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Haven't worked for those places but....

Posted By: WestCoastMT on 2009-03-10
In Reply to: Do any of you love the company you work for? - Alicia

I can recommend MDI-MD and Landmark. MDI-MD is IC only; Landmark has employee and/or IC.

I'm not sure if either is hiring but they're definitely worth a shot.

Hope you find something else soon :-)

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Sorry, I have worked several places and
never heard of getting a negative line count for a report. No way would I be working there.
Last 2 places I've worked I was off QA
after one day. 
how do u know if u haven't worked for them?
mq seems nice 2 on the surface.

just curious
Haven't worked for them but I'm pretty sure
I've seen postings about this company on this board before. Try doing an archive search.

If I remember correctly it's owned by a very nice lady but she's really a ditz so the company's very disorganized.

Double check the archives to make sure though.
I haven't worked there in awhile but sm
It was a definite trade-off. The pay was just not good at all. However, on the plus side, they were good to work with and they assigned accounts that weren't bad. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay at that $$ and had to move on. You will have to weigh how much $$ you need, but I was nowhere near 9 or 10 cpl with over 10 yrs experience.
I got one too and haven't worked for them for two years-thanks. lol nm
Haven't worked for ExecuScribe but have been at TT for about two months now
TT is the best company I've worked for in my 18 years as an MT. See all the other postings below.

PS- I am not a plant or cheerleader. Just a happy employee.
If you have worked for us for two years and haven't gotten a raise or a bonus....
you need to contact Liz, as she states. We have many bonuses for weekends (when busy) and we also pay LD. If you are not getting long distance paid - speak to Liz. If you are a true employee, and not just getting on the bashing bandwagon, then Liz can help you.
Have worked for them 8 weeks, haven't received a check yet. -nm

I haven't worked there in close to a year now, but I was very happy while I was there. nm
Sounds like me, I got it today and I haven't worked there since 2005
TSSC is really good. I've worked for other nationals and haven't been let down by them. nm

Really sad where people will readily list places they hated but not name places that are great.
What a wonderful, sharing group of people MTs are. :-(
Been both places
I would say you won't better yourself.  Of the 2, I'd choose Spheris but I'm not still there either. 
Could you tell me the better places?
What companies are there, if you don't mind, in case I have to look. THANKS!
Most places like you to have in the mid-90s at least. Sorry. nm
Some places will let you do Fri., Sat., Sun. Never saw
There are other places that pay well.....
I'm SE and 9.5 cpl with 6.5 years of experience.
I have done it several places sm
I love TransTech, I MEAN I REALLY LOVE IT. I am IN love with MT again.
places to go
I know several of us have gone to Encompass, Keystrokes, Webmedx, to memtion a few.
places, places
sorry i got kids screaming at me right now. Thought I better correct it before one of the high and mighties say something.
no more than other places
and it would depend on the account.  As in most cases, I have found that after doing the account for a while and getting used to the dictators, there will only be a handful that really continue to be difficult each time you get them, when you sigh because you know it's going to lower your line count.
Maybe you should look other places for
companies rather than just ONE single board. There are MANY companies out there who don't post ads here, and many who don't post ads at all.
Actually, that is cheap. Most places much more. nm
No, there a lot of places that have two divisions.
I just don't think you see it much in transcription companies. I love the small company feel of MDI.
This is going places it never should be, all over a comma. nm
Few places inside...sm

Dial up:  First Choice, Spheris, Precyse only if 37K or faster, and SoftScript. 

Satellite allowed:  Precyse, TRS, Opti-Script, WebMedX, Probity, and MQ.  nm

Here's a few places that have been mentioned..sm..
Accuscribe, DSG, Echo Sten-Tel, Execuscribe (just started using it recently), InTouchMI, MQ, and VanBelkum.
Don't know about Good places, but here are a

DeVenture, MedGarde (supposed to be not goodl), Meditech in Georgia, MTS in Mass., NEMT, Nicholas Transcription of New Hampshire (but no pay until the client pays them!), Opti-Script in Penn, and QED. I do not know if these places are currently paying weekly - other than DeVenture - only that they have in the past. Good luck!

Is everything getting counted the same way? Many places don't
places to work

Hey, just a shout out to all.  Of these companies who are the best to work for.  Transolutions, Webmedx, Axolotl or DSG.  Anything you have to say about line rate, benefits and equipment provided would be greatly appreciated. 



Do any of these places have enough work any more?
Seems like all of the big companies are low on work any more. What gives? How are we supposed to make a living?
Radiology places??

Where to go for great radiology transcription jobs??  I am seeing 6.5 cents to 9 cents a line...  i see .75 to $1.15  per job.  Things are not like it used to be when you see per job.  That is hard when you run out of work as I just left a place that ran out of work paying per report.   Any suggestions where to apply?

Two great places
Transcend and Diskriter.  Awesome places to work; no drama, no BS, no broken promises.
I've had two places tell me no
I'm not 100% sure, though. I was told I had to have 2003.
Do you work for these 2 places?
I feel ya...ESLs slow me way down once in awhile too!
I've done VR at 2 different places now....
Both places, I could see old reports and while I'm seeing all these old reports with ridiculous errors and some just downright mind-boggling, I'm seeing the same crap on my screen for me to fix.

So, I'm talking to my supervisor one day about going back to just regular old transcription and she says to me I've got girls doing 3000 plus lines per day on VR, you'll get there eventually. So I said, With good quality? She said yes, of course....I started looking for work right then. Now I come to my 2nd place with VR and I'm getting the same crap. I see these godawful mistakes and no one seems to care. I've pointed them out and have been told If the hospital doesn't complain, don't worry about it.

If I sit here and make these reports good quality, format-wise as well as content, I CANNOT double my line count and I've been doing this for over 10 years. If I just run through them like apparently every one else is doing, I might make some money....at least until someone complains....then I have no job.

I've since gone back to just plain old transcription. My wrists burn, but I'm happy and making money again. I wish you all the best of luck at 4 cpl, which seems to be the going rate. Good luck!!!!
I need to know which places offer VR only for
the Johnsons and Smiths. The place where I work has any and all on including the Jofannsens, Abuggula, Sharnif and the like. That would be a really dream job to have only the very easiest English. Not happening at my place.
Oh boy! You really put all of us in our respective places. I am humbled by your
Give me a break...
Saw them listed as places to do internship (sm)

for MT training from Penn Valley. 

just mainly wanting to know if the location was north of the river.


I have found that large places
like hospitals, banks, insurance companies offer the best benefit packages to part-timers. In fact I once worked 10 hours a week at a bank just for the benefits package. PT MT at home with benefits, however, I don't think you will find. It's hard enough finding FT with benefits and the premium isn't $800 a month.
They are completely inflexible. There are places

Don't give them a second thought! You can easily do better for yourself. 

Do they have an ad up somewhere? Many places on old lists aren't around any more. nm
That is exactly what I was thinking. What is sad is that people want to know where these places are
so they can apply there too. If you'll notice, no one has ever came back on here and said thanks for giving me the information because they are not for real. If anyone could make that editing on ANY platform wouldnt we all be working there. So, thanks for the enlightening and given the people who really believed a reality check.
Some places have no-compete clauses with
These places keep notes on us. I know this from experience. nm
Here's a few I've gathered. Some places only

Amphion, Charts In Time (CIT), DeVenture (some), Focus, eTransPlus, Keystrokes (some), Landmark (some), MedWare (some), NEMT (some), Opti-Script (Penn.), OSI, Probity (some), Professional Transcriptions (Pensacola, Fla.), Rapid, Superior Global, Transcriptions South (Fla.), Transcription Systems (Ill.), Transcend (some), TransTech, and TTS in New Hampshire. Good luck!

Don't know about benes, but some places inside
SPI/Cymed (32 hrs?? maybe).  Opti-Script (min. of 35 hrs), Northeast Transcription (32 hrs/1000 lpd, but pay on 70-char. lines at 7-8 cpl).  Transolutions (32 hrs), SOAP Transcription (32 hrs), and Med-Scribe, Florida (35 hrs). This is not recently dated information and may have changed since last obtained. nm
Any other places besides TransTech and MedScribe (Fla) that have
I don't think it's that bad. I've done a lot worse at other places.
They only reduced the rate of ASR , but pay is still more than other places. Plus, sm
contrary to another post above, there is no lack of work at all. Only around the holiday time was it a little slow but that is usually the way it is at other places too.