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How can a message be confidential if it posted on a public message board? nm

Posted By: Just curious on 2009-03-07
In Reply to: Confidential to Paula - small message

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I can't give you the name of the message board, but it is not a free message board (HINT). There
Monitor, I hope this post is okay.
That was me that posted the other message...
and after calling SS and sending a copy of my W2 form, I have already received a corrected copy of my SS statement showing the numbers on my W2. But I agree, it sounds like MW did NOT send those funds to SS, I feel like SS now has to investigate. I'll post again if I get more info.
I posted a message on 04/30/07
that seems to have disappeared also.  No it wasn't in regards to KS.  Seems like the 30th was a bad day to post any messages.  Sure wish I knew where that message went to though - I've checked all the boards and can't find it.
yep, got same message for something I posted...nm
sm, please see the message above posted by calling all girls. The two of you are motivated
and probably should hook up.  Maybe you can get something going here.
try a different message board
mtstars is not the place for a question about this company it seems.  Very mysterious.
Because that's the art of a message board.
and have lots of work, how is it you need to come here?  Most like to come and voice their opinion.  If you are offended by negative comments, then why respond?  You are contributing to the cause, but please do as it is a free country, I think!
No! Not on THIS message board!
It should be MT Hysteria, not Stars. It's been this way for years. Nice comical break from the daily grind. Didn't you see the poster above who has already predicted this is just the beginning of a 30% pay cut for KSers? HAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, it makes you wonder how in touch with reality some people are or if they just actually ENJOY wallowing in malcontent. I think some people truly do.
MDI message board?
Does anyone know if MDI still has their own message board open? It was one they had through the mditrans site. I tried to access it recently and wasn't able to.
Has anyone here ever read the message board
It's pretty interesting in that some posts have been made in regard to stocks being valuable based on the MTs.  One even said that As long as there is cash in the bank and transcriptionists transcribing it remains a viable opportunity.  I wonder if they know all the problems with keeping transcriptionists transcribing there.  I also wonder if that post came from Transcend management.
Sorry message board will not let me use the words i'd like to...
Basically all their MTs are in India and they LIE big time!! Very very disorganized...right hand has NO CLUE what the left hand is doing. Talkin about jumpin thru hoops too GEESH. The pay scales works like this..if you edit something already edited by an Indian you get 0.015 cpl if you just edit an Indian's work it is 3 cpl. What a mess they are!!
I will bet if all these companies had message board that sm
you would still see the same things as on the MQ board. Same crap goes on everywhere.
Other job board is separate from reg. message
Ummm, this is a message board, not a test.
transcription test, thank you very much! 
Its a message board for cryin out loud!
To bad we can't come on here and state our feelings or vent our frustrations without having to worry about all this. Some posts are over the line, but most are just people who want a place to talk to others in the same boat they are. I think the ones who are trying to dissect the posts to figure out who they are written by need to spend a little more time working!!!
FYI, any message board, any at all, have access to IP addies
Some people lol
I actually put a message on the moderator board...guess they didn't see it yet (NM)

sm small message or see message...geesh..nm
please don't put nm or call yourself nm if you have a message - nm means no message -sm

nm means no message.   sm means see message.   if you call yourself nm, then people might not click to read the rest of your post. 

just trying to help.

ps. if the money is there, why does that particular person's balance say zero?

I never knew that a message board had the strength to negotiate with an MTSO. How cool is that? Who
Administrator- could you email me. I never posted that message about Netmed, yet it came to my email
address and I figured it out when someone from Netmed contacted me about my post. Is it possible for someone to steal and use your email address to post things. I thought there was some validation in place.
But that could be Leave a Message or Little Message! LOL
Congrats! :) SM = see message. NM (no message)

Lawsuit for a public board? Who are you going to sue? nm
Grow up
We can post whatever we want. This is a public board
Confidential? Interesting word to use on this board.
I didn't see anyone's name, nor did I see any specific examples given. This person has the same rights to say what they think or feel, just as an MT does.
Public board, remember? Just like to stay in the
butt out. LOL. It's a PUBLIC board that you've
If you post on a public board, must expect replies
Public board. I am free to respond to any post.
Public board. Free speech, and all that. If it bothers
As a MTSO, why would he/she feel the need to come to a public board and complain? Unprofessional in
The problem with posting a question like that on a public board is that you could get inaccurate inf
I asked a question about a company I worked for, received 5 responses all saying the same thing, that we were paid for a holiday, which was wrong. I counted on it and was in a bind because of it.
This is the Company Board. You should have posted on tech board. nm
Posted on wrong board. Plz see Seekers board.
please see message
I was told that they do outsource a very low number of jobs, but I have yet to find very many who don't now.  At least they're honest about it.  They have different platforms for different accounts, and the one I'm working on pays for spaces, headers, footers, etc., and I really like it. They are hiring right now.
Please see message-----
I am a radiology transcriptionist who has worked at a hospital for the past 5 years.  Due to medical reasons I can no longer make that commute every day and I'm looking for an at home job.  Reading through all the posts here is so discouraging.  If so many of you who have worked at home for years don't know who to trust, how do I ever stand a chance?  I haven't applied to any companies yet.  I'm hoping some of you who do radiology and are happy (or at least not miserable) can give me some guidance.  Thank you.
See Message
I think it is the same few people doing all the complaining. They all sound very similar.

I wouldn't worry about too much of it.

Start with the big nationals and see if you like them. If you don't, go with smaller nations, then MTSOs, etc.
My message

I just went through all the posts and read them about Keystrokes.  I am an ex-employee of KS.  I want to know why some of these MTs are being so degraded like they are by current KS employees.  There are 2 different types of negative posters.  There is the disgruntled employee who likes to stir the pot.  Then there is the ex-employee who had real issues and problems with a company and posts their experiences and opinions about such.  I see many ex-KSers posting about just that.  Their experiences.  The things that they know best about KS, the things that happened personally to them while working there.  Then I see current KSers being combative in their words, degrading, very unprofessional and I am shocked. 

A Keystrokes employee, maybe management, has come on here and publically named quite a few names as the owner's of these negative posts.  Naming names publically without any knowledge or proof that is the person that they are naming.  There is no evidence based on any one of these posts that points unwaveringly that it is any of these people whose names have been flamed.  No one at Keystrokes can possibly know who they belong to based on the content of the post, as many, many ex-KSers have had the same complaints over the years.  It is simply impossible.  I find this very unprofessional and unethical. 

Lee has posted on this forum many times, lashing out, being nice, getting on her "soapbox."  But I am quite sure given the history that she has also posted on here without placing her name with the post.  I know that a current KSer has stated that Lee always posts her name with her post so that everyone knows it is hers.  But as any simpleton would know, you could post anon just as easily.  I want to know why any current KSer, or anyone else for that matter, would be surprised to think that people are considering Lee as the owner of some of these current posts since we have all seen how Keystrokes maintains a history of flaming people publically in a dirty, under-handed way.  It is too far a stretch to imagine that she could post hurtful things, untruthful things without leaving her name? 

I am sure that there are a lot of MTs that have a good experience at KS and can understand their wanting to defend their company.  But this does not take away from the very real fact that many have had some terrible issues with this company.  It is evident in the pattern that has long since been set.  There are too many MTs that state the same complaints over too long of a period of time.  No amount of good publicity can deflect from this truth.

I do know that if I so happen to see my name publically expressed on this forum by anyone at KS in response to any of these posts, there will be some serious repercussions for KS.  I think that this needs to stop immediately and the staff and MTs at KS need to buckle down and cool off and remember what it is exactly that they are doing. 

See Message

This was the worst company that I have worked for in 30 years! Their platform is horrible! If you want to talk to Indians every day, then go work for them! This was not the company for me,

I could barely make 1300 lines per day, and I was on 4 accounts! Supervisor was like talking to a brick wall, I don't think she has ever transcribed a day in her life.

I tried to make it work, I really did, but when it came down to it, I have become acustomed to making enought money to afford bread and milk and wasn't going to be able to working at Heartland!  

See message--I put nm, but there was one
But the new platform SUCKS, and you can't edit 40% more lines on the new platform.  I would guess on average maybe 20% more lines, but definitely not 40% on an every-day basis--only when there are a couple of the better dictators on.  And even if I could, I would have liked to know ahead of time
DQS. (no message)
see message -
I did not start working because I was NEVER TRAINED...how can you start working on an account and not have any training? I'm good, but not psychic for IDs and account specifics! What I'm leaving out is all the calls to the office and emails to the office, the cursing and tearing out of my hair trying to find a job again after accepting this position. I spoke directly with Lee - she hired me, and I felt she was someone I could work with....never more wrong in my life. Please don't start accusing ME of leaving something out when your company left ME out in the cold.
P.S. to see message
P.S. - by the way, all these messages will soon disappear as soon as someone tells the office, and they will have them all taken off so future job seekers will not see these warnings....just watch, happens all the time.
See Message
I have been in that situation and here is what I did..

I called the hospital to inquire of their transcription service they use, told them my situation, and they gave me the name of the company they are with as well as the person to contact and the contact number.

You should ask if there was a problem with quality or if there were any quality issues, just to be sure that was not the reason for it going with another service.

If that was the reason, they may be reluctant to give you any information.

Good luck!

In my case, it was $$$$ and they needed a full EMR, which the service I was with could not provide. They were very happy with the quality, and actually were pretty eager to get me to go with the new company.

Best of luck and I hope it works out for you.
see message
Try Oracle (OTI).  They hire part-time, and everyone they hire is an IC.  Very nice people.  There is a lot of work all the time, and the pay is good too.
See message not nm....nm
Thanks (no message)

NO!!...no message
See message.

I worked for Medquist in California, so I can't speak for you where you are working.  You are an MT right?  Medquist is currently offering huge sign on bonuses to try to attract qualified people.  They are begging for people, so I think if you are half way good they are going to try every way possible to keep you with them.  I think they need people badly.  Have you been doing this a long time?  There are just so many advertisements for MTs that believe me be you will get a job right away if you are willing to work for little.  That is the unfortunate fact of it as far as I can tell.  I am slowly rooting around, sifting through all the bull shit, trying to find a place that pays well and has a little integrity, i.e., provides medical insurance for a not too many lines and is not just a bunch of uncaring liars who want to waste my time.  I just quit MQ about two weeks ago after being at the same company for the better part of a decade, even if they were not always MQ.  I took a huge pay cut.  I was being paid by the gross line and they had me buy a computer and then started counting the lines differently.  I do not know how they were counting them.  I had no way to verify it and I was just so pissed off I couldn't stand to work for them any longer.  I think you need to go to the drug store and pick up some Benadryl (its harmless and it will make you sleepy) get a good night's sleep and if you are still nervous about losing your job at MQ start looking around and comparing.  You'll be just fine and you will like working at home a whole lot better than putting on make up, getting dressed, fighting traffic, etc., to get into the office.  Good luck and good night.

message to jlw
If you would like to email me privately i can answer any questions you may have.  I curently work for DSG and unfortunately sometimes on this board all you get are disgruntled employees.  cortni414@ameritech.net