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Giving notice

Posted By: DD on 2007-12-29
In Reply to:

If you are required to give a 30-day notice to your current employer and don't have a start date yet for the new job you were just offered, when would you actually give that notice?  Now that you intend to take another job or when you actually have a specific start date for that new job?  Thank you for your advice.

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giving notice

To anyone that has left Spheris, did you give two weeks notice?  If you did give two weeks notice, did they just tell you to quit then?  After almost 6 years, I'm finally getting out of there. 

I'm very tempted to just quit and not give notice, however, I have about 3 days of PTO time also I don't want to lose. 

Also is it normal for anyone in an employee situation to have to get someone to cover your hours if you want to take off?  I'm going to a bridal shower in another state and needed a day off and was told I had to find someone on my team to cover my hours otherwise I couldn't have off.  Also whenever I ask to have a day off I'm always asked Why?  Why is it their business?  So glad I'm getting out of there. 

giving notice
in most states, if you give notice to a company, and they tell you to leave then, they are responsible for reimbursing lost time, etc - because you gave notice and expected to work and earn money. Check out your state and verify. this would go for any company requiring a notice period.
Two jobs and giving notice question

I know I am in the same boat as many MTs here and have a full time job that pays very little even though I reach my required 1200 daily lines.  I've just accepted an IC position for just 1 cpl more that promises all the work I want and a regular account in a specialty I haven't done in a while.  However, I am hesitant to give up the first company without testing out the second company first.  After all, it might not be any better and there is so much competition for work these days.  I am starting to think going from employee status to IC for 1 cpl increase is not worth it.  Would you give notice or wait and try the second job out first and then give notice or would you try to keep both?  I am a bit uncertain and am curious as to what others would do in my place.  I've been looking for a better job for quite a while.

Nope. WIthin about 4 hours of giving my notice

they locked me out of the system.  As far as I know I was in good standing, my QA scores were good, worked my schedule, there just was not enough work day after day after day and I was constantly asking for another account. 

Don't give your notice until you're ready to leave.  It also took over 9 weeks to get a refund for the computer. 

I won't bother giving a 2 week notice sm
when I leave. They give us last minute notices to get our lines caught up or else whether it be 9 am or 11 pm so it serves them right to get last minute quit notices.
Notice is a courtesy, not a rule and they don't give you notice when they fire you
Giving a 2-week notice is common courtesy, and in most all my jobs, I have given them that courtesy; however, a company never gives someone notice when they are firing them. In my opinion, if a company does not treat their employees right, they do not deserve to get any notice at all.

As a matter of fact, I just left a company without notice. I felt horrible about doing it to my team but not to the company. While they never messed up on my pay, I was under constant stress. They treated several other people horribly and also changed all the terms of my employment contract within months of hiring me, which was going to cost me $800 a paycheck. I am the major breadwinner for a family of five and couldn't hang around a second longer losing that kind of money.

The only reason you would not want to quit without notice is if you want to use them as a reference and/or want the chance to go back to them in the future. I was advised by a recruiter that you should never put anything on your resume that is less than a year, so you really don't want to use them as a reference anyway, and you certainly don't want to go back to them.

Messing with someone's money is a big NO-NO, especially when they are costing you $400 for a second time. Heck no, I wouldn't give these people notice. There are some great companies out there hiring right now.

Feel free to contact me by email if you would like some more detailed information about the companies I narrowed my search down to. I was very sceptical about trusting another company with the bad luck I've had (just as you have) in the last few years, but I think I finally found somewhere I can be happy at for a long, long time (of course only time will tell, but I'm feeling very optimistic).

:) Best of luck to you!
I'm giving them a try (sm)
I was impressed that they contacted me within 10 minutes of my submitting my resume.
Not giving one's best
One person's best is not the same as another person's best.

In fact, one person's so-so may be higher or lower than another person's 110%. The problem here is when we get treated like we come from a cookie cutter or mold.

A person who has been doing this for 30 years can do a so-so job and may be doing it better than a person with 10 years doing their best. It all relates to experience.

Why would someone not give their best? Hmmm,go work for MQ for a year and see if you give your best. It would seem a person gets demoted for doing their best in that situation.
giving your best
I think those of us who have been doing this for years and years have for the most part taken pride in the jobs we do or we wouldn't have lasted in the business. But these days it's extremely demoralizing to do your best only to have your pay cut to the point that you wonder if it's even worth trying anymore. The respect should be mutual. The employer definitely has a right to expect our best, but we shouldn't have to feel like we've invested years in something only to be treated like we're pretty much worthless and certainly dispensable. To have your salary cut in half after years of working hard and perfecting your craft is beyond insulting. We're in a field where our employers can legally pay less than minimum wage and get away with it and some of them certainly don't mind taking advantage of that fact. And as long as there are enough people willing to take whatever they dish out, I don't see that changing.
try a second job before giving up first job.
You are giving out the wrong
info.  The hourly wage job is for midnight to 8 AM, NOT for any other shifts.They need coverage for that shift only.  All other shifts are cpl plus incentive.
Not giving references
You folks need to contact the Department of Labor as well as an employment lawyer. You have a right to a reference. Do not let these people get away with this!
Yep. Which is exactly why I'm giving up on nationals.
Why don't ya try giving the transcriptionists

a limited number of doctors to learn in the areas they were hired for?  NOOOO....gotta know 15 doctors.  Then you folks want us to fill in on an emergency in a field never tried before by the transcriptionist...the Transcriptionist tells you she's never done that but you say....ahhh...you won't have any trouble...please???  She says yes and tortures along trying to figure it out for pennies on the dollar.  Two days later she is still struggling along, has told you several times, but you say you're doing great...Two days later you send her an e-mail saying that if her work doesn't improve you'll have to dock her pay.   Stick it man.

Lets see....doctors specialize but we who make peanuts have to be able to transcribe ALL specialties or are punished.  Wake up.



How about giving me a break?
I am the MT who seemed to upset a lot of you with my post below about MDI and the lack of work for some. Unlike what many of you surmised, I also need a regular income, a daily line count that I can depend on and I work far more than 1-2 hours per day and always have. I am also an MT who has been kicked to the curb by enough MTSO's to make me want to quit this profession at times and work at just about anything else. What I was saying below is that MDI, at least for me, is trying to get me more work and guess what? I have more now! Yes, everyone, they are being helpful and NICE! When compared to others I have worked for, who have also been low in work at times, and who have told me and other MTs who ask for more work, to basically get over it and wait it out or go elsewhere, I think I prefer the treatment I have received with MDI far above the others. If a nice company doesn't cut it for you, then go to the many out there who don't give a rat's behind how they treat you. They are not hard to find. When the work is there, you will be worked to death and when it isn't, they could not care less. Heck, you can make good money these days working on a garbage truck, so if nice isn't important,what's stopping you?
TT giving MT's no explanation on why all this

This is certainly a mystery to me.  Announcement of Jesse being gone was heartbreaking.  He was such a good tech guy, but these loss of working hours due to server problems we are having is not due to anything but Dictaphone, it appears.  The **check back every 10 minutes** is getting old. 

It seems that chunks of work disappear when these problems occur, so don't know where the work goes when server goes down.  Hopefully, TT is not outsourcing to another service again, as we have been SO LOW on work for the past month or so. 

I just wish the upper mgmt. would give us an explanation for all these server problems as of late so that we would not wonder about why this is happening.  Maybe some of you can explain to us.  Maybe I am just out of the loop.

From above: they are giving you. I bet facilities are
I think they are just giving you the times
they need people. Just because you are IC does not mean that you can work whenever, only when they want you to or need the help. They can tell you that they only have work between 12 noon and midnight, so that would be when you would work for them. Just because you are IC you cannot tell them to let you work at 8 a.m. if they is not when they need the help. They do have a little leeway, they just cannot set a strict schedule.
There is no way punctuation is giving SM
you that low of a QA percentage.  No way.  There have to be other issues (typos, incorrect terminology).  Even on short reports a couple of commas do not give you a QA score in the 80s.
Not giving a patient's name
is a HIPAA violation. Report her to your supervisor.
I was giving you a compliment...
that even though you only type clinic and for 1 American doctor, you are valuable to them. But nevermind--I'll take it back if it will make you feel better. :)
Hey LK - I'm always looking for different strategies to increase my productivity. Would you care to share what techniques and strategies you used to give yourself that 13% bump in productivity? I could sure use some ideas once in awhile!

TIA :-)
What is the reasoning he is giving?
I did have one company tell me that I couldn't have any file sharing type of program on the computer I would be using and would need to uninstall all other platforms. I ended up not working for them as if they want to tell me what I can and cannot have on my work computer, then they need to provide the computer.
Giving orders?
It wasn't an order, just a suggestion from someone who has been through the no work situation before. Sorry, I was not replying to your post, just added it at the end of the line.
Would need permission from the OP before giving

I would not feel comfortable posting that information on the Board without the Original Posterís permission, since it contains personal names and addresses.  TransTech is probably reading every one of these posts right now and you could be management for all I know.  LOL.  Suffice it to say that this is public information and can be researched if you know where the headquarters of TT is and how to access court filings in that county.  

I am giving my opinion, which is what the OP asked for
As a recruiter, I hate giving these as much as...
...most people hate doing them. It's actually kind of painful to listen to someone who just can't figure out the answers, or is wrong and wants to know if the answer was right.

For someone who tests well over the phone, it's a breeze and I enjoy them, but for those who don't, it's a difficult experience for everyone involved, and it still isn't necessarily a perfect indicator of whether they can do the job.

I still prefer transcription tests, where MTs have the time to settle in, proofread, and aren't put on the spot.

Recruiting isn't an exact science, unfortunately. Ah well.

Just my 0.02.
Without giving away my exact pay rate....sm
I can tell you it was above 8 cents a line.   I'm sure it also depends on how well you test, how much experience you have, and what account you will be on also.
This person is giving you bad info--
I used to work for TransHealth and they're not perfect but don't pay attention to what this person is saying. You get benefits almost immediately, I used ShortHand when I was there, and they were pretty flexible. Some of the accounts are not so good, but you get that anywhere.
I applaud them for giving feedback. YOU, however,
should learn to spell (with meaning!!) before you go slapping people around. Advise indeed... pfffft.
Medware is giving work to her.
And they are giving me hearing loss
their cell phones go off, they are right next to the dictating phones and they do not know whether to answer or call back, you can tell they are picking them up and looking because you are getting an ah, ah, ah and then leaving something electronic close to the phone because all of a sudden we have this horrible loud screech in your ears. My hearing is sensitive!
Why Wendy? She is only QA, right? I don't think she has the powers that you giving her.
Debbie or account manager would make more sense to contact -- not a QA person!!!!!!!
No one is giving a straight answer on this at TT.
Not bitter..just giving my experience
That is not fair, why did they sit on the dictation, that happens a lot usually giving it to ....
themselves (if they also have quotas) and to people who have been there longer. I personally have that happen with 2 parttime jobs I have, and why did she get work after stating she was not going to be jailed for no work. We all want a life beyond a computer and insensitive people who do it to you because they do not have face-to-face contact and can blow you off over the internet. No one stole work from you, they were stealing it from you, she said after she told them what she would do, she got work. You say you now know why you are out of work, she got it. She got nothing until she said she wasn't going to be put in jail by a computer with no work from her company.
expose the companies by giving their name
How long to give it before giving up?
I applied for a job with Gulf Coast Transcription.  Took the test and passed.  Was hired.  Was told would have to sign paperwork.  After a few days of not hearing anything, I emailed and asked to please let me know what is going on to which they responded they needed to know if I could work as a subcontractor.  I told them yes (which I know we had discussed before) but only for the rate they had quoted me in the beginning and yet again contact has dropped.  Should I just give up?   These companies can be so frustrating and I think well if it is this hard in the begining, what is gonna happen when it is time for my paycheck....
CPSI is giving me fits...
It's the system the hospital uses, so my MTSO has no control over it...it has either been disconnecting me or is so slow that I can't get anything done.  I have work in my cue, but I can't do it because of this problem, and now it is out of TAT.  No one's working who can fix this at this time of night either.  Of course, this is the first time it's done that.  They need to use a better system then CPSI....I always liked ChartScript.  Now it's almost the end of the work day (not even my normal work day).  Guess I'll have to keep trying.
What has this to do with giving minimum performance????....s/m
It is the other way around: The extensive usage of Autocorrect, normals and macros, InstanText, etc....makes an MT a typing machine.
Expanders, normals, macros, Autocorrect, where you also enter ONCE the right spelling and the right cap or not cap and it's automated, no need to use your brain anymore, just a '
click' and the computer does the rest for you.

What are you talking about? I think YOU have forgotten how to use your brain and have become a typing machine, unable to reason 'like a human, thinking human being.'

You see, the introduction of ASR made the usage of Expanders almost obsolete.
Christmas is about giving not receiving...

I think that's what most posters were angry about in regards to Did anyone get a bonus for Christmas? 

Christmas is about giving! 

I am an IC.  I expect nothing.  The one online MTSO I work for is my client.  End of story.  My other two accounts are my clients as well.  They are not my employer; none of them.

For those of you who are actually employed and are not ICs, maybe you would expect something.  But in my opinion Christmas is about giving and not expecting to receive.

May you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season! 

Unless you giving specific details, not
general comments, they cannot know who individuals are.
Ignore her. You can get a job with them without giving someone that rude any money.
I think you're giving all these companies the same grade and that (sm)

is not the case.  There are some that will rip you off, change your pay, etc. like one mentioned above on this board.  There are other evil ones who will intimidate to get their work done and others who will tell you how fantastic you are and give raises.

Anyway, I've worked for enough companies and found a world of difference and found some companies to be intolerable.

Can't anyone give the OP the names of any companies?  They aren't asking for a psychology lesson, they are looking to make a paycheck.

Always ran out of work despite giving you lots of accounts. nm
I'm not quite sure why people keep giving companies who don't pay bennies the nod. sm
I guess it's all relative.  A lot of MTs, because of health problems, cannot get benefits on their own.   There are enough good companies out there, who pay as much as futurenet, who DO pay benefits, thank God.  AND they have direct deposit as well, which is pretty important to some people.  Gosh, even the smallest services have direct deposit.  Not understandable in a company anymore that they don't provide it.  Glad you are happy, but there are better deals out there.
Are they giving you grief over not making quota?
Not happy with the T-giving and Xmas, but other than that, love it there
No one is bashing, just giving opinions from what they have heard.
You're giving out WRONG information!! sm
There are 2 Synthescribes. The one involving Heather Rigsby is based in Tennessee. This is why you just have to trust your on judgment on this board sometimes!
You two shouldn't be giving account names.