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I hired on about 3 months ago and was told then Monday a.m. (sm)

Posted By: SM on 2008-10-06
In Reply to: Webmedx is hiring - I cannot believe it

might be sketchy at times due to so many people scheduling themselves day shift. I don't mind really, I came from Medquist and now when I run out of work and have to flex my time it is on my schedule. I don't have to schedule a time to make up work, i.e. Friday thru Sunday and MQ wanted me pinned down as to EXACT hours I would be on working.

The accounts I am on are smaller than I am used to (both under 500 beds) but they seem to keep me in work most of the time. Smaller accounts and overflow accounts can be a killer though.

Good luck. Hope it gets better for you today. I am still in the honeymoon phase but I really love it here.

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They told us in the Monday Morning Matters, they are already starting to train people...nm
When I was hired about 3 months ago they had
approximately 600 employees, not sure how many of those were MTs.  I know they have had several MTs since then and are hiring now. 
I have 8 years, was hired 6 months ago and it was the best sm
move I ever made. I am happy with lots of work, a good paycheck that is time and a great manager.

Maybe they did not have an opening or maybe your references did not check out. I know they checked because my old boss told me they did.

I was hired by a company 2 months ago.
They downloaded everything they needed on my computer, sent me pedals and now just waiting for training. My question is this - How long does this normally take. I have never had to wait this long to get started (not even with Keystrokes). I have sent several emails and have called the office several times and am told the same thing ---- still waiting on the hospital, we are extremely busy, etc.

I'm seriously considering sending their pedals back to them and chalking it up but I would like to know your thoughts on how you would (have) handle this. TIA

I hired on there a couple of months ago ...
and it's been a wonderful employment experience.  They were very timely in responding to my resume and setting up an interview, and I had an immediate job offer.  My account is great and so is my manager.  Everything that I was told in the interview has proven to be true.  I plan to make this my long-time home.  I feel so blessed to have found this company. 
They told you they were looking for 3rd shift and hired someone for that sm
so you don't trust them? That doesn't make any sense.
After I was told I was hired by someone advertising
on the company board here - I provided my DL#, SSN and never heard back from her - since she said up front a background investigation would need to be done down the line and with the type of work I was to do - I understood - but never again.  Unless it is a very reputable company with a lot of info about them out there - I will never provide again - way too scarey.
Debbie told me when she hired me
that she is more interested in the total line count than the hours. Pam I Yam and the other poster is correct - just put your regular shift instead of all the signing in and out stuff. The time card needs to show 40 hours but how many people take bathroom breaks and actually eat during the day? It's not a big deal!!!!! Put your regular shift in.
Yeah, that's what they told me when I was hired...

they were hiring all American QA and leads and that they were making a transition to bring work back on shore.  Six months later, I was fired along with a bunch of other people.

Like I said, THEY LIE!

Right before I hired on, they finally told me that..sm
they couldn't offer the health insurance that is stated on their website. Also, they don't pay for holidays - lines only. Platform definitely not a productive one! I turned down their offer quickly.
I think they're great. Hired on a few months ago.
No problem so far!
I hired on a month ago and was told there was no choice sm

but to use their computer.  I do not object to the deposit, and, like you, I think it is reasonable since they are supplying their equipment to a stranger.  I would MUCH prefer to use my computer to the computer they sent me.  

As far as WMX being the best company ever, your experience must be better than mine.  So far, I have experienced an account with VERY poor sound quality, running out of work during my scheduled time, requests for a secondary account ignored, and emails ignored by the team manager.  Fortunately, I am only working part-time, so it is just a minor irritation while I look for something else.

Everyone's experience with a company is unique, and I am glad that yours is a positive one.  Sorry that I cannot say the same. 

Was asked when hired, told them I wanted M-F...
and fortunately for me, they had M-F accounts that were a good fit for me. I've only been there 2 months but feel like I've landed in a good spot!
Recently hired on and was told those of us coming on now (sm)
were eligible to participate immediately in the 401. As far as the matching, their ad states discretionary so I assume it is dependent upon profit margin or something. At least they are up front about it and not telling you they match and then say, Oops, no more like MQ did.
When I was hired I was told the 15th and 30th, but
handbook says 15th and last day of month. I sure was disappointed.
I care because 7 months ago I was told I'd by

I'd be crying to get my job back.  Well 7 months have passed and not only am I not crying to get my job back at Transcend, I'm reading that people there are pretty much as furious now as some were 7 months ago.  Not much has changed there, has it?  I waited until enough time passed to defend myself because the proof is in the pudding.   It seems that it is only the ones who keep defending the unethical actions of this company that think I'm making myself look bad.   That much has not changed.  As far as being open and honest with the employees about the offshoring, I don't believe that for a minute.   They were never very forthcoming OR honest, why would they change now?  They could send you as many emails as they want at this point because there is no way you could prove that they haven't been planning this for a while now.  Think about it.  How many companies start a pilot anything without planning first and if they thought that much about their employees to tell them up front, why were so many blindsided by the news? 

As far as experimenting and doing are 2 different things - and just because something is being explored doesn't mean it will be a done deal.   How quickly you forgot the VR pilot, huh?  Or maybe you weren't there when it was just a pilot.   As far as being happy for myself, I am.  I don't need to knock Transcend's reputation, they do quite well with that themselves.  If they didn't, there wouldn't be posts like mine to be read.  But one thing for sure has not changed.   Employees at Transcend will come and go at a rapid rate because many will catch on to the unethical practices.  Some will stick it out longer than others because they want to give Transcend the benefit of doubt.  But, Transcend shows its appreciation by sending their work overseas and tinkling all over those who have been hardworking, loyal employees.   Some will tire of it, and some like being tinkled on.  But employees like that make for good stock return and money to be made, and that's another reason I still have interest in Transcend and how many have left this time.




6.  If you're really making all of the money you're claiming then good for you - especially if you're not working extra hours.  Be happy for yourself and don't knock another company.  It makes you look bad.   One person's dream job is another person's disaster.  I'm sure that where-ever you're working now has people who say bad things about it.   

I interviewed a few months ago and was told:

First off, the recruiter/interviewer was so darned nice, incredibly down to earth, and an absolute pleasure to talk to.  After talking with them, I was really bummed I wouldn't be working for them because this interviewer person was just so real and someone I would love to know outside of work, ya know?  It wasn't just all robot-business speak, which is refreshing like you wouldn't believe.

Anyway, I was asked what I was looking for and said I needed to make a guaranteed minimum of 7000 lines per pay week, as I was sole suport for my household, and that I loved where I was now but was only looking to change employers because I needed benefits. 

In an incredibly kind gesture of goodwill towards a fellow workhorse, I was told it would most likely never happen (the volume of work available to consistently earn a high line count), as this field has slow periods, as you must know, and a steady amount of work can never be guaranteed and that, for your situation, you would be best off with your current employer with no benefits and a plentiful work supply.  The mention of 30% VR and increasing day-by-day was also a huge put-off for me because, well, I hate that crap...and don't let anyone fool you, for the money you earn, it is most indeed crap and the joke is on the MT.

This place has a great pay rate, great benefits, but unfortunately the work flow cannot be guaranteed.  Scary prospect indeed when one can't work just for fun money for shoes and crap.  I couldn't believe the honestly and I was so appreciative of that.  

I was told 6000 lines for 2 weeks when I hired
in as an SE 6 weeks ago.

Is this true? I was just hired and was told 24 hours for PTO...nothing about 401K..let me know!

I was hired for 3rd shift and was told there was plenty of work
i was given 4 accts and still don't make money - that is all i am saying
I recently hired on and was told they were kind of getting away from 12 hour (sm)
but that a lot of that depended on the account you were hired for.
You will be hired fast and then wait weeks or months for work...SM
You may be asked to invest in expensive equipment, likely to run out of work regularly and not have your calls returned when you try to contact them. They do pay well but the work is NOT there more than it is, so great pay doesn't mean much. They sell it to you great but they don't deliver.
I was told we have 3 months on VA to make the new production....
interesting, since no one can make it anyway, wonder what they are going to do about that?
I thought she was Proveros -- no? That's what she told me a few months ago. sm

Doesn't matter.  To me, the TTS pay scale is too low.  I didn't even bother interviewing with them after they sent me their email outlining the pay structure.

I wasn't hired for 1 work type, but told them I like OPs so that is what I am assigned. When I r
out of ops, I usually stop unless we are out of TAT on other jobs because I do not want to take other people's work. I do not think I should get paid less for that.
Several months ago a company called Charts in Time (CIT) hired some MTs off here. Just wondering how
it turned out for those MTs as I turned it down and wondered if I should have taken the job. Thanks.
wow, i was never told about required textbooks, only that i could test in 6 months too.
It's not BS as you claim. They told me they do not hire PT. I have tried 3 times in 3 months.
I cannot work FT as I have a job at a hospital but they will not budge on saying no PT. I have read all your posts as I have been researching companies and it seems like you think you know more about KS than you do. You post something bad about every KS post but you don't give details, so I think you are BS.
Hired by Cymed and told they did not pay for spaces, but paid for headers and footers. Just did a

check on the line count, and not only do they not pay for headers and footers, they also pay for 2 lines less than I typed.

It's Monday. Everyone plays catch up on Monday. Give 'em
I think it depends on experience, account hired for, etc. I was hired at .08 per line sm
but after 90 days went to 0.085 and then 0.09 about 90 days after that. I am now at 0.0925 and have been there a year. I have to point out that the line rate might not be the highest but I can verify my counts, have plenty of work, get paid on time and have a great manager. To me, leaving a bad national and the headaches that went with it was well worth the cut in pay I took. Funny thing is that I took a pretty sizable pay cut but make more money ?!?!
TransTech and low/no work for months and months _ don't think there are continous holidays LOL

This HORRIBLE low/no work situation has been going on at TT for almost a year now.  You can't convince me it is due to Memorial Day.  Are holidays now assigned in this world to being daily. 

That is an excuse these companies use in these no work situations, but it is due to their OVERHIRING.  Holidays just come on a daily basis, but LOW WORK/NO WORK is happening and has happened going on a year now at TransTech.  Always asking to flex into the middle of the night, EVERY weekend, etc. 

The TT mgmt checks are NEVER affected, tho, so they can continue to HIRE EVERY MT who gives them a call, and create a NO WORK situation for all of us.  The newbie MT's are cheering at first, but then realize that it hit them in the paycheck, too, and very soon it did!!!!!!!

I don't hesitate to ask. Have been told "yes", and have been told "no." Never been to
My company has been low on work for months and months..sm
Tired of getting the same ol' message that things will pick up.  I remember the days of bonuses, making money and being able to pay my bills!  I am also wondering what is going with these companies not having work.  Is everybody sending work overseas?
Every other Monday.
Believe it or not, Monday it will be there!
That's okay! LOL it *is* Monday!
Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I didn't have a choice in quitting my other job, work was just gone, so that's just added to the stress. I considered looking for another PT position to tide me over, but then Murphy's Law might dictate I had waaay too much to do and/or get confused with two sets of rules and platforms. I might have to, though, if I can't get work soon.

I startnew job Monday.
Today, I still do not have any work. My CSC center said sent a bulk email for MTs out of work to call the office and other centers will have work. WELL!!! that is enough for me and I have accepted my new job and start Monday.
Well, I am an Ex-Transcender as of Monday. sm

I was disillusioned as you.  I am an acute care MT with 20+ years of experience and it just was not for me.   Although, I have to tell you that the production management team were awesome to work with up front; however, I didn't like the behind the scenes action like changing my worktypes without telling me, as well as consistently running out of acute care work.  

For example, if you  work primarily on er reports and the discharge summaries are behind, they will just take the er dictations out of your queue and you will discharge summaries for a week straight, and they don't even bother to tell you, hey the ds are backed up and we put some in your queue.   There is nothing wrong with keeping the account in TAT, but give us, the MTs, the respect of telling us. 

Also, the ES accounts are a total rip-off.  Taking 20 and 30% off the line count is a totally stealing from us MTs.  Personally, I had a huge problem with it once I saw that it amounted to $500 out of one paycheck.   That really sucked bigtime!

Let me ask you - if you are an acute care MT and was given boring clinic work or doctor letters to do all day every day, would you be happy when you were hired for "basic 4 acute care work".

These are just a few major reasons why I am gone.

Good luck to those who have stayed and I hope you are happy.  To each his/her own!

If you started on Monday you are probably still on
full QA and that would explain the reason for low workload.  I have been with them for 7 years so I can attest to their integrity and consistency.  However, please feel free to e-mail and let me know what account you are working, as I know one account asks you to assign how many minutes you want per day and the other is an open pool, as I would prefer not to discuss specific accounts in an open forum.
My my new days is now Monday, so
I was off yesterday. It's not a bad day to have off since work is so often low on Mondays. And now my start time isn't until 11:00 on Tuesday, so hopefully it will have built up now that it's time to work.

Wow - that was weird. Let me know if you can read this note. I kept typing all the words right the first time, as if I had a stroke or something! Hope not!
Webmedx does, every other Monday, DD. sm
Never late, always accurate.
Sorry, DUH, I get it now, sorry to be so slow, it's Monday! Nm
I get mine on Monday. (nm)
I got mine Monday by Fed-Ex-nm
Interview Monday sm

Would be interested in hearing what their expectations, platform, etc. are if you would be willing to share.  My biggest question, obviously, is pay as I do not want to take a cut in this..but that is something I will find out Monday.  Just curious about general info on the company.   When did you interview?  The recruiter said my e-mails were bouncing back to him undeliverable so maybe it is on their end??


Not yet but hopefully soon. Wonder if anyone we will hear anything before Monday when the new HR
person starts. 
Sunday and Monday

I'm not on the schedule with any of them on Sunday, Monday I only work for one of them. I took the third job because it's a specialty I like and want to do more of. I'm trying to decide which direction to go in  - certainly don't want to work this much indefinitely.

Sorry, Monday morning
I could not find any posts on this company.
March 17, then every other Monday after that
I would say Monday should be the telling SM
day.  If there is no pay and no indication of when you'll be paid, I'd get out of there FAST and also post the name of the company.  They've had plenty of time to correct their supposed **error*** cough...with the payroll company.