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I googled labor board. Copy/paste in address bar

Posted By: darlene on 2009-07-24
In Reply to: IRS/Independent Contracting - Who to report violations to? - done done done

May have to key in either your state or company state not sure which or maybe both.


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Copy and Paste....

I have a few of my own standards in MS Word that I will copy and paste into Meditech, but I find the tabs do not translate over to Meditech. Do you have this problem as well? It is aggravating because I have to fix these when I go back to the Meditech screen

thanks for the copy and paste--sm
but latest and related are not the same thing. all I am seeing are posts that were placed after mine and nothing in relation to the original post questioning the company. sorry again.
copy/paste is against the rules.. we were
from the onset to NEVER EVER copy and paste. If you are doing this you should stop it soon before they figure it out and you get in trouble.
If I had to copy & paste my IM to an email...

...because I needed a conversation documented, I would do it.  I would find a way.  Even if I had to get a disposable camera and take a couple of darn pictures of the computer with the IM on it.  LOL!  

By the way, what happens if you doin't respond to the IM?  Are you an employee with the co?  No co. would make me do IM, but that's me.  What is the co. so concerned about that they don't want something documented in email???

Should I attach or copy and paste
the questionnaire and resume into an email when sending them back to Webmedx? No preference was given.
could you quickly copy and paste your document into another? then
you could just keep adding on the lines in each document to your own master document for the day. Then you would have a line count for the day. I bet you could write a macro to do this.
but that still takes time to copy/paste

This company prob charges their client the same rate for the entire report; everyone is feeling the crunch!  So, let's hit the MT's pocket; I'd pass on companies like that.

Any company will leave you alone if you do your work, so that's not a plus!  

Put them in auto-correct - copy and paste. Quick and easy! nm
No special software. Just copy and paste the report you typed to Microsoft Word on your
computer. Under the Tools menu, select Word Count. Characters are listed with or without spaces. Take the total of either and divide by 65 to get your line count. Then match that with what your company is giving you for a line count.

If you don't have Microsoft Word, then you can download a free trial of Abacus line counting software from the internet.
copy and past into address bar. nm
labor board
Oh boy, I worked for a place like this. They didnt actually threaten the IC's...but...the first time an IC was not available they would send them an email and say that their services were no longer needed. They held IC's to a schedule and let them go if they didnt work the scheduled hours, so yep, agree with you, they say IC, but expect EMPLOYEE like hours and schedule.
PA Labor Board & D&L
They already have my information as well as the PA Sates Attorney's office.. There were a lot of us that quit in and around August, because when the big account people left, they ran out of money to pay us too!  My question is what did they do with all the money that we made on the other accounts that were not a part of the big hospital account.  Heard they (Marino's) live pretty high on the hog partying it up and jet setting or at least trying to keep up with the high society.  Sounds to me as though they have a Champagne appetite with a Beer pocket book. 
Ive used the Labor Board, and they definitely get
}:) heh heh heh
Labor board.
If I were you, I'd be at the Labor Board the next day
Even dinging employees' pay for mistakes is pretty low, but since you never typed these reports, I don't see how they think they can legally deduct your pay for not typing them. It would be sort of like if the government siphoned money out of your SS fund, to cover all the years you didn't work because you weren't born yet.

Ripoffs like the one you describe are exactly why your State Labor Board exists. Go sic 'em on that low-life employer of yours!
I'd pay a little visit to the LABOR BOARD, myself. sm
Many years ago, my last paycheck from an MT company I worked for BOUNCED. Not, once, but TWICE. (I put it thru a 2nd time at the owner's branch). So, I went to the Labor Board for help. They not only got me the money from the last paycheck, but also some insurance reimbursement I was owed to me. Apparently this had happened to others at that place, as well. A former co-worker told me the L.B. paid the COMPANY a visit one day, and they went through her office with a fine toothed comb. Found lots of illegal little problems going on, and put her out of business for good. What goes around, COMES around! ;p
Labor Relations Board
might be another place to check in your state or the attorney general in the state, what we used in passed experiences
They need to be reported to the Labor Board..sm
and their names posted.  Another example of MTSOs pushing as far as they can before we MTs cry, Ouch!   They know they are breaking the law. 
Two words. LABOR BOARD.

labor board only helps if you are
Labor Board Question - sm

Will the Labor Board listen to you if you are an unpaid IC or is this organization only for employees? 

Is it possible to retain anonymity so that the company you contract with does not retaliate?

Contacting labor board.

Could some one tell me how to go about contacting the labor board about an issue with my employer?  Since I am a remote MT do I contact the labor board in my state or the state my employer is based?  This has to do with pay that I believe was deliberately shorted out of my paycheck as a retribution because I did not type reports on my secondary account that were approaching TAT when I was contacted about it by instant messenger an hour after my shift was over.  I wasn't even at my desk an hour after my shift was over.  I also found out a couple days after the fact that an email from my account manager's supervisor was sent to an email account I no longer use stating that I was requested by my AM to type some reports so they don't go out of TAT and would I please log on and complete these reports. 

Now, lo and behold, my paycheck will be short by almost 800 lines because these 800 lines supposedly sat in QA and weren't completed by the time the pay period ended, even though my shift ended at 4 p.m. on the last day of the pay period.  I have worked for this company for a whole year and this is the first time I have ever heard that the MT is not credited the lines produced until cleared by QA...and I'm not even on 100% QA.  Furthermore, I can't see how I would have even SENT 800 lines to QA in a day.  After multiple emails to both my AM and her supervisor requesting some sort of documentation where these lines went to, I still have heard nothing in regards to this and I'm fed up.  Is this something the labor board will even handle?

File a Complaint with Labor Board
File a complaint with labor board in their state and familiarize yourself with the complaint form for retaliation in case they try to penalize you.
Is it Wage & Hour or Labor Board...sm
To help get payment. MW is trying to screw me - gave my lines to somebody else and are dragging their feet BIG time. Gonna report them, tired of it and need my money.
How do you report an MTSO to the Labor Board - sm

I work for an MTSO that lies about when paychecks are sent out.  We are paid twice a month, on the 15 and the 30 or 31.  When the owner of the company was on vacation, I got my paycheck on time.  Ever since this individual came back, it's the same old s##T all over again. I have heard that this person holds checks until the last minute and it takes around 10 days to get paycheck in hand.  This person blames it on the post office being the worst in the world.  Well, how come during the most busiest time of the year, I got paid on time, when the post offices notoriously are supposed to be slower?  I called the post office over there and was told that I should report this company to the labor board, only how do I do it and retain anonymity?  Any ideas?  I don't want to lose this job YET!  I have something else in the works, but not just yet.  I realize this will probably be hard to prove, too.

Perhaps you know of someone yourself or had this experience yourself that you might be able to share and give some advice.

contact the labor board in your state
A Google search should help you find them.
Wilma reincarnated. Cut and paste same response. Cut and paste. nm
Contact your state labor board immediately!
The IRS does not care. You turn them into the Wage and Labor Board through the Fed. Gov.
Contact Labor Board in Employer's State
I believe it can also be handled by e mail.  However, by the time they get around to helping you, the lines you speak of should be on your NEXT paycheck and they will say there is no harm done.  The company may have a valid point if the lines are not counted until they clear QA (???) but I would definitely make sure they are on the next paycheck.

Regardless of all the bull dished out by the MTSO companies, especially as it pertains to VR, i.e., We're cutting your pay 50%, so you'll have to work twice as hard - but you're going to LOVE the platform.  Also get tired of hearing about Learning Curve and wonder if my grocer, landlord & hungry kids understand this learning curve concept. 

However (and the MTSOs can like this or lump it) WE MUST BE PAID FEDERALLY-MANDATED MINIMUM WAGE for workers with employee status - whether straight typing, VR or being required to babysit computer during no/low work.  Of course, it's exploitation to cut wages in half from an already insultingly low rate & most MTs are surely feeling the pinch.  But whether 2, 3, 4 or 10 cpl ... minimum wage must be paid.  (Sorry Suits/MTSOs - the law is there for a reason!)

Contact the Labor Board, the Attorney General's office,

send them a certified letter with return receipt giving them 10 days from date of the letter to issue you your money.   Be sure and keep documentation of everything. 

Go to your State Labor Board & for a few bucks, file a complaint.
Has anyone turned them in to the Labor Board abou not paying overtime?
They are cruising for a bruising! I got a check from another co when the labor board got involved
Called the labor board - LM overnited check after fooling around for a month or 2...nm
Neither. You can copy into Word but cannot copy back into Emdat.


I googled their name
find much at all.  Anybody else do this?
Googled TTD
Googled TTD (The Transcription Doctors)  A link came up showing a partnership with Mrecord.  Googled Mrecord.  Link came up showing Philippines.  Does this mean TTD offshores also?
I googled and the name is MD to MD, although website
is md2md.  They are in California, but I've never heard of them. 
I googled it and it came up.....put transcription
Ya know - I just went and googled Dictaphone
Nuance, and all these stories come up and I made the mistake of reading some of them. Boy do they paint a rosy picture of the things speech can do, with special emphasis on cutting costs for medical facilities. It made me sick to read how fantastic they make this speech recognition out to be.

Now before the pro-speech lynch mob starts hunting me down, I know that speech works out for some, but in my experience it did not make me any faster; I type very fast to begin with. I just think that it's totally unfair that nothing is being published regarding the plight of the MT, working harder for half the amount of money. I just think that we MT's should stick together and let the general public and the hospital CEOs, etc. (not that they would care) know that we are being totally screwed and that it's not all roses, rainbows and puppy dog kisses for us who are trying to make a living at this job. Someone needs to publish an article from an MT point of view for everyone to read stating exactly what we as MT's have been going through ever since this came along.

I would be totally on board with speech rec. provided we be paid a fair wage comparable to what we are used to making.

And now....I'll get off my soapbox and go back to work before it disappears out of my queue.
I googled name & phrase but may be too old sm
probably old info but may be able to catch up with her  LINK click 
I googled keystrokes transcription and the

first one is the one you are looking for. 


Same way you did...just googled some transcription companies.
Thanks for your input!
I have Googled and called many, so far all have said they don't hire remotely; that's why
I am asking to see if anyone knows of any that do. I have already spent several hours looking.
I googled it and hit I'm Feeling Lucky button and...


Larry Gibson's name is attached to article at website......

I googled and found this interesting web site.
changing the standard of getting paid from line count to minutes of dictation.

Does Transform have a website? I googled, but couldn't find it. Thanks.
I just Googled SmartMed and immediately got info on Summit..(sm)
Good luck!
Here is the address to enter in address bar,

I guess I am not doing it correctly although did copy/paste in the area where is said LINK> ?? VBC FutureNet