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I believe they have several to choose from - affordable and decent coverage, IMO

Posted By: TT'er on 2007-06-16
In Reply to: How is the insurance at TT? - sm


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affordable health coverage

Could anyone one give the names of companies they work for with good health and dental coverage (individual plans) at an afforadable cost?  Any info given is appreciated.  I consider affordable as not too much more than $100 per month---80/20 plans okay, but prefer 100% coverage plans if they are out there with reasonable deductibles.  I know this is a tall order!  It can also be a noncompany plan, if anyone knows of a great insurance company plan outside of the job.  I am 45 and in good health, just borderline hypertensive (if there is such a thing---although it does make my rate go up).



I have single coverage - affordable - but don't know about family. Call them.
!60-180 a month is average for decent coverage.
Remember to multiply what you have taken out every 2 weeks by 26 or twice a month by 24, then divide by 12 and you will see what you really pay. 
!60-180 a month is average for decent coverage.
Remember to multiply what you have taken out every 2 weeks by 26 or twice a month by 24, then divide by 12 and you will see what you really pay. 
The current insurance is not bad. The coverage is decent, and they pay which is good. sm
I actually hope that they don't change, but I know that it is a big hassle for the office because they are in the middle. Too big to be individual coverage rates and too small for the best rates. I talked with the HR manager, and she told me that the rates they were given for one company tripled once all the worksheets were in. They based the price on the worst case scenario or worst health. Now they can get a flat rate but only if half of the FT employees sign up. I could here the frustration in her voice when I was talking to her. Insurance companies do not always play fair.
Are there ANY companies out there that actually offer decent family medical coverage??
Some are just downright ridiculous amounts. Right now, I am with a company that offers decent single coverage but the family is like $750 a month and I cannot just work for insurance. There has to be something left over to like....eat on... or pay bills. Any suggestions out there. I do have over 13 years of experience.
Define affordable? What may be affordable to one person may not be to another. nm
When I find decent people who know the value of decent wages, I will!
Thanks. Can you make any decent pay with them and are the accounts decent. What is your feeling
that. Thank you.
Very affordable!

I have found that Webmedx's insurance is very affordable, more so than a lot of the other MTSOs out there. 

okay but is it affordable? for 2?nm
Affordable benefits
Are the benefits affordable?
affordable insurance

I work in a hospital which is merging and our department will be outsourced.  I am looking for a job with afforable insurance.  I would have a new job today if not for the cost of family insurance, over $400 every two weeks.  I've only worked in hospitals were insurance is usually around $100 per pay period for the family so $400 came as a huge shock to me.  My husband as some pre-existing conditions so getting a personal policy is out of the question.  Anybody know of a company with afforable family insurance?

Benefits are very affordable...sm
Benefits are under 200 biweekly for me, and that includes family gold plan, dental plan, vision plan, and life insurance for my husband and kids.  As well, they provide long and short-term disability, 401K, an some other stuff I don't remember. 
Depends on what you consider affordable.
It is expensive, but far less than what you would pay if you went it on your own. Employer picks up at least half the tab, possibly more. I know I would pay around $1200-1500 for my family on my own and right now for a family of 6 I pay a little over $550, but that's pretax so actually it reduces down to the equivalent cost to me of about $460 net. For 6 people, I can't complain.

Also, the insurance is pretty good in my opinion. The dental insurance is awesome and under $30 a pay period for entire family (no pre-pay or deductibles) and everyone in my area takes both the dental and the medical.

Not sure on what you mean by 1 or 10 kids. Aren't most insurances this way? They cover yourself or yourself and spouse or yourself, spouse and children. Haven't seen one where each additional child causes the premium to rise.

You have to type 150 lines an hour to qualify, which is pretty easy if you know anything about MT'ing. Have never ever gotten close to that low amount except when first training, even with multiple unknown accounts once in a while. Haven't heard of the 10,000 lines per pay period before.
Does DSG have affordable health benefits? SM
Any idea on the cost of this?  Thanks, :-)
What is Medware's pay range and is the ins. affordable? nm
You will not find any affordable family

about the same and very expensive.  Just the insurance market I guess, my husband's company has it available and with both of our incomes it is a large portion of our monthly expenses. Just my 2c, but I have asked every company I have ever interviewed with and today, family insurance rates are just unaffordabe everywhere.

They didnt worry that it would be affordable for the MTs.
you gotta be kidding, lol
Nope, not affordable. At least not when I left. nm
Still not affordable but better than my husband's so we have no choice. sm
His company is $1410 for a family of 4 and none of us have any illnesses or surgeries. Highway robbery.

We pay $710 a month at Keystrokes. Still high but half.
Yes, Webmedx does have very affordable insurance. sm
I pay 145 a pay period for myself and husband for the gold type insurance (which is the best we can get).
How much is the insurance, is it good, affordable?
I really need insurance and don't want to apply if it is not affordable.
Does the company you work for have affordable (sm
health insurance?   Can you share the name of the company on here or via e-mail? TIA.
companies with affordable benefits
Does anyone know any companies that are hiring that have affordable insurance for family?  I need to get a position with insurance.  Thank you for any replies.
Is Medware's health insurance affordable?

I am looking for either family coverage or just husband and wife coverage.  Any idea of how much their insurance costs?  I remember a while back they had their rates listed on their website and they seemed very reasonable. 

Can anyone give me an estimate on how much they pay for their health insurance for family.  This would be for the PPO insurance, as I do not reside in Florida.

Thanks guys!!!

Looking for a company with affordable health insurance.
Anybody work for Proscript or DSG, can you tell me how much you pay for husband and wife coverage?  Thanks so much.
Is WEBMEDX's health insurance affordable?
Can anyone tell me more about their benefits, including the health insurance?  Thanks so much.
Very affordable for individual, high for families, sm
but I think all insurance is high for families. 6 holidays, a few days PTO until you've been there over 6 years. (and they keep changing the PTO yearly).
TransTech - is their insurance affordable? How much do they contribute? sm
For family coverage, about how much is the monthly premium?  Do they pay well?  Do you have to work a set schedule or can you get your lines in within a 24-hour window?  Thanks!
Axolotl has great affordable insurance!
Their rates are better than any MT company that I know of.
Anybody work for TransHealth as an employee and how do you like it? Is the insurance affordable?
Anyone know of a GOOD company with affordable health insurance?

Hi.  I am a 14+ year MT.  I love the company I am with but they offer NO benefits whatsoever.  Does anyone know of a company that is looking for a dependable MT that offers reasonably priced health insurance and would give at least 9-1/2 cents a line (which is what I am getting now). Any help would be greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU!

Which to choose???

It appears I may be looking for a transcription job in the near future.  I'm just looking for someplace to call home.  I have multiple years acute care hospital experience, the last 5 years being done here at home.  I come here to find help and after reading through the first couple of pages, I feel like I might as well make a list of all companies across the US, put them in a hat and draw one!!

*I* think my requirements are pretty simple:  Nice, reliable company that treats me with the same respect that I show them, 11 cpl, and plenty of work.

Anyone know of companies that fit that description?  Of course, I prefer a small company over large but have done both and been happy in both situations.  Surely there is a company out there that would be a good fit??

Which to choose??
Sorry, 11 cpl is what I have been paid at the last two employers I've had....as an IC. Guess I could settle for 10 cpl:)
Who to choose?
Have offers for Cymed, TRS, Transolutions, and Silent Type.  They all seem to have pros and cons.  I want to be happy at my job.  Any suggestions out there??? 
You cannot pick and choose
I don't know how you think you can pick and choose. You get the jobs assigned to you by the queue managers. You cannot even see what jobs are available.

SS has been a terrific company for me. I too stick to schedule but at times have to flex because of kids, etc. and they do not have a problem with that from time to time.

Which offer should I choose?

Hi all...I currently have two job offers that I'm trying to decide between.  I was wondering if any of you could give me some ideas, suggestions, input, opinions, whatever...

I was offered clinic work with Axolotl and also offered acute care with WEBMEDX.  They are both full time employee positions, but Axolotl offers 1 cent more per line, which possibly will go up to 1.5 cents more per line after 30 days.

I've read a few posts on here about WEBMEDX and it seems mostly good things are said about them.  I haven't read much on Axolotl at all, so I'm not really sure what decision to make.  Any advice is welcomed and very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance. 

Are you going to choose to keep the computer?
I know they said that they would uninstall everything on the computer if we wanted to keep it, I just have a funny feeling about that, I don't trust them!!

If we don't want it, do we have to pay to ship it back? Is anyone going to purchase it for 260?
They do need people to choose a
schedule and stick to it, I believe. There is plenty of OT available right now, while they are still hiring. I have no idea how much flexibility your life requires, of course. I try to stick to my schedule, but when an emergency has come up, they have been very nice.

In my opinion, and trying to consider it from a business standpoint, their aim will probably be to cover the account with enough people so they don't need much OT in the future. But how it works out will just depend on the skill and production levels and dependability of the people they hire, I suspect. That makes it hard to predict future OT needs.

Good luck in your decision. I'm happy with them, but I don't have kids or another job or other a complications to work around.
You actually choose which plan you want to go with. sm
They offer many different plans at different rates. You choose the coverage you want and that is the plan you go with.
Have to choose IC over Employee?? ....sm
Hi!  Well, after all the testing, thinking, interviewing, etc., I find myself really torn apart.  I have wonderful job offers with fine companies, but the problem is that, at this time, I have too much family obligations to truly commit to employee status....my dad just passed away two months ago, and I am having to care PT for my 89-year-old mom, along with my 3 kids, and with all this going on, I can commit to working long-term and PT hours all through the week, some weekends, but really need FLEXIBILITY, and cannot sacrifice family time for $$$.  I have been doing this for 16+ years, but with my father's long, drawn-out death, I find I have to, in all conscience, spend as much time with my family (what really matters), but help out my husband with finances steadily.....do any of you ladies have suggestions for good IC companies where I can work hard, have experience in EVERY field, and still be able to BE THERE for my poor mom and family?  Thanks everyone so much in advance!!  
I would choose Transform
I have worked for both, if you are talking about Accustat in Wisconsin, and I currently work for Transform and they are awesome and very very flexible with hours, etc. The system is really easy to use and make great money on. I have no complaints about Transform at all. Good luck.
You choose to work
12-hr days and weekends, but that doesn't mean it's the norm. I work M-F, no weekends, 1st shift. Not all accounts are hospitals either. Some people choose to work nights/weekends because of the differential or preference, but just because we got into this profession doesn't mean we HAVE to work that shift as there are all days and shifts available. I think the newer MTs and part-timers generally get stuck with those awful shifts anyway.
I'm not knocking you if that's what you CHOOSE
to do, and you shouldn't knock those of us who CHOOSE not to work those crap shifts. Free will, baby. I have experience and am good at my job, so don't worry about me... LOL
Yes they can do require that. You can choose to go or
not as an IC but you also should be prepared to be without that job if you choose to stay home.
Or you could choose to look for a different profession, sm
where you are not so demoralized that you feel (jokingly or not) that you are a victim.
Companies w/Escription accounts that offer affordable family insurance??
I realize that affordable is subjective so whatever information anyone can give woudl be appreciated. The majority of Escription accounts offer IC only. Thanks
LOL. No. I had to choose my own beneficiary. Are there companies sm
that do that?
If you could pick between OSi and TransTech, which would you choose? nm
They are not well thought of. I would choose Andrewsw or M-TEC. nm