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Anybody work for TransHealth as an employee and how do you like it? Is the insurance affordable?

Posted By: nm on 2005-07-14
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affordable insurance

I work in a hospital which is merging and our department will be outsourced.  I am looking for a job with afforable insurance.  I would have a new job today if not for the cost of family insurance, over $400 every two weeks.  I've only worked in hospitals were insurance is usually around $100 per pay period for the family so $400 came as a huge shock to me.  My husband as some pre-existing conditions so getting a personal policy is out of the question.  Anybody know of a company with afforable family insurance?

Yes, Webmedx does have very affordable insurance. sm
I pay 145 a pay period for myself and husband for the gold type insurance (which is the best we can get).
How much is the insurance, is it good, affordable?
I really need insurance and don't want to apply if it is not affordable.
Is Medware's health insurance affordable?

I am looking for either family coverage or just husband and wife coverage.  Any idea of how much their insurance costs?  I remember a while back they had their rates listed on their website and they seemed very reasonable. 

Can anyone give me an estimate on how much they pay for their health insurance for family.  This would be for the PPO insurance, as I do not reside in Florida.

Thanks guys!!!

Looking for a company with affordable health insurance.
Anybody work for Proscript or DSG, can you tell me how much you pay for husband and wife coverage?  Thanks so much.
Is WEBMEDX's health insurance affordable?
Can anyone tell me more about their benefits, including the health insurance?  Thanks so much.
TransTech - is their insurance affordable? How much do they contribute? sm
For family coverage, about how much is the monthly premium?  Do they pay well?  Do you have to work a set schedule or can you get your lines in within a 24-hour window?  Thanks!
Axolotl has great affordable insurance!
Their rates are better than any MT company that I know of.
Anyone know of a GOOD company with affordable health insurance?

Hi.  I am a 14+ year MT.  I love the company I am with but they offer NO benefits whatsoever.  Does anyone know of a company that is looking for a dependable MT that offers reasonably priced health insurance and would give at least 9-1/2 cents a line (which is what I am getting now). Any help would be greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU!

Companies w/Escription accounts that offer affordable family insurance??
I realize that affordable is subjective so whatever information anyone can give woudl be appreciated. The majority of Escription accounts offer IC only. Thanks
TransHealth insurance

For full-time employees, TransHealth offers insurance through BC/BS  of your particular state.  Family coverage is $427.66/mo for medical, $36.53/mo for dental, $7.81/mo for vision.  The medical includes mail-in prescription drug coverage through Caremark and there are co-pays involved which vary, depending on the drug.  The medical plan is a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization).  You get better coverage if you use doctors and facilities in the network.  You can go outside the network but benefits are lower. Deductions for the coverage you choose is taken out of your check each pay period.  So if you choose the family medical coverage only, $213.83 would be taken out of each pay (twice a month). Considering what State Farm told us individual policies would cost for my husband and me, this is a steal.  Hope this helps.

Can someone tell me about Transhealth's insurance
TransHealth: What is the insurance and premiums
I am not upper mgmt. I am just a Transhealth employee. They have gotten

a bad wrap on these boards.  I don't know who has done all this, but I can tell you that their current staff (including QA) are the best.  The ESL account is a tough one but you have a good QA staff to help you get to know it and there are samples available for you immediately. 

You may email me and I would be happy to share more. 

Also, their insurance is available the very next month after employment.  If you start on the last day of the month, the insurance is in place the next day.


Define affordable? What may be affordable to one person may not be to another. nm
Does the company you work for have affordable (sm
health insurance?   Can you share the name of the company on here or via e-mail? TIA.
TTS insurance is $400/mo for employee
Employee Medical Insurance
Are there any national companies that pay the full premium for employee medical coverage or is this only offered if you work outside the home?  Thanks.
Employee only insurance is higher..sm
I was paying $61 a month with $20 co-pay.  Now I pay $99 a month with $40 copay and same decutible as before.
Great company and they pay employee insurance. nm
9 cpl for IC, 7.5 cpl for employee. Insurance premiums are high.
Not to mention that they want you to only type one space instead of two after a period. That may not be an issue for you, but I am am just giving my opinion. I wasn't going to do it.
Holy cow..$900..they obviously are not contributing to their employee's insurance.
That is just outrageous and one of the worst I have heard being offered. At that rate, they can go get their own plans for half the price. I had applied but never mind..I pay $360 a month now for family insurance and 9.5 cpl..so forget them..
I currently work for TransHealth. sm
Pay is accurate and always on time.  Benefits are very good (for full-timers).  Most of their accounts are acute care I believe, so you need to be adept at the basic 4, and able to transcribe ESLs (but that's the case anywhere nowadays).  I've always found the office staff and QA to be friendly and helpful.  I'm happy, but I realize that not every company is a perfect fit for every MT.  Good luck in whatever you decide. 
Do you work for TransHealth. You like?

Does TransHealth require you to work one day sm

of every weekend (such as Tues-Sat or Sun-Thurs) or do they have M-F with rotating weekends?  TIA 

Plenty of work at TransHealth. As far as communication goes...sm
QA email is staffed round the clock and they are usually pretty quick to answer emails.   There is always someone to answer the phone at the help desk etc.  I've not run into any lack of communication.
What's the work flow situation at TransHealth these
How is the work load at Transhealth? I'm thinking of
TransHealth does not send work offshore. Hires only US MTs. nm
Transhealth'ers...need some info on pay rate and how they are to work for....TIA
I also work for Transhealth and love it. Most ex-employees do gripe if they were fired for some rea
You cant always believe what you hear. If they are disgruntled, they will say anything about a place to try to get back.

Some people just hold grudges.
What spell-checks work with Transhealth, Precyse and Medquist? nm
Transhealth editors? Anyone with information on pay, work schedule, benefits, platform
I would appreciate any information before taking their test without knowing the scoop.  Thanks!
Very affordable!

I have found that Webmedx's insurance is very affordable, more so than a lot of the other MTSOs out there. 

okay but is it affordable? for 2?nm
Affordable benefits
Are the benefits affordable?
Benefits are very affordable...sm
Benefits are under 200 biweekly for me, and that includes family gold plan, dental plan, vision plan, and life insurance for my husband and kids.  As well, they provide long and short-term disability, 401K, an some other stuff I don't remember. 
Depends on what you consider affordable.
It is expensive, but far less than what you would pay if you went it on your own. Employer picks up at least half the tab, possibly more. I know I would pay around $1200-1500 for my family on my own and right now for a family of 6 I pay a little over $550, but that's pretax so actually it reduces down to the equivalent cost to me of about $460 net. For 6 people, I can't complain.

Also, the insurance is pretty good in my opinion. The dental insurance is awesome and under $30 a pay period for entire family (no pre-pay or deductibles) and everyone in my area takes both the dental and the medical.

Not sure on what you mean by 1 or 10 kids. Aren't most insurances this way? They cover yourself or yourself and spouse or yourself, spouse and children. Haven't seen one where each additional child causes the premium to rise.

You have to type 150 lines an hour to qualify, which is pretty easy if you know anything about MT'ing. Have never ever gotten close to that low amount except when first training, even with multiple unknown accounts once in a while. Haven't heard of the 10,000 lines per pay period before.
Does DSG have affordable health benefits? SM
Any idea on the cost of this?  Thanks, :-)
What is Medware's pay range and is the ins. affordable? nm
You will not find any affordable family

about the same and very expensive.  Just the insurance market I guess, my husband's company has it available and with both of our incomes it is a large portion of our monthly expenses. Just my 2c, but I have asked every company I have ever interviewed with and today, family insurance rates are just unaffordabe everywhere.

They didnt worry that it would be affordable for the MTs.
you gotta be kidding, lol
Nope, not affordable. At least not when I left. nm
Still not affordable but better than my husband's so we have no choice. sm
His company is $1410 for a family of 4 and none of us have any illnesses or surgeries. Highway robbery.

We pay $710 a month at Keystrokes. Still high but half.
affordable health coverage

Could anyone one give the names of companies they work for with good health and dental coverage (individual plans) at an afforadable cost?  Any info given is appreciated.  I consider affordable as not too much more than $100 per month---80/20 plans okay, but prefer 100% coverage plans if they are out there with reasonable deductibles.  I know this is a tall order!  It can also be a noncompany plan, if anyone knows of a great insurance company plan outside of the job.  I am 45 and in good health, just borderline hypertensive (if there is such a thing---although it does make my rate go up).



companies with affordable benefits
Does anyone know any companies that are hiring that have affordable insurance for family?  I need to get a position with insurance.  Thank you for any replies.
Will this be for IC or employee work? nm
This is IC work, right, not employee? Thx. nm
I have 3 but I work as an employee
Dont you need benefits? That is the only difference between ic and employee.

I work as an employee........
so I work a set schedule, but my supervisor is VERY flexible when I need it, and I was able to choose my hours. I also found the insurance to be MORE THAN reasonable considering to get it on my own with my family of 6 it would cost us OVER $1350/month. I also believe you should give a position more than 2 to 3 months before stating you had a negative experience. It takes that long to get used to all the dictators, especially an acute care account, which I am on (Dictaphone), with hundreds of doctors. Again, I can ONLY speak of MY experience with Medware, and it has been an AWESOME one, and I plan on being there for YEARS to come! JMO
You can work FT as an IC. You need employee or SE