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I had no MT training, not a fast typist, and no experience in tranascription

Posted By: me on 2007-04-01
In Reply to: black and white? - mcangeli

whatsoever and started out doing Psych transcription.   I moved directly from Psych to acute care transcription without any additional training.  I even started doing some of the most difficult dictators right off the bat and the MTSO couldn't believe that I could do them.  


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I am not a fast typist & I gave it a 100% try....
When you start VR you are training it. I repeatedly had to change headings, sentences, periods, etc, etc. I started typing on my second job more and came back 2 weeks later and nothing had changed and maybe a little worse. I finally quit. I am not a fast typist but it takes time to make these changes and breaks you rhythm. That is what I found. I couldn't make money and it was so BORING.
Eighteen years of typing and fast typist
I speed up the dictation so that it can keep up with me
Not management, donít know about Transtech, fast typist, American, what have I not covered
Let's see, all the above have been said about me. I have been truthful trying to let others know about VR but the only thing most can do who are opposed accuse you of being too slow to make a decent salary, working as management, working for whatever company they are talking about and so on. I think I have reached my fill because others do not really care to understand. I went through why if VR threw in something wrong how a trained person would know and then someone came back asking if I were an American. If you cannot comprehend something seems like you just throw anything that might stick. I have tried because I have worked on VR now for about 7 years but no one wants to hear but what woes they face.
Experience and training
at least go back to school and learn what the word MANAGER really means. Most managers at OSi have no management experience at all but only have a big head. You do have to get experience somewhere, that is true, but at the very least you need college coursework or something besides being somebody's brown-nosing uddy,etc.
My training experience --
I was on the phone with the tech guy for about an hour.  He went through the Bayscribe platform with me, including helping me to download it, etc.  It is very easy to learn.  I had daily contact with my QA during my training period via email.  After I submitted my 5 reports, I had to wait until they were returned to me with feedback before beginning the next day's 5 reports.  For the most part, the feedback was there and waiting when I was ready to sign in the next day.
I had a great experience during training and employment
Though I am a rather conscientious employee and follow the rules after being in this job for 20 years. I found them to be personal and the staff worked long, hard hours to meet their goals. My supe and QA person work 10-12 hour days. I think that if you go the extra mile, it is always appreciated.
I am in training - 27 years experience. Love the platform! nm
My experience has been that VR helps the slow transcriptionist, hinders the fast. sm

I could transcribe the report myself a LOT faster than sitting there listening and fixing the report.  That's just my experience, though.  Although I acknowledge that VR is easier on my poor old hands, it hurts my budget more than my hands hurt.  I will avoid it as long as I can, although it seems like The Borg and perhaps soon we will all be assimilated. 

For now, I am happy to be at a company where I am appreciated and can type the reports myself and not have to sort through the cra* a machine puts out.  Keystrokes is great! 

Their training schedule kind of got backed up and so far the only training..(sm)
I've had is one short Bayscribe session. But I extended my 2 week notice at Medquist and I have until July 17 now to get some training in at MDI and do some reports to get familiar with the platforms. I'm looking forward to it! 
if your a slower typist, go for the $15, but.....
If you have speed and can utilize your normals, definitely take production. There are hours where I make $40 an hour at 9 cents per line. I would never go hourly.

They want typist who works for 9 or 10 cpl? Exactly
I like what someone said about being a keyboardist not a typist sm

or something similar since I noticed that I spelled definitely wrong.    And I should have said the post below and not above.  But regardless, it is a US company that does not have anyone from India or any other country answer their phones.  As a matter of fact, Joy is the woman usually who answers the phone.  Say Hi from me. 

Speed Typist

Well, with the Chartnet platform it is possible to get good line counts.  The problem is there isn't any work at this company.  They have lost a lot of accounts!  There is so little work and so many MTs that you will barely get the minimum line count!!!  

And if your facility is outsourcing to them or you think (or have been told) that you will have a primary account that nobody else will be typing THEY LIE!!!

There are so many MTs that need work that they will be given access to your account!!!!  You will slowly watch your work go away!!!

After leaving this company because of no work I wish you much luck...You are going to need it!!!

I don't think "speedy typist" is the (sm)
determing factor.  Depends on use of expander, work types, dictator quality etc., your experience.  $800 every 2 weeks is definitely doable, but there are too many variables to just look at the job and say this amount of dollars for 40 hours.  Set your goals and work on it from there. 
Well, that's what we do. It's an appropriate term. At least its better than typist. nm


That is outrageous! I am not a good typist myself so sm

if they had said that to me, I'd know it for the truth.  What I am is extremely good with an expander.  I am not all that fast I don't think (300-325 lph).  If could get through more than 2 lines without having to go in and fix something, I might make more money.  I don't think I have ever gotten through anything other than a very short report without having to back up and fix something!  I have been typing for about 35 years or so and you would think I'd get it, but I don't.

I have only been an MT for 12 years and I'll bet you are very very good in every way (shoo-in aside).  Your typing skills must be top notch and I admire them.  Don't like the hiney holes get to you.

Anyone ever worked on Winscribe Internet Typist?
Pro's?  Con's?  Any information would be greatly appreciated!  TIA
That should read ... Has anyone ever used Winscribe Internet Typist?

It has been a VERY long day.  Thanks!

I can't say enough about their training team. Excellent training!
The people at Medware are all just great. I wish I would have joined the Medware family sooner! They are very flexible and caring!
do you mean company training or med transcription itself training?
I actually have always hated to be called a typist. I do not just copy type. sm
I am a transcriptionist. 
what training? no training for me, first day they Tried to give me 2 ESL....
they did not come up first. An hour of training is not really training.
Run as fast as you can,
I'm supprised she is still using the same name, she's been known to change names in the past. 
RUN as fast as you can the other way
the person you mentioned is the biggest phony, lazy, bs artist, hard work, low pay
abusive once you are there a while
Run as fast as you can....
I used to work for them though not on the radiology account. I knew two girls that did work on the radiology account and they hated it, but she had no one else to work. So they had to work horrible hours and the CEO was constantly pestering them to work more (they both have since left). Their line counting program counts short too. I had to work 12 hour days when i did work there just to make any money. They play favorites with the MTs, the office staff treats you like crap when you do need something, you will never make more than what you are hired in at and the list goes on.
This is probably one of the worst MT companies out there. I made the huge mistake of working for them just over a year ago and ended up quitting after only a month. You won't be dealing with anyone except people in India. You can't understand a word they say and they constantly will harass you through Yahoo IM asking when you are going to work and why you are not working, but when you needed to IM them for tech support, they would take forever to answer, if they even answered at all. My experience was that they are very, very rude to their MTs and all of their QA and account managers are in India. I was scoring at least 98% on all of my QAs, but they kept telling me that I needed to improve. There are much, much better companies to chose from. I would stay far, far away from this one. I ran and never looked back.
run away fast
run far far away from SoftScript as fast as you possibly can! Its true you can't believe everything you read here, but trust me when i say everything said about them is the truth!
RUN FAST!!!! sm

Late payer...and will lie and say she sent the money and didn't.  You can tell by the postmark when you finally do get your check.  Also, there is a line count discrepancy.

Save yourself the trouble.

Act fast
Terri Davis is in the process of selling off her accounts and is screwing both companies buying AND the MTs, due to her psyhopath ways.

Act fast on your legal action. MTs and Editors get the heck out now before she cons you into unemployment.

she is truly a sick and evil person who will stop at nothing to look like the intelligent person she is not.

BTW... Shelly (I won't put her last name, but you will know who I mean), is Terri's COUSIN, by no way a REAL MT.
This is truly a run far and fast
Worked for them for 2 weeks in March--haven't yet and will never see a penny of the $150+ they still owe me.  I gave up asking.  Don't believe their ad that they offer MTs a great whatever--blah, blah.  A word comes to mind: ruthless.  Just my input.
i'd run far and fast
I have had 2 friends work briefly for this company.. both promised one thing and received something totally different that was not acceptable at all.
How did you get off QA so fast?
Not so fast
There is a difference between OSi or MQ, or some other MTSO willingly offshoring and a hospital/client moving offshore for financial reasons.  Not all these moves are controlled by any company or management, they are controlled by the clients.  Some hospitals will request offshore for financial reasons, others forbid it.  To say that OSI offshores big time makes it look like they did it. . . this is inaccurate..
Not fast enough
Hear ya! I thought it was just me. Type 120 wpm use all my expanders, burn my brain, and can get nowhere near $25 an hour. I would imagine anybody who is getting $25 is possibly blessed with an account from heaven? Not so here. Have a nice weekend!
RUN AWAY!! As fast as you can!
They are the most unhappy bunch of people I've ever met or worked for. I lasted 2 months and it felt like two years!
Run away, very far, very fast. sm
Do a search on the board. Mostly bad stuff.

You can do better.
Run. Run as fast as you can.
Me either-Run away as fast as you can-NM
sent you an email.
Run away, fast!
I had the extreme displeasure of working for this company a few years ago when they bought out Cymed back in the summer of 2006. They offshore all of their work, treat their MTs like second-class citizens, and I was almost always running out of work. My pay checks were always getting screwed up and I could never get in touch with anyone in the office and, when I finally did, they were usually very rude and ignorant. Like I said, I haven't been there in almost 3 years, but I have heard that they are even worse now. I have been with the same company since I left SPi and I am a million times happier!
Run away, fast!!!
This company is horrible. I worked for Cymed until they were sold to SPi. I left there in February 2007 and never looked back. They treat their MTs like second-class citizens and they were constantly running out of work because they offshore so heavily. Management was constantly changing and my paychecks were screwed up often. This is the LAST place you want to work, trust me!
I should have said .09/,04..too fast...
.09 for straight/.04 for VR but 80% is VR and 20% is straight typing.
Synernet is a horrid company. Pay is low.. 7 cpl for NO spaces on 55 line... they claim it equals standard pay. . NOT NOT NOT

Julie is a horrid trainer.. puts you on hold all the time, gets mad if you call her with a question. Does not teach you all the applications to the platform then gets pissy if you have not figured it out on your own along with everything else.

Lines are not abundantly produced, hard to get 150 lines an hour, let alone industry standard of 200 lines an hour.

They did go through it on your first day of training.
Check your email attachments again. Call the HR person or the trainer on her toll-free number, and they will explain it to you again. Posting and venting here won't do anything for you.
Training was good. It is what happens after the training that is not so good. Why do they not read what people post on their own portal. If they would just do that they would see what they need to change.
Have you had any training? sm
You know, I hate when people nitpick over accidental misspellings in otherwise good posts, but your post makes me wonder about your background--and I don't think it's nitpicking.

What MT education do you have? You do have to train for this field. It's not an easy thing you do after just a couple months of studying medical terminology from a book. Maybe you know these things already.

The answer is no as far as at-home entry-level jobs. Any reputable company I've come in contact with wouldn't let entry-level MTs work at home or probably hire them, for that matter. IF you have completed MT training, a hospital may be your best bet for getting your foot in the door as well as getting a firm foundation for later at-home work.

Good luck
New training

I just had to give my 2 cents. I started training on Monday, I got sick with the stomach flu early Tuesday morning. They were so nice and understanding about it, and rescheduled me for next Monday. I was a bit skeptical of this company because of this board and all of the negativity that I almost didn't take the job.

I left one nightmarish company in December. They were soooooo unorganized it was pathetic. I get the feeling that Spheris is going to be a lot more organized than the last company, and I also feel that if I have any problems at all, I will be able to get in touch with someone and maybe they will listen to me.  I am really upset that I had to get sick this week, because I would have been starting on my scheduled shift this coming Sunday. Yes, things are new at the moment and I am not even out of training yet, but I have a feeling that I am really going to like it there. Unlike the last company, I kept having red flags and bad feeling all the way around. And because I was new and the money seemed decent, I went against my best judgement and spent 5 months of hell.

Anyway, that is just my 2 cents.

I'm training with new job & then I'm out of there! sm
I was happy there before they started being ignorant! Now there is too much required OT, hours must be exact, too much header info we're not paid for, and most of all the account hopping is absolutely awful! There is no way to make any $$

It really irks me that they send out these emails noting the high producers. If I were allowed to stay on one account I'd be a high producer, too. I usually have 2-3 accounts per day. I've asked them if they would let me stay on one, but I'm told that is the nature of the business; deal with it.

Going to be good to be gone. New job is better already.
Training pay???
Any  suggestions on companies who pay an hourly rate for decent period of training?  Any info would be appreciated.

For training, they do the conference call to tell you how to use the program and show you how to find things on the intranet.  After that, they turn you loose to start typing.  Everything will go to QA until you get the required accuracy (usually takes 1 to 2 weeks).  You will get feedback through your email on pretty much every report you do in that time.  The QA people are awesome and a great help.  Plus, you have everyone on IM to contact if you should have any questions at any time, including other people who work on the accounts you work on.  My TM sends out an updated team list every week or so to let us know who works on what.