and secure?  We KNOW it isn't.  God forbid I should copy a medical record (without patient identifiers) in order to do a better job tomorrow - it might be a privacy violation! - but its perfectly fine to send it overseas where some disgruntled person can email it all over the world with no legal repurcussions!  Or use it for dark political motives, should the record belong to someone famous, or get rich tattling the details to a tabloid.

Its insane that we voluntarily give up more and more freedoms in this country to artificially bump up our sense of security, while undermining that security in a big way by deliberately giving other countries the opportunity to take our jobs, take our private information, and take our way of life, piece by piece.  Why are we doing this, and why don't we stop?  Are we so short-sighted that we blame the economy for our economic woes without realizing that we are undermining that economy by giving our jobs away and buying cheap imported products? 

Why doesn't anybody see the cause and effect?  They outsource a job, someone here loses theirs, has financial woes, has to get by cheap, purchases cheap imports, which causes a local factory to go belly up or outsource, and the spiral continues downward.  Who will be the consumers of American products - the foreigners who took our jobs?  Or will there simply no longer be American products, and no American jobs as a result?

good post
You hit the head on the nail.
Good post!!

I'm always amused at the posts wanting info on the same companies over and over again.  Most of us who have been in this business a long time  have a fellow MT working for just about every MT company so it is easy to get the poopy-scoopy first hand.  Just look at the views on the jobs board.  I wager most of these views are not from 30 year veterans!  The companies do not care who does the work or whether it is fair or not.

I would never tolerate being out of work either.  My contract (or employment) was between myself and the company I worked for, NOT with my fellow MTs.  Has nothing to do with being selfish or considerate.  If you don't take the work when it's there someone else will do it and keep right on doing it so likely you will never have any work.

There were a number of factors that made me make the decision to retire.  Probably would have gone to work for another company, even considered it, then I got the poopy-scoopy from an insider that said that  heretofore good company was on a downhill slide.  So I'm done with it.  MT is no longer a desirable career IMHO. 

Very good and thorough post, and you are
can you help me with my problem above?  LOL.  All kidding aside, I truly believe in books of labor practices, somewhere, there must be something that prohibits employers or management from posing as lower level employees and misrepresenting the aspects of their job.  I just have to find it and I will.  Liar, liar, pants on fire!
Now YOURS is a good post! sm
The companies don't *owe you* a living because you can't make ends meet. You either get better at what you do (work smarter, not harder) or pick up extra work with another company. You can't expect them to pay you for NOT WORKING because you can't make money.

The handwriting is on the wall in this industry and if we don't all change and adapt, we should get into another profession.
good post.
Good post.

I know someone who was just hired though.  I also remember the threads on the newcomers only able to transcribe 5 reports a day until they were off QA.  Oh yeah, I totally see that as looking out for your contractors...  NOT!  I'd go broke!  If I'm not mistaken, Transcend pays their employees during their training period an hourly rate.  Now that's what I call looking out for the newcomer!    I don't work for them either.

Everyone knows you get more bees with honey! 

No, they are not the only company out there that hires great MTs, are nice - which is important to so many on this board, and give you flexibility.....  You just have to look for them; that's all.... 

Good post.

I know someone who was just hired though.  I also remember the threads on the newcomers only able to transcribe 5 reports a day until they were off QA.  Oh yeah, I totally see that as looking out for your contractors...  NOT!  I'd go broke!  If I'm not mistaken, Transcend pays their employees during their training period an hourly rate.  Now that's what I call looking out for the newcomer!    I don't work for them either.

Everyone knows you get more bees with honey! 

No, they are not the only company out there that hires great MTs, are nice - which is important to so many on this board, and give you flexibility.....  You just have to look for them; that's all.... 

Good post....just an FYI

For those considering applying for unemployment, be prepared that it may take months, not weeks, especially considering how many people are on and applying for unemployment these days.  I have a friend who applied in September 2008 and, after appeal, did not receive a final decision until Februrary 2009, which was a denial.  If you can afford to do it, then go for it, but do not plan on receiving the money and do not borrow money to cover your expenses during that time, as there is a good possibility that you will not ever receive compensation.

This is a really good post. sm

I agree with a lot of what you said.  The field is changing and we have to adapt, but then again, isn't EVERY field changing, even globally?  We started out with G6 summits, then went to G8, now it's G20.  One comment I wanted to share though is that even though the fields are changing, the economic climate is changing for the worst.  Capitalism has now become a dirty word because it isn't what it used to be.  In the 60s, capitalism stood for the American Dream.  Michael Moore (and PLEASE don't think I'm a fan b/c I'm not!) had it right when he said in this day and age capitalism is nothing more than legalized greed.  You touched on that when you said that corporations are MANDATED to bring in the most money for their shareholders.  Now unfortunately, the gap between the 'average' middle-income American and those at the top is widening at a frightening rate, with us middle-income people racing towards the poverty level. 

Diversifying means of income isn't really going to change that.  It might put a Band-Aid on a lacerated jugular vein.  Real change is only going to happen when the laws governing capitalism are changed.  Sadly, I don't see that happening too soon since most of the legislators are those same 'shareholders' and those at the top.  These are really scary times that we live in.  So, at the very least, coming on this board and screaming at the top of our lungs about MTSOs is really the only release we have...the last little bit of control we have.  And, to be honest, a lot of times we do it, not because of capitalism and the fact that these huge conglomerates and CEOs get away with what they do, but because of the way we are treated by the management that represents them.  Some management is good...some isn't. We scream at the top of our lungs because we know THEY read it.  Unfortunately for them, the good ones are caught in the crossfire.  It's really no different than the excellent MTs being caught in the crossfire of the angry managers who send out scathing emails regarding accounts being out of TAT.  It just happens.

I say if we want to use this board to scream away, HAVE AT IT.  We know we can't really change a whole lot here, but boy it feels good to let off that steam.  Off my soapbox now.  lol  

but this is why it's better to post the good things
Take cpl to email.  You can post great things about a company, but once you post how much you make (no matter what company), you are going to upset a lot of people who are inevitably making less than you do.  If you must, post a pay range because you can't say they pay 10 cpl period, because obviously they don't.