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I switched to flexible to keep my options open. (sm)

Posted By: JMO on 2007-12-04
In Reply to: return to MQ? - oldmqmt

So far I am finding the platforms others have out there are not allowing me to make as much money as I did with MQ even with the cess pool. I work for a great company now, truly fantastic people, but their platform is slow and often down for one reason or another.

I am going to give it a little longer, but may be calling to crawl back to FT with MQ when I am eligible to change classifications again. I switched from FT to PT and then flex so I am sure I will have to wait a year before I can swap around again.

I would think now is an extremely good time to at least call them and check it out. What have you got to lose?

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keep your options open
Keep your options open, keep your ears to the ground
Open RadNet first and then open IT. Then the up Arrow and highlight to link, then OK.
How flexible is flexible? A window of time? nm
I wish I had those options.
I wasn't exactly fired, just let go from the account. The lady who said two other people used Vista now says she never suggested I buy Vista (?) There's no arguing with her. But she knew I had Vista, and never notified me to take it back before I tried to start work. In fact, I was put in touch with a computer tech to work with my Vista. She may be under pressure to keep her name clean. They didn't offer to loan me a computer, only that I buy XP to install, but I'm honestly leery about working with that computer team now.
Your options
1. Stop working for free immediately. DIT still has to make good on your checks, but giving them hours they are not paying for is useless.

2. Find another job. If someone has bounced multiple checks, they are not someone you want to work for.

3. You have to contact authorities in their state, have you?

4. Contact the hospital/client for whom you typed and tell them you want to know where to send the bill for services you have rendered. (They don't have to pay you but this will put more pressure on DIT to come up with monies owed.)

Be VOCAL. Be a VOCAL as you can. STAY FACTUAL. Don't editorialize. On every MT site post the FACTS.

Take an ad out in their local newspaper.

Contact the local news media in their town and share your story.

Three weeks of being screwed on your pay isn't a mistake. It's theft.

There are options
....other than MQ. I was having a hard time finding a company that paid equal to TT, but at this point I'll take a penny less a line to get a full days work.
As a mentee, you may not have many options, but check out some other
companies to see if they have a mentor program in the works. I would try to avoid OSi if at all possible. Very unstable at the moment.
Legal options when shorted on pay?
I am an employee of an MT company and was not paid according to what I was told I would be paid. I am wondering if anyone can tell me what legal options I have. Thanks for any help.
They are going to work with everyone to move them to FT. There will be other options. sm
Keystrokes treats their employees very well, and would never just eliminate someone. PT positions will be redefined and changed, not eliminated completely.

Why does every post on here have to be negative? If you don't know what's what, you should not comment or read more into it.
I was just letting the OP know if they did not like Meditech there were options - nm
Point taken, but for some options are limited
That's one of the reasons I hate how judgmental some posts are (not you, per se, but in general). Above is the post telling the non-working TT'ers to go get 2 or 3 jobs, whatever it takes to make ends meet. And that's what I'm doing. I live rural- the Walmart is 34 miles/45 minutes away. There are a couple of jobs in town (15 miles away). In addition, depending on the work, even at slave wages for transcription, I would still make more than the town jobs pay, not to mention the added expense for gas, work attire, etc.

So I understand your point and it's valid, but there is a divide between what some people say (with your knowledge of the wage of a Walmart greeter, perhaps you?) about working 2-3 jobs if necessary and holding out for the wage that MT is truly worth.

Frankly, there are some that would look at one's decision to work for Walmart as a bad moral choice, too, considering what they've done to local wages and small mom-n-pop enterprises.
Working and not getting paid?? What are the options?


I have a friend who is a newer MT and has been working very hard for a particular company. This company has not paid her and they owe her over $1000.00 at this point. She is a newer MT and would probably have a harder time finding something else so she is caught between a rock and a hard place. The owners of the company will NOT return her calls or emails but yet they still have her work. She does not know a lawyer and does not have the money to hire one. Does anyone have any advice for her on what she should do? I have been in a similar situation but I was finally paid and I did not work much. My family kept telling me to quit but yet I needed the experience. Any help would be appreciated. I really feel for her.


Working and not getting paid?? What are the options?
THANK YOU to all that applied. I have let my friend know to read your messages. Great suggestions!! Thanks again everyone!!!!
Sure, go to Tools, Options, Save, and then look on the bottom....sm
There at the bottom you have options of using a password to modify, password to open, and read-only recommended. You can also do the same thing under File, Save As, on the border of the Save As box on the far right there is the Tools option and brings up the same options, tools, then general options. I would recommend just adding the password to it. Then when you open it, it will ask you for the password to modify or open as a read only.
Mind if I ask what you're going to school for? I'm looking at my options and
am thinking about going back to school.  Trying to decide what might be a good career change that would still utilize my skills or at least be an interesting line of work.
Spheris MTs, any out there who switched from TWS to SM
Clarity/Cornerstone and to ShortHand care to comment?  Good, bad, same?  Please share....thanks.  
Baited and switched
I don't like Transcend. Applied for one position and got another which was one of the worse accounts I have ever had in my entire career!! They must have a hard time getting and keeping people on that account. Anyway, I didn't like the way I got set up so I quit.
Has anyone switched from MQ to SoftScript?
and if so, how did it go? Any info would be greatly appreciated :) TIA! :)
they switched to Emdat and now pay 7 to 8 cpl
So you believe offering 2 options to clients is impossible? It's pretty cut and
dried to me. You offer Option 1 as a money-saving low rate with offshore transcription and editing. Sorry, we can't guarantee quality, but hey, you save big bucks. You then offer Option 2, quality-minded American MTs and editors, the gold standard. The rate is higher, but so is the quality of the work. Of course, you then have to make sure you hire only those who can actually maintain high quality.
You are probably right though. It wouldn't work as there no doubt are far too many companies already offshoring without the client's knowledge reaping the benefits of using low-paid foreign workers with nondiscounted line rates. Silly me.
I like Sylcount Gold. Has tons of counting options.
Shapin - PT/FT schedule options, min line count??? Thanks! nm


Hi there, I worked out of Nashville, too. I have been switched around SM
between several CSCs due to closings. This one seems okay, at least the office staff is friendly.
I also have lost a lot of lines when we switched to DQS. SM
It seems like everyone else loves it and makes big lines but I haven't had that experience at all. I think it bites in a big way.
Those who have switched from Transcend to Amphion
Can I hear from those who have switched from Transcend to Amphion about how their pay is, have they made the same or lost money.  How do you like it there  and how is the WORK FLOW?
Nice people, but I was switched from
account to account because they ran out work. I also agree with Regina about the non-stop e-mails, etc.--too much distraction during the work day. They pay on time as agreed, but not too much. I'd say keep looking.
Here's a funny for you. I switched professions at age 48.....

I jumped into MT from a accounting/administrative secretary work. Got sick of the backstabbing and college graduates booting out all the oldies who knew their jobs. I was next.

I have no desire to go out there for a regular job. What I see in stores and shopping reminds me too much of people at places I used to work, so even Wal-Mart, etc. doesn't turn me on.

My dream is to hit the lotteryand retire...fat chance since I never play... LOL

If you like to be switched on accts all the time.
Switched to an IC job at 8 cpl, great dictators, no ESL
I would completely disagree with you. I switched
from radiology to acute care, and the difference was overwhelming. Switching from a specialty or even a few specialties to doing acute care, which involves ALL specialties & procedures & dozens if not hundreds of different dictators, is a big big change. I think your post would most definitely mislead newbies.
Old posts say you get switched around a lot and the software is clunky. What about
That is absolutely correct which is why I switched to IC. I had the same situation.
Switched once, all together 6-7 accounts, awful quality
QA could not have been nicer, could usually fill my blanks, but when you can't get a handle on a dictation from the first sentence and it's all downhill from there, I didn't want my initials on those reports. I emphasize all the positives I stated about the company. If someone wants a real challenge with every report, and expects it to take a while before comfortable with the dictators, it could be a nice home. I just could not make enough to pay my bills.
Yes! Just switched 3 weeks ago from IC to employee and hating it! nm
So are you saying your account has not been switched over to a Transcend platform yet?? Thanks! nm
Any Warminster MTs have any thoughts on the email about getting switched to the NE region. Just
wonder what you think about the whole thing.
If you've switched companies, encourage the rest!

If you've decided to join us in the fight to keep our confidential health information and MT jobs in the states and not sent overseas, PLEASE let us know and help encourage others to do the same.  I recently have and currently work for MDI-MD.  We really need to keep encouraging each other to make the move.  If you're not sure if a company outsources to either Pakistan, India, or the Philippines, just ask here.  We'll help figure it out for you!

Let's not quit and let this just remain a hot topic for a week or so!  WE HAVE TO COME TOGETHER!  Remember, if you take a cent less in pay, it's well worth it to help an American MT-based company prosper and help these companies that are more concerned about money than Americans' jobs lose MTs and possibly large accounts that these American MT-based companies could have a chance at acquiring.

This is US TAKING A STAND!  I just want to encourage you all to truly consider this. 

The companies I know of that definitely don't outsource offshore right now after THOROUGH research are Keystrokes, Axolotl, MDI-MD (where I work).  I'll keep researching.  Just remember to post here if you are questioning a company.  I'm still researching others and am including Pakistan and the Phillipines in my searches.

I'm contacting medical facilities in my area (Pennsylvania) to let them know that their confidential medical information could possibly be outsourced offshore and to consider helping keep jobs in America by researching their MTSO and hire a company that doesn't do this.  If you feel inclined to reach medical facilities in your area/state, PLEASE do this for all of your fellow MTs.  I know there is at least one of you in each state on this board! 

We had a ton of people in our office quit because of the low line count on DQS when switched from
another DOS platform to DQS. Same account, same doctors LESS lines.
I was switched from one heavy ESL acct to another and couldn't get the lines, so I bailed. Other
Who would you choose, Medware, Golden Isles (GIMT) or Mag Mutual? Weighing options and offers etc..
IWho do you think would be the best to work for??
if you are open to another
company that hires part-time and pays PTO (with PT), e/m me.
Don't be so down on yourself. When that even better job comes open...sm

you'll be ready.  No biggie, and don't let the meanies get to you.  We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. 

She did say she would call you when the next job came open.  In the meantime, maybe call her back and ask her to make sure she calls your land line as it is the one you use most. 

It won't open for me either.
Are your eyes open?
Do you work for OSi? If not, quit bashing them. If so, why haven't you secured another position due to your unhappiness?
why they keep amherst open
amherst office runs all of the east coast offices. So you are probably safe if you tell HR you want to be managed by the west coast team. I think they are much nices to their MTs
keep your ears open
things are being restructured,it will most likely affect your office.
Still cannot open the files
The people at Type Right mentioned that they use Gear Player and that is what I use and I still cannot open up the files. I called technical support and they could not figure it out either. They said the files were corrupted. Sounds like something strange is going on if the rest of the people cannot open up the files either. I think I better pass on this company!
they have my open position at TTS
here's an open post for you
you are an idiot
No, I mean 60 positions open

and available for filling.  Even if she meant 16, that is quite a bit.  Again, more information available upon (E-mail) request.