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Every week a different company has bad posts. The funny thing is that sm

Posted By: Laughing at the cycle here on 2005-10-08
In Reply to:

it just goes round and round.  How about doing something about it rather than arguing back and forth.  I think we all can agree that there are good companies and bad companies but that for the most part they are all pretty similar.  Slipping through the cracks?  It happens.  Be the squeaky wheel and call the company.  Obviously they need people if they hire.  Perhaps your resume was stuck to another or your message not written down correctly.  Perhaps you misunderstood something and need to clarify it. Perhaps they misunderstood something and need to clarify it.  If you have chosen to work for a company and did your research, then you have to decide after a month or so if it is the right company for you or not.  Transcription is a very small world and these service owners talk amongst themselves.  They work on making transcription better not how to burn and tick off the next applicant.

Be realistic.  These companies all have good and bad points.  The really bad ones are obvious with the paychecks that do not arrive for months and those that continuously bounce checks and those that rip off their employees with fraudulent line counts.  But the ones that are constantly attacked on here are the ones that have been around for awhile and will continue with or without you.  MQ, Spheris, MDI, Transcend, Transolutions, Keystrokes, Heartland, TransHealth, OSI, Precyse and Cymed are going to continue to hire and fire and have happy MTs and MTs that do not like working for them.  The truly bad ones like XXXX and SS, to name a few, the ones that only have horrible posts are the ones that will fade away. 

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funny thing
Every time this company is spoken about there is always just one that will state good - and never a name attached - I say run and run fast - worked there and no pay, late pay and too many problems with office staff. Low pay for too much grief.
Funny, thing ... even with building, you
can ALWAYS find someone to do a job cheaper, but you WILL sacrifice quality. You can find someone to build the screened in porch for $3000 instead of $5000, but there's no guarantee about the quality of work, nor the fact that the roof might come crashing down on your head someday.
Just thinkin it's funny that you thing THEY are
So funny! LOL! I kept thinking the same thing...
get spell check! LOL Calling names, and can't spell it right.  And in the MT biz. Somebody pass me a bun, please!

They're about as LOPSIDED as a 3-legged dog/horse/donkey - take your pick.  WHO GETS TO WRITE THESE CONTRACTS IN THE FIRST PLACE?? Who has the most to say on what does or doesn't go into it?  Certainly not the MT.  They're almost all written by THEM - with the help of their attorney or in-house legal department - and I can guarantee you they didn't miss a trick.

Case in point:  Ever look at your apartment/house lease, for example - you know the tiny print on the back with about 200 clauses - favoring, guess whom?? IC status might have its merits for the MT - CERTAINLY for the MTSO - no taxes, no SS to pay for you ... no worry about lawsuit for wrongful termination or worry about you applying for Unemployment - but they STILL b---- and moan ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.   


They're about as LOPSIDED as a 3-legged dog/horse/donkey - take your pick.  WHO GETS TO WRITE THESE CONTRACTS IN THE FIRST PLACE?? Who has the most to say on what does or doesn't go into it?  Certainly not the MT.  They're almost all written by THEM - with the help of their attorney or in-house legal department - and I can guarantee you they didn't miss a trick.

Case in point:  Ever look at your apartment/house lease, for example - you know the tiny print on the back with about 200 clauses - favoring, guess whom?? IC status might have its merits for the MT - CERTAINLY for the MTSO - no taxes, no SS to pay for you ... no worry about lawsuit for wrongful termination or worry about you applying for Unemployment - but they STILL b---- and moan ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.   

LOL. That was funny. I like that petty cash thing :)
How funny.. I did the Focus thing too but even they paid 4 cpl for editing, not 2.5, that is too low
but I understand your just trying to get the experience. I havent heard anything about AC but I say go for it.. You dont know until you try and your right ANYTHING is better than Focus.. They are a nightmare for sure.
I was a little troubled by that e-mail, too. The funny thing is, I work
an IC job that supplements my pay, and I got a call just Monday because I had not met my producton goal there. Apparently another vice president decided to earn a check this week...LOL.

No matter how much they jump up and down, you cannot transcribe what is not there. I was more than happy to remind that individual I do not get paid unless I work, so not meeting goal is probably MORE critical to me.

I thought by busting my tush on 2 jobs I would be guaranteed never to run out of work, but both failed me this past holiday. For all the gymnastics, I will be working all weekend this weekend just to have a decent paycheck. Sigh.
Look down the page. Dozens of posts a week on KS. nm
Exact question asked last week. Read old posts.
The only thing I don't agree with is that the posts from management
would keep me from there. I think they are small enough to be personal. I think they will learn as they grow though to not react so strongly that this too shall pass. I know that a friend of mine who works there is a lead Transcriptionist now and is learning to be a manager as she goes, so not all of them are bought like at MQ and Spheris and the like. I think they are all transcriptionists who have been promoted from what I understand which might explain a lot of why they feel they have to defend the company.
what makes you thing she is stressing? you are the one with urgency in your posts. nm
I just don't get 'worried' out of her posts at all.
Good thing it did end up here. Post about squecky clean posts has already been
Too funny - whenever someone likes their company or accounts, someone has to say "this person is
There are good and bad things about most companies. I'm just saying what I personally find to be true for this company. Take it or leave it.
Funny some of us were written letters by company attorney when we posted our concerns here
I find this post funny. If a company advertises constantly, posters question if they are losing peo
3 weeks, since 5/24, there are posts that question if they are growing. Who cares if a company is growing or not as long as they have enough work for their MTs. I started PT with KS two weeks ago and will be going FT 7/10 after my long-awaited and much-needed vacation. They have treated me very well and have plenty of work if the account I work on is any indication. I also came to them on the recommendation of several MT friends who work there, all of whom are very happy and have been for a while.

If you want to work for a particular company, your best bet is to contact them. I have read in several publications that more jobs are filled before advertising than after the fact.

Give them a call, especially if you like/love radiology!
Anyone know of a company that needs about 10 hours a week...
I'm looking for part-time work, about 10 hours a week.  I've got 13 years full-time acute care experience and just need a few hours, Mon-Fri, morning or night!
the company that runs 3 to 5 ads a week.
There are bad posts about every company...

And for most companies, there are also good posts. 

There are a couple bad things to really listen to--late/no pay is one of them.  However, most have an opinion based on personal preferences.  Some people don't like OSi (or Spheris, or Medquist, or fill-in-the-blank), and some people do.  It's all based on a personal preference, and that's why many people say again and again that every company is good for some, bad for some.  No one company is going to be perfect for everyone.  The most balanced views acknowledge the good and bad of a company.

I currently work for OSi and have for almost 2 years.  I loved working for them as an MT and hated working as QA.  I am back to part-time MT, and while I'm generally happy and still would and do recommend them to MTs, there are some things I don't like.  Just as I assume there will be some things I will not like about the company I go to next.  But as far as OSi goes, they ALWAYS pay on time, the account coordinators are great, and most of the management are nice and try their best to be accommodating. 

The honest truth is that I would not recommend arguing with the QA department, or at least to pick your battles carefully.  However, mostly the QA dept leaves you alone unless you fail a review.  Just don't ever work for QA there... lol  The QA dept is seriously the only bad thing I would say about OSi.  And they're mostly good people, just very inept at QA sometimes. 

So all in all, I say OSi is a good place to work.  Despite my personal distaste for the QA dept, they are not terrible and do not really affect your day-to-day work.  I recommend them with all honesty and I think that MOST MTs would find them a good place to work.

They have great accounts, some very good line-makers.  I seldom run out of work, but cannot say that I never run out.  But when I do, I have the choice of going to a secondary account.  I really do like all of the accounts and the sound quality is never a problem (at least for me--and obviously there are times that docs dictate on cell phones that sound as though they are on a motorcycle, going 100 mph).  But the overall sound quality is great, and ExText is my favorite platform thus far. Again, the account coordinators are very good, very friendly, and very easy to talk with.


Was I dreaming or did a certain company advertise for ESL MTs at 15 to 20 cpl a week or so ago and

now it's suddenly 9 to 13 cpl?  I tried to take their test and one of the questions they asked was what you were making. 


Maybe I was dreaming.  I copied the ads I applied to and that one seems to be missing.

I accepted a position with a company last week. sm

How long does it take usually for a company to get you into training and typing after just being hired?  A week from your acceptance? Two weeks?   I'm waiting for equipment to arrive now. 


I accepted a position with a company last week
I was able to set up an appointment to start training after my software and equipment arrived also.  It was approximately 2 weeks after being hired on.  Don't get to worried.  They still have to run business as usual and it takes time getting training schedules and software set up.  I am so thankful that I switched from MQ .  I have been with my new company for 6 months now and wondering why the heck I didn't leave earlier.  Good luck. 
This is crazy. Every week another company goes under fire. sm

I want to change from MQ to save my sanity, but every week when I check out the postings, there is another company that is being lynched.  This is a tough crowd, isn't it?  I don't know how to weed through and figure out what is hype good and bad versus what is real.  I think I would be better off spinning a wheeling or flipping a coin than trying to balance out what is true here. 

Does anyone else feel this way?  Where can we go for real answers?

Busiest Days of the Week for Your Company?
I always thoughts Sunday nights were busy, getting preops ready, etc., Monday's are pretty busy and Friday is always busy, but the days in between seem to be really slow this year.  Is anyone finding certain days of the week to be busier than others?
There are also POSITIVE posts about this company!
The owners are not mean.  They are very friendly and caring. The company has a load of work.  They are having pay problems right now, but are working to solve the problem.  They are upfront and honest. One must remember that a poor attitude can affect any nice person.  This "viper pit" of a board is certainly proof of that.
Just because someone posts positives about a company....sm

doesn't mean they're in management, and you're presuming that someone who posts a positive is a manager is pretty ludicrious.  There are plenty of MTs out there happy with their employer... even some folks happy with MQ even with all of the legal problems that company has ongoing.

Unless someone makes a statement about someone in particular at a company that is completely false then there would be no reason for anyone to request a trace to find out who a poster is.  For example, on most internet boards anywhere you can say something like "XYZ company stinks" and be OK, but if you said something like "XYZ's payroll department paid me only a fraction of my earnings and failed to correct the problem" without proof to support your statement then you could be potentially held liable for posting false information.   If you did have proof of in this instance a payroll problem and proof of where it was attempted to be resolved then you'd be safe. 

Why is it that when anyone has anything good to say about a company, there are always the posts sm

turn the whole thread ugly.  Then the posts are all removed, and the company looks bad because the good was removed with the bad.  Yes, Keystrokes pays to have an ad on this forum but it is just an advertisement like the ones we have on other medical sites, in magazines, at trade shows and in other publications. 

I am going to set the record straight for those who are intersted.  If you are not, ignore the post. 

Keystrokes has grown from 5 to over 200 transcriptionists, from $50,000 in revenue to over $5 million dollars in revenue in 8 years, with the majority of the increase in the past 3 years.  This is public knowledge, available on the website, Inc Magazine site, Aspatore books, etc. so there is no reason to delete this. 

We have 100% account retention.  We recently declined meeting the price of an offshore company when a few of our radiology accounts went to voice recognition in the same health system.  We chose not to do voice recognition with them by not meeting an outragiously low price.  We do not outsource and stand firm on that regardless of what other do.

Keystrokes has been changing over the past three years, not disputed, but the changes benefit the MTs more than anyone.  Our rates are higher than many (not all) companies, our schedules have some flexibility, our managers are all MTs. 

We have caught a lot of grief on this board for various reasons, and a lot of it seems to be from the same few people.  Or from those who talk nonsense.  I truly hope that people reading these negative posts see sour grapes when they read them and understand.  Yes, there are some bitter people out there but they are ones that either did not make it through the initial period, have poor quality, have zero reliability, have made gross patient care errors or have breached HIPAA regulations.  Yes, there has been a turnover, but we have a great team in place and those who work at Keystrokes like/love working there.

We have heard that only a very small percentage of transcriptionists actually visit the MT websites for anything other than the job openings.  A big reason is the pettiness and ugliness that the posts seem to bring out.  Another is time.  A lot of MTs work on computers all day long and want to spend off work time off their computer. 

If you have questions about Keystrokes, go to the company for answers. 

I defend the company that I work for but have made a promise to myself to stop visiting here and two other sites because they really just take up time that should be spent on other things.  I hate that the bashers will still be bashers and that no one can defend a company (any company) without being attacked.  So the bashers are the only ones that post.  I wish you all the best and rest assured, Keystrokes will continue to grow as a national presence, and will continue to attract customers and MTs and will continue to make both very happy.

I have. The company I work for now posts when
they have openings, but I was hired before they started posting.  I'm going on 6 years now with this company.   I have also received 2 other offers from smaller companies that don't post. 
No company is able to remove posts. (SM)
Only the Administrator and moderators, such as myself, have the ability to do so.

Please take up your questions with the Administrator.


Not many posts cause small company

You didn't say if you interviewed for acute care or clinic.  There is not much chatter on this board because Axolotl is a small company.  About 20 to 25 acute care and 20 to 25 clinic MTs. 

Your questions:

Platform: can be slow depending on your accounts

Incentives: none to speak of besides overtime

Benefits: comparable to good.  Depends on what you need

Communication:  Average

Flexibility:  If you comit to working 7 am to 3 pm you better be there are 7 am.  If you don't call in they might call you to find out where you are because they are so small and need everyone to be there when they say because of turn around time.   No timeclock to speak of so you can work as long as you want to get in your 1200 lines per day if there is work.  When there is no work you have to leave after your shift even if you have not gotten your minimum lines in. 

ESL:  If you are acute care you could get stuck on a couple of really nasty ESL accounts where you can go for several days getting mostly ESL and not enough others to average out the lines.  So if you are not real strong and love to do ESL getting lines in may be a problem during an 8 hour shift even after several months. 

Like any company everyone's experience is different.  What is great for one may be a disaster for another.  I have been with them less than 9 months and there seem to have been quite a few MTs whose names seem to suddenly disappear so it seems like Axolotl may not have been a good fit for those MTs.   

If you have other specific questions, you can E-Mail me. 

Good luck in whatever you decide. 


I last used it the second week of January. Maybe your company's version was better than the compa
We all had to call in to the new insurance company last week. I was told that it will be sm
around $250 per single and that KS will be picking up a large portion.
The thing about this company (sm)

is that they keep their accounts fully staffed.  It is not unusual to be transcribing reports that are an hour or two old.  Unlike the company where I was before, they were a day or 2 behind - always - yes, there was plenty of work, but customers were not happy.  They lost mucho accounts for that very reason.  When the work is so caught up as it is at TT most of the time, a slow patch is much more noticeable more quickly.  As far as the LV acct goes, maybe another person whose acct is slow because of weather is typing that as a backup.  Most people don't just sit around and wait for work without asking for another account, unless they can afford to.  They are keeping their clients satisfied, which is what they are in business for.  This will not last. 

One thing I can say, the company I
work for has excellent communication. E-mails are answered 99% of the time within 30 minutes, and if marked priority within 5 minutes.
When someone posts positive about a company it has to be a recruiter. sm
I think the less posts about a company, the better. It's the bad companies that get all the pres
No MQ posts allowed on Company board. (NM)
I agree with the posts below, I think it is a good company. SM
You do receive good training on the computer. The whole week of training is on the computer. You will start IMMEDIATELY on production with your account. That is my only complaint.
always so vague. What is it about this company that causes so many posts, good and bad? nm
hiGoldberg - can a company delete posts here?
deleted posts for company referrals?!?
If this is really happening, then I am stoked! Someone really needs to respond to this query ASAP.
WHAT?? It is the bank, not the company that decides how it posts. sm
I have been there for 3 years and we have always been paid that way. Many, many times it is posted on the Friday before but we know to count on it the next business day.

My bank is open Monday. Maybe yours is too.
I worked for this company. The one thing they do have
Maybe you should ask for backup accounts, more than 1. They never run out of work, at least they didn't when I worked there 6 months ago. On the other hand, they have been hiring a lot lately. Can't hurt to ask for a backup.
You judge an entire company by the posts of 2 or 3 out of 500+ employees?
That amazes me with MQ too. A few people post but the what they write it taken as gospel.

Keystrokes is very well run; it is sad that someone can make a blanket statement about something they know nothing about.
Judging from previous posts they are a horrible company.
THey offshore big time.  If you'll search the archives you'll find lots on them. 
Search on the company board. Lots of posts.
many recent negative posts on Company Board
I do not know anything about the company, but did read posts that they paid late. sm

The pay was decent, though, at 10 cpl, but it was 3rd shift every weekend, and I decided to pass just in case I ever decide to get a life. 

Sounds like you had a bad experience -- sorry for that.  Hope wherever you are at now is better. 

Scroll down a week or so. Tons of good stuff. Great company
Don't worry. Next week, the bitter people will move on to attacking another company. It is just
you watch this board, you will see a pattern. One a week. Have to shred the reputations of good companies to bits just to feel good about being unhappy in general. I wonder sometimes if these people job hop constantly, even work at all, or work for the company they are bashing. Maybe it's just sick fun for those with no outside lives :)