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GOOD. This is important. Glad you thought ahead.

Posted By: darlene on 2009-08-27
In Reply to: MDI-MD/Transcend - Think about this - Taking a Stand

.I think we as women are condition to wait and see how it goes. Has it really ever gotten better -- whatever THAT was. We need to learn to believe our gut. When My Office Genie sold to MQ, I guess she (carol) was so fearful, she made the anouncement and wham, immediately gone. Had it all planned out in advance packed and gone..

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I have known her for 8 years. She is miles ahead of OSI and I'm glad out of the viper pit
She has never been fired before but she blew it off and is already working. She could have w11m offered some significant skills in many ways if they had beev brimming the comopanybck to life.;
Good, you go ahead and take 7 cpl
but next week don't cry when they'll only pay you 6 cpl.  Maybe it would be a good idea to get the old movie, Grapes of Wrath with Henry Fonda and see what happens with price cutting.
o.k., BUT very good hearing is very important
in this job, when everything goes through headsets.
I agree, good hearing IS important
but any health-related tests or questions must come AFTER an offer has been made. That is a key part of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Sometimes people physically cannot do certain jobs. I am a fat old lady. I don't think it would do me any good to walk over to UCLA and ask to try out for the varsity football team. But if I apply for an MT position, I do not expect my weight (I am fat) or my hearing (which is excellent) to be called into question. If a company wants to ask medical questions after hiring, they can ONLY be related to job performance. For example, I cannot be asked about back problems because as an MT I am not required to lift. If I applied for a truck driving position, it would be a valid question. Too many employers think that MTs don't know their rights (many don't) or are afraid to exercise them. I say, know your rights!
I thought it was just me, glad to hear others aren't making much with all the junk you have to ad
Good for you, always glad to know
others liking their jobs. Best to be happy, life too short not to be. As far as the ignorance equaling bliss, I have no ulcers, do not have to work endless hours making a living, no worries in this life. Others should try always to find out where they belong. I can only speak for myself. If others want to be unhappy and stil continue at same job, cannot help those out. I do have fun in my life now because lots less stress than in years gone by.
Good for you! I am glad to hear that you
are a good recruiter, having no idea who you are, was only relaying MY experiences.  Sorry for those, such as you, who do your job well.  I have lost thousands of dollars depending on what was told to me by recruiters, and that is a fact.  If I would not have listened to the out and out lies, simple questions like, Will such and such an abbreviation Expander work with your system? and was told yes, when they had no clue if it would or not after I was hired and quit my other job.  As I said, good for you for being on the up and up and doing your job well.  And I agree, if I could quit MT today, I would run away as fast as I could!!!  Not only is your job thankless, but apparently OURS are TOO!!! Or at least I am given that impression but more than just ONE company!!!!!!
Glad to hear something good about them,
That's really good news! I am glad for you!
Yes, Transcend seemed like it had so much potential, and I did believe that when I was there coincided with Transcend hitting a big bump in the road, probably fast growth, and I know they said there were major mgmt problems at the time.  I tried to stick it out, but didn't have the patience at the time. Glad to hear that things sound organized now.  We all deserve an organized, calm, productive workplace, right?
glad you think it is a good company
I dont know  how many people would agree with you.
Good for you!!! I am glad it worked out. nm
Good grief!! Glad I just sent them
an email telling them I was no longer interested in testing as I will not work for companies that offshore USA work. No wonder the person didn't sign their name. Probably too long to spell! LOL!
Good for you, I'm glad you found someplace sm
you feel treats you well.  If you left the bad place behind, why are you still thinking about it?  Enjoy where you are now.
That is good news! Glad you got to spread
glad to hear there is still a good company out there...
Glad you are happy. You making good money there? sm
as well?
Of course we do. This will make time #5 that I do just that. Glad you have good luck.
Not everybody does. Ummm...you do know you don't always get what you ask for/want, right? And if you try sometimes, you still don't get what you need.
Cbay doesn't sound good. Glad I left
the Q when I did.  I really hashed over that decision, but I am so glad I did.  There will be a lot of people looking for work very soon.  I wouldn't wait around until all the good spots are filled.
Appreciate the thought, but it's good enough for me
...and more than you usually get in the workplace, so I'll take it. Thanks, Michelle.:)
I thought the pay was very good
It ran from 14-18 based on production......if they had direct deposit, I'd STILL be there!
I never thought of that, good luck. nm
Isn't FutureNet IC only, though? 10 cpl either way is good, but I thought they were
good perspective, I thought of this too when sm
I posted yesterday, thought this may be happening, i.e., helpless situation for supervisor who prob. relies on so-called expertise of that worker, perhaps does not know medical transcription herself. It is a concern your name/work record being ruined.
I thought it was good when I charged

I charged that even for half pages.  I did clinic work, so most were only short letters.  Doctor was happy and I was happy.  I transcribed in Word.  The difference was made up when I had length letters for the workers' comp cases, so it all evened out. 

I'd shoot for that in a minute! 

Are you being sarcastic or serious? I thought it was a good post. nm
Good to know. Thought maybe I was falling through the cracks. nm
Ew, I thought they were one of the good hourly ones. Changes my opinion of them.
I had no idea, I thought Medware was one of the good guys.
Guess I won't be applying with them after all.

To those already with them, I hope you can all agree to not assist offshore typists to take jobs from US MTs.
Really? I thought it sounded like a good line rate.
I thought that cpl seems a little too good. Without spaces would make sense. Not
sure how much you really make per line without spaces. 
I saw this posted some time ago and thought then, hmmm, not a good idea
You were outraged and it was very apparent as you spoke then of they knew who you were and you really spoke your mind. I know we are supposed to have freedom of speech but having said this it was like you did not care if someone came after you and now, well seems like that has happened. I am not saying it is right but sometimes good to keep thoughts to yourself, especially now since you have heard from the state. You said you are flattered. I would never been flattered to have someone sue me. Seems like you bit off more than you can chew.
That's strange. When I received an offer, I thought it was competitive and the benefits were good
especially medical insurance benefits for family. Maybe I did not look at them very close. Could you elaborate on what you were offered? I really thought they were decent pay and benefits.
I think anything goes here. Go ahead and ask!
You just go right ahead
because after all revenge is such a great response to fair criticism, and such a great substitute to considering if said criticism is fair...

I'd touch base with the company lawyer first, just for the heck of it...
Already ahead of ya...
I do have another job and I'm using that as my primary job and using OTI as my second job working just about 10 hrs a week. One thing I like about OTI is they don't give a flip how much or how little you work, they don't even care what hours you work so long as you do clock in once in a while.

It seems to be a game at this point, so I might as well play or leave.
Why don't you go ahead and tell them the BAD news? (sm)
They added a tiny bit to the benefit package (still not comparable to other nationals), still no weekend or shift differential. AND they raised the minimum line count from 10,000 lines per pay period to 12,000. It will be imposible to achieve 12,000 lines on those horrible VA accounts. The recruiter will tell you that you won't get paid for headers or footers because they automatically populate WRONG!!! You will spend an unbelievable amount of time in the demographic screen.
I went ahead and tested.
Thank you for the info
if you want 6 cpl with 20 yrs experience go ahead and take the job -nm
no message
I would still go ahead and apply
I really don't think that a few months will make a huge difference, but you never know until you try. They still may offer you a position. Good luck if you decide to apply!
I went ahead and e-mailed someone
There seem to be a lot of people in the lead here, but not sure which one is which.  To me this is a bit ridiculous.  I was put on production right off. 
Sure, go ahead and e-mail me
I am blackswan--so ahead and e-mail me.
Go ahead and take their test and you
Go ahead and do it but be very, very careful sm
that you put the right report in the right shell on the right person. That is the only problem when the report does not match the voice and patient. As long as you are careful, you will not have a problem.
I am so glad, so very glad that finally I have reached
the age that if we are low on work, I just take off. No problem at all and love the extra day or so off. I now have worked since the 70s and finally made to retirement age, get SS plus other retirement money coming in and thank the good Lord do not have to worry about if there is work or not. BTW, when I worked inhouse never ran out of work ever, only when transferring out to company do they run out of work. If I had to raise a family now I would most certainly cross train on other accts at my place but only have 1 that I work on, by choice.
Honey, you go ahead and gripe
all know they stink and that they are thieves. I hope you can find a new position soon. Good luck to you, but please, please get away from SS.
Go ahead and warn 'em
but all too many people get carried away and make up all kinds of nonsense.  I have worked for a few companies and do know what is out there.  I have others to compare this company to.  So, that sure isn't the case.  Anyway, its a free board, post away...just warning others to watch out and to form their own opinions.
thanks for the info- I did go ahead and test
and it was just like you said. I have 11 years experience and had to leave a couple blanks. MT testing is crazy. I don't know why it has to be so difficult. Oh well, moving on to the next company for testing tomorrow.
I think I'm gonna go ahead a bite...
I turned in my Keystrokes paperwork today for a RAD account starting Monday.  It looks like most of the problems are with acute care accounts with more positives on the RAD accounts.  I'm not worried about OT/paid holidays because I have an actual IC job with plenty of work if/when I want it.  I'm just hoping that being this RAD account is new, there will be enough work to keep me qualified for medical.  I see others who just posted recently are new hires also--good luck to all of us!
Au contraire-perhaps months ahead
I don't think I am years behind -- if congress/president has any sense, they will begin to bring our jobs back to the U.S.  The idea of exporting our jobs in exchange for supporting our trade partners BOMBED.  Just like the idiots at Wall Street.  It was a great plan - but it has ruined our economy.  I would not be surprised at all if the tide turns -- and I hope that my fellow MTs will do as I ask and write their congresspeople and ask that U.S. work be returned to the U.S.  What did Obama say?  Time for a change?  You got it brother.  (Palin 2012)
Go ahead, apply, and take my work
Such glowing reports all the time. Ugg. Please, don't ask someone who stuck with it and went broke, and had to struggle for so long due to overhiring. Of course, they will tell you to go nights and weekends and if you don't it is your fault for not being a team leader. So, go ahead and apply. My job is happily available to you.
The MTSOs are the only ones coming out ahead with VR.