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I agree. Big factors- ease of dictators, length of reports, platform. NM

Posted By: anon on 2008-03-13
In Reply to: Also, per report - sm - anon


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depending on length of the reports,
that is 2 less Americans employed in their own country and the taxes that would be collected for that income missing. How patriotic of Transcend. These companies only think of their own pockets, never the needs of the citizens of the country in which they live. Selfish, greedy, .......................
You know MQ has a great platform. How does KS compare for ease? nm

Seeking info on Diskriter's platform; ease of use, line counts,
Was the platform decent and the dictators. Thanks much for responding. nm
I agree. This past year has been terrible with MQ. Never enough work, crappy dictators, no pay for

weekends and holidays anymore etc etc I guess with all their legal woes we are paying for it and then have to have few blanks and 98% QA on dictators I have never even heard of. A joke to be sure and no matter how good the new pay plan is or they allow everyone a window to work then everyone will be working all hours to get lines for incentive which they probably never will. MQ is losing a lot of MTs and I expect that will continue. They seem to just keep pushing and pushing and it almost seems like they want people to leave so it really makes you wonder what is going on here. They really just dont care.

As a QA, I agree with this. I correct the reports &
don't pay attention to who the MT is, unless of course I've been instructed to look out for a certain error an MT is repeatedly making, etc. Why on earth would we ever be 'out to get' anyone? We're all in this together, and our job is to produce the best report possible for the client. When I was MTing, I looked forward to my corrections because I knew I could learn something from those more experienced, and I wanted to do the best job possible & learn as much as I could. If something needs correcting, don't take it personally.
agree, I think extext is the only one with archived reports
I would love to set your mind at ease.
Medware does have a company in India.  That is no secret.  We have a lot of accounts in the US as well.  I read through the many notations above and I just have to tell you,  if you would like to apply for a job with us you can do that by going straight to the web site or you can contact me directly at the above email address.  The previous poster should really check out what is being posted.  He/she can't even get the name right, this company is owned by the Flannery's not the Flannagan's.  Someone was speaking about trusting someone.  I would not trust many or any of the posters out at this site just for the plain fact that no one will use their real names.  I could not pass this one up.  If anyone is looking for a great job then please do not hesitate to contact us.  We have a great recruiting team that would love to explain anything and everything to you.  Our company in India has created lots of great positions for MTs here in the US.  Don't always be turned off to quickly by offshore or nondomestic.  There are many times that it actually can be to your benefit.  I would be happy to speak to anyone who really does want a better place to work.  I have been a Transcriptionist for 30 years and I believe I can explain anything and everything about our company and would take great pleasure in doing that for you!   Have a great evening. 
agree, IMEs are great $$, easy reports, miss them, would love to find them
I love you. Thanks for setting my mind at ease.
 Thank you so much.  You don't know how much your post has helped during this difficult time in my life. 
I agree. The line counter is a pain, but I've checked lots of reports against MS Word
Similar. ExText is Word based. I prefer it to Meditech for ease of use.nm
The PTO is according to your length of service
I work there and get 7.08 hours per check. I haven't noticed less PTO. My complaint is the HEALTH INSURANCE for MTs (NOT Management). Ours stinks this year. NO RAISES. Any extra money we make will go to paying medical bills the INSURANCE DOESN'T COVER and RX which is NOT covered anymore. They give us $500 to spend for the whole year and that's it. Then the deductible kicks in and it is $5000!!!! I am checking other companies.
Being an arm's length away from heaven is no different
If you aren't there, you aren't there. That's the plain truth.
No need to apologize for length!
I am hoping for logical thinking in-depth reasoning such as yours. :)
other factors . . .
I think besides the server being busy, my slower processor contributes to the slow word appearance on my screen from time to time. My computer is on my long list of things to replace around here!
too many factors here
are people giving net, take home?  How much are they contributing towards taxes, 401K, health ins., equipment rental, on and on....how many hours are you working, what are you paid per line, employee or IC (big one), etc.  You can't just ask someone how much they make.    And it's just causing a big feather-raising ruckus. 
There are a lot of factors...
But I think also if you can get up to $15/hr, that would be okay because it will be dependable. You also need to consider how much driving is involved each day, will you have to pay for extra daycare, how much the benefits cost, etc. If you can get $15 and all of the other factors are good, I would probably take it. You can always get an IC MT job on the side to make extra money.
Depends on the length of the report
If their accounts dictate short reports you come out ahead if not they do...

Make sure the per report pay is decent

I agree, terrible platform...

more trouble than it's worth. 

I agree, best platform I've been on...
Great search capabilities for patient name, prior reports, specific doc reports, etc. Easy to move around in -- just the cream of the crop in my platform experience.
Pay plan factors
Those factors include monthly QA score, production (lines/hour), and how much you send to proofing for help. Also if you have the CMT there is a differential. It really does put us in control of what we can make and the potential for increases is there as you get more familiar with what you are doing. It's been a great plan for me to work on! Insurance is with Blue Cross, rates would depend on whether it's just you or a family plan.
It depends on a lot of factors for both.

How big is the page? In other words, how many lines define a page, and how many characters in the line? Or, if paid by line, how many characters in the line? Are spaces included? For both, are headers and things included. I assume you're referring to Silent Type. I have always heard they paid archaic wages per page. There are posts on Company Board about them - I would search back a few pages. I know they make you travel to their offices for 2 or 3 days, and even though I live in NJ, I would never stoop to that in this day and age - not very high tech.

Lots of factors..
Overtime laws are federal/state. Federal law is 40 hr/week. States can supercede that to an 8 hr/day, etc. Company policy doesn't matter. Classification of employees is key. Some employee classifications do not quality for OT pay and can be required to work 60 hours a week with no additional pay. Company policies/collective bargaining agreements can grant benefits not required by the law (sometimes including, but not always the ability to grant comp time in lieu of OT), but cannot offer less than the minimum required by law. Example: If you are in a state that requires OT after 8 hr/day, then you cannot be offered comp time in lieu of OT. If you are in a state that required OT after 40 hr/week, you can be offered comp time SO LONG AS it is taken in the same week. Some employee classifications have different requirements, which may allow the comp time in the same pay period (2-week, month, etc), but for the classification that MT (not supervisory, just plain MT/QA classified as employee - not IC, SE is gray area) fall into, pay period doesn't matter. For those, comp time must be taken in the legal period, whether it be day or week in order to be in compiance with the law, which we all know not all companies are.
Here are the factors in my opinion...$1.10 is okay if...sm
... they pay for links meaning if the CT chest, abdomen and pelvis are dictated together which most radiologists do it gets counted as three reports.

Some companied including Medquist counts this as one report now.

Also if the account is not a teaching institution - no residents only attendings dictating then that means better usage of macros/word expanders.

If the account is a teaching institution with lots of residents and ESL attendings and does not pay for links then it is definitely way too low.

Hope this helps.

Could be any number of factors
It could be any number of factors.  For someone to be on actual QA hold for 15 months sounds a little odd.  How do you know the account requirements do not specifically call for 100% review from the service.  I think you answered your own question.  If someone needs actual QA hold for that long they'd be released.  I think there is more to this behind the scenes that you are unaware of.  If you're making your lines and an income, who cares how anyway?  I can assure you the QA person is not making any extra money and enjoying the power by having to review each and every document.  I suspect it's more of a client requirement for it to be going on this long.
All of these factors depend on the
How have you put up with this place for any length of time?!! Wow...can you post their
Depends on the length of the gross line. If it's
set as a 65-character length line also (as in same margins, same length), then 8 cpl gross is equivalent to about 10 cpl per 65 characters. But if the gross line margins are set for a really long line, then you might not come out much ahead. Did that make sense?
Generally the length of time you are required to keep sm
records on file for a former client is codified in your contract with them.
Some other factors to ponder Maggie...sm

I've been in the MT field for 16+ years now, produce quality work that I have always taken pride in, and my work ethic, well let's just say I do not think that there has been one weekend, Christmas day, etc. that I have not worked in 16 year iin this profession, and those times being mainly at night.

I agree with some of what you state, however with that said, you may want to ponder a few other things. I have met many, many hard working, highly experienced MT's who likewise produce quality documents, take great pride in their work, and even have a stronger work ethic than I.  I hear the same story, over and over from MT's such as they, the lack of respect in general for this profession declining over the years, along with declining wages, outsourcing, etc.

Another thought that you may want to ponder is regarding outsourcing. There are subskilled and substandard MT's in the US, however they are in a minority. By far most are intelligent, hard working and dedicated individuals.  The reason that this industry is being outsourced has little to do with the quality of the US MT. The industry is being outsourced strictly due to the ability to procure cheaper labor elsewhere. Period. Yes, the Indian MT, etc., works hard and does not whine as you state. They are paid 3 or 4 cents per line for their work. I don't know if you are aware of the cost of living in India, however it is far below that in the US; for example monthly cable television is $5.00 per month, etc., so the rate that is being paid there furnishes that MT with a nice lifestyle, thus nothing to whine about, as this industry used to provide to the equally hard working US MT.

It is often convenient to point one's finger at a small handful of people in a given profession and state that to be the cause of an industry that is declining in the US. Even if that were the case in the MT profession one also then needs to take a look at other professions such as engineering, the IT industry, support centers, etc. that are being outsourced, and likewise in those fields the jobs are not being outsourced due to the incompetance or lack of work ethic of the American worker.

Yes but the amount depends on the account, length of time, etc.
I have been happy for two years!
I agree. Extext is the platform I've ever worked with. nm
I'm going to agree with the other posters. Platform is horrible and not productive.
I worked for hours and made $9...no thank you. I would do at least a whole page and be lucky to get 30 lines. I think it's a ripoff. Either the platform line counting is just off or more likely it is the way they set it up, but you'd have to be totally naive and never had worked anywhere else to know that the line counts are set up to rip you off. As with most of these companies, they all are constantly advertising like they have a ton of work when there is none. I suspect they turnover is high so they just keep the ads running, but the reason for the turnover other than making no money on line counts is lack of work. They just don't get it. I didn't last there long, as best I can neither, most don't.
MTSOs have no control over the factors that would make this
You're omitting some very important factors.

1.  The cost of living has increased drastically since 1992.  That $15 an hour was worth far more than it is today. 

2.  TIME, which to many is the most important factor.  You really can't put a value on what you're losing with your family when you have to work *that couple more hours* to make what you made 15 years ago.  In fact, if we had worked that *couple more hours* 15 years ago, we would have been paid time and a half as overtime.  Also, 15 years ago when I worked in house I was paid hourly.  If it took me a little extra time to find the address for a copy the doctor wanted sent, I was still paid the same.  Have you figured the percentage of lost work now working production and trying to find the addresses, first names, correct spelling of referring physicians, etc., for the hundreds of different doctors from multiple accounts for multiple national MTSOs over the 15 years? Our job requires the same, if not more, amount of unpaid time...yet we're not paid hourly anymore.

3.  I really liked your phrase *the benefit of working from home.*  LOL  Sure, we don't have to buy business clothes or pay for gas, but what is the employer saving by having us work at home?  We buy the computer, buy the printers to print out the hundreds of pages of account specs, the ink, the electric, the internet access, our research materials, and in some cases even the software.  In fact, this brings me to the next point you never considered.

4.  IC status.  More and more MTSOs are asking for IC status.  When I started working at home about 14 years ago, I was an employee making 12 cpl WITH the best health insurance I ever had, weekends off, all holidays except 2 off with pay, AND 2 weeks paid vacation.  Here it is 15 years later and the MTSOs not only want us to work for less than we did then, but they don't even want to pay benefits, taxes, disability insurance, or unemployment insurance.  They want us to pay all that for less than what they paid us 15 years ago...AND THEN, they want to tell us what hours to work, what days to work, and how much work we have to do in a day.  In other words, they want to treat us as employees, but put the price of all the employee *extras* on our backs. 

And you're content with all this??  Maybe I shouldn't use the word content.  You're used to all this and accept it?  Now I see why posters have made the correlation between battered spouse syndrome and our profession.  The more you become used to the abuse, the more you accept it.

where they 35 comparable reports - or 35 short and 35 long reports? nm
Wouldn't do it. You'll end up with lines that are in the 70 and 80 chars. long length. They
General rule of thumb is multiple length of dictation by 3.
I agree. I am only part time so far, but I love it. The platform is easy, and sm

the people are great.  I feel very fortunate to have stumbled onto them.

I agree platform awful and they deduct for mistakes, to the tune of $10 per report.
I agree that it is an easy platform, but compared to other platforms I have used, lines are harder
to get, probably counted or weighted differently.
I would go back. The factors that made it difficult to work there before are no longer there
Clear expectations, documented style guide, friendly and helpful staff from the top down, consistent QA. They put in writing what they expect and if you do your thing within those expectations, you will thrive!
(I'm only a lowly MT, not anyone in a position to profit from these statements!)
Typing ER reports and radiologogy reports
are completely different with regards to pay. For typing regular reports, that is a very fine line rate. For typing radiology reports, it would be horrid.
RISS is not a platform. RIS stands for Radiology Information System. The platform sm
would be EXText.
Actually, yes. The dictators are very good and the variety was also a good mix.
How many dictators a day do you do who
speak clearly, enunciate each word, isn't eating, chewing gum, or flipping through the chart while they are trying to dictate, who does umm, umm, umm every third word?   I don't think VR will be a threat any time soon, if ever. 
The majority are good. After a few times of transcribing them and with sample reports, not a problem
You must be getting my **not so bad** ones, then ! Let me have some of those dictators ! n/m
MDI-MD platform is fast, not full of problems like Transcend platform or MDI-FL

On Transcend platform you have to click, click, click all day and still get errors, change screens constantly -  its a nightmare to work in. 

Hispanic Dictators
Hopefully its not De Tar Navarro. That's an awful account.  They have quite a few of "mush mouth" RN's who dictate for the doctors.  You don't get samples, so you pretty much wing it.  At least you don't get the defy's (QA markers at MQ) counted against you!!  De Tar is all progress notes and a few discharge summaries.  You're lucky if you can get 3/4 of your required line count!! Other than that account, the others were pretty easy (with the exception of those bad quality sound files that is).