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Have worked for them 8 weeks, haven't received a check yet. -nm

Posted By: ontheverge on 2006-10-18
In Reply to: is Breitner paying on time (or at all!) yet? archives are old answers. thx. - kwerstions

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I haven't received it. Please try again.
I haven't received mine yet either but considering
the information posted on here, I'd say it is favorable. I think a few things people have been complaining about have been addressed and given:

1) Universal treatment. Sounds like the entire company is now under one plan of hours/production/base tiers/benefits/status. No one will be able to say they get a raw deal because of the office they are in. Everyone will get the same treatment in those areas.

2) A method of control for the workload -- in answer to those who complained about the SEs and others who jump on at the end of the payperiod to hog the work (not my words -- others, mind you): Now everyone has to adhere to a "firm schedule". OT only at supervisor's approval. Set number of hours. These things add up to more control over distribution of work and coverage for their accounts that they can count on.

3) The ability to move up in tier -- you can test and move up to another tier if you want to. Equates to you having an option on your base rate.

4) The ability to keep your incentive on a daily basis; and it sounds like it adds up to more than the incentive we are currently getting. Especially with so many plans floating around for incentive/production/bonuses, etc.

5) Time to make a decision. This is October 2nd. Sounds like you have a month to decide what you want to commit to and 3 months to get yourself prepared to start your new commitment in January. Time to analyze and think through what is best for your situation.

We knew that there was no way everyone was going to be happy about this plan because everyone's needs are different. Everyone has their own idea of what they want from their job. However, it sounds like a positive step in the right direction. Many of the bottom-line complaints have been resolved with this plan.

I'm satisfied with it. Making mock schedules right now so I can be ready to go FT at 39 hours!

My best wishes to all on making their decisions!
Ok, I still haven't received a response, BUT SM

I will go ahead and give the mailing address (instead of the e-mail) since that is public record.  Like I said, they are very small and may not be hiring, but I would imagine they would be happy to hold on to your cover letter and resume until such time that they are hiring.

Frontier Dictation

14945 Pollux Drive

Willis, TX  77318


Have a great day,


I havenít received all of my payments either.

You got your W2 already? I work there but haven't received (sm)
mine yet.  I was hoping to get it as an attachment to print out also and not have to wait for it to come in the mail. 
Haven't received one yet, but it's not Christmas yet.

Why do you think you have to have it immediately? It takes time to receive it depending on the mails. . Even if I don't receive one this year by Christmas, I would understand. They've been very good to us workers and I know every company is tightening their belts. Maybe they aren't giving one this year and don't know how to break it to us.

It's not the gift certificate that keeps me working for TT, it's their attitude. You can't find a better company to work for and if you only work for them for the bennies, then you'd be better off working another company/ Just my 2 cents.


Glad you got even 1 of the W2's; I haven't received either. n/m
Should you keep working as an IC when you haven't received payment from last month?
I am working as an IC and still have not received payment from last month.  I also had to pay $75 deposit for their software.  My MTSO recieved my invoice from last month and nothing.  They just keep sending me work and I am still being nice.  My sister said no money, no work and do not do the work until I get my check.  Is she right?  My MTSO has recieved my invoice and let me know they have it.  Any suggestions?
Haven't seen anything mentioned, but have any long-term MDI-MD SE's received anything for X-Ma
Just curious, as there was no mention that I could find on the boards.  As a SE and just recently being hired by MDI-MD, I didn't expect anything; however, I received a beautiful Thanksgiving, X-Mas and New Years e-mail card from my liaison.  Can't begin to tell you how much that was appreciated. Just remembering we're out here doing the work for them, and she in turn taking her time to chose a card to send us, has shown me more appreciation than I received in my past 12 yrs working for another National !   
I love it there but I haven't seen in an ad in a few weeks. sm
I think that they are not hiring right now because of different people taking vacations. If you did not hear back, I would call or resend to make sure that they received your resume.
received my check this a.m. via FedEx.
I just received my check & it was on time
I also received a check from them for lines not counted, but this was
7 or 8 years ago and mine just was not set right. It was not any big deal, my supervisor (who was a good friend) told me that it was not on purpose, just I was running an old program.
Check the wording of a US-based, international job ad I received this morning. Shows how little
.... A city based health care unit ready to employ Housewives as medical Transcriptionist . Your job is free and convenient. Company will provide training to build necessary skill .Come,appreciate & applaud.It allows the flexibility to manage your families.Your own P.C and internet connection with valid e-mail address will open flood gates of income opportunity.... Yeah, right...HA!
6 weeks first check
I'm wondering if it's me, or does anyone else think it is not right about starting a company and having to wait 6 weeks for the first check?  I applied to a company and they said if a person works 5/1 thru 5/31, the first check would be 6/13, and that would cover the first 2 weeks worked.  This is the second company I have found like that.  Even with direct deposit - that is a long time. 
6 weeks first check
This information should have been explained to you during the hiring process. Did you ask about this during your initial inquiry with the company? If not, you should have. This would have been a deal breaker for me.
I got my first check within 2 weeks when I started last February
I never had to wait a month.
It took me 9 weeks and 2 phone calls to get my check.
I had to leave voice mails and no calls ever returned, but I finally got my check.  I knew someone who was still waiting after 12 weeks. 
I didn't HEAR of it being over $500 each month..I see it taken out of my check every 2 weeks..(sm
$254 each pay period.  I honestly hope you're right that the final paperwork was signed last Friday because I had decided to have it discontinued after the March 15 paycheck and either look on my own or go without coverage for a while until I find a more reasonable plan.  The insurance itself is great but too high.  I can't imagine how you are paying only $184 per month and I have been paying over $500 since December 2006 for single coverage!
Forget my check is 2 weeks late, I am quitting my

job because I have to use some of my ink to print out paperwork.  If that is an honest-to-goodness complaint, you need a dose of reality.

A printer with ink will cost about $30 to $40.  My company owes me $900 in back wages and $900 in current wages.  Yes, I refuse to work any more until I am paid, but I am still out almost $2000.  All they say is check is in the mail. 

If you can put your MT-princess resume out there and get a better job that doesn't require you to spend thousands of cents on ink, you should go for it.

Some companies don't give that first check until 4 or 6 weeks have passed. Ck your contract. nm
how do u know if u haven't worked for them?
mq seems nice 2 on the surface.

just curious
Haven't worked for them but I'm pretty sure
I've seen postings about this company on this board before. Try doing an archive search.

If I remember correctly it's owned by a very nice lady but she's really a ditz so the company's very disorganized.

Double check the archives to make sure though.
I haven't worked there in awhile but sm
It was a definite trade-off. The pay was just not good at all. However, on the plus side, they were good to work with and they assigned accounts that weren't bad. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay at that $$ and had to move on. You will have to weigh how much $$ you need, but I was nowhere near 9 or 10 cpl with over 10 yrs experience.
I got one too and haven't worked for them for two years-thanks. lol nm
Haven't worked for those places but....
I can recommend MDI-MD and Landmark. MDI-MD is IC only; Landmark has employee and/or IC.

I'm not sure if either is hiring but they're definitely worth a shot.

Hope you find something else soon :-)
I worked for them for two weeks
They advertised they had ASR and that is what I wanted to do.  They do not give you ASR.  They new that is what I wanted to do and they gave me an account WITHOUT any ASR.  They also have different systems for different accounts, i.e. dictaphone for one account, something completely different for another.  You have to download it to your personal computer, they do not have any to send you.  Also they foot pedals did not work.  I think what was worse for me is they claim to be based in the United States but the only people I talked to were all Middle Eastern.  Their tech people, supervisors, etc.  I even heard their QA were based in India.  (the ones that QA our work).  I did not have a good experience with them at all. 
I worked there for about 6 weeks and
also left. You cut and paste from the demographics into the report itself. I left because I could not get 8 hrs a day in through the week, required to work a weekend day, and then would either run out or have no work, so never got 40 hours in.
I worked for them for about 6 weeks sm
After two weeks, the work got slow and it took forever to find out what was going on. They had lost the account but wouldn't tell me. They offered me something else but it was garbage and I wouldn't take it. Nice people, but nice doesn't bring in a paycheck.
Haven't worked for ExecuScribe but have been at TT for about two months now
TT is the best company I've worked for in my 18 years as an MT. See all the other postings below.

PS- I am not a plant or cheerleader. Just a happy employee.
I work for FN but worked for MDI-MD for a few weeks...Go with FN! sm
I agree with the other poster. Futurenet is great! They are very respectable. A lot of working is going to SR now though. That is the only downfall I have for them. But they work with you on everything! If they offered benefits, which they don't, I don't think anyone could beat them whatsoever. Pay is ontime EVERY time! Excellent staff! I have been there for a little over 2 years and have thought about going other places ONLY for benefit purposes but I just can't! They are too good to leave! I will be with them as long as they will allow me to. Couldn't picture myself working for anyone else!
I worked for them last fall for a few weeks, pay was
9.5 cpl, but always ran out of work and still after 6 weeks they never got around to giving me a second account, even though they said they would. Left after that.
A couple of weeks ago I worked

for Landmark for just a few hours.  On interview I was asked if I was familiar with a certain platform and said I was not.  I was asked if I was willing to learn. I was more than happy to do that.  After all, that gives you more employment possibilities in the future.

Got set up, and was basically just told to do the work.  I thought learning a platform meant there would be some training, at least a sheet of paper with some instructions.  I received zip even with asking.  I emailed the trainer 3 times which I guess was her limit because she only answered the first 2. I waited 24 hours for a reply.  With none, I quit. 

I earned a little over $40.  From what others are saying, I guess that is money I will never see. 


If you have worked for us for two years and haven't gotten a raise or a bonus....
you need to contact Liz, as she states. We have many bonuses for weekends (when busy) and we also pay LD. If you are not getting long distance paid - speak to Liz. If you are a true employee, and not just getting on the bashing bandwagon, then Liz can help you.
I haven't worked there in close to a year now, but I was very happy while I was there. nm
Sounds like me, I got it today and I haven't worked there since 2005
I worked the full two weeks with no problems ...nm
I worked for them for a few weeks. Very nice people (sm)
I just could not make their minimum and found platform to be cumbersome - but it may have just been me.
I worked there for about 6 weeks and never once had a full 8-hour day of
work. Ended up working my scheduled days off to get my time in.
I worked for them recently for a few weeks and left because of SM
low/no work. No hard feelings.
I worked at Diskriter for 6 weeks, constantly
TSSC is really good. I've worked for other nationals and haven't been let down by them. nm

I've worked for Ubiqus for 2 years now and I get paid every two weeks.
I really enjoy the work because it's advisory board meetings, round table discussions, and big conferences of all fields of medicine.  I started with them right after I graduated and I've never done any of the doctor dictation, I like this work better.
People at TT have been paid! People who haven't well, maybe you did not make count and your check
after insurance deduction. Maybe your bank is holding it. Maybe anything! But we GOT PAID. This is NO LIE. And I am sick of this board. Nothing but disgruntled exemployees arguing with employees who like their job. Ugggg. I am working. BTW: THERE IS WORK (clears throat) remember that? Work?
The last 2 companies I worked for DD my check the
first pay period.   There could possibly be a bank issue, but it isn't an across the board issue. 
I would check the archives on this one. I worked there. Sm
Really, really mismanaged. Management had no idea how to manage. It was a joke. Flexible schedule. The other poster was right about little to no training (if that would be an issue for you at all).
I've worked there 7 years and had what I thought was a problem with my check, but that was

due to MY mistake. I accidentally counted lines typed after midnight on the last day of the pay period and thought I would get paid for them. It was when I first started. They actually cut me a check for those lines that day. Glad I work close to the office.

Just to clarify for you, Grace does the paychecks on site. If there is a problem with your check, call the 1-800 number and ask for Grace or email Grace@medwaremt.com. She will check the problem and fix it right then and there. Don't go to the team leader, go to the person who does the checks. Her office is also right next to the Flannery's so it not a big thing to get them signed.

Yes, they offer I think 4 weeks at full pay or 8 weeks at half pay. Call the office
and talk to them about it. You wont lose your job. They aren't like that.
Check Monster, CareerBuilder, MedHunters.com. Check with the companies you see listed if they're
Does background check include credit check?

"You can check my credit if I can check yours"