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Does anyone what national company has been hired to handle...

Posted By: Oreos on 2009-01-26
In Reply to:

ProHealth Care of Wisconsin hospitals. I heard that they have now changed to a national company to do all of their work for all their facilities.


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Thanks for the heads up. I was hired by a national 1 month ago. I am still waiting to finish
training so I can start working.  These companies make you wait 2 months?  That is incredible!  Grrrrrrrrrr. 
Company found way to handle TAT. SM

After 5 pm, they are dumping out whatever reports are in editors ques and sending them out to MTs, but just certain MTs who have high ratings and are not allowed to leave any blanks.  Sounds like a great idea, except if one is the MT who gets stuck with all the junk, one right after the other.

This isn't VR either.

national company
I have been with a national for about a year - was on one account for about 6 months - then all of a sudden the work load dropped and then was told the hospital went another direction.  I waited it out for a month, as they told us that they would place us on other accounts - they finally did - now some of us are being moved to another account - which I don't mind - other than the downtime in learning it - and this is supposed to be helping out another service.  I learned today that the reason they lost the first account that I transcribed was because they outsourced it to India and the hospital had specifically had in their contract that their work was not to be outsourced.  Why would a company take that kind of risk - and then lose a very large account?  Plus lose good transcriptionists who could not wait a month to be reassigned to another account?  I now have spoken with the company who has my original account and hopefully will be hired.  They know I worked the account for 6 months, so I could just pick up where I left off.  How many nationals do this, though, contract for US work and then outsource?  I also heard of a company who is hiring only editors to QA and edit work coming back directly from India - now that is a job I want nothing to do with. 
Would a national company hire me?

I have several years experience working for a very prominent healthcare institution doing acute care, clinic, and hospital dictation in every specialty and subspecialty imaginable.  We were never assigned accounts, so my exposure to all of the specialties and dictation by hundreds of physicians at our institution was extensive throughout the years. 

Over two years ago I had to take employer-paid disability and have yet to return to work.  I have hope with my latest treatment that I will be able to return to work soon and have contacted my MT department head, but did not hear back.  Although my reviews were always exemplary, my attendance did suffer slightly prior to my taking disability.  I say slightly only because I still attempted to work a portion of each day even while ill and the actual amount of days absent was not that high; however, working at a healthcare institution our attendance requirements are necessarily strict.

If my department head is unwilling to take me back into the department, I don't know what I'll do.  I love MT, have great skills, am highly accurate, and don't want to give up on this career.  If worse comes to worse and a position will not be available for me when I return to work, do you think a national company would hire me with over a two-year lapse in my work record? 

Does anyone have any advice or ideas in this regard?  I desire to stay with my current employer, but don't want to leave medical transcription.  Thank you.

The biggest national MT company....nm

Should I go from national to small company?

Hello. I am sure many have asked this same thing before, just looking for a rooting section to feel better about this.  I currently work for a national.  With many changes, not feeling like a person, production sinking, morale gone, on and on and on... I decided to seek PT position with a smaller company.  So, I found a second company.  They are small, but growing. The director is a former MT.  They currently have about 100 MTs. The pay is very standard at 8 cents.  Their platform is slowing me down a bit, but they say they are working on upgradiing it.  Their communication and personal attention to me has been excellent.  I have 1 dictator. I see what work is coming in and have 20 hours to get it done. 

Is the small company too good to be true?  Being burnt from national, I am finding it hard to grasp that this really could be this good.  sure, the pay isn't as great..it is an IC position, rather than employee...but I am not stuck with God knows what work, changing all the time...and I am heard and appreciated.

Do I just bite the bullet and transition the small company into full-time and do the national PT?  Any comments, suggestions, etc would be appreciated!

Anyone making more money with national company than (sm)
when you worked for a hospital, taking into account the benefit package you had with the hospital?  If so, any explanation as to how you are doing better or worse would be much appreciated. 
I've been with this company longer than any other national -sm

I think that says a lot in itself.  I've also worked for Edix in the past and Medware.  In comparing Precyse to those 2 companies, I feel it's better than Edix was because you do get paid for headings in the report, and you don't have to fish around for those headings either.  (I thought that was such a waste of my time as well as an insult to my intelligence.)  Of course, there's an upgrade coming up at Precyse, and I'll be sure to let everybody know if anything changes with that.  I'm not on it yet, so I can't say. 


And Medware, well, I'll just say that's probably a great company for people that don't have that much good experience, because otherwise they waste your time with a lot of things like that list of questions to answer and they send excessive QA feedback (very nitpicky feedback if you ask me) which Precyse doesn't do too much of.  (Of course, they do send feedback though, don't get me wrong.)  MW also forced me to work on too many different accounts on the weekend.  Their way of catching up I guess, but not a good idea for anybody, quality and production-wise.  So, if you've got a lot of good experience, really do work well independently, and don't mind having a few accounts, Precyse is a great place to be. 


They pay on time and correctly.  They offer some really good benefits.  The PTO you're allowed to use right off the bat and you'd be surprised how fast it adds up.  You can use that PTO any time with no questions asked, even if you didn't take any time off.  I don't think it's unreasonable for them to ask for you to pick a schedule and adhere to it either.  No professional should have a problem with that.  I should mention you do need to type at least 5000 lines per week to keep full-time status and benefits.  Of course they give a reasonable time when you're new to work up to that as well as if you start a new account. They really prefer 6000 which gets you a bonus.


Good luck to you with whatever you decide.  And remember, if you don't like your supervisor, account or schedule, try asking for a change.

High insurance costs are a national problem, not just in MT. My husband's company sm
charges us $210.00 per paycheck for him, me and our 2 children. The deductible is $500, each visit costs us $25, prescriptions are $10 for generic and $25 for everything else. It is getting crazy everywhere.
Do what you think is best. I just left a major national, went to another national but after
6 weeks found it did not fit. Just happened to luck into another smaller national and things couldn't be better. There are other jobs out there.
But if you worked for a company that hired
good quality MTs in the first place, you would not have so many 100% QAs, right? Actually..I think I work in the same place : ( lol
I was just hired by a company who uses DVI with MS word and I need sm
medical spell check software. Any suggestions?
I was hired by a company 2 months ago.
They downloaded everything they needed on my computer, sent me pedals and now just waiting for training. My question is this - How long does this normally take. I have never had to wait this long to get started (not even with Keystrokes). I have sent several emails and have called the office several times and am told the same thing ---- still waiting on the hospital, we are extremely busy, etc.

I'm seriously considering sending their pedals back to them and chalking it up but I would like to know your thoughts on how you would (have) handle this. TIA

Can you e-mail me the company you got hired with?
I only have 5 years of experience, but I haven't been offered anywhere near 9 cpl for clinic. I would greatly appreciate it. Granted, not looking to switch jobs any time soon, but wouldn't mind knowing where to look in the future if need be.
Hired company, but sale did not take place, right ? n/m
Not when I was hired (October). Great company. :-) nm

Was hired for a company that promised lots of work.

do they do this?  I checked the archives on this company before accepting the position and although there were similar complaints along with disorganization and some others I decided to give it a try.  In retrospect I should have listened to those posts.  I'm out of work for the 4th time now, there's no communication.  I don't know if my first clue something was amiss was the recruiter with her kids screaming in the background during the interview or the vague answers to questions I had clearing indicating there no transcription experience on her end.  Why do companies do this.  I have bills to pay and I always, always address this situation - is there enough work, do you run out of work often.  I know there are times when work may be low but this consistently happening.   


Several months ago a company called Charts in Time (CIT) hired some MTs off here. Just wondering how
it turned out for those MTs as I turned it down and wondered if I should have taken the job. Thanks.
Here's how I handle it....sm

1.  First off, if you don't stand up for yourself, others will continue to rely on you.

2.  When someone knocks on the door to visit you have to tell them that it's your work time and they need to come after ___ o'clock.  Some people think that if you work at home you have lots of flexible hours and if you don't set the rules then they don't know.  You may also want to consider posting a note by your front door that says my work hours are 9a-5p - please do not interrupt during this time or something like that. 

3.  When people call wanting you to take someone to the doctor, get horses rounded up, etc. remind them that you have a job to do and that they need to take care of their own problems.  If you were driving into a hospital or doctors office to work they wouldn't pull this stuff on you so why take it now? 

4.  Use caller ID and if you end up answering the phone politely tell the other person that you're working and they need to call back after such and such a time.  

5.  If you will stand up for yourself and do the above things you'll find yourself not being as stressed out and having actual free time again.  You will also gain respect from family/friends that currently call on you once they realize that you're serious about not being the bail out person anymore. 

Good luck!

How would you handle this?
As I said, I do like the company, like the work, and have been with them now for 6 years (do I look dumb yet). I don't like being taken advantage of, but am not sure how to approach it. The software we have to rent is their work platform, just like all companies have. I don't want to make anyone angry, but also don't know what to say. All the MTs have to do this at the company, not just me. How would you approach this? Any suggestions?
omg..that is just too much for me to handle...
thanks much for that info!
It's the same old act, different handle
I think I can remember three different incarnations of this person...I think in one of them she claimed to be Eastern European royalty or something. She sticks a finger into the wind to determine which way the wind is blowing and then intentionally goes against it or whichever will put her in what she perceives is the best light. Then, of course, in the postings where opinion is split roughly down the middle, she's flipping faster than the grill boy at McDonald's at lunch hour.

Sadly, if she pops up and agrees with anything I wrote, I feel chastised and develop the sudden urge to go back and disavow whatever it was I had written.
If you can't handle it, don't apply for it.

If you can't handle the daily volume of work then don't apply for the job.  You risk getting the job, having more than you can handle and doing either a poor job just to get it all done or not meeting your deadline.  In either case, you risk damage to your reputation when the doctor is unimpressed with your work. 

Is there another Transcriptionist you can share the workload with? 

If the problem is more a lack of experience with transcription as opposed to too high a volume of work then my suggestion is to try to get transcription experience before venturing out on your own.

Of course you can't. You Can't Handle the Truth!
How about you just don't handle it and ignore it.
sometimes, less is best!

How to handle nonpayers
Contact the attorney general of your state and the attorney general of the state where the company is located. If there is a department of business regulation in either state, copy them as well. Then inform the nonpayers that you will proceed on to small claims court. Then do it.
How do most companies handle this?
I recently started with a new company, so all of my work is going through QA right now.  So, last night I typed a note for a doctor that was 250 lines and at the VERY end, he said I'm sorry, just delete this dictation, I have changed my mind.  Well, I didn't delete it, I had been typing a while with all of those lines. QA picked it up and she deleted it and sent me a note telling me that the dictator requested it to be deleted and please make sure I pay attention to that next time and I no longer have those 250 lines!!!  So, is this how all companies work, because I am not sure I remember having that situation before, but it seems quite unfair that I would type that many lines and then be told nevermind ???
How do most companies handle this?
I recently started with a new company, so all of my work is going through QA right now.  So, last night I typed a note for a doctor that was 250 lines and at the VERY end, he said I'm sorry, just delete this dictation, I have changed my mind.  Well, I didn't delete it, I had been typing a while with all of those lines. QA picked it up and she deleted it and sent me a note telling me that the dictator requested it to be deleted and please make sure I pay attention to that next time and I no longer have those 250 lines!!!  So, is this how all companies work, because I am not sure I remember having that situation before, but it seems quite unfair that I would type that many lines and then be told nevermind ???
I think it depends on experience, account hired for, etc. I was hired at .08 per line sm
but after 90 days went to 0.085 and then 0.09 about 90 days after that. I am now at 0.0925 and have been there a year. I have to point out that the line rate might not be the highest but I can verify my counts, have plenty of work, get paid on time and have a great manager. To me, leaving a bad national and the headaches that went with it was well worth the cut in pay I took. Funny thing is that I took a pretty sizable pay cut but make more money ?!?!
can you handle a 12-hour window?
Our company is offering a bonus right now, as they are taking on a couple of new accounts.  It depends on so much, because where I find them great to work for, others have not. 

I have been here about six months, and have never had one issue about scheduling; however, I do work the days I have committed to, just that they have a 12-hour window in which to do it.  My supervisor has also never bothered me for the occasional flexibility, and one of the administrators even told me to go ahead and work however I want on the weekend, whether it is Saturday or Sunday. 

You do punch a timeclock, but after I got used to it, it only has helped me as you actually make a bonus for lines/hour, which if you clock in an out say an hour at a time, you get can that pretty high. 

There is a lot of ESL, but plenty of help and information to help you...

Please feel free to E if you need to...
I had been posting as anon. This is my new handle.
I don't know if this can be asked or not, but how does Keystrokes handle templates? (sm)

Are they prefilled by the platform and if so are they paid to the MT as having been typed by the MT or does the system subtract for the template? 

I have no problem not being paid for template characters; however, I have found (with a couple of services that I have worked for) that the platform (or client or maybe even the service) will fill in absolutely every heading that MIGHT possibly be dictated by the doctor.  We, as the MT, have then had to bounce up and down the template looking for the heading that is being dictated and in some cases, having to modify the template by extracting words to fit how the doctor is dictating that heading.  In both cases, the line counter was set up to deduct the characters from the ORIGINAL template (which we were not paid for).  If the doctor dictates a shorter heading than was prefilled by the system, we are essentially losing lines.  (I hope that wasn't too confusing.) 

It's just so much easier to type as the doctor is dictating and use my expansion program rather than jumping up and down a template.   I'm wondering how Keystrokes handles their templates.  TIA

But the newbies can handle being team leads?
Give me a &%$) break!!!
Good question! How to handle the stress.
Would be a good thing, but what does a person do?
Ok. I could handle once as a mistake if explained promptly and fixed. Twice? I would run sm
as fast as I could. Twice in two months? What if you never get paid at all? You would be better going with a national while getting your own so that you have benefits and a steady paycheck. Start your own accounts slowly so that you start right.
That is terrible. You know, those women have no idea how to handle all these big university accounts
that are moving up there. They are very very wrong about some of the things they do and it seems like they really dont know as much as they would like you to think they do. That is absolutely disgusting that they did that. I hope that MT reported them to anyone in New Jersey they could find. I would have taken that as far as I could have if I would have been her to the CEO. That is just horrendous. My goodness, why does MQ continue with them. I believe firmly if you make enough calls you will find someone that is willing to listen and take the info where it needs to go I believe that.
The key is working multiple accounts. Three months is hardly long enough to get a handle sm
on the job.  Maybe better to keep a parttime job until you are up to speed on the new job.  I haven't run out of work in almost a year (and that was only for a few minutes), but I do multiple accounts.  Great company, great people.  Nice bennies.
Plain and simple, you have to be able to handle the difficult dictators in this profession if..
you want steady, appreciated work by a national company. There are so many hoppers out there who bounce from company to company, and then come here to complain about it. Trust me, we have all had our share of tough dictation over the years. When I started MT over 20 years ago, I cried daily trying to get through those many mumblers, ESLs, etc. to make mere pennies an hour. The experience and skills that I gained by hanging in there made me a successful Transcriptionist over the years. I started out in-house, and then obtained a few local accounts, and built from there. I ran a small MT service with several subcontractors helping me. I am now with a small national, the name of which I don't want to mention. I make a good line count of .11/65 characters with spaces and have absolutley no overhead. If you are an experienced and skilled transcriptionist, there are companies out there who will pay you what you are worth. Don't settle for less. However, if you are new and inexperienced in this profession, do not expect to make a good living until you have built the skills necessary to succeed. If all that was involved in MT was getting the easy dictators or accounts, it would not take much to be good in this profession. A company needs to see that you can tackle whatever comes your way. No one ever said it was going to be easy!
I can handle micromanage and cherries, but its the bill collectors I want to stay away
You see, to me it is more than worrying about micromanaging and cherry picking. I have been in the biz long enough to develop a rough skin. It is when I do not have enough money to pay the rent or car which bothers me. So, I take the shift least wanted b/c there will be work there, I allow micromanaging and say I will do better next time, and I learn all the toughest ESLs without complaint. You see, no one can control another person, and one should know no job is perfect out there. The only thing a person can and should do is mature-up, quit whining, and get to work so the roof stays overhead, the pantry has milk and bread and the car is still outside. Of course, that is my 2.5 cents.
Youch, MQers, how do you handle DQS timesheets if you're a regular employee with no set schedule?
I said "about to be" hired... not yet hired, and ........
considering it just like I would consider any job.... I didn't accept the job yet and wanted to check out the info out there.
9 cpl, national, 10 yrs exp.
Unless you are an I/C then 9 cpl is good.
Which national is that?
You are less apt to do it with a national!
More apt to do it with your own accounts or land a great paying job with someone who is not using the internet MTSOs, the internet robbers!

They pay you crap and suck the life out of you! Go independent.
Can you get a job at a national
with going to a community college for your MT education?  Thanks!!
Which national is the best for...
flexibility, clinic work and fair pay.  I have about 17 years of experience, looking for STEADY part-time work for now. If it works out with a company, I would consider full time.  Who is the favorite national here?  TIA
at the BIG national I get 7.2 CPL for ASR

but I have been an MT for 26 years.......

4 CPL???  Unheard of in my world....actually....sorry

I used to be AC at a national for $32,000
Pay with National
I made 41K last year with very little overtime, and this included incentive pay. My account is going to SR shortly, though, and this kind of money will be a thing of the past. For that reason, I will be moving on soon to a company where I can do straight transcription and be paid a decent wage for it.
The national I work for does not do that. sm
If low on work, they do not take away benefits. 
you work for a national....nm