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I will bet if all these companies had message board that sm

Posted By: stillatMQ on 2007-12-05
In Reply to: I just left MQ after 12 years, read their board before - ann

you would still see the same things as on the MQ board. Same crap goes on everywhere.

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I can't give you the name of the message board, but it is not a free message board (HINT). There
Monitor, I hope this post is okay.
How can a message be confidential if it posted on a public message board? nm

try a different message board
mtstars is not the place for a question about this company it seems.  Very mysterious.
Because that's the art of a message board.
and have lots of work, how is it you need to come here?  Most like to come and voice their opinion.  If you are offended by negative comments, then why respond?  You are contributing to the cause, but please do as it is a free country, I think!
No! Not on THIS message board!
It should be MT Hysteria, not Stars. It's been this way for years. Nice comical break from the daily grind. Didn't you see the poster above who has already predicted this is just the beginning of a 30% pay cut for KSers? HAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, it makes you wonder how in touch with reality some people are or if they just actually ENJOY wallowing in malcontent. I think some people truly do.
MDI message board?
Does anyone know if MDI still has their own message board open? It was one they had through the mditrans site. I tried to access it recently and wasn't able to.
Has anyone here ever read the message board
It's pretty interesting in that some posts have been made in regard to stocks being valuable based on the MTs.  One even said that As long as there is cash in the bank and transcriptionists transcribing it remains a viable opportunity.  I wonder if they know all the problems with keeping transcriptionists transcribing there.  I also wonder if that post came from Transcend management.
Sorry message board will not let me use the words i'd like to...
Basically all their MTs are in India and they LIE big time!! Very very disorganized...right hand has NO CLUE what the left hand is doing. Talkin about jumpin thru hoops too GEESH. The pay scales works like this..if you edit something already edited by an Indian you get 0.015 cpl if you just edit an Indian's work it is 3 cpl. What a mess they are!!
Other job board is separate from reg. message
Ummm, this is a message board, not a test.
transcription test, thank you very much! 
Its a message board for cryin out loud!
To bad we can't come on here and state our feelings or vent our frustrations without having to worry about all this. Some posts are over the line, but most are just people who want a place to talk to others in the same boat they are. I think the ones who are trying to dissect the posts to figure out who they are written by need to spend a little more time working!!!
FYI, any message board, any at all, have access to IP addies
Some people lol
I actually put a message on the moderator board...guess they didn't see it yet (NM)

I never knew that a message board had the strength to negotiate with an MTSO. How cool is that? Who
Message to all companies

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  There is a new MT below, Christina, (might be on page 2 by now) who needs an online externship to complete her course in medical transcription.  I know a lot of the companies read this board, so would one of you please step up and do a wonderful thing by responding to Christina with an externship?  I know what it's like to be new, and I am so appreciative of the facility that stepped up to the plate for me almost 12 years ago with just a certificate of completion in my hands and no experience.

I don't know Christina, but my heart goes out to her, my reason for posting this.

Have a wonderful day!  I'm praying for you Christina.  This is a wonderful, challenging career to get into with big demand.  Let us know how you make out.

See post above--message to all companies (nm)

sounds like mgmt from 1 of the companies in message to me.
companies change all the time - her info is old, she said. (sm/small message)
A turnover in managers,QA, leads, even recruiters can make an impact and happens all the time, so you never know; old info - grain of salt. newer info more reliable and needs to be found while considering.

Several companies on the Job Seeker's Board pay that.
I see 3 right now. I can't say who they are, but they are there.
Board is for talking BETWEEN the MTs, not the companies!
Aren't you being ugly? LOL

Maybe you should be pulled!

There are companies on this board advertising for 8 cpl
They also want you to pay your own taxes, provide equipment,and pay your own long distance service. PLEASE. Don't do it.
Can companies track who you are on this board?

If you post a question/comment here about your company, if they wanted to know who you are, it is possible for them to track down who you are? 


Stick with the recommended companies from the New MT Board. nm
It's amazing to read this board and see how many rotten MT companies there are out there!
What the heck happened to this business!
It's amazing to read this board and see how many rotten MT companies there are out there!
Only if you believe what you read on this web site. Personally, I would not put one ounce of thought into what someone anonymously writes.
Doesn't this board not allow posts or ads by companies that outsource?
are you serious? This board is for MTs to get information about companies from personal experience.
?? company board, can talk about specific companies by name (nm)
Posting on the company board and companies figuring out

who it is.  Okay, this is the topic, and the reason why I am bringing this up is there were at least 2 posts here in the last week stating they believed the company would find out or did find out they posted here and they said negative things and might get fired or did not get hired because of it.

How is this possible? Can a recruiter or boss actually pin down who is posting? What if someone says something and they are a troll and sounds like a situation which the company person perceives is an employee and they take it out on the possible new hire or employee and they are wrong?

There have been posts here in the past by company managers who say if they find out who is posting they will sue for slander.  Then, MTs come on here and assume that the companies go to the board managers and get the IP address to figure out who this is.  Even if it was a certain IP address, and they went through this whole process to find out, it could be routed through another IP address such as overseas (this is often done in the case of hiding identity).

Since this is an anon board, how can any company say for sure it is a certain person. Why would they go to the trouble unless it were given to the police or a lawyer in the case of attempted murder or threat of such?

I want to know you opinions. And moderator please feel free to comment.  Wondering if our IP addresses are given out every time a company suspects something and if so, is this an invasion of our privacy since this should be anon.  Or, is it that people are paranoid, whether it be the employee/new hire, or company assuming such.  Remember to never assume because why? You make an *** out of u and me.

Thanks for your comments.  This has been bothering me a while now, and I would like to get some input back on this issue from companies and from posters alike.

sm small message or see message...geesh..nm
please don't put nm or call yourself nm if you have a message - nm means no message -sm

nm means no message.   sm means see message.   if you call yourself nm, then people might not click to read the rest of your post. 

just trying to help.

ps. if the money is there, why does that particular person's balance say zero?

MedQuisters, topics from the Company board are being moved to the MedQuist board. MQ posts on

the first page of the Company board will be removed to open up space for other companies to post.  Enjoy the new Medquist board set up for you.

Thank you,


Are you the same condescending person the word board? I thought this was called "Company Board.&#
Didn't you post this on 03/04/06 on both the Company Board and the Hospital/Clinic MT Board?


This was moved from main board to company board. Replies don't transfer. nm
But that could be Leave a Message or Little Message! LOL
Congrats! :) SM = see message. NM (no message)

This is the Company Board. You should have posted on tech board. nm
there is a board for local talk. this is company board. thx
Posted on wrong board. Plz see Seekers board.
Sorry! Wrong board. Reposted on Main board. NM
There is a comedy board...put your remarks on that board. nm
Then this is the "Unprofessional" MT board. Pulic board,
TransTech and Medware, are these companies considered large, medium-sized or small companies? (sm)
Yikes.. That is only inline with companies like Focus and such. "Real" companies pay their MTs
decent rate.  I make over 5 cpl editing. So, if I got that slap in the face, I'd be outta there.
You already have your own board. Now you want a board for the ones who leave??
Do the research...most companies, and not just MT companies, do not pay for maternity leave...
we get time off but not paid...and I really don't even understand the point of you posting this...
How do you know which companies are Nationals and which are smaller companies.
Is there a list somewhere? I'm new to this.
By "most of the companies", I meant MORE than MT companies.
Sten-Tel is the platform. Different companies use it, pay and how companies run are different. nm
please see message
I was told that they do outsource a very low number of jobs, but I have yet to find very many who don't now.  At least they're honest about it.  They have different platforms for different accounts, and the one I'm working on pays for spaces, headers, footers, etc., and I really like it. They are hiring right now.