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I want to know why ICs are still allowed to work when employees aren't getting work!!!

Posted By: employee should be #1 on 2007-05-09
In Reply to: Medware - Emtee

ICs should be the first to get NJA!!!!

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Goodluck getting a reply. They either aren't allowed to talk on these boards (sm)

or are busy and working away, or maybe just have their own board where they can talk amongst themselves.  I have tried all the different boards I know of and no response from any of them. 

Please share if you find anything out.  I am supposed to get everything set up this week.  Seems like a good deal, love the IC status of course. 

Ask your STM's boss - we aren't allowed to post names on this board sm
or I would. Starts with L and last name starts with R.
yes, but I was told as an IC that if work was slow ICs get no work since they are nto employees
Where in the world did you work that they allowed
the reports to just run through like you put it? At my job we have a certain format, our work is graded every 3 months and we have to get and maintain a score of 98% or above. I know the hospital that I do work for would never be accepting of a halfway done job and we are never allowed to just shoo reports on through just to get them done.
Will you be allowed to work any new account that comes in as your third (sm)
or does it have to be in your STMs group of accounts?
What MTSOs are running out of work right now? Are you allowed
If/when you run out of work at Webmedx how are you allowed to make up? (nm)
Can you tell me how many hours a part time person is allowed to work. Does it specify that at all.
I didnt quite understand that 8, 16 and 24 hour thing. I thought part time as long as you cut off before the full time hours you can work them.
I can't believe you are MISSING a day when we are all drowning in work. You either aren't
working your scheduled hours during the week OR you need a backup account. Either way, there is more than enough to go around.
Guess you don't work for MDI-MD and aren't psychic either....
and yet you still didn't answer the question as to whether you work with MDI-MD.

Guess that answers my pot-stirring question.


True but I got news for ya - you aren't going to get steady work anywhere that way.-
An MTSO has an account to cover. Period. She will give the work to whomever is willing to be flexible enough to cover the account. Even an IC has to work within some framework, not just whenever I feel like it, right?
Disorganized. If you aren't the favorite, then forget it. Never enough work
so you can work your schedule.  But if you don't get your line count, you are expected to do whatever it takes to make it.  Keep looking -- there are better companies out there. not to mention you'll get talked about behind your back
Are you saying those of us who work for nat'ls aren't "normal, regular" MTs? LOL. NM
Which is great to work for LeePerfect or KeyStrokes? They are different, aren't they? nm
Who said people who work for KS aren't happy for people who work for (sm)
other companies?  I'm happy for people who are happy with their jobs, no matter what company they work for. 
Aren't you a positive person? I suppose you work in the office at HIS. lol nm
I wonder if these students aren't doing some Webmedx dictation already with work volumes as they
It ain't all the economy. They are either OVERHIRING incredibly or the work is going somewhere else. Definitely. They should have the decency to be straight with us.
Right, I'm Enterprise. On our side, vacations aren't the reason for 0 work.
Good luck to us all.
I have always had work when everyone else does and am out when employees are out so I am not sure I
buy that story that employees get work first. I think that is not true. I have looked into that in my office and it is as I say on this message. We all have work or we dont and there is no employees work and SE dont.
C-phone accounts aren't any better, not enough work to make line counts there either. Sigh
Employees are guaranteed work before
Ask your supervisor
Employees that work hard
I am sure that this may be the case in some instances, but to lump sum all MTs/editors/employees is not fair and accurate.  I am a very hard working employee.  I work 7 days/nights/weekends every week.  I work and volunteer for ALL holidays even when not scheduled and I worked WHENEVER I was asked to work extra to cover for vacations or sickness.  I have not complained, I have always been SO thankful to have my job.  What did that result in?  Well, let me tell you.  I am now one of the Heartland Information Services laid off employees!!!!  It did not matter in the end how many hours/days/nights/weekends/holidays that I worked, I am no longer employed by the company I had planned to retire from!!  My loyality was betrayed and I am just supposed to keep going on and being loyal again?  Think about that one!  Respect and loyalty is a two way street.  Treat the employees how they want to be treated and you will be treated with respect and loyalty as well.  It cannot be low pay, minimal benefits and lay offs at a drop of a hat and in return expect absolute loyalty from employees.  We have to work together in the end. 
To MDI-MD employees running out of work (sm)

Are you working on C-phone accounts or the internet platform?   I am just now in training, and I am wondering if I should re-think my decision. If there is new management in place and this is a direct result of such, I am now hesitant to continue. 

What do you do if it is your scheduled weekend day to work. If you have set aside a certain time to work on a Saturday or Sunday and there is no work, do they expect you to continually check throughout the day in order to do your ''commitment?  There is no way I can do this as I have other commitments also and can't spend 12 hours trying to do 5 hours of work. I can only set aside a certain timeframe to transcribe on the weekend and if there is no work in those hours, I won't be able to get the lines done. Any insight you can shed would be so much appreciated. 

That's because you're an IC. For employees, NOT flexible. And no work. nm
no msg
I think they do an excellent job of balancing work/employees.( sm)
Call or E-mail your supervisor and let him/her know. Came from MQ myself and I am not worried at all.

I came from MQ doing a main account of 900 plus beds so it was a shock to me to see the backlogs as low as they were on my accounts with Webmedx.

Trying to balance the work flow with employees must be an absolute nightmare. So many variables.

Good luck, call and talk to somebody. These are the nicest people who seem to really value their employees. What a change huh?

But I thought all Transcend employees had to work
That doesn't make sense.  I could see that a lot of domestic MTs don't want to work 3rd shift and they need the coverage, but if all employees have to work at least 1 weekend day, there isn't much dictation over here on 3rd shift except for the occasional stats.  It would seem they wouldn't have enough work to keep the overseas MTs going.  I can't see an overseas service staying in business when they're only getting a few stats on each account for a couple hours on the weekend.
I work for another company that advertises for new employees often with the same reaction. Maybe s
those who are NOT in-the-know should keep their opinions to themselves unless they know facts. The company I work for is hiring over 100 MTs as well due to two new accounts between now and the end of the year too. Maybe a few of the biggies have lost a few accounts that the mid-size MTSOs can handle in a more personal manner. Perhaps hospitals are FINALLY getting tired of the offshore garbage they are getting back from some of the other nationals. Either way, there are some major accounts changing services and a few of the mid-size MTSOs will need to pull from the transcriptionists out there looking for a better job!
Employees work a specific shift at TransTech?
Or do you just have to commit to a certain number of lines per day?  An an IC with my current company, I commit to X number of lines per day, and as long as I get them done within 24 hours, I've met my commitment.  Don't want shift work, i.e. 7-3, 3-11, 11-7.  There is absolutely no flexibility in that.  Noticed in post before this that Diskriter requires a shift commitment or a split shift. 
Actually, having employees work at home is a benefit...TO THE COMPANY
more than the employee. The company doesn't have to pay for office space, electricity, etc.....
I also work for Transhealth and love it. Most ex-employees do gripe if they were fired for some rea
You cant always believe what you hear. If they are disgruntled, they will say anything about a place to try to get back.

Some people just hold grudges.
If you work for DR they send a form letter to all employees about bonuses.sm
If you work for them and are eligle, they send a form letter out letting everyone know how it was figured.

YEE GADS the old bitty's are out today.
I am wondering if employees with Futurenet have a hard time having adequate work flow..sm
Just started there not too long ago, but now finding out I am running out of work frequently.  I have several accounts that I can work on, but all are empty most of the time.  Have they overhired or is this the normal?
As a whole.. nice people to work for, decent benefits but the get off/on the system, work/no work,
is maddening. I couldnt pay my bills or even work the schedule I was assigned. They would ask us not to work until work built up in the evenings and I specifically wanted to work days as I have kids etc. It just didnt work out for me but to each his own. It just seems there has to be a better balance in this business that what is happening.
You're allowed your opinion and I am allowed to
I did speak with my manager. Work was promised. No work there when I needed to work.
I see the reports everyday too, but when I get work it is of bad quality, then there is no work unless I work diffrent shifts. Thank you.
My liaison always says to work on secondary when primary is low on work/no work. n/m
Do you think all the headers and footers aren't getting counted? Lots of places aren't giving
That's going to be nuts...I do ASR work too, plus work split shifts. We'll NEED a spread shee
Work is easy, very nice owner, pays weekly, work in Word.

A majority of at-home MT is overflow work with in-house getting the bulk of the work. If they clean
Pay is always on time, direct deposit, very nice management to work with, and DQS platform, work
load normally busy, but low now because of the summer slow down on my accounts.  Sound an issue on some accounts, but not others.  Overall, wonderful company.
That is a BIG problem at TransTech is leads assigning work, rather than letting the work flow
This TT MT just admitted to that fact.  It has been very obvious, as so easy to tell how work comes into our que and then gets pulled out as fast as it came in and replaced with YUKKY dictators.   VERY frustrating to us other TT MT's who take the JUNK that is NOT assigned to other MT's, such as this poster. 
Ever thought of a home health care aide? Usually paid training and start work right away. Can work
Absolutely not! I work for the best MTSO. I am have been so blessed to work for the small company I

I will share this about the MTSO I work for.  I called her late last Wednesday night after Church and told her I was compelled to help out with Hurricaine Katrina in some way and an opportunity arose for a small group from my Church to go to Louisianna this coming week.  Would she be able to cover my work.  She told me no problem without any hesitation and even donated money for the trip. 

And I am sure there are plenty of good companies out there to work for.  To compare us to migrant workers is just not right.

It does work, you do not need to "make" it work.. it works in all word based programs.
I did some overflow work for Landmark.. they are wonderful to work for.. very nice people.. pay was
They have to be flexibility because of the erratic work flow. No sense in a schedule if no work..
I was told Escription would not work with Vista. Turned out it wouldn't work with my sm
Office Basic Edition 2003 either, but no one could figure out why, it was supposed to.

There is actually a section on the Dell website that offers Windows XP. I haven't checked it out as I'm not in the market, so I don't know if it costs extra. I have a Dell and it's been fine for me. I hate the ESL tech department, but it seems like most of them have that now.
Yes they do send work overseas and do not hide this fact. There is plenty of work and they do pay
well. Overall, I like having work as I have been at places where you had to fight to keep busy so this works for me.
There is NO work at Transtech. Maybe they just choose special people to send work to
Are you required to work major holdays at KS. I know nature of biz to work them. Thanks for info. nm