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I'll bet this one's a real joy to work for.....

Posted By: NOT! on 2007-11-20
In Reply to: make that you're doing, not your. sorry - unbelievable


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Very true, really long weekends at times, but no real vacation in 7 years.I'll travel when retire
You are a piece of work. Real pro. Any company would be proud
to have you.
I'm sure because the work is coming back a real mess..sm
These companies think they can breeze by with their overseas MTs, and sure they can if they have enough back up by seasoned US MTs and editors. Once the proportion becomes unbalanced, and they have more overseas MTs and less US MTs, the mess will start to pile up. It really does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. In time, it will come back to kick these companies in the rear. That's why I always say an experienced MT makes a much better transcription service owner because they would never put themselves in this situation; clearly able to decipher fantasy from reality and not just the big $ signs. I am not referring to this company, but any MT company in general.
dunno but heard they are some real witches to work for
somebody that was with them before they dropped part time positions.
OhBrother sounds like a real piece of work,huh?
Oy vey...........
So problem is with the MT, not the company? You are a real piece of work.
At least she gave you a real reason and not just "seasonal" low work. n.m
I actually have two real jobs with real benefits. sm
One is SoftScript at 10.5 cents a line, taxes taken out and PTO, insurance, the whole ball of wax.  The other is a hospital work at home job, same scenario.  They are out there. 
That's going to be nuts...I do ASR work too, plus work split shifts. We'll NEED a spread shee
I'll love to know who you work for. I also work every weekend with no extra pay.
It'd be nice to get paid for all the nights and weekends I work.
I'll never work for another co. that isn't 100% U.S.!!! NEVER! nm
Pretty soon they'll have us pay them to work
It's the same with most companies anymore. Here's how to tell a lot about the company before you aggravate yourself with training, etc.

Who has the most job offers posted? How frequently do they post them? If you see a company trying to hire all day, every day of the week they have a problem, because those they do hire do not stay.

A position that has to be posted so frequently is not a job worth having. Someone left that job for a reason, and it's probably the same reason you won't want that job either.

Tell me, does this sound like a job you would want?

IC at 6 cents a line - You have to give them a schedule when you work, and if you aren't working they call and beat you over the head?

Pretty soon, as I said, they will have us working for free, or worse we will owe them money to sit and type all day. LOL.
That's what happens with me, too; it'll work at the beginning of the day but then not.
My tech guy said he'd look into it but I'm thinking it's just a glitchy program. 
Go to work for them and you'll find out
If you ask for more lines, they'll work with you (NM)
Believe me, you'll work weekends so don't
go bragging just yet. Chances are M-F will find you running out of work.
I'll tell you how its taking work

Say you, and others like you, come on (or remain on) at the beginning of my shift.  The work volumes drop dramatically as YOU make up your hours - TAT issues or not.  By the time you've made up your time, there's maybe an hour's worth of work left.  That runs out rapidly as my shift was already FULLY staffed, and I get stuck sitting there the whole 12 hour window - and if I'm lucky enough work will trickle in during those extra 4 hours that ALL of us scheduled to work my shift that are fighting for it can get their time in and call it a night.

Night after night I run out of work an hour or 2 before my 8 hours are in.  Sometimes I only have 20 minutes left to type - but I am forced to sit there 4 extra hours in order to get that stupid 20 minutes - knowing I'll be short EVERY night, so if I don't make my 8 tonight, the chances of me making it up another day are very slim, because everyone is flexing all over the place.  Sure it gives us perfect TAT - it also gives us 4 hours of our lives a day, wasted and unpaid!

No I do NOT want to make it up on my days off.  I am already spending 12+ hours a day chained to my workstation.  My days off are sacred for my sanity.  Maybe it doesn't bother you, but it certainly bothers me, and I quit the last job I had where flexing 24/7 was expected.

I know you need to make your hours.  We all do.  The MTs are just doing what they have to do.  The only real solution is to STOP OVERHIRING.  Otherwise flexing eventually gets forced on every employee on every shift, whether they mind it or not!

I guess you'll find out when you go to work there....sm
Just be sure to not resign from Transcend until you see if this other company is truly all they told you they would be.
Not much. They offshore, too. You'll get all the crap work.

Great idea. I'll work on this in
I don't think you'll find any work here..unless you have a C-phone...
Not much work here to keep me busy or even make my line requirements.
We must work for the same place.. I'll email you (nm)
I'll work for them again if they get another eScription account.
The one I was on was lost. Not too heart broken as it was a pain in the butt account.
You'll have work today, but not tomorrow.
You'll work twice as hard to get half as much, it seems
2 Months There--ENOUGH! Only work you'll get plenty of there..sm
 Was there less than 2 months.  The only work you'll get plenty of there is unpaid work, demographics, looking up names the dictator won't spell... if you complaint about the above, they'll terminate your contract.  Thus, hard to get line count...there is little of that!
They'll work with the report being created in front of them...sm

With all the times I've had residents, PAs, or NPs dictate sentences, erase them, start again, erase them, and then end up saying go back to where I said [fill in the blank] and put [such and such] instead, I can't see a machine being able to correctly interpret all that.  If they work with the document being created in front of them, they can fix all this stuff as they go along. Just highlight the old stuff they want out and replace it with the new stuff they really wanted.

I can't see the computers picking up medication errors, dosage errors, incorrect dates, new operative equipment, being able to correctly flag right/left, or correct spelling of cc'd physicians' names. Most likely there is another program running with it that would do a pop screen for amoxicillin 5000 mg tid to question it. Physician names are probably in a pop up screen too. Of course, it's not going to correct everything but when the COX-2 inhibitors were taken off the market do you think a human could go through all 5,785 charts to find the people who had been prescribed Celebrex to call them to tell them to stop taking it? Of course not.  It's not a matter of IF MT's will be replaced, it's already happening.



Even if you're FT, you'll be lucky to have enough work to get your lines,
lol You'll be hard pressed to find work with
First rule, never work for a company who says "I'll pay you when I get paid." sm
This is unacceptable. Any company with a decent client base gets paid at least net 30 days. I previously operated a small service and paid my subcontractors twice monthly despite being paid net 30 days by my physician groups. Yes, it was a hardship for me, but I brought those who worked hard to help me maintain my service first. Any company who pays their workers when they get paid, does not deserve to employ others. Plain and simple there is no excuse for this. Please, please find a company who values your work instead of using you.
Worst company to work for. Read the archives and you'll
be hard pressed to find anything good about this company. 
If you'll read through past posts you'll find lots of
recent info.  Why do you need menitoring if you already work as an MT.  Unless you do clinic work most companies will require you to work at least one weekend day, at least initially. 
You'll work as an employee, not IC. Need your own C-phone and pay for your own long distance line
Workin, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that one of the suggestions will work for you too. nm
If you'll read the archives you'll find out everything
you want to know, none of it good.
Probably figure you'll want Way more than they'll offer, whatever it might be. :) nm
If you'll read more carefully you'll see
I was referring to AFTER she's missed out on a job, having a friend do sort of an audit to tell her what what was wrong with her test she submitted -- not cheating.
Not real sure - LOL!
Was with Atlanta, which is being closed 09/01. I think we are being sent to the Florida office.
Are they real?
Does anyone even hear back from them, I have 30+ years experience and did not even get a phone call last time they posted.
For real?
Can you please expound how you are doing it? How many lines per day do you produce? Are you doing hospital or clinic transcription?
How sad... no one no one uses their real name.
It's so much better to post anonymously whatever kind of crap you want. Thanks Rhonda for posting, sorry that these people have no class.
what???? Are you for real??? what is
with all the nastiness on your end?? I look at this board twice a week, and yes, I am busy - very busy - work weekends, work nights, work early mornings - but I do find time to look at this board just to stay in the loop.
It's probably for real......I got this too...sm
I posted this somewhere else, but we got a letter from an investment company we haven't used in over a year. They still have our very personal info and had a laptop disappear with thousands of their clients' info on it. We got a letter saying the same thing and we did enroll, even though we keep up with our credit info via the 3 major reporting agencies anyway. They're for real, I'm sure, so you'd probably be better off enrolling, but like I said earlier, if your identity is stolen, good luck trying to get Equifax or any of the others to believe it's not you ruining your credit. That really ticks me off, when companies are so incompetent as to have this info on a laptop that can be taken out of the building by anyone and then when it's stolen or whatever, act as if they're doing us a big favor by giving a free year to watch your credit. Gee, after one year you're on your own anyway, and they're not held one bit responsible for screwing your credit up. The companies who lose this info should be liable for any debts incurred by the customers or employees due to their negligence, then they would probably not be so flippant about it.
Get real!
All you had to do to get that information was to put *how to form a union* in your browser and click on search/go.  Not exactly rocket science, is it?  OK, the link gave you your next steps.  Are you going to get off your dead rear and actually take any of them, or do you expect someone else to do that for you, too?  You say you want a union but couldn't even take this simple first step by yourself.  What are you going to do when the going gets tough?  You really need to communicate with someone at SEIU or the AFL/CIO union of your choice to see if teleworkers can be unionized and just how you would go about doing that when you don't even know who works for the same company(ies) you do.  You might get some interesting answers.  I don't expect to see them posted, though.  From what I see, your style is much more to let others *help* with the research while you put up smart-mouth posts bashing those who aren't interested in the little game you're playing *just for kicks*.  I'm still betting you are as big a whiner as the ones you bash. 
They do expect you to work your schedule, normally an 8-hour shift, and they do monitor this. I have seen them advertise for split shifts (4 + 4)on some accounts, so maybe that is an option. I have never had a problem if I had to alter my schedule for a doctor's appointment, etc, but I don't do this very often.

I don't know anything specific about the Hem/Onc account. I think they have had it for at least 6 months (based on their ads), so I don't believe it is brand new.

When I was hired several years ago, I was told that everyone gets 8 cpl, no higher. Don't know if this is still the case or not. There is production incentive up to 9 cpl.

Overall not a bad place to work. I have been there for several years. I stay because I am used to my account and only work on one account, which is much easier to make $$ at. Management seems to have a high turnover rate, so have had some problems with different people telling us different things, but all in all, probably an average company.
I think you are right, no REAL way to be 100%. I think I am doing sm
more work than I used to and KNOW I am getting less lines. Wonder if Target is hiring??
Real MT

I'm a real MT for many, many years.  I am not a company, a recruiter, a team leader, etc.  I just want to find a good job.  I work for one now that I had a good reference from from someone on this board, but it really doesn''t pay well and so I keep looking on occasion.  I have worked for some of the companies people mention, Webmedx, Amphion, Transcript-USA, Edix and probably some I can't remember, and I have a different perspective of Webmedx and Amphion than other people say (not good,) but some people just rave about these places, and it makes me wonder who is actually answering on this board.  People raved over TT; not it seems they aren't so hot.  Just be honest.  If you are a true MT, just be honest about it.  We don't want anyone else saying a place is great if it isn't.  God knows there are plenty of lousy places as is it so if it's lousy, don't say it's wonderful. 

Let's get real here. For example: (sm)
Patient A's orthopedic surgeon not only kept her out of a wheelchair at a very young age, but saved her life in the process as well. While conversing during a post-surgery office visit, he asks Patient A her occupation. She replies, I am a medical transcriptionist. He says, For what company? Patient A says, For a US National. He says, All our dictations are sent to India.

Question: Does anyone reading this REALLY think that because Patient A's dictations are typed overseas/India/or Jabip for that matter, that Patient A will find herself a new orthopedic surgeon because of that fact? I mean, let's get real here. This should be a no-brainer!
Apply this same type of scenario to: cancer patients still alive, HIV patients diagnosed 20 years ago and still alive, ESRD/transplant patients still alive, etc...SHALL I GO ON???
Are you for real?
Are you actually saying that you bring home over 2400.00 every 2 weeks. I have very serious doubts about that.
real pay day
since i have no idea who you are, i will only say that i personally sent an email to every cardioscribes transcriber explaining cut-offs and pay dates. in case you didn't get it, pay dates are 7th and 22nd. hopefully this will help your situation. also, if indeed ou are planning on leaving soon, it would be nice to have that information in advance. thanks.
for real?
So you don't even work there?  Then what you do care?  For real.  What concern is it of yours. Leave those of us that are happy here alone.  If you don't work there, then you were not on this alleged call and did not hear anything said.