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That's going to be nuts...I do ASR work too, plus work split shifts. We'll NEED a spread shee

Posted By: Thanks! NT on 2005-10-01
In Reply to: Make yourself an Excel sheet to do the calculations for you. - Busy MT'ing


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Yes, they do allow split shifts and they're very nice to work for
Precyse - do they allow split shifts and what are the shifts? (sm)

I see they are hiring for 2nd and 3rd shifts.  I know a friend of mine works for a company where as long as over half your shift is in that time frame it is acceptable. 

It says they are hiring for new accounts, might be a good time to make a change. 

Yes, they do allow split shifts,
like the poster below stated, it would still be specific time frame.       
Split shifts Precyse
I work for Precyse and I believe that they do allow a split shift on some accounts. I would definitely call the recruiter and ask about it.
split shifts at Diskriter
Before I crossed over to the QA side, I used to split my shift at Diskriter. They have great insurance, but I'm not sure what would be considered affordable.
DIT and Proveros allow split shifts
However, I think Proveros was just bought out by Superior Global or merged with them. It won't hurt to check them out.
So are you saying that split shifts are not allowed any longer?
Split shifts are allowed. You can dictate your
shift within a Tu-Sa, or Sun-Thurs schedule. 
I think you are all nuts (there is work)
MDI-FL will let you work split-shift too I heard...nm
I think it's a combination of both. Plus, the work gets done lickety-split and they -- sm
don't have to listen to doctors, floors, etc., whining about, Where's this report?  JMHO.  Heard from one of the clerks at the hospital I used to work -- reports are a mess, but they're getting done.  Mgmt thinks quantity.  Typical.  I think a big part of the problem with MT today is that those in charge are clueless about MT itself and the dedication and skills that go along with it in a quality MT that can do quantity AND quality.  They think that if you can type, you can transcribe. 
yes but you can work 1 of 3 different shifts 10p-6a, 11p-7a, or 12a-8a
Are there any companies that hire emp status and let you work sort of a split?
I would like to work 6 hours during the day while kids are in school and then about 2 hours in the evening. Are there companies that will allow this? Do they have affordable benefits?
Does JLG work in shifts or by production? TIA
I am laughing at there is always work on second and third shifts. If you say so.
Go on with the bashing. Im prepared.
I'll love to know who you work for. I also work every weekend with no extra pay.
It'd be nice to get paid for all the nights and weekends I work.
I doubt they HAVE to, but most probably do as an incentive to get workers to work the late shifts an
I'll never work for another co. that isn't 100% U.S.!!! NEVER! nm
Pretty soon they'll have us pay them to work
It's the same with most companies anymore. Here's how to tell a lot about the company before you aggravate yourself with training, etc.

Who has the most job offers posted? How frequently do they post them? If you see a company trying to hire all day, every day of the week they have a problem, because those they do hire do not stay.

A position that has to be posted so frequently is not a job worth having. Someone left that job for a reason, and it's probably the same reason you won't want that job either.

Tell me, does this sound like a job you would want?

IC at 6 cents a line - You have to give them a schedule when you work, and if you aren't working they call and beat you over the head?

Pretty soon, as I said, they will have us working for free, or worse we will owe them money to sit and type all day. LOL.
That's what happens with me, too; it'll work at the beginning of the day but then not.
My tech guy said he'd look into it but I'm thinking it's just a glitchy program. 
I'll bet this one's a real joy to work for.....
Go to work for them and you'll find out
If you ask for more lines, they'll work with you (NM)
Believe me, you'll work weekends so don't
go bragging just yet. Chances are M-F will find you running out of work.
I'll tell you how its taking work

Say you, and others like you, come on (or remain on) at the beginning of my shift.  The work volumes drop dramatically as YOU make up your hours - TAT issues or not.  By the time you've made up your time, there's maybe an hour's worth of work left.  That runs out rapidly as my shift was already FULLY staffed, and I get stuck sitting there the whole 12 hour window - and if I'm lucky enough work will trickle in during those extra 4 hours that ALL of us scheduled to work my shift that are fighting for it can get their time in and call it a night.

Night after night I run out of work an hour or 2 before my 8 hours are in.  Sometimes I only have 20 minutes left to type - but I am forced to sit there 4 extra hours in order to get that stupid 20 minutes - knowing I'll be short EVERY night, so if I don't make my 8 tonight, the chances of me making it up another day are very slim, because everyone is flexing all over the place.  Sure it gives us perfect TAT - it also gives us 4 hours of our lives a day, wasted and unpaid!

No I do NOT want to make it up on my days off.  I am already spending 12+ hours a day chained to my workstation.  My days off are sacred for my sanity.  Maybe it doesn't bother you, but it certainly bothers me, and I quit the last job I had where flexing 24/7 was expected.

I know you need to make your hours.  We all do.  The MTs are just doing what they have to do.  The only real solution is to STOP OVERHIRING.  Otherwise flexing eventually gets forced on every employee on every shift, whether they mind it or not!

I guess you'll find out when you go to work there....sm
Just be sure to not resign from Transcend until you see if this other company is truly all they told you they would be.
Not much. They offshore, too. You'll get all the crap work.

Great idea. I'll work on this in
I don't think you'll find any work here..unless you have a C-phone...
Not much work here to keep me busy or even make my line requirements.
We must work for the same place.. I'll email you (nm)
I'll work for them again if they get another eScription account.
The one I was on was lost. Not too heart broken as it was a pain in the butt account.
You'll have work today, but not tomorrow.
You'll work twice as hard to get half as much, it seems
2 Months There--ENOUGH! Only work you'll get plenty of there..sm
 Was there less than 2 months.  The only work you'll get plenty of there is unpaid work, demographics, looking up names the dictator won't spell... if you complaint about the above, they'll terminate your contract.  Thus, hard to get line count...there is little of that!
They'll work with the report being created in front of them...sm

With all the times I've had residents, PAs, or NPs dictate sentences, erase them, start again, erase them, and then end up saying go back to where I said [fill in the blank] and put [such and such] instead, I can't see a machine being able to correctly interpret all that.  If they work with the document being created in front of them, they can fix all this stuff as they go along. Just highlight the old stuff they want out and replace it with the new stuff they really wanted.

I can't see the computers picking up medication errors, dosage errors, incorrect dates, new operative equipment, being able to correctly flag right/left, or correct spelling of cc'd physicians' names. Most likely there is another program running with it that would do a pop screen for amoxicillin 5000 mg tid to question it. Physician names are probably in a pop up screen too. Of course, it's not going to correct everything but when the COX-2 inhibitors were taken off the market do you think a human could go through all 5,785 charts to find the people who had been prescribed Celebrex to call them to tell them to stop taking it? Of course not.  It's not a matter of IF MT's will be replaced, it's already happening.



Even if you're FT, you'll be lucky to have enough work to get your lines,
lol You'll be hard pressed to find work with
First rule, never work for a company who says "I'll pay you when I get paid." sm
This is unacceptable. Any company with a decent client base gets paid at least net 30 days. I previously operated a small service and paid my subcontractors twice monthly despite being paid net 30 days by my physician groups. Yes, it was a hardship for me, but I brought those who worked hard to help me maintain my service first. Any company who pays their workers when they get paid, does not deserve to employ others. Plain and simple there is no excuse for this. Please, please find a company who values your work instead of using you.
Worst company to work for. Read the archives and you'll
be hard pressed to find anything good about this company. 
You'll work as an employee, not IC. Need your own C-phone and pay for your own long distance line
Workin, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that one of the suggestions will work for you too. nm
As a whole.. nice people to work for, decent benefits but the get off/on the system, work/no work,
is maddening. I couldnt pay my bills or even work the schedule I was assigned. They would ask us not to work until work built up in the evenings and I specifically wanted to work days as I have kids etc. It just didnt work out for me but to each his own. It just seems there has to be a better balance in this business that what is happening.
I did speak with my manager. Work was promised. No work there when I needed to work.
I see the reports everyday too, but when I get work it is of bad quality, then there is no work unless I work diffrent shifts. Thank you.
My liaison always says to work on secondary when primary is low on work/no work. n/m
It has been a well-spread
rumor that an MT with this company has cancer and is being hounded about her line counts. Not cool IMO. Knowing management the way I do, I am not surprised.
QA spread

Have been MT for last 25+ years...QA for the last 12 years has been constant with all employees providing negative feedback consistently.  It will be forever.  Used Voice Recognition for last 1-1/2 years........

tricky stuff if mgr not transcription oriented or at least with knowledge base re MTs.

Now is all about the Numbers....cancels out passion for the process.

Whoever spread that rumor
I've been paranoid ever since the pay cut rumors post - thanks, rumormonger for spreading needless misery!
Are all of their accounts out of CA or spread across the country? TIA (NM)
They absolutely do not! Please don't spread unfounded rumors like that.
Go spread your lies somewhere else. This is utterly false. sm
There are three people who do the training, and it is very thorough. How would you know anything about the owner? First of all, it is they not she. Secondly, I have worked at KS for 3 years and have never had any contact with either of them.

I am training to be a lead transcriptionist, so I have talked to a lot of managers, other leads and transcriptionists. All are very busy, and the accounts are not overstaffed. Every one of the more than 20 people I have been in contact with are very happy.

There have been no accounts lost in the past several years. If you were really an employee, you would know that no one has pulled an account and that there are new accounts constantly.

Broken promises? Very vague, don't you think? The employee book spells everything out. There are no secrets.

Either they let you go for one reason or another and your are bitter or you were never hired.

I think that Keystrokes is the most improved company I have ever seen discussed here or on other boards. They did have problems when they started but those are in the past. Current employees are either happy or being worked with to make them happy.

I am looking forward to being a lead and to staying with Keystrokes as long as they will have me.

Risking cancer spread waiting on ins
I was saddened to read that you are risking the potential spread of cancer by waiting for your insurance to cover testing and treatment.

First, I think the 12-month waiting period would make it Dec 2009 rather than 2010, but, still, waiting til Dec 2009...geez...I hope you reconsider what the consequences are.

You might check into other options for paying for testing/treatment, including extended payment plans, public or private financial assistance, loans, whatever it takes. This is your health and your life that you are risking by delaying. Is that worth the price?

I'm thinking about all the people who have lost their lives because an otherwise treatable cancer was not caught early enough.

I'm sorry for your situation and hope I haven't sounded preachy. Just hope you will reconsider your options. Best wishes.