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I am not a fast typist & I gave it a 100% try....

Posted By: my experience with this on 2009-04-22

When you start VR you are training it. I repeatedly had to change headings, sentences, periods, etc, etc. I started typing on my second job more and came back 2 weeks later and nothing had changed and maybe a little worse. I finally quit. I am not a fast typist but it takes time to make these changes and breaks you rhythm. That is what I found. I couldn't make money and it was so BORING.

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Eighteen years of typing and fast typist
I speed up the dictation so that it can keep up with me
I had no MT training, not a fast typist, and no experience in tranascription

whatsoever and started out doing Psych transcription.   I moved directly from Psych to acute care transcription without any additional training.  I even started doing some of the most difficult dictators right off the bat and the MTSO couldn't believe that I could do them.  


Not management, donít know about Transtech, fast typist, American, what have I not covered
Let's see, all the above have been said about me. I have been truthful trying to let others know about VR but the only thing most can do who are opposed accuse you of being too slow to make a decent salary, working as management, working for whatever company they are talking about and so on. I think I have reached my fill because others do not really care to understand. I went through why if VR threw in something wrong how a trained person would know and then someone came back asking if I were an American. If you cannot comprehend something seems like you just throw anything that might stick. I have tried because I have worked on VR now for about 7 years but no one wants to hear but what woes they face.
I once gave my notice when I was in a non-MT position, gave

2 weeks, but the person I was supposed to train felt like she knew my job better than I did (although she knew squat) and was a pain to deal with, never on time, etc. so I only worked about a week of my notice before I left and told the person I was supposed to train that since she knew more than I did have at it.  Anyway the owner wouldn't pay me for vacation.  I filed a complaint with the labor board and they were more than happy to get my money for me.

Breitner can threaten all they want to.  If you can document that you are owed monies, if Breitner can't prove that you aren't owed monies the labor board will be glad to collect your money.  I would also file a complaint with the Attorney General .   I have heard several people have had payment issues with them while the still worked for them.  If people are willing to let them get away with it by just chalking it up to experience, then they will continue to try to get away with it.  I'd contact the IRS too.   I don't know what Breitner thinks they can do to you - let them threaten all they want to.  A word of advice - DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT.  

if your a slower typist, go for the $15, but.....
If you have speed and can utilize your normals, definitely take production. There are hours where I make $40 an hour at 9 cents per line. I would never go hourly.

They want typist who works for 9 or 10 cpl? Exactly
I like what someone said about being a keyboardist not a typist sm

or something similar since I noticed that I spelled definitely wrong.    And I should have said the post below and not above.  But regardless, it is a US company that does not have anyone from India or any other country answer their phones.  As a matter of fact, Joy is the woman usually who answers the phone.  Say Hi from me. 

Speed Typist

Well, with the Chartnet platform it is possible to get good line counts.  The problem is there isn't any work at this company.  They have lost a lot of accounts!  There is so little work and so many MTs that you will barely get the minimum line count!!!  

And if your facility is outsourcing to them or you think (or have been told) that you will have a primary account that nobody else will be typing THEY LIE!!!

There are so many MTs that need work that they will be given access to your account!!!!  You will slowly watch your work go away!!!

After leaving this company because of no work I wish you much luck...You are going to need it!!!

I don't think "speedy typist" is the (sm)
determing factor.  Depends on use of expander, work types, dictator quality etc., your experience.  $800 every 2 weeks is definitely doable, but there are too many variables to just look at the job and say this amount of dollars for 40 hours.  Set your goals and work on it from there. 
Well, that's what we do. It's an appropriate term. At least its better than typist. nm


That is outrageous! I am not a good typist myself so sm

if they had said that to me, I'd know it for the truth.  What I am is extremely good with an expander.  I am not all that fast I don't think (300-325 lph).  If could get through more than 2 lines without having to go in and fix something, I might make more money.  I don't think I have ever gotten through anything other than a very short report without having to back up and fix something!  I have been typing for about 35 years or so and you would think I'd get it, but I don't.

I have only been an MT for 12 years and I'll bet you are very very good in every way (shoo-in aside).  Your typing skills must be top notch and I admire them.  Don't like the hiney holes get to you.

Anyone ever worked on Winscribe Internet Typist?
Pro's?  Con's?  Any information would be greatly appreciated!  TIA
That should read ... Has anyone ever used Winscribe Internet Typist?

It has been a VERY long day.  Thanks!

I actually have always hated to be called a typist. I do not just copy type. sm
I am a transcriptionist. 
Appreciate those of you that gave
helpful responses
Well you just gave yourself away on who you are.
You really need to try and hold it in
Yep but many of us gave above and beyond for that
company and to be lied to and treated like we were in the end is a disgrace.  If you're happy good for up, but with their ethics I wouldn't work for them again. 
You are not alone. Me, I gave up. nm.
before they gave my job away to
India last year, I was in-house, hourly, but we had to justify time-loss the last 5 or 6 years because people were always coming in, even at night when I was alone, and interrupting your work flow. I will say we had a service helping, and everybody was first-in, first-out, except for x-rays and path, so we all got our share of horribles to contend with.
Me too. But, I gave up. Although I got
responses back from my resume and or testing they were interested (several), never heard back from any so I just increased workload to help on weekends at regular IC job. Oh, well. Guess they got busy with so many resumes, or the scare of the economic down-turn. Hope you all hear back. It is tough to wait for an interview, because bill collectors do not understand about these things LOL.
I gave them my notice. I was looking

for a job when I found them so I'm not worried. Good luck to you. You might need it.

I gave MQ a set schedule as an SE but
I have the power to change it myself. I simply call (and followup with an email, always) and let them know as soon as I can that I will not be working. I always try to tell them when I will be making that time up or what my alternative plans are. I haven't had any problem.

I don't have a problem with them having a schedule to know when I am expecting to work routinely but I don't have to get approval or get someone saying, "Gee, I wish you wouldn't take off tomorow." I just make my own decision.

I almost gave up the first year--
I was lucky if I made $10,000 that first year. I worked for a small company with low pay and not much work, but they were willing to train a newbie. Now I make $30,000-35,000 and I'm happy with that.
hey, the OP gave her a little info but she can't take the
Went through the same thing and gave up. nm
She gave up too easily IMO.
You can get into the system and see the dictator's other reports. When doing a discharge or consult you can check the H&P. You build your normals for the difficult ones. It takes some time, but it's just the usual groundwork in my experience. These ESLs are quite doable compared to one account I had to do now and then with a different service. And what you can't figure out, you blank. More than 3 blanks and it goes to QA. Not your problem after that. The QA people are great and very complimentary of my work. Makes me feel very good to have them reply that yes, that one was tough! We laugh over what VR would do with those dictators. People can only get good with ESLs if they persist at learning them.
I think the reason you gave for becoming
a transcriptionist, as you put it, probably becoming a Transcriptionist in the first place to stay at home so you would not have to pay for childcare sucks. I got into it because I love medical, did not work from home at first, earned that right. You gave very poor reason as far as I can see.
I also gave up my CMT status
and dropped my AAMT membership a few years ago when I saw in the JAAMT the list of new CMTs had many more from India than from the U.S., and I totally agree with you.
when they gave away my in-house, I
finally got a holiday off. I have worked them for so long, everybody quit even inviting me anywhere. This is the first time I have had Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years, mother's day, off in 21 years. Mostly just got one or two a year.
I gave up too. I got another account with
Keystrokes which is a lot better, but not much work. I think I'll try the DocQScribe account again. Both of these accounts run out of work frequently, almost every day.
I already gave them Spheris's name.
I think what they are looking for besides the names of the companies are the stories of how the outsourcing has affected us financially, hardship wise.

I also told them everything you read the Medical field is NOT being affected by the recession....but we are part of the medical field and we have been and continue to be affected by corporate greed.
Gave up 2 IC jobs
With the incentive plans at TT, I found I was able to drop my 2 IC jobs and just work an 8-hour shift for TT and make a VERY decent wage. Holy moses, does it ever feel great to have a LIFE again, no more being chained to the computer 24/7 trying to make a living!

Oh yeah, great people at TT, too. No surprises, great training, all the other good stuff MTs want/need in a job.

Me too! I gave up 3 jobs for TT and have
Plus benefits like days off paid... this is really really a nice place to be and I so count my blessings.
She gave the name of the company.
If they gave the MLS a raise, they would not be able to
give themselves the big raises and bonuses they get. They want to keep us crawling.
clicked on something that gave it to me
but the stuff I see in the archives seems to mostly relate to a Wyoming Transform. ??
this is so sad, but it gave me a big laugh, thanks,,,nm
Well I gave notice, had no production
or quality warnings, worked my shift plus lots of OT. Had a great supervisor when starting and a not so good one when I left, reason for which I left. She was aware of that so because of her I can't get rehired! She just didn't like me. It happens but as far as my work ethic and quality, no issues there. It doesn't matter anyway, it was a lapse in judgement on my part when I re-applied.
I feel your pain and almost gave up
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I posted this before anyone gave any reasons -sm
And... most of what I have read about Amphion on these boards has been pretty decent stuff, not all, but most. I was just a little dismayed and disappointed to see such a negative statement about a company I had just interviewed with.
What more would you like to hear? I gave you the whole story.
I have never encountered ANYTHING like this before, that's why I posted it here. I did get private responses from people saying it has happened to them as well. No one cares about anyone but themselves anymore. It's really discouraging when you can't even be sick for fear you'll lose your job. When I worked in an office, I hated the people who would come in to work and spread all the crud to everyone else. Now I'm at home, went to the doc again today and now the UTI has turned in to pyelonephritis. I had a choice of having home health come and do IV antibiotics or be admitted. I'll opt for the VN so I don't lose my job, probably being hospitalized wouldn't be okay either. I think I'm just dealing with a control freak.
I, like others, gave just honest truthful SM
information in response to the things you said you were looking for.  Just facts--about what is out there and what isn't.  You have treated us like we are lying or holding out on you (as far as companies offering the benefits and work situation you need), but we really aren't.  There's not much out here.
I gave 2 weeks, sister did not
But I absolutely love my super and didn't want to inconvenience her, plus wanted a few weeks to get used to the new job/accounts before financially cutting myself off my Spheris income. We NEVER had to find a replacement if we wanted a day off, but then again I've found so many things vary by super. My sister left 2 weeks ago, got a nasty nasty email from her super. Me, on the other hand, got a concerned phone call and wished well in the future from my super...so they vary a lot! If it helps any, this is my first week of the 2 week notice and it's gone by very fast..and it'll be worth it as I have about 20 hours of PTO sitting there.
Transcend gave the employees....sm
1. A gift card.
2. A card signed by the president, vice president and others in the office.
3. An announcement today about a matching 401(k) program starting in 2007.
I gave them the best time to call


Was this because you gave your notice or while you were still working for them that they did this to
You gave away all their secrets. Shame on you!
Never heard of it, but the name gave me a chuckle!
Yes i have, they called me and gave me info nm
They gave advance notice to those that will likely
Shows they care about their MTs.
I think it is. They gave me that figure before assigning